Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caption These!

It's been a while since we have done this! Caption these pics from the Rabbit Hole premiere tonight!





Fading Fan said...
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maclen said...

Most. Boring. Couple. on. the. Planet.

Choice said...

Yet another photo opportunity for Nashville's 'hottest' couple. Keith is very good at pretending like he wants to be there:

Hatti said...

#1...Stand still NIC so you don't fall on your face!!

Nic..Yes, here I am !!

#2...Yeah, I'm clowning all the way to the bank!!

Nic..It's all about me!!!

#3...No one knows what I have to do for that money!!

Nic..Come on dufus don't lag behind!!

#4...Kelvin aren't you so happy your here with me? Look what I have done for you!!

(((Yes)) Nic ecstatic!!!

Boy what a power couple!! ((NOT)))


blue sky said...

#1 Nic to Keith - "Oh that's right - I already removed them before we left!"

#2 Keith - "Whoa - I'm seeing four of everything."

#3 Nic - "I can't feel my lips or ass anymore!"

#4 Nic to Keith - "You snorted my last line, didn't you?"

notachance said...

That dress is hideous. Keith looks great.

F.I.N.E said...

#1 (Keith) I know I'm suppose to grab her hand right about now but what will happen if I don't, lol

#2 (Keith) Damn she's good... how did that happen... I've still got a few tricks I'm going to pull to get loose, lol

#3 (Keith) This is really cool--I'm walking on my heels

#4 (Keith) I hate it when she looks at me like a kindergardener. SOMEDAY baby(girl)

lee said...

If you REALLY loved your hubby, wouldn't you wear FLATS!!!

rememberwhen said...

#1(Keith) Don't you dare touch that. Only woman get to go there.

#2(Keith) Hey taxi, HELP!

#3(Keith) Remind me the next time to walk in front. The stench down wind is terrible.

#4(Nicole) Keith this is my event. (Keith) Yea but they love me more.

Imahick said...

#1 NK: OK...I said stand on one leg, Kevin. And don't put that foot down til I tell you.

#2 KU: Seriously baby girl. When can I put this foot down?
NK: When I say and not before.

#3 NK: Yep, my ass is still there.

#4 KU: the tall pasty woman still there? If I just look away and pretend she's not there, maybe it'll happen. she gone? Is she???

Hatti said...

Yes #4.. Sly old fox or what?? ((giggles)))

rememberwhen said...

Imahick I love your #3. LOL

F.I.N.E said...

These pictures are a hoot!

It just shows how posed and fake she is at these events. Normally they would be laughing and posing TOGETHER for the cameras. Her escort was not performing to his level of training.

#4 is the funniest because you see 1/2 of the "loved up" couple where they normally look into (past) each others eyes. He is clearly not cooperating so she looks into his ear.

Is Keith rebelling or is he is being treated for back problems again?


Anonymous said...

Middle aged and boring.

Hatti said...

mikki...You can say that again!! ((giggles)))

Nothing worse then two has beens trying to hold on to their youth! Really.. how shabby!!

Tara said...

oh poor brave Kidman baring the cold to walk the red carpet for her dead child movie... and really Keith should not talk at all - I heard snippets of what he said and he came off as blabbering dork- perhaps he could maintain his equilibrium a little better if he didn't talk. What was he on?

Hatti said...

A big raise from the boss!! Now that can give you a high!! ((giggles)))))

Urban Myths said...

Priceless article over at Gawker:

maclen said...


Frank Costanza:

"The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you're gonna hear about it."

So, as my "holiday" break from the mundane and the mediocre...(kidman BORES me to death at this point)...I just wanted to update a few musings. Call this a special Happy Festivus "Holiday break from the Mediocre Musings"...

•Natalie Portman looks to be this year's "shoo-in" to win Best Actress at the oscars.

•Orb apparently DIDNT win an award at the premiere of the new country award show, the "fan voted" ACA awards.

•The monkey's are now reduced to "rejoicing" that the orb CAN now simply and SOMEHOW get his first single into Billboard's "TOP TEN" on the country charts...#1 clearly being now out of reach even to their delusional eyes!

•Said same monkeys are naturally and quite unsurprisingly...under the delusion that the orb's cd was #2 in country cd sales last week...right behind swifty of course...when Billboard ACTUALLY and clearly shows rascal flatts at #2!

Hatti said...

I agree Moosie Girl is boring both of them are insufferable bores. So I believe she won't even get a nod for this movie. It maybe a fine movie. I can see there are many fine actors in it. But the person backing this project was this movie's misfortune due to her taking a lead part in it. I can't say act b/c to me this was not acting this was trying to force something that is/was not there!!!

Natalie Portman worked so hard for Black Swan. She was literally stretched to give her a ballerina's stature b/c she is not a tall person. I believe that kind of dedication shows through.

It's time we call a spade a spade!! This sham irritates my senses. It insults my intelligence. I for one feel embarrassed that KU would continue to be apart of this falsehood. I'm hoping we will start a new year KUNKLESS!!! Now I'm sure there are others that deserve our attention!! (((giggles))))

Anonymous said...

#1 - Nicole: I can't believe you said this looks good on me.

#2 - Keith: Maybe that 10th shot wasn't such a good idea. See what she makes me do?

#3 - Nicole: Just shut up and keep walking.

#4 - Nicole: Look at E! I'm the only one who matters here. This is MY night!

HAHA! Ciao!