Sunday, September 30, 2007

Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are!

It has been an exciting week for those of us in Keith Urban World. We heard that “they” are selling “their” house. We saw photos of him at the airport to prove that hetraveled many a mile to see the beautiful, beautiful princess. We read about how they couldn't go to a footy game because there wasn't a private box available, and they wouldn’t accept seats in the stands like the normal folk (even though the game was sold out). The highlight of the week was a certain internet gossip columnist and his allegations about a certain Hollywood actress.

Of course there were no names mentioned. The gossip queen stated that this actress from a land far away was making statements in the press about her relationships with both of her husbands. Was this, according to the gossip source, a way to throw people off from finding out that this actress was really batting for the home team? If you couple this with a recent Blind item from said sage, about how the new husband, a ladies man himself, knew all about her inclinations and thought he could "cure" her. It’s up to you to decide who all this is about. Well, when I connect the dots......

What if Nicole Kidman isn't in the closet? Would that be a terrible thing? I think we should be who we are and embrace it. For some, religious and moral constraints stop them. They become hidden. They live lives, but they aren't true. If you are a Keith Urban fan you will know what I mean when I say live your own truth. So what if she is? She could be a role model to young people like her everywhere. It wouldn't take away from her looks or her so-called talent. It may even answer some of those questions so many of us have had about her very public life for the last 18 or so years. Hollywood would love it. Nicole, if that is who you are come out! Get in touch with your inner Dorothy and be proud. It would be the first honest thing you have ever done.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Eyes Will Be On Keith Urban in October...

Why is that important you ask?

Well, remember a few episodes ago, Keith was on tour in Europe and had announced 10 additional dates. The fans in the UK were elated!

Then he unceremoniously cancelled them all, citing “international commitments”. Keith’s fans in Europe and the US were, um, less than thrilled and a bit confused. Tickets had been purchased, hotels booked, travel plans made.

Just in case you missed those cancelled dates:

10/10 Munich
10/11 Frankfurt
10/13 Hamburg
10/14 Berlin
10/25 Dusseldorf

10/17 Belfast
10/19 London
10/20 Manchester
10/21 Glasgow
10/23 Birmingham

So October is the month for pumpkins, trick or treats, witches and international commitments.

Everyone take good notes.

Lets all meet back here to discuss this in November, shall we?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Urban/Kidman's are Selling "Their" House...

I just looked at pictures of Keith Urban's home on the INTERNET. And sadly, some of the sites are calling it “her house”. Wow. It seems like yesterday that he was talking about his excitement about moving in. He really did love that house. He picked out the furnishings…the appliances, rugs, fixtures, everything. He entertained there. Many people came to parties and gatherings in the lovely home. He even had a place for his parents to stay. So why is this home on the market?

Well, dear readers, two words -- Nicole Kidman.

Remember two years ago when all those rumors about Kidman and Keith started and they were saying that she was visiting? Do you remember how maps of how to get to his house started showing up on the net? Finally, with Kidman showing up in November of '05, her favorite photographers were there too, and they never left. Until the day Keith left for his contractual wedding, there were always one or two photographers or reporters watching his house. Often if you went to a Keith site you would hear of someone driving by or another picture in a tabloid. Yes, Kidman brought the bright lights of publicity to Keith's private retreat. Why couldn't she have just let him have his home? After the marriage during the few times she has been in Nashville, Kidman again brought that glare with her so even when Keith wanted to be there on his own he couldn't. Was this on purpose?

I know some of you are probably saying hey, if he were my husband would I want to live in a house where my new husband entertained other women? Well, Nicole you expect Keith to live in the house that your true love bought you? You expect him to fly on a private jet that you shared with your true love and you think nothing of having him ride around on the yacht that was purchased by your former husband. So why couldn't you live in his house? That is what this is all about. It’s his house. It is the place that he lived in, loved in and a place he created for himself. Nicole Kidman is so damn insecure that she can't stand that he would keep this home. There are rumors that they or Kidman herself bought a condo in downtown Nashville to live in during one of her meet and greets with her husband. There are also rumors that they are buying land to build a farm on outside of Nashville. Whatever the case, I feel sad for Keith. If you look in the living room above the fireplace there is a large portrait of Keith from the Somebody Like You video shoot. Now we all know the significance of that shoot.

We also know that after that time is when Keith got to where he is. The house was a culmination of all his hard work and success. I doubt in the new house, wherever that will be, you will see a picture of Keith hanging above the mantle, but I just bet somewhere in that house Keith is hanging his head to cry. I think Kidman should be the one feeling bad.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A letter to Nicole Kidman Cruise Urban

Dear Nicole,

According to Keith, you are going to be on the road with him this November. How sweet. I am so glad that you want to share Keith's stage experience with his fans. I am sure Keith and the band and the crew are so very happy about this. I would like to point out a few things that you might not be aware of, just so you know.

First, your presence creates quite a lot of stir. People come to look at you. They don't really enjoy the show because they are looking for you. Nicole spotting, last done in the states in late 2005, ruined a number of shows for those of us who were there to enjoy Keith and his music.

Mrs. Kidman Cruise Urban, you may not be aware of it, but there are a number of people who are there to see your husband. They aren't there to see you. Does that shock you? I bet dear beautiful, beautiful princess it does, but many people are there to support your husband.

Second, many people on this leg of the tour are there to see the opening act. Yes, Gary Allan has his own fans and will be playing for the first hour. I realize that you have never heard of him, nor will you probably meet him at all on the tour, but Mr. Allan is well known in his own right and deserves to be respected and not subjugated to a mere mention in a review because Nicole was spotted with a snow-cone and her newly large lips turned blue, and she was oh so cute.

Third, what is the real point of coming on the road with Keith Urban? You don't like his music do you? Oh, that’s right he is your husband and you are there to support him. Yeah right. We are savvy enough to know that its time for the Keith and Nicole Love One Another Tour ‘07. Yes, every review, every article will be about seeing Nicole, hearing Keith sing to Nicole, where Nicole sat (generally around the sound board or in the right corner by the stage and she comes in around the third song) and what was she wearing.

I bet People will be there to share the love. But what isn't realized is that when the Missus is along there are lots of hassles. Keith becomes less accessible by spending time with his bride or because her security detail doesn't allow it. Security gets too tight and even opening acts are denied access to backstage areas because the beautiful, beautiful princess is getting her lips injected or whatever it is you do back there.

Finally, and most importantly, Keith does not give good shows when you are there. Just to remind you, I am paying to see him. Not you. Not your marriage, not a dedication. I am paying to see his show, to hear his music. I don't want to lose that connection because he can't get it up enough to do a good show. Look at the Australian shows, Keith really didn't have the interaction nor the joy he usually has at the shows you attended. The audience was treated to spewed crap from Keith about Aussie make-out places and verbiage about Frankie Valli and his music. It becomes all about the relationship and less about the music.

You are as boring as a couple as he is exciting as a performer. Your presence lessens the excitement of seeing Keith. Why is this happening now? Is it because many noticed how Keith was flying back and forth, but yet where the hell where you? Is it because there are rumors that some things are not so perfect with the most boring middle aged couple in the world? Is there going to be an appearance on Oprah? Well, whatever it is, who really cares? It’s not like you have a cute little Suri with you.

I was going to go to Chicago but hearing that you will be there, well, frankly I am not going to waste my money.

Keith, when she is gone I will be back. Until then all of your fans will have to make their choices about what to do with their money. I will spend what I was going to spend to see you and buy Kenny and Garth's new CD's. I don't want to waste my time and money on the world of Keith Urban's personal life and lies.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kidman Hits Vanity Fair Again... WHY OH WHY?

Just a note to begin: Urban Myths is written by many fine people of either gender. There is no main writer nor are they primarily male or female. Those that are choosing to judge this blog should take a moment and reflect on what they publicly post, as do we.

Where do we start with Vanity Fair? Let's go back to the October 2006 issue. Who was on the cover? C'mon you know it... Miss Suri Cruise making her national debut. And one year later we see Nicole Kidman busting out all over to yet again call attention to her private life. The “oh so private” Kidman opens up about the one true love of her life, Tom Cruise. I don't want to bore you, but I have to ask… how desperate is this woman to get her former husband’s attention? Apparently, he is the “be all, end all.”

We all have that Great Love in our lives. Nicole, he has moved on to a younger, prettier and more fertile woman. They have Suri, a cutie beyond compare. The new missus even likes the children you have ignored. Get over it. You aren't going to have his baby… but you did say you tried. Now we are hearing of an early miscarriage. No, not the famous miscarriage at the end of the marriage but a miscarriage at the start.

Why did we never hear of this before? I find it interesting, considering both Kidman and Mr. Cruise have had questions aplenty thrown around about their ability to have children. Why not mention it sometime in that 11 years you were married? Another revelation is that people told Kidman that she would have no career if she married Cruise. Well, Well, Well… Do they think we don't remember when Kidman and Cruise met? Do you recall? Wasn't it on a movie set for Days of Thunder and Tom Cruise was married at the time to Mimi Rogers, yet Kidman chose to have an affair with him? Yeah, a new actress…if I was your manager and you were having an affair with the number one box office star, I would say “be careful” -- right! Kidman also hit Ladies Home Journal again and splewed her verbiage about the great love of her life, saying she has no regrets about her time with Tom. I wouldn't either. In the end she got world wide fame, millions in the bank and several houses and a plane. She did okay…I would love Tom too. Actually I like Mr. Cruise a great deal and could never understand the Kidman phase.

Let’s continue on about Kidman. She was engaged before Keith Urban. Let’s see… that means that someone found her attractive and that Keith almost got away. Rumors are that it was Stephen Bing, a reliable mate for the future. Or Lenny Kravitz, a man who holds my utmost respect for dumping Kidman. So someone wanted her. Okay, if you say so, Nicole.

But what about Keith? Apparently when they met there weren't any fireworks. Really??? Is that why you chased him around G’Day LA trying to give him your number? Is that why you pursued him through his people when after six months he still hadn't called you? He was lonely? Ask the woman that he was dating when you had your first PR date? And now eight months later Keith says a baby in 2008 would be nice. More than a month after Keith said we're not trying? It's Keith who doesn't want to have a baby. Kidman shows in the photo with niece/prop baby that yeah, she wants a baby. She is shown now for the third time with that baby. Look at the photo of Kidman and the baby. The baby is hidden in her coat. Hidden in her coat -just like a year ago when Suri was hidden in Tom's coat. Yes, Nicole, Suri exists. It doesn't matter if you want to put your ta-tas out there and tell us how much your current husband wants to worship only you and not share you with an infant…Tom has moved on. I can only wish that the media would do the same and, most of all, I hope Keith does, too. It seems like the ground work is being laid for the blame game. That’s okay - we are still on to Kidman. Wasn't it this blog that predicted the focus would become Nicole Kidman “the woman”? It reads more like Nicole Kidman the fraud...