Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Sydney Homecoming


The skeptics among us may find these photos to be quite interesting. Keith has been in Oz touring. He announced he would be spending some time with his family. He did make a trip to Caboolture.

Apparently when he first arrived in Sydney from the States, he turned on the TV to see his lovely wife alone on the red carpet at the SAG Awards. Naturally, he cried because he wasn't with her. Or, so it was reported.

We here at UM have a few questions. Why didn't the girls fly to Oz with him? Surely, Mum and Dad Urban would have loved to have seen their granddaughters, wouldn't they? Oh, but of course. Kidman wouldn't have had two glorious photo ops with her children. The first one when she was leaving LA, with Faith hitting her upside the head. The second when she arrived in Oz, with who else but her ex, Russell Crowe, carrying Faith. Was it a complete coincidence that the newly single Mr. Crowe was on the same plane? Was Keith surprised when he saw Mr. Crowe carrying his youngest daughter? Is Keith aware of the rumors swirling about at the time of the Cruise/Kidman divorce?

At least the children look genuinely happy to see their father. It's too bad the Urbans haven't mastered the art of kissing after all these years.

Do we even want to talk about her hair? (Or lack thereof)?