Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Pap or Not to Pap

Even though the Urbans have said the Aussie paps are the worst in the world, they happily posed for a kiss, upon request, at the Sydney airport on their way back to the States.

Then upon landing at LAX, suddenly the paps were the 'frenemy'. What a difference 15 hours or so makes, eh?


NK: OK…the paps will be at the airport and we want them to get our pictures smiling and happy. Is that clear?

Keith: God I hate this. Did you call them?

NK: Of course I called. We must make sure everyone knows how completely and utterly happy we are. We should kiss, and show them we are in love.

Keith: OK…look happy and kiss. How about Sunday?

NK: Well, of course they’ll get a good picture of the child. Right now, she’s all I have, at least until Woody starts filming.

Keith: I bet the paps will be thick in LAX.

NK: I hate commercial travel. Someone actually looked directly at me on the flight over. Can you imagine? I had the attendant ask them to stop.

Keith: Baby, just ignore it. People are surprised to see us, that’s all.

NK: I won’t have it. One woman even spoke to me when I came out of the bathroom. I just looked in the opposite direction.

Keith: She was just being polite.

NK: It irritates me. I don’t want to be bothered. And if Monday isn’t quiet…if she screams half the flight, I think I’ll blow.

Keith: It’s Sunday. I think her ears bother her when we fly…maybe we should give her a bottle when the plane is descending?

NK: I don’t care … Cassidy will have her and better keep her quiet. I can’t bear listening to her screaming. It drives me nuts. I’ll take her back when we land, so they show me carrying her in the pictures.

Keith: Well, do we kiss for the paps in LA too?

NK: Are you kidding? You’re my protector and I’m way too tired and shy to pose for them. No…we are not cooperative with the paps in LAX and no picture of Wednesday, either.

Keith: So…in LA, I protect you and we don’t pose or kiss for any pics, right?

NK: You’re starting to catch on. Now give me the kid and let’s get this over with.


maclen said...

Well, it's pretty clear...and obvious what's a new, "kiss up to Oz campaign"...for as you may recall, the last time kdiman was in Oz it was this past Nov for the opening of the failed Australia...and as you'll also recall that well discussed interview where kidman, not only professed to not being able to watch any of her dismal films...except conviently, of course the bazz's Moulin Rogue and for pure PR reasons of course the bazz's Australia...she also said she was simply going to hightail it out of Oz...ASA-frakin'-P. For even by then the reviews her barely of course, now she rolls into Oz for a little holiday vacation...all hugs and kisses and smiles and baby displaying for the dreaded aussie paps...and then she rolls into LAX...all tense and paranoid and now bodyguard playing orb giving the paps his "sucky face"... once again concerned about those harsh paps flashes that will scare their baby. As I just hypothesized over at choice's NK journey...their must be "movie troubles" in lalaland kidman is stressing over...perhaps woody coming to his senses over the failed and mediocre kidman...perhaps other actors want to bail on woody, and kidman wants to plead to stay in the film...(Ha! woody probably wants to replace kidman with current fav scarlet johanson!)...or her empty "rabbit hole" production is in trouble of falling apart...nothing comes easy when your a finacial failure and public appearences are never very pleasant when you cant help but speak out of both sides of your "disengenous" behinds...

Choice said...

I heard NEED is still on the cards, but not sure Naomi wants to appear in two Gran films in one year.

Thes LA airport shots do prove one thing again maclen. The cap never gets a day off. Poor sweaty cap.

rememberwhen said...

I find it very odd that Sunday had no reaction to her parents kissing. Most time when parents are holding their children they try to touch them. She isn't even looking at them. I don't think Keith or Nicole spend any time with this child unless it is for pictures. I go back to that little article with Dominic Dun. The nanny brought out Sunday to Nicole.

Imahick said...

I find that odd too. At her age, she should be reaching out for dad or at least looking at him with some interest. I have never seen any evidence that Keith interacts with her. I think NK looks more comfortable with her now than she used to. But I still don't think NK is hands on 24 / 7, either.

hoosierlady said...

Remember when said: I go back to that little article with Dominic Dun. The nanny brought out Sunday to Nicole.

What article? I missed it.

hoosierlady said...

how many does this make she's working on now?

Imahick said...

Well, I think it's 3 or 4 ... but then, she is a very devoted mother and wife, as well as alpaca owner.

hoosierlady said...

Yes, and let's hope those Alpacas eat Zuchinnis

Urban Myths said...

It's in this article, hoosier...

Choice said...

Im sure that baby will grow up with problems if she has two parents both more interested in their careers. Unfortunately she won't have her grandparents close by to keep her grounded. The goats might help.

Did anyone else see the supposed interview with Nic which is really a rehash of things she said ages ago? The Daily Mail even used those revolting 2008 hug photos.

hoosierlady said...

Brad Paisley and his lovely, talented and successful wife, Kimberly had their second child this week.

Need I say more?

She's simply so predictable.

Choice said...

You gotta hand it to Nic. No down time, just keep on appearing wherever you can. A heart like a wheel, and she's gotta roll:

inittowinit said...

These pictures just look so rehearsed, unnatural, and unhappy.

I rarely ever venture to the E! board - just don't have time to muddle through it. However, today I took a gander at the "positive thread". There is a B&W pic - beautiful pic of Keith. Someone commented about how she didn't see an ounce of misery in his face. LOL Neither did I - would have loved to point out it's b/c the skank wasn't nearby.

Imahick said...

I honestly only see true sincere looking joy on his face when he is performing or at a musical function. If he smiles in the presence of NK, it looks staged and strained.