Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Keith Urban

Happy Birthday! You haven't changed at all.
Still the same farm boy who had a dream.
Singing the uncomplicated nonsensical songs for which you are now known.
Living the easy life down on the farm.
With Baby Girl and the toddler gathered around.
Yeah, Happy Birthday, Mr. Urban!
On the cusp of another commercial success,
Life just keeps getting better doesn't it?
As credibility, history and most importantly, your fans... no longer matter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 'Rabbit Hole' Trailer has been released...

The trailer for Rabbit Hole is out. It's showing at a number of upcoming Film Festivals in anticipation of a limited holiday release, just in time for possible Oscar nominations. With the Oscar buzz surrounding this film, we are surprised it took so long to get picked up by a distributor, but Lionsgate took the bait. Apparently they aren't afraid of Miss Box Office Poison.

She actually shows some emotion in the trailer, and isn't using her Baby Girl whispering voice. There are a number of films out now with strong leading actresses, so the competition will be stiff. But it appears that she may be good in this role. How will a successful movie affect her proclamations of working less and spending more time down home on the farm? How will it affect the hold she has on Keith's muse, music and career? Let's discuss....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Keith Campaigning to be on Oprah?

Certainly Kidman will have to appear during Oprah's final year, so she will bring her musical husband along to entertain the audience, since she can't. Duh. And didn't Keith have his BIGGEST fan contest on his website a couple years back? So, he has Oprah redo the whole contest to pick a "new" biggest fan? And why? Why isn't each "fan" just as good as the next? Why must they prove themselves? Just because one fan can afford to, and be able to go to 99 shows, and another fan can only fit one show in the budget (or maybe none at all), does not a "biggest" fan make. Do other artists have "fans" compete against each other to prove themselves the "biggest" fan? Why isn't being "a fan of the music" enough? Be grateful and get over yourself, Mr. Kidman Urban. 

Calling ALL Keith Urban fans!

Are you or someone you know Keith Urban?s BIGGEST fan? Tell us what you love about Keith Urban and why. How many concerts of his have you attended? Have you traveled far and wide to see him perform? Do you know all the words to his songs? What would it mean to you to see Keith Urban in person and hear him sing!!? Include any pictures or videos to tell your story. Thank you and we look forward to hearing why you are the biggest Keith Urban fan! Please only respond if you are willing to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keith Urban's PR for his new single via All for the Hall...

Plugging his single via Dolly and Charlie and Alan and Martina, and of course BFF John Mayer... Too bad the only music you can hear is "Putting Baby Girl in a Song 'cause She's Calling All the Shots".