Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sunday in the Life of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Let's let pictures tell our story, shall we?

First, we have Sunday at Gymboree with the Nanny (the supposed, doesn't really exist, nanny... "we don't have one")... the Nanny who likes a bit like Mum at the alpaca farm...

Then we have NK going to lunch with her friend... aka assistant...

And finally, a pic of the oh so happy loved up couple leaving Starbucks.

Pictures tell a thousand words, no?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good PR? Or Bad? Kidman reveals a bit too much...

Nicole Kidman Marches For Babies

Entertainment Tonight
Published: April 20, 2009

Nicole Kidman showed up to March for Babies with fellow Nashville residents. While there, the actress talked about her own baby, Sunday, and how her family spent their Easter holiday in Australia.

Nicole said she returned to her and her husband Keith Urban's homeland so their daughter Sunday could meet Keith's father for the first time. Nicole said her baby and husband were now home in Nashville recovering from the trip, while she attended the event.

March for Babies raises money for babies who need help to survive and thrive, a cause that Nicole says is very important to her.

Video to the ET story:

Another video with the always eloquent Kidman... what does working timelessly mean? She can't speak without a script, can she?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Pap or Not to Pap

Even though the Urbans have said the Aussie paps are the worst in the world, they happily posed for a kiss, upon request, at the Sydney airport on their way back to the States.

Then upon landing at LAX, suddenly the paps were the 'frenemy'. What a difference 15 hours or so makes, eh?


NK: OK…the paps will be at the airport and we want them to get our pictures smiling and happy. Is that clear?

Keith: God I hate this. Did you call them?

NK: Of course I called. We must make sure everyone knows how completely and utterly happy we are. We should kiss, and show them we are in love.

Keith: OK…look happy and kiss. How about Sunday?

NK: Well, of course they’ll get a good picture of the child. Right now, she’s all I have, at least until Woody starts filming.

Keith: I bet the paps will be thick in LAX.

NK: I hate commercial travel. Someone actually looked directly at me on the flight over. Can you imagine? I had the attendant ask them to stop.

Keith: Baby, just ignore it. People are surprised to see us, that’s all.

NK: I won’t have it. One woman even spoke to me when I came out of the bathroom. I just looked in the opposite direction.

Keith: She was just being polite.

NK: It irritates me. I don’t want to be bothered. And if Monday isn’t quiet…if she screams half the flight, I think I’ll blow.

Keith: It’s Sunday. I think her ears bother her when we fly…maybe we should give her a bottle when the plane is descending?

NK: I don’t care … Cassidy will have her and better keep her quiet. I can’t bear listening to her screaming. It drives me nuts. I’ll take her back when we land, so they show me carrying her in the pictures.

Keith: Well, do we kiss for the paps in LA too?

NK: Are you kidding? You’re my protector and I’m way too tired and shy to pose for them. No…we are not cooperative with the paps in LAX and no picture of Wednesday, either.

Keith: So…in LA, I protect you and we don’t pose or kiss for any pics, right?

NK: You’re starting to catch on. Now give me the kid and let’s get this over with.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The 'Defying Age, Reality & Proper Sewage Release Tour 2009'

We at Urban Myths always like to fill our readers in on the scoop. It was really no surprise that we learned that Keith Urban has spent major coin to have his tour bus refitted to accommodate Nicole and Sunday Rose for the tour. Apparently Nicole can't stand to be without him or control him for three days a week so she will be on the tour. Sunday’s presence will be of what myths are made. For we know no one will see her unless, of course, they need to use her for a photo op and then, poof, we will get her image plastered everywhere.

Nicole again contradicted herself about using Sunday when she grabbed Keith's I-phone and sloppily waved pictures of the child, and then her and the child, around for whoever could see. Some have questioned if Nicole was under the influence of something other than water. Who knows, but her imitation of Keith's fans and her high jinx after the awards left us all wondering. Does Keith really need that headache on a tour that could very well be his last?

Get ready for more baby rumors after the George Strait tribute. She stuck out her gut which makes us wonder if the Urbans have purchased another child for popular consumption. Nicole certainly needs to be doing something creative.

Oh, one more thing… Keith you really need to quit dressing like you work on Wall Street. Those guys aren't that popular right now, but then, neither are you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Keith Urban Drinking Game

Here at Urban Myths we are known to indulge in a favorite beverage or two.. why not combine two of our favorite things…

Announcing: The Keith Urban Drinking Game

That's right! Celebrate Keith Urban and his waxing poetically about his life and new CD by tipping a few back.

Here is how it works....

Take any interview that Keith has done for the new CD and look for the following phrases. If those phrases are in the article follow the instructions.

Joyful / Joyous - take a sip.

Harmony - another sip

Balanced - down the glass

It seems that there is theme that KU/NK would like you to remember- we think it’s better to drink and forget.

Happy April Fool’s Day from Urban Myths!