Thursday, January 20, 2011

A New Kidman Urban Baby, but Same Old Tune at Urban Myths

A big thank you to TMZ for scooping Nicole Kidman on her new baby story!

Many of us heard the same rumors about the birth of Sunday Rose; an entire floor of the hospital was rented out; they went up via a service elevator, etc. Many of us have heard the rumors that Sunday is actually older than she is. Could this baby actually be Sunday's fraternal twin born two years later? We won’t know the answers until someone talks, but at least we don't have the lies with this child that we did with the first one.

Had TMZ not spilled the beans when were the Urban’s going to tell the world? After the birth mother (and yes that is what she is called even if another’s eggs are used) was safely paid and dispersed? I think we would have an announcement around Oscar time. That is apparently when People Magazine was planning an exclusive. But a baby now, and why? Keith is going to be so busy in late January and early February; the Super Bowl and the Grammy’s - not a lot of busy daddy time is there? Kidman of course is running for her career since the awards are out of the question.

Kidman starts filming in San Francisco next month, and that shoot is going to many countries and will take many months. She has a play on Broadway at the end of the year that will involve weeks of rehearsals. Keith will be starting a tour that has a lot of weekend breaks but most felt that was for his weakening vocal chords, not for another child. He won’t take a newborn on the tour, so while he is on the road he will be alone. Aren't they too busy to have another baby? But babies are big this year. Kidman didn't want to go through another pillow birth so she went the Sarah Jessica Parker way and had someone have a child for her. It does quell those rumors about the dad’s sexuality and the mother’s fertility. Now we know why Keith played George Michael’s “Faith” with John Mayer last year.

A new baby is a way to sweep everything under the carpet; rumors of a career that is over and of a wayward parent. Too bad TMZ ruined the surprise for the world.


Hatti said...

I think it is funny these two think they can say and do anything and the stoops will blindly believe.

This child and Sunday will be taken care of very well with the both of them gone, busy with there careers. It is ok. The person that gave these children birth will be right there to make sure all is well.

I know this to be true. We have the mommy right on the face of this page. Just look to the right and there she is with her head down so you can't see the features. They match so nicely to Sunday's!! The hair and eyes are just right too.

OH MY she is pregnant?? When was this? Oct? ((hmmmm)) just in time for the end of Dec.? Or will it really be Jan. I'm sure it won't matter we will never see the BC so it can be anytime.

123xyz said...

The baby wouldn't look like it's gestational carrier, as everyone on the last thread felt the need to tell me. I already knew that. Hatti deniel is not just a river in Eqypt. You don't know anything about this assistant, Keith's ability to Father children or anything/anyone remotely close to KUNK. Though you continuously post like you do.

Anonymous said...

UM, I kind of think NK deliberately leaked the story to TMZ exactly when she wanted it to break in the news. This is obviously an easy secret to keep since everything is confidential and surrogates (if they know who their carrying a child for) are paid for their silence before, during and after the birth.

Hatti, your way off on this one. Why would NK want the "real" mother around? She can afford all the nannies she needs to care for these two children.

Hatti said...

It makes it much easier maclen. The mother is not going to leave. Doesn't need days off and will always be around for those kids. Moosie girl has the control b/c the Mother will be careful not to do anything that could get her fired.

I'm sure she signed a contract as KU has(3 times now). Confidentiality agreements and the whole nine.

maclen, I have been racking my brain about Sunday. I knew KU couldn't have kids I was 99% positive Moosie girl couldn't either or she would have with TC. But I just couldn't see her just going to another country and picking up a baby. I thought maybe the Sister.

When the PA and Sunday went to Oz with Moosie girl alone, they were coming out of the airport the PA got close to Sunday and POW there it was!! So I checked it out and the PA was pregnant the same time as Moosie girl was wearing her belly. And now again?

I just don't see how she could have had a surrogate and not be in the hosp to bond with that baby. The surrogate will not be there for the child. Her job is done and she is not going to do anymore it is unethical. So how could they have just visited the child?

Well maclen that is where I am with it. I know what I know, but when it comes to this part I'm just looking at what seems to be obvious.

Hatti said...

Sorry mikki I meant to post to you and I posted to maclen.

The above post is answering you as to why I believe Moosie girl hired this pregnant woman/Sunday's Mom and now this new baby's Mom. I believe Moosie girl could never trust anyone else. She had to play the game faking her pregnancy to show everyone she could have a child since TC could have a child.

maclen said...

Yeah, Hattie...Mikki's "oh so fine, mikki blows my mind...oh mikki!

So...what? Your trying to explain Urban Myths, that mutt and jeff were already set to let a celeb mouthpiece...People mag...shill their #2 baby...or if you go by the orb's own pathetic standard of girl #3...AFTER they already publicly proclaimed, rather self righteously and sanctimoniously only a few years ago that they were not at all into exploiting their fruit...from someone else's loins in this case... for "monetary" or for shallow and cynical personal gain? Well... I suppose the utter failure of PR baby #1...or #2 by the orb family "pecking order"...will get you to change those personal standards that are quite obviously written in sand VERY close to and nearby an oft rising and lowering tide. As is often the case with these two shameless hacks.

blue sky said...

In case no one has noticed, this "personal assistant" appeared for the first time this past spring/summer as she was being photographed with Kidman. She was with Kidman while in Hawaii filming the Sandler movie, but then was never seen again after October. I think her services have been rendered, and they will never be seen together again.

What about the six months Kidman was taking off for family? She said so at the Golden Globes. Another lie?

hoosierlady said...

Maclen-are you wearing spanky pants, and do you have pompoms, my youngest son loved those movies, tried to tell me it was the gymnastics.

Hatti said...

Ok guys let's put this on for size. Since we are talking spanky pants. Remember back when Naomi was the light of Moosie girl's eyes! Well looking at the PA and Moosie girl together? What if the PA is really a PL (Private Lover) and all this is for love?? Babies and all!!! ((giggles)))

Contract anyone?? Oh... KU... you sly old fox you!!! ((giggles)))))

Hatti said...

maclen, shameless indeed. I think we can start to call KU the bearded wonder!! ((giggles))))

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Maclen-are you wearing spanky pants, and do you have pompoms, my youngest son loved those movies, tried to tell me it was the gymnastics."

Uh....NOT really the spanky pants and pompoms "type" hoosier! Yes...AND guys USED to read Playboy mag for the articles!

Hatti said...
"maclen, shameless indeed. I think we can start to call KU the bearded wonder!! ((giggles))))"

Yes, orb is quite obviously the "empty vessel"...prone to the worst influence of PR hackery. But the state of lalaland these days with the manufacturing of reality tv worthless and useless personalitie...they even remotely still fit in just enough to pretend they are still relevent.

maclen said...

So I was just surfing the innertubes when I noticed this...

'The King's Speech' reigns at Producers Guild Awards

...and apparently, the "producer" of that "dreary weepy indie" that is absolutely cleaning up at the box office...$1.2mil in just over a month...and is "supposedly" getting SO MUCH critical acclaim...WAS NOT even recognized! And so other recognition for Director, or film....or supporting...or lead actor...and again, I must submit...this is a "comeback?"

Choice said...

Faith is another PR baby? Never! This one was truly wanted, and Nicole will take a year off to enjoy her new baby like many mothers would.

Bull. Kidman is showing once again that her so-called career is more important that anything or anyone. She knew this kid was on the way. Why didn't she put films and Broadway on hold for a year. Let me guess. She was worried people would forget here if she took time off.

The whole thing is nauseating.

Hatti said...

Yes Choice it is nauseating. I believe she has been right there watching Maggie develop. Not by any surrogate either!! ;)

The child may not have been born when she made a call to her mgr to leak the news. I think she was so furious at all the attention (rightly deserved) NP was getting that she tried to upstage her.

That is certainly not a new trick actors have been doing it to each other for years. She just happens to get caught b/c she is so obvious.

The two of them have lied so much about so many things that now it just taken for granted.

So we may not see Maggie for quite awhile or, we may see that very expensive doll that once had been Sunday! ((giggles)))

And all this for what? A failed movie and a failed CD that adds up to two failed careers!!!

Tara said...

Is fame that big of a drug?

I think Ted C on E online has Kidman pegged.

A440 said...

I suspect if Kidman does in fact go ahead with her scheduled projects, there will be a palpable backlash. Not too many people understand a wealthy woman braying of how she so dearly wanted children but then sloughing them off on nannies.

She is notably less than maternal, and that will trip up her desire to be seen as SuperMom.

Her camp can blame Tom for her estrangement from her adopted kids, but that won't fly if she's seen as being distant from Sunday and Faith or erratic in her parenting.

Choice said...

Just read Ted C's words Tara. He is on the money for sure!

I also like the comment that someone on there made when she first adopted the kids with Tom. She ran into her publicist and said something along the lines of :
I agreed to the adoption, but I didn't agree to look after them.

CLASSIC. Even if it isn't perhaps true, it sure sounds like something Lady Kidman would say.

Hatti said...

I believe she did say that to her publicist. She had custody and she gave them to TC b/c she wanted to go look for a man.

If she could have had a child with TC she would have but she couldn't. So they adopted but that didn't stop her from working and left them with TC anyway.

Hold on to your hats cause she is going to continue to work with Maggie just like she did with Sunday.