Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PR 101 on Nicole Kidman and Her Happy Marriage

We get what we wish for.

In a direct response to those of us who question the stability of the Kidman /Urban union after the photos on Friday and Sunday everything "appears" to be fine and dandy.

Nicole and Keith, in a suit he borrowed from Connor Cruise (who will be allowed to buy his own clothing soon), had dinner at that quiet, out of the way, Hollyweird restaurant, Mr. Chow’s. While we did not get access to the inside of the restaurant, we did get to see the happy couple strolling briskly to their chauffeur driven car. I guess Keith was confused about his place as he was going to get in the front of the car but seeing Nicole's distress at the short walk to the car Keith had to get in next to her.

Saturday there was a report that our happy couple was at a CAA party happily talking to Tom and Katie Cruise. Unfortunately there are no pictures. Why? Because it didn't happen. Kidman was at another gathering alone across town. The word “alone”. Look at that word, and I will come back to it later.

Finally, Oscar night! Nicole, splendid in her lovely red gown, walks the red carpet alone (see there is that word again). Well, she had her preggo-rumored “more than friend” Naomi with her. But she did not have her husband with her. “Miss when I get married, I will have my husband to walk down the red carpet with Kidman” stammered about his whereabouts. "He is, um, we decided, well he, um, decided we that we, um, he won't walk down the carpet because well it just leads to too much scrutiny and speculation.”

She was talking about “Keith I never met a red carpet I didn't like Urban”? I smell a lie if ever there was one. Apparently Keith was backstage twirling his pinkie ring and getting used to the lifts in his shoes. His big appearance was soon upon him. For all of 45 minutes, after Kidman presented, Keith and Nicole sat in the audience for all to see. The happy couple, she looking like a drag version of Clifford the Big Red Dog in Gay Stars on Ice, and Keith looking like a reject from Guys and Dolls, talked, applauded, and looked sincere. After Naomi presented, and during Tom Cruise’s introduction of Sherry Lansing, the happy couple escaped to the Vanity Fair party.

And what a party! Everyone was there. Oprah pestered Keith into giving an interview, touting it being his first since rehab. I guess Oprah sleeps in and misses the Today Show. And Nicole met her peers like Meryl Streep and Mary J Blige. Then the Kidman’s greeted their very good friends the Murdoch's. You know them; they own all the papers in Oz. And they posed for a number of lovely pictures. At one point Keith tried to whisper something into Nicole's ear and she had to bend down to hear him, he hit her head instead. But to a good PR person that was a very lovely kiss, and the People magazine money shot. Keith earned his dinner. The couple retreated to the couches where last year they gazed at one another. This year Kidman looked sedated and Keith stuffed In and Out burgers in his mouth.

Did they look like a couple in love to you? Yeah, I know, me neither.

Then why the display? Because we have not seen them together since 2/5/07. Nothing, nada. Keith looking happy and relaxed and alone. Kidman refusing to fly to NYC where Keith was, to do a UN event because of her cracked ribs. Kidman later said they weren't cracked at all. Also there were sightings of Keith back in Nashville. Keith happy. Keith returning to LA on Oscar week and going out every evening alone. Yep, alone. Alone. Alone. Hey, you probably did read about a concert where Keith was spotted actually using the bathroom for its real purpose but he was alone. No wife, just a blog entry saying she was there. Now if they were there it would have been noted and photographed. It's Oscar week - the paps are out like the cigarettes Britney chain smokes. The reality is this couple is spending more and more time alone until it is noticed and then they become happy campers.

I can only show you this. It’s up to you to believe and more importantly ask why.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kidman Wants a Farm and a Goat

NICOLE Kidman has revealed in an intimate interview on US TV her desire to be "barefoot and pregnant", and own a farm and a goat.

The Australian actress spoke guardedly about her marriage to Keith Urban, his struggles in rehab, her fear about death, her sexual repression and her hope to own a goat.

Kidman's appearance came on a new show produced by talk show queen Oprah Winfrey who pairs up famous best friends to interview each other.

Kidman was supposed to interview Russell Crowe, but ended up being interviewed by him, and in another segment Julia Roberts interviewed George Clooney.

With no question apparently off limits, including Urban's three-month stint in rehab, Crowe and Kidman peppered each other with personal questions.

"So, how is Keith doing?'' Crowe asked. "Keith is doing very well,'' Kidman replied.”We've been through a lot.''

When Crowe began to ask another question, Kidman stopped him. "Let me finish that because that will be seen as a superficial answer and I don't like to give those.''

Kidman continued to then give a very superficial answer, "We've dug really deep. Three months into our marriage we had to dig really deep and that's what we are doing and we are in the process of doing that.'' How about saying that you actually love him and really want to try to work things out. Why not say, Keith is the love of my life and we are so very happy and determined to have a successful marriage. How about just, “I love my husband deeply”?

Crowe also questioned Kidman about her plans to have a child. "Am I going to have a baby? I hope so,'' Kidman said.

Crowe then asked whether Kidman would have the child naturally, or adopt. "Are you going to carry a baby?'' Crowe asked. Kidman, 39, looked extremely uncomfortable, but replied: "Yes, I would hope so.'' "

Well, I just want to see you walk around barefoot and pregnant,'' Crowe said."I'd like to see that too,'' Kidman smiled. What about the two kids you adopted, Nicole? How often do you see them? Are you a good mother to them?

Crowe also asked Kidman if she liked to love or be loved? "I suppose that's been my big struggle because I love to love and I think the most difficult thing is allowing yourself to be loved,'' Kidman answered. "So, receiving the love and feeling like you deserve it is a pretty big struggle and I suppose that's what I've learned just recently is to allow myself to be loved.'' Did your father give you that line, Nicole?

Kidman also delved into Crowe's life, asking him if he was ticklish. "Extremely ticklish,'' Crowe said.

Kidman then said: "You know what they say about people who are ticklish?''

"They laugh a lot?'' Crowe said.

Kidman replied: "No, because I'm very ticklish too. Sexually repressed. Let's move off that.'' Well then why did you bring it up if you didn’t want to talk about it, Nicole? How do you think that makes your new husband feel?

Kidman also told how a near fatal accident in a helicopter flying back from Mexico had changed her outlook on life.

"It was in that moment when we were all going 'This could be the moment when we die' and I always thought the moments before I died I'd be terrified, but I went into this state of calmness,'' Kidman said. "That's when I realized my conscience was clear and that I had managed to purge myself of all the things that had weighed so heavy on me and that's when I realized I wasn't so afraid of death.'' Is your conscience clear about what you have done to your husband in the short time you have known him? Is your conscience clear that you are making your husband put his career on hold so that he fetch you water and ice cream on your movie set when he should be touring and making music, because that is what makes him happy? Is your conscience clear about marrying another man when you are still in love with your first husband and even admitted that a few months ago?

The actress also revealed how she was planning to buy a farm with Urban in Nashville. "We are going to get a farm and I really want a goat,'' Kidman said. Who are you kidding? Do you think people actually believe that? You haven’t even set foot in Nashville in months.

"A goat?'' a surprised Crowe said.

"I just kind of have this thing where I'd like to have a goat,'' Kidman continued, adding that she would use it to make cheese.

"I guarantee you; you'll need more than one goat,'' Crowe laughed.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nicole's Kids... Or Are They?

Seems like they are Tom & Katie’s now, and have been for over a year.

Some have called it unfair to judge Kidman’s involvement, or lack thereof, simply by the amount of pictures out there. They will tell you that just because you see very few pictures of the children with their mother, does not mean that they spend very little time together. Nicole is just being protective, trying her best to shield her children from the insensitivities of the paparazzi’s prying lenses.

Reasonable enough. I recall the picture taken a couple of years ago of Gwyneth practically forced into a wall carrying her newborn baby, Apple, while paps surrounded her, trying desperately to get a pic of the cute little kid. So, it appears that if the paps like anything more than a shot of a celebrity, it is a shot of the sacred children.

In the case of Nicole Kidman, however, some have claimed that pictures are evidence of a mother who appears, on the surface, to be lacking in her involvement with the upbringing of her children.

Kidman’s motherhood has been called into question since the days when she was still married to Cruise. In fact, some Hollywood insiders will tell you that Nicole’s incapability to put anything or anyone - including her children - before her beloved career was partly to blame for the decline of the marriage (among other things).

The problem with Kidman in regard to her children however, is that she talks the talk well enough, but never walks the walk. There are countless interviews where she goes on and on about mothers and their children, she says how much she misses them, wants to spend more time them, etc. So why doesn’t she?

This is a woman who has more money than she will ever be able to spend and a private jet at her disposal, so why not take a nice little break and have her kids for a few weeks in the summer, or on school vacations, holidays, etc? Why does she keep signing on to do film after film after film?

This is a woman who has “homes’ all over the world - except one in LA - where her kids reside full-time.

In an interview for Ladies Home Journal, she told a journalist that she wishes she could spend more time with her kids but she’s just so busy. And she was busy. She had just spent the latter half of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 touring with Urban; attending to towel racks, laundry, lunches, and recording sessions at Urban’s Nashville home; making appearances at a James Taylor tribute, the Grammys and the Oscars. She spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’, February vacation, April vacation, and Mother’s Day with Urban as well. Yes, she was a very busy girl alright. One has to wonder how it is she even managed to fit in a single botox appointment or yoga class with all of that going on.

To those that will say that just because we do not see pics of Kidman with her kids, does not mean she isn’t with them, I will grant you this: it is possible that she does see them more than we see her seeing them.

But she does not see them as often as she claims or as often as her fans will have you believe. And while pics do not necessarily offer all of the proof, they do offer much of it. To think that Kidman keeps her kids locked away in a house or a hotel room for hours on end, never taking them places or doing things with them is ridiculous. While she is out and about are her kids at “home”? And if so, who are they with and why aren’t they with her? After such long absences away from each other - to be expected apparently given her career and the custody arrangement - one would think she would want to spend as much time as possible and possibly take them along on her errands or outings.

The thing is, there used to be pics of Kidman spending time with her children. At concerts, sporting events, on-set visits. In fact, in the summer of 2005, while filming in New York, Connor and Isabella spent several weeks with their mother. They spent Christmas with her and Stephen Bing a year or two before that as well. And there are pics to prove it to much for the protection theory. Because it is so rare, any pap anywhere will snap a shot. And they have. So my guess is, if Kidman spent as much time with her kids as she claims, we may not have a pic for every occasion, but surely we would have a lot more. I have seen more pics of Kidman with other people’s children in the last year or so than of her with her own.

In fact, I have seen more pics of Kidman doing just about everything else.

Why, those nasty paps even followed her to her private honeymoon destination...and not only did they snap her de-boarding the plane, they also got pics of her at her private bungalow!

And then there was the visit with her husband in rehab. At the very reputable, very private, very celeb-catered Betty Ford Center. Try as I might, I cannot find one single photograph of any other celeb on the grounds of this facility (or any other) but those kamikaze paps were able to swoop onto the grounds, undetected, and get clear, crisp, eye level shots of the troubled couple trying to have some private time on the center’s lake. Bastards!

Yep, every yoga class this woman has ever been to and no matter where she was, we got pics. So how is it that they only get one or two shots a year of the mother mothering her children?

Scientology you say? Distancing her from her children because she is no longer a part of the cult? Then how do you explain the many moments that were documented in years past since the divorce? Surely, if you were going to distance the children from their mother, you would start weaning them off after the divorce no?

And yet, it has only been in the last year or so that the reports and pics of Kidman with her children have dwindled down to almost none.

So, riddle me this:

How is it that every move she makes is documented in the tabs...walking the streets on Urban’s tour stops; shopping in Nashville; taking strolls in parks; buying coffee at Starbucks; buying Swiffers at Target; going to the gym on a holiday when it was closed (how on earth did they know?); playing pool in a roped-off section of a pool hall; going to or coming from a yoga or pilates class in NY, LA, Nashville; singing at soundboards; going to the movies; attending dinner parties; having breakfast...but no shots of her with her kids?

It would seem she can’t do a single thing without being hounded and harassed by the media, poor thing. Except spend time with her kids.

Boy, those paps must have grown a conscience. They must have decided to forego “the shot” and be respectful when it comes to celebs trying to have a little quality time with their kids.

Someone should tell that to Courtney, Gwyneth, Julia, Madonna, Kate, Katie, and Angelina.

I bet they’d love to hear it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Skeptics vs. True Fans

There was a time when Keith Urban and his music brought people together. Many a friendship was solidified at Monkeyville gatherings, concerts, meet and greets.

And then something happened.

What was once a big, happy family erupted into a civil war of sorts among Keith Urban’s fans. Over the past year and half, there have been two very distinct groups of Keith Urban fans...we’ll call them “true fans” and “skeptics”.

How did this happen?

Many will have you believe it was caused by an actress named Nicole Kidman.

And while I cannot deny that the correlation between him hooking up with her and the changes in him (seen by the “skeptics”) may have been the catalyst for this split, I believe it is more than that.

I believe it has become an eye opener and speaks volumes about the kind of fans some are and some are not, and it is this awareness of the difference in these two groups of fans that is the real cause for this split.

There is a vast distinction between the “true fans” and the “skeptics”.

Again, some would say the difference is that the “true fans” support the relationship with Kidman while the “skeptics” do not.

Not the case, in my opinion.

I believe when Keith’s private life became public knowledge and tabloid fodder, much came to light about who Keith Urban really is. Some were able to accept that, some were not.

‘The “skeptics” are jealous’ claim the “true fans”. It’s as simple as that. They cannot accept the fact the Keith has found true love because they wanted him all to themselves. Really? So how do you explain the fact that the “skeptics” were not vocal about his relationships with Laura or Niki? Where were the “skeptics” then? Why were there no cries of “he’s not the same, she’s changing him, he looks miserable”, etc? Why now? Why only with Nicole?

This is evidenced on the many message boards that many of these fans frequent. The split was so drastic, that many of the “skeptics” had to go off and create their own message boards. Message boards to which the links cannot be found anywhere - google as ferociously as you wish, you won’t find them. These boards are heavily guarded at the gates to protect against infiltrations of the “true fans”.

So, what is the distinction? What makes one a “true fan” versus a “skeptic”?

In all my time as a Keith Urban fan and poster on many message boards, I have found there is one major difference. In my opinion, it is the difference between a fan and a fanatic.

I am probably going to offend the “true fans” here but this is the way I see it.

The “true fans” can be found on Monkeyville, KeithUrbanFans, KeithUrbanForums, and CMT, to name a few.

Go to these boards and read some threads.

These are the people who love everything Keith does (I dare say if Keith were to put out a heavy metal album, they would rave about it); thinks he always looks great; buy 4-5 copies of every one of his CD’s; spend their days sitting by their phones requesting his songs be played on their local radio stations over & over & over again; will vote repeatedly (when allowed) on any poll about him or his music; create projects such as scrapbooks, etc.; and want to know what kind of a cookie he would be if he were one.

You cannot post anything that even implies the smallest bit of negativity without inciting angry posts back at you. If you don’t believe me, go to one of these boards and post on a thread about how you hate his hair or that his latest single is not “all that” and see what kinds of responses you get. Go ahead, I dare you.

The “skeptics” do not think everything Keith does is wonderful. They may vote on polls (once); they may gush over a pic or two; they may buy one copy of a CD; travel to see him more than once a year...but they seem to be a bit more discriminatory when it comes to the music and the artist.

Keith can do no wrong in a “true fan’s” eyes. He can, however, screw up in the eyes of a “skeptic”.

When the Keith & Nicole fairytale was sold to the public, the “true fans’ gushed over the love the The Aussie Power Couple (trademarked by the way in July of 2005) had found. The “skeptics” however, saw it differently. I will not re-hash it all here but suffice it to say that in the eyes of the “skeptics”, Keith was far from a happy, head-over-heels in love guy in mid-2006. Actions and pics from that time told a much different story. They posted about it over and over again. How miserable he started looking, how his behavior had changed, how he looked like he was drunk or high at events. “Not himself” claimed the “skeptics”. “Not true!” screamed the “true fans” right back at them. He’s fine, nothing is wrong.

And then he ended up in rehab. Less than 4 months after his wedding of the century. A man who, up until that point, claimed he was the happiest he had ever been, had finally found that balance he had been trying to find, and was more content and at peace than ever before in his life.

And then there is the now infamous Amanda Wyatt story. A prime example of the distinction between these two groups.

I was on a message board, reading posts about this story and what struck me was the absolute denial that Keith could have possibly done this. I have yet to meet a single fan who would dispute Keith’s difficulties with fidelity in regard to his prior long-term relationships...but try to suggest he would do that to the goddess who is Nicole way!

The “skeptics” who had been privy to the tales of Keith’s womanizing ways, were not a bit surprised. In fact, they warned that when he hooked up with the Hollywood actress, his skeletons would no longer be protected in Nashville. The “true fans” however, would not stand for it. Surely, this must be a lie, surely this is fabricated by the tabs. They demanded denials from Camp Urban, denials that never came...not even a single retraction printed. And if Amanda Wyatt was lying, then why not sue her? Why not shut her up, make her go away? This kind of story is the worst because it is what we call defamation of character. And when a denial finally came it was a non-denial of sorts. A tiny blurb about it being “fictitious”. And yet, still no retraction or legal action taken against his accuser. And when Keith himself finally spoke of it, instead of hearing “no, it is not true”, we got an “only me and God knows what is in my heart”. doubt.

One poster (“true fan”) went on a diatribe about Amanda. “Amanda was using Keith, Amanda did drugs with Keith, Amanda didn’t really love Keith, Amanda, Amanda, Amanda!”

But what about Keith? Was it all Amanda’s doing? Did Keith not use her, did Keith not sleep with her? Did Keith not do drugs with her? Did Keith really love her?

Keith is a 39 year old adult. Keith knew what he was doing. These were Keith’s choices. Bad choices, yes, but HIS choices nonetheless. So, shouldn’t Keith be to blame here as well? Why is it all Amanda’s fault?

Which brings me to the tattoos: It was pretty obvious Amanda was telling the truth, the only way to discredit her was to try to make her look bad. Hence, the articles concerning her “partying, bar-brawling ways” with court dates to boot. And then, the “evidence” that the pics supplied were old. And so, a tabloid printed a story about Keith’s tattoos being evidence of a time frame. This story claimed Keith changed the tattoo on his wrist shortly after he began dating Nicole and because the old tat was in the pics supplied by Amanda, then, obviously, she could not have possibly been with him while he was with Nicole. And the “true fans” ate it up. “See, she’s a liar” they claimed.

We all now know, there are pics out there confirming the new tattoo was in fact, NOT changed shortly after he began dating Nicole (late 2005) - the pics of the old tattoo can be found up through March of 2006. The new tattoo was discovered in April of 2006.

How could the “true fans” not know this? These are the same fans who watch Keith’s every move like hawks scouting for prey in the desert. These are the fans who posted numerous threads all over Keith boards with the title “Keith’s new tattoo” in April of 2006. But all of a sudden, they seemed to have a lapse in memory as to when this new tattoo showed up on his wrist. Why?

Because these “true fans” fell in love with an image of a man that was not at all realistic. An image that they are desperate to cling to. An image that they must protect at all costs.

Because these “true fans” have become the type of fans that worship their artist like a God. And this worship is blind. To admit Keith is a man who would sell his soul for fame & fortune (many have done it - do NOT underestimate the desire to attain this or keep it); to admit he is a man who would cheat on a girlfriend, fiancĂ©, or wife; to admit he is man who would continue to live a life that has made him so unhappy, he drank himself into rehab. Well, that would mean you would have to admit that he is not perfect; he is not the barefoot poet singer-songwriter; he is not the Keith Urban you bought into long ago. You have been duped.

It would also mean you would have to admit that the “skeptics” were right all along. The “skeptics” who, by the way, not only predicted the very things which have come to pass, but in the exact order they have come to pass.

Argue all you want. The “skeptics” saw it all along. The unhappiness, the weight gain, the lackluster performances, the cheating, the drinking. All of it. While the “true fans” claimed it was all bullsh*t, their barefoot poet was becoming less and less the man, the artist, the performer that they had come to love.

How does that happen? How can some people see something so clearly while others seem to ignore what is right in front of them?

Because some people have an infatuation that is beyond comprehension.

For some, it really is all about the music. Keith is talented, he is gifted, he is a true musician. And yes, he is adorable and attractive. His smile could light up a room; those twinkles in his eyes could put you in a state of hypnosis; the hugs could set you on fire; and that accent...well, ‘nough said.

But some have a startling inability to see past the infatuation and others do not.

And this, my friends, in my opinion, is the distinction between the “true fans” vs. the “skeptics”.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Open Letter to Keith Urban Management/Fan Club

Letter to Fan Club and Urban Management re: Fan Club Pre-Sale:

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the procedure which is being offered to the Monkeyville Fan Club members via the Monkeyville Fan Club pre-sale. These problems are addressed as follows:

1. Most of the tickets being offered through the Fan Club pre-sale have been the least desirable seats in the venue. While some Fan Club members have pulled up floor seats, most of these seats have been in the back of the floor sections where depending on the venue set up, it is impossible to get a good view of the stage.

2. It has been the experience of fan club members that Ticketmaster’s system is not capable of handling a Monkeyville Fan Club internet pre-sale without having system failures and lockouts during the Fan Club pre-sale period. This results in Fan Club members being unsure as to whether they have indeed purchased tickets or Fan Club members pulling up seats with no seat numbers, thus making it impossible for Fan Club members to purchase their tickets. Some Fan Club members have been unable to split their 4 seats per pre-sale into 4 singles or 2 pairs of seats. Fan club members do this because sometimes later in a pre-sale they can pull up better seats due to less volume on the ticketmaster website.

3. Another problem during the Monkeyville Fan Club pre-sale which could be attributed to either Ticketmaster or the Venue is that the seating chart for the concert has been changed after the Fan Club pre-sale has concluded. This makes some of the seats purchased by Fan Club Members during the pre-sale less desirable. This problem can possibly be attributed to Ticketmaster doing the Fan Club pre-sale for a Venue that does not sell it's tickets through Ticketmaster, thus creating issues with seating charts and the tickets released by the venue for the Fan Club pre-sale through Ticketmaster.

4. To make matters worse on Mondays at almost the same time that the exclusive Fan Club pre-sale is occurring, ticket brokers are listing floor seats for sale at prices which are hundreds of dollars more then the face value of the ticket.

5. There is also the issue of the Tickets being offered during the Ticketmaster auctions. These tickets are the prime seats in the first seven rows on the floor, seats that many Fan Clubs such as Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley reserve for Fan Club members. This in conjunction with the selection of seats being offered to Fan Club members during the pre-sale makes it seem that Fan Club membership brings no actual benefit.

6. Then there is the problem of announcing all the concert dates in a certain geographic area and having the dates for these pre-sales occur on the same day. This is causing problems for Fan Club members who wish to plan what is known within the Fan Club as a Keith Urban Roadtrip, where Fan Club members attend several shows in a geographical area. During the last tour the Fan Club pre-sales were staggered which allowed for the purchase of tickets for several concerts without the pre-sales overlapping, this was conducive to the Fan Club members budgeting for the purchase of the tickets and then having the money to pay for travel during the road trip. These road trips taken with friends, family and fellow fan club members result in the sale of multiple concert tickets and sold out venues.

These problems can easily be rectified with very little effort. The best solution to this problem would be to assure that the fan club seats are the best seats in the venue, just as other artist do for their fan clubs. This would mean that the Fan Club seats would be on the floor within the first 10 rows near the center. If the seats are distributed first come first served, there would at least appear to be a degree of fairness in the distribution of the Fan Club tickets. A lot of good will could be generated if fan club members reported that they obtained really desirable seats through the Fan Club pre-sale.

If the Fan Club is worried that members are purchasing Fan Club pre-sale tickets for purpose of resale for a profit, this can be solved by simply making all Fan Club pre-sale tickets only available by picking the tickets up at will call on the day of the show. This is the procedure followed by Rascal Flatts Fan Club.

We know that issues with Ticketmaster’s system are outside the control of the Fan Club, for this reason I request that the Fan Club switch to a system whereby the Fan Club sells Fan Club pre-sale tickets directly to the Fan Club members. This is a procedure used by Rascal Flatts and other artists Fan Clubs. Should the Fan Club not sell all the Fan Club tickets, generally the Fan Club then releases the unsold tickets back to the venue for sale to the general public within a reasonable time period prior to the concert.

I hope you consider some or all of these solutions, if you implement them you will find you have a happier fan club membership who will sing the praises of the fan club and bring other fans to the membership rolls. Should there not be improvement I will be spending my Fan Club money elsewhere.

Thank you for your kind consideration of this issue.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kidman/Urban PR Game Part 1

I must admit that when this relationship first began, I believed in it. I knew it was a mistake (being an actress myself in "Hollyweid") and knowing facts about the real Ms. Kidman, but I hoped it wouldn't last.

Keith does not have the capability to live that kind of a lifestyle and I knew what it would do to him.

I also knew Kidman was more wrong than right for him.

As time went on, I began to see more & more what the "skeptics" were seeing. And it continued.

In retrospect, no matter how much positive PR was put out there, their actions spoke much louder than words...volumes in fact.

My observations:

They met in January '05, Nicole gave Keith her contact information, he never called her.

From January to September, he was seen with the infamous brunette on a few occassions.

Their first "date" was in July '05 and yet, they were engaged by October...3 months? For someone who was in two long-term relationships, doesn't this seem a bit odd? And for someone else who was devastated by the break-up of a 10 year union, to agree to marry someone in such a short time makes no sense.

Keith met Nicole's children for the first time in December, once, at a dinner for Isabella's birthday. As far as I can tell, the next meeting with them was in the spring, and then not again til the wedding. I cannot say for sure, but it certainly seems that no time was spent with these kids since Nicole herself hadn't spent any time with them in between these time frames. We all know she spent every holiday with Keith from Nov - April.

Why would you agree to marry someone who has yet to establish a relationship with your kids?

Why would you agree to marry someone who has yet to allow you to establish a relationship with their kids?

In all of her free time, Nicole toured with Keith, showed up in Nashville with Keith, all the while, telling everyone how private she wanted it to be.

Keith, who never showed up anywhere with anyone in public in order to keep his private life private, all of a sudden starts showing up at industry events with Nicole.

Almost every single PR stunt with Keith & Nicole corresponds with big Tom & Katie news.

Immediately following a slip in an interview where she states she still loves Tom, she announces her engagement to Keith - 6 months after the fact.

At the same time People Magazine prints this and the media jumps all over it, Keith abruptly leaves the recording studio, and does not return for several days and starts pulling a diva attitude at events such as the ACM Ride when asked about it.

We all know word was out that Tom & Katie planned to marry in July originally.

Two people who insisted they would not discuss their relationship b/c they were private people, all of a sudden, announce their plan to wed a full week before the event. They allow everyone involved to talk to the media about it, agree to sell pics to the tabs, send beer out to the paps, and make sure they are seen tooling around town before their big day. They wouldn't announce their coupledom or their engagement but they announce their wedding?

Paps just happen to be waiting at the airport on their very private honeymoon destination and also, get pics of them hanging out at their very private bungaloo.

The first set of pics to be published of the happy couple look far from happy. In fact, they look like they have been together for 48 years instead of 48 hours.

Days later, we get new pics of the happy couple actually looking happy.

The honeymoon lasts a whopping 4 days total. With all of the money these two have and control over their careers, wouldn't you think they would take a nice long break?

As soon as they arrive back in Nashville, we get pics abound...going to Target, going to the gym (on a holiday when the gym is closed and when he has his own private gym in his house), at a July 4th celebration (pulling the diva attitude with the photographer and roping himself off from the rest of the establishment), etc.

In pretty much every pic of them since, they are walking 10 feet apart, one behind the other.

In every pic of them EVER, they only look like a couple when they know there is a camera on them...ever see the pics of them together when they don't realize someone is watching? They look like they would rather be anywhere but with each other.

And these observations only span up until the summer of 2006.

There are many more to be made since that time.

I believe Kidman did not count on her husband falling apart so soon. I believe she has had enough with him but the timing for a divorce is not right yet.

This marriage is already over and it is only a matter of time before she ends it.

And she will be the one to end it.

The post-rehab Keith is no better off than the pre-rehab Keith...I find this very telling...he should have been in a better place after marrying the woman he loves and he wasn't. If the substance abuse was an excuse then, by all accounts, he should be in a better place now...and yet, he still isn't quite himself yet.

This is obvious in recent interviews and performances.

Keith will not be the Keith we knew until this marriage is over and he can call his life & his career his own. Until he regains back his own identity, Keith URBAN, not Keith KIDMAN, and when he can be free of the inner conflict (the real problem) of being forced to live a life that is contrary to his nature, then the "old Keith" will re-emerge.

It is this inner conflict that has been wearing him down and manifesting physically.

That is what we have been seeing gradually getting worse over the past 18 months.

When Keith URBAN comes back, I'll be waiting.

There is a sad misconception that the "skeptics" are not "true fans"...we are...we are just not blind worshippers who cannot see beyond the infatuation some have had for Keith.

We do not own rose colored glasses that shield us from the startling comparison between the Keith in 2004/early 2005 and the Keith in late 2005-2007.

Look at the clips of performances, look at the pictures, look at his EYES. Compare.

If you do not see the difference, if you do not see the drastic changes, then you are not being honest.

Here's the difference between the "skeptics" and the so-called "true fans"...

The "true fans" are the ones who see what they want to see.

The "skeptics" see what is THERE.

Urban/Kidman PR continued...

The pics don’t get any better - but they do get fewer and fewer and farther between.

Each of them spends time with their parents...separately.

Keith starts lying in interviews, specifically in regard to OIAL - it’s not about her, it’s about her, it’s about couples, it’s about was written in 05, it was written after the Oscars...

Keith continues to look miserable, starts gaining a lot of weight, dead eyes, temperament changes, becomes abrupt during interviews, no sense of humor.

The couple is hardly seen together despite the fact that they are now newlyweds. In fact, Nicole is hardly ever seen in her “home” in Nashville.

She begins jetting off to London, etc. for more film work, which she claimed, she would take a break from if she ever found true love again and got married.

Keith’s shows become less and less interactive. The interaction with the band is awkward, interaction with fans is almost non-existent...except for a few occasions when he decides to be flirty...remember the pics of the girl he practically fondled? Of course, when he does interact with fans, the missus is no where to be found.

Keith does his Atlanta show. Saturday night proves to be one of the worst shows he has ever done. He is heard screaming and yelling during a rehearsal/sound check, takes the stage very late with no explanation or apology given. He looks fat, sweaty, dead, no emotion when performing, like he cannot wait to get off the stage. Sunday night is a better show but no one knows who this guy is and where the real Keith went. Later, he claims nerves as an excuse...nerves? Hasn’t he been performing for over 20 years?

He does two specials for CMT. The Keith doing the interviews looks like a Keith that would rather be anywhere else. Depression has obviously been running rampant. Something is definitely wrong.

Still no mum & dad.

Nicole continues to be anywhere but where Keith is.

Reports of Keith seen drinking in various bars both alone & with others (Beck) start surfacing on skeptics’ boards and the like but curiously, never make the tabs...until after the fact.

A 23-year-old "model" talks to the tabs. Claims she ran into him in October and that they had a relationship throughout 04-05, which continued up until he got married. She has pics and details of an intimate nature.

No denial from Keith, Nicole, or Camp Urban.

Keith checks into rehab...less than three months after the wedding.

The first week Keith is in rehab, Nicole is in LA - going to movies, yoga classes, having drinking parties with Naomi, her family flies in to comfort her.

The tabs get pics of Keith and Nicole on the grounds of BFC...unprecedented. The Keith in these pics looks pathetic. The Nicole in these pics looks barely tolerant of the husband she claims to be standing by.

Nicole visits Keith a whopping three times during his stay. Attends one support group meeting.

During this time, Tom & Katie get married. This becomes the REAL wedding of 2006.

Still no mum & dad.

Christmas comes and rumors of Keith getting out run rampant...the day after Christmas, Keith jets of to Oz, upon his arrival, yelling is heard from inside the Sydney home. The first thing the couple does is attend a movie screening for a photo op...not spending quality time together away from the spotlight.

Mum & Dad finally make an appearance but it is a very brief one. When asked by a reporter if they are happy that Keith and Nicole are “back together” there is an eerie silence.

Word comes out later that Keith spent his Oz stay at the hotel where mum & dad were - NK spent it in the Sydney home.

Days later, the couple stages another photo op at a carnival. NK seems oblivious to paps taking their pics but later, when driving home, makes a point to pull over and scream profanities at paps following them.

Since his release from rehab, the two have been together exactly twice. And still no one steps foot in the “home” in Nashville.

And again, no visits with her kids.

Keith is finally able to promote his album and start performing but the Keith on stage is still not the Keith people came to know and love. No one knows where the real Keith is.

Keith still looks fat, miserable...eyes are still dead. Performances are still not up to par and interviews are guarded.

Again, no mum & dad.

And, no Nicole in Germany, Canada, NYC...

Not even a photo op for V-Day?

After being in rehab for three months...wouldn’t you make a point to spend as much quality time with your husband as possible?

And that brings us to the Today show...the slip about it being “home” that drove him into rehab. Which he attempts to cover by abruptly changing the subject.

He can tattoo her name on his body and say how extraordinary she is all he wants.

As much as I vacillate about what is going on with these two, I have to say, actions truly do speak louder than words.

I think Keith is being stubborn and refuses to throw in the towel and NK knows it.

That quote about "once the ring is on, I'm gonna stay"...that is not how people in love describe their dedication to their spouse. He sounds obligated, not in love.

I also believe NK is through with him...I think the "model" thing and rehab was not what she was counting on at all...but the timing is wrong...she can't dump him yet.

Keith should have been the happiest he has ever been after that wedding. No way does a happy person drink themselves into rehab.

And, even so, now that he is out, things should seem to be getting better. He doesn't look any better to me. He looks as miserable as he was before rehab. And, instead of drunk or high, he now seems medicated.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Skeptic's View of Mr. Urban/Ms. Kidman

Bunnies we are here get used to us...

I am a skeptic. But what does that mean? That means I don't believe everything written about Keith Urban is true. I believe that the media manipulates situations. I believe that both Camp Urban and Camp Kidman spread false rumors or lack the desire to deny a false story. Why? Because they want to sell you something. What? Keith Urban the commodity, Nicole Kidman the star, and their fairytale love.

On an Australian message board in November 2005 this situation was called a sideshow. Yep, like the circus or a traveling band of freaks this "relationship" has taken over Keith Urban's very successful music career. Those of us who saw this were labeled skeptics. Being a skeptic is not easy. I want to believe Keith Urban is happy. I want to believe he found a woman he can share his world with but overall the reality just isn't true. Skeptics hear about parties, wild times, other women. Some skeptics know Keith personally or know Nashville/music business/Hollywierd. But skeptics were never sold on Kidman. Let’s face the harsh reality, Nicole Kidman for almost 10 years was Mrs. Tom Cruise. Talk about the University of Life learning. She learned how to manipulate the media. She learned the value of PR. She learned that reality can be totally different from what one reads about. She was hardened and seasoned to be a manipulator. It is my contention and many other skeptics that she manipulated Keith.

Unfortunately, we skeptics had our doubts confirmed when Keith entered rehab on October 19, 2006. Too much for him? I believe it was. I believe that he is becoming his own person again. We have seen in the last week while very careful not to reveal too much, there is a message that Keith is in charge again. That doesn't mean that skeptics are leaving the arena any time soon. When Kidman is gone, I for one will look at the message a bit less darkly. Until then all you bunnies and fairytale believers, we will remind you…

You can look at a glass as half full or half empty but always remember to look at who is holding that glass.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kidman: Lonely Valentine

Paraphrased from Page Six…. February 16, 2007 -- POOR Nicole Kidman (yet again the victim of all victims) didn't have her husband's company on Valentine's Day. Keith Urban was in Toronto doing a morning TV show, then interviews all day promoting his new album, and then an industry/media showcase. Keith spent three months in rehab figuring out that he doesn't need the stupid bitch to further his music career. He has come out of rehab with a whole new outlook on life that is focused on his music. He will give "the wife" some token gifts around the holidays just to keep her from nagging him, while he GETS ON WITH HIS LIFE. Canadian columnist Shinan Govani tells Page Six that Urban, who was wearing his wedding ring, was "kinda rockin' - he definitely had a Jon Bon Jovi thing onstage." And when an overzealous female fan started acting up, Urban one-lined, "You started drinking way too early this morning, didn't you?”

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Commentary on Keith Urban's Fan Club

Commentary On All the Fan Club Unity Projects

I was thinking about this whole unity sign and clapping thing that the "true fans" wanted to do in Chicago and will probably try to get going at other venues. I think these “true fans” need to analyze their motives. First, any type of mass use of signs and clapping through an artists songs is rude to the artist and also rude to your fellow concert attendees. Any demonstration of this magnitude is not about you making Keith feel special, but it's about you getting noticed/recognized for organizing something. Don't you know that the best way to make Keith or any performer feel loved and appreciated by his fans is to simply sing one of his songs back to him. Have any of you “true fans” not noticed the beautiful, rapturous look on Keith’s face when the entire crowd sings BFTGOG back to him, it makes him feel special, like someone is listening to his music, that he's truly appreciated. I am not saying sing back loudly every song during the concert, but to just go with it, sing to him, make him feel loved by the crowd. Not doing it for recognition, but doing it just because that's where the music takes you that night. Some of you have gotten so caught up in planning the road trips, that you’ve forgotten what Keith tried to teach us which is to live the moment, to “Be Here” at the concert and just experience everything about you, the music, the crowd, everything that makes the moment special. When we are there living the music, Keith is there enjoying performing. All Keith want’s you to do is bring yourself and enjoy the music, if you can remember to do that, then the moment in time that is that concert will take care of itself.

Keith needs this right now, especially if what we suspect is true and something or someone has eroded his confidence and he's nervous about how he is going to be accepted back after having to spend time in Rehab.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who Wouldn't Want To Be With Keith Urban?

Apparently his wife. Rumors are running rampant that the "wife" has been getting some on the side. Last year before the wedding there were stories about her and a trainer. There was her own admission that she still loves her former husband. And then more rumors of a less than sisterly relationship with a fellow thespian. This weekend on an entertainment blog there was a post that an "A" list actress whose husband has been away has been carrying on with a trainer. The word fling has been used. What’s the problem? The husband doesn't fill those special needs? He isn't interested in a three hour tour? He cut his hand on a bony ass the last time he stroked her? Or does he like to be in control? And we all know that any show of independence and strength must be squashed. Look at recent pictures of Urban. This is a man who looks like he needs a hug and probably more than a photo op. Anybody up to give him a blow job? Goodness knows he doesn't seem to be getting them at home.

An Encounter with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at Starbucks

UM News Wire – The following is a true eyewitness account of a man’s encounter with Keith Urban and his pale wife in Nashville. The eyewitness shall remain anonymous.

“I met him once at Starbucks, back in October, a couple weeks before he went into rehab.”

“I was at the Starbucks in Green Hills with a buddy getting our morning coffee. My buddy says, ‘Dude, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are here.’ I asked him how he knew. He says ‘A black Bentley just pulled up in the parking lot. How many f*cking Bentleys are there in Nashville?’”

The couple got out of the car and stood behind them in line. “Kidman was dressed in all black. Black cap, black t-shirt, black jacket, black capri spandex pants, black tennis shoes. She looked like the night of the living dead.”

“I began to make small talk with Keith; I told him I enjoyed his music. Keith began talking to me, said I was very nice. Next thing you know, I felt hands firmly grasping my shoulders and was being physically turned around. It was Kidman! She then announced, ‘We are NOT signing autographs this morning!’

I was absolutely SHOCKED by the way she treated me. I would have said something to her, but was too stunned by what she had done. I then heard Kidman say something along the lines of ‘Don't encourage them to speak to us.’

My friend and I got our coffee and sat down at a table. Kidman got her coffee to go and immediately went to the car. Not soon after that Keith came over to the table, apologized for "her" behavior and said, ‘Please enjoy your coffee.’ He left $20.00 on the table.”

Kidman Turns Down A NYC Weekend With Urban

Keith Urban was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 10th, but there was no sign of his gaunt wife, actress Nicole Kidman.

The 2005 CMA Entertainer of the Year performed his current hit Stupid Boy, and his Grammy-nominated single Once In A Lifetime.

The actress, who won an Oscar in 2003, was expected to be there. SNL host and 2007 Oscar nominee Forest Whitaker said he was looking forward to meeting her. Her absence at both the rehearsal and live taping of the show last Saturday could not be explained.

The actress apparently took in a showing of Peter O'Toole's Venus with an unidentified, nondescript male companion in Santa Monica on February 9th. Could her frequent work-outs with a personal trainer also have interfered with her plans to join her husband in NYC for the weekend?

Earlier last week, Urban performed at a benefit for St Jude's Children's Hospital in Chicago. The February 8th concert featured a very relaxed and happy Urban. One of the highlights of the evening was when Urban forgot the words to his hit Making Memories of Us which he was widely reported to have sung to his bride at their June 2006 wedding.

Since sightings at Sushi Roku and the Polo Club Cafe in LA late last month, the couple has not been seen together in public.

One wonders if the newlyweds will be able to coordinate their busy schedules to spend their first Valentine's Day as husband and wife together. Urban has several promotional appearances for his latest multi-platinum selling CD Love Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing planned for the rest of the week.

Urban will be kicking off a visit to Toronto on Wednesday, February 14th with a live 4-song performance on Canada AM, Canada's #1 TV show. Later in the day, the singer will be heading to a "secret" show in downtown Toronto for another performance which includes a meet and greet for members of his Monkeyville fan club.

Urban ends his hectic week with an appearance on The Today Show in NYC on Friday the 16th.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Keith Urban Files Lawsuit Against Every Other Keith Urban on Planet Earth

Keith Urban ("Keith Urban #1") has filed a lawsuit against every other Keith Urban on the face of the planet, charging that they are attempting to infringe on his name and reputation for their own profit. The recent lawsuit follows closely on the heels of last week's accusation against the owner of who is also named Keith Urban (“Keith Urban #2”) and uses his website to peddle his wares. Keith Urban #1 has demanded that Keith Urban #2 take down his website which was started in 1999, before anyone allegedly knew who Keith Urban #1 was, and is trying to effectively force him to relinquish all rights to the domain name.

A statement prepared by Keith Urban #2 on Monday was released to the press and reveals Keith Urban #2's plan to countersue Keith Urban #1 for defamation of character and emotional trauma brought on as a result of constant tabloid exposure including detailed affairs with groupies and porn stars, stints in rehab, and kiddie rides at the carnival with a shiny faced and flowery pigtailed wife who acts as if she is easily scared by people with cameras in parking garages in LA yet pulls her car off the road to scream a very unladylike “F*ck you Jamie!” at photographers while holidaying in Australia.

Keith Urban #2 cites the tabloid stories for his recent earnings downturn, nasty emails from art lovers, and the alienation of his family. When asked for a comment about the tabloid stories that have destroyed Keith Urban #2’s life, Keith Urban #1 replied with a smirk, “I don’t read them. And neither should you.”

Today it was also discovered that Keith Urban #1 also plans to sue the following websites:

along with suing 1,298 other Keith Urbans who dared to allow their parents to name them Keith Urban when they were born.

According to Keith Urban #1’s lawyer, the first leg of websites and innocent persons due to be sued has been announced but in no particular order. He requests that you check Keith Urban #1’s website every Friday through out the summer for updates and presale juror dates. Only 3 or 4 dates will be released every week. This is to keep the phone calls at the Law Office minimal so as not to cause him to work too hard on any given day as he is still dealing with the repercussions of amandawyattgate.

Once Ticketmaster begins to sell presale jury tickets, it can’t be guaranteed that you will get a spot on the jury. But maybe you might get a seat in the parking lot and you will be thankful for it or else you will be banned from the esteemed establishment for being an ungrateful demon who dared to think your $25 was worth anything to begin with!

Meanwhile we return to our initial story, where we visit with an unsuspecting 6 year old Keith Urban ("Keith Urban #3) from Minnesota, who, after our phone call, sits nervously at home with his cookies and milk, awaiting the delivery of court papers (which he knows will eventually come) accusing him of deliberately infringing on #1’s musician name and ordering that #3 change his name to Kevin or Kyle or Kiefer in addition to forking over his birth certificate that legally names him as "Keith Urban".

When we spoke to Keith Urban #3 by phone, he could only say in between sniffles and sobs and bites of oreo cookies that he hopes his dad can afford to hire him a good lawyer because he's too young to go to jail and that he also doesn't like the choice of names Keith Urban #1 picked out for him but added that he would settle for something like Rambo or G.I. Joe or Dora the Explorer.


Controversial Tattoos

Given the speculation about the alleged incident discussed in various tabloids and newspapers around the world, the world is now being bombarded with mistruths about the tattoo on Keith Urban's wrist. The tabloids and newspapers and general public of Australia would have you believe that the tattoo was changed in 2005 around the time Keith Urban met Nicole Kidman. I'll give the people of Australia a break since what goes on the United States sometimes doesn't reach their shores in a timely manner.

But pictures do not lie, especially when they are transmitted on televisions or in pictures for the whole U.S. to see. The famous "Meet the Parents" pictures that surfaced in November 2005 have a picture of Keith and Nicole where Keith is proudly displaying the old tattoo. Those pictures were taken, depending upon what story you believe either 5 or 11 months after the two started their courtship.

The old tattoo was also still there when Keith performed at the Grammy awards in February 2006 as shown in the picture below.

Additionally, many fans who attended concerts that same month have concert pictures clearly showing the old tattoo. Other pictures show the old tattoo on March 20, 2006 with a caption indicating the picture was taken March 2, 2006 in West Hollywood. And we all know that People does not lie. The first public appearance of the new tattoo was on the CMT Awards in April 2006 and can be seen in the picture below from that event.

And why does this matter to me? It doesn't. But for some reason changing the timing associated with the tattoos is very important to someone.


Saturday, February 3, 2007

Keith Kidman's Contract Paying Off?

Many believe that the marriage between Keith and Kidman is just a contract to further their careers. For her this relationship has helped her keep in the public eye. This was important for two factors, first to keep up with the new Mrs. Tom Cruise. While Kidman has not had a child, rumors are rampant that she was in Kosovo to look into adopting a child and there were rumors the very week Keith went into rehab that she was interviewing nannies.

We can also look at Kidmans near obsession to staying young. The botox, sexy wigs and suggestive clothing all scream this. Second, her career is in the toilet. Her movies do not make money and even Entertainment Weekly asked if is she worth her price tag. For Keith, would he really be on Saturday Night Live without being her husband? He was on his way but the arrangement with Kidman has pushed him to the top of the heap. While I think it is a pretty rotten heap to be on, does Keith disagree with it? By the way he looks when he is with her I wonder? As for the future, she will open the doors to Europe and other venues but Keith has the ability to keep the people there. Eventually the need for this relationship to continue will end and Keith will be signing on another dotted line. Hopefully, when he does do that he can have the private life he apparently gave up back. His career will be set and Kidman can become a chapter in his story.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Doesn't Keith Urban Deserve A Better Life?

Living in the spotlight isn’t very glamorous. If you needed conformation of that fact, just take a look at country star Keith Urban. A few weeks ago he was released from rehab after only 4 months of marriage to Nicole Kidman. Keith gave his fans a heartfelt video message about his ordeal that was shown on his web site. Moving ever forward, Keith has announced his new concert tour for the US and Europe.
Keith’s 3 month rehab turned out to be a photographer’s dream come true. Why? I bet you can name that tune in 3 notes-movie star wife.
Nicole has the perfected the use of the photo op and somehow many of those pictures were released to the press-keeping her name and face, Keith’s as well, on the front page of every gossip publication. Public or private moments, it doesn’t seem to matter. Every moment is there for exploiting.
Thanks to Nicole, we (the general public) have had the unique opportunity to view the grounds of the Betty Ford Center while Keith was an inpatient. We have had the chance to watch them at a summer carnival. We have even seen the stuffed animal that Keith won for her at a carnival game. We have witnessed Nicole without her make up-playing the role of dutiful wife. We have seen them driving to Nicole’s lavish properties in Australia and had the unfortunate opportunity to see Nicole’s mental melt down on the side of the road.
Once out of rehab, we were again treated to a photo of Nicole and Keith at an awards ceremony that is known for free flowing alcohol and out of control behavior. This certainly is where you would expect to see the newly reunited happy couple.
Everyone that knows Keith Urban is aware of his past. He has been very honest and open about his problems and has tried to move beyond them. His personal life had been very private up to the time he began dating Ms. Kidman. Paparazzi didn’t follow his every move and he lived in Nashville as a regular person, continuing to build his musical career. Keith now finds his private life strewn over the pages of any magazine so Nicole can keep feeding her ego.
Yes, he has a career all of his own and didn’t need her money to begin or revive it. Keith is an extremely talented musician with an extensive musical portfolio.
There was no skirt tale relationship or gravy train here.
Living in the spotlight does allow all of your insecurities to show. One that is flashing in neon now appears to be how much attention Nicole will continue to require to keep feeling relevant. It never ends…
Keith certainly deserves a better life.