Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nicole Kidman: Actress, Savior, future Academy Award Nominee, Liar and a Terrible Mother!

On December 22, Isabella Jane Cruise turns 18. In other circles there has been a lot of talk lately about Ms. Cruise moving in with her mother after she turns 18. This is not going to happen. We are pretty safe in saying that because her mother told Hello magazine that Bella and her brother Connor don't want to live with her. They don't want to live down on the farm with the wild zucchini, alpacas and the singing country crooner. They prefer to live with Tom & Katie. It is interesting that the article was released one day before Bella's birthday. Nicole had to know how that it makes her (adopted) children appear. But since Nicole is running for that Oscar and any other award, she is going to blame the kids, because there aren't photos of the happy family to show the world. None. And there will be none. No sightings in Nashville, because Keith and Kidman and Sunday are still down under. Kidman is doing her usual 'I am opening a movie soon, so I am heading to the Childrens' Hospital to get some PR' bit; Keith looks a bit worn at the edges and they are trotting out young Sunday as often as possible. Remember Keith told everyone at the Rabbit Hole premiere they were spending the holidays in Oz, while Kidman was on the other side of the room talking about a down home Nashville holiday. Someone didn't get the memo.

Back to Connor & Isabella Cruise. They don't want to spend time with Nicole. That is the point. These two people who you chose to adopt do not want your company. Think about this; she can't keep a relationship with two children who have been with her their whole lives. They know what she is all about. They know more about her than any of us do and they reject her. You can build a cotton candy house, Nicole. You can tell everyone how perfect your life is; how much you adore your husband and your life, but when your own children don't want to spend time with you that says ten times more than any PR story about your happy, healthy family. The cotton candy house is pretty and special and unique; unfortunately the foundation is built on crap, and actions speak louder than words.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Urban Family Won't Play Kidman Games

One thing you can say about Keith Urban is that it is obvious he comes from good people. You may have noticed that recently Keith's parents were visiting. The senior Urbans came to the big pro ball game and hung around Nashville. Any pictures? Just a few. Why? Because the look on their faces shows their utter contempt for the entire process of being a celebrity. Why couldn't the Urbans hang quietly with their son? Why did the daughter-in-law have to call in the photographers? Because she is selling a myth and buying an Oscar nomination; add to that rumors of trouble with her one true love and his child bride, and the lovely Nicole is selling her happy family image everywhere.

She desperately needs a hit and she is milking the popular culture for all it is worth by selling her movie along with her happy private life. Granted she was a movie star. She was in a few successful films and a lot of critically acclaimed films. But in the last decade her star has lost its shine. She isn't a movie star now, a film actress, a cultural joke, yes, but she isn't a power. She needs this movie to be a success. She needs to play in the big time. But the subject matter of the film, the death of a small child, while dramatic - is not something that is going to have hoards flocking to the cinema. She may get her Oscar nomination; she will get a Golden Globe nomination; and she already has an Independent Spirit nomination. But she isn't going to get the box office.

That brings us back to the happy family photos. Kidman has to show that box office doesn't matter. She has this wonderful family; she does good work but her family; her successful family is what is important. Her husband plays the game. Can you imagine what it must be like for Keith when he sees her privately? Her parents and sister have played the game for years. Even their daughter is learning the PR game. She gets uprooted from the security of her actual caretakers for a photo shoot here and there. The only sticky wicket is the Urbans. It does not appear that either side like one another. For the most part that is fine. Keith can see his family Kidman doesn't need to - until she is running for an Oscar and she needs all facets to come together.

She got her photo op, but at what cost for her husband? Add to this some recent remarks by Keith's brother Shane…and boom happy family haha! Shane is having an event near his home, and when asked if his brother will make an appearance, he said no. It was too cumbersome for Keith. Even though Keith will be in the country playing for Oprah, he can't help out his older brother?

But don't worry about Shane. He is going to have a very happy Christmas with his wife's family. He won’t be part of the big family Christmas Kidman has planned. That does put a crimp in the happy family story doesn't it?

Another powder keg in this whole quagmire is Kidman’s adopted kids. While she talks about them, it has been almost three years since there has been a public sighting of the children with their mother. Given Keith's recent confession on Oprah that it was drugs and alcohol that sent him to Betty Ford; will we ever see those two with their Nicole? It is highly unlikely. Still Nicole keeps talking about the big Christmas and the alpacas on the farm. Maybe if Nicole keeps saying it enough she might even believe it. The reality is quite different.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caption These!

It's been a while since we have done this! Caption these pics from the Rabbit Hole premiere tonight!




Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Skeptic's Review of Keith Urban's 'Get Closer"

Keith Urban is a lot of things; musician, performer, media star, celebrity husband, father, son, brother and addict. All of those are important elements in what makes this record work, but it also becomes glaringly obvious that Urban is walking a fine line between perception and reality.

Get Closer is a well crafted record. The musicianship, the production, and the quality of the cover material is all top notch. The reintroduction of typical country instruments such as banjos and mandolins make this record a stronger musical ride than 'Defying Gravity', and not as experimental as 'Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing'. Urban went back to the catalog and looked at what worked. One of the things he missed in that search are the strong lyrics that made both 'Golden Road' and 'Be Here' the diamonds they are. To say that the lyrics on 'Get Closer' are juvenile would be giving them credit where it doesn't belong; that would be a step up; childish is more like it. If only the lyrics complimented the music...

'Put You in A Song' is silly. A 43-year old man with as much experience in life as Urban has had should not be overwhelmed by first love. He is too far removed from being a teen to actually capture that time. Sarah Buxton, who crafted the gorgeous 'Stupid Boy', is a better songwriter than this. Leave the puppy love to Taylor and Justin; they have the audience for that. The rest of the record suffers because of the lyrics, which is sad because songs like Georgia Woods will be great in concert, but won't work for sing-alongs.

'Without You', which was written by someone else but reinterpreted by Urban as a commentary on his current marriage, becomes a hideous show of dependence. Listening to this song makes one wonder if Urban has transferred his chemical dependencies onto his spouse; it is grating. The words to many of the songs indicate that there is in Urban's world the ability to flip the coin from devotion to obsession and dependence. That is depressing because this could have been a good record. 'Shut Out the Lights' has great vocals and could be a big single. Written during the golden era of 2004-2005, it is a lovely song that is mature and thoughtful. The 'Luxury of Knowing' will become an Urban classic. His vocal on this is outstanding and it is about adult topics. Listening to the last two songs makes the rest of the record pale in comparison. Listening to 'Get Closer' makes one wonder what happened to Keith Urban, and what might the future bring?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Roger Friedman strikes again...

Praising the CD to high heaven and quoting the only part of the liner notes that reference Baby Girl:

“Nicole Mary–i continue to be brought to my knees by this love of ours…I am in awe of how this blessed family we are creating stretches and fearlessly opens my vulnerable heart…and I just want to be a better man, for you, and father for our heavenly Sunday Rose, and have you go to sleep every night knowing that no one has ever, or will ever, love you as much I do…and all we need is faith…”

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Letter for Keith Urban in the Mailbag

Dear Keith,

I was a fan when you produced GREAT music. You know you did, right? Before that Betty Ford commitment. Your music used to touch my soul. Your music was inspirational, thought provoking, and meaningful. Now all I hear is Nyah Nyah Nyah, I married Nicole Kidman and that is all. Even when you have a moment of news-worthy events, such as the train station event yesterday, what’s the next thing we see? Voila! Keith and HIS WIFE are leaving their apartment... and the wife’s new movie is mentioned. Not the release of Keith’s CD. Of course, you are on your way to Chicago to record an Oprah show. And of course YOUR WIFE will be tagging along. You certainly could not be on Oprah to promote your CD, it will be to promote your wife’s new movie. Is that why the CD was “rushed out”.... even though it wasn’t “ready”? What a shill you have become. Why did I become a fan of yours in the first place? Oh, yeah.... You used to put out good music. Not so much anymore.

A Former Fan

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I am not buying your record, Mr. Keith Urban

It's been a while, but UM received some mail today that is very important to share...

Dear Keith,

I want to start by saying that I am a fan. I own everything you have recorded. From the 1991 record to the Ranch to all the solo studio releases. I even have two copies of Be Here; one with the black and white cover; and one with the color cover. I have spent a lot of money on your music over the years, so it is with a heavy heart that I just can't bring myself to buy Get Closer. There is a phrase in television called ‘jumping the shark’. That is when a show is older and the creativity has run out, and the shows start getting far fetched. This happened with Happy Days the season that Fonzie literally jumped a shark. I bring this up because I believe you have jumped the shark with this new record. Who is this record for, Keith? Your wife or your fans? I ask that because when you remove the fantasy of the subject of the song, the song becomes quite boring. By telling the world all the songs are about your wife you have removed the listener from the song. That is a tragedy because it means the song has no other meaning beyond your definition. The appeal of art and music in particular, is that it must move the listener to relate to something in that song. The listener must find their own meaning. By telling everyone what each song means they are losing their own personal connection. Frankly, I am not interested in your personal life. I am interested in your art, but I don't want it defined for me.

Another reason I won't be buying this record is the cover. You lied to your fans by the selection of this cover. There is no glossing over that fact. You committed fraud. Harsh, yes, I know I am being quite harsh. But the fact remains that people who work for you, with your approval, used your Facebook page to conduct a survey with the promise that the results would be used in a certain manner. Then after the cover was selected a different cover was used. That is fraud. If you are going to mislead your fans this much then you need to know that so many of us are feeling a bit deceived. Lying and cheating may be a part of your world but they aren't a part of mine and the only way that I can take a stand is to not encourage the behavior to continue. If that means one less record sold, well maybe that doesn't amount to much, but I don't think I am alone. We will all see what the sales charts say. Until then I will sit this record out and hope you can return to being someone I can respect if you are lucky enough to get a chance to record again.

Your Fan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Keith Urban

Happy Birthday! You haven't changed at all.
Still the same farm boy who had a dream.
Singing the uncomplicated nonsensical songs for which you are now known.
Living the easy life down on the farm.
With Baby Girl and the toddler gathered around.
Yeah, Happy Birthday, Mr. Urban!
On the cusp of another commercial success,
Life just keeps getting better doesn't it?
As credibility, history and most importantly, your fans... no longer matter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 'Rabbit Hole' Trailer has been released...

The trailer for Rabbit Hole is out. It's showing at a number of upcoming Film Festivals in anticipation of a limited holiday release, just in time for possible Oscar nominations. With the Oscar buzz surrounding this film, we are surprised it took so long to get picked up by a distributor, but Lionsgate took the bait. Apparently they aren't afraid of Miss Box Office Poison.

She actually shows some emotion in the trailer, and isn't using her Baby Girl whispering voice. There are a number of films out now with strong leading actresses, so the competition will be stiff. But it appears that she may be good in this role. How will a successful movie affect her proclamations of working less and spending more time down home on the farm? How will it affect the hold she has on Keith's muse, music and career? Let's discuss....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Keith Campaigning to be on Oprah?

Certainly Kidman will have to appear during Oprah's final year, so she will bring her musical husband along to entertain the audience, since she can't. Duh. And didn't Keith have his BIGGEST fan contest on his website a couple years back? So, he has Oprah redo the whole contest to pick a "new" biggest fan? And why? Why isn't each "fan" just as good as the next? Why must they prove themselves? Just because one fan can afford to, and be able to go to 99 shows, and another fan can only fit one show in the budget (or maybe none at all), does not a "biggest" fan make. Do other artists have "fans" compete against each other to prove themselves the "biggest" fan? Why isn't being "a fan of the music" enough? Be grateful and get over yourself, Mr. Kidman Urban. 

Calling ALL Keith Urban fans!

Are you or someone you know Keith Urban?s BIGGEST fan? Tell us what you love about Keith Urban and why. How many concerts of his have you attended? Have you traveled far and wide to see him perform? Do you know all the words to his songs? What would it mean to you to see Keith Urban in person and hear him sing!!? Include any pictures or videos to tell your story. Thank you and we look forward to hearing why you are the biggest Keith Urban fan! Please only respond if you are willing to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keith Urban's PR for his new single via All for the Hall...

Plugging his single via Dolly and Charlie and Alan and Martina, and of course BFF John Mayer... Too bad the only music you can hear is "Putting Baby Girl in a Song 'cause She's Calling All the Shots".

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pick Keith Urban's New Album Cover - Updated with the Chosen Cover

It is UM's opinion that he REALLY doesn't care if this album sells to the fans of HIS MUSIC. It will probably sell to all of her fans, though. He wants you to help pick the cover of the CD:

Here is one option:

Here is the other option:

Here is the cover that he chose... thanks maclen...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Whose PR is more important? Kidman's or Urban's... you decide...

Dateline: September 13, 2010; Toronto International Film Festival

Nicole Kidman and her husband show up for the debut of her new movie "Rabbit Hole".


Dateline: September 20, 2010; Nashville, Tennessee

Keith receives the "Jim Reeves International Award" during the fourth annual ACM Honors at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.

And he proceeds to thank three people... Nicole Mary (his wife); Sunny Rose (his daughter); and Ansel Davis (his attorney).
Jim Reeves Acceptance speech
He shows up for her important PR. She's a no show for his. Yet he continues the litany of praise. How will Broadway mesh with the supposed upcoming tour to promote "Get Closer"? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

He put her in a song and does the red carpet, too!

Busy day today for KUNK...

Adding one more:

Just had to add the obligatory hands in her crotch shot...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keith Urban's new single channels Taylor Swift!

"Put You in a Song" lyrics....

Well here you come again and you’re lookin’ so fine
You don’t notice me but it’s alright
I’m just a guy who wishes that I could be your man someday
Yeah a picture paints a thousand words it’s true
But it’s still not enough for how I feel about you
I wanna put you in a melody, I gotta set you to a groove


I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I love this girl oh
If I could press play, repeat how happy I’d be
Wherever I’d go I’d have you there with me
You’d be right where you belong
I wanna put you in a song, oh oh oh
Well I’d sing about your smile and your pretty blue eyes
The way your hair shimmers in the sunlight
It’d be so easy I’d just write it from my heart
‘Cause I gotta tell the world what you mean to me
Wrap you up in a melody so you’ll be
Stuck in my head all day
‘Cause you’re already there anyway, yes you are


I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I love this girl
If I could press play, repeat how happy I’d be
Wherever I’d go I’d have you there with me
You’d be right where you belong
I wanna put you in a song
And if I get it right everybody’d be singing along yeah
And when they see you on the street they’ll say
Hey ain’t you the girl in that song


I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I’m in love with this girl
Yeah if I could press play, rewind a couple million times
Imagine for a moment that you’re all mine
Every night I’d drive you home
If I could put you in a
Let me put you in a song
Let me put you in a song
Oh a pretty little song about you baby

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Australian Father's Day, Keith!

Since he chose not to celebrate the American Father's Day in June because it was his wife's birthday, here's hoping that Sunday Rose Kidman Urban will be celebrating with her father today. Oh wait, he's in Connecticut, getting ready for a show tonight. Well, there are still tickets available, so maybe she can go to the show. Unless of course, she's in Shreveport with her Mum staying at a hotel. Or if she's in Nashville staying with the Nanny. Well, Happy Father's Day, anyway, Keith Urban, from all of us at Urban Myths.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Keith Urban Wants to Get Closer and Put Her in a Song... as usual



On September 13th, CMA Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year nominee and three-time Grammy Award winner Keith Urban will release his debut single “Put You In A Song”, from his forthcoming Tuesday, November 16th release GET CLOSER. “Put You In A Song” was co-written by Urban, Sarah Buxton and Jedd Hughes and is co-produced by Dann Huff and Urban.

“I’ve always loved songs about ‘the guy in love with the unattainable girl’, said Urban of “Put You In A Song. “And the idea that the only chance that this poor guy is ever going to have to get close to the object of his affection is to put her in a song, just struck me. That way he’d be able to take her with him everywhere he and night.”

Urban added, “On my way to write with Jedd (Hughes) and Sarah (Buxton), I stopped by this music shop and bought a bouzouki. I got it out of the case, we got a great groove going on the drum machine, I started playing the opening riff and the song just took off.”

GET CLOSER follows Urban’s Billboard Top 200 Album Chart #1 Defying Gravity, which produced two #1 singles including "Only You Can Love Me This Way" and “Sweet Thing”, for which Urban won his third Grammy Award (Best Male Country Vocal Performance).

Urban is currently in the studio in Nashville, putting the finishing touches on GET CLOSER.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CMA 2010 Nominations

There were announced yesterday and today...  the show is on November 10th.

New Artist of the Year

Luke Bryan
Easton Corbin
Jerrod Niemann
Chris Young
Zac Brown Band

Vocal Group of the Year

Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
The Band Perry
Zac Brown Band

Vocal Duo of the Year

Brooks & Dunn
Joey + Rory
Montgomery Gentry
Steel Magnolia

Single of the Year
(Award goes to Artist and Producer(s))

“A Little More Country Than That”
Easton Corbin
Produced by Carson Chamberlain
Mercury Nashville

“Hillbilly Bone”
Blake Shelton featuring Trace Adkins
Produced by Scott Hendricks
Reprise Records

“Need You Now”
Lady Antebellum
Produced by Paul Worley and Lady Antebellum
Capitol Records Nashville

“The House That Built Me”
Miranda Lambert
Produced by Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke
Columbia Nashville

“White Liar”
Miranda Lambert
Produced by Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke
Columbia Nashville

Song of the Year
(Award goes to Songwriter(s))

“A Little More Country Than That”
Rory Lee Feek, Don Poythress, and Wynn Varble

“Need You Now”
Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, and Josh Kear

“The House That Built Me”
Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin

Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, John Driskell Hopkins, and Shawn Mullins

“White Liar”
Miranda Lambert and Natalie Hemby

Music Video of the Year
(Award goes to Artist and Director)

“Hillbilly Bone”
Blake Shelton featuring Trace Adkins
Directed by Roman White

“Need You Now”
Lady Antebellum
Directed by David McClister

“The House That Built Me”
Miranda Lambert
Directed by Trey Fanjoy

Brad Paisley
Directed by Jim Shea

“White Liar”
Miranda Lambert
Directed by Chris Hicky

Musician of the Year

Paul Franklin – Steel Guitar
Dann Huff – Guitar
Brent Mason – Guitar
Mac McAnally – Guitar
Randy Scruggs – Guitar


Lady Antebellum
Miranda Lambert
Brad Paisley
Keith Urban
Zac Brown Band


Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Reba McEntire
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood


Dierks Bentley
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
George Strait
Keith Urban

(Award goes to Artist and Producer)

Need You Now
Lady Antebellum
Producers: Paul Worley and Lady Antebellum

Play On
Carrie Underwood
Producers: Mark Bright and Max Martin

Miranda Lambert
Producers: Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke

George Strait
Producers: Tony Brown and George Strait

Up on the Ridge
Dierks Bentley
Producer: Jon Randall Stewart

(Award goes to each Artist)

“Bad Angel” — Dierks Bentley featuring Miranda Lambert and Jamey Johnson
“Can’t You See” — Zac Brown Band featuring Kid Rock
“Hillbilly Bone” — Blake Shelton featuring Trace Adkins
“I’m Alive” — Kenny Chesney with Dave Matthews
“Till the End” — Alan Jackson with Lee Ann Womack

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Good to be Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman these days...

Recently Nic (since that's what Keith and her one true love call her) went to Haiti for a three hour tour. The last time I heard of a three hour tour it involved Gilligan, the Skipper, the SS Minnow and an actress of bigger talents than Nic, Ginger Grant. That three hour tour was ten times more sincere than the one that Nic went on. She looked oh so earnest, oh so sympathetic, as she met with those unfortunate souls. Haven't the people of Haiti suffered enough? What exactly was accomplished? Did that school that Keith and Nic promise to fund get built? Did she meet up with Sean Penn to ask what she could personally do? Nope, she got a lot of pictures taken, sweated through her sweater and hat and left having done a good job.

Keith Urban has been doing a little touring, a little recording and a lot of insipid interviews. Again we get the 'me and Nic' verbiage. 'Nic and I aren't really the types to make ourselves be out there for what we believe in until someone told us it might be better to get more money for the cause that way'. Huh? That is what he told Country Weekly. He talked about the Tennessee flood relief work he has done; his work for the Country Music Hall of Fame; and then he added that he also supports Nic's work for the UN about violence against women.

Keith was also recently on the cover of the National Enquirer with a picture of a drunk Keith Urban and his former dalliance Amanda Wyatt with the word 'cheater' above his face. It's not just about physical violence but also emotional violence and a womanizer knows how to inflict that, don't they? Perhaps that just an avenue one shouldn't drive down.

Speaking of driving, Keith has apparently bought himself a new set of wheels - a brand spanking new Aston Martin. With all that hard charity work, one must reward oneself. After all Keith, believes he lives in a 'rarefied air' these days; or so he told Country Weekly, after growing up in the back of a store sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Not a nice way to reflect on your parents doing the best that they could, Mr. Urban.

Another recent interview was on; Keith spewed out how important family was; how that gives a sense to maintain a balance. I guess when you can sleep on 1000 thread count sheets in five different residences all over the world one does learn one's priorities.

Finally, we have the deluxe apartment in the sky; a ten million dollar place that you drive into and a lift takes your car to your floor. Why does anyone need a car in New York City? Rumors are Nic bought this place a few months ago but waited to tell everyone until the box office numbers were in about her true love's last film. There is always that rub isn't there? But when they bought this place they bought yet another place that will be inaccessible from those little people who might want to bother them. Another bonus is no one will see who actually lives there. Just like L.A., the gated place in Oz, the high rise in Sydney and the private gated farm in Tennessee. Yes, Nic and Keith do so much for the little people. The little people give because Keith and Nic say so. So while the little people scrimp and save to go see Keith or buy groceries, Nic can sit high atop the Big Apple proud of her contribution to humankind while she smokes her cigarettes off one of her three balconies. Keith can nurse his rumored ulcer. And Sunday, well does anyone know what happened to her?

Keith Urban Covers Country Weekly

 Keith Urban covers the new issue of Country Weekly. In the 2nd part of a 4-part series on Country Stars Giving Back, Keith Urban spoke to the magazine about the charities close to his heart, why he got involved, and how it makes him feel.

“I came from nothing, basically. Our family—very, very working class—really had nothing. [We had] a pretty rubbishy car and a pretty rubbishy house attached onto the back of the corner store my parents ran. My brother and I slept on little horsehair mattresses on the floor,” Keith allows. “To come from that and to be in the strange, rarified air I find myself in these days, I can certainly feel a strong pull to want to give back. I’m immensely blessed with what I’ve been given in my life.”

Since music is his love and livelihood, it’s also a cause he holds near and dear to his heart. Keith was the honorary dean at this year’s Grammy camp.

“Getting instruments into kids’ hands is something that been really important to me all my life,” Keith says. “I started so young—I was six when I started playing guitar. I was fortunate to a) have parents that could afford to buy me a guitar and pay for lessons and b) fortunate that I went to public schools and they had music in schools and that was pretty basic, pretty standard curriculum, but it seems more and more that that’s one of the programs they’re taking out of schools for budgetary reasons. That’s a huge, huge mistake. Things like the Grammy Camp correct that and give these kids the opportunity to get instruments in their hands where they might not otherwise get that.”

Keith also has joined forces with his wife, Nicole Kidman, to bring awareness to causes. Nicole is the Goodwill Ambassador for UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) where she often talks about violence against women. The two have also shared support for flood victims in Nashville and wildfire victims in Australia.

“My wife has become involved with women’s rights and so I’ve found myself involved in that, and very gladly so, too. Not only violence against women, but women’s rights in countries where they are not being honored".

“I don’t know that there’s a common thread other than just people in need and, in certain cases, where there seems to be an extreme lack of justice—we certainly like to get involved in that,” Keith explains of the causes he and Nicole support. “There’s absolutely limitless causes on a daily basis for everybody to be involved in, it’s just looking to the ones that for me and Nic, that we feel strongly about and feel that we can actually do something about as well.”

“It’s not in Nic or I to do things for our own benefit, so we’ve shied away from more of the public stuff in the past, but it was pointed out to us by certain people that if we were to take a bit more of a public face with some of these that it might actually be more help than just the financial aid,” Keith says.

You can read more about how Keith Urban gives back in next weeks Country Weekly magazine.

The end of the interview didn't make the magazine, but Urban Myths uncovered it:

"My baby girl and I have just bought a rubbishy apartment in New York, for a measly $10 million. Nic wanted to spend more like $20 million, but I said "Babygirl, I'm OK living in a dump like this; even if we do have to use a lift to get our Bentley up to the apartment. It only has three bedrooms, so one for me and one for Nic, and of course Sunday will share with the Nanny. The chauffeur has to sleep in the servant’s quarters on the lower level. It's a hardship but we pride ourselves on living a simple life."

Stay tuned

Today we bring you a two part blog. First we present a recent interview Keith did for Country Weekly, with the addition of a paragraph that didn't make it in the magazine.

The second part will feature a reader submission on the current state of Urban/Kidman affairs. Thanks!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Going to a county fair... without their daughter?

This photo was on Twitter repeatedly today. Supposedly at the county fair. Without their daughter. And everyone else in the photo is wearing shorts. Also numerous sightings at Starbucks for coffee this morning. Yawn.

Monday, August 2, 2010

This Week's National Enquirer

Sure, it's a recycled story - from four years ago. Our question is "Why?" And why put Keith Urban on the cover? Let's discuss....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keith Urban's Fans Should Be Ecstatic!


Keith managed to sneak in a few minutes at the studio today.... Oh, joy! Oh, happiness! Monkey dances all around...

Keith's people tweeted a pic of him "today" in the studio... he "managed to squeeze in a few minutes at the studio" today before he heads off to Southern Cali. Hmmmm... He has a show in LA on Friday, then the Paso Robles show on the 28th... Golly gee, he is SO busy touring, isn't he now? Too busy to even do a "live" video for his latest single. Gosh, gee whiz, must be so hard to be Mr. Urban these days.

Surely this must bode well for the new CD. Not.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keith Urban doesn't need to make videos anymore...

In the following interview with a Denver radio station, Mr. Urban first talks about how he had to forego Father's Day in honor of Baby Girl Kidman's birthday. Then, when asked when his new video will be out for his latest single (which is #7 on the Billboard charts this week - believe it or not), he said he hasn't even thought about a video yet. He's been SO busy recording and touring. What a joke.

Go to the Audio On-Demand section:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Money For Keith Urban.... From You!

You can be a part of Keith Urban's new record. Go to his web site;
you can watch him as he prepares his new music for the world. This sounds interesting, but, of course, you have to pay to join his fan club first. Then you will see only what they want you to see; but if you have the time and money go for it.

He also has someone on staff that records his "tour" and puts it up on the site. In the last installment we had an exciting 30 second shot of the band warming up; Keith bitching that he was cold getting off the bus; and Keith going on and on about Kidman coming along. Of course we didn't see her and that isn't a bad thing. But you can usually go to a Keith Urban fan site and someone has better pictures, better video and a nicer narrative than what you are paying Keith for, but it's your money.

Blind Item about Kidman Revealed

We will have two blog tidbits today. The first is a blind item revealed about the Diva from Crazy Days & Nights. The second will be about the "benefits" of being a member of Urban's fan club.

Blind Items Revealed

January 26, 2010

This married A list actress knows she is losing her popularity quickly. So, she has informed her managers to get her in the next Twilight movie. When they told her there were no parts for her, she said, "Well have them make up one or I will find new managers. Who wouldn't want me in their movie?"

Nicole Kidman

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to the Kidman Urbans!

There have been SO many pics of the loved-up, crazy-in-love couple, we just couldn't post them ALL! So here's one of our favorites!

Edited (for blue sky) to add: WARNING... do not scroll down if you have a full stomach, are considering eating in the next few hours, are allergic to fish, have an aversion to suckerfish, are afraid of vampires, or are just plain in fear of being swallowed alive. Of course if you fear for your heart and soul and your muse, too late.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breaking News

Dateline: Sydney, NSW, Australia...

The three-day rule was violated this week!!!! Kidman and kid were in Oz to celebrate Antonia's wedding; Keith was in Nashville. He plays in Chicago on Saturday, the 19th (the day before Baby Girl's birthday - which shall NOT coincide with Father's Day). Will Kidman make it back to the States in time to celebrate her sacred birthday with Keith "My Baby Girl Wife's birthday is more important than celebrating being a Father to my actual Baby Girl Flesh & Blood Daughter" Urban???

Two tidbits from today:

From Lainey:

Her Birthday > Father’s Day

Nicole Kidman is currently in Australia. Her sister Antonia was married a while ago and the celebration is this weekend. Here she is in a sateen jump suit attending a family dinner. Nicole and Sunday Rose made the trip without Keith Urban who is touring. Her birthday is Sunday. The same day as Father’s Day. Which means she trumps Father’s Day, at least according to Keith.

"(Australian Father’s Day is) in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday. I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September." (source)

I don’t understand why you can’t celebrate both. I also don’t understand why he keeps calling her “Baby Girl”. Can’t find the video right now because I’m writing on blackberry but when Keith accepted his CMT Award last week he made a point of thanking “Nicole, my Baby Girl” sitting in the audience. His wife the “Baby Girl” is the same woman I call Granny Freeze. That’s just dumb.

And gross.

And really cheese.

That sh-t is a dealbreaker for me. But you know, Baby Girl Granny, she loves it so much. Every time he says “Baby Girl” it feels like the needle is going into her forehead.

Lainey Gossip

And from the New York Post:

I vote neigh on this trend

June 18, 2010  Jarett Wieselman

And all this time I knew Miley Cyrus couldn't be tamed but I never thought to ask if she could be reigned.

But that's exactly what I'm wondering this morning following her appearance outside "The Late Show" theater, where she not only sat down for her first ever interview with David Letterman, but performed "Can't Be Tamed" in these Clydesdale-esque pants.

And in case you thought, "bah, she's just bein' Miley," take heed because Nicole Kidman rocked the same style last night. Albeit in a bigger, swingier, silkier incarnation.
They say three people make a trend, but I'm voicing my dissent before we hit the triple crown in hopes we can reign this look in before it becomes a global phenomenon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Father's Day for Keith Urban this month... it's Baby Girl's Birthday!

Keith Urban Counts His Fatherly Blessings
Posted Jun 13th 2010 9:00AM 
by Donna Hughes

Keith Urban literally glows when he speaks about his role as a father. Daughter Sunday Rose, with wife Nicole Kidman, is nearing her second birthday, and she is beginning to really take on physical characteristics of both of her parents.

"She's a good mix [of the two of us], I think," said Keith backstage at the CMA Music Festival at Nashville's LP Field. "She's got my wife's legs, that's for sure."

With Father's Day around the corner, he explained what he thought was the best part of being a father. "All of it! It's always something new, that's what I love about it," the superstar gushed. "And maybe [other] dads are different, but for me, it keeps coming on. I'm like, 'Oh my God, that's my daughter.' It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I feel very grateful for it."

While Keith cannot say enough about being a father, he won't be celebrating Dad's Day this Sunday. It is actually a special day for someone else -- his wife's birthday. Since they both grew up in Australia, they decided to celebrate the Australian Father's Day, which takes place on September 6. "What I did is I took the liberty of recognizing that we have dual countries going on and Father's Day is different in Australia," he said. "It's in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday." He adds, "I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September."

With their joy at having a daughter together, will Keith and Nicole be having another one soon? "I'm not, not trying," he laughs, "so we'll see."

Keith is set to perform at Chicago's Soldier Field on June 19, as part of his tour dates with the Eagles.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More of the same from the Kidman Urban Clan

At least they recycle... obviously they don't need to learn any new lines... they just repeat the same old crap time after time....

Keith Urban ‘Not Not Trying’ For More Kids

Date: 12-Jun-2010

There could be another baby on the way for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.The country crooner, 42, doesn’t rule out expanding his family with the Oscar winner, who turns 43 this month, following later-in-life pregnancies for Kelly Preston, 47, and Celine Dion, 42.

“I’m not not trying,” he chuckles backstage Friday during the CMA Music Festival held at Nashville’s LP Field.

There’s no time like the present for the couple who will celebrate four years of marriage later this month. The dazzling duo are parents to Sunday Rose, who turns 2 in July, and her kids Isabella, 17, and Conor, 15, whom she adopted with ex Tom Cruise.

Is their young tot more like him or her?

“She’s a good mix, I think,” he tells me. “She’s got my wife’s legs, that’s for sure.”

Fatherhood certainly suits the country crooner.

“It’s always something new,” he marvels. “That’s what I love about it. Maybe dads are different, but to me it’s coming on like ‘oh my God, that’s my daughter.’ It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s great.”

That nurturing instinct was in effect with season eight American Idol finalist Danny Gokey during this week’s CMT Awards.

“I was walking down the hallway, and Keith Urban called me by him,” Danny recounts. “It was the coolest thing. I was walking with him, surrounded by people, and all of a sudden, he goes ‘Danny, come here.’ I was like ‘oh,’ and I came running over there. He mentioned that his family loved my single, My Best Days Are Ahead of Me. He mentioned a story how they were walking through Nashville Shores, and how they heard it – and one of his kids came up to him and said ‘who is that?’ He was like ‘I know that tone of voice,’ and he heard it, and he went looking in Billboard magazine, and said ‘yep, I was right. We love that song – it’s a great song.’ I was honored. I was speechless, too.”

For Keith, having movie icon Nicole by his side meant giving her a crash course in country starting soon after they met at a G’Day L.A. event honoring Australians in January 2005. “She had no history of country at all, so it’s been great to be the one to get her into it,” he says. “Not long after we started dating, I actually went to the record store and bought her The Best of Waylon, and I played Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way. I put it in there amongst a bunch of other discs, and I just let that song play first. She was like ‘my word, what is this?’ That was her first real taste of it. From there, she’s gotten into the Zac Brown Band and she loves Miranda [Lambert].”

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is already in Kindergarten!

Absolutely amazing. The child is not yet two years old and is being shuffled off to day care. Since she obviously isn't old enough for "kindy" as her daffy Mum would say, she must be in day care. Was the Nanny interfering too much with Kidman's busy schedule? And why would Keith go along with this? It's not like his schedule is so full, either. Anyone know how old her "adult" children were when she shipped them off to school?

On living in Nashville
“I love living there. We’re all about keeping life simple and keeping it simple for our daughter. She just goes to the local kindy [kindergarten]. We don’t buy her a lot of stuff and we donate on her behalf to things.”

On Sunday Rose’s birthday plans for July
“We’re not into big parties. And Mum here will make a birthday cake, ’cause I don’t think you should buy a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are meant to be handmade.”

On her children with Tom, Isabella, 17, and Connor, 15.
“They’ve blossomed into adults now. It is a beautiful thing as a parent to see your children walk elegantly into their adult years. “To have been given the chance to raise a child again at this age is such a gift. I’m just incredibly grateful.” And more children? “Yes, but it just depends on God.”

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, June 7, 2010]


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Benefit Concert on GAC tonight

A Benefit Concert to Help the Flood Victims of Middle Tennessee

Sunday, May 16 at 8 PM ET

GAC has teamed up with the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau, Gaylord Entertainment and an incredible lineup of artists to present: Music City Keep on Playin' – A Benefit for Flood Relief.

The concert will take place at Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium. All money raised will go to those in need in Middle Tennessee. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee will be the organization processing and distributing donations.,,GAC_26058_98169,00.html

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Benefit for Nashville tonight

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- WSMV-TV Channel 4 will broadcast Working 4 You: Flood Relief with Vince Gill & Friends on Thursday, May 6, in prime time from 7 to 10 p.m.

Other stars scheduled to appear include Keith Urban, Alison Krauss, Naomi Judd, Darius Rucker, Phil Vassar, Steve Wariner, Buddy Jewell, Lonestar, Bo Bice and Lee Roy Parnell.Nashville and the surrounding middle Tennessee communities have been devastated by floodwaters after the area received 15 inches of rain within a 48-hour time period. Thousands of middle Tennesseans have been evacuated from their homes with many losing everything to the flood. Many of the victims do not have flood insurance, and the demands on relief agencies are stretched to the limit.

“These are our friends and family; we always take care of our friends and family,” said Meredith Senior Vice President and WSMV-TV General Manager Elden Hale Jr. “It’s unfortunate that we’re called upon to do this again for our neighbors, but we are very proud to have the ability to reach out to so many people with Nashville’s flood relief telethon.”

All proceeds from Working 4 You: Flood Relief with Vince Gill & Friends will benefit The Salvation Army, The Red Cross and The Second Harvest Food Bank.

Channel 4 is unable to accommodate a live audience at the station. The only way to see the telethon is on Channel 4 and

Note to Keith:  You really don't have to start EVERY conversation off with "My wife is out of town, BUT..."

Monday, May 3, 2010

A tale of two cities....

The flooded Grand Ole Opry in Nashville:

While the matching-outfit Urbans enjoy a round of golf in Hawaii:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes at the ACM's

Lon Helton's Country Aircheck newsletter

Amping My Style: Fans of Keith Urban were watching and wondering why the network was teasing Urban's imminent performance, only to be disappointed he wasn't on until very late in the show. Turns out, Urban's guitar amp went on the fritz, and he didn't want to play without it. Though he was scheduled to perform in the show's first half-hour, a number of attempted fixes failed, pushing his slot back at least twice. At one point, CBS-TV ran a few extra minutes of promos as they stretched to fill time. All that stalling almost cost labelmate Darius Rucker the bulk of his performance. Show directors told Rucker that Reba might have to say goodnight and show credits would roll over his music. To their credit, the powers that be shaved off precious seconds in a number of places so Rucker could get the full shot. And just in case you were wondering, the "fan" who was onstage circling Urban with a video camera was a plant. He is a professional photographer who was trying to look like a fan given the opportunity of a lifetime, to the point of constantly getting between Urban and the production cameras.

A photo on the carpet... who is hiding in the bushes? Oh, just Kidman's assistant/purse holder... haha

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ACM Awards 2010 Tonight..

A look back:






And now for tonight's episode:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hanging with Royalty

Rupie and the Royalty

Queen Rania celebrates with famous friends including Nicole Kidman in beautiful Jordan

29 MARCH 2010
There was a chance for Queen Rania to share the beauty of her country with a host of her celebrity friends recently as a contingent of famous faces gathered in Jordan for the magical baptism of Wendi and Rupert Murdoch's two daughters Grace and Chloe.

This week's issue, number 1117, features 18 pages of colourful pictures of the high-profile guests celebrating in the Middle Eastern nation.

Those on the high-powered guest list included Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban, Hugh Jackman and his actress wife Deborra-Lee Furness and billionaire property owner Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka.

Queen Rania organised a special three-day tour of some of the country’s historic and natural treasures during their stay, including visits to the ancient city of Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.

See the spectacular photos for yourself in the current edition of HELLO!, on sale now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keith Urban to open for The Eagles...

Press release from the KU site:

Keith, The Eagles, and the Dixie Chicks will be touring together for the first time when they hit the road on June 8th for a North American stadium concert tour. Check out the tour dates listed below.

The Eagles - Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit - will perform hits from their more than 35-year career, such as "Hotel California," "Desperado," "Life In The Fast Lane," "Take It To The Limit," "One Of These Nights," "Heartache Tonight," and more.

The Dixie Chicks - Martie Maguire, Emily Robison and lead singer Natalie Maines - will hit the stage for the first time in four years, performing songs from all four of their albums including smash hits, "Wide Open Spaces," "Goodbye Earl," and "Not Ready to Make Nice."

Keith's career has produced some of the industry's best known and most loved songs - 11 #1s. "Days Go By," "Sweet Thing," Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," "You'll Think of Me," "Better Life," as well as Billboard's Country Song of the Decade, "Somebody Like You," will highlight Keith's performance.

American Express Cardmembers will have early access to tickets beginning Monday, March 22nd at 10:00 AM and tickets go on sale to the general public beginning Monday, March 29, 2010 at 10:00 AM.

Check for complete ticket information.

The concert utilizes All-In ticketing, which allows fans to purchase tickets without any added fees and streamlines the ticket buying process.

VIP Ticket Packages will be available at

Tour Dates
June-10: East Rutherford, NJ,  New Meadowlands Stadium
June-12: Boston, MA,  Gillette Stadium
June-14: Philadelphia, PA,  Citizens Bank Ball Park
June-15: Washington, DC,  Nationals Park
June-19: Chicago, IL,  Soldier Field

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tidbits from Ted Casablanca

Caught! Nicole Kidman Gets Back on Her High Horse
Tue., Mar. 9, 2010 10:51 AM PST
by Ted Casablanca 

Nicole Kidman, possibly very elegant, possibly very posh (to maybe a fashion victim on crack) was spotted dining at one of her fave L.A. haunts, the Polo Lounge, over the weekend.

The onetime Oscar winner had everyone in the restaurant staring at her...but it wasn't for what you think.

"First of all, her face looked great," says a surprised witness nearby. "She wasn't wearing much makeup, and it looked really natural and glowing."

Get. Out.

Adds our lunch lurker:
"The reason why I couldn't stop looking at her was because I thought she rode her horse to the hotel."

Uh...come again?

"She was wearing riding boots, leggings and a navy blue sweater vest with a polo shirt underneath," describes our fashion-conscious source. "She also wore a newsboy cap with her hair tucked up underneath. I thought she was a male server at first."

So is the equestrian look in fashion now or something?

"The boots sound fine, but the rest of the outfit sounds like an over-the-top no-no," says fashion expert Sydne Summer over at mystyle, fresh from New York Fashion Week. "A bunch of designers showed equestrian looks for this spring, but nothing too crazy. The shows were quite literal, but again it was haute couture."

More Nic dirt:

"She looked really thin, too," adds our insider at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "She was just drinking what looked like tea."

No surprise there. This is Beverly Hills, darlings. But is life with randy Keith Urban getting a little, how shall we say, trying for Ms. K? So much so that the gal's acting out by wearing loco fashions? Hmmm. Let's keep an eye on this one.

Apparently Ted got some hate mail, and responded:

Clooney and Kidman Raise Eyebrows—Separately!
Tue., Mar. 9, 2010 3:24 PM PST
by Ted Casablanca

We uncorked an 80-proof scoop Sunday and the party's on!

Too much fun at the Oscars Sunday when we exclusively revealed that silver studmuffin George Clooney likes to get his Academy Awards courage up by downing a few! Love that Gawker, a site we admire for being so painstakingly prickly about celeb behavior and media reportage, further drank of the intoxicating story with fabulous footage; watch it!

We also mention the story again because one of other Oscar-weekend wonders, the the preposterously overdressed Nicole Kidman, apparently got called into question by several readers who noticed Nic flew to Australia this past weekend, so we must have been making the whole thing up, right?

Wrong. Kidman lunched at the Polo Lounge on Friday before she departed. Nice try, crank-a-thons!


Just thought we'd recelebrate Ms. K's kooky couture and Mr. C.'s rebel-tastic ways with another item here, plus put in a word for our goss accuracy, which folks live to question. Whatever. People have to get off somehow, right?

Hate-gasms sure seem to be the choice lately.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keith Urban's Life Wasn't Relevant Before Kidman

From an interview with The Boot...  the entire interview is here:

Q: So since you didn't get a chance to give an acceptance speech, wanna give one now?

A: First and foremost, I'd thank anybody who voted for me! But certainly, Nic is just absolutely ... I don't even know if she's changed my life; she's given me a life. That's what it's all about. There's seemingly no relevance to my previous life, before meeting her. I have such deep love and gratitude for everything she's done for me. Words just escape me when it comes to her.

Thanks, Laura, for posting this earlier.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

From the AWFUL truth....

Nicole and Keith Get Trashy for V-Day

Today 11:15 AM PST by Ted Casablanca and Ashley Fultz

Anyone who doesn't want to think of Nicole Kidman as a sexual being, read no further.

Keith Urban was spotted shopping yesterday afternoon at Trashy Lingerie in West Hollywood, picking out some sexy costumes (that's right) for his wife...

According to our Valentine's Day spy, Urban strolled in around 1 p.m., casually dressed in jeans and a black and blue plaid shirt.

"He was really nice and not shy at all," adds our sexy source. "He had the sales girl help him pick out some stuff and ended up buying three different sexy outfits for Nicole."

So what might Nic be dressing up in Sunday night?

"He got a naughty schoolgirl outfit, a matching red and black bra and panty set from the Sweetheart Lace Collection and the third was a matching set from the brand new Aphrodite line in red and black."

Who knew there was such a...lover inside the sometimes ice queen.

As for Keith's mood, we're told he was jolly as can be panty shopping, browsing around for a while and singing along to the music playing.

Wonder if Kidman approved of her man pet going out to buy her some sexy goods, or if this is one of her surprises come Sunday. Either way, let's just hope Nic can show some emotion when she unwraps those boxes this weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

MusiCares - A Tale of Two Keith Urbans

These photos are from the MusiCares event honoring Neil Young. Who does Keith appear to be happier to be around... his peers, or his wife?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

John Mayer & Keith Urban Crossroads

Lainey's column today:

It was taped last night. Third Lip was not seen. There was room for only one ego in the joint, it belonged to John Mayer. One source described it as follows: “he’s a rambling douche”. And his self-indulgent f-ckery wasn’t well received. Here’s an incident that sums it up:

The musicians had plenty of opportunity to prep. Of course they did. As the two headliners, they’re pampered and coddled, and nothing happens until they are ready. So as they take their places, a production member took to the stage to explain to the audience how the show was being filmed. This was told to me and I’m passing it to you to illustrate that Mayer had more than enough time to get set.

Once the audience had been briefed, they were ready to begin. And Keith began. And as soon as he began, John Mayer had to stop him. To the effect of: “I don’t want to be that guy who has to change his guitar strap but I’m using the blue one and I have to have the green one”. Or green to blue. And so it continued. A seemingly endless stream of consciousness as though the people sitting there actually cared about all the profundity spewing from his mouth. This however did not seem to faze Taylor Swift. Oh honey…

As such, I’m hearing that John and Keith did not exactly spark the kind of chemistry that everyone was hoping for. Because, ultimately, it’s always the John Mayer Show. My sources tell me Keith was not comfortable. And this of course makes a tour rather tricky. As I reported last week, the two were negotiating, and while dates have been tentatively marked off, yesterday’s developments could ultimately change the outcome, to say nothing of Granny Freeze Kidman. John Mayer’s reputation does not please her. She could kill it in the end.