Monday, December 19, 2011

The Urbans & Cruises Surface in NYC at the same time!

Although they have been "seen", we actually have our first pap pics of the "happy" couple out and about... once by themselves and once with Sunday. Coincidentally, it was Katie's birthday, and Tom's premiere of MI4.

So many questions... you start....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keith Urban to have Throat Surgery

Keith Urban Set For Throat Surgery; 'All For The Hall' Benefit Concert Postponed

Keith Urban is set to undergo throat surgery later this month, to remove a polyp which has developed on his vocal chords. The surgery, an out-patient procedure, while minor, will require complete voice rest followed by an undetermined period of recuperation that will require the postponement of the 'All For The Hall' benefit concert.

Although Urban has had to substantially scale back his appearances requiring multiple songs, he will be honoring his pre-existing one-song performance commitments leading up to his procedure at the end of this month. All other appearances will be rescheduled in the new year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's been so quiet in the Urban/Kidman world...

And then today... two of our favorite gossips chose to write about them. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe it's a birthday present for Keith? Haha.

First, Lainey:

Trespass is a movie directed by Joel Schumacher starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman. It will be released (straight) to DVD next Tuesday November 1.

As we know, Cage needs the money. So he kinda has to say yes to whatever’s out there. Nicole Kidman, she’s not poor. This was not a money grab. This was a calculated move that misfired. An attempt, initially, to make something that was box office attractive. I’m sure you’ve heard about her box office troubles. Choosing to do Trespass then was a popularity decision. And a poor one at that. Spectacularly bad.

It might be why Nicole is keeping such a low profile lately, hoping for Trespass to go away quickly, so that when she does emerge, she doesn’t have to have to be associated with it. On November 9th though, just over a week after DVD comes out, she’ll likely be at her husband’s side at the CMA Awards where he is hoping to win Entertainer of the Year and I hear he wants it BAD, though Taylor Swift is heavily favoured.

Interestingly enough, Nicole’s just added a new feature on her official website. Yes, she has an official website. Click here to see. Unfortunately she probably won’t answer if you ask her questions about Rupert Murdoch. But she will answer questions about her movies. Every month, she’ll be profiling one of her films. This month it’s Cold Mountain. Will there ever be a month when it’s Trespass?

Big movie stars make sh-tty movies all the time. Nicole is, quite clearly, not the only celebrity of her standing guilty of it. I get that. With Nicole though, it goes back that congruity question again. There’s the prioritisation of “art” and how its value determines how she spends her time (daughters, husband, etc) juxtaposed with the choice to get silly with Adam Sandler and downright ridiculous with Nicolas Cage. There are the claims of a spiritual approach to living and the search for a more profound existence, an acceptance of the self, and then you look at her face and you wonder how those words could come out of those three lips and why someone so young looks like a frozen grandmother. This is why Nicole Kidman is particularly hard to swallow. Is it a lack of self awareness? Poor management? A combination of vanity and arrogance? How could someone be so oblivious to how obvious her bullsh-t is to everyone else?

Lainey's Entertainment Update - Celebrity Gossip | Article Detail

Then, Ted:

Dear Ted:
I think you have suggested that the relationship between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is a bit less than authentic, and I thought you're on track. But then a strange thing happened. I took my daughter to dance class and saw Nicole standing there among all the other parents. Every week since then either Nicole and the nanny—or Nicole and Keith and the nanny—have been there. Sometimes they leave while Sunday is in class and return when it's over; sometimes they hang around and chat. So what's the point of doing this sort of mundane thing together if they really aren't into one another? Red carpet and publicity events I would understand, but the fact that they run Saturday morning errands together makes them seem at least a bit real.

Dear Sunday Bloody Sunday:
Just because two parents share carpooling duties hardly means the relationship is scorching hot behind closed doors. And Kidman values her public appearance, even if it's just at a dance studio in Nashville.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keith Urban on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen has the first entry for the Phoenix Commercial Contest.

Does anything think Keith gets this much attention at home? Hahaha.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Bit of Housekeeping at UM

It seems that when the “news” about the Kurbans gets boring that people like to stir the mud up a bit... just to see what happens. Over the past few years the fans of Keith Urban have come and gone; some have stayed very dedicated fans; some are still fans, yet are skeptical of his idealistic marriage and family; some loathe the new music but are fans of the old music; some have hope that he will recover from the pop/bubblegum/baby girl dedicated music and produce some of the great stuff that made them fans to begin with; and some have moved on completely.

This blog hasn’t been as busy as it once was, as can be said for other boards/blogs/fansites. Lack of interest in the happy Kurban family is most likely the reason. Country music fans are fans of the music...not the sideshow. Keith is still producing music, still on tour (not as vigorously as in the past, albeit). But the enthusiasm for him has dimmed because instead of it being about “the music” and “the artist”, it’s more about “the wife” and “his savior”. Every song has a tie to his wife. The music no longer is for the fans. New fans of Keith (“After Kidman” fans) don’t know about the “Before Kidman” years and cannot fully appreciate the amazing talent he once displayed.

It has long been the policy of this board to allow opinions from everyone, fan or not; skeptic or not. Back in March of 2009, comments had to begin being moderated because there were personal attacks on posters. Over the last two years, only a handful of comments were not published. It is and will continue to be the policy of this board to allow comments from both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. We continue to ask that courtesy towards other commenters is the first and foremost concern. Comments that personally attack other commenters or use "real" names will not be published. Thanks for sticking around and remember all are welcome, whether they agree or disagree with the philosophy of the humble blog known as “Urban Myths”.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BFF's = Nicole Kidman & The Murdoch Family

It's well known that Rupert Murdoch & Nicole Kidman are very close friends. He has helped foster her career and provided publicity for her on every occasion she requests it. Has Keith been protected by Murdoch through Kidman to keep some ugly stories quiet? Certainly.

To quote a friend, "She will forever be A-list because of her relationship with Murdoch"... well maybe not anymore. Will she continue to be able to count on Uncle Rupie in the future? Time will tell. 

Should she be judged by the company she keeps? You tell us.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Really, Keith? Artwork for the new single....

It really is going to be a long summer for Keith Urban fans... Kidman really has taken over every aspect of his career, hasn't she?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Sad Farewell to a Faithful Contributor

The following was sent in by a longtime contributor to this blog. It saddens us that they will not be contributing any longer, but it's a typical reaction of former fans of Mr. Urban. Many, many thanks for all you have given us. This blog will continue...stay tuned.

My Final Blog.

You may have noticed that this blog has been a tad bit slow on putting out new entries. What can you say that hasn't been said over and over again in the past several years? Not a whole hell of a lot. Kidman and Keith as of this writing, are still whatever it is that they are and it's harder and harder to find entertainment in their side show. So after some serious contemplation, about 20 minutes in the bathtub, this writer is writing a final blog.

Before all you bunnies get your panties soaked in some kind of weird exaltation happy bunny dance, just remember because I am not writing any more doesn't mean that I don't believe in what I have been writing and continue to believe in it. It just means that very few people really care enough to exert the effort to point out the obvious about these two famewhores.

What started out as four regular contributors on Keith Urban fan sites pointing out the well executed public relations strategy of Nicole Kidman to get a new man to challenge her former husband and his child girlfriend, turned into what we have today, a PR couple who in the process of selling their relationship lost the things that made them credible, their careers. It has been quite the ride and along the way I have met so many of you through comments or emails, PM's etc., and for the most part its been quite a pleasant exchange. However, let's not pull punches, some people do not like what I have had to say and while they have their opinions, instead of agreeing to disagree it becomes a very one sided quest to silence. I can see where this action I am taking might seem a victory to them but there are so many people who seek the truth that it is a hollow and unimportant victory. I am simply no longer going to be a source for the old any press is good press theory. Kidman and Keith have enjoyed the benefits of this little debate, don't be fooled. But now is the time to move on but before I step off this soap box let me share with you what I believe to be true.

1. Keith Urban had no intention of calling Nicole Kidman after G'Day LA. It took a call from her peeps to his peeps about how advantageous it would be for him to be involved with her. It worked; he went from, who is that? to an article in People one week after the infamous motorcycle ride.

2. Kidman bamboozled Keith into marriage. No way did he spend $50,000 on a ring, he is too cheap, nor did he propose in DC. I believe that a very intense negotiation happened and Keith made a business connection but the timing was never given to Keith.

Hence, why did he disappear in May 2005, when it was announced that they were engaged?

3. Does he remember his wedding? The summer and fall of 2006 showed Urban to be struggling with the ramifications of his marriage and doing all that was in him to get out. When it got very loud about what Keith was up to, he was sent not to rehab in the area he lived, but Betty Ford, with Kidman standing by his side; well she didn't want to look like a loser did she? And to keep him in place an article was published on Christmas Eve 2006 (in the Daily Mail- Uncle Rupert's rag) that confirmed that Keith Urban was one of the biggest man whores on the planet. PR is a two-edged sword. I believe that new negotiations took place including the production of children and Keith would be able to savage his career.

4. How old is the oldest Urban child? Keith said 2007. Whenever she was born I am of the belief that she came into the world the same way that her sister did by being born to someone else. So that would mean that it was a pillow birth? No one will ever know and it doesn't matter except they produced one of the most unhappiest children on the face of the planet. The second child was a consolation prize for not winning the Oscar and I wonder when Keith was told about her?

5. Nicole's first husband plays a very important role in this marriage.

6. Keith Urban has not won a major country industry award since Kidman came on the scene and won't until she is gone.

7. These two lead separate lives when the cameras aren't around.

8. They aren't good liars and every action is done for a reason.

9. One of them is terribly frightened of getting old and one of them is an addict and will always be an addict.

10. It will end when Kidman wants it to.

That is the sad part. Keith Urban is a brilliant musician. I saw him for the first time in 1996. You would never know it by the dreck that he puts out these days. He really doesn't care all that much about his fans except those that come to his shows and line his pockets. I wonder if all of this talk about him amuses him? He doesn't put out a lot of effort into the music he records, he does put more effort into the concerts but he needs both and he isn't cutting it. Kidman reads everything written about her including this blog, yes I know this to be true. Kidman is obsessed with being a star, a personality not on being an artist.

In conclusion, I want to say thanks to the other writers here, the commentators and the editors. I will still read the blog and go to the sites; the truth will still be out there, but does it matter?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keith Urban, John Mayer & Tiger Woods! What a Threesome!

On April 30th, Keith Urban will be playing with John Mayer at a charity event in Las Vegas for a Tiger Woods charity. Are you surprised? Actually, we aren't. Keith has been selling his talent to the highest bidder for years now. He is one of the top draws in private corporate events where he can make a boatload of money, play a short period of time and get some press. There was recently an article on Billboard that said a lot of musicians will do these gigs to get the payout, including Bob Dylan. All of those things are like elixir to Keith Urban. The press is good, and the money too. Plus the people who are seeing him don't get a choice. They don't have to choose to buy a ticket. Draw your own conclusions about that.

The special part of this particular show on the 30th is the chance to perform with Mayer. Mayer, whose public persona is questionable to say the least, has been a pal since they met several years ago at the Grammy's. In a recent interview, Keith said that Mayer was very helpful to him with finding equipment after the Nashville floods. Keith likes musicians and Mayer is one of the best and they do perform well together. As for all that other stuff, the racist and sexist and just overall creepiness, that is John Mayer; Keith Urban doesn't give two hoots in hell what anyone thinks. Hasn't that become apparent? Golfing while Nashville floods, his marriage to Hollywood "royalty" and all the crap that goes along with that. He doesn't care. So why should we care about him? It is a question that keeps getting louder and louder for some of us; or is it answered by that old age tenet: it's like watching a car wreck, we just can't pull ourselves away. April 30th will be interesting for a lot reasons. The sideshow continues with no signs of stopping.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fork in the Road

Now that award season is over, our favorite couple is now focusing on their careers.

It doesn't need to be pointed out, but Nicole Kidman was nominated for five awards and came away with nothing, while Keith Urban was up for one, and won his fourth Grammy.

Let’s revisit Oscar night for a moment. While all of Kidman's peers were partying with Sir Elton John, according to Entertainment Weekly, Kidman and Urban were with Rupert Murdoch and the head of Fox Searchlight pictures at the Governor’s Ball. Kidman was licking up the money trail forgoing all those parties where one is seen in order to make deals for the future. What was Keith doing? Looking really bored and spotted for the first time in public actually pulling away from her.

Now Kidman still wants all of you to believe that they are a happy, happy family. She even summoned young Faith away from the home fires to her set in San Francisco. She made sure Keith was photographed on set, as well.

So, Kidman is working. This is good news for the citizens of Nashville. Kidman won't be doing her seasonal visit to the "farm" any time soon. The television event is scheduled to shoot for many months all over the world. I am sure the little girls will be dragged all over because Kidman is a working mother and she wants everyone to know it.

Keith has begun his tour in Australia, so he won’t be able to join in for much of the big shoot. Was it planned that way? World tours take a lot of planning and the dates were announced very early, and then Kidman announced this television epic. Work can pull the happiest of couples in many directions.

This tour is important for Keith. Very important. Probably the most important tour in his career because this is really a make or break time for him. The CD is a failure. That can't be denied. The first single died on the charts. The second is moving very slowly and it’s not getting very much airplay. And the video, which was filmed during awards season, pushes the happy family facade to the max. He got into bed with Target and that really wasn't lucrative. The deluxe version of the CD that was an exclusive is now available to everyone and Keith is doing free shows and more and more corporate gigs. Has he reached his peak, and is now going through the motions? Is he enthusiastic enough for a turn around? If his recent performances are any indication he seems distracted, stale and predictable. Where is the joy he always seemed to have when he performed?

Is there something else pulling on him now? Worry about the future? His vanity label? Or is there something else in another part of his life distracting him? Kidman can put everything else aside to work on her art. Can Keith? The video exploiting his wedding photos and his daughter was not a very bright move. Why, after both Kidman and Keith tell the press that they have a private life with parts off limits, make a video that shows the most intimate private parts of that life? It is very interesting for those of us who feel the marriage is sham. The new single wasn't even written by him; he can't express anything stronger than a baby girl reference in a pithy, throwaway single. As he starts his tour of Oz Keith is talking more about being a father and about his parents than he has about the wife. Is that why the infamous third arm picture has shown up on HIS fan site?

All we can say is whore out your family, but don't bitch when it bites you in the ass because a chunk of people either don't believe it or don't care. Time will tell, but perhaps there is much more going on than we know about and just perhaps there is more in the future of this couple than just work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to ruin a perfectly good video...

In Keith Urban's new video "Without You", you can see wedding photos that were previously said to be "private" from his royal wedding with Nicole Kidman. Sunday Rose even makes a live appearance...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kidman Turns Six Months into Two! Miracle Worker!

The following was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on January 21st:

How Kidman kept Faith a Secret

SHE is undoubtedly one of the biggest fish in the celebrity bowl, but Nicole Kidman managed to pull off the seemingly impossible until this week: keeping one almighty secret.

Apart from Kidman, her husband, Keith Urban, the unidentified woman who carried and delivered their baby, their medical team and lawyers, for the past 10 months only four other people, Kidman’s and Urban’s Australian-based parents, knew about the couple’s plan for a surrogate baby.

Even their most intimate circle, sworn to secrecy, was not told the news until the weeks leading up to Faith Margaret’s arrival on December 28. The couple kept details scant, nervous about jeopardising any aspect of the birth or their chance to bond with Faith away from a hungry media pack. But like all mysteries, so many questions remain unanswered, such as where they kept the surrogate mother – or ‘‘gestational carrier’’, as they preferred to call her – and whether they paid her.

It was only when Kidman discovered midway during the Golden Globes hype that the US gossip website TMZ planned to run a story on the baby that she instructed her Hollywood publicist to hurriedly issue a statement on Tuesday.

Kidman’s parents, psychiatrist Antony Kidman and his wife, retired nurse Janelle, flew out of Sydney more than a week ago to secretly meet their new granddaughter in Los Angeles.

Kidman had originally planned to keep news of Faith’s arrival a secret until well after the Oscars on February 27. She now intends to withdraw from her work schedule for the next six months to spend time with her new baby in Nashville.

Her sister, Antonia, who gave birth to a son, Nicholas, her fifth child, less than a fortnight before Faith’s arrival has also been visiting in the US.

According to reports in the US, the baby’s birth was under tight security, with an entire floor at the Centennial Medical Centre, in Nashville, booked out by the star, who secretly entered the hospital via a staff-only elevator to visit her new baby and the ‘‘gestational carrier’’.

Even the grandest inquisitor of them all, Oprah Winfrey, failed to prise news of the imminent birth out of the couple when she interviewed them in Sydney last month.

When Kidman sat down for a revealing interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly the next day, she again kept schtum, much to Weekly editor Helen McCabe’s frustration. As a result, the latest issue, with Kidman on the cover, which hit the newsstands on Wednesday has a glaring omission.

Kidman sent McCabe an email on Tuesday night explaining her situation.

Ironically, the Weekly’s article tantalisingly raises the ‘‘one subject she won’t talk about’’, referring to her relationship with adopted children Isabella, 18, and Connor, 16, who live with her Scientologist former husband Tom Cruise and are rarely seen in public with Kidman. Clearly there was another.

And on March 1st, just two months after Faith was born, here she is on the set of her HBO movie:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did Camp Kidman Clamp Down on E!online?

So what happened?

The Awful Truth carried a story about Kidman being a bit on edge because there are some rumors out there that Keith is departing the side show for the main stage. While some of us welcomed this news with a big bouquet of roses others were outraged and attacked Mr. Casablanca in the comment section. The complaints were nasty even for the Nicole worshipers, and believe us we have seen nasty. However, true or not, it raised a little dust around all the Keith Urban sites and led to a lot of discussions about the state of the marriage between Keith and Kidman.

Well that was 24 hours ago and now the column is gone. Vanished into the internet fog; except for the few who have copied it and are spreading it like a Beatles bootleg. So what happened? Until we hear from Mr. Casablanca, we won't know for sure but the speculation is that Kidman's people threatened that Kidman and her posse would avoid E networks like they were Bella and Connor. Nicole Kidman isn't that big a deal is she? Apparently Seacrest, Rancic and gang must feel that way because the column is gone. We think The Awful Truth knew the truth but we all know Kidman never works in that way so truth be damned; Kidman is going to wear a designer dress and she might just talk to the press. Wonder what Keith Urban has to say about it all?

The Awful Truth article as posted yesterday:

Could Nicole Kidman Have a Secret Motive for Dishing On Baby Faith?

Today 7:02 AM PST by Ted Casablanca

"Have a little Faith in me" seems to be the message Nicole Kidman is sending to her fans as she gushes, sans hubby Keith Urban, about her daughter, Faith Margaret, born in December, via a gestational carrier.

Nicole went way on the record about her family and marriage to Urban in both British Marie Claire and on Australia's 60 Minutes.

Despite the sappy interviews, we know there is usually so much more to Nicole's revelations, like how—and when—she chooses to spill (hello, waiting forevs to tell us she had Botox like the rest of Hollywood!)

So, is this family as picture-perfect as N.K. says, or does Nicole have another hidden motive?

Like perhaps making sure she isn't left alone after the Oscars? Could Keith possibly be the dude waiting until after the Oscars to leave his wife?

Think about it:

While all the talk of Keith is super sweet, we can't help but notice it seems a tad fake, since Urban is, well, more seen than heard.

And all of the interviews occur, coincidentally, when Nicole wants Urban to be seen more than ever—at the Oscars, that is, right by Nic's side.

Besides Nicole being the only one in this pair to (usually) talk to the press, she also briefly touches on her other children, Isabella and Connor, which is oh so very out-of-Kidman character.

"It's so different because they don't live with us, but I would love for them to come live with us at some stage. They're 18 and 16, they're teenagers, they're in a whole different place."

Let's just say we know for a fact Bella and Connor aren't going to be jumping at that invite anytime soon.

So, is Nicole simply reliving her dreams of motherhood, sans Scientology and Tom Cruise, or is she
possibly talking so much to keep Keith right where she wants him?

After all, Urban did release a deluxe version of his album Feb. 22, awfully close to when this press dropped.

Maybe this fab bloke is scared he can't be successful without his mega all-star, interview-hoarding wife? We've certainly been told as much. But private life with Nicole is indeed no picnic. "She makes Mommie Dearest look good by comparison," says a personal veteran of Nic's life for many years.

Admittedly, our N.K. insider refers more to Nicole's mama experiences with her first two children, will she change for the second two?

Now, of course, we could be totally off on this one, but let's remember how much our beloved Sandra Bullock, right around Oscar time, gushed to everyone about her husband just before news of Jesse James' affair(s) broke.

Or maybe it's Tim Burton leaving Helen Bonham Carter?

You got a better idea? Weigh in.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nicole Kidman: Grammy Wife? Not so much.

We are almost done with awards season for Nicole Kidman. There are only two more big events, The Independent Spirit Awards, where Kidman will be a presenter and the big show, The Oscars. She isn't going to win at either event, however, as we predicted Keith did win another Grammy. But on a big night for Keith, the Grammy Awards became the “Nicole is at the show wearing another designer dress, and making an ass of herself” Awards Show. She wasn't an ass because she sang along to Katy Perry or that she jumped into every photo op she could drag herself into; she wasn't an ass because her ex-lover, Lenny Kravitz, the one who dumped her, was there and gave her the cold shoulder. No, she was an ass because she had no reason to be at the Grammy Awards except to support her husband and she didn't do it.

How many times in the last few weeks has Keith Urban stood at her side and answered one annoying question after the other about the lovely wife? Too many times to count. But he does have manners and he did the supportive spouse duty. Yes, a few times it appeared Keith was somewhere else but he showed up, held her hand and applauded when her name was called.

February 13th was Keith's night. He was predicted to win a fourth Grammy for Male Country Performance. Keith doesn't win too many awards these days, and Grammys for an artist who has a sales problem are important. Note to Nicole: Grammys are to a musician what an Oscar is to an actor. Keith has won three before. Does that make him more successful than Nicole? Oh yeah, baby.

Is that it? Is Nicole jealous? People like Keith. He doesn't have an icy image. Grammy night was important and what did Nicole do? It was all about her, of course. What she was wearing, her hair, her jewels and even her shoes were talked about; lost in the conversation was Keith Urban. A real wife would have stopped Ryan Seacrest and said ‘tonight is all about Keith, not my nomination or my new movie’. A real wife would have let her husband dictate where they were going to socialize and not sit on her chair like a queen waiting for the subjects to approach. A real wife would have let her husband have his evening because that is good for his career. But Nicole Kidman continues to show us she is not a real wife, but an Oscar nominee and that is what is important.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Caption This...

We wanted to post this pic on the sidebar with a caption, but were at a loss for words. So, take your best shot.... We'll add it to the sidebar with the best caption.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Keith Urban, the musician?

While so many are getting used to the big news out of Casa Kurban we still would like to remind you that Keith does have a record out and a tour to come. Put You in a Song, the first single off the record is in the top five on the Country charts. Not because it’s a big seller, but because there really hasn't been too much released in the last six weeks. Keith will be on a Super Bowl broadcast soon, but will that help his sales? When Keith appeared on Oprah there was really little change in his sales. He was an afterthought on his second Oprah appearance; he spoke very little and didn't perform. The CD is freefalling on the charts.

If Keith were smart, and he actually is, it’s time to ditch the happy helpmate persona and start building up the career. Tickets will soon be on sale for the first leg of the summer tour in the US. Jake Owen, a questionable choice, has been named the opener for the US tour.

There is a lot riding on this tour. Keith needs to have strong ticket sales and will that happen? Is his core audience less likely to follow him from show to show? We will see. How is he going to save this disaster of a record? What will be the next single? Will it ever get back to just the music? Does anyone, even Keith, care anymore?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Kidman Urban Baby, but Same Old Tune at Urban Myths

A big thank you to TMZ for scooping Nicole Kidman on her new baby story!

Many of us heard the same rumors about the birth of Sunday Rose; an entire floor of the hospital was rented out; they went up via a service elevator, etc. Many of us have heard the rumors that Sunday is actually older than she is. Could this baby actually be Sunday's fraternal twin born two years later? We won’t know the answers until someone talks, but at least we don't have the lies with this child that we did with the first one.

Had TMZ not spilled the beans when were the Urban’s going to tell the world? After the birth mother (and yes that is what she is called even if another’s eggs are used) was safely paid and dispersed? I think we would have an announcement around Oscar time. That is apparently when People Magazine was planning an exclusive. But a baby now, and why? Keith is going to be so busy in late January and early February; the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s - not a lot of busy daddy time is there? Kidman of course is running for her career since the awards are out of the question.

Kidman starts filming in San Francisco next month, and that shoot is going to many countries and will take many months. She has a play on Broadway at the end of the year that will involve weeks of rehearsals. Keith will be starting a tour that has a lot of weekend breaks but most felt that was for his weakening vocal chords, not for another child. He won’t take a newborn on the tour, so while he is on the road he will be alone. Aren't they too busy to have another baby? But babies are big this year. Kidman didn't want to go through another pillow birth so she went the Sarah Jessica Parker way and had someone have a child for her. It does quell those rumors about the dad’s sexuality and the mother’s fertility. Now we know why Keith played George Michael’s “Faith” with John Mayer last year.

A new baby is a way to sweep everything under the carpet; rumors of a career that is over and of a wayward parent. Too bad TMZ ruined the surprise for the world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Urbans Have Another Daughter

So says TMZ:

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban -- New Parents!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby, courtesy of a surrogate ... TMZ has learned. 

Nicole Kidman Baby

Sources tell us ... the baby was born at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville on December 28, 2010. Her name is Faith.

Kidman and Urban are Faith's biological parents.

We're told Nicole and Keith went into the hospital on the down low last week, visiting Faith and the surrogate during her stay.   They entered the hospital through the back, took the service elevator to the top floor, which they rented exclusively for themselves.

We're told the baby is home.

Yes, Nicole and Keith were both at the Golden Globes last night.

UPDATE: Keith and Nicole just released a statement to TMZ saying, "Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier."

This was on Lainey's site, but written by her friend Duana:

Sunday Rose’s New Sister!

Written by Duana

Right. So, at the end of a very busy celeb news cycle Keith and Nicole dropped the information that apparently, on December 28th, they became parents via surrogate to Faith Margaret Urban.

I had a series of thoughts and I thought I’d try to harness them individually.

The first was that I really hope Keith and Nicole sent Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick a fruit basket or something, for paving the way to ‘gestational carrier’ (their phrase) being just like any other celeb assistant. Seriously SJP’s twins are 18 months old and suddenly having a child via surrogate is like “oh, by the way, no big deal?” Someone is owed a debt for that.

My second thought was that I’m actually totally surprised they wanted a second child. They seem pretty jet-setty, flying all over the place, and while Katie Holmes has a really cute accessory in her mini-me Suri and only half the time looks haggard and drawn due to the demands of parenting, with two, she’d look utterly wrecked all the time. Certainly ‘like a mom’. See also, Jennifer Garner. And I thought this might worry Nicole…

…but then I did the math on the birth of Faith Margaret, and I realized she’s a mere 20 days old, and that she must be incredibly well-behaved, secure, and advanced, since her parents, who love her desperately and were so blessed with the gift of her birth, felt able to head out to a long-assed, glitzy party. Sitting in the waiting-in-an-endless-lineup limo, walking the hour-long carpet, sitting in the theatre – they must have really been thinking about her the whole time…

…so then I didn’t worry about her so much anymore.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Kidman's Awards Campaign

It all starts this week.

We are now heading into the big awards season. The critical awards are being announced this week. Will Kidman get one? Probably not. The award that Kidman has the best chance at is the Golden Globe. The Foreign Press loves her and she has won the Globe three times. Kidman is a star, as opposed to Portman  being an actress and Annette Benning isn't even in the same category; she is in the comedy category. As for Mr. Oscar? Hard to say.

If Rabbit Hole gets in the top three in next week's box office Kidman will get her nomination. But given the tragic circumstances in Arizona, people are looking to escape reality and the subject of the death of a child is not something most want to see dramatized. Another factor that will play is the girl from True Grit. Many see her as a spoiler and the nomination that could be sacrificed is Kidman's.

This is highly political, this awards thing. If you get nominations you get work and you get better pay. If you win it is even bigger. Kidman needs the nomination. At her age and where her box office numbers are, she can't coast too many more years on her past glory. Kidman is playing a fine game. Lots of press that appeals to the public. Happy family, sex filled marriage to a desirable man; that man in turn giving her credit for his existence for the last five years. Kidman talking about her craft, her art. Kidman, the woman, talking about her life, even her past. She wants this. But dear Nicole you don't stand a chance. Sorry, but new Hollywood in the form of Portman, Eisenberg, Bale and Amy Adams have arrived. It is their time. But bigger than even that is one Annette Benning, three time nominee married to a Hollywood legend, Warren Beatty; sister-in-law to another legend. Oscar loves to award those who have been ignored in the past. Add to that one of the best roles for a woman in her forties in years and I think we have a winner. According to Rodger Friedman, Beatty is calling in a lot of favors and Benning is playing the best game around. Nicole, you aren't married to the biggest star in the world anymore; Oscar has to look at your work and while you may get a nomination maybe it isn't the best performance. So prepare to see a lot of shots of Nicole and Keith all dolled up at many functions in the next six weeks (as evidenced in the above photo); and going home with nothing, maybe not even with each other.

On another note: It has been several weeks since the flooding in Oz started, and the town that Keith Urban grew up has now been evacuated. Enough said about that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

A very quiet New Year down on the farm??

A few weeks ago Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were on Oprah singing ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. Aren't you wondering why there has been no comment about the epic flooding that has hit the area of Oz that Keith grew up in? Granted the tragic drama is still happening as we write this, and has affected millions of people in a land mass as big as Texas, but the most famous internationally known son of that area has been quiet. We hope and pray for all the people in that area; and we have a suggestion. Perhaps when Keith goes over in April to start his tour he may want to give all the profits from his concerts to the people who are affected by this tragedy. It seems as though that would be the right thing to do.