Monday, January 17, 2011

The Urbans Have Another Daughter

So says TMZ:

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban -- New Parents!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby, courtesy of a surrogate ... TMZ has learned. 

Nicole Kidman Baby

Sources tell us ... the baby was born at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville on December 28, 2010. Her name is Faith.

Kidman and Urban are Faith's biological parents.

We're told Nicole and Keith went into the hospital on the down low last week, visiting Faith and the surrogate during her stay.   They entered the hospital through the back, took the service elevator to the top floor, which they rented exclusively for themselves.

We're told the baby is home.

Yes, Nicole and Keith were both at the Golden Globes last night.

UPDATE: Keith and Nicole just released a statement to TMZ saying, "Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret. No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier."

This was on Lainey's site, but written by her friend Duana:

Sunday Rose’s New Sister!

Written by Duana

Right. So, at the end of a very busy celeb news cycle Keith and Nicole dropped the information that apparently, on December 28th, they became parents via surrogate to Faith Margaret Urban.

I had a series of thoughts and I thought I’d try to harness them individually.

The first was that I really hope Keith and Nicole sent Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick a fruit basket or something, for paving the way to ‘gestational carrier’ (their phrase) being just like any other celeb assistant. Seriously SJP’s twins are 18 months old and suddenly having a child via surrogate is like “oh, by the way, no big deal?” Someone is owed a debt for that.

My second thought was that I’m actually totally surprised they wanted a second child. They seem pretty jet-setty, flying all over the place, and while Katie Holmes has a really cute accessory in her mini-me Suri and only half the time looks haggard and drawn due to the demands of parenting, with two, she’d look utterly wrecked all the time. Certainly ‘like a mom’. See also, Jennifer Garner. And I thought this might worry Nicole…

…but then I did the math on the birth of Faith Margaret, and I realized she’s a mere 20 days old, and that she must be incredibly well-behaved, secure, and advanced, since her parents, who love her desperately and were so blessed with the gift of her birth, felt able to head out to a long-assed, glitzy party. Sitting in the waiting-in-an-endless-lineup limo, walking the hour-long carpet, sitting in the theatre – they must have really been thinking about her the whole time…

…so then I didn’t worry about her so much anymore.



maclen said...

Apparently PR baby number 1 was not adequate enough. Just in time for the awards campaign! Interesting enough, as Urban Myths just mentioned, connor cruise turns 15 TODAY...I bet kidman WAS NOT at all even aware, I'm sure! Bet connor totally appreciates the timing of this news! HA! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do ppl use surrogates? and i feel bad for babies born to over 40 year olds. the parents will be dead by the time the kid reaches college. ahaha

A440 said...

Well, congratulations are in order. They pulled off a swiftie. Good to know the baby is fine.

But I can just imagine how Keith must've laughed up his sleeve every time he was asked if Nicole was pregnant.

So where is the little tyke?

A440 said...

Wait a minute...born last month and they visited her and the birth mom in the hospital last WEEK?

That's either a sick baby or the birth date has been fudged.

Choice said...

Something sounds fishy with all this. Wonder if the surrogate was the same person who had Sunday. After a few attempts at trying to carry with Tom, and now choosing a surrogate for her second baby with Keith, it raises that questions again: was the Sunday pregnancy a scam?

Fading Fan said...

Well that means this pregnancy started back around march/april depending on if the baby was full term or not. When exactly did all the hype come out about broadway and the HBO film? So basically she already made plans for another film and broadway after she knew there would be another child! Also, I remembered seeing parts of that live video chat from last September. If you forward to around 6:00 on the link below, he sure gave no indication at all that this was already in the works. Of course, he may have been really doing his best to sound convincing, but there's just something about the way he is talking about it that doesn't fit with all this. Maybe it's just me. Either way, I do hope that all is well with the baby! Well, at least Sunday will have someone to talk to growing up! That is the one positive I can see in all this!!!

JOY said...

Wishing New little girl Faith Margaret, Sunday, Nicole, Keith & their families every blessing & grace. Shocker but a joy to them I'm sure.

blue sky said...

How ironic that it took a porn star to get his wife pregnant! I guess they weren't really having the fun of trying to get pregnant. How many jars did it take Keith?

It really isn't fair to the kids to have parents this old. From experience, it will make a difference when they hit the teen-age years.

Let's also think back to recent interviews where she says the kids don't want to live with her. Isn't this a stab to Isabella and Connor? Instead of working on that relationship, let's bring another child into the dysfunction!

Hatti said...

Ok so I have a question. If the child was born on Dec 28th then the child is not a month old? Right ?

If the child was born when they were in Oz? Well then the child would be one month old.

Now I don't know if anyone else saw it, but Moosie girl's PA was looking very pregnant at Target a few months ago. The PA also looks very much like Sunday. I'm thinking there is definitely a connection here.

Well she can say surrogate or gestational but truth will be told neither of them can have a child.

And now she just proved my pudding that she wore that rubber belly and beat up those paps so her charade wouldn't be all over the news.

So I think the PA has a nice contract of her own. And the more that all this comes out I know this contract KU signed has big bucks besides the label!!!!

I wonder what else he is going to be getting soon!! His own movie part?? Something big I'm sure. Let's not forget he has been rewarded for every dastardly deed!!

A440 said...

Lest we forget:


Nicole Kidman Has Been Spotted Visiting A Fertility Clinic

The Australian actress and her country music star husband Keith Urban have 18-month-old daughter Sunday Rose together, with Nicole also raising two children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

She has made no secret of her desire to expand her family further, and has now been seen at a centre in Santa Monica sparking speculation she is considering in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“Nicole, who's denied a second pregnancy, headed to the building that houses California Fertility Partners, ‘a Los Angeles based medical practice dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of fertility issues.’ ” website X17 reports.

I wonder if they resorted to IVF because of legit fertility problems or because she's now (ostensibly) gotten one pregnancy under her belt and would be damned if she'd undergo another.

She wanted another kid but not all the messiness, loss of time, pain, loss of figure, etc. that goes with birthing. And she certainly wouldn't change her work schedule for a pregnancy and a child. That's too much to ask for from such an in-demand actor.

Well, at least Keith got what he wanted: now he's constantly surrounded by women. None of whom can put together a coherent sentence, but probably that's not much of a concern.

OzRob said...

Well, well well, just in time for Oscar. she had to do something to get people off Natalies bump.. scroll down to the last post here on Nov 19 where he leaves a message in his new cd and it finishes off with a note that says it all.. they knew they were to have a girl and already chosen her name. These two annoy me, (me being an ozzie also living in the US) but they really did keep a good secret. Just so transparent why they announced it now.

kuhnjulie said...

This whole thing is strange to me. While I am happy for Sunday to have a sibling to try to get through her life with in this wacked out situation she was born with. I find the very odd familiar looks between Bella and Sunday when they are with Nicole are most disturbing. How sad for them to be put in this siuation. I do hold out hope for Keith that in what ever way he sees necessary, he is giving his child the love she does deserve. She does not seem scared out of her mind in the few pictures that have been taken with him. I can only think that is a total controled situation from him. Hopefully meaning that his relationship with her really means something to him. Nicole and Sunday on the other hand appear to be totally for pictures only. I'm sure no bathing together exists at all. From Sunday's appearance with her so called mom...horror is all that comes to mind. Children can not fake the look or feel of love. Also, Moms over 40 should not be held in contempt. Sometimes it is the luck of the draw on if you get a child. This comes from experience. It is not always a choice but just how things go. Naturally that is. Older Moms deserve to be a mom as much as anyone else. Sometimes it is just harder for some than others.

I just wish someone would kick who ever told him to start wearing straight legged pants. They really make him look shorter than he is.

I really hope only the best for their children for they are the most inoccent of this entire sharade and do not deserve any of this scrunity.

Teatime said...

You people need to get a life or at least get to know the people you attack better. Keith and Nicole are very devoted hands on parents to sunday and have expressed their desire for a siblin for her. Nicole has had trouble conceiving after her 2 miscarriages with Tom plus a tubal pregnancy. These two people are so very much in love we should all be thrilled for them at such an exciting time for them and Sunday Rose.

Choice said...

I just can't believe their timing. Actually I should believe it. Nothing changes with her:

A440 said...

Teatime, think logically and stop being gullible. How do we know Nicole has had miscarriages and a tubal pregnancy?

Why, she told us, of course.

And she's the only one who told us.

No one with real knowledge has ever confirmed her stories.
Not Tom, not her doctors, nobody.

I think she's had some challenges, but not nearly as severe as she makes them out to be.

With Sunday, she used Clomid and got pregnant easily and quickly.

So believe her sob stories of fertility heartbreak, but do that at the expense of being a naive fool.

She has lied in the past, demonstrably so. I for one no longer believe anything she says.

And, BTW, Teatime, go back and reread Keith's responses whenever he was asked about a second child. His answers were always lukewarm. He always gave the idea a verbal shrug.

Fading Fan said...

So apparently they are with the baby in LA, which means the little girl has already had to travel. A little soon to be traveling!!

maclen said...

A440 said...
Lest we forget:
Nicole Kidman Has Been Spotted Visiting A Fertility Clinic..."

Yeah, in retrospect it does make sense. And more interesting is the timing of course. Feb of last year...Nine had just been a total flop at the box office...Rabbit Hole finished filming 6 months previous and the Danish Girl was floundering with a ridiculously dismal record of talent ditching it. So, yes kidman's desperation was in full bloom. But again, she's already had a failure with her first PR baby...and really, this news blurb is rather lackluster...and will NOT help her chances of reviving her dead career.

maclen said...

...yes...and so it wit...

"Nicole Kidman has a new baby. Nicole Kidman however did not receive a BAFTA nomination. Well there’s a little blip in the Oscar campaign. The British Academy instead chose Noomi Rapace for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Fist pumps! They also decided that Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit deserved it more than Gran. You know… the Oscar nominations will be announced in exactly a week. So little Faith’s announcement really could not have come at a better time.'


A440 said...

Nicole Kidman’s agent let the cat out of the bag last night at the CAA party when he hugged Nicole and congratulated her on her expanding family. Our intrepid reporter friend Nelson Aspen related this news on his Australian morning show SUNRISE. He assumed Nicole was pregnant. TMZ must have heard about the news and checked it out with Nicole and Keith, who admitted they’d had a daughter by surrogate 3 weeks ago. (They are the biological parents) The Urbans had not planned to go public with the story so soon – and may have sold the scoop to a magazine. Leaks happen.

blue sky said...

Team Kidman really needs to start matching up their stories before they release them. In the article A440 posted, it says that her agent knew about the baby, but in the article below, it says her reps had no idea. You guys should really call a meeting and get your crap straightened out!

Nicole and Keith: Why We Chose USA for Our Baby
47 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban could have hired a surrogate in Australia -- and it probably would have been easier for them -- but they chose the US of A because they're just not as big here.

Sources directly connected with the birth of Faith tell TMZ ... Nicole and Keith were frank about their choice -- that in Australia they live in a fishbowl and they can't do anything on the down low.

The couple told people connected with the birth that the U.S. is so "entertainment oriented," they're just two of many celebs and aren't scrutinized the way they are in Australia ... making it a lot easier to have the baby without anyone noticing.

And it worked. Before TMZ broke the story, we called some of Nicole's reps, who were totally unaware she had hired a surrogate who had given birth.

blue sky said...

Keith and Nicole kept the news about their second daughter quiet, but went to the hospital to visit their baby and surrogate during their stay.

Sorry to post a comment back to back like this, but this struck a nerve with me. They said they went to the hospital to visit baby and surrogate.

Now this wasn't a normal delivery between mother and child. Once the baby is delivered with a surrogate, it isn't the surrogate's responsibility to care for and be with the child. It isn't her child after all. So who was with Faith when her parents weren't visiting her?

My children have been in the hospital a few times, and guess who STAYED with them during their entire hospital stay?

Are visits a part of bonding with a newborn?

Hatti said...

OK...I keep saying the same thing like a broken record. But please get off the Moosie girl had a miscarriage with TC, or anything to do with the pregnancy of Sunday. She cannot have children!!

If she could she would have had them with TC and tied him up good!!

KU cannot have a child due to his illness in Oz when he was a little tyke. If he could have children he would have women all over the place yelling Paternity suit.

Amanda said it best, they had loads of unprotected sex ((LOADS))!!

Yet she has since conceived and delivered a child!!!!

They are LIARS!! This has been plannned that is true but there is no DNA from them to either of these children!! They are LIARS!!

Remember the (all natural) Moosie girl, that does nothing to her face. She just uses sunscreen!! (((NOT)) Botox much??? Oh yes and now she admits it!!! What else has she lied about? Everything!!!!!!!!

Please if anyone is interested in the bridge I have for sale just give me a call!!!! ((giggles))

Moosie girl thinks we are all stupid, gullible, worshippers!!

Well maties, not me, I know the truth!! I have been telling the truth and now she has told everyone that wants to listen that she lied and I was telling the truth !!!!!!!!

A440 said...

Kidman is planning a six-month break to devote herself to her growing family and was quoted as saying: "I'm going to take a long break, a complete break away from work to concentrate totally on all things relating to the family."

A long break. A complete break.

For a hefty...six months.

That's pathetic. Just pathetic.

hoosierlady said...

Kidman sounds like the broken record. We've heard this break thing before, and before, and before. . .

I for one keep looking forward to it.

Hatti said...

Yes Moosie girl will be doing the HBO and she has another film she is working on. Danish Girl is suppose to be worked on this year as well. She said the same thing with Sunday.

Sorry I get a bit carried away but I was hoping KU would not consent to bringing another child into this charade. I should have known money is the only thing KU is loyal to!!

rememberwhen said...

What about the HBO movie and Broadway? Did they fire her already?

Choice said...

I read that too today about her taking a long break. Six months is the best she can do? Goes to show how badly she wants a family. No-one wants to offer her film roles, so why doesn't she just stay at home. Her desperate need for media attention is scary. I think she needs a few sessions with her father.

A440 said...

I feel bad for Keith. He sees himself as Mr. Organic. Mr. Natural, gritty and real. And here he's immersed in a world of hospital visits, doctor's appointments, fertility drugs, schedules for medical procedures, probably even schedules for sex. Just the knowledge that he can't get his Beautiful, Beautiful Princess pregnant naturally--it takes a team of scientists--must be galling. And not a little disappointing.

Probably not what he envisioned for himself, but it turned out to be the price he has to pay for being her husband.

Be careful what you wish for, Keith.

A440 said...

Oh, now, this is interesting!

"It is not known whether Kidman and Urban, both 43, paid the surrogate mother - but to do so in Sydney, Kidman's hometown, is to be made illegal under legislation passed last year in the New South Wales state parliament and soon to take effect.

"The Surrogacy Bill bans commercial surrogacy, either in Australia or by Australians who seek that service abroad.

"A spokeswoman for state Attorney General John Hatzistergos said the new law would not be applied retrospectively, meaning that Kidman and Urban would be in the clear."

So, if they ever do this again, they could end up in stir? Now, that's interesting...

hoosierlady said...

But she is a full fledged American citizen because she was born here. That's all you have to do, even if you have dual citizenship, she can do as she pleases here, right? What about him, is he a citizen, or does he operate on a green card? Both little nubbins are citizens of these United States because this is where they came screaming into the world. I don't mean to preach, I don't know who is from US and who is from Oz.

I am perplexed by the nubbin's name. Faith Margaret. What happened? It's kind of a let down after the Sunday Roast. Couldn't they come up with anything to go with it? Angel Flake, or Karit Kake or maybe even Braun Gravee. Oh well, better luck next time.

Hatti said...

If anyone has the Target pics take a look at her PA. Now doing some research a while back I found that her PA was pregnant the same time she was carrying her rubber belly. If you look at those pics (the shopping spree at Target) the PA was pregnant again about six months or so.

Smart don't you think? She has the Mommy right there to take care of the babies. I hope she is paid well. I hope it's more then KU gets since she is definitely doing more for her then the worshipper could ever do. ((giggles))

Hatti said...

blue sky, In my haste to voice my own heated opinion I did not give your post justice. So I am backing up here for a moment.

Yes what you say is absolutely true once that child was born the surrogate is done with her job and the mother is suppose to be there to take over. She is the one to do the bonding.

So now I will pose my answer to that. Moosie girl's PA was pregnant and she just had her baby. So I believe she is able to stay with the child and KUNK went to visit b/c the PA will always be with this child just like she was with Sunday. The PA was pregnant when Moosie girl was sporting her rubber belly. It seems to fit nicely. Kind of proves the point.

440, Yes I read about the surrogate not being able to service people. I got the impression if you are not a family member it could be illegal for you to provide services.

Doesn't it seem funny that they keep shooting themselves in the foot every chance they get. I know they will milk the PR till it is sour. But in this case I believe they are trying to keep people from looking at their own back door.

The Target pics show a very pregnant PA. And the airport pics of the three of them coming home from Oz shows a person that has the same features as Sunday.

That is where I am with this. KU has stooped to a new low in life. He has bowed down to his ambititon and avarice just to be #1 without working for it. He looks like what he is a quid sneader!!!

maclen said...

So, over at the E! "negative urban" thread, there seems to be a current discussion over the "timing" of the "scoop' revealing mutt and jeff's "surrogate" baby...or as they themselves SOOO "endearingly" call her...the "gestational carrier"...(ha! a carrier...they sort of make it sound like "typhoid mary" delivered for them)...or was it just another "timed leak?" Well, all you have to do is recall the first time this story was "scooped"...when the daily mail first reported kidman was expecting in Dec of '08...which was then originally denied by her mouthpiece...then a week later confirmed by her mouthpieces. It is a case, as I've pointed out endlessly, of inept team kidman in action. So the question now is, why would they leak it at this time? Some point out why would she wait til AFTER the globes were over? And a commenter over on the E! board, as I see it, correctly stated when they state that the point was to try and influence the Oscars. Kidman cares about the Oscar. As I stated when kidman lost to portman at the Critics Choice awards, she must be resigned to that looks like portman is the Oscar shoe in. So, basically kidman leaked the "carrier" story AFTER she lost AGAIN at the GG's...simply because she was afraid she would be so clearly foresaken for awards consideration. For in her feeble mind, this not only keeps her in the headlines...but also she believes it will also keep her in the race. It's all just that transparently simple.

Urban Myths said...

Hatti, how's this pic from October 1st? Good theory...

blue sky said...

Urban Myths has the best picture of them all of the surrogate right on the top of the page - the "Remind me again how to hold the baby?" picture!

Sure looks like the profile of a significant baby bump to me!

Fading Fan said...

123xyz said...

That woman (Kidman's assistant) isn't 6 months pregnant in those photos. Just look to the photo on this very site. It's a side view photo. She barely even looks bloated let alone 6 months pregnant. Sunday doesn't look anything like the assistant. This assistant has a life outside of Kidman, with people who know her. Don't you think people would question where her babies went after being pregnant twice and no babies to show for it? I guess Kidman's paying off all those people too?? Grasping much!!

Hatti said...

Yes I believe we found the child's mother. The PA was also pregnant when Sunday was Moosie girl's rubber belly.

I believe it is alot easier to have this arrangement. Leave it to Moosie girl to take advantage of a good thing.

blue sky said...

This assistant has a life outside of Kidman, with people who know her. Don't you think people would question where her babies went after being pregnant twice and no babies to show for it?

Um, this would be the case with ANY surrogate mother. Let's say this isn't the surrogate - do you think the Kidman surrogate has absolutely no family or friends? Do you think she went into hiding the moment the embryo was implanted in her? If the Kidman surrogate had to go into complete hiding from their friends and family, gee, what a huge and unnecessary sacrifice they made in their life for the sake of the Kidmans, and shame on the Kidmans for expecting someone to do that for them. Who do they think they are? The surrogate is expected to give up the baby once it is born. I've seen married surrogates with kids. Your comments make no sense at all when it comes to a surrogate.

blue sky said...

If this gal is too small to be six months pregnant, then what happened to Kidman at 8 months? Picture taken on June 11th.

I rest my case!

blue sky said...

Kidman at 7 months:

rememberwhen said...

My friend was watching E News last night and they had the Kidman's on. They were talking about all the surprise births this past year. She said during the segment they even said some stars fake a pregnancy to keep the surrogate a secret. Now where have we seen that? LOL. You really screwed up Baldy. Now everyone knows you never had Sunday. You used a surrogate for her too.

hoosierlady said...

"Sunday doesn't look anything like the assistant."

Gestational Surrogacy
definition-of-surrogacy-01 ; gestational surrogate mother and daughter A gestational surrogate mother is not the biological mother of the baby conceived.

The child is either the biological child of the intended mother, or of an egg donor and the intended father (or one of the intended fathers).

A gestational carrier will go through IVF, In-Vitro Fertilization, to become pregnant. This is where the intended mother's eggs, and the intended father’s sperm, are mixed in a laboratory to create viable embryos.

Then, one or more of these embryos are implanted into the surrogate's womb in order to become pregnant.

I have posted this as a FYI- if the cradle screamer was conceived using their donations,as they have reported, (but we know about the track history of the honesty of their accounts) and carried by the third person. Other than the coincidental like features of the "gestational carrier" (that is so creepy, you could gestationally carry typhoid, herpes, smallpox, rabies, anything that lives in you before it manifests outward symptoms), there is no genetic link between the surrogate and the crib crawler.

The kid and the surrogate will not show any matching DNA,. None. All the surragote is is the oven. That's it, the rest if this story is true, is all KUNK all the time. So if the PA is the surrogate or if the surrogate is the checker at the Whole Foods in Nashville it does not make a difference.

I could be pregnant for someone else, but I just do not know when the time came if I could hand that baby over. Even if I told myself and knew it was not mine, I have had two sons, and I do not think I could. Money is just not that important. Let the bill collectors call, I'll file bankrupcy, I couldn't do it.

Do you think you could?

Or, even more twisted, would you do it for Keithy? I just shuddered.

Anonymous said...

hoosierlady, this is how it was explained in the Elton John case. There was one mother who donated the eggs. There was a second mother who was the surrogate and carried the child to term. Elton John is listed on the birth certificate as the "father". In that case, it is assumed that he was the sperm donor, although no one will ever know that for certain. Elton's partner, David Furnish is listed on the birth certificate as the child's "mother".

What I found most interesting with KUNK is that they made a point of saying that they were the biological parents. That shouldn't make a difference if you want a child for the right reasons.

hoosierlady said...

Yes, Elton wasn't equipped with ovum. But NK is. So, as I said, the story goes it's her egg, so there wouldn't be any DNA connection with anyone other than bubble butt unless he had to have a doner, in which case the bassinette bawler would have a DNA connection with another man, but still not with the "gestational carrier", (it still creeps me out).

As you know, the placenta provides food, blood, oxygen, DNA is genetic material, never the twain shall meet.

Hatti said...

Well since the PA's pregnancy is in question here then just let me add this. The child may not have been born yet when Moosie girl had her hissy fit and tried to upstage NP. Maybe the child is not due for another month. Does that really matter to Moosie girl?

Look at how much larger Sunday is then other children her age. Is she really going on three or is she really three now?

We will never know. But don't put it past Moosie girl to use what ever she has to till what she said can be shown.

She used a doll inplace of Sunday for quite a few week till the baby was born. Would anyone have known? No... no one did know.

We will never see a BC and Moosie girl knows that.

It works out just right for Moosie girl. The children's mother as their nanny /PA boy she never has to worry about hiring nannys when the hours are to long and they want a day off. Mommys never look for days off do we. Pretty smart, although the PA looks about as happy as Sunday does most of the time. Unless the little girl zeros in on her real Mommy!! ;)

123xyz said...

OK folks. # 1. I never said Sunday looked like the assistant, Hattie did. I just stated that she doesn't look like the assistant. I get the surrogate/ gestational carrier thing. Really I don't need it explained to me.
#2. If someone is going to be a surrogate they would normally tell their friends/family they were going to be a surrogate but if the assistant was carrying KUNK's baby I would think her friends and family would put 2 and 2 together and think to themselves "Hey my friend is pregnant, she's going to be a surrogate, isn't that a coincidence that she just had a baby and now her boss has a baby from a surrogate". Hmmn???
#3 I never said Kidman looked pregnant when she alledgedly was.

Hatti said...

Yes, I did say that Sunday looks like the asst. And yes, I do believe she is this child's mother as well. More so now then ever.

Tell me you believe they would for one moment spend $150,000 on something they could do for themselves without spending a dime.

Also tell me why this article in Hollywood Life? Why bring all that out if it isn't again to try to ram it down our throats. Of course it is Ruppie's rag. They put this article out for OZ b/c people are really disgusted with them over there.

Yes maties, I will stick to my premise, the asst. is the mother. Also she may very well be involved with Moosie girl personally. When they are together it looks more like a husband and wife scenario then when Ku and Moosie are together that's for sure.((giggles))