Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nicole Kidman: Actress, Savior, future Academy Award Nominee, Liar and a Terrible Mother!

On December 22, Isabella Jane Cruise turns 18. In other circles there has been a lot of talk lately about Ms. Cruise moving in with her mother after she turns 18. This is not going to happen. We are pretty safe in saying that because her mother told Hello magazine that Bella and her brother Connor don't want to live with her. They don't want to live down on the farm with the wild zucchini, alpacas and the singing country crooner. They prefer to live with Tom & Katie. It is interesting that the article was released one day before Bella's birthday. Nicole had to know how that it makes her (adopted) children appear. But since Nicole is running for that Oscar and any other award, she is going to blame the kids, because there aren't photos of the happy family to show the world. None. And there will be none. No sightings in Nashville, because Keith and Kidman and Sunday are still down under. Kidman is doing her usual 'I am opening a movie soon, so I am heading to the Childrens' Hospital to get some PR' bit; Keith looks a bit worn at the edges and they are trotting out young Sunday as often as possible. Remember Keith told everyone at the Rabbit Hole premiere they were spending the holidays in Oz, while Kidman was on the other side of the room talking about a down home Nashville holiday. Someone didn't get the memo.

Back to Connor & Isabella Cruise. They don't want to spend time with Nicole. That is the point. These two people who you chose to adopt do not want your company. Think about this; she can't keep a relationship with two children who have been with her their whole lives. They know what she is all about. They know more about her than any of us do and they reject her. You can build a cotton candy house, Nicole. You can tell everyone how perfect your life is; how much you adore your husband and your life, but when your own children don't want to spend time with you that says ten times more than any PR story about your happy, healthy family. The cotton candy house is pretty and special and unique; unfortunately the foundation is built on crap, and actions speak louder than words.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Urban Family Won't Play Kidman Games

One thing you can say about Keith Urban is that it is obvious he comes from good people. You may have noticed that recently Keith's parents were visiting. The senior Urbans came to the big pro ball game and hung around Nashville. Any pictures? Just a few. Why? Because the look on their faces shows their utter contempt for the entire process of being a celebrity. Why couldn't the Urbans hang quietly with their son? Why did the daughter-in-law have to call in the photographers? Because she is selling a myth and buying an Oscar nomination; add to that rumors of trouble with her one true love and his child bride, and the lovely Nicole is selling her happy family image everywhere.

She desperately needs a hit and she is milking the popular culture for all it is worth by selling her movie along with her happy private life. Granted she was a movie star. She was in a few successful films and a lot of critically acclaimed films. But in the last decade her star has lost its shine. She isn't a movie star now, a film actress, a cultural joke, yes, but she isn't a power. She needs this movie to be a success. She needs to play in the big time. But the subject matter of the film, the death of a small child, while dramatic - is not something that is going to have hoards flocking to the cinema. She may get her Oscar nomination; she will get a Golden Globe nomination; and she already has an Independent Spirit nomination. But she isn't going to get the box office.

That brings us back to the happy family photos. Kidman has to show that box office doesn't matter. She has this wonderful family; she does good work but her family; her successful family is what is important. Her husband plays the game. Can you imagine what it must be like for Keith when he sees her privately? Her parents and sister have played the game for years. Even their daughter is learning the PR game. She gets uprooted from the security of her actual caretakers for a photo shoot here and there. The only sticky wicket is the Urbans. It does not appear that either side like one another. For the most part that is fine. Keith can see his family Kidman doesn't need to - until she is running for an Oscar and she needs all facets to come together.

She got her photo op, but at what cost for her husband? Add to this some recent remarks by Keith's brother Shane…and boom happy family haha! Shane is having an event near his home, and when asked if his brother will make an appearance, he said no. It was too cumbersome for Keith. Even though Keith will be in the country playing for Oprah, he can't help out his older brother?

But don't worry about Shane. He is going to have a very happy Christmas with his wife's family. He won’t be part of the big family Christmas Kidman has planned. That does put a crimp in the happy family story doesn't it?

Another powder keg in this whole quagmire is Kidman’s adopted kids. While she talks about them, it has been almost three years since there has been a public sighting of the children with their mother. Given Keith's recent confession on Oprah that it was drugs and alcohol that sent him to Betty Ford; will we ever see those two with their Nicole? It is highly unlikely. Still Nicole keeps talking about the big Christmas and the alpacas on the farm. Maybe if Nicole keeps saying it enough she might even believe it. The reality is quite different.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caption These!

It's been a while since we have done this! Caption these pics from the Rabbit Hole premiere tonight!