Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did Camp Kidman Clamp Down on E!online?

So what happened?

The Awful Truth carried a story about Kidman being a bit on edge because there are some rumors out there that Keith is departing the side show for the main stage. While some of us welcomed this news with a big bouquet of roses others were outraged and attacked Mr. Casablanca in the comment section. The complaints were nasty even for the Nicole worshipers, and believe us we have seen nasty. However, true or not, it raised a little dust around all the Keith Urban sites and led to a lot of discussions about the state of the marriage between Keith and Kidman.

Well that was 24 hours ago and now the column is gone. Vanished into the internet fog; except for the few who have copied it and are spreading it like a Beatles bootleg. So what happened? Until we hear from Mr. Casablanca, we won't know for sure but the speculation is that Kidman's people threatened that Kidman and her posse would avoid E networks like they were Bella and Connor. Nicole Kidman isn't that big a deal is she? Apparently Seacrest, Rancic and gang must feel that way because the column is gone. We think The Awful Truth knew the truth but we all know Kidman never works in that way so truth be damned; Kidman is going to wear a designer dress and she might just talk to the press. Wonder what Keith Urban has to say about it all?

The Awful Truth article as posted yesterday:

Could Nicole Kidman Have a Secret Motive for Dishing On Baby Faith?

Today 7:02 AM PST by Ted Casablanca

"Have a little Faith in me" seems to be the message Nicole Kidman is sending to her fans as she gushes, sans hubby Keith Urban, about her daughter, Faith Margaret, born in December, via a gestational carrier.

Nicole went way on the record about her family and marriage to Urban in both British Marie Claire and on Australia's 60 Minutes.

Despite the sappy interviews, we know there is usually so much more to Nicole's revelations, like how—and when—she chooses to spill (hello, waiting forevs to tell us she had Botox like the rest of Hollywood!)

So, is this family as picture-perfect as N.K. says, or does Nicole have another hidden motive?

Like perhaps making sure she isn't left alone after the Oscars? Could Keith possibly be the dude waiting until after the Oscars to leave his wife?

Think about it:

While all the talk of Keith is super sweet, we can't help but notice it seems a tad fake, since Urban is, well, more seen than heard.

And all of the interviews occur, coincidentally, when Nicole wants Urban to be seen more than ever—at the Oscars, that is, right by Nic's side.

Besides Nicole being the only one in this pair to (usually) talk to the press, she also briefly touches on her other children, Isabella and Connor, which is oh so very out-of-Kidman character.

"It's so different because they don't live with us, but I would love for them to come live with us at some stage. They're 18 and 16, they're teenagers, they're in a whole different place."

Let's just say we know for a fact Bella and Connor aren't going to be jumping at that invite anytime soon.

So, is Nicole simply reliving her dreams of motherhood, sans Scientology and Tom Cruise, or is she
possibly talking so much to keep Keith right where she wants him?

After all, Urban did release a deluxe version of his album Feb. 22, awfully close to when this press dropped.

Maybe this fab bloke is scared he can't be successful without his mega all-star, interview-hoarding wife? We've certainly been told as much. But private life with Nicole is indeed no picnic. "She makes Mommie Dearest look good by comparison," says a personal veteran of Nic's life for many years.

Admittedly, our N.K. insider refers more to Nicole's mama experiences with her first two children, will she change for the second two?

Now, of course, we could be totally off on this one, but let's remember how much our beloved Sandra Bullock, right around Oscar time, gushed to everyone about her husband just before news of Jesse James' affair(s) broke.

Or maybe it's Tim Burton leaving Helen Bonham Carter?

You got a better idea? Weigh in.


Anna said...

Ted is hooked up tight!
However he's probably single handedly going to be held responsible for this marriage lasting another 12 months. Kidman is the QUEEN of media savvy, she reads everything about herself, and would have seen this straight away and fixed Ted's little red wagon good. Only when she thinks people have forgotten about this column will Keith be allowed out. (Oh gawd...we will be subjected to kissing and pawing at the Oscars bile is already starting to churn...thanks Teddy)
This woman gets her enemies to smile on camera and say nice things about her, she can say all manner of lies in the press and never gets called on them....the woman is like the 'Attila the Hun' of Hollywood....the sooner people start to tell the truth about Kidman the sooner her power will fade.

maclen said...

Oh are certainly correct Urban Myths...this story HAS been "copied and is spreading like a Beatles bootleg"...ha! Whether this story is true or not...getting rid of the "source" is pretty useless and pointless...just check out a google check on the title of Casablanca's post. I'm not at all surprised that inept team kidman WOULD be that asinine to think getting E! to wipe out the story on THEIR site would be rid of the story.
Now, as to the speculation of said story...I'm not very sold on it. Orb WILL NOT be the one to leave the sham "union". My impression of orb is....and always will be...that orb is TOO much of a milquetoast personality. He obviously doesnt have the nerve or the will to engage his OWN PR and business sense. His career "image" now is that he's married to kidman who he's devoted and extremely grateful to...he now has a couple of kids that have completely changed his life...although you would never in a million years know that from listening to his current music...since he barely writes any of it himself! For someone supposedly so "inspired"...he doesnt have anything original...or remotely creative at all to say. Now, THAT is a very good indication of a "career killer" you will ever come upon. But again, it will not be the orb who will his call or decision. Kidman runs the pr show...rather lamely...and she will decide that when she realizes that the PR is NOT at all successful for her.

TakeCatLeaveSweater said...

My take?

Casablanca got caught not knowing what he was talking about. I noticed you didn't include a mention of the 100+ comments that told him so, none the least of which was that he doesn't even know when Keith releases an album.
Yeah he really knows his stuff!

Urban Myths you just got caught. "Beatles bootleg"? Thanks mac-len for making it so easy to see right through the blog.

Imahick said...

The interesting thing is that Ted said right in the blog that he had no idea if this was correct or not.

"Now, of course, we could be totally off on this one, but let's remember how much our beloved Sandra Bullock, right around Oscar time, gushed to everyone about her husband just before news of Jesse James' affair(s) broke."

So...why is it gone? He never said it was gospel, so it's not a liability to keep it up. Unless someone didn't want it out there?

Hatti said...

Just another form of pap's beating!Remember she had no worries about her trainer and bodyguard beating those paps. She gave one of them a good kick her ownself and stole his camera!

Ted wanted to persue that but as we can see anything that is even close to the truth will be pulled or else!!!

I have often said she has a gangster mentality!! Her henchmen did the job again!!

I have also said that KU is running and having a good old time. He is not the least bit worried if she tosses him he has plenty of money now. He would probably be happy to get the Moose off his back!!!!! ((giggles)))))

maclen said...

HA! The return of the "SOCKPUPPET"... here to set the "record" straight! Well lets look at that straightened record shall we...

"none the least of which was that he doesn't even know when Keith releases an album."

...which I gather is in reference to this written by casablanca...

"After all, Urban did release a deluxe version of his album Feb. 22, awfully close to when this press dropped."

..which of course IS in reference to this piece of news...

Keith Urban Releases Deluxe Edition of 'Get Closer'
February 22, 2011 at 11:36 AM (PT)

"CAPITOL/NASHVILLE artist KEITH URBAN has released a deluxe edition of his sixth studio album “Get Closer” to iTUNES, beginning TODAY (2/22). In addition to the cd’s eight original tracks, the deluxe version of the album features three new studio tracks and four live recordings from his “Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing” world tour."

So evidently, casablanca DOES know what is going on...and those 100+ commenters...those mighty orb defenders... DO KNOW KNOW! Clearly, the correctness of the article is NOT the point of Urban Myths blog...but whether the "disapearence" of the article has anything to do the ineptness of a certain team? It would be far more shrewd for the orb's monkeys to be a little more "informed" before they open their google accounts! Or to just quote...and put it a little more simply..."Get your facts straight!"

maclen said... cognitively... just noticed this little tidbit...a "preview" of kidman's immediate future...or maybe not. kidman's next role is in something called "Trespass" with Nic "I will do any movie...anywhere... cause I need the money" Cage. Cage's current film just dropped this weekend...

9. Drive Angry 3D (Summit) NEW [2,290 Theaters]
Friday $1.6M, Saturday $2.2M, Weekend $5M

"Summit stresses it had U.S. rights only to this Nic Cage loser and didn't produce it. So studio reps let me know in advance not to expect much of anything from Drive Angry 3D at the box office this weekend. But rival studios starting Friday night pointed out that its paltry take could well be the lowest 3D opening ever. (And the pic was even shot in 3D, too.) Summit acquired the American distribution rights to the film from Nu Image Films and the producers on the project. Based on the dismal pre-release tracking, no one expected grosses above single digits even with 3D's higher ticket prices. Meanwhile, Nic Cage's career, once flourishing film career complete with an Academy Award, after this and Sorcerer's Apprentice remains in freefall. Time to become a TV actor."

Ha! That last line...could be replaced with kidman's name and it would fit perfectly!

A440 said...

Slightly OT for a second:

I think it was Anna who was looking for pix of Sunday In The Park With Nic?

I just found this. It's recent pix of Sunday In The Park With Kunk's Two Nannies.

Back to topic, tks.

maclen said...

So, the Oscars just ended...and natalie portman took best actress...of was pre-ordained by all the industry pundits wasnt it? So was it just my I was getting something to eat in the kitchen and I could see my tv from there and the living room when they started to present the Actress noms...but did kidman actually begin to "tear up" when jeff bridges began to praise her? Is she actually THAT desperate for props and accolades? Yeah...THAT would appear SOOOO that phoney-baloney and corny lalaland "written" to pull at the audience's heartstrings platitude! Kidman pulls an 0-fer...and now it's off to the tv production of whatever the hell she's in over at HBO!

Choice said...

I like that Post. Smells like trouble in paradise. Maybe the surrogate could fill us in some more. Oh well folks, the Oscars are over for another year. 30% of fanatics were wrong:

Anna said...

Thanks A440, If Kidman would only wake up and realise that half of Jennifer Garner's great PR is because she is always photographed being a mommy (regardless of the heinous bitch she apparently is to work with/for and date/marry)

Tara said...

and now we wait

blue sky said...

Anyone notice that the nanny on the right is new? Where is the nanny/assistant who is sort of the younger version of Nic? The one that she was photographed with at Target in the fall. The one that was assisting Nic with Sunday Rose after hiking in Hawall while Nic was filming the Sandler movie. I think it is disgusting these nannies have to take the kids to the park - their parents should be spending that time with them. Horrible parents - both of them!

LindaMarie said...

I wonder what home life will be like since the Queen Cornstalk didn't win.

She looked like the space shuttle in that get up, ready for lift off!Keith looked scared to speak this time around.

maclen said...

So, rummaging through the MOST vapid of the post oscar coverage...I actually noticed this little tidbit.
So, here is ANOTHER example of the ineptness of kidman's so called "PR lameness...from Deadline Hollywood...

Fashion's Red Carpet Oscars Scorecard

"The biggest loser at the 83rd Academy Awards was the international House of Dior and their head designer John Galliano. He was widely assumed by fashion industry Red Carpet watchers to have locked in Natalie Portman since she is the new and very-highly-paid brand ambassador for Miss Dior Cherie fragrance. But she has yet to wear a single Dior dress all awards season, choosing smaller names like Viktor and Rolfe and Azzaro to the shows. But Portman once again snubbed the beleaguered Dior designer who was suspended this week by the House after accusations he made drunken anti-Semitic remarks aimed at a couple in a Paris café. Instead of Galliano couture, Portman turned up in a design by Rodarte, a line belonging to two Pasadena-based sisters -- Kate and Laura Mulleavy -- who also designed her Black Swan tutus."

...and then they list what actress' wore...

"Nicole Kidman in a Dior dress with a peplum around the waist."

...well, so much for the "sensitivity" of THIS "Ambassador of the unfortunates of the world!" Let's just say kidman's "spidey sense" is about as sensitive as the competence of her hired help. But of course, as is obvious...the orb HAS NO problem being the "fric" to the "hoodpassed" and possessor of the "confederate d@#k", napalm's (Mayer) "frac!" Their clear "tone deafness" again, to the flagrant stupidity of their associations is another indication of their own vapid habits!

maclen said...


...oh yeah, kidman's decision to wear...promote...and support Dior is looking better as time goes by...

John Galliano: 'I Love Hitler' (VIDEO)

" The Sun UK has obtained a cell phone video of what certainly looks like Dior designer John Galliano stating, "I love Hitler," and, "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f**king gassed." The clip was reportedly taken at La Perle, the bar where Galliano was arrested for assault and making anti-Semitic remarks last Thursday. It's unclear if the video is from the same evening. (Editors' note: seems like not.) According to the Sun, he is speaking to a group of French and Italian people and being filmed by their friend." "Update: French outlets -- including Le Monde, Le Parisien and RTL info -- have picked up the video without question that it is Galliano.

The Associated Press didn't express doubt either, writing, "On Monday, a video posted on the Web site of British daily The Sun showed Galliano arguing with a couple at La Perle. It was unclear when the video was recorded, but in it, he was dressed differently than he was on Thursday."

...again, for a supposed "20+ year" veteran of her is the business of public PR...kidman clearly should be MORE the previous article I seems Portman WAS aware.

rememberwhen said...

blue sky, she just had Faith so I don't think we will see her for a while. That Target stop was the last time she was seen. I also believe she is the mother of Sunday too. Only time I ever seen Sunday smile was when they were down in Oz at the airport. The nanny/assistant was off to Nicole's side and you saw Sunday looking at her and smiling. JMO of course.

I believe Keith was scared to do anything or say anything. When he was talking to the lady from GMA he struggled to keep the same face through out the interview. Also I find it very odd that she didn't stop to talk to Ryan Seacrest. Way to go Ted. You cooked her goose. :D

Tara said...

He was ignored by Kidman for the most part at the independent spirit awards, She had her back to him. I noticed when someone went up to get an award last night there was no interaction between Kidman and Keith.
They had a cutesy smart ass interview for TV Guide channel but they look very strained with one another - Kidman while holding on to him for dear life kept reminding the audience he was less than she was even when he complimented her on taste in music she upped him by of course insisting that it was him that built that in her- it looked staged and strained. Trying too hard and E got punished last night big time. But they don't need her do they?

blue sky said...

maclen, it will all be Sunday Rose's fault since she picks out the dresses that Nicole wears on the red carpet. Obviously, Sunday Rose's world history studies haven't reached back to the Nazi era yet.

maclen said...

rememberwhen said...
"Also I find it very odd that she didn't stop to talk to Ryan Seacrest. Way to go Ted. You cooked her goose. :D"

Yes, that is interesting, rememberwhen...considering the debacle with the Dior designer. I wouldnt be at all surprised that kidman ran away from seacreast BECAUSE of the Dior debacle. Seacreast asks EVERY actress who she is wearing. I noticed kidman gave an interview to the ABC network pre-show...did she mention WHO she was wearing on that televised interview? Press like this cannot be good...

John Galliano anti-Semitic rant caught on video; Slurs on camera 'I love Hitler'

"Galliano still has one A-list fan who chose to wear his creations at the Oscars: Nicole Kidman."

Anonymous said...

Long weekend for the Urbans. Friday night, the Australian in film pre-oscar party. Saturday night, the Film Independent Spirit Awards (NK was a presenter). Sunday night, the oscars. AND the Governor's Ball where she sat with her new BFF Co-chairman and Chief EX officer of Lionsgate, Jon Feltheimer. Isn't he the one who picked up Rabbit Hole at the Toronto Film Festival and got it out in time for the oscar race?? And isn't Lionsgate the distributor for Trespass?? Looking for more work NK???

Hope those nannies are well paid.

maclen said...

blue sky said...
"maclen, it will all be Sunday Rose's fault since she picks out the dresses that Nicole wears on the red carpet. Obviously, Sunday Rose's world history studies haven't reached back to the Nazi era yet."

Yes blue sky, I saw that article! And YES...that will be a completely acceptable reason by most of the sychophantic punditry! Little sunry liked it...that's why kidman wore it. But's because kidman is a complete PR is the orb!

Hatti said...

Remember... Oh yes Moosie girl lets Cousin PA recooperate, of course she couldn't very well have a flat tummied Cousin show herself now could she. Best she hide the dear little incubator!!! Never know when they will need her services again!! ((giggles)))

maclen....Moosie has no feeling one way or the other about any insensitive remarks or actions. If it will make a media statement good or bad doesn't matter. Just as long as her mug is there for all to see!!

I believe she said to herself, "Oh good that terrible NP took my Oscar, so I will take her Dior!"!! ((giggles)))

Oh well, Moosie is always sticking her foot in her mouth one way or another. And that my dear is one darn big foot!!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

So, the latest...

Your morning fashion and beauty report: Galliano fired by Dior, blasted by Natalie Portman

"Dior announced Tuesday it is taking steps to fire chief designer John Galliano after video surfaced of him making anti-Semitic comments -- this on the heels of his suspension after an altercation in a bar Thursday in which he is alleged to have hurled racist insults (both anti-Semitic and anti-Asian) at a couple. In a statement, Dior called Galliano's behavior "odious." Sidney Toledano, Dior's chief executive, said, "I condemn with the greatest firmness the comments made by John Galliano, in total contradiction with the essential values which have always been defended by Christian Dior." [Wall Street Journal]

-- Even before Dior's announcement, Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman, the celebrity face of Miss Dior Cherie fragrance, had issued a statement disassociating herself from Galliano. "I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video," Portman said. "In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way."

Very fitting...Best actress Oscar winner Portman takes a principled stand and no doubt got this racist scumbag fired by Dior. Clearly, IF portman had remained quiet on the subject, House of Dior probably would have simply kept the "suspension" on this lowlife til the brouhaha faded. Meanwhile Oscar loser kidman blamed the Dior choice on her PR kid...and simply disapeared into her irrelevency.

maclen said...

Hatti said..,
"maclen....Moosie has no feeling one way or the other about any insensitive remarks or actions. If it will make a media statement good or bad doesn't matter. Just as long as her mug is there for all to see!!"

Hatti, I doubt if kidman even has an opinion on matters that does not have a impact on her PR. But, she isn't sensitive to any public perception that may appear negatively on her image. It's no doubt why her career is done, her PR is very lacking in any intelligence. It isnt enough to have those lame JJ and GG photo ops...or to have another pr kid when the first was a huge bust. You have to have a personality that is not as dull and boring as her's clearly is.

Hatti said...

I am having such fun with this. She is very envious of NP! When NP stood there at the GG accepting her award (that she greatly deserved) she was so gracious and endearing. This obviously distrubed Moosie girl to the point that she made sure Maggie was leaked to try to steal NP's thunder. Well of course it didn't happen it was so obvious to HW and anyone else that knows Moosie's tricks.

Then the fashion statement. Please if that child sees more than ten min of Moosie I will eat my shirt. You can see there is so little real contact with that child from either so called parent. She truly is a PR child. But still stick it out there that you would wear something a child picked out. NOT!!!

I'm sure Sunday has much better taste in clothes that she would like to wear herself instead of being dressed like a poor little waif!!

Paoiekins said...

bravo. bravo. its lovely to see everybody gather around, revelling over the alleged and imminent dismissal of two people's marriage.

Indeed, attacking Kidman brings meaning to everybody's lives these days. Well,she lost the Oscar, wore an awful Dior gown, and was bashed by Ted. I'm glad all of you found the meaning of your existence in turn of these recent events.

Bravo indeed.

Hatti said...

Pao...Do you really think Moosie girl is so vulnerable that she needs someone to protect her? Stand up for her? Well maybe you missed it, but Moosie girl has a whole staff of people to take care of her. She also has trainers and bodyguards that will beat people to a pulp at any time SHE wishes!!

But lets look at this. Moosie is so self centered that she had no idea what her gown had to do with anything. Ted did not bash her he told the truth and then covered himself by saying it may not be true. But it was pulled anyway!!

And she tried to upstage NP at the GGs by using her maybe new born child.

So by all means we must protect this over exposed whacko!! Well what ever floats your boat!! ((giggles)))

rememberwhen said...

Thank you Paoiekins it has been a great week for us. Not so for Baldy. :D

Tara said...

I wonder if Mr. Tom got E to pull the article since Bella and Connor and their upbringing was mentioned?

A440 said...

I can't explain why, but the article IS still up. I can find it easily with my iPod.

Using the same link with my desktop computer, it's gone.

Hatti said...

I guess she could only get it pulled from the computer link. That is if she did pull it or did KU? Whom ever got it pulled seemed to try to use it to stir up more mystery for the red carpet.

Please these two are so theatrical. I find all of it very amusing. KU is running around so what? Moosie girl has her own interests as well and it isn't of his gender that's for sure.

Just crap from two crappy people! ;)