Thursday, January 4, 2007

American Fans Want Urban to Dump Kidman

UM News Wire-January 4: American fans of Country Music Star Keith Urban are calling for the Aussie Bad Boy to dump his aging actress wife Nicold Kidman amid reports she has committed fraud. The singer, who is currently battling evil, is rumoured to have believed Kidman wanted a real marriage with him, a charge she has denied. But readers of top weekly In Touch are far from convinced the Australian Hag is telling the truth and think it was all a contract. In an online poll, 100 per cent of readers agreed Urban should "dump" Kidman. Earlier the pair reunited in the Oscar-winning actress' hometown of Sydney, just so that Kidman could try out her new role as child-victim for the press.While Keith has not visited Australia since he married Kidman in a ridiculous Sydney wedding in June, the soft porn star has been in Sydney to lick her wounds and have her name in the papers as much as possible. Once even performing miracles in a Children's Hospital in Sydney.