Friday, September 25, 2009


Nicole's grande nuisance
Posted: 1:16 AM, September 25, 2009

IN line at Starbucks on Spring Street at Varick this week, a redhead with wet hair and jeans got to the counter. The female cashier loudly proclaimed, "You know who you look like -- that lady who used to be married to Tom Cruise. What's her name?" The manager, making the coffee, suggested, "Nicole Kidman?" "That's it, you look just like Nicole Kidman: tall, the blue eyes, the hair . . . anyone ever tell you that?" The redhead, clearly annoyed, quietly ordered her coffee with a discernible Australian accent.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Kidman Urban PDA's and Twitters

After a week of almost nonstop good publicity for Keith Urban we should have known. Nicole Kidman can't allow her husband to have any positive press on his own, so here come the public displays of affection. The setting was a sporting event, not as popular as NASCAR, where her one true love was over the weekend, but the US Open; it does have national television coverage just like the Australian Open does, so on come the cuddle shots. They were the only two people in the room, or the stadium. Kidman has been at the Open many, many times before but when you pay for companionship you should get your monies worth, so pucker up Keith.

And speaking of the pucker, where did that woman learn to kiss? She has made enough movies with a lot of wonderful leading men, why hasn't she learned? She went for Keith with those two plumped up lips like she was going to suck a lemon. I have seen Tom Cruise kiss in films for going on twenty five years, he knows how to kiss. I have seen Keith Urban in private settings with past girlfriends; he, too, has that down pat. Please someone spare the world this particular act from this woman. It just seems so forced, just like her acting.

Which leads us to another question: Why now with the PDA? Keith has had a lot of good press beyond being Keith Kidman. Could it be because test screenings for Nine happened recently in LA and while most reviews were glowing, the two biggest criticisms were about the performances of Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman? Does she have a little insecurity about her sexuality? It has been twelve years since she bared all in the Blue Room on stage. Does she have some doubts about herself? She has been married to two of the sexiest men in the world, yet here she is acting like she is a fifteen year old. Is there something going on in her marriage? If you look at pictures of the couple leaving her apartment on September 8, they certainly aren't the loved up couple, but two people who look lost and sad. I would bet money there is a lot more going on than we are allowed to see.

Finally, our wise readers certainly know better than to believe all the twittering going on with the loved up couple. Kidman was supposed at a car show in Tacoma... haha.. when Keith was in Portland, Oregon. Then she was photographed in NYC... then Keith was on a flight back to Nashville after the Saturday Tacoma show, when he has a show in Spokane on Monday...and the family was also at a Farmer's Market in LA, oh no, it was Nashville... hmmmmm. Obviously the publicist is working overtime, or on Kidman PR overload. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why Keith Urban deserves Entertainer of the Year

Now before any of you think we have gone soft in the head, hold back and hear what we have to say. Is Keith doing the best show in Country Music?

No. He is doing a damn good show but he has done better shows when he was hungrier. Is he appealing to more and more fans? No. He has not grown beyond his core fans. That is reflected in his CD sales, downloads and concert venue size. Has he put a face on Country Music in non-traditional markets both in the US and internationally? Yes, he has. While he hasn't toured in Europe this year, he will be touring in Canada and Australia. So why does he deserve the most important award in Country Music?

He deserves the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year award because he appreciates Country Music and he is showing it more and more. From his performance of Marty Robbins songs at the George Strait tribute, to his turn at the 2009 Grammy awards, to his very moving tribute to Les Paul when Paul recently died, Keith Urban is the face of Country Music to the rest of society. He is constantly coming back to Nashville as a muse, as a source of musical wealth and as his home. I doubt his wife likes living there. I believe she has no choice if she wants to maintain the facade of the marriage. He, however, likes Nashville. You can tell. He likes Country Music and is using his celebrity power to shine a light on it.

He does have celebrity power and that hasn't translated to material power. He is rich, but not a big player in Nashville. He is using what he has for Country Music. You can't say that about the most popular person in Country today, Taylor Swift, who has transcended into a celebrity beyond music. I think at one time Keith wanted that, but that isn't there anymore . His current activism for the Country Music Hall of Fame is to be applauded. He will be in the Hall of Fame one day, but in his appeals for the current fund raiser you can see that he is educated about this subject. This isn't about selling himself or his marriage; this is about something he believes in. That's nice to see. We find fault with him many times and deservedly so; but on this track we can't, and that is why we sincerely hope he wins Entertainer of the Year. We just hope he will be able to appreciate the fact that the award is about him and his work, and not about how his marriage made him who he is, because he made himself who he is and we know it. The nominations will be announced on September 9th.