Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Urban Family Won't Play Kidman Games

One thing you can say about Keith Urban is that it is obvious he comes from good people. You may have noticed that recently Keith's parents were visiting. The senior Urbans came to the big pro ball game and hung around Nashville. Any pictures? Just a few. Why? Because the look on their faces shows their utter contempt for the entire process of being a celebrity. Why couldn't the Urbans hang quietly with their son? Why did the daughter-in-law have to call in the photographers? Because she is selling a myth and buying an Oscar nomination; add to that rumors of trouble with her one true love and his child bride, and the lovely Nicole is selling her happy family image everywhere.

She desperately needs a hit and she is milking the popular culture for all it is worth by selling her movie along with her happy private life. Granted she was a movie star. She was in a few successful films and a lot of critically acclaimed films. But in the last decade her star has lost its shine. She isn't a movie star now, a film actress, a cultural joke, yes, but she isn't a power. She needs this movie to be a success. She needs to play in the big time. But the subject matter of the film, the death of a small child, while dramatic - is not something that is going to have hoards flocking to the cinema. She may get her Oscar nomination; she will get a Golden Globe nomination; and she already has an Independent Spirit nomination. But she isn't going to get the box office.

That brings us back to the happy family photos. Kidman has to show that box office doesn't matter. She has this wonderful family; she does good work but her family; her successful family is what is important. Her husband plays the game. Can you imagine what it must be like for Keith when he sees her privately? Her parents and sister have played the game for years. Even their daughter is learning the PR game. She gets uprooted from the security of her actual caretakers for a photo shoot here and there. The only sticky wicket is the Urbans. It does not appear that either side like one another. For the most part that is fine. Keith can see his family Kidman doesn't need to - until she is running for an Oscar and she needs all facets to come together.

She got her photo op, but at what cost for her husband? Add to this some recent remarks by Keith's brother Shane…and boom happy family haha! Shane is having an event near his home, and when asked if his brother will make an appearance, he said no. It was too cumbersome for Keith. Even though Keith will be in the country playing for Oprah, he can't help out his older brother?

But don't worry about Shane. He is going to have a very happy Christmas with his wife's family. He won’t be part of the big family Christmas Kidman has planned. That does put a crimp in the happy family story doesn't it?

Another powder keg in this whole quagmire is Kidman’s adopted kids. While she talks about them, it has been almost three years since there has been a public sighting of the children with their mother. Given Keith's recent confession on Oprah that it was drugs and alcohol that sent him to Betty Ford; will we ever see those two with their Nicole? It is highly unlikely. Still Nicole keeps talking about the big Christmas and the alpacas on the farm. Maybe if Nicole keeps saying it enough she might even believe it. The reality is quite different.


blue sky said...

Great blog entry here! Keith repeated the same interview on Ellen today. How often will he have to discuss rehab in order to let the world know that she stands by his side? When I go to the movies during the Holiday Season, I want to see movies like the good ol' "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" type movies. Something that is light-hearted and makes you laugh - takes you away from the stress of the real world. I think that is the general concensus for everyone. Remember how "Australia" did against "Four Christmases" here in the States? I wish Shane would do more interviews.

blue sky said...

I apologize for posting back to back here, but I meant to mention this on my previous post. The fansies are still believing that Isabella will leave Tom's custody on the 22nd when she turns 18 - remember that tabloid story said so? So I'm thinking we need to have some type of countdown on here to mark the occasion!

BTW - I don't believe it will happen, but just for the sake of fun!

A440 said...
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Fading Fan said...
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Urban Myths said...

FF, sorry, there wasn't supposed to be a video in the blog. Don't know what happened.

Great idea about the poll, Blue Sky.

Urban Myths said...

FF, sorry, there wasn't supposed to be a video in the blog. Don't know what happened.

Great idea about the poll, Blue Sky.

Fading Fan said...
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Karina said...

and are you basing this on WHAT? Yes, your own personal considerations. So, you maybe wrong, like everyone else. I think you should REALLY think about how sad your life must be to keep opened a board bashing, trashing two people that live their life.
This is insane, they should do something, because you board has to be closed.
And yes, read my message and don't post it because this what you do: you rule this blog like a dictactorship.

maclen said...

Clearly, the none "orb" urban clan ARE NOT infested with the bug of narcisstic and public self aggrandizing stench of "celebritydom." They are in no seeming desire to be in sights of the nearest camera or paparatz. The fact that orb's bro seems not too concerned publicly that orb WILL NOT be at his function says volumes.

Hatti said...

This is so obvious that all this family togetherness and true confessions is for her Oscar nods more then KU's CD. But if she thinks she is going to get an Oscar for her fantasy heroics it won't happen!

TC did not want the kids around KU b/c he was known to use drugs even before he went into the so called rehab. But that didn't stop Moosie Girl from seeing her kids if she wanted to. She just chose not to for the past more then three years actually!!!

My contention with that is, Moosie Girl has been known to use drugs and alcohol for a very long time. She is hooked on pain killers and has been known to partake in recreational coke fests. But of course TC could squash that which he did successfully!! Rupert Murdoch helps keep her rep pretty clean as well.

As I have said before, it's all a sham nothing more!! HW knows it!! This will all go away when she falls on her ugly mug!! I for one will be happy to see it happen. She has exploited every personal thing she could find. She did this with Awfulstralia and now again. The game is an old one !!!

Hatti said...

Actually maclen I believe they are not the least bit anxious to be in Moosie Girl's company!! And her family are just as noxious!!! So it is much better to avoid any contact as much as possible!! :D

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Actually maclen I believe they are not the least bit anxious to be in Moosie Girl's company!! And her family are just as noxious!!! So it is much better to avoid any contact as much as possible!!"

Yes Hatti, the urban's no doubt find the orb's new "PR image" to be about as irritating as we do. Considering orb now seemingly finds his parents and his upbringing to be rather meaningless...meanwhile kidman STILL gives all her props to her parents...orb's parents must truly feel neglected by the pandering orb.

Hatti said...

maclen, I believe KU's parents, brother and his family don't give five min of thought to KU's contractual marriage. I believe when he is in Oz he visits his family without her. I believe when he is here he lives where he lives unless beckoned to do a job!

All this embarrassing nauseous behavior for the benefit of all the people gullible enough to believe in fairy tales!!

KU has the best of both worlds his satin sheets, his privacy and the PR he gets when called upon. That is what fills the coffers my dear!!

He has become an opportunist or maybe he has always been!!! ;)

hoosierlady said...

Hatti said... maclen, I believe KU's parents, brother and his family don't give five min of thought to KU's contractual marriage. I believe when he is in Oz he visits his family without her. I believe when he is here he lives where he lives unless beckoned to do a job!

What makes you say that, Hatti? Do you have evidence?

Could someone please give me an abridged edition of the History of the Urbans? I know nothing of Keith's side of the family. Absolutely nothing, and very little about him before he met the, well, wifey.


Hatti said...

hoosier, there are many sites, boards that will give you the short and long of it. You can form your own opnion as to what the real deal is.

I have had the misfortune of being there from the very beginning in fact before this all came about. So yes, there is a long history and deviated turns and twists to this catastrophe. Catastrophe being the key word!!!

I wouldn't believe a word, not one out of their lieing mouths!! Anyone that can stay with a coercer and tout lies about that person is down right insufferable!!

As far as his family? They are just as disgusted as I am!! But have no fear....KU spends as much time as possible with his family!! He is very much a supporter of all his family!!! I wish I could say the same about people that were his good friends, that went above and beyond when he called upon them !! I guess the few that are out here had no value after Moosie Girl put her very green claws at his back!!!!

Choice said...

There is only one way the Kurbans appearance on Oprah's Down Under TV Specials this week will be truly authentic (and i am not talking about Nicole finally admitting to Oprah about her botox and plastic surgery):

Hatti said...

Seems like no one is really excited to see them. I guess the Aussies aren't so easily lead down the garden path.

Good on ya maties!!!!! ((giggles)))

Believe me Moosie Girl spent a lot of money to get the two of them on Oprah. Her charities appreciate it very much.

Keep going Moosie Girl empty those coffers!!! ((giggles)))))

Tara said...

The cool or uncool thing about Keith Urban in Oz is that no one really cares about him so if he does see his parents and family, and I kinda think he does, then no one knows and we also don't know how often they visit him. He is simply Nicole's husband eventually becoming Nicole's second husband when he is replaced.

Tara said...

Has anyone else figured out the Target connection? Target underfunds the Oprah show. They are helping with the Oz trip. Keith has apparently made some kind of deal with Target. Why has Keith never been on Oprah before? She has had a lot of Country Music people on. Also
Kidman appeared on the same show.
Oprah and Kidman are friends.
Just thinking out loud but was there some kind of deal made with Target to get Keith on the Oprah show twice in a year?? Was Kidman part of the deal- yeah I'll put him on but I really want her kind of thing??

Hatti said...

Yes Tara, he deserves every bit of it!!! You don't mooch on a person and make believe it's more then just that!!! (((giggles))))

I'm looking forward to seeing him #2!! :D

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would be before the clothes came off. Thats NK's MO when she needs attention. This time its Keith. Will she show up in a see-through outfit at the next premiere??

Back on the balcony in Sydney. Is that all they do there? These photos are so desparate for their age, don't you think??

Hatti said...

Absolutely mikki, Please KU is so out of shape due to his lack of work he should keep his shirt on !!!

Moosie Girl has triceps waving in the wind and she's standing there with a jump rope? Give me a break her back was so bad, at the last show she could hardly get out of her seat!!

They have no concept of what is around them...YOUNG PEOPLE!!! Talented young people that don't have to pay the Paps to come flying by.

And so fatherly is KU have you noticed? The one and only pic of the little one he's standing there staring at her like what are you doing out here?

I get paid for the balconey scenes not you!!! ((giggles))))

Choice said...

Hatti - I kind of disagree. The shots of Keith on the balcony look kind of good. His chest looks quite nice! It's Nicole who looks white as a ghost and needs a good workout to get rid of her Kidman belly. Keith really looks sexy in those shorts and I'm the first to say his a short dude, but he scrubs up well in these shots. MMMMMM!!!! Except the hairpiece he has on though. Would be sweaty under that.

Choice said...

You have to admit, Keith kind of looks good from a distance. It softens everything, including the hard years:

Fading Fan said...
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F.I.N.E said...

look at these two on the balcony. he doesn't have a woman at his side. he has a side show.

these two are polar opposite and it shows in everything they do.

Tara said...

He has everything he ever publicly he said he wanted- is it enough
how many houses, cars trips? Everything is playing out exactly as predicted or is it?
I am looking forward to watching them being interviewed together on Oprah aren't all of you?

They are selling right now.
enjoy the show because that is all that it is.

biteme said...

Where do I find these pictures?

Urban Myths said...

Balcony pics:

Oprah pics:

Hatti said...

FF...Yes, I know all the sordid details, believe me. The one thing that sticks in my mind, the fact that he enjoys smart and witty conversation. He loves good humor!! They are the things he has missed so much, it's like a hole in his heart!!

Does he miss the things he truly loves enough to give up this security he has with Moosie Girl? Obviously not!!

So maties, I will make a prediction for this coming year.

He will hit the bottle or snort a line before the end of next year!! Do I have anyone taking me up on this prediction? Let me know. ((giggles))))

hoosierlady said...

I thought he looked a little stoned at the Rabbit Hole premiere. You know, bong stoned, pot stoned.

Just me, though, probably just old lady thinking.

Fading Fan said...
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Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

Oh FF, No worries matie, he wants to relax and enjoy the money he made these last five years. He put out a lousy CD that no one wants to hear anyway. So why tour??

Well the boss says, OH no your not going to hang on me and get an allowance for every cuppa coffee. Not happening!!! Get your arse on the bloody road you worthless country bumpkin!!!

This is so funny!! Now maties they don't live together!! And now she wants to make sure it's still same old. She calls him... he don't call her!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you fading fan. This arrangement isn't going to end until NK retires. They do what they want on their own time. They have the best of both worlds. We see only what they want us to see.

Choice said...

How wonderful to hear Gran singing "I still call Australia home". It gave many of us goosebumps. A wonderful Xmas present, thank you Niccy:

Tara said...

I would not trust anything they say or do. Funny they are singing that song considering Keith thinks of himself as an American and they had their daughter in the US.

I think he is laying the way for a long tour with breaks few and far between and of course she is working so much usually what does that mean?

Hatti said...

Yes Choice, I guess she needs as many as she can get to buy a ticket for her most recent flop!! Remember she's got alot of money wrapped uph into this film.

Two users that's what I see!!!

Hey maclen any more info on how KU's disaster is doing???

Choice said...

Hatti -
Keith's new album has dropped down in the Australian charts. It has moved from 19 to 21 this week. It's highest position was 11.

Yesterday he was in Sydney busking in the street mall. At one point, a fan joined him for "Days go by" together. It was a free mini-concert, of sorts. Were the crowd hoping Gran might appear for a duet with him "My eyes adored you". Thankfully no.

Hatti said...

Choice, I see you are from Oz. I love the words you use for things. Like airy fairy and roose loose in the upper paddock. Now you gave me a new word. Busking thank you. I miss KU for his Aussie words.

I am very ashamed of him for all he has done to his family, his friends, and his career.

As far as Moosie Girl, she has never been anyone of substance. She really is shallow with out empathy for anyone including her own children.

So matie you gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks again! :)

Fading Fan said...
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maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Hey maclen any more info on how KU's disaster is doing???"

Well, Hatti...after the few free impromptu "free" gigs and the two oprah gigs...the cd is only about a couple of 10k's ahead of his last cd. And I'd say after the initial media blitz wanes...those sales will drop off dramatically. As to the monkey obsessed single chart action...seems the orb's single is already struggling EVEN to get into the top 10! Pathetic really...

Hatti said...

Well FF, when this all started he had signed on to be her escort due to the lack of one that was suitable.

Since he had just won the EOTY and Sexiest man of the yr. Of course he was approached by her at G'Day LA where she handed him her tele number and he never reciprocated.

Six months later her people contacted his people and they talked about what a wonderful opportunity for KU to be her escort till she could find a more long lasting relationship. Or to put it straight out to find another sucker to hook and sink!! One more like TC you understand!!

Well, we know what happened we all saw it, he dragged her up and down red carpets, parking lots and coffee shops. But it seemed that wasn't enough for Moosie Girl. So meanwhile she bought everything he had out there on the market. His song rights everything. So no matter where he was going to turn he would be working for her for the rest of his life!! Well, that's what happens when you dabble in drugs and you wind up in debt you have to put your stuff out on the market for someone to buy. Anyway, that's how it all started.

Now the contract that became what we see today had in it that he could do whatever as long as he did not embarrass her or have any kind of long lasting relationship that could be found out. He could do what ever he wanted as long as he was discreet about it as she was!!!

When it got to the engagement (that he knew nothing about) and the marriage (that he did not want) he tried to embarrass her with the three hour porn star and the Amanda with hours of unprotected sex ((remember that)) and then finally the visit to the so called rehab!! Nothing worked she hung on for dear life!! When all was said and done his contract became very lucrative something he could not refuse. He has his own life and she has hers.

When it came to adding another employee onto her band wagon he did not know anything about it till she announced it openly to her audience. He found out the same time they (we) did. Now that was a shocker!! So he openly backstage at an award show said out loud that she was not pregnant she insisted she was and was so shaken by his challenge that she took a glass of wine. You remember the infamous glass of wine!! So what did that mean? Well an addendum to the contract!!

He sticks with the rubber belly episode and bring it all to Nash where the Paps are not so apt to track and he gets all his stuff back when it's done. So she acquired a child and he acquired his career back and all the perks.

During that charade a couple paps acquired a good beating, but thats another part to this soap opera!!

That's the real deal!!! What this new contract has that the old one didn't? He will get his forty mil a year and his own label. The only thing he has to do is convince the world that they really are a married couple and that she is loved and adored by him. So he is out there with this insipid hogwash. But if you notice he is still dragging her through the red carpets.

You really want to see the real deal? Take a look at the way he drags her to the car to and from the red carpets. Look at his face really close you will see distain!!!

So that's the reason for two homes in Nash and two apts in NYC. LA the same thing. Alot of the time he is in Nash and she puts out that they are seen together in LA. How many times do they get caught? He is never around her unless called. And she don't want him to be either.

So now we hear that he wants to stay by her side and she wants him on the road. What does that say? He is going to get paid to get lost!! He just raised the anti!! And he is saying, I put out your ode to Moosie Girl CD, now you can pay the ticket to my new career as a bludger!! ((giggles)))

Translation... lazy good for nothing !!

Sorry this post is a bit long winded but so is all the Porky!!!! ((Lies!!))

Choice.. I hope I did the Aussie slang justice!! ((giggles)))

Hatti said...
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Hatti said...

Well maclen, the CD did what it was suppose to do. KU can now be a bludger and Moosie girl will take care of him for the rest of his worthless days.

What did he say? Oh yes, he wouldn't care if he never went out on tour again, in his life. He would rather be right there with Moosie girl. But she told him he has to have a gig. Right! Of course she did! She told him you better get your arse out there... you dunny rat.... for my PR or your arse is grass!!!

Believe me this last contract is to good to blow! He will do a tour even if it's half hearted but don't expect to hear much from this CD he would not lower himself to sing such inferior songs!! He sure didn't embarrass himself busking at the mall in Oz!! ((giggles)))

Hatti said...

Sorry for the redundant posts. I posted the long winded one and lost it. I was surprised to see it when I posted the shorter but not so sweet to FF.

I do get a bit lengthy when dwelling on the life and times of on going saga of...AS THE WORM TURNS (((giggles)))))

Laura said...

Are you kidding me right now?

They live together. To say they don't is crazy and ridiculous. Also, if he were getting sex from someone other than HER, I'm pretty sure that information would be out by now. It's pretty understood that it's nearly impossible to get away with that when you're in the limelight like he is... Uhm... Tiger Woods? Jessie James? HELLO?

Like ive said before, I can understand being a skeptic of their marriage but your accusations are TOTALLY insane. Let's get real people. Come back to reality.

Anonymous said...

maclen, whats your opinion of NK getting award nominations for her performance in Rabbit Hole? Not the film, not the co-stars, only her. Can this be attribuited to her new manager's connections and the studio, the promotional campaign shes been on since the film was picked up? Or is she playing the political game as she did when she won the oscar?

Hatti said...

Oh Laura, there is no limelight in Nash unless Moosie girl brings her Paps to town!! Please you have to be kidding me!!

Well, let me know how you enjoyed the pics of all the goats and the beautiful garden Moosie girl has on the farm....Oh, you haven't seen any pics?? Ok, well when you can find some please do share!!! ((giggles)))

rememberwhen said...

Hatti I heard the same rumors in how BG got him. That she and his people got together and she told them to deliver Keith to me and you will make millions. That is why she is so close to Ansel. He did the dirty work for her. The worse rumor I heard is she kept him drugged up until it was time to go down the isle. I hope that one isn't true, but after seeing what she did to the paps I wouldn't put it past her.

That is all in the past now though, he seems to happy where he is. From looking at the pictures of his parents in Nashville they don't feel the same way, poor Marienne.

hoosierlady said...

Again, I ask Hatti how she knows this information. I look on the web that my computer is attached to and I do not find these facts. That leads me to believe either she is someone that personally knows these two, or this is idle speculation.

Anyone who has read this blog for the past 3 years knows that I am no fan of NK, but I really do not know that much about KU, so what is the harm in filling me in?

If you do not want to fill me in, fine, what could it hurt to simply direct me to a source that would provide me with the information you would like me to have?

Sorry, Hatti, something's fishy in Denmark, as they say, if your stuff was reliable, you'd back it up.

Hatti said...

Well hoosier, I'm telling you the history it's right there in my post. If you are a fan of KU then you should know what he was before Moosie girl. What kind of music he produced and what kind of performer he was. I'm just filling in the spaces for anyone that cares to read. You are not obliged to believe anything I have to say. There are plenty of links out there that show these two from the beginning.

The only fishy in Denmark is this charade being called real!! ((giggles))))

Fading Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maclen said...

mikki said...
"maclen, whats your opinion of NK getting award nominations for her performance in Rabbit Hole? Not the film, not the co-stars, only her."

Clearly, it does have ALL to do with "the Campaigning"...the golden globes being the well known and blatantly exaggerated example of the callous and blatant "awards buying" that ALL the shows obviously engage in. It's about the industry punditry all wanting to appear to know what they are talking about. So, basically it's all about the concerted efforts to established the consensus of who will be nominated and who will win. If you go to all the different Awards predicting sites...and all the lists and predictions will be basically the same...choices that have been "decided" on who will probably get that no one looks TOO foolish in their predictions. So, basically you can clearly see how it works. A few years ago, heath ledger dies tragically after finishing his role of the JOker in the last Batman film...and suddenly HE's the favorite by EVERYONE to take the oscar. And this after EVERY actor in the previous 5 Batman films going back the previous 20 years...NEVER got nominated for an oscar! But suddenly and quite predictably, ledger DID recieve the oscar. The same formula could be seen when kidman herself was given an oscar...the "trend" back in the past decade of the oscars...of "gorgeous" leading actress' who "uglied" themselves for roles got the oscar...charlize theron for "Monster" haley berry for "MOnster's Ball" and yes, kidman and her fake nose in "The Hours" It's all a game of the most pretentious industry "insiders" wanting to look "knowledgeable" in predicting what they themselves have basically have already "predordained!" It's the same industry that pukes out the same drivel...over and over...who are now bankrupt of all creativity and imagination...churning out sequels and prequels and remakes and endless "reboots" of sequels and prequels and remakes...of the same comic books and CGI 3D animation...the same tired retreads of romcoms...and the pretentious "awards" buzzy films...of which NO ONE watchs. It's of an industry that tosses out such drivel...and towards the end of the year wanting to suddenly showcase it's "Most prestigeous" and "Quality' films and performances. It's like lalaland itself...just a total fantasy.

Hatti said...

Oh FF, no worries matie. I am use to the critics. It's someday it will all come out in the wash!! ((giggles))) I put out what I know to be true it's up to whom ever to figure it out for themselves.

As maclen seems to be saying it's all fantasy!! ((giggles)))))

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insight maclen. I agree with the "awards buying". And yes, NK has been in campaigning heavily since the Toronto Film Festival. Her media machine is working overtime. KUNK has been on Just Jared's site 31 times since the Toronto Film Festival, September 13th. Shes used Keith as a promotional tool with his new CD and declaring her as his savior at every opportunity. The family photo ops. Shes at every press conference for Rabbit Hole. And of course, the two part Oprah show. Its amusing to watch her making every possible facial expression to kill the botox rumors. So what do you think maclen, can she win? And will it change anything? I don't think so. I think her days on the A-list as a leading actress ended with Australia.

LindaMarie said...

She is as phony as can be. It just irritates me the way she uses her outside and inside children and her husband whom she adores. Baloney. I wish he would just stop claiming her as his savior. Trust me there was no intervention by the Pixie Stick, she was nowhere around when he fell from grace. When he was found floundering it was not a pretty sight and it had nothing to do with her saving him. That kudos belongs to someone else. The only thing I credit Kidman for is pushing him over the edge.

Hatti I heard all those stories and rumors about farm living and all that other goodness that comes from their lying mouths. There is no farm living and no living together. Keith has always kept his private life just that and always flew under the radar. Wouldn't surprise me if he is still flying low. His private life became his living hell once she entered the picture. She relishes in this "she saved me" crap because she was probably the only woman who didn't leave him when he was a bad boy. She didn't leave him because she doesn't care about him and she needs him. He is simple minded and blinded by Hollywood and loads of money. He wouldn't know real love if it bit him on his ass. Trust me, this is not it.

F.I.N.E said...

Hatti, I would like to believe that he is faking it and just working her for the money but I don't.

Not saying that I would respect him any more if that were the case. It's just hard to accept that he appears to be brainwashed and as disturbed as her now.

I don't think he can fall any lower in my eyes. (but I said that when he hooked up with her too)

I thought initially when he let her take over his brain it was more of a self destructive move. He claims it to be a lifesaving surrendering moment but who gives themselves over to be brainwashed by a narciscist nut job and becomes like them in every way. He lost his identity completely. That is NOT saving your life. I think he is very disturbed for some reason.

F.I.N.E said...

The picture of the Urbans with the odd couple shows strained relations on the parents behalf.

Dad is turning away from them and mom looks angry and defensive with crossed arms.

Keith doesn't look like he gives a care which doesn't surprise me. If it doesn't involve #1 he has no use for it... He is just in life to serve the wife AND he thinks he is SO important for it.

Nick is smiling for the cameras because she wants to get her money's worth.

blue sky said...

Speaking of Just Jared mikki, Keith was on there yesterday for the freebie show in the mall. So far there is a total of 10 comments. Compare his number of comments to that with his wife or Katie, Angelina, Halle, Jake, George, Ben, Christina, etc., he really is a nobody, and apparently not many wish to discuss him!

Tara said...

When Keith won his first CMA male vocalist award he said he thought he was just rounding out the nomination list. That is what Kidman is doing here. She is a "name" she hasn't had any kind of critical praise for a very long time.
Best part of the day, The New York Times panned the movie and Kidman.

F.I.N.E said...

and now i'm going to comment on my own post

"He claims it to be a lifesaving surrendering moment but who gives themselves over to be brainwashed by a narciscist nut job and becomes like them in every way."

when i reread that statement it just sounded like a mock of religion. (i've heard a few)

yep, i mocked his god in that post. he sold his soul. THAT is what is wrong with him.

Anonymous said...

blue sky,don't be fooled. All the comments praising and adoring KUNK on JJ are coming from one person using several user-names. Theres no interest in either of them.

Hatti said...

F.I.N.E....I love it when people call them the odd couple. Remember the original ones? Well

Oscar was a slob....Moosie girl

Phelix was the neat freak....KU

I swear that's realy the way they are.

One of the reasons (when she made him live in the same house) in GH he had his own side of the house!! He use to put a perfumed softner sheet on top of his head just to pass her area!!

I kid you not!! (((giggles)))

She doesn't bath regularly or pick up anything. So you can imagine what that must smell like.

Bstnactrs said...

"So, basically you can clearly see how it works. A few years ago, heath ledger dies tragically after finishing his role of the JOker in the last Batman film...and suddenly HE's the favorite by EVERYONE to take the oscar. And this after EVERY actor in the previous 5 Batman films going back the previous 20 years...NEVER got nominated for an oscar!"

I am not disagreeing with you that the awards are political and the nominations are not always based on talent within the context of the project however, as someone in the industry and a actor myself, I have to say that the reason the other actors in the other Batman films didn't get nominated was b/c they were not brilliant performances.

Heath's performance was amazing and he is actually one of the few deserving actors IMO. Watch Jack Nicholson's performance and then watch Heaths again...his performance was deserving. Any other actor could have played that very, very differently so IMO, that isn't a good example.

Heath was an extremely talented actor and it is a shame we lost him...he would have done some amazing work.

As for Nicole being nominated, well, it's ridiculous...just b/c she can show emotion for the first time in decades is no reason to give her an award - I saw the original play and I have seen clips and IMO, while she doesn't over-do it - which I appreciate b/c many actors might - she isn't brilliant by any stretch of the imagination.

I think there is a tendency lately to award actors sinmply b/c the material is challenging - Noomi Rapace is nominasted for The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo and while that was a good film, she was in no way brilliant in it but, there is a rape scene so, by all means nominate her.

It seems to be a new trend - take on challenging roles, and get nominations. I don't agree with it but it.

You have to be brilliant in that challenging role IMO. And that is two different things.

Choice said...

The trailers for Rabbit Hole might put anyone off wanting to see it. I've seen the film and her performance is pretty good but not amazing. She is convincing, but there are 4 distractions (lips, eyebrows, accent and annoying hair. Still if she can pull of any of the awards, it may bring some film offers in. I was the first to say her career is dead, but it will be interesting to see if she can turn it around. Her circus is always fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Maclen, your so good at research, can you find out what Lionsgate paid for Rabbit Hole at the Toronto Film Festival? That seemed to be left out of the articles at the time.

And why are they saying that this is NK's first time producing? Didn't she produce "In the Cut" with Meg Ryan through Blossom Films (around 04')?? Is that one being swept under the rug because it flopped so badly?

And is any credit being given to the other producers for Rabbit Hole: Gigi Pritzker, Per Saari, Leslie Urdang, and Dean Vanech? Or is this all about NK???

maclen said...

mikki said...
"Maclen, your so good at research, can you find out what Lionsgate paid for Rabbit Hole at the Toronto Film Festival? That seemed to be left out of the articles at the time."

Yeah, well mikki, it seems NO price was ever released by the press releases for the story. I seems the reason may be that Lionsgate DIDNT purchase the film...simply the US distribution rights. They may be iffy on releasing that type of biz info. YOu know, they release production budgets for their films that are WAY lower than what even the insider pundits suspect are the actual numbers. As to the "first film produced" by kidman...what they mean is her "first produced" film with blossom films. In the Cut was simply produced by "kidman" and director champion. Blossom films didnt yet exist. Although literaly, kidman simply bought the rights to the book...and champion actually produced and directed it. Well, mikki, actor owned production companies are not called, "vanity shingles" for nothing! is clearly because kidman's career is over that she finally decided to set up a "vanity shingle" with a proper name at this late date of her career. She needs to find her own work now!

Hatti said...

Best...I agree with you Heath was a (one of a kind) actor. You see someone like him come around maybe in each generation. His loss was tragic!

I also believe he deserved that award and hope he would have received if he were living.

As far as Moosie girl. I think she pressured and bought her first Oscar. I don't believe she deserves another. This performance was forced,shallow and at times her facial expressions were comical when they were suppose to be grief stricken.

I think she applied a lot of pressure again, maybe Ruppie working behind the scenes. I also think she put up a lot of money to back the film so Lionsgate would pick it up.

She keeps spreading that money around on losing propositions and one day she will be the... ((broke Nic))))!!

Anonymous said...

Well maclen, I always say with NK - connect the dots. Just so happens that Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox studios and, none other than, "Lionsgate" are the distributors for Trespass! So I think your right, Lionsgate didn't have to purchase Rabbit Hole. And I'm guessing this was all a done deal well in advance of the Toronto Film Festival.

Hatti said...

maclen, that is interesting I didn't know what a vanity shingle was never heard of it. Well I'm really not into any of it except for KU and Moosie Girl. Yes, I do believe that is exactly what she did!! Just another lie to the general public. Well what is one more after so many!!!

I think she is done her career is soooooo over!!! No matter what she tries to do she will never be anything anymore ever!!!

:D Yes, that brings a smile to my face!! ((giggles)))))

Bstnactrs said...

"I've seen the film and her performance is pretty good but not amazing"

Agreed Choice. Again, I give her credit for not over-acting it as is easy to do with such emotional material but still, it is not an amazing performance.

Tara said...

I think she will get a nomination and we will get the entire awards season of Kidman and Keith going to the shows. The Golden Globes, Independent spirit awards (this should be fun to watch) Grammys (Keith's token award ceremony and he will probably win and she will be shut out so a double Ha ha )
and The Oscars. I wonder if Keith has enough suits?

Interesting isn't it that when they want to be off the radar they are. With her sister having her baby last week I wonder if they will fly over to where she lives and visit. You know family comes first!

Hatti said...

Yes Tara, the Paps got a few days off with pay! (giggles)) I figure she went over to see the baby since he is being named Nicholas. Really if that isn't telling enough!! Couldn't be named Craig after the father, or a name after the grandfathers. No it has to be named after Moosie girl.

Well it's that or no allowance!! ((giggles))

I believe KU is probably at his family's for the holiday. But since that can't be found out it will never be told by anyone!! (((OR Else)))!!! ((giggles)))

blue sky said...

In reference to Antonia and having her baby, have you read all the PR articles on the birth? They are emphasizing that Nicholas came a month early. Sure he did or was Antonia knocked up before she walked down the aisle? What message would that send to her children? How convenient that Nicholas was a month early?

Hatti said...

Yes, well this one is a month early!! You know Moosie girl's sister can't do something that would embarrass the benefactor of the family!!! Give me a break the way they were raised they have never been shrinking violets. More like men chasing vamps!!!

I know I'm showing my age, but if I typed what I'm thinking it wouldn't be nice to put it in print!! (((giggles)))

F.I.N.E said...

ha ha ha, "Nicholas" is what i've been thinking for a while, Hatti.

BG looks very masculine in this pic

The pointy chin is what gives her femininity in her face. But, I found a picture of her when she was younger that exposes a square chin the other day. It is bookmarked on my broken laptop so I will post it later. It was the final piece of the puzzle that I was searching for.

Hey BABY-GIRL-NICK, hurry up with the Danish Girl so we can discuss all things in detail.

blue sky said...

KUNK are still in Oz, and it is Isabella's birthday tomorrow. They aren't home making arrangements for her arrival. Keith is at the Opera House with his wife and daughter. Too bad he didn't see his brother and his family. I don't think he was too busy all this time with Oprah! Thanks for the heads-up Shane!

maclen said...

HA! So...I bet the orb is both very green with envy...and eating his heart out at the same time.

Is Justin Bieber Going Country? He’s Doing A Duet With Rascal Flatts!

"Justin Bieber teaming up with Rascal Flatts — can a love duet with Taylor Swift be far behind?
Justin Bieber is turning in his Air Force Ones for a pair of Frye boots: The 16-year-old singer is planning a duet with the extremely popular country group Rascal Flatts in 2011!
“[Justin] asked us to do a duet with him on his next record,” Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox told WSIX on Dec. 14. “It’s actually a really good song. On Dec. 19, Justin tweeted, “I love @RascalFlatts and Im honored that they are making music with me.”

With RF's cd outpacing orb's cd...perhaps orb can land a duet with hugh jackman or russell crow?!

So, "Happy Festivus" everyone!

maclen said...

Well, taking a look at the current game of "awards monopoly"...I think it's a little enlightening to consider the game a few random sampling of a few film award wins...but not the simple "noms" but outright awards presentations from "critics" orgs....

New York Film Critics Online
Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Los Angeles Film Critics Association
-ACTRESSKim Hye-ja, “Mother”

Detroit Film Critics’ Society 2010 Awards
-Best Actress
Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

Houston Area Film Critics 2010 Awards
-Best Actress
Natalie Portman, Black Swan

St. Louis Film Critics Association 2010 Awards
-Best Actress
Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

New York Film Critics’ Circle
-Best Actress
Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right

San Francisco Film Critics
-Best Actress
Michelle Williams, “Blue Valentine”

...and there are countless others...some more "prestigious" than others...but the "consensous" seems to be forming. And you should take a look at them...I seem to notice... from what I've seen...kidman is NOT ON ANY of these pre-awards shows lists. Rabbit Hole doesnt seem itself to be on very many "10 best films of the year" lists either. But again, not that I take these "recognitions" very seriously or get too "impressed" by them...the FACT IS...the actors themselves of course take it all very serious. It's just part of their job to take it that serious! And it's always much more fun to mock those who take it that serious!