Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cindy Adams never retracted her story...did she?

With Kidman wearing a chinchilla coat, puffy Charo hair and Twiggy eyelashes we can see she is back to work. The pressure is on her apparently because she got caught doing something she doesn't usually do in public and that is smoking between takes with her co-star Daniel Day-Lewis. We all know Nicole Kidman is a smoker. We have known that for decades now. She lit up at Cannes and was caught smoking on breaks during a number of her film shoots. It is not a big secret. That is her choice to smoke. She is an adult, after all. If she wants to have smelly breath and hair, yellow fingers and ashes on her sweater (see above photo), which were noted on her arrival in Italy, she can. She apparently could care less what second hand smoke does to her husband's voice or what the intake of nicotine and the other ingredients can do to a developing baby. Keep smoking Nicole; you look oh so glamorous and so very mature. How long do you think it will be before we hear from Wendy saying they are just herbal cigarettes? She must really be worried about something.

On other Nicole news, did you see Lainey this week about Kidman whoring herself out for some spoiled rich girl’s sweet sixteen party? Apparently the theme was Moulin Rouge! and the parents spared no expense and got several well known folks to tape messages for the party. Don't think Kidman did this out of the goodness of her own heart. She got paid and paid well, because Nicole Kidman doesn't do things for the sentiment of it. Too bad she couldn't have given the money to a charity. My question is if she can tape a message for a stranger’s sweet sixteen do you think she remembered her own daughter’s? Did Bella get a real or Memorex message, if anything?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kidman Can't Hold Back Time

Do any of you scratch your heads? I know by this time that I shouldn't be so surprised by anything Nicole Kidman does, but with recent rumors that she has doctored her appearance yet again, and in looking at the ensemble that she wore to the Baz tribute I just have to wonder why?

Why does she feel the need to dress like that? Why does she keep doctoring herself? It appears that she had doctored her breasts sometime in late 2006; we all know about the botox, lasik and then there are the outfits. Yes, as an actress she is in the unique position of wearing the clothes of top designers. But her clothes in the last two years are more over the top than in the past. The split up the ass thong; the see-through clothes; the too short dresses; there seems to be something more going on there than just wearing a revealing dress.

What could it be? Is she afraid to get old? Yes, it is more than obvious that she is fearful of aging. Her appearance, her hair, even 'birthing the baby' are all signs of trying to hold back the hands of time. She even described her husband as young when they met, in her speech the other night. She seems afraid to admit she is over 40. She talks about it, but as if it were a disease. That's too bad because some people still seem to admire her, and she CAN be an example but she won't allow herself the luxury. She should be satisfied with being married to a very good looking man and having three attractive children. What is wrong with that picture? For Kidman it is more important to be with the young kids. The problem with that is youth is fleeting and there is not the same kind of reverence for tradition or what you have done with your life. Too bad that Kidman is opting to be today’s It Girl because she can't be; and her days of being a girl are long over. It’s almost disturbing to see her at public appearances these days because you never know what she has changed and she is becoming more clown-like than aging beautifully and gracefully

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces...

Nicole Kidman showed up for the east coast version of G’DayUSA on Friday. We waited with great anticipation to see if Baz would have his muse there. But what does it mean if Kidman didn't show? She did and why she did has little to do with Baz and more with getting in People or any of the other tabloids. It seems that no one is that interested in Kidman anymore, so let’s hope that doesn't rub off on Keith. Kidman looked like she wanted to be on a tabloid as she was there with fake hair, slutty dress and draped all over Baz as if she were his towel. Interesting her husband wasn't there, nor was she wearing her rings on Saturday when she was spotted shopping in New York City.

Speaking of Keith, he was in Memphis last week at a St. Jude’s event. It's great he can go do stuff for a worthy charity. His performance, however, was greatly lacking and a few that were there felt he wasn't prepared to perform. I saw a few clips; I don't think that he wasn't prepared; he just needed to rehearse. Keith, know what key your song is in and that would be a good start. I did like the references to his former life when he lamented how he got drunk in the hotel while visiting the city in the past.

While Keith was in Memphis, Kidman was having a fine old time in Nashville dancing and partying at a club. There have been a lot of rumors out there about the degree to which Mrs. Urban was enjoying herself, but needless to say Nicole feels free to get her groove on in Nashville. Too bad that she was more of a sight, than a sightseer. How is that hometown vibe working for you, hon?

The big question will be whether the Kidmans will be going to Rome for Nicole’s shoot for Nine? It seems she has about two weeks of work over there and while that could be accomplished without Keith and the little girl, TomKat has been all over the press in the last few days. Lots of happy, kissy couple pictures. I am sure as she looks through the cloud of her own cigarette smoke to see her laptop, Kidman is already ordering Keith something stupid to wear and plotting her own loved up couple pictures. It is too bad its winter in Italy because we need more shots of Kidman in a bikini.

Will we get the happy couple with the ‘death grip hand holding’ and the pure bliss of their love? Maybe, maybe not; rumors are out there that Keith is under big pressure to get the CD out by March 31. Seems we will be getting Defying Gravity on time. I wonder if Kidman will fly in to see Keith while he is working. Don't bet the farm on it. It seems it’s better for her to talk about her marriage than actually participate in it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

You think we want to see Keith Urban fail?

Some people are under the impression that most skeptics want Keith to fail because he is with Nicole Kidman. This isn't the case at all. Keith Urban is quite capable of being a superstar in Country Music. He has the talent. He has the machine, a famous manager, good record company and a strong internal organization. He had those before Kidman and was using them quite well, but then Kidman came along and derailed his trajectory. That is why Kidman is so bad for him. He was on his way, not quite there yet but on his way, and then it all became about his personal life. It is still about his personal life, but we hope a change is on its way.I like the new video for Sweet Thing. The director is a famous video director and has worked with Keith before, and the video made the song make sense. Had they stuck with a performance-only video well, it would be creepy. The song itself, if you were to put Keith in the subject of the singer, is a bit too juvenile. But the story path of the video makes the song make sense. There are bits and pieces of the new record floating out there. Yes, we are aware of that. But since we don't know right now what is on this record it is too soon to make speculations on the new music. What I have heard I do like. The problem with the last record was that Keith tied it all to Kidman and those songs were written long before they ever sniffed one another. Some were good, some were poor.

We do want Keith to have success, thatʼs why so many of us are here in the first place. We like his music. But we don't like his wife, her influence and the whole fluff machine known as their PR private lives. If he would go out and play music, put out good music and not cater to the tabloids and trends he just might get back to being a superstar. But the best thing he can do is rid himself of his wife.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Red Carpet Seems a Little Empty without Nicole

Award season is in full swing in Hollywood but you would never know anything was happening if you were to visit Nashville. It seems Ms. Nicole Kidman is hunkered down and hiding out. Where is she? Either the big mansion or the farm since they apparently live in both places. But we have been lucky to have seen her going to the market, yoga and taking the little girl to the doctor. Just like any other normal woman. Right? Well, no. You see we are being drawn in again to the perception of real life. No one knows what the truth is, do they? We see Nicole and the baby going to the doctor. Isn't that cute? What we don't see except in a few select pictures is the little girl reaching behind Nicole towards the safety of her nanny. Kidman really needs to practice holding that child doesn't she? But, it’s time for everyone to think they are close.

While Hollywood was wearing its best and being on its best behavior we can look to Nashville and Mrs. Keith Urban and her perfect camel toe leaving a yoga class. I understand the concept of going commando, but really Nicole, wear some panties. So now we have seen the front and back of our Nic, what is left?

With the Oscars coming up and with Hugh hosting do you think Nicole will be invited to participate? Don't bet the farm on it. Hollywood has turned on Kidman. While we are enjoying everyone else discovering what we already knew, we also know that you can't trust that this will be a long time trend. Kidman is playing victim again and she plays that role better than anyone else.

You can hear a bit of the ‘oh well we like Nicole’; the rumblings of ‘well if she hadn't used the botox and picked the wrong projects’; even mumblings of ‘she is a great actress just off her game’. Remember, this woman is looking for exactly that reaction. She knows she will have to mount a comeback and that can't be done down on the farm. So, put some false stories out about her saying she didn't like her acting or that Keith is eager for another child. Get their minds off of what a failure she is by her own hand and she works her magic and she is back on top. Her one true love is having a great comeback, and if he can, ‘Nic’ can too. I personally want her back out there so that we don't have to read about her personal life; her husband can get back to the career that he once had; the little girl will be in the arms of the one she finds the safest, her nanny. Don't count Kidman out, because like a case of herpes, she may come back with vengeance.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jealous? No, just smarter than Nicole Kidman...

Woe are we that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are together. We are so jealous of the power couple that we spend all of our time thinking up ways to insult them on this blog. We have so much envy for Nicole Kidman that we can't see straight and we aren't really fans of Keith Urban's because we don't support how he chooses to live his life. Time to clear up the mess in the New Year yet again.

The above paragraph shows some of the accusations thrown out at this blog from time to time. To those all we can say is: please read the blog. Yes, we have been clear we don't like Kidman. But not liking and actively setting out to destroy her are two very different things. No one who writes these blogs, and, yes, there are multiple writers, is out to destroy her. Actually, she is doing a fine job all by herself. Why aren't we public about who we are? Because it doesn't matter who we are. There is enough out there about Kidman that we don't need to sign off on our work here. Kidman basically writes the blog herself by opening her stupid mouth or living her life in the spotlights. She chose to open her life up to scrutiny and, well that's just the way it is. For that one person who thinks we work for Kidman and this blog is basically a way that she can get more attention for herself and that we are under her wing - the answer to that is no way in hell does anyone here work for that woman; we heard she doesn't pay very well.

Jealous of the power couple? Jealous of what? Who would really want to live her life? She is so boring. She gets coffee, goes to the gym, goes shopping, watches a lot of television and smokes like a chimney. She and Keith? Well if an overheard conversation in a Nashville restaurant is any indication then sign me up for that MENSA challenge. Keith sitting there reading his paper Nicole drinking her tea and not one word exchanged between the two in 20 minutes, except when Keith said to her “Are you ready?”, stood up and waited for her to go out the door in front of him. That is a stimulating marriage?

On the question of the old stand by ‘you aren't really fans of his because you don't support his choices’, there are many issues and causes that a number of performers actively support; if we as fans don't support those that makes us less a fan? No. We are actually fans of Keith Urban, but this is not a blog specifically about him; it’s about his public marriage and his disastrous choice for a wife. I, for one, can still listen to Be Here or Golden Road and enjoy them, but that can't be said about Love Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing. He tied so many of those songs to the wife he has spoiled their appeal. Does that mean we won't listen to his music again? Actually the few snippets of songs that have been released sound pretty good and as long as he keeps his mouth shut about the wife, we may be able to stomach the new CD.

Just like most of you, we too, have very active lives and other things going on beyond this blog. Too bad we can't say that about Kidman. But it’s still enjoyable to catch Kidman being Kidman and Keith being strung along. When it isn't fun anymore we will be gone.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Truth, Lies and a Unauthorized Biography

I really would love to read the book but we aren't on the "right" list. There is a new book out there about Keith Urban - Fortunate Son: The Unlikely Rise of Keith Urban, written by an Aussie and mentioned in a previous blog:

Having read an excerpt from a newspaper we feel safe to say that we aren't missing much with it being published only in Australia. From what we can tell the author fell hook, line, and sinker for the fairytale that Kidman and her hacks have been painting for the last three and half years. That's fine; not everything that is printed is true and we know that Kidman has the power to get to a previously reliable author. Actually we were kind of expecting the other end of the spectrum; that Keith would come off as a nasty, not so likable character in his pursuit of a career. That one isn't truthful either, but a lot closer to the reality than the sugarcoated ode we have here.

Are we being fair based solely on only one newspaper article that reviewed the courtship? Yes, because the facts have been tampered with. If you have been around a skeptic or two in the last three years you will know what in that article can be challenged. Will we do that now? No. That truth will take another author’s hand and guide them to writing the definitive biography of Keith Urban.

What we find strange is that a number of early editions of this book have crept out and found their way to the major "bunny" Keith sites. Yep, there are already reviews out there on the non-skeptical sites. That's very weird, don't you think? Or is it? Not when too many have so much invested in this fairy tale? No wonder you have a book that reads like this. If you helped your financial best interests by bringing Urban and Kidman together are you going to then shoot all of that down to bring out the truth. These aren't people with a conscious; these are people out to make money and do it however they can. Someday a real biography will be written about Keith Urban and it is going to be a good book. The struggle, family dynamics, the crawl up the ladder in Nashville, the drugs, the women, the people Keith has put his trust and faith in making him who he is today and their agendas. That will all be there and it won't be clouded in the love story of Hank and Evie, either. Nicole Kidman will be only a chapter about mistakes made. I am looking forward to that book. Regarding this one, save your money, it’s not worth it.

P.S. All of us at Urban Myths wish each and every one of you a Happy 2009! Cheers!