Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kidman Turns Six Months into Two! Miracle Worker!

The following was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on January 21st:

How Kidman kept Faith a Secret

SHE is undoubtedly one of the biggest fish in the celebrity bowl, but Nicole Kidman managed to pull off the seemingly impossible until this week: keeping one almighty secret.

Apart from Kidman, her husband, Keith Urban, the unidentified woman who carried and delivered their baby, their medical team and lawyers, for the past 10 months only four other people, Kidman’s and Urban’s Australian-based parents, knew about the couple’s plan for a surrogate baby.

Even their most intimate circle, sworn to secrecy, was not told the news until the weeks leading up to Faith Margaret’s arrival on December 28. The couple kept details scant, nervous about jeopardising any aspect of the birth or their chance to bond with Faith away from a hungry media pack. But like all mysteries, so many questions remain unanswered, such as where they kept the surrogate mother – or ‘‘gestational carrier’’, as they preferred to call her – and whether they paid her.

It was only when Kidman discovered midway during the Golden Globes hype that the US gossip website TMZ planned to run a story on the baby that she instructed her Hollywood publicist to hurriedly issue a statement on Tuesday.

Kidman’s parents, psychiatrist Antony Kidman and his wife, retired nurse Janelle, flew out of Sydney more than a week ago to secretly meet their new granddaughter in Los Angeles.

Kidman had originally planned to keep news of Faith’s arrival a secret until well after the Oscars on February 27. She now intends to withdraw from her work schedule for the next six months to spend time with her new baby in Nashville.

Her sister, Antonia, who gave birth to a son, Nicholas, her fifth child, less than a fortnight before Faith’s arrival has also been visiting in the US.

According to reports in the US, the baby’s birth was under tight security, with an entire floor at the Centennial Medical Centre, in Nashville, booked out by the star, who secretly entered the hospital via a staff-only elevator to visit her new baby and the ‘‘gestational carrier’’.

Even the grandest inquisitor of them all, Oprah Winfrey, failed to prise news of the imminent birth out of the couple when she interviewed them in Sydney last month.

When Kidman sat down for a revealing interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly the next day, she again kept schtum, much to Weekly editor Helen McCabe’s frustration. As a result, the latest issue, with Kidman on the cover, which hit the newsstands on Wednesday has a glaring omission.

Kidman sent McCabe an email on Tuesday night explaining her situation.

Ironically, the Weekly’s article tantalisingly raises the ‘‘one subject she won’t talk about’’, referring to her relationship with adopted children Isabella, 18, and Connor, 16, who live with her Scientologist former husband Tom Cruise and are rarely seen in public with Kidman. Clearly there was another.

And on March 1st, just two months after Faith was born, here she is on the set of her HBO movie:


maclen said...

Yep...not surprised at all by doubt a hack from inept team kidman threw this out there...not even aware that kidman was already set to star in this HBO thing! But to any naysayers...who may just claim that this is all just "idle" gossip...I just noticed that in the Feb issue of Marie Claire-uk kidman once again admits to botox use! Now many may recall that obscure german website story claiming kidman admits to botox use in mid January? Well apparently kidman also admits to botox use in the Feb issue of Marie Claire-uk. And you should also recall that kidman denied "using anything at all" that she was totally natural. Well, apparently that was a LIE. Now the point is NOT that she uses botox...but that she denied using ...despite the obvious proof that she does! Now, she is STILL claiming she has never had "plastic surgury"...which by the way DOES include does her obvious cheek implants. But I expect THAT truth will be saved to be revealed..."to all us "not in the know" some future "revelation" in another PR campaign for yet another of her lame films. Is it any wonder there are rarely any of her fansies out there still willing to defend her countless inconsistancies" anymore?

LindaMarie said...

What a shock (insert sarcasm here).

Tara said...

Truth and Nicole Kidman have never met one another.

I wonder if Keith has to make the PR trip to Frisco so that he is "seen"

because we all know not to trust the musings of all those twitwits out there.

Jake said...

Pork Chop is right where she wants to be. She dont care about anything else but this.

The Oscars are a thing of the past.

The new baby has a Sister and some nannies. All is right with the world! LOL

Anonymous said...

So the Urban's were at the Australia pre-oscar party on Friday night. The Independent Spirit awards on Saturday night. And the Oscars on Sunday night, and then on to the Governor's Ball. NK was on the set on Monday morning. Hope the nannies are paid well.

Maclen, at the Independent Spirit awards, NK sat with (and paid a lot of attention to) Jon Feltheimer, the co-chairman and chief EX officer of Lionsgate. It is Lionsgate you remember, who is the distributor of Trespass and also who was behind Rabbit Hole, getting it into the oscar race. Just wonder what you think of her relationship with Lionsgate? Will she be getting more work from them?

No more buzz about the film with Colin Firth (Stoker) or her own film Danish Girl since the oscars. Now, according to Prinz A-hole the attention seeker, Gabor wants NK to do a film about her. Check Just Jared, NK is putting out pictures from the HBO set to let everyone know shes doing a film!! We knew that was coming!

Choice said...

can't wait to see the chemistry between Clive Owen and her on this one. If it exists.

Hatti said...

If he is taller than her it will work!! ((giggles))) What did she say about Hugh? Oh felt so good to look up to a man? I can understand that two two of them looking eye to eye !! ((giggles))))

maclen said...

Choice said...
"can't wait to see the chemistry between Clive Owen and her on this one. If it exists."

Ah yes...clive owen...thanks Choice, for the topic to comment on tonight! I was going to comment on this week's cd sales...but roughstock hasnt posted their country cd sales blog. And it's pretty difficult to find numbers for an album that is hovering so low on the rankings on orb is.
So, I may have posted this last year, when the news came out that kidman would star along side owen in this "TV movie of the week. Let's look at owen's numbers, shall we...

2009 The Boys Are Back $809,752

2009 Duplicity $40,572,825

2009 The International $25,450,527

2007 Elizabeth: The Golden Age $16,383,509

2007 Shoot 'Em Up $12,807,139

2006 Children of Men $35,552,383

2006 Inside Man $88,513,495

...seems owen's last moneymaking film was back in 2006 with Inside Men! Which is no doubt why owen is also reduced to a "tv movie of the week" with the likes of fellow financial failure kidman! Judging by that photo of kidman on set with that "ridiculously obvious wig" and her bloated lips...this one looks to be another of her dreary yawnfests.

Jake said...

Well maclen...I would like to steer you back to Urbans dreary album. Do you think a new spin on the same inferior product is going to make it less inferior?

What do they say? Repeating the same thing over again and expecting different results is insanity? I got a feeling Urban is a bit crazy here. LOL

maclen said...

Jake said...
"Well maclen...I would like to steer you back to Urbans dreary album. Do you think a new spin on the same inferior product is going to make it less inferior?"

Clearly Jake, your right... orb's latest cd is simply a rehash of his previous cd. And as I commented pretty extensively last year...the cd consisted of a paltry 8 tracks, with the "deluxe" version mainly padded with live recordings. Then take into account it took orb a total of 13 DIFFERENT co-writer's to make this cd. Based on the new cd's sales, dont be surprised Jake, if next year orb simply doesnt just release a "live" cd. Orb did state during promo last year that he's always wanted to release one. And it's very cheap to release one...and no doubt he will pad it with his OLDER...far more successful songs...and he wouldnt have to tap into his own "creativity"... that is most surely lacking!

Hatti said...

Yes maclen, I do believe your right on the money. He loves cheap unless Moosie girl is paying. Then he can ship all his equipt via ocean liner to Oz for one concert, you know things like that. I have a feeling he will not have all that cash available next year. (((giggles)))

Jake said...

maclen..The way Im hearing it Capitol Nashville has only produced this new CD they are not backing it. So doesnt that mean the production and distribution is coming out of someones pocket?

maclen said...

Yes Hatti, orb opened his own business...and the product he's trying to sell is orb! Just as kidman is now reduced to "producing" her own films, or simply be stuck in stinkers with sandler and cage...orb is in the business of himself based on his recent declining sales numbers. It's a business I surely dont believe will succeed. Sure the fansies believe it is a GOOD move for orb...they claim it will give orb the "freedom" to do what he wants...But if his mediocre album is what he WANTED to do...he is in trouble! And Jake...actually orb's new label, Hit Red Records "produced" the cd...and it is now "licensed" to capnash for distribution. Now, the specifics of this distribution deal is not known by it's all speculation on who is paying for what. But just 'common sense" would imply capnash would not want to re-sign orb...AND payroll his album...payroll the PR...the live tour. Clearly they simply would want to deal without having to put up MUCH...or ANY money for orb's product! Again, I would say capnash "puts out the cd"....while orb's new label is responsible for the costs of PR...etc. Just based on the monkey's whining about how..."capnash" did not properly support orb's first single, causing it to therefore NOT make it to #1...I'd say it is orb's new label that is dropping the ball!

Hatti said...

Thank you maclen, that is very clear. I wondered why his label was under Cap Nash now I see why. I hope he has a lot of money he is going to need it.

He better smarten up and start putting out some quality music or sign on a few very talented people or I think he could be in serious trouble.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Thank you maclen, that is very clear. I wondered why his label was under Cap Nash now I see why. I hope he has a lot of money he is going to need it.
He better smarten up and start putting out some quality music or sign on a few very talented people or I think he could be in serious trouble."

Yeah, well Hatti...the orb IS in that sort of conundrum, isnt he? If he was still actually successful, he'd still be signed to the label...with a far better deal he would originally had with them...but now with the decline of his cd sales...he's now has to start his own label! Not exactly the position someone would WANT to be in. And of course, these two lamebrains believe that they now have their obvious failure covered with the now 2 pr babys...AS IF having a couple of kids are going to actually excuse their obvious failures!

Jake said...

maclen...Seems to me it accentuates the failure! Urban doesnt have anything else to do but walk around with his water bottle. And his wife is carrying a child that should be walking. Looks pretty mundane in my view.

Tara said...

Isn't it sweet that she now has the baby on the set with her. No love like a mothers love is there? So I guess they have multi nannies now?

Keith showed up and played at the Capitol Nashville party last week
so that togetherness is working oh so well.

maclen said...

Jake said...
"maclen...Seems to me it accentuates the failure! Urban doesnt have anything else to do but walk around with his water bottle. And his wife is carrying a child that should be walking. Looks pretty mundane in my view."

Yeah, you know the rather lame photo ops...the whole phoney marriage...the pr babys... are making absolutely NO difference in the decline in their careers. But really, that's all they no doubt they will continue! And of course I will revel in pointing out how pathetic it all is!

Hatti said...

I will be happy to join you in your reveling maclen. ((giggles))

maclen said...

So, back on the issue of orb's "potential moneymaking" regarding his new "business"...seems as I scan the country landscapes, that orb seems to be WAY low on all charts. The release of HITS Daily double cd sales charts...

...orb is once again OFF the top 50 in cd sales...despite his VERY slight Grammy "bump!" On Billboard's Country album chart...

..orb is OUT of the top 10. On Billboard 200 orb is WAY OUT at #68. Now today I see this other article at billboard...

Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2011

...the most "elite" of country stars make the list...

#6 swift- $20,730,431
#12 paisley- $13,955,990
#13 underwood- $13,501,387
#14 mcgraw- $13,494,734
#16 t flatts- $11,958,021
#21 TOBY keith- $9,872,996
#24 lady ant- $9,161,199
#29 brookes & dunn- $8,698,351
#31 strait- $7,361,898
#32 mcentire- $7,149,347
#39 sugarland- $4,478,705

...and naturally, missing from the list is orb! Off the TOP 50 list...orb is ALWAYS out of the tops! He's always sliding out of the picture...without the staying power to sustain standing. Which I believe will be the failure of his so-called recording will fizzle like all his numbers.

hoosierlady said...

Ok, I need some "how to handle babies" help.

Sundae has always been with the female parental unit whenever the necessity has risen, (as it has, it seems), but now that the new one, Clom\no, Invitr\no, mone\no, Faith, that's it has arrived, I see she has, in fact, upstaged her sister. My question to you then is this:

Which kid gets the PR? The hatched from the parental womb, (nudge, wink), or the new offering? Do we alternate? Does the new one get this movie and Sundae (hot fudge with nuts, please) get the next? How about 1 day on, 1 day off.

Oh dear. . . what to do. . . it is questions like this that would keep me up at night. Maybe they have already sent the older one off to nursery boarding school. Do we have that in the states?

I can not wait until these girls are old enough to spill the beans. We will have bean dip to feed the world.

Anyhow, any answers or speculation on this unique problem that our poor young, (cough, clearing my throat) mother, (word used with a wide interpretation) will be appreciated.

Hatti said...

maclen, could you tell me how can KU be up for the nominations for EOTY...MVOT...MEOTY? Now we know the people vote for EOTY.

Even if Moosie girl pays for the others how could he possibly win without it looking crooked. He has nothing on the ladder. It's all in the basement!

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"maclen, could you tell me how can KU be up for the nominations for EOTY...MVOT...MEOTY? Now we know the people vote for EOTY."

Well Ive been pointing out the past few years...orb's country noms are simple habit for the country organizations...and as I've also pointed out..."Entertainer" and "male vocalist" are his "obligatory" noms. And he gets the noms...year after year...and loss after loss...he's simply a "slot holder." Now, what is significant...and very telling is that he is rarely getting any of the other "product based" noms. Rarely does he get the "song" nom...the "album" nom...the "single" nom...and truly...his videos are laughable jokes! What is most important is the "performances"... it's like breaking news right now that all the Entertainer nominated will be "PERFORMING AT THE UPCOMING ACM awards!" if they havent ALL performed at EVERY awards show yet! As if it's such a rarity. It's simple PR...and with orb's medicre cd...he needs it! And he'll get a measly few thousand cd sales out of it!

Tara said...

As much as some of the people here don't like to hear this Keith Urban still draws an audience otherwise he wouldn't be asked to perform. That being said there are plenty of Male vocalist who would love to get the nominations that Keith does. Why does he get them? Because he has a fairly loyal fan base who still support him. True its not like it was in 2005, when he was in fact nominated for Song of the year, LP of the year etc.. but he still is popular and he is still liked in Nashville. Which is why I suspect he still is given some rope even though the "product" (the industries label) or his "art" (the kurban label)are more and more substandard. I don't think he is a slot filler.

As for the Dick Clark ACMs (the American Music Awards for country) it is rare to have all the Entertainer of the year winners there. Toby Keith, for example will show sometimes other times he won't. Depends on a lot of factors.
Awards shows are done for a number of reasons but the most important being to be seen and heard and Keith needs that as much as anyone else does.

Hatti said...

No Tara he needs it more!! He hasn't got enough interest in him to fill a 4,000 seat bar!! And that was before he put out Moosie girl's disasterpiece!!!!

If he didn't have the hype his wife purchases for him he wouldn't be known. He has lost so many fans!!

This CD has killed so much of his audience's interest. Look at how he shot himself in the foot by putting the vote to his fans for his album cover. Does he think that's funny?? Does he think he can just disregard his fans and then expect them to spend big bucks on him??

He is giving out more free tickets than any other performer I know and he still can't fill the seats. He is going to have a very bad US tour this year.

So I agree with you, he needs as much exposure as he can get but he still needs to be worth seeing. As far as I hear his TX rodeo was the same old....same old!!!

maclen said... far as "awards" shows...and their own little "preferences" and their own "standards"'s for sure orb CANNOT buy a CMA award these days...BUT orb agrees to sit in and back up a few artists when everything get jumbled due to a douche one year... and it seems the orb just CANNOT lose at the grammys. And I think the point is doubly been made that awards are simply PR...and so the point that orb is now just a "slot holder" at most of the country awards...certainly bolsters my main point of that fact. Also, the belief that orb "still has a loyal fanbase" would also bolster my point that awards orgs are simply pandering to their own percieved "popular" celebs...and clearly I believe orb is clearly past his prime.

maclen said...

So, to continue my previous theme on how it is clear that orb has fallen OUT of the top elite set...I neglected to mention the itunes country song downloads chart. And didnt orb just release the second single from his latest cd?

the top 20 downloads...

1. Landslide (Glee Cast Version) [feat. Gwyneth Paltrow]

2. Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band
Crazy Girl

3. Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not - Thompson Square
Thompson Square

4. Don't You Wanna Stay (with Kelly Clarkson) - Jason Aldean
My Kinda Party

5. Homeboy - Eric Church
Homeboy - Single

6. Colder Weather - Zac Brown Band
You Get What You

7. I Won't Let Go - Rascal Flatts
Nothing Like This

8. Back to December - Taylor Swift
Speak Now

9. Let Me Down Easy - Billy Currington
Enjoy Yourself

10. A Little Bit Stronger - Sara Evans

11. What Do You Want - Jerrod Niemann
Judge Jerrod & The

12. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
Need You Now

13. Somewhere With You - Kenny Chesney
Hemingway's Whiskey

14. A Little Bit Stronger - Sara Evans
A Little Bit

15. Voices - Chris Young
The Man I Want to Be

16. If I Die Young - The Band Perry
The Band Perry

17. Who Are You When I'm Not Looking - Blake Shelton
All About Tonight -

18. This - Darius Rucker
Charleston, SC 1966 (Deluxe Version)

19. You Lie - The Band Perry
The Band Perry

20. Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
Feels Like Today

...and orb doesnt appear until #47. Now as to how orb's upcoming live tour will do...that is wait and see...but I dont expect with the late start...the "new" format...orb clearly handling his own PR...I dont expect much.

maclen said... sifting..

...and speaking of orb's upcoming tour...seems orb gave a live gig a few days ago at RodeoHouston. Now, I seem to be reading that orb is set to unveil a "new stage production' it's with no surprise that I read this...

"At the end of "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," Urban jumped down from the stage and onto the stadium floor, where he proceeded to circle the entire perimeter, giving everyone on the first row high-fives and possible mild attacks of hysteria. this of course was the "main attraction" of his previous tour in 2009...the infamous "catwalk"...where orb was reknown to on more than one occasion proclaim to his raucus audience..."Who's got a best seats now?!" Well, I guess you cant mess with SUCCESS! And it seems from this review....the orb set left some things out to be desired...

"What was offered in his 10-song, 65-minute set was an artist who is confident in his music and not worried about selling the next single."

...10 song...65 minute set? Well, it would seem apparent, this tour...orb AINT gonna be springsteen! It'll be "slam bam...thank you ma'ams"
And this quote...

"The No. 1 hit parade — "Kiss A Girl," "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me," "You Look Good In My Shirt" — was hard to argue with, but the short rodeo set omitted a few favorites (No "Days Go By"). A few more songs from the new "Get Closer" album would have also been welcome. apparently, orb AGREES with the consensious...his new cd, and the new WEAK...why bother trying to shill it to his already paltry audience, right? Yes, this little sneak peak clearly gives an indication of how his upcoming tour will go...short, quick and not very original.

A440 said...

Ten songs and 65 minutes.

Who makes time length decisions...Keith or the HLSR people?

Were there other bands on the bill last night?

hoosierlady said...

How much for nosebleed seats for 10 songs and 65 minutes?

Jake said...

A440...I guess Urban makes the decisions. He is going to be out on Union Sq. in SF on Mar. 26 after one pm to put on a thirty min show. The man is out of his mind! LOL

maclen said...

Jake said...
"A440...I guess Urban makes the decisions. He is going to be out on Union Sq. in SF on Mar. 26 after one pm to put on a thirty min show. The man is out of his mind! LOL"

And actually, when you look at it, it is NOT just out of recent circumstances...I made a huge point last year that his official cd was only 8 tracks. That with the news his next tour will be 'downsized" to less members of a touring band...touring way much later than when the cd dropped...points to a downturn. Yeah, sure the
economy is bad and dictates...yada yada...but every indication with orb is that his career was downturning long before the terrible economy really hit!

Hatti said...

maclen, Downturning is a kind word for what I would call nose dive!! ((giggles))) It's been five long years of a steady downward spiral. But when you don't even give your fans a decent return for their money it turns into a nose pointed to the basement level!!!!!

When you charge people for and 8 song and then try to get money for a 12 song. Then you have the audacity to make another release of the same old garbage with a few songs more well that is highway robbery!! ((giggles)))

Leave it to KU to think he can always pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Wool as you know is kind of scratchy. I think more and more of his audience are tired of itching!! ((giggles)))

A440 said...

Well, Jake, from what I've found out, it's actually the HLSR people who set the time limits.

hoosierlady said...

Ok, this one makes me wonder. It wasn't too long ago that a blind was revealed on CDAN regarding our girl and Twilight, remember? She was suprized that they did not want her in their movie. So, when I saw this, I wonder if her production company is backing it, or if there is a fool out there with pockets that deep. Of course, notice the paragraph with the line, something about it being a "nod to Bram Stoker and his Dracula film". Are there really people that stupid?

Anyhoo, here you go. . . if anyone finds out anything, let me know.

Yours in shaking heads in amazment,


Hatti said...

Well I guess it depends on where he is. Now his thirty min gig I'm sure he scheduled that. Why would you even bother. And since it is after lunch I guess he will be playing for himself!! ((giggles)))

Anonymous said...

hoosierlady, think their referring to the film Stoker which its rumored that Colin Firth and NK will be starring in. But so far its all spectulation. Don't think NK's production company will find financial backers so easily with the dismal box office results for Rabbit Hole - just over $2 million. At the time of filming it was said to have cost $10 million to make the film.

Hatti said...

I'm sure it did cost 10 mil. I bet part of that was paid to Lionsgate to pic it up. RH has been on the market for two years without anyone interested. I guess she figured she had to loosen her own purse strings to get it out there.

As you can see it had nothing to do with the cast she wanted a nom for herself only!!! What else is new! ((giggles))))