Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Sad Farewell to a Faithful Contributor

The following was sent in by a longtime contributor to this blog. It saddens us that they will not be contributing any longer, but it's a typical reaction of former fans of Mr. Urban. Many, many thanks for all you have given us. This blog will continue...stay tuned.

My Final Blog.

You may have noticed that this blog has been a tad bit slow on putting out new entries. What can you say that hasn't been said over and over again in the past several years? Not a whole hell of a lot. Kidman and Keith as of this writing, are still whatever it is that they are and it's harder and harder to find entertainment in their side show. So after some serious contemplation, about 20 minutes in the bathtub, this writer is writing a final blog.

Before all you bunnies get your panties soaked in some kind of weird exaltation happy bunny dance, just remember because I am not writing any more doesn't mean that I don't believe in what I have been writing and continue to believe in it. It just means that very few people really care enough to exert the effort to point out the obvious about these two famewhores.

What started out as four regular contributors on Keith Urban fan sites pointing out the well executed public relations strategy of Nicole Kidman to get a new man to challenge her former husband and his child girlfriend, turned into what we have today, a PR couple who in the process of selling their relationship lost the things that made them credible, their careers. It has been quite the ride and along the way I have met so many of you through comments or emails, PM's etc., and for the most part its been quite a pleasant exchange. However, let's not pull punches, some people do not like what I have had to say and while they have their opinions, instead of agreeing to disagree it becomes a very one sided quest to silence. I can see where this action I am taking might seem a victory to them but there are so many people who seek the truth that it is a hollow and unimportant victory. I am simply no longer going to be a source for the old any press is good press theory. Kidman and Keith have enjoyed the benefits of this little debate, don't be fooled. But now is the time to move on but before I step off this soap box let me share with you what I believe to be true.

1. Keith Urban had no intention of calling Nicole Kidman after G'Day LA. It took a call from her peeps to his peeps about how advantageous it would be for him to be involved with her. It worked; he went from, who is that? to an article in People one week after the infamous motorcycle ride.

2. Kidman bamboozled Keith into marriage. No way did he spend $50,000 on a ring, he is too cheap, nor did he propose in DC. I believe that a very intense negotiation happened and Keith made a business connection but the timing was never given to Keith.

Hence, why did he disappear in May 2005, when it was announced that they were engaged?

3. Does he remember his wedding? The summer and fall of 2006 showed Urban to be struggling with the ramifications of his marriage and doing all that was in him to get out. When it got very loud about what Keith was up to, he was sent not to rehab in the area he lived, but Betty Ford, with Kidman standing by his side; well she didn't want to look like a loser did she? And to keep him in place an article was published on Christmas Eve 2006 (in the Daily Mail- Uncle Rupert's rag) that confirmed that Keith Urban was one of the biggest man whores on the planet. PR is a two-edged sword. I believe that new negotiations took place including the production of children and Keith would be able to savage his career.

4. How old is the oldest Urban child? Keith said 2007. Whenever she was born I am of the belief that she came into the world the same way that her sister did by being born to someone else. So that would mean that it was a pillow birth? No one will ever know and it doesn't matter except they produced one of the most unhappiest children on the face of the planet. The second child was a consolation prize for not winning the Oscar and I wonder when Keith was told about her?

5. Nicole's first husband plays a very important role in this marriage.

6. Keith Urban has not won a major country industry award since Kidman came on the scene and won't until she is gone.

7. These two lead separate lives when the cameras aren't around.

8. They aren't good liars and every action is done for a reason.

9. One of them is terribly frightened of getting old and one of them is an addict and will always be an addict.

10. It will end when Kidman wants it to.

That is the sad part. Keith Urban is a brilliant musician. I saw him for the first time in 1996. You would never know it by the dreck that he puts out these days. He really doesn't care all that much about his fans except those that come to his shows and line his pockets. I wonder if all of this talk about him amuses him? He doesn't put out a lot of effort into the music he records, he does put more effort into the concerts but he needs both and he isn't cutting it. Kidman reads everything written about her including this blog, yes I know this to be true. Kidman is obsessed with being a star, a personality not on being an artist.

In conclusion, I want to say thanks to the other writers here, the commentators and the editors. I will still read the blog and go to the sites; the truth will still be out there, but does it matter?



maclen said...

Yes, truly...I ABSOLUTELY know what you are saying. I certainly sensed a MASSIVE drop of interest on the comments section. I wrote back in april...

"Well, now it seems interest of mutt and jeff by the "skeptics" is also most assurdly on the wane! Which of course, is NOT VERY surprising...I had that same feeling last november after orb's cd has come out...and his firt single tanked...and his cd sales were lackluster. But it seems the orb's new "WORLD TOUR" and his continued low cd sales...all those stats and numbers...has MY juices going again! But the lack of interest IS MY MAIN point in show that these two mediocre celebs are on the wane!
April 13, 2011 2:08 PM I also mentioned, the fawnsites NKUSers and immediately following, monkeyland shut off their message boards to public viewing out of sheer embarrassment of the tanking of both mutt and jeff's careers. And especially for me...there went a big source of I mocked them mercilessly! But now thats gone. The few anti-skeptic blogs that appeared to counter the skeptics blogs came and went. And really the only "voice" remaining seems to be "the last orb fansie in the world" at the E! postive thread. But here I am still...despite the wane in even my own comments... STILL repeating things I no doubt have commented on more than a few times I'm sure! I certainly feel that mutt and jeff's career is NOT as comment worthy as it is surely becomeing SO mundane. For instance, just this past week, they put out 3 photo ops in a row, but I DID NOT comment or post it here, as only a few months ago I surely would have pointed it out. But it is true, interest in waning...on all counts. Perhaps I'm still around as often as I consistant as I have been anyway...because basically as I've mentioned before, I never identified my self as a orb "skeptic"...I identified myself as a "cynic"...I never...figuratively...EVER "swore allegiance" to orb. In that I was ever an orb fan, I have absolutely NO reason whatsoever to give the orb a "break" on anything! NOTHING is off limits in my criticism. I can always find something to comment and point out. Kidman is dead meat in lalaland...and she will simply continue to fight for those "fringe" scraps...low budget indie horror or generic slasher flicks that lalaland spits out every few weeks. But orb STILL has another tour coming out...that will show whether he can still get it That for me is well worth continueing to stay tuned!

Hatti said...

maclen...This blog rings true in many of the statements posted.

I too believe Moosie girl reads every scrap written about her. I take pleasure in letting her know she don't fool me I know what she is!! I know how she got this phoney charade started. And it is still just as phoney!!

Yes, I have said many times quite a few comments this blogger states. The fact that they don't live together. He gets a call and he is there when he is told to be.

As in the bowling alley charade the other day. She is going into the bowling alley carrying this large child that can walk by herself very well. He is going in and then all of a sudden we see them in the parking garage she is walking straight ahead and he is exiting to the side. So she can dance around and look like an airhead but the truth is right there!! Family?? Please there is no family it's just Moosie that is all there is and will ever be!!

I do believe TC had alot to do with broadsiding KU. I believe she was desperate to find someone and TC helped her to snare him. I believe they work together to get all the PR possible. But to what result? Both their careers are failing TC not as badly as Moosie but for the King to just be a Squire must be very hard for him to swallow.

Lets see now I guess it is about the same six years TC's career has been floundering.

Of course KU, well, he knew his career was over six years ago so this is no big deal. He will put out crap just so Moosie can spend money to hype him up. I guess Moosie's pocketbook will be drained and TC will keep paying. Oh man!! That is like shooting fish in a barrel. I am enjoying every min of it. I love the fact that she will read this and know this is a very true statement!! ((giggles))))

Now tell me what can she do about it?? What can TC do about it?? They would have to come out with not so flattering things to get rid of KU !! Now talk about Karma!! Oh brother what fun!!!

I am sorry to see this blogger go. I would love to have her/him with us when this all finally ends. And we all know it is going to end !!

hoosierlady said...

Everything she does is a calculated step, we have all been in agreement for years, so the thought that she has had Cruise in mind does not suprise me at all, remember the "let's copy TC" photos? They were way back. . .when this crazy obsession began for me, in fact, I think that is what started this for me, it was just too bizarre, then I began noticing none of her quotes from different articles seemed to match, you know, she would say one thing in Vogue and contradict herself in the Ladies' Home Journal, the stuff we all take for granted now, we were piecing together back then.

It has all become so predictable. Even the kids. When she had the gestational carrier, it was kind of like, okay, pass the milk, because were we suprised? Of course not, if she had had a c-section and was exiting the hospital in a wheelchair holding a baby in her arms, getting into a car kind of, you know, bent over, as if she were, call me crazy, sore? Then maybe, I would have taken notice.
As far as he goes, he's like a gnat, he just flies around, you can't catch him, he doesn't land so you can swat him, and you wish he would hurry up and go away, you know, end the cycle. I guess I have seen so many come and go, and I find country music so, well, whiney, that I wish he would just go ahead to Branson and get it over with.
I can't say I blame our blogger, however, I will miss her. I sometimes wish I could shake this monkey. . . I've tried. . .

Our insurance only pays mental health at 50/50, and we really can't afford the co-pay right now. So, I will remain here until I am strong enough to face the world without McLen.


Jake said...

Yea I can see how you can get hung up on this stuff. It is just so unbelievable that its like watching a car wreck. LOL

maclen said...

Yes, does seem clear that the die has been cast on these two. And truly, their "image" has been pretty much laid out by this blog for the past 4 years. When orb decided to tie his career with kidman' was the skeptics who warned that it would not come to anything good for orb. And the progression year after year of this blog is proof of that. No doubt that the very few remaining fansies still believe this "marriage" is...and ALWAYS will be a "success." But I've come to realize, for kidman this is like a "relay race"...and after 10 years with cruise, although she was simply "arm candy" those 10 years...she was able to get into doors and get contacts she would not have gotten otherwise. Unfortunately for kidman, when she was booted off of ex-cruise's team, instead of grabbing the baton and entering the run FOR HERSELF...she simply decided to play the "pity card"...the "boo hoo, poor little o'l me"...and she "strategically" got the "industry punditry" to take pity on her and basically hoist her onto their shoulders, and carry her around the track. Which lasted two years until they simply decided..."here, take the trophy, you are a winner of an Academy award! But then they put her OFF their shoulders and forced her to run for herself! That was in 2003...and she was UNABLE to keep up. That is where she is now. NOW...the orb is trying to run...and keep up in the world of Country music...with kidman's shoes. And is it a wonder to anyone who has EVER read this blog that orb was also doomed to fail? I think not! A "kidman in orb clothing"...and "frosted highlights" does not spell success...we've been saying that for 4 years now. It would be prudent at this point for inept team kidman to check this blog out and see WHAT they are so obviously...and continually...doing wrong! With orb's pitiful cd sales, he is clearly turning now to the very last bastian that he can turn. ..and that is the fansies. But unfortunately he has neglected them far too much for the past few years...that I doubt the last minute pandering to them, by way of "I will go out amoung my fans, no matter how scratched up or scarred I get" or passing out a guitar at every show will sound very inviting to the fansies who will probably NOT be there because his music is so infintile! And I doubt if orb's "must haves" of his cassette boombox or his LOVE of his banjo will drum up any significant excitement!

maclen said...

Well, hoosier, I just described kidman's career as a "relay race' in which she was basically carried along til she had to run on her own, and she began to fade. Well, I also realize that this blog is ALSO a relay! When one falters...another takes up the baton...and continues the message. I think your last comment is your MOST inspired and the most cognicant I think Ive read from you in a while! And it most certainly put a smile on my face! It surely makes the ongoing essay we've made here a little more worth while. Which I think I really needed! So...I'll see you on the other side!

maclen said... scultured... is the state of our ongoing little essay? Seems kidman is mulling over whether to be a mother of a daughter...who is 'distraught"...or will play an "elephant lady"...who will no doubt at some point...become "distraught" over favorite ailing elephant? Whatever the case, it will be WAY low budget. As to the orb, it is only 14 days till his tour whether he will have "independant" sponsorship of the tour, as he did the past 2 years...or if he's simply "on the tour organizer's payroll'...remains to be seen. But I believe, as I foresaw orb losing the recording contract with capnash after the weak sales of his previous cd, defying sales...that with the upcoming tour, all indications point to a poorer peformance. All things orb perform poorer as time goes on. It is true for his cd sales, his "charity" efforts have fallen short of the previous efforts...and what IS known of orb live shows the past few months... the oz shows on record NOT SELLING OUT...each attracting an audience of 7k...his and the napalms show for "tiger jam only attracting 6k in a 12k me reveals a very weak attraction of the ticket buyers out there. Orb is trying very hard to drum up excitement for this upcoming will be a "WHOLE" new songs...with older songs "reworked" and updated! NOw to me...that IS a knock to the fansies... that they can expect the quality to be just as lacking as his new stuff! oh boy! Til then, all the upcoming stuff is just sheer which he is not very adept at building! Cant wait!

Hatti said...

(((giggles))) I can't wait either maclen. I see Moosie girl pumping a lot of money into KU just to keep him looking like the International Country Crooner!! Well that is throwing good money after bad. But what do I know. I've only been watching this masquerade for six years now!! ((giggles))))

LindaMarie said...

While I hate to see this blogger go, I can understand the reasoning for calling it quits. But they are like a train wreck, you don't want to look but you just got to!

This entry was definitely on the money. Things I have been saying and noted for years. Nice to see it finally in print.

I will continue to ride this charade to the end. They are like a book, no matter how bad the story, you have to get to the ending. We may be pleasantly surprised.

kulover said...

The phoenix will rise again (fingers crossed!)

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"(((giggles))) I can't wait either maclen. I see Moosie girl pumping a lot of money into KU just to keep him looking like the International Country Crooner!! Well that is throwing good money after bad. But what do I know. I've only been watching this masquerade for six years now!! ((giggles))))"

You got it right Hatti. At this point, it has been too long a time to not simply wait out the final outcome. I surely believed...and still believe it will end when kidman finally realizes orb and her pr babies get her absolutely nothing in the way of meaningful promotion. I look for kidman to one day come up with the most desperate of moves and arranges the "breakup" so she can attempt to once again rack up the sympathy votes for her "comeback." Being in a supposed 'perfectly manufacured" marriage and family gets them absolutely nothing. So you have to figure there will at some point be a new tactic.

maclen said...

So, a thought occurred to me last night. With the recent discussion of how "kidman's kooties" had dampened orb's 'mojo'...and how orb simply being a "kidman is orb clothing" was NOT the best move...the current situation with selena gomez just struck me. Gomez is currently in a much talked about hook up with justin "leave it to" bieber. And it struck me also that gomez is in the upcoming kidman vanity shingle flick, Monte know the once years ago project kidman was to have starred...but couldnt get made, so the studio heads simply decided to go with a younger cast and ZAPP..the movie is made. Well, the film comes out on July 1st...less than a month away. Now, it could simply be coincedence... or it just might NOT. I mean, I wouldnt be surprised if inept team kidman HAD put it in the contract that gomez WAS to get into a "highly publicized tabloid hook up" just prior to the film coming out. It is a pretty predictable move from them. Surely, it would be interesting to note IF the hookup continues for gomez and bieber even after the film comes out and is a flop, wouldnt it? Surely something to take note of in the coming months...

Hatti said...

Yes it is true. I am a Sherlock buff since I was a kid. Many hundreds of years ago! ((giggles)) And I just can't put it down. I want it to come to an end and I want to know the....who dunnit and how!!!B/c believe me she don't have the brains for all that went down!! ;)

I hope that Sacred Bird does rise from the ashes!! Hopefully with some really good music! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

And speaking of orb' "current mojo"...this recent piece sure does highlight a creative lacking that I see the orb surely suffering from...

Keith Urban, 'The Luxury of Knowing' -- Story Behind the Lyrics

"Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town summed up many fans' feeling when she told The Boot that Keith Urban's song 'The Luxury of Knowing' from his album 'Get Closer' was one of her very favorites. In fact, Karen told the Boot that she recommended that her friends only buy the iTunes version of the album so they'd get the bonus track!

The song is now available as a single on iTunes, and songwriter Lori McKenna couldn't be happier. She recently chatted with the Boot about how she wrote the song and her thoughts about Keith's rendition."

...seems that a casual reader of that headline without reading the actual article MAY be inpressed with the seeming "prowess" of orb's songwriting! Yet as I pointed out the criticism of orb's rather meager 8 track "standard" album when it was'll also see that out of those 8 tracks...3 are covers of OTHER peoples songs...and out of the 11 non live songs on the "deluxe" album...the covers rise to 5 songs. Along with what I think is orb over reliance on a high percentage of covers is orb's pretty unprolific this is only orb's 8th album in 20 years time! So with orb's second single of this album being a cover, Without You... and this single on itunes shows orb's songwriting "prowess" is not exactly what you'd expect for a 20 year veteran in the biz!

kulover said...

Yeah, Hatti, I think it can happen if he sheds some of his 'excess feathers'....then he would be free to 'feel' again and the music will come naturally...

Jake said...

maclen..Doesnt it seem logical that you would put the best of the album out first? It looks like Urban made some serious errors. Seems this CD was doomed right from the voting of the cover to the first singles.

blue sky said...

I'm confused. Is the blog ceasing or just the writing of one participant?

Hatti said...

Yes Kulover he would have to pluck all the dead kootie feathers and bury them deep!! ((giggles)))

Then he would have to never...ever...mention them again...ever!!!!!

He then would have to take all the good music he is hiding under his bed and put it all out there!!

I think maybe his fans would then forgive him for wearing such disgusting feathers for so long!!! ((giggles)))))

Urban Myths said...

Blue sky, the blog isn't going away. One of the contributing writers of many blogs is though. We are sad to see them go, but we'll still be here...

kulover said...

I spent yesterday on youtube watching some of his old videos...sigh...the good ol' days!

maclen said...

Jake said...
"maclen..Doesnt it seem logical that you would put the best of the album out first? It looks like Urban made some serious errors. Seems this CD was doomed right from the voting of the cover to the first singles."

Yeah, it's pretty clear Jake, orb has been in "restructure" mode ever since last year. He didnt get re-signed to his recording contract at CapNash...but he still owed capnash another album otherwise they couldnt have forced orb to rush release it as I think Tara mentioned, in time for the x-mas season. Ordinarily, orb would have released his cd about now, mid 2011 about a month before his tour was to begin. But orb had no control over when his cd would come out. And clearly, all of orb's focus will be on touring and not cd sales. If this cd as it appears will sell even less than his previous...his next one seems pretty much dead in the water! I say it will be a "live album"...orb will try to squeeze what he can out of his past stuff...that's what the talk now of "redoing and updating" some of his older songs. All the "redone" older tunes he does on this upcoming tour will be put out on this "live" cd...that way he can say they're the older songs his fansie's most assuredly like they're also "NEW" versions! See, he can play it both ways!

Hatti said...

I watched most of his Boys of Summer, I think it was called. It seemed like a fun tour for the most part. He was in good spirits as he is when he tours.

So what you are saying is he would take a tour like that and publish it as an album.

He sang most of his oldies. He added some Marley and a few others he had J Mayor do a spot with him. It was, I felt an entertaining tour.

If he tries to take this album and record this tour I think he will be barking up the wrong tree again. This album started off on the wrong foot putting Moosie out there in front of himself.

Since he doesn't seem to have anyone like KC or Verizon maybe he will have Blossom Productions as his sponsor!!! Boy now the would surely sink this tour before it starts!!! ((giggles))))

smorgas91 said...

Tidbit contribution...will venture and say one of the reasons this blog got trite and unmotivating when some bloggers began to get very technical while others were held for technical accuracies...hell, there are "real" industry, as in country music, technical sites for that, no need to gather facts from what bloggers had read. Personally come here for the fluff and the entertainment appeal, not to get shoved down with all these data...yawn, no motivation to respond, just wanted to go elsewhere. As to the final blog, she (get the she vibes) closes some subjects with "...does it matter?" From the entertainment perspectives, hell yeah, some are not as interesting as others. From nk&ku perspectives, right, care less what these bumbling simpletons do...a charade of life living, can't be good or happy. As celebrities, it matters for their careers what we perceive, and they'd been thoroughly moronic about that...and look what's happening/happened to their nose-dived careers! ......zzzzzz

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"I watched most of his Boys of Summer, I think it was called. It seemed like a fun tour for the most part. He was in good spirits as he is when he tours.
So what you are saying is he would take a tour like that and publish it as an album."

Well, Hattie...NOT to continue to be "trite and uninspiring"...I do think that MAY be what orb might do. Clearly, releaseing a "standard' cd of only 8 songs...and a "deluxe" version for Target padded with "live" recordings was a HUGE mistake for orb! He's not selling cds...but I think that may be an impetus. It's cheaper than recording an original lp...orb aint exactly prolific in "tunesmithing"...he would need another gang of 13 co-writers. Clearly a move someone who is going to make touring his main money earner would make.

Hatti said...

(((giggles))) maclen no worries matie... trite or not you have the makings of becoming a GURU of KU's!! ;) I will do the trite blustering and berating of these two.

How about this...Moosie girl is suppose to do Franco on Bdwy. We are taking bets that she will paint her body and appear nude just to be able to stay on the stage for all of ten min. Will the show last??? He11 no!! She has nothing to offer on stage. She will be worse live than anything we have seen on film!!

Now yes, I know she has done A Bdway show in the past. The only thing that kept it going for a few weeks was.... she posed nude and since stage actors don't stoop that low unless they are playing the Bowery it ran for awhile!!! ((giggles)) Will it make any kind of splash now?? NOT AT ALL!!!

How is that maclen think I can pass for trite and sarcastic?? I have been practicing!! Harsh is my middle name ((giggles)))

Jake said...

Yea maclen if he is going to make money touring. If he dont have a contract with Live Nations then he is not going to make money. He dont seem to be selling tickets.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"(((giggles))) maclen no worries matie... trite or not you have the makings of becoming a GURU of KU's!! ;) I will do the trite blustering and berating of these two."

Ha! Yes, Hattie...PATENTLY impossible NOT get trite when the subject is these two! Sorry about that peeps...but thanks for the kind words Hattie!
Ah kidman's "sexploitation" is so played out...about 20 years played out. Despite her abundance of nudity and sex-port...her MOST recent notable scenes are the rather bland "Eyes Wide Shut"...and the rest is quite simply tawdry! Unfortanately for kidman it is not a favorable selling point..nor is actually, her acting either way it looks to be just as bland a show.

maclen said...

Jake said...
"Yea maclen if he is going to make money touring. If he dont have a contract with Live Nations then he is not going to make money. He dont seem to be selling tickets."

Well, Jake it will eventually be shown IF orb is as big a draw as he once was...WITHOUT the backup he also ONCE had! And it WILL be the NUMBERS that will reveal it. Orb's first show is in 11 days...and there does seem to be a plethora of tickets still available. We shall certainly see soon enough Jake!

Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

I didn't think KC was sponsoring KU this year. I figured after the slathering remark on his radio interview they would have turned to someone else to hang with. I haven't seen any advertising at all as to anyone sponsoring him.

Oh brother..And to hang out with him at a half filled venue, gee isn't that special!! NOT!! (((giggles))))

maclen said...

Thanks for that info, Fading Fan. It would seem to clear up a few of my inquiries! It looks like KC will be sponsoring a "eat and greet' for one of orb shows. I was able to see that KC is also doing a E&G for zac brown...which got my gears moving...which led to this...

Zac Brown Band Cooks Up Kingsford Tour Deal
May 04, 2011

Kingsford charcoal is partnering with the Zac Brown Band on ZBB's summer tour, sponsoring pre-show events, "eat and greets" featuring Brown's recipes, and a sweepstakes where fans can win a chance to eat with the band.

This will be Kingsford's fourth summer out on the road with country artists, including partnerships with Tim McGraw, two summers with Keith Urban, (and Kingsford will again be with Urban as well as KC Masterpiece this summer giving away tickets to shows through the KC Masterpiece Facebook page) and now this summer with Zac Brown Band.

...seems apparently Kingsford has moved on from orb to zac brown for their summer tour sponsorship. But it seems, orb DOES have a deal with Kingsford as well as KC for this summer...but apparently GIVING AWAY tickets to his summer tour! I would take it orb is having HUGE troubles selling tickets...he's got KC and Kingsford GIVING AWAY tickets? Well, changes ARE to be expected when your in restructure mode...apparently. And orb must be desperate to get those venues at least "decently" filled!

Tara said...

Keith is a good little lap dog when need be. He showed for everything they did for him.

Without You is #1 for this week

Hatti said...

(((giggles))) maclen maybe they are giving away free tickets that are free to them as well! Seems someone has to pick up the bill for those seats.

Does Moosie girl strike again? Is it so hard to keep the country crooner looking sucessful? My, my this is going to be a long hot summer for someone's pocket book!! ;)

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Keith is a good little lap dog when need be. He showed for everything they did for him.
Without You is #1 for this week

Well, clearly Tara, orb learned the lesson of the first failed single...he "greased" the stations and he made the extra effort of making himself available to the stations this time! No doubt the monkeys are rejoicing in this little achievement. Again, I WOULD be impressed if this didnt MEAN ABSOLUTELY nothing with how "successful" or "popular" orb actually is. Recall...


Hot Country Songs

airplay (audience) 60

* Measures airplay audience impression on 126 country music stations

...And I'm not unaware that chesney and paisley can LAP orb's single... which they did...and get their single to #1 much quicker. Chesney is now working on his 4th #1 single since last year. But, again...payola is NOT a very accurate barometer for true current status!

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"(((giggles))) maclen maybe they are giving away free tickets that are free to them as well! Seems someone has to pick up the bill for those seats."

Yeah, I've noticed ALOT of "free giveaway tickets" lately on the innertubes in regard to orb, Hattie!
So, while I just mentioned chesney and paisley...perhaps a little perspective is once again in order...a little background. So, back in 2009, orb, chesney and paisley were all touring that year...chesney sold a total of 1,034,021 tickets in a total of 52 shows for an average of about 18,900 tickets per venue. Paisley sold a total of 834,845 tickets in 66 shows for an average of about 12,400 tickets per venue. The orb sold a total of 675,278 tickets in 64 shows, for an average of about 10,500 tickets per venue. So basically, that's what orb needs to do this summer...sell 10,000 tickets per venue. Now another variable is ticket prices...but as an article I recently posted, last year in 2010 orb was not selling tickets on par with the year before...and as I also recently posted, orb could not sell out at least 2 of his oz gigs at about a 7k audience per show and the tiger jam attendance was only half of 12k at 6,200 audience. As is the norm for orb in all areas...he cannot charge what he once did and get those tickets moving...even as of just 2 years ago... and he is not proving he can draw more that 6k or 7k a pop. And THAT will be a very noticable number in the end, if that does turn out to be the case!

maclen said...

HA! How sweet..."the last orb fansie in the world' just got an actual visitor today at the orb POSITIVE THREAD over at E!


"Just wanted to celebrate here!! Another #1 single for Keith Urban."

...and of course it is in regard to orb's #1 song on the Billboard country song know...the one THAT IS NOT based on single cd sales...but SIMPLY on radio spins! It only took 11 straight days and 43 straight postings by "the last orb fansie in the world" for another fansie to have anything worth celebrating at the thread! HA! Yeah, boy...I cant wait to see the orb's MASSIVE album sales bump on wednesday when the sales report at is released as a result of orb's "radio" #1 hit. It may even top 1000 more cds sold! I wonder IF orb will even be mentioned?

Tara said...

I guess the whole attitude of bigger is better and those with the most toys wins is being passed down in the Kurban home as Sunday got a brand new big room and a cookie for getting a new sister according to a new interview with Keith.
He really should just stop talking about stuff he doesn't know about.
and speaking of other things no one needs to know about
In a recent fashion magazine there was a story about two sisters who have developed a line of cosmetics for breasts- guess who loves their nipple rouge? Kidman.

Tomorrow is the CMTs I think he will win male vocalist again the question much bigger is what shall he sing? The new #1 Country Song or the new single? Or with this push to get The Luxury of Knowing released as a single perhaps?? Nope he will play it safe and do Without pew and sing it to Kidman and she will weep and they will have a faux moment.

hoosierlady said...

Ok, I'm sorry, I'm old, why do you use nipple rouge?

I try to think these things through before I ask them, and I tried, honestly, I did. If you need it for a see through blouse, ok, I guess, but?

I know I'm thick.

Jason323 said...

This is the creepiest fucking website I've ever seen. Considering the state of the internet, that's saying something.

Fading Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Puddy Tat said...

He's already said in an interview that he's doing Long Hot Summer at the CMT's. It's a little late to be changing things now.

Hatti said...

ok hoosier, I'm with you!! I have no idea why someone would need make up in that area. But we are talking Moosie girl the painted pill box!! ((giggles))

maclen said...

When I read this article today, I had a big laugh...

Can Taylor Swift topple Carrie Underwood as queen of CMT Music Awards? [Poll]

Last year, Carrie Underwood showed Taylor Swift just who the real queen of country music was with her two big wins at the CMT Music Awards. The one-time "American Idol" champ prevailed in another public vote as her video for "Cowboy Casanova" took the top award while her rendition of "Temporary Home" on the CMT show "Invitation Only" won the performance prize."

...the CMT awards...the "country music television" awards...are about as "prestigious' as the MTV Movie awards ...the "music television" movie awards! The recent MTV Movies awards were 110% film promotion and 0% about "film excellence! And the orb's possible win for the "Without You" video...a seeming rip off of a video concept released by kelly pickler by her songwriter hubby only a month previous and who seemingly ripped off the idea of a "personal home movies" music video themselves from katey perry... hardly adds to the prestege! But then, THAT'S exactly what I expect from the VERY unimaginative and unoriginal orb...who's frankenstein monster of a 80's ripoff single, Long Hot Summer, will no doubt be the main theme of his upcoming tour!
For me, the bigger story of the CMT awards will be IF selena gomez will accompany the bieber who is also appearing at the cmts. As gomez, a possible engager in the "get into a highly visible tabloid lovebirds hookup story just prior to the opening of a film...only to see the "coupling" fizzle once the film comes out and flops" motif...and considering that the said upcoming film IS a kidman vanity shingle work which adds to it's odds of being a true turkey in the making AND it's no doubt that kidman will also be at the all seems like a predictable "PR" collision! So will there be ANOTHER set of photo ops of kidman and gomez on the red carpet as there were at the Billboard awards less than a month ago? And believe me, with the film due out in about 3 wont be the last photo ops!

maclen said...

So, a few more thoughts on the upcoming cmt awards...which also ties into my recent comments on the orb's clear "greasing" of radio play. As insignificant as I believe the Billboard country singles chart is to anything at all...EXCEPT the simple bragging rights...orb WAS VERY desperate to get a single to the top of that chart. Because surely that is the only thing he has control over... and that is the only accomplishment in a long while! Now, in regard to the previous country awards season...IT IS NOT insignificant that the ONLY AWARD the orb won this past awards season...was ONE Grammy....not a cma or an acm...not even a peoples choice or even an aria. BUT...he has won a grammy the PAST TWO years...he won in 2010 and 2011. But if you look into a little bit as to WHY?'ll get a clearer picture. YOu will recall back at the 2009 Grammys...that was the year of the douche chris brown's beating of...and subsequent arrest for beating Rhianna the day prior to the Grammys. Apparently brown WAS to perform on the show and his absence no doubt would disrupt the scheduling of the show. So, up steps the orb...volunteering to back up on guitar...timberlake and boy II men tribute number to "soul" great Al Green. Obviously an unlikely line up! Then for some reason, orb along with that other douche...napalm...SIT IN with blues greats B B king and Buddy Guy on a tribute performance to Bo Diddley! As I recalled at the time...orb DID NOT perform a featured performance of his own on that 2009 grammy show...but I did note that Chesney did! So, orb evidently passed on a feature he could "help out" the grammy organization, filling in for the absent chris brown and sitting backup for others on the show. Orb DID NOT win a Grammy at the 2009 Grammys..and in fact was NOT EVEN nominated himself, but was up for a grammy for a collaberation with Trisha yearwood. BUT... DONT THINK that the grammy org DIDNT REMEMBER the next year! Orb DID WIN a grammy the next year in 2010. Later, in july of 2010 orb headlined the Grammy foundation "signature" concert, "Starry Nights" in aid of Schools music education programs. This year, 2011 orb won a grammy. Now, just a few months ago, in may...there was a story of the Grammys org launching a new charity online auction...the "MusiCares MAP Fund Charity Auction"...offering memorablilia from music celebs...such as a framed issue of Rolling Stone signed by the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger; vintage memorabilia signed by Tony Bennett, Jackson Browne, Annie Lennox, Rod Stewart, and Barbra Streisand; guitars autographed by Kings Of Leon, Korn, Tom Petty, Kenny Roger AND YES...orb had contributed a signed guitar. In fact, orb was the ONLY country celeb to donate to this new grammy charity auction...well, kenny rogers also contributed...but I doubt if rogers is any future competetition with orb over a grammy! So apparently, orb has also been "greasing" the grammy org for his recent Grammy wins! But unfortunately for orb, there have been changes made to the country Grammy categories for next year. There will be less country categories and there is NO longer a Country MALE or FEMALE vocal category...but there will be, "Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Duo/Group Performance, Best Country Song and Best Country Album. Orb will not simply go up against the likes of jamey johnson, david nail or chris young for best vocal perf...but more than likely against swifty, lady ant, underwood...and etc. No more free ride for orb at the Grammys! be continued...

maclen said...


So now, the orb MAY win a CMT award... "Country Music Television" award...for his video of Without you. Well, there is a reason the MTV movie awards took place 3 months AFTER the oscars...because it has less to do with "recognizing" any film achievement...but more to do with simply previewing and promoting the upcoming summer blockbuster film season! CMT's are simply promo for the upcoming country summer tour season. And apparently, the orb discussed the timing of HIS summer tour with the CMTs for maximum and ultimate promo.

Fading Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tara said...

He apparently rehearsed a number of songs to perform this evening. Both
Long hot Summer and Without Pew-
I did hear Long Hot Summer on the Radio yesterday

Was I obvious about Kidman- damn!

how about Kidman's you tube site- from a woman who couldn't be bothered to acknowledge her fans to actually sending them messages - of course her current husband has been doing the press the flesh stuff for years and it keeps him somewhat popular- the problem with Kidman is that she comes off as not being a very bright bulb, Yes she could be condescending like Gwynie but there is something loveable there because Mrs. Martin doesn't get the joke. Kidman doesn't get the concept.

maclen said...

Yeah, kidman is clearly and so lamely behind the times in new media. I noted last month in May, that her website hadnt been updated with any new postings since Feb. Obviously, kidman cant BUY a decent film role...she will be reduced to the low budget swill that is being peddled out on the news cycles. And orb's youtube channel, as I chronicled last the LEAST viewed of the elite country artists youtube channels...which MOST certainly explains his very weak cd sales.

maclen said...

So last weeks numbers are in...AND orb DID get a "#1 singles hit" bump!

9 8 Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 33,095 1,270,176

23 17 Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give 15,805 951,059

25 20 Taylor Swift Speak Now 15,243 3,450,836

24 34 Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 11,687 854,727

40 39 Lady Anthebellum Need You Now 10,388 3,521,833

70 59 Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey 6,992 830,805

78 74 Miranda Lambert Revolution 5,645 1,325,695

85 92 Sugarland The Incredible Machine 4,533 998,268

178 177 orb Get Closer 2,549 594,791

...WOW...orb is back on the list! With a MASSIVE jump in sales to reach the level of....2,549 cds sold! IMPRESSIVE....orb now moves from #178 to #177! Orb evidently DID get his 1k sales last week orb sold about 1,500 Note the Flatts is selling 5 times as many...mcgraw's greatest hits is selling twice as many. I especially got a kick out of this quote...

"Keith Urban has the #1 single in the country with the Dave Pahanish/Joe West-penned #1 hit “Without You.”

...apparently, when orb NEEDS another #1 hit...he needs to record a cover someone else's song. Ha! foot!

Tara said...

If they release the Luxury of Knowing - they may even have a cross over hit- it is that good of course not written by Keith.

hoosierlady said...

"Keith Urban has the #1 single in the country with the Dave Pahanish/Joe West-penned #1 hit “Without You.”

Thanks again for the reminder of who is writing these songs for the limp wristed love sick poet boy they all fawn upon.

Hatti said...

Tara, I love the Without Pew.((giggles))) Moosie girl will never be able to have fans that she will hug and laugh with like KU. She's a cold fish!!!

She has to use the video and get paid for each hit on her website. Oh and everyone will want to hit on her website b/c she is pushing Birth so every perv can go buy it!!

Then she has poor Oscar on the same page. Please if he wasn't green already he'd surely be green now.

I guess she is trying to make a few extra bucks. She must be hard up. It is very expensive trying to build hype for a failing country crooner!! Oh well, it's her fault she had to stick her nose in everything! ((giggles)))))

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Keith Urban has the #1 single in the country with the Dave Pahanish/Joe West-penned #1 hit “Without You.”
Thanks again for the reminder of who is writing these songs for the limp wristed love sick poet boy they all fawn upon."

Yes, hoosier...I am constantly incredulous at how a closer look into orb's "accomplishments" reveals how WEAK orb actually is. Now, although I am relatively sure I have looked into this stat in the past...I just dont recall if I did! But...according to wiki, of the 12 #1 songs orb has had, 6 songs were co-written by orb with one or more writers...and 6 were written by OTHER writers! That's 50% of his #1 singles written by outside talent...that means if orb DIDNT cover those songs...he'd only have 6 #1 singles! I most certainly equate that stat to his 2009 tour...wherein swifty... Sugarland... Dierks Bentley, Zack Brown Band...Aldean, and Lady Ant OPENED for orb in HALF of his 60+ shows! And THAT was HALF of his drawing power of grossing $42 mil that tour. He doesnt have that back up this year.

maclen said...

Ha! Of early reaction from a live blogging...

6:57 pm
"Keith Urban comes out and sings "Long Hot Summer." Waiting for shots of Nicole Kidman in the crowd. But maybe she's backstage."

6:58 pm
"Long Hot Summer" doesn't sound very country to me. It kinda sounds like a rock song from the early 1980s. Am I missing a mandolin or something?

No, it IS NOT's a lame mishmash of The Police, Greg Kihn...Eddie Money...and a lifted lyric from Don Henley's "Boys of Summer"...ALL well known songs guessed it...the 80's! Orb usually hauls in richard marx to "vultureally" pick the bones of other peoples work!

maclen said...

...rolling along...

...Ha! Seems there is another hilarious bit from that live blog..., after the vlogger's crack about how orb's song sounds "80's popish"...there are these two entries...

7:04 pm
"I think the highlight so far was The Band Perry...Readers, who do you think gave the best performance so far?

7:06 pm
"Looks like some readers really liked Keith Urban..."

...which is an obvious reply to these two comments fromo obvious monkeys!

10:02 pm June 8, 2011
Jen wrote:
"I think it was the best performance of the night, country or not

10:08 pm June 8, 2011
Darlene wrote:
"I agree with Jen – Keith gave an awesome performance and there was plenty of country rock in his song."

Ha! Am I sensing a little sensitivity over the "80's poppy" crack from these monkeys? Note back when orb released his first single, the orb/hughes/buxton penned "put you in a song"...the monkeys flipped over was "catchy and upbeat" and therefore "poppy" enough for the charts ...a SURE #1 hit! It wasnt. Then, when the 2nd single, the West/Walker/Pahanish penned "without you" came out...they flipped over was "country' enough...this time. And it did reach #1. Now here comes orb's 3rd single...the orb/marx penned "Long Hot summer" with an obvious ode to 80's "pop"...the non country sounding "Long hot summer" will it register with the county radio stations? Some food for thought, eh?

maclen said... conclusion... what can it tell you...when I say the Country music television award is simply a superficial, vapid and shameless plug for this summer's country tours? Well, firstly I should mention that apparently the cmt's has got "BEIBER FEVER!" But what it really says according to this piece...

TAYLOR Swift, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were big winners at the 2011 CMT Music Awards today (AEST).

"They were also absent."

...that they highly value swifty's ongoing tour this year...which will go on into november...about a month longer than orb...and will apparently "cover 19 countries and close to a hundred dates" in the end...and lambert's summer tour which will go into August...or shelton's who will play this summer into september...(or they REALLY love his new tv show!) far more than orb's upcoming summer tour...that swifty, lambert and shelton didnt even need to be there to pick up wins. And is it a surprise to anyone that the orb's nomination with the douche napalm also didnt pick up a win either? No to douche...but yes to beiber! Apparently the cmt also believes that the orb is so passe...cause when orb cannot even pick up meaningless PR know he is in trouble. Perhaps for next year, orb can hoodwink his apparent "pop idol", katy perry in to a duet with him next year! I gather perry's stuff is a perfect match for orb's stuff.

Tara said...

Last night
pluses- Keith is looking pretty healthy these days
The song was okay but you can't expect much at awards shows and he sounded better than most

so what happened to Kidman- not even there when his major award was announced. She looked like a prize at the carnival- you know the kind where you leave it behind because its not important

and not a baby gurl reference the whole evening.

On VH1 classic they reran the music cares tribute to Neil Young
Keith was outstanding on that with a duet with John Fogerty.

Jake said...

Yea Pork Chop split. Guess she couldnt take any more hill billy. You know after all she is HW. LOL

I thought it wasnt a bad song. At least Baby girl. There is a God! LOL

Tara said...

so Samsung and AT&T are sponsoring the tour..
Let me remember didn't Keith once bitch in an interview about his lousy AT&T service on his iPhone in Nashville?

Jake said...

Yea well they are pretty bad. But remember Verizon got stuck for the clean up when their bus spewed waste all over NYC streets! LOL

maclen said...

Jake said...
"I thought it wasnt a bad song. At least Baby girl. There is a God! LOL"

Yeah, surely orb may be gearing up for the tour...tossing the "baby girl" tripe aside, Jake. As to the song, well, THAT is my point. The song is as I called it, a "Frankenstein monster" lopped together by Dr. FrankenMarx and his eager assistant...IgOrb! The song is part The Police's "dont stand so close to me" and Eddie Money's "Take me home tonight" at the beginning of the song...then about 2/3rds into the song they throw in a Greg Kihn "The Breakup Song (They dont write em like that anymore) kind of a groove...and right in the middle they actually throw in a lifted lyric, "I wanna see your brown skin shimmer in the sun" from Don Henley's "Boys of Summer." All songs from the 80's. They are obviously trying to get a "subliminal effect' from people with all those pretty recognizable influences. People hear those recognizable elements and perhaps enjoy it...but, it aint the orb they are enjoying. And just as the crack last night by the live blogger that the song "doesnt sound country"...but MORE "80's poppish" MAY appeal to former yuppies...but may not appeal to country listeners. That remains to be seen.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"so Samsung and AT&T are sponsoring the tour..
Let me remember didn't Keith once bitch in an interview about his lousy AT&T service on his iPhone in Nashville?"

Yes, Tara...well...beggars CANT be choosers! Yeah, I recall all the Verizon store gigs orb did after his 2009 tour, Jake. Perhaps the tour didnt pay off for Verizon as much as they would have preferred...they had orb panhandling at the stores! Yeah, announced only about a week before orb's tour is set to begin...orb must have sold his arm and a leg...and probably his next "gestational carrier" newborn for that sponsorship! In the world of hacks and shills, trumps "integrity!"

Fading Fan said...

Did anybody see the red carpet interview with both of them last night? Here's the link if anyone missed it. It starts with them around 21:30. I really think there may be another baby in the future if she has her way.

Well, this is a rather lengthy post, so I apologize!

After watching the interview, and as I have mentioned before, I have to say I am really beginning to think that he may in fact love this woman. I really can't see him staying in a loveless marriage for money. He's not getting any younger, and I don't think he would want to waste his life being in a loveless relatoinship. He may not have as much money as her, but he's definitely not hurting for money. He has just never struck me as the type of man whose happiness can be bought...although I could be completely wrong. I have no way of knowing the 100% truth. Only he knows for sure. It's easy to say that all the praise he gave her on this CD was overkill to the point of being phoney, but he may in fact be the type of person who fell deeply in love and wants to shout it to the world. Even though we don't need to know it, there are people like that. We're not all the same. I know he kept his prior relatioinships private, which is contradictory to his marriage to NK, but like I said, only he knows the truth.

On the flip side, I can see the other side too; that being he isn't in love with her and is staying for whatever the reason may be. He hasn't seemed happy the last few years, and more so in the last year. It's easy to pick up on in interviews, photo shoots, and in many videos I've seen on youtube. He seems sad and very distracted, especially this past year.

I really hope he isn't wasting his life away on a loveless marriage because life is too short to live that way. There really isn't much more to say on the topic. I can see both sides of the equation. I almost hate to say it because I can't stand her, but I do hope he is truly in love with her because if he isn't he has to be very miserable not having someone to love or be loved. He may enjoy the material items, but they can't fill that void or buy love and happiness, which is something I am certain he thrives for.

maclen said...

So, I noticed this little news article..."reported" over the innertubes. Actually, really just a manufactured "plug" for orb's upcoming tour...his ticket sales are that bad? So here are a few choice quotes...

Keith Urban Gives Sneak Peek of Get Closer Tour

"300 fans, friends and industry insiders convened at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium this afternoon for a sneak peek at Keith Urban’s upcoming Get Closer tour."

...I'd wager it was more like 280 "friends and industry insiders...and 20 "fans"....

"The performance was a truncated version of the show the group is taking on the road next week. Entering to the strains of The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” Urban and his four-piece backing band tore into “Put You in a Song,” from the Aussie’s 2010 album, Get Closer."

...yes, Ive noticed orb regularly associates himself with my fav group, The Beatles...he did covers of The Beatles "Help!" and "With a little help from my friends" by way of Joe charity appearences. Nothing like co-opting quality messages from true genius'... when orb is clearly NOT up to mustering any "inspirational" messaging himself...

"Highlights included the tender “Making Memories of Us,” a foot-stomping take of “You Look Good in My Shirt” and a center-of-the-arena-roundabout performance of his hit, “You’ll Think of Me.”, back in 2009 it was called the "catwalk" OZ a couple on months ago it was called "satellite is the US version going to be called "roundabouts?" You see, it's TOTALLY different...they have different names!...

"The show also featured mash-ups with video performances by Little Big Town and vintage Waylon Jennings, and a rocking “Days Go By” medley that included snatches of U2, Tom Petty and AC/DC., since this is supposedly a "preview"...I take it that orb will show video montages of the likes of U2, tom petty and ac/dc throughout his shows? You know...REAL Rock stars? Not a wise move, really...reminds the audience of real rockers... who THEY would rather be watching!...

"Throughout the show, Urban joked with the crowd, his crew and his white-hot band. With a virtual rollercoaster of lights leading in and around a massive circular video screen

...yeah, that "massive circular video seen in a photo in this PR plug piece...kind of reminds me of "Stargate SG1"...the scifi tv show...wherein people can travel when entering said Stargate to other galaxies via doubt will also be desired by people attending orb's shows...they will WANT to be "galaxies" away when the massive monotany of orb's "NEW" production turns out to be the tired old played out gimmicks!

maclen said...

...carried over..

Let me also add the "kid spontaniously appearing at the front of the stage and being asked by orb to come onstage and play a little bit and the video winds up on youtube"...there are a few of those videos on youtube going back a few years...the "orb ventures out into the crowd, wherein as he makes his way back to the stage, he spontaniously gives the guitar off his back to a random fansie"...there are also a few videos on youtube of this "new" gimmick. And don't forget, when orb takes advantage of his brand NEW "roundabout" he can "get closer" to his peeps...he proclaims "Who's got the best seats now?" to wit...

Keith Urban Hits the Ground Running at Minnesota Tour Stop

Artist's Energy and Innovative Production Highlight a Generous Evening of Music
May 15, 2009

"Who's got the best seats now?" he asked as he finally faced the fans in the $20 seats at the bowl end of the X."

"8/2/09 Blue Cross Arena Rochester, NY On the back stage "Who's got the best seats now?" -Keith Urban"

Keith Urban at the Sommet Center
Sommet Center @
- Nashville @
, TN @
- Sat, Aug 29, 2009 @
Favorite moment: When he changed stages and said "who's got the best seats now?" @
Posted 08/31/2009


"Who's got the best seats now," he joked as he changed the tempo for I'm In, Once In A Life Time, replete with chicken picking guitar, You'll Think Of Me and Days Gone By."

...orb is either ignorant that these things linger on the nets...or he actually thinks his fansies have short term memories...or are simply gullible chumps.

maclen said...

So, to continue with the obvious hype and build up for orb's upcoming tour...well, tell me country The Boot website the most egregiously brown nosing as to flat out untruthfully claim falsehoods? Take this for instance...

Keith Urban Opens Tour Rehearsal to Fans and Friends

"Thursday was 'Take Your Fans to Work' day for Keith Urban, as he opened his tour rehearsals to about 500 fan club members, contest winners and industry folk."

In the previously released article plug piece I posted last claimed orb played to, "300 fans, friends and industry insiders convened at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium..."

...but now The boot is claiming 500? Well, further recall that the Boot website also claimed,

"He hasn't lived there in almost two decades, but Keith Urban is still Australia's golden boy. Proof: there wasn't a single empty seat on the Aussie leg of the country superstar's Get Closer World tour, as shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Tamworth, Sydney and Brisbane all sold out.

...But then Billboard posted Oz tour stats that revealed both Brisbane shows WERE NOT sold out! Clear BOOT PR BS....
So, "according" to the Boot...orb's new tour production is in the theme of a "theme park?" He will have "roller coasters"

"The idea for the theme park came from the song, 'Til Summer Comes Around,' which is set in a theme park," Keith told The Boot in an exclusive interview before he took the stage."

Wow, such high concept material...clearly it beat out the other "choice" ideas of the "mini golf" theme...or the "video arcade" theme! No doubt orb's new production will provide "party jumpers" at choice locations! But I have it on good authority from my niece and nephew...that a "rock climbing wall" would be a killer attraction! HA! Instead of a "theme park" theme...with all these ghastly juvenile would be far more fitting if he did a "horror house" would fit in with the horrors of these lame ideas!

Tara said...

So he says the same thing - most artist do.
I loved the tour when REM just put up a screen with we are glad to be back in(fill in the blank)-

so who got to go to the special special rehearsal? Not his fan club did they.

And all of this rehearsal, awards sitting and concert for the people was just too much for Kidman - she flew to LA.

LindaMarie said...

Great post Fading Fan!

Money is the name of the game. Business is the deal. Whether they love each other or not is not the issue with them. She wanted a husband, she bagged Urban. He wanted fame and fortune, he bagged Kidman. Are they friends, probably, and that is reason enough for them to stay together. Are they in love with each other, not in this lifetime. This is all for convenience and it will end when Kidman is done with him.

That interview on the red carpet was interesting. Kids will be the thorn that finally tears them to shreds. Kidman wants more (why?) and Keith says they have a full house. He does not want anymore, heck he didn't even want the first two and Kidman wants more because she is so earthed and motherly.

This is a train wreck waiting to happen and it will be sooner than later. Just watch.

Hatti said...

Well really, she could buy as many kids as she wants, heck, she don't take care of them.

Really why should he care, he don't live with her. I don't think these kids live with her most of the time.

It sure don't look like Sunday wants anything to do with her. She put her little hand out to the paps for help. Now that is pathetic. She would rather go with a stranger then get in the car with her own ((so called)) Mother!!

Disgusting in my view. And when she horned in on KU's interview and made that ludicrous statement about twelve more kids. KU looked in the camera and rolled his eyes. ((giggles))))

Fading Fan said...

Thanks LindaMarie. I understand what you're saying. I really do! I just try to look at it objectively because I have no proof that he does or doesn't love this woman. I just have a hard time with seeing people do things for the wrong reasons. He may have gained fame and fortune by marrying NK, but he had more POSITIVE fame and fortune without NK. He surely is intelligent enough to see that. It's the quality not the quantity that he should be looking at if that makes sense. Like I said, he doesn't strike me as someone who can play the role of someone who is in love if he really isn' least not for very long. I just don't think he would be able to handle it for this long if he wasn't in love with her. He can clearly see what it has done to his career and that he has lost fans, which if his music is that important to him, then something of that magnitude would bother him to the extreme. I see him letting go of a loveless marriage before letting go of his career. The fact that he hasn't is what tells me he's in it for the long haul. It's sad that he chose someone who is so self-centered but it's his life. I know she has money, but she's not the mafia! I think he would leave if he really wasn't happy in all this. Yes, he might be in it for the money, but money can only make you happy for so long. It can't buy love, and I can't see him going without love for this long. Like I said, I have no proof of it one way or the other. I'm just trying to look at it objectively. We can't control who we fall in love with, and as much as we all may dislike NK, it may very well be the case that he loves her.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"So he says the same thing - most artist do.
I loved the tour when REM just put up a screen with we are glad to be back in(fill in the blank)-"

Well, tell me Tara...are you aware whether REM did that...NOT just gig to gig on a certain tour...but tour to tour...year to year? Because that is my point...NOT that he may "say the same thing"...but that he is claiming that this tour will have a whole "new production"...just as he claims that he "scheduled" this world tour around his he wouldnt spend more than "a few days" away from them..but as the very first leg of his tour in OZ showed...he spent at least 12 days away! I mean, you may buy it...but the facts would simply indicate that it is not true.

maclen said... is some more of the touring BS being shoveled out there by orb...
and as for that pronounced "predictability" I am on about...let the orb's words say it.

Keith Urban Previews Tour, Visits With Reporters

"Even though he's such a natural at live performing, the rehearsal for his upcoming Get Closer tour, sponsored by AT&T and Samsung, was open to about 300 fans, contest winners, media and industry guests at Nashville's Municipal Auditorium."

...ha! well there's that 300-500 fansies, friends and collegues number in attendance confusing again! Website first said 300 last night...The said 500 this morning...I notice even billboard also quoted 500 immediately afterward...NOW says 300! Why the discrepancies? It is obvious the various sources are getting that number from orb's "people"...they cant count? Or are they simply trying to "muddy" the reality of how many people actually attended? Was it actually only 200? HA! Amateurs!

""We need you to sing along and act like a concert, for all intents and purposes. You OK with that?" he asked before opening the mini-show with an a cappella intro of "Put You in a Song." audience "sing-along" is something new to orb's "production?"

Keith Urban Leads Huge Sing-Along for Nicole’s Birthday
posted on June 22, 2010

"Heading into the audience is something that never seems to get old to Urban.
"Sometimes it's really chaotic, but there's something about the adrenaline and electricity and the on-edge unpredictability about it that I really love," he said. "Part of the problem is everything is so thought out that there's not much spontaneity left. I can always feel when something's very predictable."

That led into a discussion of his nightly guitar giveaway which happens during his performance of "You Look Good in My Shirt." There is no real rhyme or reason to selecting the lucky fan."

...HA! So the answer is yes...orb believes his "guitar giveaway" gimmick...which they are admitting is a prior NOT predictable! He says...because...quote...

"There is no real rhyme or reason to selecting the lucky fan." it's "unpredictable"...because the "lucky fan" is randomly chosen? Makes sense...but again, all doublespeak aside...IT IS NOT NEW! be continued...

maclen said...


And here is another promo spot at "digital spy"...clearly repeating for orb's PR BS attack...again today... something that is not in fact true...

Keith Urban 'planned tour around family'

"When I put this tour together, I structured it so I'm only gone maybe two or three days, maybe four days, - sometimes I do four days in a row," Urban said.""The 43-year-old went on to state that his family will accompany him during parts of the tour.
"When we go to Canada and we do three weeks, I'll bring the girls out for some of that run," Urban said."

..again, orb has already spent 12 days seperated from his "family" back in april when he toured OZ...repeating this lie does not make it true. As to the "they'll be out on tour in Canada"...orb SAID THE EXACT same thing back in 2009 when he toured Canada...but kidman flew out middway into the Canadian tour...went to 2 or 3 shows and then split to NYC to watch a U2 concert the very same day orb did a gig in Canada! What sheer stupidity! This rather lame attempt by orb to make "everything old new again"... which obviously goes for his rehashed summer 80's why I seriously believe this tour will be pretty unspectacular. Now this quote from the CMT piece I think says it all pretty clearly...

"His band came in after the first verse and the elaborate lighting system came on. But the strobe lights, disco ball and rollercoaster-like tracks behind Urban didn't stand out half as much as the large circular screen he used to project images of himself and his music videos."

...ohhhh exciting....a disco ball and strobe lights!!

Hatti said...

Oh brother.....Ok now that sounds a little like disco night at the neighborhood dance hall!! ((giggles))) Ok.... I did say in Oz they are still in the seventies. And wasn't the roller coaster ride in DG what is he doing with GC??

I don't get it everyone else is going back to real country or at least a little closer to real country. Well almost everybody, Jason Aldean is mixing it up a bit with rap?? I don't know all this is getting me crazy.

I still can't get use to TS with her tisket tasket music as country. But heck what do I know. I loved Pavarotti!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

...I like to over indulge....this is just a fun game for me!...

Celebrity Column: Select group watches Keith Urban work out tour's kinks

"Even Keith Urban has to practice, and on Thursday, a select group of fans got an up-close view of the process. Urban opened his tour rehearsal at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium to a couple hundred people, and while they were privy to some of the singer’s new bells and whistles on his tour — including a massive lighting rig that looks like a rollercoaster swooping around the stage and an enormous circular video screen reminiscent of a Ferris wheel — they also got to see a whoops here and there.
Urban good-naturedly laughed off false starts on songs, missed guitar changes and even accidently hit himself in the face with a microphone stand. “To those of you coming out to Biloxi (the tour’s first date) next week, the show will be perfect,” he promised with a broad smile. orb actually laying it kind of THICK here? Can the author of this "column"...Cindy Watts ACTUALLY be unaware that orb actually already began his "2011 Get Closer "World" Tour" only 2 months ago in Oz this past April? Orb and his band just played on the CMT awards just 3 days ago. But today at a sneak peak show...orb and his band were suffering from, "false starts on songs, missed guitar changes?" Did orb replace his ENTIRE band that they are that rusty? Did the new set of the roller coaster and strobe lights throw them off? So, that whole "Gomer Pyle" routine JUST so he could plug his first gig in Biloxi?

"For about an hour, the always charismatic singer ripped his way through hit after hit — “Put You in a Song,” “Days Go By,” “You’ll Think of Me” and “You Look Good in My Shirt” — led audience sing-a-longs, gave away a guitar, shared new music and even covered Little Big Town’s “Boondocks...From the stage, Urban said the preview was only about 25 percent of what he has planned for fans on this tour,”, the past gimmicks of "sing alongs" and "guitar giveaways" are many other "old are new again" gimmicks will orb rehash in this "new production?" Again, watch for that "kid with guitar on stage."

"As far as new elements in his show, Urban didn’t reveal much beyond what he did earlier on stage — maybe he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise."

Well, the "build up" is surely not for wanting...but how much will the final "surprise" actually be THAT new or original?

maclen said...

Well, I really think I can give you basically an indication of how it will be on orb's summer tour...just read a review of a gig in Oz to get the gist...BUT not from this april...BUT from 2009, the Escape Together tour...does this sound familar?

Keith Urban – Escape Together Australian Tour Review
By Darryl on 14.12.09

"This show was all about the crowd and making us feel as close to the action as possible. As Keith ran through all of his hits Days Go By, Better Half, You Look Good In My Shirt, Kiss A Girl, Standing Right In Front Of You, fans were treated to close up video footage, Keith walking right through the crowd and playing right up the back, making the worst seats in the house the best. He played a solo version of Once In A Lifetime that encouraged the crowd to an all in sing-along. He even went into the upper side of the crowd and played another song. The band were running and leaping from side to side and ramp to ramp of the stage. The energy was incredibly high for the entire two hours. Another highlight was Keith embracing local talent and inviting Melbourne singer songwriter, Megan Washington to the stage for a rendition of Billy Joel’s You May Be Right which was very cool."

Even in 2009, orb was trying to "get closer" to his fansies on tour...orb was walking into the crowd... encouraging "sing alongs"...inviting "local" talent up on stage! But again...old is NOT new...and clearly...YOU"LL get the good seats now!

hoosierlady said...


"We can't control who we fall in love with, and as much as we all may dislike NK, it may very well be the case that he loves her"

I think you have hit the nail on the head.

Jake said...

I dont think it shows love for Pork Chop it looks to me like days gone by ! LOL

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Oh brother.....Ok now that sounds a little like disco night at the neighborhood dance hall!! ((giggles))) Ok.... I did say in Oz they are still in the seventies. And wasn't the roller coaster ride in DG what is he doing with GC??"

Yeah, Hattie...orb has said that the "theme park" idea was inspired by the song "til summer comes around" which was on the Defying sales album. That's interesting, just as I point out that orb's current summer single, Long hot summer is a 80's tunes rip off... Til summer comes around is a rip off of the early 70's song, "Guitar Man" by Bread. Clearly orb is going for a retro feel to the tour...the 80's rip off single...the strobe lights and disco ball. And clearly orb is far more concerned with the "show" than the "music"...just as clearly his remaining fansies are. Now the question will be, just how many people will this new "production" attract? Exactly how many remains to be seen. As Ive basically and so painstakingly maintained, his actual unoriginality and shallow concepts will not attract new or returning audiences...just as his unoriginal and shallow music has not attracted returning customers!

Tara said...

The days of Keith Urban being out on the road for a few weeks at a time
are over. He does the few days bit
because what would happen if he didn't?
REM did do the generic greeting for at least two tours and then just quit acknowledging the travel aspects
but REM also had at least 6 different set list so each show was different for them Keith stick to the same formula and some of that can be blamed on him and his "Musical director" Chris McHugh who won't veer off the plan. The only time I saw that was when Keith came out to the perform the ode to Kidman and he started playing blister in the sun as a surprise - the audience loved it and he kept it up for the rest of that tour.

Poor Nicole had to fly to LA to work and missed the hoards of Country Music fans in her beloved Nashville- so sad

Teddy C has been very informative as of late... a little tension in the Kurban household over baby #3
I bet Keith will get his own plane for that one.
When you read Ted remember he rarely does straight talking word for word.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"The days of Keith Urban being out on the road for a few weeks at a time
are over. He does the few days bit
because what would happen if he didn't?
REM did do the generic greeting for at least two tours and then just quit acknowledging the travel aspects"

Well, surely Tara, this whole "never away for a few days" is in the end a complete loser for orb. Just the fact that it is not true, and that at some point orb's younger fans will not only outgrow their fandom for him, and a big part of that outgrowing of the orb will be orb's disengenuous hackery and clear unoriginality. Orb is promoting his upcoming tour as a "new production'...and even setting aside the simple fact that a "big circular video screen", a repica "roller coaster"..."strobe lights and a disco ball" are pretty routine on concert tours since the 70's...orb's OWN repeated gimmicks...the "audience walkthrough" and "guitar give aways"... "the catwalk/satelite stages/roundabout" and a few others I suspect orb will also do that he did in Oz this past April... will make for a VERY stale show. And I think Tara, that your comment on orb's concert setlist is very pertinent...I recall more than a few comments over at monkeyland..before they closed it that monkeys complaining about how they had made the effort to make it to MULTIPLE shows over the tours run...only to see orb play the EXACT same playlist as the last they saw!
Well, as to REM, not a fan...outside of their one song, Losing my Religion...but they seem to have had there moment in the spotlight...but are still releasing albums...but they are not as relevent as they once were. But then MOST dont last of course...though REM DO HAVE some longevity to there career. And from what I read...they have NOT been a huge presence in live touring the past decade. I believe orb's career WILL depend on touring...which is why there is this HUGE hype regarding this tour.

Tara said...

REM hasn't done a tour in about 3 years and their record contract with Warners is over so we will see what happens- they were bigger in overseas in the last few years but their records still sell and they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but who knows - they have been together for almost 35 years- just like U2. Kinda like Queen just before Freddy died.

Back to Keith- he will need to keep touring to keep his name in the press, to keep relevant because without the big star making machinery behind him he has to create his own press- which is why I think the marriage works for him. I will venture a guess here but I seriously doubt he is in love with his wife but he is in love with her fame and what she can do to open those doors he needs to keep his career going. I sometimes wonder how much of Get closer was both a middle finger to his record company for forcing and early release and a big statement to the world that this is the butter on my bread and I am grateful. I do think he is delusional to think that she is a major star with power. Yes, she is famous but now what is that all about being a clothes hanger and botox addict?

maclen said...

Tara said...
"REM hasn't done a tour in about 3 years and their record contract with Warners is over so we will see what happens-"

Well Tara, from what Ive just read on to touring...I found this quote from Peter Buck on the decision to NOT tour in support of their latest album...

"Peter Buck citing in an interview with NME that "it does seem like we've toured a lot in the last eight or 10 years. To some degree it felt like we'd just been doing kind of the same thing we did last time. You just don't really want to repeat yourself in that way." He also stated that touring doesn't help album sales and concluded, "It seems like less and less people are buying albums, so do what you want."

So, basically, REM believes what I believe is the problem with current really cant do anything that is "new"...orb's hyping it as "new" only allows for a letdown among any of his wavering fans.
Orb surely will NOT have longevity like REM... and if he doesnt play it correctly, he will falter. And I think it is ANOTHER excellent observation, Tara...this latest cd, which is truly an over the top "kidman-fest" which has surely been shown to be the antithesis to successful cd sales...may have simply been a parting "middle finger" to CapNash! Hilarious! For what ever reason he did WAS NOT a good business decision!

maclen said...

So, here's something interesting I came upon as I was googling a few quotes...


Mar 18, 2009

"Keith Urban promises changes to his show this season. "We've got all new production," Keith declares. But, while the stage graphics will still be huge, he plans on getting even more up close and personal with his fans.

"My biggest thing I wanted to do was to figure out ways to get closer to the audience and to get more integrated and less us up here and them down there."

Keith Urban talks summer 'Get Closer' tour -- and why he'll be coming home with scratches on his chest and back

May 30, 2011

"But what does Urban have planned for when he hits the stage? “I’m going into the crowd on several occasions. This tour is not just called Get Closer, it’s literally gonna be that, too,” he promises."

...well, based on this...I think we can cut the pretense that the title of his cd WAS NOT in regard to the wifey and kids...BUT to his fansies...BUT back in November is meant this...

Keith Urban Reveals the Meaning Behind His New Album Title, Get Closer

Keith Urbna's new album, Get Closer, is in stores Tuesday featuring his latest hit, "Put You in a Song." As always, Keith is writing and singing about his own life on that album, and these days it revolves around wife Nicole Kidman and their daughter, Sunday Rose. The album's title is a reflection of where Keith's relationship with Nicole is right now."

So, obviously orb's "doublespeak" knows NO bound or limits...when the cd came out last novemver it was about his wife and kid...but NOW that he's going out on NOW means he wants to "get closer" to his fansies? Well, the fact that orb was talking about "getting closer" to his fansie's back in 2009...I think we all can get a gist of where orb's feelings truly lay...and it aint, in this case...with the family! HA! So, I maintain, it is all "gimmick"...the lines between "profession" and "family" are totally blurred...and just as hazy. A musican who cannot keep those lines seperated is bound to lose the orb HAS...with the people in his orbit. And in this case it is the fansies who have already abandoned him, who clearly got tired of his utter insincerity and hypocrisy. He's like the douche who arrives at the party with a gift...and when it's time for the next party...he brings that same gift! THe title of his cd is about his wife and kid...ok..."that's sweet!" proclaim the fansies...but then when it's time for orb to get their money...the title is suddenly about him wanting to get closer to the fansies! "Come," orb now says, "scatch my chest and back bloody at my concert, you animals...I really need your money!" Now of course I dont mean all this little essay literally, but I do believe that some of his fansie's will find it pretty shabby just on principle.

Hatti said...

((giggles))) She has more addictions than just botox Tara!! But who wants to talk about Moosie girl. She is not relevant any longer. Her career is farther down the dunny than KU's.

Well I don't believe KU has ever been in love with her or her fame. That fame was a knife in his back in Nash. He didn't want to have anything to do with her. That is why he didn't call her after she put that tele no. in his hand. Can you imagine how angry Moosie must have been when he (the red neck from Queenie) had the audacity not to jump on that phone. I guess she was going to teach him a lesson.

Well my dear he learned his lesson very well. And now the student is the teacher!! Six years Moosie is a nobody. I call it Keith Karma!! ((giggles))))

smorgas91 said...

Anna Marie wrote, "He does not want anymore, heck he didn't even want the first two and Kidman wants more because she is so earthed and motherly..." you're kidding, right? This moron has not an ounce of originality, her whole existence is aobut copying other people's ideas, delivering what she thinks others want to hear, imitating the hottest celebrieties of the moment. Wanted Jolies mgr, thrusts her ass out because the trend is that about female asses right now started by j.lo, wants to carry on her third lip business because the pouty looks were in before, says her kid is a fashionista, picks her own clothes -- well, well, doesn't that sound like what Suri is known for, okay, so this many kids thing...duh, it's Jolie. At age forty somthing with the mentality of impresisonable teenager. Maternal, earthy, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING! If most trendy typically twenties started parading with a tail, this middle aged moron will start parading around with a tail...geeze, even the equal crapola ku has to have picked this up by now

Tara said...

Remember over in Oz she has been a goddess for a time til the tall poppy syndrom took over - and that was only in the last 5 years or so
Our Nic remember- so the fame she has/had could have been an attraction
look what it did for his career after they were mentioned being together- people became interested beyond country music.

Can people so enamored of themselves be able to love anyone else?

I too will go out on a limb and we will see Kidman and Keith start adopting children- Nicole the humanitarian regardless of how Keith feels- because at some point he will be gone and Kidman can become Josephine Baker.

Jake said...

Yea I dont know much about fashion or trends. I do know Pork Chop is looking trashier every day. LOL

As for Urban? He is just going along with the flow as far as I can see. He is looking more the fashion plate at these things than she does. At least his suits fit. LOL

Hatti said...

She will look as she does now a non interested parent. She will have a barrage of nannies whatever parking lot she decides to parade them on for PR.

We saw the seating arrangements on the flight back from Oz. Moosie and KU were in first class and the nannies with Sunday were someplace far from them.

That is why KU rolled his eyes in the camera. He is saying please enough with the phoney. You hate kids and it shows.

She couldn't even be a part time mom to Bella and Connor. But she is going to surrogate her way into oblivion? What a jerk!!

I don't believe there is any love between the two of them or even a friendship. What ever she does is her affair not his. He is the escort and that was and still is the deal!!

Now let us see how many times Moosie and the girls go out on the tour with him or how fast she finds a gig of her own as an excuse not to! ((giggles)))

LindaMarie said...


Of course I was kidding. She has about as much a maternal bone in her body as a sparerib. Keith never wanted children and neither does she. She is as phony as it comes. There is no reality in her head. She is constantly playing a role. And she is playing a role with Urban because she had a timeline to follow. She is only a loving wife and mother when the cameras are there, which the bulk of the time they are and for good reason. She plays the roles of wife, mother, lover, country music fan, lover of the touring life, garderner and whatever suits her fancy that day. She is a player at everything and a master at none. She is a nut and delusional and shame on them both for bringing two little innocent sweet girls into their charade.

Tara said...

I think Teddy C said it all in talking about Cruella in that she is getting publicity for being a wife
and any publicity is publicity

Hatti said...

Yes LindaM she is a nut. The worst of it TC gave her a bunch of money. The most dangerous thing in the world is a rich self absorbed certifiable nut!!! It really wrecks peoples lives. Including children.

You want to see her in a looney bin? Wait till the day she calls the paps and they don't show up!! ((giggles))))

maclen said...

So, as I await the sales numbers for this past week...and to see the NO DOUBT HUGE sales bump from his SMASH #1 hit song...or should I say the Pahanish/West penned #1 song...a little sneak peak at orb's upcoming tour...set to begin tomorrow...with a few relevent points beyond the shameless plugs and shilling...

Urban in Biloxi to kick off tour

"The Coliseum doors open at 6 p.m. Thursday and the concert starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets were still available Tuesday and start at $30.50. They are available at the Coliseum box office or any Ticketmaster outlet"..."McDonnell said he anticipates about 8,000 people to attend the show and advised ticket holders to arrive earlier than usual to accommodate the crowds already at the Coliseum for the annual Summer Fair. Traffic in the area will be congested, and there will be restricted access as a result. Satellite parking and shuttle service will be available.
Rising country star Jake Owen will be the support act for the American leg of the tour.", only 2 days before the gig and tickets are still available? And they are expecting 8000 people to attend? Actually, seeing as the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in biloxi is a minimum 11,500 reserved seating, 15,000 festival seating capacity...clearly THERE WAS NEVER an expectation that orb WOULD sell out the venue! But, as orb's previous tour numbers show, an 8000 attendence would be a come down from the average of 10,000 he was getting in 2009! And as usual for these "estimates"...they are usually "high" that the HYPE machine is in effect...recall the "expectation" prior to orb's gig at the "tiger jam" was to be sold out, but only half filled that venue...AND in Vegas to boot! And how much of a draw will relative newbie and unknown jake owen be? He's certainly NOT swifty...lady ant...aldrean, sugarland et al... which was HALF of orb's drawing power in 2009. So I expect orb's drawing power this time to also be about half. So we shall soon see. Cant wait to see the ongoing numbers for this thing!

maclen said... is this weeks numbers...AND...get a load of roughstock hilarious hyping of orb pathetic numbers!

Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 40,796 1,310,972

Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give 17,655 968,714

Taylor Swift Speak Now 17,221 3,468,057

Lady Anthebellum Need You Now 10,873 3,532,706

Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 10,289 865,016

Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey

Miranda Lambert Revolution 5,803 1,331,498

orb Get Closer 3,202 597,993 here's the HILARIOUS quote...

"Keith Urban has the CMT Awards to thank for a massive rebound on the SoundScan Top 200 Current Albums chart this week and he’s now oh, so close to having scanned 600,000 copies of “Get Closer.”

...Yes...orb's MASSIVE REBOUND resulted in 653 MORE cds sold this week than last! So orb DIDNT win a cmt award...but he has the awards show for a massive rebound...AND he's aLMOST to only 600k cds sold? In comparison, the flatts are now 267,023 cds AHEAD of orb in sales with 856k sold from the exact starting date...this week aldrean had a cd sales spike of 7,701 from last week and sold 40k cd last week...z brown had +1850 and sold 17k cds last week...swifty 1,978 more cd at 17 k. But, again r flatts MAY have actually had a sales drop last week of -1.398 less cds, but they still sold 11k cds last week. AND ORBS 652 cd sales spike is MASSIVE REBOUND! HA! Yeah orb is just doing soooo marvelous....he's true that he's SOOO heavy...he SINKS right to the bottom!

Jake said...

Yea this album dont seem to move. It looks like someone is scanning for Pork Chop! LOL

Hatti said...

So now we have WY falling again. We have a show that is only sold to the 7th row first tier. And it opens tonight. Ok... maclen... Here we go. Who is going to bail this out?? ((giggles))))

I hear in regard to Moosie girl....There is no Bdway show?? Dropped that idea!! No movie Trespass?? Seems to be shelved to at least Sept. Danish girl?? Is sooooo gone!!! ((giggles)))

So I guess it's off to the GC tour for her and the girls!! Now this is going to be so much fun to see her under that awning of the bus watching the kids in the kiddie pool and listening to the old boom box!

Yes throw those bangers on the barbie!! ((giggles))))))

Tara said...

I heard the play has been pushed back until winter. Franco is still tied to it but has film projects.

I haven't seen any reviews for last night has anyone?

Hatti said...


It's tonight in Biloxi Ms. It wasn't filled I think they sold tickets to the first tier.

maclen said...

Jake said...
"Yea this album dont seem to move. It looks like someone is scanning for Pork Chop! LOL"

Hatti said...
"So now we have WY falling again. We have a show that is only sold to the 7th row first tier. And it opens tonight. Ok... maclen... Here we go. Who is going to bail this out?? ((giggles))))"

Clearly Jake, orb's cds sales are now set in concrete...he's basically getting between 600 to 1000 cd sales spikes, bumps and dips. Those are pathetic numbers he is playing here. He got only a 600+ cd sales bump for his super bowl appearence...barely a little more for the talk show appearences...he's gotten a 600 bump this past week for a "#1" song. As I maintained previously, I dont think being on tour is going to help very much. The fansies who are going to flock to his tour this summer no doubt already have his cd.
And as this early review of orb's first gig in Biloxi reveals, Hatti...orb IS NOT apparently even living up to expectations...

Urban electrifies coliseum crowd

"Keith Urban got up close and personal with about 7,000 fans Thursday night at the Coast Coliseum for the kickoff of his “Get Closer” 2011 world tour."

...yeah...the SunHerald says that the orb electrified 7000 fansies ...but only 2 days ago they speculated he may play to maybe an expected 8000 fansies! That 7k number CERTAINLY fits into the 7k orb also played to two venues in OZ back in April. And it MAY get orb played tonight in the certainly "Nashville" friendlier southern Miss! Recall in Vegas, orb played to only 6,200. Now, I certainly AM NOT going to bother with the "reviews" of the actual show...I dont think you will find ANY "reviews" criticizing anything. They simply hype the pre show...they are simply going to hype the post show. I'm VERY sure I could simply post a new review for this show...and find an exactly similar review from 2009 and you couldnt tell the difference between this "new production" is basically the OLD production! Only I suppose...this "production" has a "roller coaster" and the previous one...didn't! HA! To quote the film
"All the President's Men"..."Follow the money"...and to clarify...just follow the gross...

Tara said...

I think he is going to get that intimate feel if the numbers continue low.

Boy I really have slipped if I didn't know when the tour started. Or is it because its just not that important any longer?

Rumors are she was there but I kinda expected that since it was the first date and they haven't been seen since the dinner party on the 14th.

maclen said...

Well, taking a look forward to the orb's show venue capacities the rest of the week...I would surely surmise one thing...

Jacksonville Veterans Arena- 15k

St. Petersburg Forum- 19k-21.5k

Colonial Life Arena-18k

Time Warner Cable Arena- 14k-19k

RBC Center- 19k-20k

Scottrade Center-19k-21k

i Wireless Center- 12k

...and that is there WILL NOT be very many claims of "SELLOUTS" regarding orb's tour.

maclen said...

So, as the orb's tour begins to pretty predictable results...a thought occured to me as I pondered orb's probable numbers as it pertains to this current tour. I came on a realization that orb is ALSO pretty weak in international numbers. Now some may have noticed that I mercilessly mock the orb and his..."WORLD" tour...seeing as it is basically only Canada and OZ. I was clearly noting that when orb actually received an award for being a huge "international" performer! Well, what I neglected to include in my mockery was orbs "worldwide" touring numbers. Just as it is in lalaland...where top grossers films would invaritably gross more internationally than in the US. For instance, kidman's was notorious for his films grossing $100 mil in the US...but would usually gross twice or even three times world about $200mil or $300mil. Well, music has the same thing, with pollstar reporting US concert grosses AND worldwide grosses. So, in the case of orb...I neglected to highlight his "WORLDWIDE" grosses. As I've mentioned a few times, in 2009, orb's US concert tour grossed $42.7mil...BUT his "WORLDWIDE" tour only grossed $46.2mil. So basically, orb grossed $42 mil of that in the US...and the rest...$3.5mil... HE GROSSED in the rest of the world! Again, that is pathetic....and again, ORB IS NOT AN INTERNATIONAL STAR! But, to be clear...NO country 2009 anyways... WAS an international not chesney or paisley or even swifty toured internationally extensively. But, I think swifty is going to change that this year. She has a 80+ gig schedule this year...with about 20 gigs in foreign venues including Japan, philipines, holland, norway germany, italy, france, UK and Ireland. But then, swifty has something that orb or most other of the country acts do not have right now...and that is universal appeal.

maclen said... hypnotically...

...I know I said a few comments ago that I wasnt going to bother with "reviews" of the actual show...I cannot pass up the inevitable tripe that orb is going to "regurgitate" it's immediately back to my favorite wit...

REVIEW Urban’s ‘Get Closer’ tour opens with bang

"The show came just shy of a sell-out crowd and featured an elaborate stage set-up with a dizzying array of lights and mobile cameras."

...just shy of a sellout? So... the venue was configured for only AN 8000 max capacity? In a 15,000 cap arena? HA! Orb OBVIOUSLY KNOWS his limitations!

"By the show’s end, though, the real stars were the fans. Urban routinely sang along with, rather than for, the crowd. He even brought three audience members on stage with him to sing his 2009 hit “Kiss A Girl.

...HA! So, the "production" IS NEW! Instead of bringing a kid with a guitar to sing on stage...the orb "CHANGED" the bring in 3 members on stage to sing...sans guitar! GENIUS!! How original...

"True to the tour’s motto of “Get Closer,” Urban stunned the fans at floor level by walking through the crowd and performing several songs atop a small platform inches from the pressing mass of energized fans.
Who’s got the good seats now?” Urban smirked as he performed “Blue Jeans” and “Once In A Lifetime Love.” oldie...but a moldy! So orb is BACk to "good seats" again from 2009...instead of the "BEST seats!" Well, that's NEW! Again, how original...wonder how many monkeys are gonna swoon that that was their "favorite" moment over at the ticketmaster comment board!?

"As the night progressed, he got even closer to the fans, walking up into the cheap seats for a performance of “You Look Good In My Shirt.” He autographed his guitar and handed it off to a fan. the mold continues to UNFOLD! Well, remember...the "spontaneity" in this "day old bread" bit is in WHO orb decides to give the guitar to! It's a HUGE attraction when he decides! But wait, there's been an he autographs the guitar. Soon he'll be giving away signed drum kits and pianos from the stage! IT's all deja vu all over again...and again...and again...and again..., do you even THINK for a moment that these SO CALLED "reviews" are EVER gonna even mention that these "bits" have been regurgitated by orb for years now?

maclen said...

So now, here is the first take of jacksonville...

Love in the air at Keith Urban's Jacksonville concert on Friday night

If you're sick of love, he's not your man. If you're lovesick, listen while nursing a bottle of bourbon. But if you're silly in love or trying to set the mood for love, he might just be your knight in shining armor. That is, of course, unless you're a cynic, critic or connoisseur, in which case his songs are much too cliché to reflect true love.
Not so for the crowd in Jacksonville, which albeit not as large as at most country arena concerts in the city, loved him."

...what? The orb...CLICHE?? Pshaw you hack! But albeit...true...NOT as large with 'swooners" than most country gigs! No doubt the actual numbers are too pathetic to even mention...

"Befitting the "Get Closer Tour" name, he interacted with the audience extensively, at one point even inviting two ecstatic fans and one nervous little girl on the stage to sing "Kiss a Girl."

...yes, the "3 fansies invited on stage" have replaced the "kid with guitar" on stage. Now, do you suppose orb will manage the MASSIVE "restructuring" of the new production... to only, say, invite one fansie again...or just 2 or even 4... or is the 3 fansies actually written into the contract with liveNation? LOok for the prerequisite youtube videos.

"The upper section on the far end was empty, as were some rows in the other upper sections. Fans in attendance gave him plenty of love, but it was obvious he isn't as popular in this area as American Southern boys such as Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw. again, the venue MUST have been pretty empty to warrent ANOTHER mention of how it lacked for bodies in the place. The Jacksonville venue is another 15k'er.

"Low point: He lost the crowd some with "Georgia Woods." The restless bathroom-breaking, beer-buying and texting continued through " 'Til Summer Comes Again." It took the up-tempo No. 1 hit "Sweet Thing" to rev things up again.", orb's non "rah rah"...unnourishingly superficial and "cliched" stuff is putting the un-masses to sleep? Clearly the vapid remaining monkeys in attendance are NOT well versed in 80's-lite music!

"Best song: "Days Go By," the only song in Urban's set that wasn't about love, is a catchy one. With lyrics such as "we're coming undone" and "we're losing ourselves," it carries a good reminder to anyone living in our hectic modern world. Love songs are great, but "Days Go By" showed he would do well to mix up his topics a bit more.

...topics? WHAT OTHER topics does orb express?! The song about the pickup truck? Or the song about the pickup truck's radio? The one about her "brown skin shimmering in the sun?
Now, just a little observation about this review...I sensed an almost PERSONAL shout out from this reviewer...reading "cynic" and "blonde highlights"...could be a occasional visitor to the Urban Myths blog!

Hatti said...

So maclen...What you are saying is that he needs to do more of the songs that are just about a new found kind of feeling as in (happy).

See I feel that You're Gonna Fly is about the feelings of Days Go Bye. Like ok.. pick anyplace and we will go to that adventure. We will mend each other and have fun!! I think the songs he has personally written are pretty open.

It is to me the fact he tainted his music by dedicating it to a phoney marriage, people that have been HIS fans just can't swallow. So they won't give the songs that really have nothing to do with Hagmaw a chance.

Not that I would buy this piece of crap as an album. But some singles if the listener can detach the smell of Hagmaw they may very well enjoy.

I would say, put the old clothes pin on your nose and try it!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

Hatti said...

So maclen...What you are saying is that he needs to do more of the songs that are just about a new found kind of feeling as in (happy).

Well, Hatti...NOT to sound TOO biased...cause I clearly am...but truthfully, The Beatles most certainly OWN the concept of "LOVE!" Though it is only a sliver of their massive and complex influence...they clearly have that cornerstone...and in much richer and all encompassing concepts! No way in H, E double hockey sticks is orb going to hope to co-opt it! Orb problem is he is so one dimensional. He put out an entire album on HIS love for his wife called defying Sales...ok, how sweet some may say...and then he put out another album...about...his love for his wife! Last year...I was pondering exactly what would orb be basing his next cd on. I rightly guessed that it would be once again dedicated to the wife. Orb obviously has NO OTHER thought or opinion on all the vast and endless issues that could possibly pique his seeming disinterested mind! He and the "limo ambassador" certainly talk up their "concern" for the unfortunates of the world...and they certainly play it up in very self promoting media campaigns....BUT...when orb needs to express those concerns at disaster relief benefits in front of the I just mentioned...he invaritably goes right to The Beatles for the "voice" to express it. As he did when he covered the Beatles Help! for the GATV flood benefit last year. When he played the 2010 CMA Music Fest...and trotted out two members of Little Big town and sara buxton as HIS backup...he invaritably goes right to The Beatles "With a little Help from my Friends"...because orb clearly DOES NOT have the multi-dimensional song backlog to express that concept! Does the orb even have the chops to personally write a song on say...the tennessee flood victims? Can he bring the profound emotion and poetry to write anything OTHER than "swiping his Uncle's truck to take his girl for a ride down by the lake or to the carnival... with the radio blasting a real rad tune?" I certainly dont believe so!

maclen said... I love you....
_the Beatles 1963 I just noticed, via "twitter-ers"...courtesy of the "last fansie on in the world"... the orb is doing covers of The Beatles...

"RoxieLute: Keith Urban just got sexier. Who could resist a man singing the Beetles.(sic) Hehe."

"royconine: The concert was sweet. @KeithUrban sang a few cover songs that included The Beatles, Waylon Jennings, U2 and even Tom Petty. #Sweetness"

...AND apparently Waylon, U2 and Tom Petty as well! Obviously, WITHOUT the MAJOR back up of swifty, aldrean, lady ant et al...this tour will turn into a virtual "cover-rama!" Lets see...there's still "the Boss" springsteen...The Rolling stones and Bread! Don't overlook The Police, Greg kihn band, Eddie Money and Don Henley orb can pick the bones for some "mass appeal!"

Hatti said...

Well maclen....Again we have to go back to the point that Oz is years behind us. And to tell you the truth I was a big Beatles buff. When they surfaced it was like wow this is a great new sound.

I would say that he sang the appropriate songs for the disasters.

I can understand what you are saying. I believe his audiences have had all they can take with the insipid ode to Moosie girl. I can tell you it has always turned my stomach.

Till Summer Comes Around I enjoyed b/c it's not about her. Long Hot Summer is not about her.

It is a shame people have to pic pieces out of this shabby album. There is no sincerity in most of the songs.

That's why pre Moosie was real enjoyable he was experiencing life and a culmination of the work he did on his own since he was six.

Now it's not him working hard for his fans to give him a paycheck. It promoting his Moosie girl to get a paycheck!!!

Choice said...

Nobody loves nicole anymore ... how sad.

maclen said...

Well, Hatti and Choice, as to kidman...along with her longtime career "subsidizing" in seems quite evident that she will soon be collecting "unemployment" as well!

Well, since it is quite apparent that the orb's gig in Tampa last night didn't even merit an online now "something completely different...

Country superstar Swift rocks out at Heinz Field
Sunday, June 19, 2011

"The last time Taylor Swift performed at Heinz Field, she was an opening act for country superstar Keith Urban. Saturday night, Swift drew 52,000 fans into that same venue on her own, blazing her own path as a country music superstar."

Kenny Chesney's long gone, but buzz following Lambeau show lingers
Jun. 16, 2011

"The euphoria over the country superstar’s milestone visit to Lambeau, however, well, that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
For the 45,446 who were witness to it, the gushing goes on."

Paisley's show gets bigger each year
Jun. 17, 2011

"His trip through Riverbend Thursday was not unlike visits in previous years: a set of 22 songs, most of them hits, with a pretty hot electric guitar solo performed by the star in just about every one. The show drew a crowd of 16,000."

...and thus invaritably the question is posed...can orb EVEN come close to those sorts of numbers? Well, apparently in his first 3 gigs he couldn't.

Tara said...

He was singing Beatle songs during the Be Here tour in 2004-2005. That is fine I have no problem with the covers (They are sometimes better than his songs shhhh)

Do all of you think he actually got a Fathers Day this year or was it a pre birthday day for Kidman?

he worships at her alter be it for financial or emotional reasons some day when he pulls his head out of her ass he might see his own worth.

Hatti said...

Yes Tara, I liked the Bob Marley song during this BBQ tour last summer. He almost sounds Jamaican with his Aussie accent. So it was fun. I think boys of summer was a happy gig for him and for everyone.

This GC album sucks for the most part. We all knew it wasn't going to go well for him if he continues to put Moosie girl in front of his fans all the time

I guess he is going to play this out to the end. I just think the end will be sooner than he thinks.

maclen said...

Well, that is interesting about orb's past tours Tara. And it is interesting what difference a few years make. This from 2009...

Keith Urban Hits the Ground Running at Minnesota Tour Stop
May 15, 2009

"ST. PAUL, Minn. -- After gigs at America's biggest Indian casino (Connecticut's Mohegan Sun) and one of its biggest colleges (Penn State), Keith Urban's Escape Together World Tour hit the ground running here Thursday night (May 14) at Xcel Energy Center."
"He was literally running through the crowd of 15,483." I mentioned a few days ago, the orb just played his first gig in mississippi to a crowd of about 7, what I would certainly consider to be somewhat of a larger bastion of country music enthusiasts than Minnisota...where he drew a crowd of 15,483 in his first gig in 2009!

"Who's got the best seats now?" he asked as he finally faced the fans in the $20 seats at the bowl end of the X. (None of the women on the main floor watching Urban from behind were complaining, either.)"

Yes, I realize this may be getting monotonous to some commenters here...BUT it would seem to have some merit to the subject of orb's drawing power. But a surely IMPORTANT factor in this is...HOW many of those woman who may have swooned as orb announced that phrase in 2009...perhaps DID NOT attend orb's first gig in 2011 due to just that ONE monotonous gimmick of "who's got the best seats?" Certainly one thing to ponder!

"After making that memory for the folks in the cheap seats, the man married to Nicole Kidman scurried back to the main stage with a convoy of security men clearing the path. It was time for Defying Gravity, as Urban did three consecutive selections from his recent No. 1 album. "Standing Right in Front of You" was smothered in dreamy doo-wop harmonies. The melancholy, slow-burn"'Til Summer Comes Around" evoked Tom Petty and Don Henley"

...we'll actually...NOT Petty or Henley...but Bread! But as Hatti just mentioned...Hattie likes the the other "summer" song this year...Long Hot Summer. But again the songs ARE MEANT to have the broader appeal. The "borrowing" of other song melodies and lyrics and simple "vibe" subliminally entice the listener to be drawn to it. And simply stated, orb is trying to entice you NOT being orb! Not a good sign...

"His 20-song set featured six numbers from Defying Gravity and a full array of his hits. Unlike his previous headline tours, the guitar hero didn't sneak in any riffs from classic rock songs or even do any full covers.

...again, the covers this year...which includes The Beatles, Waylon Jennings, Tom Petty and U2 apparently...falls into that "subliminal" nostalgia. Four cover versions or even just a mash up of 4 other artists is an indication of less than confidant feel for his own stuff alone!

"The Zac Brown Band kicked off Thursday's concert with the bearded frontman singing part of the opening to "Different Kind of Fine" without his microphone working."

...another issue this year, as opposed to 2009, is back up. Simply put, orb ONLY has jake owen for the ENTIRE US Tour. It would seem that this year, in orb's US tour...he is reduced to only HALF of a draw now!

maclen said...

...poster UN-redacted..., seemingly...the "last orb fansie in the world" over at E! has just posted the one...and only..."review" of the orb's show in Tampa. ONLY is IS NOT an ACTUAL "review" of orb's show last night! Here...

Keith Urban "Gets Closer" to Tampa

...where upon the "reviewer" describes orb's new production...all the bells and whistles...and simply playing up the show. To wit...

"This just was not a show about how spectacular Keith Urban can swoon the ladies and make the men a bit jealous (or maybe it was) but rather a real and live concert the way they should be."

...but if you note this "reviewer" says..."Nicholas Walker: Orlando Concert Photography Examiner." Yeah...this IS NOT the music's the photographer! He took photos at the show. He doesnt mention songs orb played, or how he played them...the people brought up on stage to sing, or the person who got the free "autographed" guitar...BUT MORE attendance numbers! So basically, this is the paper's photographer who is simply helping to "promote" the orb's show! There is one intersting point in the piece though...

"Keith's stage setup is not the typical kind you would see at a regular concert. It has a semi-circular shape to it with no barricade, no security, and no media."

Could it be that after the review of orb's first show in Biloxi that revealed the pathetic 7k attendence...and then the second review of the show in Jacksonville that mentioned TWICE how empty the venue was... orb banned the true media reviewers from the third show in Tampa? That would certainly explain the lack of ANY real reviews of the show...and end the report of how EMPTY this show may have been! HA! hilarious!

maclen said... scoured...

...JUST HAD to post this, As per my last comment on the Tampa less reviews due to pathetic is what I clearly believe is an indication that orb IS checking out those first few reviews. This is orb clearly responding to the review in Jacksonville...where the reviewer said...

"If you're sick of love, he's not your man. If you're lovesick, listen while nursing a bottle of bourbon. But if you're silly in love or trying to set the mood for love, he might just be your knight in shining armor. That is, of course, unless you're a cynic, critic or connoisseur, in which case his songs are much too cliché to reflect true love." here is orb trying to be...Paul McCartney! Courtesy of the "lone fansie"...

Keith Urban Tampa, FL 2011 Tour "Silly Love Songs" quote McCartney...

Silly Love Songs

"Youd think that people would have had enought of silly love songs.
But I look around me and I see it isn't so.
Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.
And what's wrong with that?
Id like to know, cause here I go again
I love you, I love you," once again, the orb HAS NO RESPONSE to dig out for the occasion. HE MUST grab from a Beatle...again! Soon, orb's concert tour will resemble another act currently on tour..."Rain - The Beatles Experience" WEll that WOULD explain the orb's "beatle bob"..only he's have to dye out those precious "frosted highlights" of his! But I'm SURE orb will have JUST AS much success as Macca...HA!

maclen said...


Ha! Before a "hyperventilating" fansie comes on and proclaims I was wrong on the facts...which apparently is a rare seems that orb singing Mccartney's "Silly Love Songs" in reponse to a review of his second show was not correct, as I had hypothesized. It seems orb sang macca's song in the first gig as well. Well that's according to setlists online anyways. Ok...that one can be set aside...BUT...what I also discovered is that orb is doing 6 covers! As I just commented...he's doing Macca...AC/DC...U2...Waylon jennings...tom petty...and little big town. Yeah, he's even got one for the metal heads! That is surely MORE than I though...only 4 more and thats about half of his entire set! Dont be surprised by how things are going he simply isnt soon doing all cover songs!

kaitlin said...

So he did "Silly Love Songs" y'all think he is aware of the criticism, just maybe??

music said...

I think he is unapologetic about his silly love songs:

In a recent video chat through his website, Keith explained the title and what it means to him, personally, saying "I write love songs; that's what I write..."

Tara said...

I think perhaps that Saturday was Sir Paul's 69th birthday and Silly Love songs was a Wings song (not my favorite) and Keith met McCartney at the 2010 Grammys so perhaps it was just a nod to another musician on his birthday?

I too loved the Bob Marley song last year.

Hatti said...

Yes Tara...I got a kick out of it. And I guess you could call it a love song. (giggles)))

I think KU is paying dearly for his label. By looking towards a possible future he is losing out in the present. I don't see why but I'm not walking in his shoes.

When he put up the covers of this album I believe he was trying to prove a point to Moosie girl. If I put a likness of you on my cover my fans will lose interest in this album. I guess she said, "I'm paying for this and I shall have it my way!" So she got it! What did it prove? Well to me it proved that most people dislike Moosie girl intensely. Most people are sick of her narcissism. And most people don't want her anywhere near their music CD or concert!!!

So to sum it up the more he brings her into his music the fewer seats he will have filled. He has a choice to make... career... or... Moosie.

maclen said...

kaitlin said...
"So he did "Silly Love Songs" y'all think he is aware of the criticism, just maybe??"

Well kaitlin, if orb ISNT aware...if his declining cd sales...and now, his declining concert attendences hasnt made him aware...he is in real trouble of complete obsolescence! One-dimensional it sean cassidy, leif garret to tony defranco...(tony who?)...rise and fall rather quickly. And it's their shallowness that is the cause. But unlike the macca... who was speaking to the criticism he was receiving POST Beatles break up of simply doing fluffy "love songs"...orb DOESNT have a previous decade of musical masterpieces to give his claim of simply doing "silly love songs" any validity at all!

music said...
"I think he is unapologetic about his silly love songs:
In a recent video chat through his website, Keith explained the title and what it means to him, personally, saying "I write love songs; that's what I write..."

I dont think orb CAN write about anything else, music! That's why he does SO MANY covers. He needs the Beatles profound messaging to meet a certain situation. He needs AC/DC to appeal to the metal heads. He's now doing 6 covers a night...again just a few shy of half his set... after seeming to have kept the covers to an almost non existant level back in 2009. And again, what DID he have back in'09 he DOESNT have today? Yeah, he doesnt have swifty, aldrean, lady ant..etc...THAT WERE half his attraction two years ago. It's that simple.

Tara said...
"I think perhaps that Saturday was Sir Paul's 69th birthday and Silly Love songs was a Wings song (not my favorite) and Keith met McCartney at the 2010 Grammys so perhaps it was just a nod to another musician on his birthday?"

As to it being macca's b-day, Tara...I dont think that was the total motivation. If setlists online are to be believed...they are constantly being "updated" so who knows what setlist he played each night...but supposedly he played macca's song all three nights, beginning on the 16th...but either way, I think with the plethora of covers...orb is clearly trying to fill an "empty" element that is missing in this current tour. And that is the lack of substansive opening acts. This way, he is subliminally "on tour" with macca...U2...tom petty...AC/DC and waylon jennings.

maclen said...

So, here again, is ANOTHER "review" of the Tampa show...THAT IS NOT a review!

Review: Fans get closer to Keith Urban

...and once again, the "photographer" writes another all gushing, boot licking promo piece for the orb!

"Get Closer, or as Urban says in his Aussie accent “Git Close-uh,” is his latest and seventh solo studio record.

"Git close-uh"...ahhhh how "pwechious" he is!
It's pretty clear orb clamped down on true music critics at this show. There is no attendence was glaringly obvious in the reviews of the two previous shows. No mention of the paltry numbers at the show. Wonder how many in the future will simply be "reviewed" by photographers!

blue sky said...

music, too bad he isn't the one writing songs like "Without You"!

maclen, you are right about the lack of a concert review. Look at what is said about the music. It is all about the stage set-up. I guess the music wasn't much to talk about!

maclen said...

blue sky said...
"maclen, you are right about the lack of a concert review. Look at what is said about the music. It is all about the stage set-up. I guess the music wasn't much to talk about!"

Well, when the reviews for the first two gigs, blue sky, were pretty clear of the pathetic audiences and a pretty lukewarm review of the flow of the show...orb needed to do a little bit of clean up! As the numbers clearly show blue sky, just as his cd sales are basically cut in half...the audience for his tour has also been cut in half! It is no accident that after the first two gig reviews revealed the poor attendence and lack of interest in parts of the show...ALL REVIEWS for the 3rd gig are NOTHING but gushing love letters to doubt the contents of them provided by orb's own hacks! We shall see how many MORE reports of attendence or NON gushing PR claptrap will be allowed to get reported.

hoosierlady said...

I know I really do not want the answer to this, but I can't get my fingers to quit asking.

Which AC/DC, and oh......Tom Petty songs?

Oh that hurt, but not as bad as when the answer comes. It's going to take a lot of listening to wipe out the mental image.

Tara said...

It is pretty obvious that the stage show is a distraction for the majority of the music being awful. Wow look at all the pretty lights while you step in the caca.
In the last three CDs you can count the number of songs that are good
Stupid Boy and I told you so from Pain. Til Summer comes around on Defying. Luxury of knowing, Shut out the lights and perhaps Long Hot Summer( I will see this one in concert next week)from Closer.
But the most current is what will get the people that are buying in there- remember this is the market that thinks Tay Tay Swift and Candy Underpants are good.

He is capable of so much better.

Also while we all know most Country Performers make a lot of bucks most don't flaunt their lifestyles. Keith apparently spent $1000 on an engraved key chain? I kinda think Kidman might have done this but what is funny it was a father's day gift and with all of their names engraved Keith name is first? Can we just say tacky.

maclen said...

Clearly, orb playing 6 cover songs, be it a simple verse of macca's Silly Love Songs...or his bandmembers each doing a cover of AC/DC or Tom Petty...THAT IS alot of covers. Not to mention orb coming out at the onset of his shows to the magnificence of the Beatles masterpiece, A day in the Life...orb just screams...he is announcing just how WEAK he is. There are MANY ghosts orb has looking over his shoulder! And when you take a closer look at those "ghosts" orb believes he needs along side him onstage...of the 6 covers...along apparently with the intro music...ONLY 2 are country...Little Big Town and Waylon JEnnings> Orb is no doubt STILL looking for that coveted "cross over" appeal he obviously DIDNT EVER find with the last two albums.

maclen said... again, is ANOTHER PRESS RELEASE...disguised as a supposed "rave review" of orbs first shows.


...only this one LEAVES NO DOUBT about it being a simple PR boot licking just to the right of the page it says..."Press Releases!" Orb surely sold out his soul to kidman strickly to get feature plugs in People magazine and tabloid photo ops at JJ, GG or even at the Oscar awards...but one thing IS APPARENT...orb CANNOT sell out his current tour! The numbers NEVER his first gig this year...orb attracted an audience of 7k...and back in 2009, orb's first gig attracted an audience of 15k. Now tell me, of all the data I may spill out here...what of any that was not "overlooked", that is...makes anyone expect that orb will build momentum as the tour progresses? What of his rather LOW and consistantly pathetic cd sales...through super bowl gigs...award show appearences that rack him up sales bumps into simply the "HUNDREDS" give ANYONE confidence that he can "improve" his numbers? Opinions mean nothing when he cannot attract MORE people to his gigs.

maclen said...

Well, it would seem there was a slight, shall we say... "punctures" to the sails of orb's tour. After the clear issues of his meager attendences and the not too flattering review of his jacksonville gig...the orb seems to have gone undergrown the past few days. Considering that Father's day AND kidman's b-day seems to have come and gone...there doesnt seem to be ANY exloitation of them by the orb. Recall past years where orb made a special point that he would forgo any "recognition" for father's day for the express purpose of not stepping over the precious wifey's b-day...only to have it come out in their press release source People mag that they DID in fact celebrate father's day AND the wifey's day... so much for orb's phoney proclaimation. I would sense orb is in "re-group mode" with his shills and brainless trust on how to repackage his dud of a tour. He's no doubt stashed away in the bunker trying to come up with something more ORIGINAL than his tired..."who's got the best seats now" satellite/catwalk/roundtable stages...(isnt orb aware that people watch awards shows every year, where the catwalk into the middle of the crowd is a routine feature?)...the fansie/fansie's pulled on stage to sing "kiss a girl"...or the guitar giveaway after "You Look Good In My Shirt." No amount of "press releases" hyping this staler than "YEARS OLD" moldy bread is gonna make it appear any more tastier than what it SURELY appears!

Cindy said...

Don't let the door hit ya on the way out .... LOL!

By the way, Keith has won a couple of Grammys since he married Nicole and they are FAR MORE prestigious than a "country" award!!!