Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did Camp Kidman Clamp Down on E!online?

So what happened?

The Awful Truth carried a story about Kidman being a bit on edge because there are some rumors out there that Keith is departing the side show for the main stage. While some of us welcomed this news with a big bouquet of roses others were outraged and attacked Mr. Casablanca in the comment section. The complaints were nasty even for the Nicole worshipers, and believe us we have seen nasty. However, true or not, it raised a little dust around all the Keith Urban sites and led to a lot of discussions about the state of the marriage between Keith and Kidman.

Well that was 24 hours ago and now the column is gone. Vanished into the internet fog; except for the few who have copied it and are spreading it like a Beatles bootleg. So what happened? Until we hear from Mr. Casablanca, we won't know for sure but the speculation is that Kidman's people threatened that Kidman and her posse would avoid E networks like they were Bella and Connor. Nicole Kidman isn't that big a deal is she? Apparently Seacrest, Rancic and gang must feel that way because the column is gone. We think The Awful Truth knew the truth but we all know Kidman never works in that way so truth be damned; Kidman is going to wear a designer dress and she might just talk to the press. Wonder what Keith Urban has to say about it all?

The Awful Truth article as posted yesterday:

Could Nicole Kidman Have a Secret Motive for Dishing On Baby Faith?

Today 7:02 AM PST by Ted Casablanca

"Have a little Faith in me" seems to be the message Nicole Kidman is sending to her fans as she gushes, sans hubby Keith Urban, about her daughter, Faith Margaret, born in December, via a gestational carrier.

Nicole went way on the record about her family and marriage to Urban in both British Marie Claire and on Australia's 60 Minutes.

Despite the sappy interviews, we know there is usually so much more to Nicole's revelations, like how—and when—she chooses to spill (hello, waiting forevs to tell us she had Botox like the rest of Hollywood!)

So, is this family as picture-perfect as N.K. says, or does Nicole have another hidden motive?

Like perhaps making sure she isn't left alone after the Oscars? Could Keith possibly be the dude waiting until after the Oscars to leave his wife?

Think about it:

While all the talk of Keith is super sweet, we can't help but notice it seems a tad fake, since Urban is, well, more seen than heard.

And all of the interviews occur, coincidentally, when Nicole wants Urban to be seen more than ever—at the Oscars, that is, right by Nic's side.

Besides Nicole being the only one in this pair to (usually) talk to the press, she also briefly touches on her other children, Isabella and Connor, which is oh so very out-of-Kidman character.

"It's so different because they don't live with us, but I would love for them to come live with us at some stage. They're 18 and 16, they're teenagers, they're in a whole different place."

Let's just say we know for a fact Bella and Connor aren't going to be jumping at that invite anytime soon.

So, is Nicole simply reliving her dreams of motherhood, sans Scientology and Tom Cruise, or is she
possibly talking so much to keep Keith right where she wants him?

After all, Urban did release a deluxe version of his album Feb. 22, awfully close to when this press dropped.

Maybe this fab bloke is scared he can't be successful without his mega all-star, interview-hoarding wife? We've certainly been told as much. But private life with Nicole is indeed no picnic. "She makes Mommie Dearest look good by comparison," says a personal veteran of Nic's life for many years.

Admittedly, our N.K. insider refers more to Nicole's mama experiences with her first two children, will she change for the second two?

Now, of course, we could be totally off on this one, but let's remember how much our beloved Sandra Bullock, right around Oscar time, gushed to everyone about her husband just before news of Jesse James' affair(s) broke.

Or maybe it's Tim Burton leaving Helen Bonham Carter?

You got a better idea? Weigh in.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nicole Kidman: Grammy Wife? Not so much.

We are almost done with awards season for Nicole Kidman. There are only two more big events, The Independent Spirit Awards, where Kidman will be a presenter and the big show, The Oscars. She isn't going to win at either event, however, as we predicted Keith did win another Grammy. But on a big night for Keith, the Grammy Awards became the “Nicole is at the show wearing another designer dress, and making an ass of herself” Awards Show. She wasn't an ass because she sang along to Katy Perry or that she jumped into every photo op she could drag herself into; she wasn't an ass because her ex-lover, Lenny Kravitz, the one who dumped her, was there and gave her the cold shoulder. No, she was an ass because she had no reason to be at the Grammy Awards except to support her husband and she didn't do it.

How many times in the last few weeks has Keith Urban stood at her side and answered one annoying question after the other about the lovely wife? Too many times to count. But he does have manners and he did the supportive spouse duty. Yes, a few times it appeared Keith was somewhere else but he showed up, held her hand and applauded when her name was called.

February 13th was Keith's night. He was predicted to win a fourth Grammy for Male Country Performance. Keith doesn't win too many awards these days, and Grammys for an artist who has a sales problem are important. Note to Nicole: Grammys are to a musician what an Oscar is to an actor. Keith has won three before. Does that make him more successful than Nicole? Oh yeah, baby.

Is that it? Is Nicole jealous? People like Keith. He doesn't have an icy image. Grammy night was important and what did Nicole do? It was all about her, of course. What she was wearing, her hair, her jewels and even her shoes were talked about; lost in the conversation was Keith Urban. A real wife would have stopped Ryan Seacrest and said ‘tonight is all about Keith, not my nomination or my new movie’. A real wife would have let her husband dictate where they were going to socialize and not sit on her chair like a queen waiting for the subjects to approach. A real wife would have let her husband have his evening because that is good for his career. But Nicole Kidman continues to show us she is not a real wife, but an Oscar nominee and that is what is important.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Caption This...

We wanted to post this pic on the sidebar with a caption, but were at a loss for words. So, take your best shot.... We'll add it to the sidebar with the best caption.