Monday, January 24, 2011

Keith Urban, the musician?

While so many are getting used to the big news out of Casa Kurban we still would like to remind you that Keith does have a record out and a tour to come. Put You in a Song, the first single off the record is in the top five on the Country charts. Not because it’s a big seller, but because there really hasn't been too much released in the last six weeks. Keith will be on a Super Bowl broadcast soon, but will that help his sales? When Keith appeared on Oprah there was really little change in his sales. He was an afterthought on his second Oprah appearance; he spoke very little and didn't perform. The CD is freefalling on the charts.

If Keith were smart, and he actually is, it’s time to ditch the happy helpmate persona and start building up the career. Tickets will soon be on sale for the first leg of the summer tour in the US. Jake Owen, a questionable choice, has been named the opener for the US tour.

There is a lot riding on this tour. Keith needs to have strong ticket sales and will that happen? Is his core audience less likely to follow him from show to show? We will see. How is he going to save this disaster of a record? What will be the next single? Will it ever get back to just the music? Does anyone, even Keith, care anymore?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Kidman Urban Baby, but Same Old Tune at Urban Myths

A big thank you to TMZ for scooping Nicole Kidman on her new baby story!

Many of us heard the same rumors about the birth of Sunday Rose; an entire floor of the hospital was rented out; they went up via a service elevator, etc. Many of us have heard the rumors that Sunday is actually older than she is. Could this baby actually be Sunday's fraternal twin born two years later? We won’t know the answers until someone talks, but at least we don't have the lies with this child that we did with the first one.

Had TMZ not spilled the beans when were the Urban’s going to tell the world? After the birth mother (and yes that is what she is called even if another’s eggs are used) was safely paid and dispersed? I think we would have an announcement around Oscar time. That is apparently when People Magazine was planning an exclusive. But a baby now, and why? Keith is going to be so busy in late January and early February; the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s - not a lot of busy daddy time is there? Kidman of course is running for her career since the awards are out of the question.

Kidman starts filming in San Francisco next month, and that shoot is going to many countries and will take many months. She has a play on Broadway at the end of the year that will involve weeks of rehearsals. Keith will be starting a tour that has a lot of weekend breaks but most felt that was for his weakening vocal chords, not for another child. He won’t take a newborn on the tour, so while he is on the road he will be alone. Aren't they too busy to have another baby? But babies are big this year. Kidman didn't want to go through another pillow birth so she went the Sarah Jessica Parker way and had someone have a child for her. It does quell those rumors about the dad’s sexuality and the mother’s fertility. Now we know why Keith played George Michael’s “Faith” with John Mayer last year.

A new baby is a way to sweep everything under the carpet; rumors of a career that is over and of a wayward parent. Too bad TMZ ruined the surprise for the world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Urbans Have Another Daughter

So says TMZ:

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban -- New Parents!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby, courtesy of a surrogate ... TMZ has learned. 

Nicole Kidman Baby

Sources tell us ... the baby was born at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville on December 28, 2010. Her name is Faith.

Kidman and Urban are Faith's biological parents.

We're told Nicole and Keith went into the hospital on the down low last week, visiting Faith and the surrogate during her stay.   They entered the hospital through the back, took the service elevator to the top floor, which they rented exclusively for themselves.

We're told the baby is home.

Yes, Nicole and Keith were both at the Golden Globes last night.

UPDATE: Keith and Nicole just released a statement to TMZ saying, "Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier."

This was on Lainey's site, but written by her friend Duana:

Sunday Rose’s New Sister!

Written by Duana

Right. So, at the end of a very busy celeb news cycle Keith and Nicole dropped the information that apparently, on December 28th, they became parents via surrogate to Faith Margaret Urban.

I had a series of thoughts and I thought I’d try to harness them individually.

The first was that I really hope Keith and Nicole sent Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick a fruit basket or something, for paving the way to ‘gestational carrier’ (their phrase) being just like any other celeb assistant. Seriously SJP’s twins are 18 months old and suddenly having a child via surrogate is like “oh, by the way, no big deal?” Someone is owed a debt for that.

My second thought was that I’m actually totally surprised they wanted a second child. They seem pretty jet-setty, flying all over the place, and while Katie Holmes has a really cute accessory in her mini-me Suri and only half the time looks haggard and drawn due to the demands of parenting, with two, she’d look utterly wrecked all the time. Certainly ‘like a mom’. See also, Jennifer Garner. And I thought this might worry Nicole…

…but then I did the math on the birth of Faith Margaret, and I realized she’s a mere 20 days old, and that she must be incredibly well-behaved, secure, and advanced, since her parents, who love her desperately and were so blessed with the gift of her birth, felt able to head out to a long-assed, glitzy party. Sitting in the waiting-in-an-endless-lineup limo, walking the hour-long carpet, sitting in the theatre – they must have really been thinking about her the whole time…

…so then I didn’t worry about her so much anymore.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Kidman's Awards Campaign

It all starts this week.

We are now heading into the big awards season. The critical awards are being announced this week. Will Kidman get one? Probably not. The award that Kidman has the best chance at is the Golden Globe. The Foreign Press loves her and she has won the Globe three times. Kidman is a star, as opposed to Portman  being an actress and Annette Benning isn't even in the same category; she is in the comedy category. As for Mr. Oscar? Hard to say.

If Rabbit Hole gets in the top three in next week's box office Kidman will get her nomination. But given the tragic circumstances in Arizona, people are looking to escape reality and the subject of the death of a child is not something most want to see dramatized. Another factor that will play is the girl from True Grit. Many see her as a spoiler and the nomination that could be sacrificed is Kidman's.

This is highly political, this awards thing. If you get nominations you get work and you get better pay. If you win it is even bigger. Kidman needs the nomination. At her age and where her box office numbers are, she can't coast too many more years on her past glory. Kidman is playing a fine game. Lots of press that appeals to the public. Happy family, sex filled marriage to a desirable man; that man in turn giving her credit for his existence for the last five years. Kidman talking about her craft, her art. Kidman, the woman, talking about her life, even her past. She wants this. But dear Nicole you don't stand a chance. Sorry, but new Hollywood in the form of Portman, Eisenberg, Bale and Amy Adams have arrived. It is their time. But bigger than even that is one Annette Benning, three time nominee married to a Hollywood legend, Warren Beatty; sister-in-law to another legend. Oscar loves to award those who have been ignored in the past. Add to that one of the best roles for a woman in her forties in years and I think we have a winner. According to Rodger Friedman, Beatty is calling in a lot of favors and Benning is playing the best game around. Nicole, you aren't married to the biggest star in the world anymore; Oscar has to look at your work and while you may get a nomination maybe it isn't the best performance. So prepare to see a lot of shots of Nicole and Keith all dolled up at many functions in the next six weeks (as evidenced in the above photo); and going home with nothing, maybe not even with each other.

On another note: It has been several weeks since the flooding in Oz started, and the town that Keith Urban grew up has now been evacuated. Enough said about that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

A very quiet New Year down on the farm??

A few weeks ago Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were on Oprah singing ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. Aren't you wondering why there has been no comment about the epic flooding that has hit the area of Oz that Keith grew up in? Granted the tragic drama is still happening as we write this, and has affected millions of people in a land mass as big as Texas, but the most famous internationally known son of that area has been quiet. We hope and pray for all the people in that area; and we have a suggestion. Perhaps when Keith goes over in April to start his tour he may want to give all the profits from his concerts to the people who are affected by this tragedy. It seems as though that would be the right thing to do.