Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to the Kidman Urbans!

There have been SO many pics of the loved-up, crazy-in-love couple, we just couldn't post them ALL! So here's one of our favorites!

Edited (for blue sky) to add: WARNING... do not scroll down if you have a full stomach, are considering eating in the next few hours, are allergic to fish, have an aversion to suckerfish, are afraid of vampires, or are just plain in fear of being swallowed alive. Of course if you fear for your heart and soul and your muse, too late.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breaking News

Dateline: Sydney, NSW, Australia...

The three-day rule was violated this week!!!! Kidman and kid were in Oz to celebrate Antonia's wedding; Keith was in Nashville. He plays in Chicago on Saturday, the 19th (the day before Baby Girl's birthday - which shall NOT coincide with Father's Day). Will Kidman make it back to the States in time to celebrate her sacred birthday with Keith "My Baby Girl Wife's birthday is more important than celebrating being a Father to my actual Baby Girl Flesh & Blood Daughter" Urban???

Two tidbits from today:

From Lainey:

Her Birthday > Father’s Day

Nicole Kidman is currently in Australia. Her sister Antonia was married a while ago and the celebration is this weekend. Here she is in a sateen jump suit attending a family dinner. Nicole and Sunday Rose made the trip without Keith Urban who is touring. Her birthday is Sunday. The same day as Father’s Day. Which means she trumps Father’s Day, at least according to Keith.

"(Australian Father’s Day is) in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday. I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September." (source)

I don’t understand why you can’t celebrate both. I also don’t understand why he keeps calling her “Baby Girl”. Can’t find the video right now because I’m writing on blackberry but when Keith accepted his CMT Award last week he made a point of thanking “Nicole, my Baby Girl” sitting in the audience. His wife the “Baby Girl” is the same woman I call Granny Freeze. That’s just dumb.

And gross.

And really cheese.

That sh-t is a dealbreaker for me. But you know, Baby Girl Granny, she loves it so much. Every time he says “Baby Girl” it feels like the needle is going into her forehead.

Lainey Gossip

And from the New York Post:

I vote neigh on this trend

June 18, 2010  Jarett Wieselman

And all this time I knew Miley Cyrus couldn't be tamed but I never thought to ask if she could be reigned.

But that's exactly what I'm wondering this morning following her appearance outside "The Late Show" theater, where she not only sat down for her first ever interview with David Letterman, but performed "Can't Be Tamed" in these Clydesdale-esque pants.

And in case you thought, "bah, she's just bein' Miley," take heed because Nicole Kidman rocked the same style last night. Albeit in a bigger, swingier, silkier incarnation.
They say three people make a trend, but I'm voicing my dissent before we hit the triple crown in hopes we can reign this look in before it becomes a global phenomenon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Father's Day for Keith Urban this month... it's Baby Girl's Birthday!

Keith Urban Counts His Fatherly Blessings
Posted Jun 13th 2010 9:00AM 
by Donna Hughes

Keith Urban literally glows when he speaks about his role as a father. Daughter Sunday Rose, with wife Nicole Kidman, is nearing her second birthday, and she is beginning to really take on physical characteristics of both of her parents.

"She's a good mix [of the two of us], I think," said Keith backstage at the CMA Music Festival at Nashville's LP Field. "She's got my wife's legs, that's for sure."

With Father's Day around the corner, he explained what he thought was the best part of being a father. "All of it! It's always something new, that's what I love about it," the superstar gushed. "And maybe [other] dads are different, but for me, it keeps coming on. I'm like, 'Oh my God, that's my daughter.' It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I feel very grateful for it."

While Keith cannot say enough about being a father, he won't be celebrating Dad's Day this Sunday. It is actually a special day for someone else -- his wife's birthday. Since they both grew up in Australia, they decided to celebrate the Australian Father's Day, which takes place on September 6. "What I did is I took the liberty of recognizing that we have dual countries going on and Father's Day is different in Australia," he said. "It's in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday." He adds, "I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September."

With their joy at having a daughter together, will Keith and Nicole be having another one soon? "I'm not, not trying," he laughs, "so we'll see."

Keith is set to perform at Chicago's Soldier Field on June 19, as part of his tour dates with the Eagles.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More of the same from the Kidman Urban Clan

At least they recycle... obviously they don't need to learn any new lines... they just repeat the same old crap time after time....

Keith Urban ‘Not Not Trying’ For More Kids

Date: 12-Jun-2010

There could be another baby on the way for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.The country crooner, 42, doesn’t rule out expanding his family with the Oscar winner, who turns 43 this month, following later-in-life pregnancies for Kelly Preston, 47, and Celine Dion, 42.

“I’m not not trying,” he chuckles backstage Friday during the CMA Music Festival held at Nashville’s LP Field.

There’s no time like the present for the couple who will celebrate four years of marriage later this month. The dazzling duo are parents to Sunday Rose, who turns 2 in July, and her kids Isabella, 17, and Conor, 15, whom she adopted with ex Tom Cruise.

Is their young tot more like him or her?

“She’s a good mix, I think,” he tells me. “She’s got my wife’s legs, that’s for sure.”

Fatherhood certainly suits the country crooner.

“It’s always something new,” he marvels. “That’s what I love about it. Maybe dads are different, but to me it’s coming on like ‘oh my God, that’s my daughter.’ It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s great.”

That nurturing instinct was in effect with season eight American Idol finalist Danny Gokey during this week’s CMT Awards.

“I was walking down the hallway, and Keith Urban called me by him,” Danny recounts. “It was the coolest thing. I was walking with him, surrounded by people, and all of a sudden, he goes ‘Danny, come here.’ I was like ‘oh,’ and I came running over there. He mentioned that his family loved my single, My Best Days Are Ahead of Me. He mentioned a story how they were walking through Nashville Shores, and how they heard it – and one of his kids came up to him and said ‘who is that?’ He was like ‘I know that tone of voice,’ and he heard it, and he went looking in Billboard magazine, and said ‘yep, I was right. We love that song – it’s a great song.’ I was honored. I was speechless, too.”

For Keith, having movie icon Nicole by his side meant giving her a crash course in country starting soon after they met at a G’Day L.A. event honoring Australians in January 2005. “She had no history of country at all, so it’s been great to be the one to get her into it,” he says. “Not long after we started dating, I actually went to the record store and bought her The Best of Waylon, and I played Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way. I put it in there amongst a bunch of other discs, and I just let that song play first. She was like ‘my word, what is this?’ That was her first real taste of it. From there, she’s gotten into the Zac Brown Band and she loves Miranda [Lambert].”

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is already in Kindergarten!

Absolutely amazing. The child is not yet two years old and is being shuffled off to day care. Since she obviously isn't old enough for "kindy" as her daffy Mum would say, she must be in day care. Was the Nanny interfering too much with Kidman's busy schedule? And why would Keith go along with this? It's not like his schedule is so full, either. Anyone know how old her "adult" children were when she shipped them off to school?

On living in Nashville
“I love living there. We’re all about keeping life simple and keeping it simple for our daughter. She just goes to the local kindy [kindergarten]. We don’t buy her a lot of stuff and we donate on her behalf to things.”

On Sunday Rose’s birthday plans for July
“We’re not into big parties. And Mum here will make a birthday cake, ’cause I don’t think you should buy a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are meant to be handmade.”

On her children with Tom, Isabella, 17, and Connor, 15.
“They’ve blossomed into adults now. It is a beautiful thing as a parent to see your children walk elegantly into their adult years. “To have been given the chance to raise a child again at this age is such a gift. I’m just incredibly grateful.” And more children? “Yes, but it just depends on God.”

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, June 7, 2010]