Monday, July 30, 2007

Is Keith Urban Back on Track?

It appears that Mr. Urban is concentrating on his career again, thanks be to God. Reports are coming in from long time fans that they are finding that special connection with him again. He’s not phoning in the shows. He’s reaching out to the fans, making the shows special, making them remember why they are fans. Even those that have been critical of his actions over the last two years are saying he should be in the running for Entertainer of the Year. The complaints are unimportant in the overall scheme, i.e., one song is in the wrong place in the show; he’s not changing up the set list as promised; etc. The chitchat about “the wife” has been reduced to just dedicating a song to her. The less said about her, the better - actually nothing at all said about her would be ideal, but apparently he thinks she “saved” him. Now if his interviews would be just about the music and the shows, we’d be fine. But, as long as he is married to the Queen of Oz, she will have to be mentioned.

The newspaper reviews have been excellent. There was even one recently that didn’t mention his wife! Imagine that! It was all about the music! One reviewer said his show would have been perfect if he had played more of his older songs. I guess the skeptics aren’t alone in not being crazy about Love Pain. If the record is “a reflection of his marriage”, ‘nuff said.

There are rumors that they are filming a new DVD at some of the recent and upcoming shows; there are rumors that he’s producing a Greatest Hits CD; there are rumors he’s making a new record; there are rumors he’s extending the tour.

These are good rumors, Mr. Urban. These are the rumors that give us hope that you haven’t abandoned your career that was skyrocketing before you met the Washed Up & Washed Out one. Our hope for you is that you can get back to being one of Nashville’s brightest and best. Our hope for you is that Nashville accepts you back. Unfortunately, your credibility with your fans has taken a big hit with your diva behavior of late. That credibility, sadly, will never be reclaimed. Certainly, all relationships have their ups and downs. Hopefully your relationship with your fans is on the way up, and past transgressions will fade. The hurt will always be there, but we’ll be proud of you, nonetheless.

Oh, and Keith... make sure you say “Hi” to your Mum for us. We miss her. You do remember her, right? She used to be “your biggest fan”.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Ms. Kidman... You Made a Bad Choice...

Well, I guess she may spend oodles of money on the best clothes, get warm and fuzzy with the press, have the top of the line plastic surgery and buy the best husband, and where does that get Nicole? Nowhere. You see, Nicole honey, you are nothing more than an aging, sad, pathetic woman, afraid of aging, starring in one flop after another, and controlling your husband’s every move.

I thought at first, two years ago this week in fact, that she knew what she was doing. While her one true love was jumping on couches over a woman many years his junior, Nicole was out making movies and embarking on a public PR affair with someone many women wanted. Now, after her first contracted marriage ended, many felt sorry for her. Well, he just left her.

Because he was afraid of losing his wealth to her? He grew tired of her? All he said was "Nic knows." She won an Oscar for her divorce. She was on the fast track. But her PR wasn't that terrific. Yes, she had the occasional boyfriend and she made more movies, but neither of those outlets led to her being put in the superstar league she was in when she was half of a Hollywood power couple.

It seemed by 2005, Nicole Kidman was still considered a great beauty but as an actress it wasn't adding up. She had the occasional hit, The Others, but for that one hit there were seven flops. She wasn't a first choice by many directors. The world had gone more so in favor of celebrity. It didn't matter what you did it was who you are, and all Nicole was by 2005 was a former Oscar winner and ex-wife of one of the most powerful players in Hollywood. But she pressed on. I think she realized that as she was growing older. Her work became all that she had and her work was inadequate. She needed to be shown as “above” the regular actor fray. She wanted respect and she wanted to be sexy. Throw her true love’s new hot romance at her and she knew she had to do something.

Enter Keith Urban. Talented, sexy, desirable. Well she worked her magic. She got him. Damn the torpedo's full speed ahead....

The problem, dear Nicole, was that you didn't figure out that Hollywood doesn't really want you. You aren't the hot sure thing. Your husband is quite ill. He had demons not well known until you got involved with him but they were there. You are aging. Aging and Hollywood don't go together when you try to push yourself into being a sexy siren.

Moulin Rouge was almost ten years ago when you were thirty. You can't really play a mother. No one ever sees you with your own children. So what are you left with? Well! Australia still loved her. So get the director who made her the most famous to make an epic about the homeland (we are supposed to forget she is actually an American) and have her star in it. Make deals with a hot internet photo site and a paparazzo that have the goods on her.

Then what about the husband? Well, there were rumors. He was a loose cannon and she had to get this controlled. She won him by promising him fame in the homeland by sitting at an awards show and getting world wide press by holding his hand.

She showed him he didn't have to record or tour or sing at a benefit. He was famous for being her date and that appealed to him. He married her and kept another life, but his demons were too much - it would ruin his life but, more importantly, it would ruin her plan to be famous for being part of this couple. That she and Keith were in love and the second time around for her would lead to more fame and establish them as a very powerful Australian commodity. When things got bad for him while she was out of the country, she had no choice. She swooped in, got him to a place that was famous and away from Nashville.

She then became the victim wife. She visited him, wow, at least three times in three months. She made more potential flops. And while her own true love was getting married in Italy to his child bride with her children watching she was sitting in a West LA movie theater watching Babel for the sixth time.

Keith was released from rehab in January, 2007. He said he couldn't wait to get out on the road to play again. He started doing a mini PR tour, not before he made his first appearance at a party with Nicole. He spent Valentine’s Day talking about his career. There appeared to be problems. He didn't really want to talk about her. He wanted to go to Australia and sing. Nicole was feeling what many were saying behind her back, that this relationship was nothing more than a PR stunt. Well, even in the midst of what appeared to be problems at the Oscars, she whisked him off for an 18 hour trip to St Bart's. The PR machine started again.

While he never talked about her that much before, now he can't shut up. She saved him. She was the one who got him the help he needed. His marriage was the best thing that ever happened. He looked so sincere about that. He really appears to love her, if you close your eyes and squint. She basks in this adulation. They will show Australia how a couple in love acts. They support each other. She goes to his shows over there and he is on her set. She "suggested" he get a tattoo of her name and damn if he didn't. Why, there is nothing wrong with her marriage!

Or is there? There is no photo evidence that he was even over there for her birthday and their anniversary. Private mansions and fireworks, yet not one picture. Of course, Nicole, you were reading what was being said because low and behold, Keith was there two weeks later, riding horses, going to birthday parties, and eating hot dogs. It made People so we know the love is real but a photo that many of you may not have seen from the evening of the birthday party reveals much more. It shows Keith and Nicky walking apart - he looking very pissed and she with a pout on her injected lips. A picture beats a thousand words doesn't it, Nic?

So, now her marriage is so secure and her career is in overdrive. Five movies in the next year alone! All Nic has to do is worry about her looks. She isn't the vivacious, lovely redhead from twenty years ago. She is botoxed, surgically altered - eyes, cheeks, bust, chin and lips. Her thinning gray hair is wigged in public and she keeps herself Karen Carpenter thin.

So, has it all been worth it? Well, Nic, I am sorry to say you are a joke. Your looks, marriage and career are all in question. You come across as a vapid airhead who seems to have gone to the same interview coach that the late Anna Nicole did. You keep putting out the same stupid movies that no one likes and your husband is spewing nonsense about you rather than talking about his real love – the music. Nothing that you have done has made you more special or more popular. It just makes you more visible and more and more are getting in on the joke... and that beautiful, beautiful princess… is you.....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keith, Nicole, Antonia & Hugh go to a Footy Match in Sydney

All four arrive in the stands at the soccer match, ready for an enjoyable afternoon.

Hugh: Hey Keith, I think you and I are on opposite sides. Are you a Swanny man?

Keith: (Laughing) Well, mate, I’m more a Carlton man, myself. But I think we can manage to sit near each other without coming to blows.

NK: Well, I’m the ambassador to this team, so if you think you’re cheering for Carlton, you are wrong, Keith.

Keith: Baby, it’s just a game…I’ve loved Carlton since I was a kid.

NK: Well, too bad. Anyway, can you get me a drink? I’d like a nice fruity drink…a daiquiri, perhaps.

Keith: Don’t think they have anything like that here, and to be honest, I’d prefer to stay clear from alcohol.

NK: You’re the alcoholic…not me. If you can’t get a daiquiri, get me a rum and diet coke, then. See, I can be just like the common people.

Keith: (takes deep breath) OK baby…I’ll be right back.

NK: Wait…is that person over there looking at me? Are they looking directly at me? I can’t believe this. Go and tell them not to look at me…and certainly tell them not to speak directly to me.

Keith: Nic, they’re just curious, because they’ve recognized you and they are admirers. Just relax, they’re just surprised to see us together at this event.

NK: Surely you don’t think they’re looking at you. It’s me they’re looking at…for God’s sake, that’s laughable.

Keith: Yes, baby. (Keith starts down toward the concession stands and is approached by the people for an autograph; after getting her drink and a hot dog for himself, he returns)

NK: Did those people actually talk to you?

Keith: Yeah, they were very nice. They were at my show here in Sydney.

NK: And you gave them an autograph? How many times have I told you not to be so obliging? I supposed they wanted one from me.

Keith: Well, to be honest, they didn’t ask for one from you. They just asked for mine.

NK: What? You have to be kidding. They didn’t want MY autograph?

Keith: I didn’t say that baby, they just didn’t ask for it. Maybe they’ll come over and ask you personally.

NK: Well, I would think not…surely they know better than to approach me directly…surely they know not to look at me directly. Can’t you get them to announce that over the PA system…surely they would do that, so that people stop looking at me and no one attempts to speak with me.

Keith: Nic…to be honest, I don’t think anyone is going to approach you. Everyone is pretty into the game here. Just relax and enjoy.

NK: Well, if you won’t support me, fine. (pouting)

Keith: Please baby, you know how much I admire you and appreciate all you’ve done for me. (handing her the drink)

NK: I’d be hard pressed to know that. You are never here for me…off touring and putting your career before me. It’s killing me. I didn’t even get flowers for the first day in Darwin.

Keith: Nic, I sent flowers, but they didn’t get there til the second day on set. I tried really hard to get them there for the first day…but I think the new necklace made it, didn’t it?

NK: Yes…I got the necklace. God, I think Hugh got his wife something similar for her birthday last year. It was absolutely embarrassing. (sipping her drink) Eating again, I see. Do you have a bottomless pit for a stomach?

Keith: It’s a hot dog, baby. I haven’t eaten since breakfast. (Just as Keith is talking, one of the players gets hit hard and is down on the ground, bleeding profusely from a face wound. A doctor is dispatched to the field)

NK: I am quite cold (wraps her woolen scarf tighter around her neck)…do you think my face is moving? I think my botox is wearing off. What do you think? Do you think it’s wearing off? (she has a hideous grin frozen on her face)

Keith: Looks pretty immobile to me, sweetheart. It’s fine (refocusing on the activities on the field)

NK: No…I can feel it move. Call the doctor immediately. He can come up here and give me a treatment…He’s here, I saw him as we were coming in, so I know he’s in the building.

Keith: The game's just gotten going, baby and one of the players is hurt. Maybe we can wait til after the game.

NK: I said call my doctor. This is an emergency situation…people are LOOKING at me.

Keith: (Dials his cell phone) Hello, doctor. Yes, this is Keith Urban and my wife, is in urgent need of a botox treatment…her face is slightly mobile. I saw her eye brows actually move once….(*pause) .. Oh, I see. Of course. OK, we’ll call you back in a couple of hours. Yes, I understand. Good luck with that.

NK: A couple of hours…what the f*ck is up with that? I’m in a crisis here.

Keith: He’s down there treating the player, who has a possible spinal injury, a head injury and a severe laceration to his face. He is pretty badly hurt, baby.

NK: What the f*ck are you talking about? This is MY emergency. Get him on the phone and tell him to get his ass up here. My face has moved, for God’s sake. People are looking at me and my face is starting to slip here.

Keith: OK... OK… But baby, you look fine…so don’t get all in a state. No one is really looking anyway. (He dials his phone again)

NK: What are you saying…that no one is looking at me? I am a major motion picture actress… of course people are looking at me. Aren’t they looking at me?? I think they are. Aren’t they taking pictures of me? I think that there are lots of pictures being taken. I told Wendy to get some people here to take pictures of me…I told Wendy to have them here. I’m sure that they’re taking pictures…lots of pictures.

Keith: Hello, Doctor. It’s Keith Urban again…yes, I know. Yes…but…yes….yes, I know you are attending an emergency, but Nicole…yes….yes….OK…sorry, right. I’m very sorry.

NK: What are you doing?

Keith: Baby, I’m hanging up. The guy is with that player who is paralyzed from a broken back and needs his help. It’s serious.

NK: My FACE is moving…MY Face is moving, for God’s sake. Get him up here…Lord…I am not impressed.

Keith: Sorry baby…it’s bigger than me. I just couldn’t convince him that you were a higher priority. But here, have a bite of my dog.

NK: Surely you are joking. I have never had a weiner in my mouth yet and it will NEVER happen, even if it’s yours.

Keith: Ok…that’s what I figured, but I thought it was worth a shot. Let’s just watch the game, baby. Shall I get you another drink?

NK: Yes, make it a double and make it snappy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Keith & Nicole Attend Birthday Party for Antonia Kidman

Keith & Nicole attend a party at a swanky Bondi Beach Italian Restaurant, in honor of Nicole’s younger sister, Antonia’s birthday. It is hosted by Nicole and attended by 30-35 of Antonia’s closest friends and family. True to form, it’s all about Nicole.

NK: Get the camera out and take some pictures, Keith. We need pictures of the party.

Keith: Yes, baby. What pictures do you want?

NK: For God’s sake, do I have to tell you how to do everything? Just take some pictures and of course, I should be in them…and pour me some wine. I’m parched.

Keith: To be honest baby, the smell of the wine is overwhelming. I’d rather not pour any…I’m afraid I might pour myself a glass. I’m really working on my sobriety.

NK: Have you no will power…God, you’re pathetic. Didn’t I say I am parched?

Cousin of NK’s: (walks over to NK and takes her hand) Nicole…so good to see you. How are your kids?

NK: (withdrawing her hand) Oh … the kids .…well, uhmmm… I’m sure Ivanka and Conrad are fine. I mean, they’re fine. They’re …uhmmm…with their father right now.

Cousin: Really. I thought I heard that Tom is in Germany shooting a film and only Katie and Suri are with him? I thought for sure they’d be here with you. I was looking forward to seeing them again, it’s been years.

NK: Oh…right. Well, uhmmm… Becky and Collin were going to come down, but I was going to be filming in the outback and you know how they would hate that…and so, they decided to delay coming over til I was in Sydney. Yeah…that’s it. Illeana and Calamari are going to come down and visit when I’m back here in Sydney, after the shoot in the outback. I am so looking forward to that, too.

Keith: (whispering) Nic, it’s Bella and Connor…your kids are Bella and Connor.

NK: (hissing) Don’t correct me ever again. I KNOW who my kids are, for God’s sake ... Brittany and Calum ARE my children, you know…where’s my wine?

Keith: Here you are, love. It’s a great wine…

NK: Yes, it’s the same wine that Tom and I used to drink barrels of…God it was great … sitting together in the evening, cuddling in front of a fire and drinking a bottle of good wine, with some cheese and then, well, then, …. You know.

Keith: It sounds like you are really missing those days, Nic. I’m sorry I can’t share your love of wine with you…but maybe we can cuddle in front of the fire and enjoy some hot chocolate or a really great cappuccino?

NK: Get a grip…cuddle in front of the fire with a cup of coffee? Not likely. I don’t intend to start that sort of thing with you, anyway. Did you get the camera working?

Keith: Yes, baby.

NK: Keep up with me, then, it’s time for the speeches. Hummmph…(NK standing & clearing her throat to get the attention of everyone in the room) Tonight, I’ve taken a break from my hectic schedule filming the epic movie, Australia, with Hugh Jackman, who is so adorable and manly…and I’m sure this movie will be a massive hit…it’s directed by Baz Lurhmann you know…Anyway, I saved my husband last fall by getting him treatment for his alcoholism and drug addiction … and then, I saved Hugh from a poisonous scorpion just a few days ago…so now I want to save my sister from a boring birthday dinner with her kids. Imagine, she was going to spend her 37th birthday with her kids. I had to intervene and make sure she had a proper birthday party. Her children are at home with a sitter, where they should be…having something atrocious like hot dogs or pizza with soda pop and I’ve arranged for us to have this exclusive restaurant all to ourselves. And it’s on me…so make sure you enjoy yourselves and so that you know that I, Nicole Kidman, have honored my lovely sister on her birthday.

Anyway, Antonia…it’s been a rough time for you, and if it wasn’t for me, you’d be lonely tonight, spending it with your kids. Instead, I’ve saved you from that. I’ve come to your rescue a few times already, getting you out on my yacht, taking you out for dinner a few times, and tomorrow we’re going to a footy game. It’s because I’m your sister and in spite of being a major motion picture star, I am here for you, my darling.

Antonia: Thanks, Nic. I really appreciate your sup…

NK: Right…glad it’s working for you, Antonia. I am really really looking forward to going to the outback in a couple of weeks, but this week, Hugh and I are shooting the love scenes right here in Sydney. God, he’s hot. I can’t wait to get into his pants. Oh...sorry, I got a bit off track…Anyway, here’s to my sister…a toast to my dear sister, for whom I worked hard to organize this event and now I’ve given up an evening off to attend. But I know you appreciate it, Antonia.

(Antonia nods and smiles; NK drinks some wine, as do all the guests. Keith raises his water glass)

NK: I’ll apologize for my husband right up front. He’s an alcoholic and so, he can’t toast Antonia with wine…he’s using water. But I’m sure his intentions are as admirable as everyone here. Right, Keith? Just because you can’t drink wine, you are still wishing my sister well?

Keith (blushing): Absolutely. Antonia…I wish you nothing but the best in…

NK: Yes, yes, we know…Antonia…I hope you are enjoying yourself tonight. I’ve booked this restaurant for the whole night…for our exclusive use. Of course, my personal assistant actually made all the arrangements, but I had to tell her what to buy for you for a gift and I had to choose this restaurant, so it was a lot of stress and pressure. And of course, it’s my money that’s paying for it. Happy Birthday, Antonia.

Antonia: Thank you, Nic. It’s lovely. I think I’m finally ready to go out on the town. My divorce is going to be final any day now…so I’ll be a single Kidman again. Have baby sitter, will party!

NK: Whooohooo… Yeah…the Kidman girls will be on the prowl again. Look out Sydney.

Keith: Nic, we ARE married, baby. I mean, I’m trying really hard to keep this relationship together…traveling back and forth from my tour every couple of weeks, spending as much time on set with you as I can.

NK: Yes, Keith…I know. That’s exactly what I told you would have to happen. And if you continue, I may just take you with us one night. That will be something you can look forward to.

Keith: Wow…Fantastic, baby. You are too good to me…my savior. That gives me a reason to go on. You are my beautiful, beautiful princess!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

October is the month to watch for Keith Urban fans...

Well, music fans something really, really important must be happening three months from now. Something so important that Keith Urban has cancelled his UK tour dates scheduled for October. Oh, and remember the Manchester, England show that was cancelled back in April due to his throat infection? Yeah, that one. It is cancelled again, too.

What, you ask, could be that important? Good question!

Keith’s management company released a statement:
“Due to touring, media and recording obligations which limit the time he is able to spend in the UK this year, the forthcoming…have been cancelled.”

Then there was a European press release that cited:
“…international commitments have now led to a change in tour plans…shows have been postponed.”

Hmmm, that really could mean anything, but certainly we will be given more details that will explain the media, recording obligations and international commitments that Keith now has, causing this sudden change, right?

And then we heard:
“The whole tour has been cancelled because the recording of his new album, due out next year, is behind schedule.”

New album? Wait, isn’t LPWCT about 9 months old? Is there a problem with it? We all thought Keith was on the every two year cycle for new albums.

The speculations were prolific:
“…less than expected ticket sales in the UK, Europe has only ever been a little bit country, gig costs exceed profits…”

Do you think that the side project Keith has to write the theme song for Australia, the epic starring his beautiful, beautiful princess has anything to do with this? Just sayin’…but I digress…

Keith, just in case you haven’t heard yet, your UK fans are crying “FRAUD!”

There are a lot of fans that saw you in April and were really happy they did. Many flew to the venues, many stayed in hotels due to the travel required. However they got there, not one batted an eye about spending the money. So when the announcement was made that Keith was returning in October, many went ahead and bought the tickets, made the flight arrangements and booked the hotels.

Not surprisingly, these same fans received impersonal notices from Ticketmaster announcing the cancellation of those shows. Then the confusing press releases and speculations were posted on the internet.

Cancelled? Postponed? Rescheduled for 2008? Huh??

A lot of fans looked to Keith’s fan club board, Monkeyville, for some type of reasonable explanation but after a few unhappy fans posted their comments the thread was deleted. The moderator started a thread for questions related to the cancellations but after a few comments, it was locked and then deleted as well.

P.S. The Monkeyville moderators don’t like it when the company line is not toted.

It doesn’t seem that the fans frustrations are being addressed or even being acknowledged. Many have spent a good deal of money on hotels and flights that are NON-REFUNDABLE. Yes, the tickets are being refunded but the service charges and fees are not. If you have not purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster lately, the fees are exorbitant.

Did Keith or his management company take a moment to think about the people purchasing the tickets? Do they have a clue who Keith’s UK fans are or where they are traveling from? Was any thought put into announcing the October shows in April or cancelling the October shows in July? Remember that saying “An unhappy person tells seven people their story but a happy person tells only one?” How many people do you think know about Keith’s cancelled shows?

It was suggested that all the UK fans send their bills for the non-refundable Ticketmaster fees to Keith’s management company asking for reimbursement. Good luck to ya!!

Back to the original question, what could be that important?

No one seems to know for sure or they are not saying. So mark October on your calendar as the Month to Watch. You know the UK fans will be, and I bet many, many US fans will be as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kidman: You are contractually obligated to love me; Urban: You made me love you, I didn't want to do it; nope, I didn't want to do it...

Here is the story…

In January of 2005, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman met at the annual G’Day LA bash. Kidman, rumored after many drinks, gave Keith her number. He didn't call. Why? Many theories abound. He lost it, there was another woman he was dating, and he wasn't all that interested. Kidman seeks her prey. She studies up on the lad from OZ sees that he is an up and comer, has a great reputation, and isn't bad looking for those who like men. She finds out that some of his career is handled by the same people that handle her. She finds out who his personal management is and she places a call. It seems that this happened sometime in June of 2005.

Rumor is that it was suggested that a relationship with Kidman will boost his career worldwide – instantly, and perhaps chains can be pulled and a movie contract could fall in his lap. The problem is Keith. He is torn - pimp himself out or have a private life? After much coaching he makes a call and a walk in Central Park happens. Soon there are rumors that he is visiting the set of pictures because he brought another woman to the set but he was there and was spotted by some of the locals so the rumor mill spills.

And then, boom, it is announced that Keith Urban has a development deal to be in a movie and, bigger boom, Kidman and Keith are seen on a motorcycle in upstate New York. It is now July of 2005. So the rumors start, she is seen at a Chesney show, with Keith at a Springsteen concert (sorry he was with someone else but, hey, a breathing woman), and they were all over the east coast having dinner while he is doing the busiest touring he ever has. But, by God, Keith made People magazine. He played Live 8. He started getting all coy and bashful with the press. In October of 2005, a ring was purchased, a $100,000 ring. It’s also part of the tale that Kidman bought herself the ring. And on October 25, three months to the day the first photos appeared in Oz, three months to the day that some were told it’s only a PR stunt, it seems that a contract was starting to be brokered.

Now the rest is history. Twenty four hours after Keith wins Entertainer of the Year, People runs the photos of Keith and Kidman in Boston and her with the ring on and Keith looking very scared. Kidman is seen at shows, even though she tells people that she hates his music, so says the rumor mill. Then the holidays, and they are together laughing, posing, rubbing Kidman's belly, Keith's dad leaving Nashville suddenly. Then we have the spring with some pictures of the couple rubbing noses and Kidman hiding the ring. Keith is trying to record the new CD. Kidman is trying not to say anything...blah blah blah

Then in May of 05, Kidman announces Keith is her fiancé and he disappears for a day....

So there in a nutshell is the courtship. Okay, it’s as phony as an 8 dollar bill. This was one of the most calculated PR arrangements ever.

Goal: Have Kidman appear to have moved on from her first husband
Met? Yep

Goal: To make Keith world famous
Met? Yep

Goal: To counter the TomKat press
Met? Yep

Goal: To get Keith a bigger audience, especially in Oz
Met? No, not really. He didn't do better business and Love Pain and the Whole Crazy thing is considered a failure

Goal: To get press for both of these famewhores and to be able to survive
Met? Well, Kidman is now getting some of the worst press in her life. She is being jumped about her use of botox and she is considered box office poison. She has been slammed for not being a good mother and for being a money grabbing opportunist. Keith, well, he went to rehab, he pissed off country music, his wolf ways and personal demons were exposed and paraded. He lost long term fans and his family has disappeared off the face of the earth. His mum is nowhere to be seen.

So is there a contract? I believe there is. I believe that these two, along with a very lengthy prenup, also entered into another contract. I think they know when it will end and why it will. I don't doubt Kidman is familiar with this kind of contract. I think rehab was entered not just to help Keith, but also to get him out of sight so he wouldn't embarrass her. He shouts his love to the mountains but he looks destroyed. She rubs his back on a yacht and that’s love? He brands himself because she asked him to.Yes, he tattooed himself with her name for her at her request and she has done nothing but pose with him. So very happy they had that fairytale wedding where he looked plastered.

The post honeymoon in Nashville: again Kidman got what she wanted - good press, and Keith got sold a bill of goods and maybe he wanted out but you just don't leave the beautiful, beautiful princess. You leave when your time is up and so far it looks like it he isn't there yet...

And what about that movie? Rumor is that one of them killed it because the press was getting wind of perhaps it all being a contractual agreement and that would have shown these two for the famewhores they are...

So will there be a movie? Well, he is writing music for a movie. He canceled his European tour to be in the US to either do more touring or another record. She is still making movies that aren't popular.

They both are doing so much for the environment. After playing Live Earth. Keith flies 20 hours, some of which is on a private jet, to get to have breakfast in public with his wife. And Kidman is out promoting, for a 3.5 million payday - Nintendo, which encourages children to stay inside, not exercise, and consume more crap which leads to higher health care costs and the use of plastics. Well, as Journey says, its goes on and on and on...

Maybe a new movie contract is what he is banking on… Kidman is just a joke... but they both chose to sign on the dotted line...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Keith Urban: Live your Live Earth Experience

Keith, you were great, but is “jetting off to Oz to see your wife” directly after Live Earth the smartest thing you’ve done lately?

While we are proud of your performance, and applaud that people who didn’t know who you are will go out and buy your music, perhaps discovering what we know… I think maybe your heart was in the right place, but perhaps your head is not, and perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is…

Planning ten trips to Oz in between your concert gigs this year may seem “noble”, “loving”, and “caring”, to your newfound (Famewhore Loving) fans, BUT those who have been around for a while are scratching their heads. You have said that it would be a hardship to tour while your wife is off filming in Oz… but didn’t you know that before you married the Queen???

Perhaps you need to think about your lifestyle… and who it affects… I’m just sayin’…

Here are some recent articles/blogs I’ve found, in just a three minute search of the web. I can’t imagine how many more are out there…

Live Earth's carbon footprint

...while the organisers' commitment to save the planet is genuine, the very process of putting on such a vast event, with more than 150 performers jetting around the world to appear in concerts from Tokyo to Hamburg, is surely an exercise in hypocrisy on a grand scale.

Matt Bellamy, front man of the rock band Muse, has dubbed it 'private jets for climate change'.

A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that far from saving the planet, the extravaganza will generate a huge fuel bill, acres of garbage, thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, and a mileage total equal to the movement of an army.

The most conservative assessment of the flights being taken by its superstars is that they are flying an extraordinary 222,623.63 miles between them to get to the various concerts - nearly nine times the circumference of the world. The true environmental cost, as they transport their technicians, dancers and support staff, is likely to be far higher.

The total carbon footprint of the event, taking into account the artists' and spectators' travel to the concert, and the energy consumption on the day, is likely to be at least 31,500 tonnes of carbon emissions, according to John Buckley of, who specialises in such calculations.

Throw in the television audience and it comes to a staggering 74,500 tonnes. In comparison, the average Briton produces ten tonnes in a year. (via Tim Blair)

Gore defends Live Earth concerts

Spectacle Adds More Pollution, Critics Say
Sheldon Alberts, CanWest News Service
Published: Saturday, July 07, 2007

WASHINGTON - Al Gore was forced yesterday to defend himself against criticisms that to-day's Live Earth concert series -- an eight-city rock spectacle he has organized to raise awareness about global warming -- may do more to pollute the environment than protect it.

Whereas Live Aid raised almost $250-million for African famine relief, the Live Earth concerts has a less-defined mission to "trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis." Concert-goers will be asked to sign a seven-point climate pledge, including pressuring politicians to reduce greenhouse gases.

Live Earth is promoting green to save the planet - what planet are they on?

As Madonna bounds on to the huge Wembley stage to save the planet, how the assembled Greenies will cheer.

The superstar is today fronting the massive Live Earth event, with nine concerts played over 24 hours across seven continents before an audience of two billion.

The much-hyped bid to save the world is being masterminded by former U.S. vice president Al Gore - who helped focus attention on the environmental movement with his Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth - and features artists including The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, UB40 and Metallica.

No doubt to rapturous applause, Madonna will call for mass global change to reduce carbon emissions and to tackle 'climate crisis'.

Watching the veteran star lap up the adoration, her entourage could, however, be forgiven for exchanging slightly jaded glances - having witnessed her jet in for the concert from New York.

For her 2006 World Tour, she flew by private jet, transporting a team of up to 100 technicians and dancers around the globe. Waiting in the garage at home, she has a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, an Audi A8 and a Mini Cooper S.
PJM Barcelona
July 7, 2007 2:00 AM

Tomorrow’s Live Earth concerts all over the world are part of Al Gore’s plan to save, well, the Earth. But they could end up generating more carbon dioxide than was produced by all of Afghanistan in 2006. Even Bob Geldof and The Who’s Roger Daltrey have opted out.
By Doug Heye

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Note to Keith Urban: Shut Up and Sing, Stupid Boy

Your wife doesn’t mention you in her movies, and hardly at all in her interviews. Why do you have to talk about her at your shows? We don’t want to hear it… we want it to be all about the music and your extraordinary talent.

When the skeptics were questioning as to whether you really called her before the encores, then you had to bring your phone on stage in OKC, so that the audience could say "Hi" to her. Oh, please! Then, you got her voicemail? Hmmm, your beautiful, beautiful princess was too busy to accept a call from you?

You said it yourself in many of your shows this tour… SHUT UP AND SING! Your true fans don’t want to hear about her. Maybe all the new little bunnies that are fans because of who you are married to want to hear it, but they won’t be around like the long time fans that have been with you for years, travel to multiple shows to see you, and spend the money that lines the gas tank of your Bentley.

And now you cancelled the fall Europe dates? Because of “international commitments”??? Excuse me, but aren’t your Germany and UK dates “international commitments”??? At least give people an honest explanation. Why is it so hard to be honest and upfront with your fans? Don't we deserve that? Apparently you don't think so.

So the birthday/anniversary week was a quiet one, huh? First we hear that Baz arranged for fireworks for your beautiful, beautiful princess. Then, we hear that you arranged it, complete with her name in lights. Why no pictures of that? And then we hear that you arranged for a big party at a restaurant, and she nixed that? And not a single photo of the two of you celebrating your anniversary? Things that make you go “hmmmmmmmm”…

In St. Louis you told the people backstage you had arrived in Oz on Thursday, and caught a bug from your wife… and had just arrived in St. Louis that morning. But at the show you told the crowd that you had arrived in St. Louis the day before the show and got sick. Why can’t you keep your stories straight, Keith?

As for the shows so far this tour, you seem to be enjoying them, you’ve been getting good reviews, even from the skeptics. The biggest complaint seems to be in the flow of the show. It needs some tweaking, (don’t you see people sitting during I Can’t Stop Loving You, that you play right after Days Go By?), yet even though you have said in a few different interviews you were going to be mixing up the set list, because you know people go to multiple shows, it’s been the same thing every show. And very little personalization for the audience, except a verse and chorus of Walking in Memphis.

As much as you think the audience is totally accepting of everything you do and say, not everything is as it appears (in your own words)…