Friday, March 28, 2008

Take the picture, quick!

Do you recognize that line? It’s from Funny Face, a movie starring Fred Astaire and a real actress, a woman with true class, Audrey Hepburn. Earlier today there was footage all over the Australian news of a very visibly upset Keith Urban losing his cool with his good buddies - the people that “never really bother him”, the Paparazzi. Keith and his wife were at some fair with the common folk when they were swarmed by the hungry press. Keith went into full attack and set on them with verbal wrath and restrained physical might. Meanwhile, his wife stood there with a grin on her face. Somehow the person who should seem the most upset, the expectant mother, wasn't. Why? Because, I know as sure as I am sitting here writing this, the little mother called her friends the photographers and told them to be there. Now did she call them herself? Of course not, she is far too busy selecting the next bow to put in her thinning hair. Nope, she hires people to do her PR and they do a good job. Kidman has been in the press almost every day since her return from Los Angeles. We got to see her in shorter and shorter skirts pimping her bump and parading herself with teddy bears and prop children. The entire world knows she is pregnant and that a baby will be happening sometime this year. One thing seems to be missing in this wonderful glorious story and that is her very, very happy marriage.

These people do not look happy together. They hold hands and they smile but it doesn't ring true. They hug and touch foreheads, but it looks like one is being forced and the other one is counting the money in the bank account.

I am not a believer in body language but those folks who do say that these two are just not compatible. Now I know some of you are going to think I am just having a bout of wishful thinking but it is more than that. While an end to this charade would mean so much for so many, myself included, I really do wonder if the little outburst by Keith Urban was really something more. Perhaps he is pissed off. But, why? I doubt it has anything to do with the press doing their job. I think there is something more going on and while we never will know for sure, I just don't think the man is very happy.

He is capable of being happy, we have all seen it. On stage he is in such a state of bliss it’s infectious. He is really happy in Nashville and with other country performers. He is happy to meet fans. He is very happy performing with Miss Underwood, they seem to have a connection. But put him with his wife and he uses a smile that just is not sincere. Perhaps there is something more going on? Perhaps this pregnancy has not only not solved some problems in the relationship but caused others? Perhaps there is a stress knowing that some in the world not only believe chunks of his life are not quite legitimate but that perhaps he has served his purpose and the end is near? Perhaps there is a jealous streak that his wife’s paid thugs can beat up someone and he can't or maybe he can't because it wouldn't matter if he did.

Whatever is going on Keith Urban's personal life seems no more stable than it did in October 2006, and we all know where that led Keith Urban.

Take the picture quick, it may become quite the collector’s item...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boo Hoo, Nicole

So, Ms. Kidman, you can't sleep and you are in fear now that you are entering the last trimester of pregnancy. So what? Do you have hemorrhoids and stretch marks? It's interesting isn't it? Poor, poor Nicole. Nicole, you are human and pregnancy issomething that even you can't control. I bet you are pissed. You can't stop feeling crappy. You are tired and irritable. Of course I wonder how anyone can tell the difference, but that’s just me. You can't call the shots can you? It’s not like puking up dinner is it? It’s not like being in charge in the bedroom is it? Someone else is controlling you, and you don't like it. Now you probably know how Keith feels from time to time always catering to your every whim with very little impute. Nicole, don't worry, its not going to last forever.

Kidman is not only pimping the bump but also pimping the movie. This movie better be a hit. She had to spend her precious holiday with some kid that was in the movie with her. But at least she didn't have to tour with Keith. I would just bet that the first official baby picture is around the time of the premiere and I just bet one of the godparents will be connected to the film. Insiders are still saying that this may be a stinker amongst stinkers, but Nicole is getting used to that. It’s her gift to Australia and to Hollywood. Isn't she just wonderful? Not.

Remember the bodyguard/ perhaps baby daddy? Do you know that this guy was with her when she miscarried after her one true love left? This is the same guy that went to the movies with her when she had Keith committed for a time out. They have gone to clubs, to coffee, to concerts. What a pal, isn't he? Or is he? Maybe it’s more?

Where is Keith? He sure wasn't with Kidman since they left Byron Bay. No, he was having a blast not singing songs associated with her nor dedicating anything to her.I hope he realizes that’s how life can be. Of course I mentioned they weren't together so we will probably have some stupid pictures before he goes on the road again. Oh, and on that front, the news of the day is that Miss Underwood is suddenly single again.

Sweet dreams Nicole.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Conversation at the Airport

Keith: you have your backpack on?

NK: Yes...I do. Will you carry my sweater and jacket?

Keith: No...carry them yourself. I'm sick of carrying your crap.

NK: The paps are taking our picture...make it look like you are in love with me.

Keith: Bugger that. Get a move on.

NK: You can't talk to me like that. I'm NICOLE KIDMAN.

Keith: Whatever. You have embarrassed me in front of my fans.

NK: Why? What did I do?

Keith: You fell asleep at my show last you were bored out of your mind.

NK: Well...the truth hurts, doesn't it? Carry my sun you expect me to carry all this to the plane?

Keith: It's 85 degrees in the shade, for Gawd's sake. What do you need a sweater and jacket for?

NK: I'm chilled to the bone. Do you like my sneakers?

Keith: You are icy cold...that's the truth. Do I like those red boats on your feet? No...not particularly.

NK: Look at them...see how cute they are?

Keith: They're so honkin' big, how can anything that huge be cute?

NK: Are you saying I have big feet?

Keith: Are you joking? You have size 11 feet...Jezuz...they're massive. They're in competition with your freakin' crazy ass lips.

NK: What about my lips. My lips are youthfully plump.

Keith: Your lips, my pet, are enormously fat, as if you are carrying the baby in them.

NK: My child inside is not in my lips. You are really annoying me again.

Keith: Right...wouldn't want to annoy you...that's for sure. Let's get outta here...quick. I don't want to have to face these people. Look at the headline...Nicole Kidman Bored With Husband's Music. Nice.

NK: Are there any pictures of me? Did I get any pictures in the paper?

Keith: Oh yeah...there's pictures. You look like you're taking a dump and catching flies at the same time.

NK: What do you mean...what....

Keith: Here...look at this (shows NK the picture of her yawning and checking out her bracelets, then nodding off)

NK: Those are hideous. Where did they come from?

Keith: That's you, my beautiful beautiful bored you nodded off during my show.

NK: How dare they take pictures of me when I'm not aware of it? That is not fair.

Keith: People are laughing at wife finds my music so boring she can't stay awake for my concert. Why can't you show some interest in my career for a change?

NK: This is NOT about you. This is my face they're ridiculing.

Keith: You's always about YOU. YOUR trainer and YOUR bodyguard beat up a couple of photographers...out of the blue...and you are all upset because of the bad press you're getting. It's all about you...not about the two guys who were beat up...that one had a huge black eye. But it's all about you. Now, even though these headlines make me look like a bore, it's all about you again.

NK: I knew you'd understand. That's right. It's all about me. Now...take my hand and smile for the photographers. They'll love my little white top and my lacy thong. That always impresses the paps.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Because She's Nicole Kidman

So, once again, Nicole Kidman spends another holiday away from her children. But wait – there is a new stand-in – the little boy from "Australia" her newest film, after all, isn't that what this is ALL about? She claims to be such an earthy, family gal, yet rarely sees her kids and presumably spends Easter away from her husband. There are no photos or mention of him at all. While Keith may have had a concert to attend, what happened to her private jet? She has the means to gather family all together for such a glorious day and she didn't. It's a good thing rather, because I like to think that Keith was spending the day celebrating with his own family – yes Nicole, Keith has family who love him but he doesn't feel the need to have a photo with them to remind us of that.

On one hand, I snicker at the thought that perhaps she just wasn't invited with the Urbahn's. On the other, I believe she just doesn't care. He's given her what she needs already and he doesn't have much more use – she showed us that in the recent photos from his concert in OZ- he's become "yawn worthy" to her; very boring. This new little boy she spent the day with – now HE'S good publicity. You see folks; everything Nicole Kidman does is for publicity. Everything is calculated and timed to perfection. I'm hoping Keith's timer is about to go off and that he's DONE because it's so sad to see this pressure cooker.

And speaking of Easter, did you happen to notice the dress? This is the same one she wore back in October. It doesn't look much tighter, yet she's what – at least 5 ½ months pregnant? Do you all remember Katie's look around this far into her pregnancy? One day she's be quite "bumpy" and then the next day not. It's interesting how parallel KUNK is to Tomkat, yet not surprising since she learned from the Master himself. We have a photo of Tom with baby Suri tucked in his jacket, then shortly after, there's another of Nicole with her sister's new baby in a similar pose (difference being she had to borrow a baby for her shot – how many other actresses do we see posing with their sister's new baby?) Katie wore that really weird white "bodysuit" which pulled up along the sides, showing off her tummy – then Nicole "poses" with bodyguard, lifting her up shirt to show the world that Yes, she is indeed pregnant – funny that it looked flabby. Tomkat wouldn't announce the due date or even the month – neither does KUNK.

If Nicole is truly pregnant and this is really what she's wanted all along, why not embrace it? Why not wear appropriate maternity clothing? Why not share the excitement of at least the month she's due? Why not reduce the exercise regime and actually eat – now there's a concept! Why? Because she's Nicole Kidman. She will spend Easter with whomever she wants and not include her own husband. And she will have this baby, quickly whisked away by nannies, and then soon forget its name. I think they both want this child. He's often said he wanted to be a dad. For her, this baby will be nothing but a pacifier for a dying career. Once the newness wears off, she'll move on. And she has a history to prove it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Poem

Are we going to learn the truth
will it come from a certain gossip sleuth
about an unborn bundle
whose mother was in a little rumble
and is keeping her botoxed face quite smooth

What is the story about the encounter
was there something for the photographer
was something seen
that wasn't meant to be
or is a tale about to unravel

What of the baby's assumed dad
he sure appears to be sad
has he quit pretending
could there actually be an ending
or is something else being planned

As for the mother
this whole year has been a bummer
but for those of us watching
it’s turning into a stunner

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do You Like Being Manipulated?

That’s an interesting question, isn't it? Nicole Kidman is trying to manipulate you. She is using all the means that she has to get the world to believe what she wants the world to believe about her. Barefoot and pregnant, and oh so happy. She and Keith are overjoyed at the upcoming event that will just enrich their already precious lives. They are perfect, in love and happy.

We get it, Nicole. The world has to believe this image. Like those photos that you make sure get out there and the ebullient prose that accompanies them, it’s not real. We know the truth Nicole. What truth? All truth is exact and final, right? Wrong. Subjective truth, the kind that Kidman practices, is much like the hokum that is the book The Secret. You know that book. A best seller that says if you give off the positive you get back the positive and the successful. It was better said as “do unto others” in a better book. Not everything is positive. People make contracts with people - to get married or birth a child or to photograph a particular person.

People use people to get a payout. People manipulate others to get famous or to maintain their wealth and popularity. Kidman is at this point. Nicole wants the world to think all is well in her world. Why? Who cares? What is the point in the continual lies and deception? She doesn't use artificial means to keep her beauty. She doesn't smoke or drink. She has a very happy marriage. Why can't this woman just be honest and live her life? In the long run few care about her. Very few think of her as a role model. No one thinks her marriage is something to emulate. Few even care about her pregnancy. There is something that is so needy in Kidman that she has to have her life portrayed as perfect. Look at the way the woman talks. She expresses herself in a moronic way. It’s obvious she is not articulate. Yet people continue to interview her. She still has the lead picture on Most importantly, I am wasting a perfectly good evening pointing out the obvious about her yet again. Yep, she has manipulated even me, and that makes me ill.

What can we do about this? Exactly what I am doing. Pointing out the obvious, questioning the spin and making sure everyone knows how insignificant this woman is in this world. Given how she really isn't a big deal in the United States anymore and given that she had to run back to Australia where she has manipulated an entire country by playing her best role - that of victim. We have a lot work ahead of us. Yes, Nicole you may still be able to call your media pals and get stories about crazed bodyguards pulled. Yes, Nicole, you can still get in People magazine even though few wish to see your work. Yes, Nicole you want the whole world to think that you and Keith have an ideal marriage even though the man currently looks like he did in October of 2006. In the end, however long it takes, the truth will come out and I, for one, can't wait to watch you fall.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Tale of Two Pictures

A visitor to any of the Keith fan sites, Kidman worship boards, or the E! Board has seen some pictures from the concert in California. I was struck by a series of shots of Kidman. She is sitting at the show. Yes, you can see all the hair extensions. Yes, you can see her surrounded by her entourage - those people who derive their livelihoods from her. They are watching and reacting to the show. Keith's manager is there looking at Kidman and knowing that is the best deal he has ever made for his client. There are a few gawkers who are looking at Kidman, but the majority of the audience is looking at the stage. Everyone but Kidman, that is. Kidman looks bored to tears. She really looks weary and you can just tell she doesn't want to be there. She is using her public smile but you can see in her eyes how she so didn't want to be there. It is obvious. She is sitting though the whole show. Was she too exhausted from watching the intimate bodyguard beat up the big bad paparazzi? Heard the songs too many times? The eager fans who reported the concert to the masses said she sang every song. Of course, a few others said she just sat there and talked to her publicist. From the shots I saw she had more enthusiasm for the confetti than she did for her husband. Nicole, stay tuned.

Why would I say that? Because there is another picture that caught my eye. A friend got a shot of the duet between Keith and Carrie. “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” is no strange song to Keith Urban. He has performed it a number of times with many partners, including Sheryl Crow. Looking at this particular picture brought something rushing back into my head. What was that? Lust. Yep, dressed in her tight jeans and “do me” four-inch heeled boots, little Carrie Underwood came looking for something that isn't found in a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Something that Keith Urban knows all about. In the picture I saw, Carrie was singing and Keith was just savoring the moment. You couldn't get between them even if you had an In and Out burger. Keith was showing all indications of being quite pleased by her performance and it didn't matter if there were 15,000 people and a wife in the room. That man was interested. It was nice to see. I thought perhaps they did more than just a personality lobotomy at rehab. I wondered if something else was being kept under control. Well, if that duet is any indication, the fire didn't get put out in that man. It just needs the right kind of kindling.

If it were anyone else besides Kidman I would feel bad for her. It must be humiliating that your husband is getting turned on by a prettier, more talented and younger woman. But since it is Kidman, she was probably as turned on as Keith.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Nicole's trainer and bodyguard go on attack against paparazzi...

The Man and His Music, for now...

Isn't it interesting how for the last few weeks Keith Urban has been able to go out and do his job and get noticed for it? We heard about the music; about his performances. Some of the articles didn't even mention his wife. The pictures of him on stage looked happy. He was where he wanted to be, doing what he loved and you could tell. I was at a recent show and saw how much he loved being on that stage and you could see how he was drawing on it. For the last few shows that I have attended, the best part of the show isn't the show at all, but it is watching Keith at the end after the music ends and the band is gone. Keith lingers on the stage, looks at the people, whispers thank you to many of the people still in the crowd and just stares. I would love to know what it is that he is thinking or maybe I wouldn't. Perhaps, just perhaps, it would depress the hell out of me.

Well, Keith, kiss that adoration and enjoyment goodbye. It's time to get back to being Keith Kidman. The recent pictures of him at LAX show how happy he is to get back to the wife. We have word of dinner with friends at Wolfgang Puck’s newest eatery. Friends?? Probably either PR people or people who get a paycheck from the Kidman’s. Keith even mentioned that the wife will be at one of the shows and he smiled. Well, if he didn't wouldn't we be reading into that? If she doesn't show at least one of the shows wouldn't she be a liar? Would it show there is trouble if she isn't there? Now that we know she will be there, her good friends - the press, will be there and we will get the photo that is required and will show everyone how she stands by her husband. She might even bring those other kids that she has, too. Then they can be photographed with the bump just like they were with their Mom when she was pregnant with Suri. So it doesn't really matter what Kidman says, it’s that one photo of that one appearance that is important.

As for Keith, well it’s been too much about him hasn't it? It is time to talk about the impending royal birth because for the next few months that’s all anyone will be interested in. Because that is what his wife wants.

So, Keith, tell us again about being a father, a private matter isn't it? Sorry, but it was nice to have it be about the music for five minutes. Too bad that you can't just be a musician any longer. The new haircut, lifts in the shoes, and nasty ass attitude. You are the baby daddy now. Somewhere along the way the musician disappeared. Maybe that is what you are looking for at the end of every show

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Of Babies & Rumors & The Whole Crazy Thing

We were “treated” to more pictures of Kidman out running this weekend. She cares so much for the fetus that she is getting all this exercise so that she can be a fit and trim mummy when it’s "show time". I am sure that Nicole knows the date and the name of little fetus already. I wonder if Keith is kept up to date. Isn't it amazing that this is a perfect time for Kidman to give birth. It was timed so well. Think about it, Kidman and Keith have pretty much had the longest honeymoon on record. The world is convinced they are in love and committed to the future together. La de da. As they were settling in to being just an old middle-aged married couple it seemed like there could be nothing else that could be said about these two. Well, I guess we were wrong, weren't we?

Why a baby now? I know we have asked this before but it still intrigues this writer. Is it because her career is at a turning point and she wants to slow down and raise a "natural" child? A child that her true love can't control? A child that she can parade around and help keep her viable to the mommy population out there? Was it time to continue the fantasy that is her marriage? To show the world that everything is hunky dory? Well it is, isn't it? These two sad and lonely people met and fell in love and while one never had a child, the other had problems having a "natural" child. They came together and the earth shook, and soon there was a fetus in her womb. Yeah, right. It was probably as romantic as two pumps in a cup and the equivalent of a turkey baster in the doctor’s office. I do wonder what Keith was thinking about as he was filling up that cup? Old girlfriends? Large amounts of money? Covers of magazines of the happy, healthy family that he helped create? The joy of knowing everyone in Australia wants to be him? The realization that shooting a load in the cup is just part of the plan and the plan needs to go to this next place?

As for Kidman, look at the pressure she is under. Her career is in serious trouble. Yes, she still gets some good parts and she does get a few good reviews but it is the big budget movies she can't open nor carry. Most importantly she is 40. Her career is about her looks as much as is it is about her talent. For someone like Kidman who appears to place her looks above her abilities, this birthday must have been a crisis. She will no longer be the "it" girl. She will play more mothers, more eccentrics and a lot more character roles. The opportunity to be the main star in a movie is going to disappear. What will Nicole do? Have a baby.

While everything looks secure and happy in her marriage, we know that if the first four months of the marriage are an indication, there must still be some baggage to deal with. The woman admits in an interview that she doesn't really understand her husband or his work – so what will she do? Have a baby.

With her one true love apparently very happy and secure with his child bride and lovely young daughter; her two adopted children do not need her for their maternal needs, so what will Nicole do? Have a baby.

She will have a baby in a country where she is exulted, where she is worshiped, the place she had her fairytale wedding. The place that she spent almost a year filming an epic that is so very important to her future as an actress that it’s failure could really mean a very abrupt slow down. Kidman knows she needs the support of the Australians to push this film. She needs that adoration and how can she continue it? Have a baby.

As you can see this baby is important. It will humanize Kidman to the masses; soften up her image a bit. Let people make assumptions about the fairytale that all is well - the baby shows that. Keith will always be tied to her.

She will be a mother of a young child into her fifties. This baby solves a lot of problems and creates some new myth making. As for the other children, well who needs them? She gave Keith his first child, even though there are rumors to the contrary. Yep, everything is fine and dandy. She is rumored to have made some recent stops on the road with Keith that went well, and she keeps up that exercising. She is such a good woman. A quintessential role model isn't she?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Isn't that quite enough, Nicole?

I actually thought she was pregnant; I really did. I was amazed that all her quirks and foibles were coming out. You know, like when she and Keith were having lunch, and you can see where she takes her salad and places it on a smaller plate and cuts it up into little pieces and then leaves half of it. Or the Oscar report about her smoking and drinking. Or the falling of her face with that short stoppage of the botox. But, in the last few weeks you wonder if something inside Ms. Kidman has short circuited.

First, the “push out the belly” walk. Look at how she arches out the back and sticks that starving belly forward. Second, the see-through clothes. “Look at me, look at me.” Third, we have the whole “when is she due?” debate. Some say four months some five but how can we know from the bump? It hasn't changed in size for almost six weeks. Finally, this obsession with exercising. The woman is a lot of things and not a lot of things, but she was thin and did work out. Lately, it has been an obsession. Every day for up to three hours. Using weights and yoga and spinning classes. Spinning??? Is she afraid the after birth pictures that no one will really want won't come out perfectly? Well if you include Keith in that with the current haircut, you are already hedging your bets. Are you trying to show the world that you are just a pregnant woman like everyone else; that there are no problems; that you will be able to give birth and then run a marathon? Or are you trying to show up Katie and Angelina and all the other younger women out there popping babies out like they are tic-tacs?

Sorry Nicole, but you aren't just like everyone else and you have had problems in the past, and goodness knows you have droned on and on and on about it at some length for some time now. There are rumors that you are having someone else have the child. Many people do, that's okay. Why would there be something wrong with you admitting that? But no, you had to show the world that you are indeed preggers. Since no one has offered you a cover of a magazine to flaunt your maternal shape like Demi, Britney and Christina did, you are forced to lift all of those layers that you wear when you are out performing your obsession and stick out THE BELLY. Well, Nicole, not only was that unnecessary but it did something more. It showed how sad and pathetic you are that you have to live your life in the media. We know that those paps weren't just hanging around. You’ve shown the world that Nicole Kidman is an insecure person who craves attention and fame like an addict. Of course, we already knew that

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If we went private, there would be no reason to exist...

Urban Myths blog is a fun, fascinating place. As I have been reading through the comments on each of the blogs, something comes to mind. This blog fills a very specific void. That void is in “Keithworld”, and it is all about searching for answers when questions are asked. We aren't experts on all things Keith Urban and we don't claim to be. We have simply taken some of the crap spewed around the topic and tried to make sense of it. Someone recently said to me that the blog picks apart the myths without creating new ones. I like that, but it I think that misses something. We don't have that power. No one really does unless you are Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman; we can only see how they have sold their lives to the media, and the fact that they have no interest in using the power of the truth. So, those few who care, and yes, dear readers, we do care about Keith Urban; as much as we don't understand him, we are left trying to make sense of it all.

Why do they keep lying about all kinds of things? Why do some parties of the media give Kidman a free pass? Why does Keith look so lost? Why does Kidman continue to play this media game? Many of us started out being fans of Keith. We went to the shows. We traveled all over. We felt a part of things; his success was because of his talent, but also because of us. We had a stake in the career.

Then comes Kidman and Keith becomes Keith Kidman. Fame becomes the new goal. The sideshow overtook the career. Maybe that is exactly what Keith Urban wanted, but if that is so, why does he look so forlorn?

Why not leave? Because there is an investment in him. Not just money or time, but a lot of people actually cared. No, not a fantasy land with fake children and hot wild sex every night and he was going to drive up on the Harley and take us away. Nope, there was a sincere sense that was a mutual caring about him from the fans, and that came back to the fans from him. People on all the fan sites feel that. Skeptics think it is lost, others don't.

Why not go private? Because that would not serve the purpose of the blog as a place where people can read an opinion, give their own back, and let others decide for themselves. Who knows, we might just find the truth. But even if the truth will never be known, it helps everyone to simply talk.

Monday, March 3, 2008

He made his bed... Keith Urban... March 2008

I bet you all expected a blog about surrogates and working out, didn't you? Well, I am going to save that for later. Today I want to talk about Keith Urban. You all remember him right? Mr. Nicole Kidman.

I sometimes wonder what goes through his head. Don't all of you? No, not how can he live with himself. I think he has a pretty nice crib that he can call home; basically anyplace that the wife decides where they are going to be.

I wonder what really happened to him and how does he feel about that?

In 2005, the real golden period for Keith, he seemed to be calling the shots, making the choices and having a great time doing it. Then there is Keith in 2008, he looks weary, haggard and discontented. The Oscars were quite telling. First, they were late, and we know this was on purpose for Kidman. The still photographs indicate a happy couple on the red carpet. Watch the video and you will see the same thing we saw at the movie premiere in London in November - the bubbling tension within Keith. Something seems wrong inside. According to all concerned he should be at the top of his game. He just won a Grammy, he has one of the most successful tours with Underwood and the promise of a great tour with Chesney, yet there is something gone. I don't think it’s a muse. I think there might be the realization that this is all he is and has. The man was always ambitious but that seems to have disappeared.

Keith was always cordial and polite to people, and now he hurries away from fans and is arrogant to the press. The only time you see a smile is when it is posed. Even the stage show isn't as fun as it used to be. In an earlier blog it was mentioned that Keith removed the sex from the show. But now it seems that he has removed the spontaneity and originality from the show, too.

There IS something else; where did Keith go? He used to say he didn't want band members who just show up. Well, Keith, it appears that you are just showing up in your public life. It makes one wonder what his private life must be like. But make no mistake about this blog. This is not a feel sorry for Keith Urban passage. I do not. He made his bed, he chose this life, and if he can't be satisfied in it that is his problem. He portrayed himself in the past as if he cared and maybe that was an act, but if this jet-setting, spoiled rich man is what he has become I am slowly seeing that I want no part in that. Do I hate him? No. Envy him? No. Feel sorry for him? I did in 2006, and for part of last year, but as he keeps choosing the Kidman path he is pulling away from the very people he may need in the future, the fans who want to see him succeed on his own by his own means. Do I think he can overcome his marriage and the glare of that light and be the musician he showed he can be? Yes. But before too long no one will be there when it happens, nor will they care. And that is exactly where I am today.