Monday, January 24, 2011

Keith Urban, the musician?

While so many are getting used to the big news out of Casa Kurban we still would like to remind you that Keith does have a record out and a tour to come. Put You in a Song, the first single off the record is in the top five on the Country charts. Not because it’s a big seller, but because there really hasn't been too much released in the last six weeks. Keith will be on a Super Bowl broadcast soon, but will that help his sales? When Keith appeared on Oprah there was really little change in his sales. He was an afterthought on his second Oprah appearance; he spoke very little and didn't perform. The CD is freefalling on the charts.

If Keith were smart, and he actually is, it’s time to ditch the happy helpmate persona and start building up the career. Tickets will soon be on sale for the first leg of the summer tour in the US. Jake Owen, a questionable choice, has been named the opener for the US tour.

There is a lot riding on this tour. Keith needs to have strong ticket sales and will that happen? Is his core audience less likely to follow him from show to show? We will see. How is he going to save this disaster of a record? What will be the next single? Will it ever get back to just the music? Does anyone, even Keith, care anymore?


Hatti said...

I don't think KU's embarrassing display on Oprah and other shows have done anything for his career.

His CD is a disaster to say the least. There are a few decent songs on it, but will everyone be reminded of Moosie when they start to listen?

I don't think there is much hope for this album or for him at this point.

I think Jake is a nice guy with a decent voice but he in no way can bring in the ticket sales KU needs to keep himself afloat.

I believe he will do part of this tour and find some reason to quit it. I think he is over! Maybe he will start to work with his label and recruit talent. He certainly has enough of Moosie girl's money to give it a try.

I hope the news of him back to drinking and drugging is not true but an addict with all that money and nothing meaningful in his life usually goes by the wayside.

That's what happens when you throw away your dignity and you spit in the face of your God given talents to run after a miserable self absorbed famewhore for her money!!

LindaMarie said...

Gee Hatti don't hold back! LOL!

To be honest, I think Keith's only concern right now is the almighty buck and being a kept man, which Kidman provides ever so nicely. I don't think he cares enough about his career to even remotely worry about where it was, where it is headed and where it belongs. If he did, he would know that an entire CD worth of songs dedicated to the wife would turn off a lot of his die hard fans, presumably if there are many left. It is a horrendous CD, I for one could not listen to it all the way through, it is just so plain childish.

He is capable of much better and he knows it however I think he is miserable, mentally exhausted and brain dead trying to live a lie. And it shows.

His only saving grace at this stage of the game is his guitar work. Many of the above songs I am sure will be disguised live and will sound a lot better than they do on record. His live shows are wonderful, and his fingers fascinate me. Jake Owen is no bargain and I believe a lot of people won't be going to many shows this time around. If Keith is drinking and drugging, then chances are he may see the end of his tour next year. Let's all hope that for his sake, he isn't doing those things again, but life with Kidman I am sure can not be easy, especially for someone who is not as strong mentally.

hoosierlady said...

I think he's too old to be a country heartthrob, he has never been taken seriously by the powers that be, and he knows that all that is left of what once was a half way decent career is his fledgling record label.

Good luck with that.

I don't think Oprah's audience downloads a lot of music, or ring tones.

Hatti said...

Yeah LindaM I do get a bit carried away! I can't help it, he is so far from what he use to be it's like he not only changed his clothes he changed his insides too.

I understand money to a man like KU is all consuming. But to throw away a thriving career for it I don't understand.

I honestly don't see him able to sell the tickets he needs to continue the tour. Jake is not going to carry him. He can't carry himself either.

I just think he is going to take his money and go dabble. I'm just not sure what he is going to dabble in.

maclen said...

Oh right, orb has a cd out...IS ANYONE still following it's performance? I doubt those hidden monkeys WANT to look! So, according to last weeks HITS Daily, orb's cd has fallen off the top 50 chart for the week's top cd sellers. His cd was selling BELOW 6k cds a week! Meanwhile Lady Ant, Chesney, McGraw, ZBB and Rascal Flatts ARE still hanging in the top 50. And of course, orb wont begin to tour for another 5 months. As I stated last year, orb is SIMPLY going to tour for the money he can get for SIMPLY touring...cause it's apparently clear his promo IS NOT for max cd sales.

maclen said... scripture...

...just noticed that miranda lambert's cd, Revolution, was JUST being out sold by orb's cd a few weeks ago. But now, lambert's cd sales are still in the top 50. Another fact I just learned is that lambert's album, Revolution was actually released on sept of 2009. And lambert's cd has now sold 1.1mil...and THIS WEEK lambert's cd is OUTSELLING orb's! That just gives you a indication on how dismal orb's cd sales actually are. So, as I am want to are the numbers for the relevent performers current albums...

Lady Ant- 3 mil sold.

Lambert- 1.1 mil sold.

Sugarland- 805k sold.

Chesney- 631k sold.

Zac brown band- 611k sold.

Rascal Flatts- 559k sold.

orb- 497k sold.

Tim Mcgraw- 170k sold.

Also take note, mcgraw's cd is a greatest hits orb is pretty much bringing up the rear. Almost forgot about Swifty, who's cd, only months old as orb's cd is...has now sold 3 mil cds. Orb IS the weakest seller, and it's no wonder as this and other blogs have pointed out, his PR is now as pathetic as kidman's.

blue sky said...

Thanks for those numbers maclen. Look at Keith's former opening acts and how they are out-selling him. That's the sign of the times right there.

I would like to know how dependent he will be on the music from the old albums like GR and BH while touring this year and promoting "Get Closer". The fansies excuse this poor music by saying he is evolving in his songwriting. Well, if these news songs, since signing on the line with Nic, are so great, they should be carrying the tour, right?

LindaMarie said...

When I saw him last year he sang one song from DG. He relies heavily on his older material because that is what sells, that is what is being played on the country stations. His material as of late is subpar. If this is how love makes him feel, well then he doesn't feel very well because the new songs are quite sickening.

But like I have stated many times, he usually disguises most songs so that you don't know what they are until he is well into the song. If it wasn't for his fantastic guitar skills and he only played the songs like they are on the CD, it would be horrendous.

I would imagine him playing most of GC during this tour however I have a sneaky suspicion he may rework some of the tunes.

Perhaps if he releases a live CD, he will gain more from that than trying to be Keith Swift. This latest batch of goods is not flattering to my ear.

Hatti said...

Right blue....We know when he was a nice guy that was writing some decent songs had decent relationships and creating music that was inspirational.

Well he decided money meant more than a muse, friends, or family. His talent went to He11 in a handbasket!!!

So now we have his dumbness and his dumb songs!! What a waste of human space!!!

maclen said...

I think the term "songwriter" is being thrown around RATHER loosely when it comes to the orb. A quick look at his "songwriting" credits...orb has only 15 "solo" songwriting credits since 1991. As I mentioned last year, swifty's written 14 already...and that WAS ONLY HER LAST she was bragging about when she was promoting her album...which again, sold 1 mil in it's first week. And as I also mentioned last year...orb has ONLY released 7 original albums in the past 19 years! And in his last album, orb has a total of 12 different songwriters/co-writers! For a supposed "solo" act, orb needs ALOT of help putting out "HIS" music the past 2 decades! Why do I get the feeling the orb will NEVER break out and show what he can personally do as an artist?

Hatti said...

I guess maclen in order to break out and show what he can do he needs the impetus to do so.

I don't see any ambition! I don't think he cares. If there isn't a call inside him then he will continue to produce mediocre music.

I don't understand with all the talent that cowrote or wrote why so many inferior songs.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"I don't understand with all the talent that cowrote or wrote why so many inferior songs."

Clearly Hatti, his current single is the nadir of that dearth of substance or complexity. Certainly his standing at Capnash last year resulted in this pretty lightweight cd. Capnash WOULDNT pay for this album to get written and recorded, so orb had to get it done and out in a very short time, which helps explains it lack of substance. I'm not surprised AT ALL it has stalled just before the 500k selling mark...with the cd selling only a few thousand a week now. And again, I am still incredulous, that it too 3 WRITERS to come up with a song which is simply ONE verse and the chorus repeated 3 TIMES in a row!

Choice said...

Happy Australia Day for yesterday Nicole and Keith, our dear ex-pats. We missed you at the Down Under celebration dance, but understand why you couldn't be there. Hope Faith Margaret is doing well:

Hatti said...

It just doesn't make sense. Not only that these songs lack substance but the artists that worked on the songs with him are recognized. I wouldn't want my name to be attached to such shabby work like this.

Something just doesn't add up.

hoosierlady said...

Hasn't there been comments made about members of the band leaving like rats from a sinking ship?

Why not members of the song writing team?

Hatti said...

hoosier....It could be that the band was leaving the sinking ship. I know when Moosie came along the whole band was going to walk. They refused to be talked to in a demeaning manner. I know when KU talked to them about what he as up against they stayed.

Now for CR to leave that was a shocker. And now I have heard Brian is leaving? So we are talking about two left CM and JF. Boy that is exciting! ((NOT))

Of course why does it take 3 to 12 cowriters to put out one junky album. I'm sure there is a joke in there someplace!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

Well, Hatti and hoosier...this from wiki...what do you think?

"After four years with the band, Chris Rodriguez and Brad Rice departed. Coming off the Escape Together World Tour, the two were told Urban would not be mounting big tours for awhile, and that a smaller band was all that was needed. The following band was from 2010 onwards for the CMT Crossroads and the Summerlovin Tour, as well as the current tour with The Eagles:

* Keith Urban – Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Bouzouki, E-Bow, Drums
* Chris McHugh – Drums, Percussion
* Brian Nutter – Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Ganjo, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Background Vocals, Drums
* Jerry Flowers – Bass Guitar, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals."

No doubt the "downsizing" will of course be explained by his mouthpieces due to his "growing family"...but it is clear...orb no longer has record company support...this I explain due to his dwindling cd sales...AND his cd sales began to tank YEARS before his had his first kid...and the fact is his cd sales continue to tank. And also no doubt the lack of substance of this current stuff is another reason for the high turnover in band members. Now, fine, if his fansies simply want to take comfort that he may not be mounting any huge tours because he may want to spend more time with his family...more power to their delluded minds...but his career is clearly heading EVERY indicator.

Hatti said...

Yes maclen it has gone south. But he knew that was going to happen when he signed his first contract. So he must have decided that he was going to make the loss of his career worth while.

The last few years his tours have been nothing really. Forbes has him making 28 mil three years running. Please we know where that is coming from.

maclen said...

Well, I guess they had ANOTHER awards show today...and as predicted, kidman is throwing her "o-fer" And of course I noticed yesterday, at the Directors awards...kidman's dreary weepy flick was not even nominated...must really suck to be the director of kidman's dreadfest of a film! Also, perusing Getty images...kidman's "catche" must really be waning, eh? She only has 2 pics at the "Arrivals" section. But then, NOT winning will do that in their win at all costs mentality. And of course, no matter how many of those "lame" photo ops she makes herself available never helps to be a hasbeen.

hoosierlady said...

So, will we get the new baby pictures before or after the Oscars?

What does she have coming up?

If there's something coming up to promote, then, she'll wait for it, if not, then, we'll see the happy family on this week's People.

I, for one, am glad I bought provisions yesterday, hopefully skipping the checkout lines this week!

Anonymous said...

hoosierlady, "Just Go With It" opens in theatres on February 11th.
A People Magazine spread right before that would cover both promoting the film and the oscars.

blue sky said...

I'll place a bet on a People mag photo spread, and I'll bet there will be a picture of Kidman in her kitchen "cooking" - which will be a pot of water boiling on the stove.

A440 said...

And in it will be Keith's pet bunny.

Anonymous said...

Looks like theres already a picture of the baby out there - showed by Keith at the SAG awards last night.

Fading Fan said...
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Anonymous said...

Or just go to Just Jared, the baby picture is there too. Maybe there won't be a People spread after all. No point now. Everyone has seen the baby.

Choice said...

Mikki - these two love to use technology to show off their babies. Remember when she held up her mobile at the CMA's to show Sundae? Nothing beats the Oprah show staged moment with the pic of Sundae.

Urban Myths said...

Maclen, I think you most of all will get a kick out of this story... Keith, John Mayer & Tiger Woods -

Hatti said...

Yes, this is quite amusing after Ted's comments. Seems the two slutty buddies are going to fill in b/c they couldn't get anyone else!! ((giggles))))

maclen said...

Urban Myths said...
"Maclen, I think you most of all will get a kick out of this story... Keith, John Mayer & Tiger Woods -"

Ha! The only pieces missing are mel gibson and jesse james...AND charlie sheen! I am now convinced orb is a MORON...he has the PR sense of sheen...lay down in the "celebrity cesspool" orb...over and over again.!

Hatti said...

maclen...Maybe he is trying to tell us something. Maybe that is what he wants out of life to be a rich dirt bag!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"maclen...Maybe he is trying to tell us something. Maybe that is what he wants out of life to be a rich dirt bag!! ((giggles)))"

Well, either just an actual moron or a truly clueless lout...orb seems to be the only person who believes the napalm is still relevent! WHO ELSE is even being seen with napalm these days? And that any association with tiger woods is good pr...again, I half expect a public announcement by orb with mel gibson on the virtues of racial tolerance or respect for women!

hoosierlady said...

How many people reading the above have kids in nursery school that live in the United States?

Out of those, how many of you are buying that load of crap?

I reach a saturation point with this mindless dribble.

I just feel so close to you now? What,preponderance of the mom's at Sunday's nursery school have lost children to freak accidents? The young girls took her hand because of Moulin Rouche? Suddenly it has become the heartfelt desire of the younger generation to become 19th century prostitutes with tuberculoses?

If I drank, I'd have one.

I still say, give me a job Nicole! I can write better stuff for you than this!!!!!

Hatti said...

I just don't understand how people can believe the garbage Moosie and her camp spew.

I say something is wrong with this world. She is a has been that has pulled every trick in the book to stay in the media.

Yet there are people in this country that believe what they read b/c it's in print.

Anna said...

Hi everyone at Urban Myths it's been a very long time since I commented but I do check in quite often to see what you are all up to.
Someone who was once very close to the Kidman family(very very close) and who hears all the gossip first hand about them just told me that things are VERY bad in Kidman's marriage. Kidman has been hard at work trying to spin how happy they are, but my source told me they are in marriage counselling (and have been for a few months now) and that Keith has started to assert himself more and no longer wants "to play along".
We shall see how it pans out.
Love to you all.
Anna (once upon a time Nicole Kidman's Forehead)

Urban Myths said...

Hello, Anna! So good to hear from you again! You have been missed!

Tara said...

Hi Anna,

Are we surprised by this news? They always have from day one seemed forced and not very into one another.
At the Critics choice when Keith did his whoop for her she just about killed him. That says a lot. So is Faith the desperation baby?

LindaMarie said...

Anna! Good to know you are still "with us". Please keep in touch!

blue sky said...

Let's imagine for a moment that this marriage self-destructs. The counseling that Anna shared doesn't work. Can you imagine what kind of child celebrity Faith Margaret will turn out to be in her teens? First, she is a surrogacy baby because her mom decides she wants to start a family in her mid 40's. Then she finds out that she was the "fix-it baby" for the marriage that didn't work. If you think the custody situation is messed up with Isabella and Connor, imagine what it will be like in the KUNK divorce? What was he thinking?

Thanks for checking in Anna. I was wondering what was happening with you.

A440 said...

Supposedly, there is the contract, wherein Keith signed away his rights to be the custodial parent. Allegedly, Nic has the rights to physical custody, to have the final say on religion, schooling, etc.

Now, even if that's true, I don't know if it'll fly in an American courtroom, where the Judge is the one with the final say in these matters.

Should it come down to separation, this document will come into play. If it exists.

PS: Good to hear from you, Anna!

Tara said...

I don't think there will be any custody problems. Kidman gets the children in a divorce and Keith walks away.

He can hang with Mayer and Tiger Woods.

blue sky said...

I understand that she is supposed to have physical custody of the kids, but again, that is another issue these kids will have to deal with as they get older. Their dad signed off on custody before they were even created. What a warm, fuzzy feeling they will have towards their dad, and people think Chaz Bono has issues!

Anna said...

OMG! people you have me rolling on the ground here!
I will eat my hat if Kidman EVER ends up as a custodial parent of a stuffed iguana let alone a child!
Yes she might get "awarded" child custody, and I'm sure she would get a People cover with the headline "Nicole fights for her children" but when the dust settles and the press have decamped from her driveway you'll find that the girls will be living full time with their Dad, just like Kidman's "other" kids. The woman thanks God for COS everyday so that noone blames her for being such an uninvolved parent. (Maybe you guys would know if there is a photo of Kidman alone playing at the park with Sunday, someone asked me if there was one, if it exists I've never found it.)

Thanks for the kind words of welcome back from everyone. I missed you all too.

inittowinit said...

I agree - she won't keep those kids, or any, longterm. But I'm not sure I see Keith raising them either. I see him as LOVING kids; just not necessarily WANTING them - or maybe wanting them, but not wanting to follow through with the responsibilities that it takes to raise them. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Those girls will be sent to the finest year round' boarding school money can buy - in another country.

Anna, is there a photo of Keith playing in the park with Sunday? Is there a photo of Keith and Sunday anywhere alone together?? Hes not exactly a hands on dad.

A440 said...

Actually, I've seen photos of Keith alone with Sunday. Not many, but they're out there. When Nicole is there, however, he might as well be invisible.

Anonymous said...

A440, when Keith is pictured with Sunday you can be sure NK is close by. Probably supervising the shots.

Ghost in the guitar said...

What a bunch of wanna-be hacks you all are. Yes, this is an album with a difference. GET OVER IT, and get over yourselves and listen to the technical side of the songs, appreciate them for what they are, and stop comparing them to the past. You are making yourselves sound like petty, jealous, wanna be FAILURES who have no hope of emulating anything KU does. As for the comments on Nicole...what a bunch of women can't be her, and you men can't have all sound so pathetic