Thursday, March 20, 2008

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realitycheck said...

Umyths did you read the comments? Not everyone is buying what Flynet is selling. If thats the same TimTam who posted here several weeks backs, they know exactly whats going on!

And Umyths, it says alot that these folks who are trying to MANIPULATE the public are your friends. You know what they say...if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

realitycheck said...

And one more thing...the quote youve got up there from Keith? That joke is older than Keith is. And here's the quandary. You say Nicole the actress is always lying? Well all the other women you compare her to and say are so much better than her, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, J.Lo, they're all actresses too. So i guess you dont believe anything coming from them either, right?

Imahick said...

Seriously, that all you've got? She is bored out of her mind. She can't keep her eyes open. She's SLEEPING at his special rockin' show at the Blues concert in Australia. This was a big deal to Keith ... and she looks like she's totally disintered.

The people who love NK were saying how much she loves his music and sings along with every song. I saw no evidence of that in the pictures from Anaheim...but I'll admit...she did stay AWAKE in California.

Thank goodness she's sitting like a lady, though. It'd be embarrassing if she was sleeping and sitting like a truck driver. Oh...wait...she IS sitting like a truck driver.

She is such a supportive wife. That kind of support Keith can do without. She should have stayed in the hotel and gone to bed.

maclen said...

THis is just further proof that kidman has the worst pr team, and she has the worst pr savvy in the business. And the stupidity, the complete indifference to appear as she really is, isnt getting her any more admirers than the paltry and insignificant audience she has. You see, the complete polar opposite of blatant grinning and waving to the paps when you see them, and the reality of these hideous and monstrous candid pics of this little troll will in fact cause gagging and hacking to any potential customers to her films. If there is one difference that an online viewer has to the mainsteam media and its usual viewers is that there is so much more unfiltered and pre fabricated content, that they are more inclinded to form their own opinion and see beyond the bs and just see a very unattractive, frizzy haired, , personally obsessed, distastefully and sagging breast implanted, uninteresting and untalented celeb... who is caught not noticing the stealth and un-leaked to paparatz who took these horrific pics... and looking ever like the washed up, unpopular and tired has-been she is.

Berry Hill said...

Ted really has his radar on Kidman for the first time in years:

Unzip It

Which fabulously successful star’s keepin’ her Sapphic ways silent, time for the sexually stymied Friday Blind Vice! And mama-to-be Nic Kidman is keeping her trap shut all tight-ass over her bodguard’s reported hideous fisty ways—feelin’ guilty, gal?

Is Nicole Kidman paying for the physical and mental damages her reckless bod-goon reportedly caused to a stalkerazzi last week? Some insiders who operate within curling-iron distance of Tom Cruise's most famous ex say so (would certainly hope so after that Santa Monica, Calif., bruisebath caught on tape). But Camp Kidman ain't sayin'.
In fact, Camp K is closed tighter than Laura Bush's bedroom door. For the record, Kidman's reppers have always been most gracious on the communication front. They may potty-mouth you to death once they speak to you, but they always, always call back. Not now. They are simply not communicating.

Perhaps it's because they know Nic-babe's in deep PR doo-doo thanks to her protector (since T.C. days), companion and longtime friend, the one who threw the hurtful punches. Prolly. Or not. Do tell us if you disagree, babes. You too, Nic-hon!

Proximity P.S.: And what's with this goon-guard getting so damn huffy in the first place? It's not like they were stalking him. What's the hugely overblown reaction about? Why so threatened there? Is it because you're just on hyperalert to the press, knowing where all of TomNic's bones are buried 'n' all? Or is it something more intimate?

Berry Hill said...

And tonight's Blind Vice:

Browhilda Frown-Free has just about everything a once desperately ambitious, unknown actress could desire: fame, wealth, notorious love, Academy Award notice, great bone structure, fab hair, free cosmetic procedures for the taking—everything but the freedom to love the one she's (really) with. Don't worry though, babes, Brow's been down this fake-amour alley before. She's a friggin' pro at navigating the affectionless twists and turns of the overly photographed.

Howev, BFF's latest man experience—heady as it all may be—has become slightly more than Browhilda's used to, what with her past liaisons of coolly arranged get-togethers. You know the age-old ersatz Hollywood plan: A couple goes out for a red carpet whatever; then they go in for separate, much more private dalliances with their same-sex partners. Brow's had this setup with almost every man she's hooked up with before.

But Ms. F.F.'s latest dude—who's more than happy to bed every slobbering femme he can find—has turned out to be far messier than Brow-babe would prefer. Not only does he womanize with indiscretion, he's stupidly starting to make a loud and rather visible stink about Brow's increased devotion to her current g-f. How does that Shakespearean saying go? Oh what a tangled guy web we weave, when at first we hetero deceive? Watch out, Brow, we be onto ya!

Berry Hill said...
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Berry Hill said...

Ted says Browhilda is NOT:
Rene Zellweiger
Tilda Swinton
Catherine Zeta Jones

maclen said...

Kidman is certainly losing what little support among the gossip crowd with last weeks paps beating. Even the gossips who at least had polite things to say about her in the past are going after her. There has been a up beat of extra snide and sarcastic coverage about pretty much everything... her botox and injections.... the ratty looking hair... the slowly growing and ever changing bump is going to be hilarious... the public drinking will not endear her to anyone. I'd say all the photo ops from now on will have a mocking tone that I'm sure she herself will never even figure out.

notachance said...

Yeah - let's gossip about someone new today. Lovin' the Browhilda story. Now that kind of speculation on a Friday is fun.

As for the flynet pic's - ?? I could go either way. When were they taken, what time was it, etc. Was she backstage? Why wasn't she out watching him? Either way, she's not getting any good press these days. She better gather the troops and put a new game plan into play.

notachance said...

Browhilda -

The fab hair has got to be the tell-all here. Who's had the Oscar nom with fab hair?

Penelope Cruz? notorious love could be TC, definitely has great bone structure.

woriedmonkey said...

Could be. She's definately been with some studly's and also had a moment of smooching her sis lesbianically so could be a tease. Not that there's anything wrong with being gaysville. It's just the lying... probably Bi anyway.

doublewide said...

And Umyths, it says alot that these folks who are trying to MANIPULATE the public are your friends. You know what they say...if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas

then i guess you shouldn't be lying down with NK.

these pics are extremely revealing.....good lord, what is she thinking? yeah, she could have been tired, but she could have at least tried to look interested. washed up has been....yep.

thanks BH for posting the Ted stuff

and what about those pics of them leaving byron bay? her thong is showing tasteful for a pregnant woman. she is truly a case for the books. she pretty much defies description.

isitoveryet said...

Raise your hand if your think realitycheck's undies are in a bunch? Man, did these classless pics of the real Skank upset her or what? I know realitycheck - it's tough facing the real truth, isn't it? Put the Kool-Aid down, and trust me, you will feel better.

notachance said...

I just took a stroll over to NKU - the justjared pic's paint a different picture of the couple than you would have everyone think. Keith seems just fine in the "leaving" pic's. I will say that the woman needs to have someone buy her the "low-rise" thong if she intends to wear "low-rise" pants.

They also had a pic from the show of NK smiling and awake. So.....

as always, two sides to every story - and it seems to every picture.

yawn said...

Oh Deb you have been most busy posting on every site, under every alias you have created. You just can't help yourself ... all this anger is incredibly sad.

Do they know what you are up to again at work? Hmmmm ... I bet they do ....

White Trash said...

"Oh Deb you have been most busy posting on every site, under every alias you have created. You just can't help yourself ... all this anger is incredibly sad.

Do they know what you are up to again at work? Hmmmm ... I bet they do ...."

Donna, you are so far off the mark it's pitiful. Just go back to your dull little life in Florida and go on pretending you know what the hell you're talking about.

itsjustdeb said...

Just to be clear - I use the same blogger identity wherever I post, except for this one time. Whoever and wherever you think I am, I am not.

rememberwhen said...

Fianlly KUNK fans know what she really thinks about Keith and Keith's music.