Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nicole Kidman: Actress, Savior, future Academy Award Nominee, Liar and a Terrible Mother!

On December 22, Isabella Jane Cruise turns 18. In other circles there has been a lot of talk lately about Ms. Cruise moving in with her mother after she turns 18. This is not going to happen. We are pretty safe in saying that because her mother told Hello magazine that Bella and her brother Connor don't want to live with her. They don't want to live down on the farm with the wild zucchini, alpacas and the singing country crooner. They prefer to live with Tom & Katie. It is interesting that the article was released one day before Bella's birthday. Nicole had to know how that it makes her (adopted) children appear. But since Nicole is running for that Oscar and any other award, she is going to blame the kids, because there aren't photos of the happy family to show the world. None. And there will be none. No sightings in Nashville, because Keith and Kidman and Sunday are still down under. Kidman is doing her usual 'I am opening a movie soon, so I am heading to the Childrens' Hospital to get some PR' bit; Keith looks a bit worn at the edges and they are trotting out young Sunday as often as possible. Remember Keith told everyone at the Rabbit Hole premiere they were spending the holidays in Oz, while Kidman was on the other side of the room talking about a down home Nashville holiday. Someone didn't get the memo.

Back to Connor & Isabella Cruise. They don't want to spend time with Nicole. That is the point. These two people who you chose to adopt do not want your company. Think about this; she can't keep a relationship with two children who have been with her their whole lives. They know what she is all about. They know more about her than any of us do and they reject her. You can build a cotton candy house, Nicole. You can tell everyone how perfect your life is; how much you adore your husband and your life, but when your own children don't want to spend time with you that says ten times more than any PR story about your happy, healthy family. The cotton candy house is pretty and special and unique; unfortunately the foundation is built on crap, and actions speak louder than words.


Hatti said...

I believe Moosie girl locked those kids out of her life just like she use to lock her bedroom door when living it the same house.

Turn about is fair play. Those young people want as normal a life as they can have. To include Moosie girl in that would be an oxymoron!!!

She pulls people out of her closet like we would a pair of jeans. When she needs them she uses them. Then she sticks them back on the shelf!!

I believe she found the best person in the world for her to be with! Someone as shallow as she is. The both of them should never be around children. They are poor excuses for human beings no less parents. Maybe that's why people like that can't have children of their own!!

At least Bella and Connor had a family unit when she decided they cramped her style. This little one has her NANNY!!!

Hopefully this Nanny is stable, and will stay till Sunday is old enough to go away to school or longer. That is the only chance this little girl has.

For children to choose one parent over another should be very hard for a child. In this case I'm sure it wasn't hard at all!!!!

Tara said...

I think one of the best ways to understand this entire thing was someone on E put up a picture of Courtney Love and Kidman and asked what they had in common.

I don't think It is about the COS nor about Keith being a recovering addict.
What was it a year or so ago when Kidman said they called her Nicole
that was very telling.

And I do feel sorry for Sunday.

Hatti said...

Me too Tara, I just hope the child has her real mother on the sidelines. I know someone has to be her Mom cause Moosie girl isn't. Actually neither of them contributed any genes!! I almost want to say thank God for that!!

The only thing that matters to these two are the pics and articals they produce using their families. KU is no better. He has paraded his Mom and Dad for the PR many times.

It's just a disgusting abhorrent display!!

We talk about selling your soul? Well you have to have one to sell. These two don't have on decent soul between them!!!

blue sky said...

Thanks to whomever wrote this for giving us the reminder that Keith did tell his new Hollyweird BFF that they would be spending Christmas in Oz.

Nic says they will be in Nashville for Christmas.

Thankfully Shane sheds some truth and says Keith won't be seeing the Urbans for Christmas.

Can someone tell me who is telling the truth, and why so many lies over something as simple as where they are spending the Holidays?

How about that punch in the face to Isabella and Connor? Now they are at fault for their mother's sadness, but they have been replaced with her inside child Sunday Rose. For having such a "brilliant" set of parents, Nic has nothing but air between the ears. These are not things you say about your adopted children. They can be insecure and not know where they belong - especially in a divorce situation when natural born half-siblings are being brought into the situation.

I can't say this enough; SHAME ON YOU NIC! How badly do you want that Oscar over Isabella and Connor?

Hatti said...

Yes blue, Shame on both of them!! They are so selfish!!!

Moosie girl shouldn't be saying anything about inside or outside children, b/c if the truth ((you know TRUTH))) be known they are all someone else's inside children!!!

Tara said...

Is anyone getting like me in thinking that Connor is Tom's biological child?
He looks so much like Tom.

F.I.N.E said...

don't know if this has been posted anywhere yet.

1:32 "waited my whole life to find someone who moves me and is my spiritual other half like nick is"

i agree, the man was taken over spiritually a while back and lost his way. this is who he has become and he just gets uglier every day. he is nothing but a pathetic tool; useless to anything but #1.

notice his immediate reaction after he makes that statement. it is not even a happy look.

i hope he gets a wake up call and hope i'm around to see it even if the damage is already done.

Urban Myths said...

Nuff said.

Fading Fan said...
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A440 said...

Nic's PR rep has released a statement saying the entire story is bullshit.

LindaMarie said...


He has had wake up calls. There is nothing he wants to do about them. He is where he is become he chooses to be. He is a kept man and he gave up the "real love of his life" to be a kept man. He doesn't have to worry about his finanancial future. He is all set. The problem will be when he realizes he should have heeded those wake up calls. The man is a tool in more ways than one. I hope he is very happy with his decision to stay with this woman, because in the end that is all he will have. He stepped on too many toes, broke too many hearts and hurt too many people to backtrack now. He has actually become the ass that most believe him to be now. He is just like his savior, an idiot and a liar.

LindaMarie said...

A440 the only bullshit is the Kidmans themselves. They talk out of the other side of their faces and can't keep track of their own lives.

Fading Fan:

Most of the songs supposedly written for the stick are not about her. Some of those songs have been around longer than she has. I too believe Keith is thinking of someone else and can hardly believe the lies coming out of his own mouth but he made the decision to stay in this farce for financial gain. Like I said he has hurt too many people to turn his back on stick figure now. He made his bed, he can do whatever he wants in it, even if that unattainable girl was waiting in the wings, he can kiss her goodbye because by now she has flown.

Fading Fan said...
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A440 said...


It was a one sentence statement. I heard it on Access Hollywood. Basically it's a repudiation of Hello Magazine, which released the "interview."

(Shrugging.) FWIW.

Tara said...

Well we have DRAMA today. The little plane bump in Oz has made the news.
Of course everyone else on the plane chose to wait a few hours and fly out later in the evening but not Keith and Nicole nope was have them coming to the airport and boarding
the next morning.
Lainey raised a good point that its all for show and don't think she won't milk the plane troubles for more press. I can see it now Kidman and young biological daughter almost killed in Oz plane mishap- probably a little down the article you will learn Keith was on board too.
I bet when that plane went down Kidman was already talking to her publicist about the angle of the sotry.

blue sky said...

A440, why don't they sue if the comment isn't true because this is being talked about everywhere, and she isn't coming off looking good at all. I don't believe for a moment that she didn't say it. This was an interview and it is quoted. She has given other interviews recently where she has a total disregard for Isabella and Connor.

Tara, it has started already!

"Nicole Kidman's plane scare as her flight home for Christmas is grounded"

A440 said...

If I were a public figure prepping for a long flight with a toddler, I don't know if I'd sit and cool my heels until they decide to let me board...whenever that may be. It turned out to be about 4 1/2 hours. Which may not have been communicated to the passengers until 4 hours in. That's an eternity in kid-time. Lots of time to get hungry, cranky, etc.

KUNK went home rather than wait it out. If I had a place nearby and the money to burn on a new ticket, I think I'd duck out, too. Just easier all around.

A440 said...

Blue, you're asking ME why THEY don't sue? Nuts if I know! Maybe 'cause it just calls more attention to the quotes. Not everybody is following Kidman. For many, she's a non-entity.

The PR rep's statement implies that there was no interview. Unless somebody can produce a clean audiotape or an eyewitness to this interview, it's a they-said, she-said situation.

Me? I can't wait to hear Hello!'s rebuttal. Ball's in their court.

Hatti said...

It all gets Moosie girl more PR!! She doesn't care what she says what is retracted just as long as she gets her pic and her name in the paper.

As long as it says Oscar winning actress present movie RH !! She doesn't care who she drags through the muck! It's all about Moosie girl!! No one else matters!!

hoosierlady said...

keith has new highlights, and love, love, love the new bag!

A440 said...

That new bag has a rather sturdy shoulder strap. Don't know why his wife doesn't just sling it over her know, like the rest of us do. That way, she can be seen as an actress fully in charge of her props: the designer purse and the prop child.

Keith was just quoted as saying that he doesn't like carrying her bag. And that SHE'S not crazy about it, either. But, nevertheless, the Emasculation Of Keith Urban continues anon.

Scope out the latest pix on JJ. He's taken to carrying Sunday's plush toy--as if this healthy child couldn't carry it herself.

Mum carries the child. The hired help carries everything else. How much longer before he gets tired of this?

A440 said...

Let me make a minor correction. Keith was quoted as saying that Nic doesn't like it when he carries her purse, but that he "doesn't mind," especially if it involves Sunday.

But somehow they both manage to have him carry her gear. I guess that's when he's not busy sitting, waiting for her mani-pedi to finish...

Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

So she wanted to be in Nash for Christmas and he wanted to be in Oz.

So the little one was in an Airport Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Now that's planning!!!!!

But who cares it's all about the movie that's what counts!!

Tara said...

It seems that while she may be getting that nomination she isn't getting any awards.

Did anyone see the picture of them in the plane- pretty telling.