Monday, December 21, 2009

A Kindess By Keith

Keith Urban gets the festive spirit

Article from: The Courier-Mail

December 22, 2009 12:00am

HERE'S a heart-warming Yuletide tale that shows Caboolture lad Keith Urban really is a top guy.

The Nashville-based superstar played secret Santa to an awestruck youth in a Fortitude Valley guitar shop on Saturday.

The young punter was in Tym Guitars trying out a fuzz pedal (a guitar effects device) when Urban, in between Boondall shows, walked in with his band.

Owner Tym Brennan says Keef and co were "genuinely very nice" and spent half an hour trying out a bevy of guitars (with the youngster messing around on the pedal all the while).

After settling on a $1400 Maton (a good Australian-made guitar), Urban leans over and whispers, "How much is the pedal that kid's playing?"

"$450," Brennan says.

Urban: "Put it on my card with the guitar."

Tym: "Do you want me to tell the kid?"

Urban: "Wait till I leave."

Brennan recounts: "Keith pays, then on the way out, shakes the youth's hand and says, "Merry Christmas".

"Was that Keith Urban? He said 'Merry Christmas' to me," the kid beams.

"Yeah," says Brennan, "He just bought you that pedal."

The kid was so "blown away" he was shaking, Brennan tells us.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Keith Urban Needs Some Help!

If you feel up to it, say a little prayer for Keith Urban. He is going to need some help from a higher power because he will be dealing with Nicole after one of the worst weeks she has had in the public life. Why should we feel sorry for Keith, he made his bed didn't he?

Yes, he did, but this week while Kidman was making one blunder after another in her PR for Nine, Keith was having a great week in the homeland. He was getting some of the best reviews ever on this tour. He seems quite happy and quite content with what he is doing on the stage. None of that matters because it’s always all about Nicole; and to say she stumbled is quite an understatement.

First was the uneven interview with Meredith Viera on the Today show. Kidman appeared discombobulated by very simple questions that were asked. She would disagree with what Viera asked then she would answer with an almost word-for-word rewind of what she was asked. Second was her interview with the BBC. Kidman was happy to talk about the movie, her life and even her one true love, but bring up the topic of Scientology and she runs faster then Keith does when Kidman is naked. Third she stormed out of an interview after ten minutes that was originally scheduled for thirty minutes; she dumped on the homeland saying that she can't live in Sydney because they won't leave her alone. Gee, Nicole don't tell them that you are there. This could solve some of your issues, but it was a crappy thing to do to your husband while he is going back home to play for his toughest audience. And to put salt in this wound she said that they have to stay in Nashville because Keith couldn't make it in Oz as Country Music wasn't that popular in the homeland. Not a smart thing to say. Then Kidman was on Larry King. While there were six other people there Kidman seemed dazed by it all and answered him in sing-song phrases that made good sound bites, but were insignificant answers. Speaking of answers, Kidman couldn't really say where her daughter was; when asked on the red carpet in LA and New York Kidman said she was with friends and family and then she said Keith's family and then she said she was with her. Interesting that Kidman also admitted that she and Keith live in two houses in Nashville. Finally her clothing choices were not terrible; however, her make up was horrible in both LA and NYC. But, it made the news!

Now that she had full press coverage for her arrival in Oz, no doubt she will be seen here and there with her youngest daughter and her family. She does have a movie to promote, don’t you know.

Please think of what Keith will have to do in the coming weeks. Give up his press, his tour and be part of the power couple again. She will grab at her stomach and hold his hand and of course he will condescend to her. Someday he might learn he no longer needs her. We would prefer that she just go hang out on her farm, combing her alpacas' eyelashes. We could all use the break, Keith most of all.