Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Bit of Housekeeping at UM

It seems that when the “news” about the Kurbans gets boring that people like to stir the mud up a bit... just to see what happens. Over the past few years the fans of Keith Urban have come and gone; some have stayed very dedicated fans; some are still fans, yet are skeptical of his idealistic marriage and family; some loathe the new music but are fans of the old music; some have hope that he will recover from the pop/bubblegum/baby girl dedicated music and produce some of the great stuff that made them fans to begin with; and some have moved on completely.

This blog hasn’t been as busy as it once was, as can be said for other boards/blogs/fansites. Lack of interest in the happy Kurban family is most likely the reason. Country music fans are fans of the music...not the sideshow. Keith is still producing music, still on tour (not as vigorously as in the past, albeit). But the enthusiasm for him has dimmed because instead of it being about “the music” and “the artist”, it’s more about “the wife” and “his savior”. Every song has a tie to his wife. The music no longer is for the fans. New fans of Keith (“After Kidman” fans) don’t know about the “Before Kidman” years and cannot fully appreciate the amazing talent he once displayed.

It has long been the policy of this board to allow opinions from everyone, fan or not; skeptic or not. Back in March of 2009, comments had to begin being moderated because there were personal attacks on posters. Over the last two years, only a handful of comments were not published. It is and will continue to be the policy of this board to allow comments from both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. We continue to ask that courtesy towards other commenters is the first and foremost concern. Comments that personally attack other commenters or use "real" names will not be published. Thanks for sticking around and remember all are welcome, whether they agree or disagree with the philosophy of the humble blog known as “Urban Myths”.