Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Defying Gravity - ON SALE TODAY

Keith Urban's new CD is on sale for only $3.99 today!!! Having a fire sale already, Capitol?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Defying Gravity - Fan Review #1

This is the first personal review of the CD that we've received. We would love to have your reviews, and will post them. Just email me at umyths@yahoo.com.

This writer does not hate this record. It contains probably one of the best songs that Keith Urban has ever written, ‘Til Summer Comes Around. The song is very strong and does not sound like anything else on the CD. It’s sad that there aren't any other songs on the CD that are this strong. However, saying that, the rest of the songs are weak would not be right. Keith has written better songs on better CD's. He again shows that he is a master of interpretation with Radney Foster’s, I'm In. Standing Right in Front of You, is another song worth more than a few listens. Sweet Thing and Kiss a Girl have nice clicky verses and are radio friendly, but they aren't substantial. With the exception of ‘Til Summer, none of these songs are keepers.

What seems to be missing from this record is texture; texture in terms of musical direction or emotional sentiment. Keith Urban has depth, listen to Tonight I Wanna Cry or You Won; even go back to Man of the House and you can see there is a good writer there. Love Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing has been debated until we are sick of it, but it had something that this CD lacks, and that is diversity. This CD has nice sweet lovely little songs in it but that’s all they are. This CD also has one of the most disturbing songs that Keith Urban has ever had a hand in writing and that is the song Thank You.

At the end of Golden Road Keith wrote a song called You Are Not My God. That song was about surrendering to false gods. The chorus reads, “You are not my god, you are not the truth, you're a temporary shot." In Thank You, Keith does a 180 and kneels at the altar of Nicole Kidman. If he had not had a co-writer, I would be very frightened for his mental health, however, because someone else had a hand at this song I have to think like a staged photo op this song was placed so that everyone is aware that Keith is not Keith without Nicole pulling the strings. Almost like he had to write that; an obligation; like the trained media monkey he has become.

Someday when people look back on this CD they will see an artist who wrote a very contemporary timely artifact of a period of time.

Good or bad - you be the judge. I view Defying Gravity like eating junk food, tastes good, but not lasting, nor does it live up to the artist’s example.

More news from the Muse...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Nashville, I am on my knees; Oh Nashville, I am begging you please...

Apologies to Sarah Buxton for lifting some of the lyrics to Stupid Boy. But after reading about, and then viewing Keith's nauseating performance at his number one party for Sweeet Thang, I had to wonder yet again why does he do this to himself? First, to get all of you up to speed, Keith had a party on Monday, March 16, to celebrate the single going to number one and all of his million sellers. He had a few before Nicole; actually the majority of them were before her. But that fact didn't stop Keith from going on and on about his muse, his everything, the love of his life. Sorry, baby, still not buying it. Apparently, Keith is also having an affair with the City of Nashville.

Did you know that everything that is good for Keith Urban is because of Nashville? He became a success in his artistic field. He became a father. He can live like a normal person. Well, he isn't a normal person. Normal people don't have drivers and cars available to them. Normal people don't have a Bentley nor a private jet parked at the local airport. And while Keith and Nicole are taking the little girl to music class or going to dinner or a movie, they aren't normal people. They are famous and they stand out like a sore thumb. Kidman at the Roller Derby on March 14 is a great example of that. They are like freaks. Don't buy the normal life stuff Nashville; they are using the city just as they used their fans over the years, to help create and maintain an image; an image that is about as real as LeAnn Rimes’ marriage. They are using Nashville to help make them richer and more famous so that they can eventually leave and move on to their next big high. Remember a long time ago we talked about Keith Urban and his addiction to fame. Going from drug to drug seems to be Keith's pattern.

As for those rumors that Kidman is trying to get a movie made with her and Keith? She has dangled that carrot before in front of him. I'm sure he loves the idea that the little farm boy can grow up to be a Hollyweird actor. Except now he says in an interview (new or old is unknown) that he doesn't want to act. Perhaps because the last acting Urban did was last Monday night in front of a large group of people to proclaim his love for a city and a woman. It’s too bad that he didn't convince anyone that he was sincere about either. Let’s see how he does on tour this summer when he has to act in front of thousands of regular ole’ people.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How's that new muse working for you now, Keith?

Maybe he should start attending more music classes with Sunday Rose. The first review of the CD is out and it ain't pretty... Two out of five stars from Rolling Stone. Ouch!

Keith Urban plays it so safe on Defying Gravity, you'd think he got a musical lobotomy when he went to rehab. The album depicts an idyllic America, where young'uns suffer innocent heartache like so many Fifties teenagers. There's no economic crisis, no war and only one track ("Thank You") that hints at his marriage to Nicole Kidman and his highly publicized relapse. Instead, we get couples kissin' on a porch swing ("Sweet Thing"), a dusty old boardwalk (" 'Til Summer Comes Around") and slick guitar solos that are ready–made for the arenas. If this wasn't the same guy who put out the ambitious Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing three years ago, you could blame Nashville. But Urban has proved that he's capable of much better.



It's pretty simple, Mr. Keith Urban...


Monday, March 16, 2009

Times they are a changin'

We at UM have stated it is our policy that we do not edit comments on this blog. Well, in light of recent comments, certain commenters have forced us to change our policy. Instead of commenting about the blog and KU/NK, certain posters have decided to make personal attacks against those who comment here and on other boards and blogs. That is so unfortunate. Because of a few posters, everyone will be moderated from now on. All comments will need to be approved before they are published. There will be three or four of us who will review comments before they are published. If the comment pertains to KU/NK and/or the blog, they will automatically be approved and published in a timely manner. If the post discusses another blog that refers to KU/NK, it may be permitted, as long as there is no personal bashing. Of course links to news stories about KU/NK and discussion about them are welcome. If the comments are bashes against private individuals, or against individuals on other boards and/or blogs, they will not be published. The freedom of speech is a wonderful thing... but the outright abuse of other speakers is intolerable.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is the CD really that bad Keith?

Q: Why the full frontal shots of the little girl?

A: It could be that the little girl and Nicole were accidentally caught while going to Gymboree; that is of course assuming the photographers hang all over Nashville looking for Nicole since she is more famous than anyone down there. Or they were called. But if they were called, why now? Could it be that the CD is not so great, so putting new pictures of the little girl out there would lead interviewers to ask about that instead of focusing on the music?

Have any of you read the track by track explanation of Defying Gravity by Keith Urban? If you have case closed. If you haven’t, you can read it here:


He has yet again tied the music to his personal life and if the last CD was any indication, the music was weak. Of course another reason could be the recent stories about another famous little girl not having any friends, so showing this little girl interacting or supposedly so makes her a step above that other little girl. Just saying.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nicole Urban: Bringing Sexy Back

I understand that there was a flurry of activity last week when there was a blurb in the news "alerts" that Nicole Urban was "impressed" by Keith Urban's Playgirl spread. I laughed out loud at that image. Think about it, Nicole sitting in her40-watt sitting room with cigarette smoke billowing around her looking at an article that was published almost a decade ago. If you haven't seen the photos you aren't missing much; Keith with a guitar over the jewels, and with a black silk robe on. Frankly, I saw more when the out takes made it to the internet about four years ago. The article was about that stuff they think women want to hear but really doesn't say much. We learn that he was a member of the mile high club and he has had sex in a hammock. Wow. Keith has said at various times that he regretted it or felt it was something he wanted to do at the time. All in all it is an old story except for some reason it has come back. The question to answer is why?

First, they make it about Nicole, and it shouldn't be. At the time that this article was done Keith was with another woman. But like everything anymore about Keith Urban it’s always about Nicole. Second, and most importantly Keith Urban has had his sexy sucked right out of him by his association with the wife. The result of this makes him not so much of a big deal for those who crave that which is considered young and sexy.

Keith Urban used to be sexy. From 2002 to 2005 many women had their fantasies fulfilled by the sexy motorcycle riding blond guitar slinger from Australia. Of course this was an image. We knew little about him. He kept his private life private. Part of what attracted Nicole was the image of Keith Urban. Many say that is why she pursued him; because he was sexy. That died when they married. Look where he was before Nicole. He was in the sexiest man in the world issue of People. He was often voted Country Music’s sexiest man. After he married, it ended, and that shows in his record sales. Then add to that the nauseating discussion of his private life. Who cares about these two? What about the music? Then she dressed him like a clown. Yes, she dressed him. He looked like a little slug banker. And most of the worst outfits were worn at his events. His unique style worked for him but Nicole hasn't taken that away and that his hurt him.

So why the Playgirl story now? Because Keith Urban needs to be appealing to keep up with the youngsters who seem to be taking over. One of his tour mates is the biggest draw in the United States. Keith has to keep the people in the seats for his part of the show. If the first two singles are any indication, he is trying to appeal to the youth market. While Sweet Thing has hit number one it isn't considered a classic, nor nowhere near his best effort. Just a little ditty to get played on the radio. If Keith Urban wants to leave an impression, it’s not going to be about appealing to the kids nor dropping his pants. Perhaps if he puts an effort into writing good strong music all of this would be irrelevant. We hope the new CD will show the promise of his earlier efforts long before he ever met Nicole.

Friday, March 6, 2009

2008 Urban Myths Awards

Yes, dear readers, award season is upon us and for those of us here at UM who would like take a collective look back and see the damage the Kidman Urban union has taken in yet another year...sit back and enjoy…

Most Outrageous Moment

Kidman: Going to the premiere for the epic wearing a see through dress. Yes, she has done it before and it was noted and excused, but this time there was no explanation from Camp Kidman thus it was on purpose and meant to exploit. Except it backfired.

Keith: At another premiere for the epic Keith made a point of showing off his three (four?) inch heels. While we have seen Keith in lifts before, this was a bit too much; and add to that yet another ill-fitted suit and well, the man lost all his appeal.

Best Couple Moment

2008 Oscars - Keith and a "pregnant" Kidman arriving two minutes before the show starts, having an exchange right off the red carpet and later Kidman was seen smoking and drinking backstage. Earlier in the evening Keith was seen eating alone at an LA hotel. We love the happy couple at their best.

Runner up

2008 Australian Open - Kidman and Keith arrive during a match; they sit and proceed to upset people enjoying the match. They were so disrupting that Patrick McEnroe asked during the TV coverage if they were royalty or something. More telling about this appearance was Kidman got up and left and eventually her people went back to the seat to tell Keith they were done with the photo op and he should leave too. But the wrinkles on her forehead proved that she was off the Botox because she was pregnant. This turned out to be one her most popular photo shoots of the year.

Urban Myths Best Writer Award

Nicole Kidman for her journal from the set of the epic. We have never saw that much crap in one place since the last time the circus came to town with the elephants.

Favorite Gossip Site

We love Teddy (Awful Truth) and Entertainment Lawyer (Crazy Days & Nights), and Michael (Dlisted). But, our winner again this year is Elaine Lui of Lainey Gossip. She is witty, knowledgeable and still a fan. Lainey doesn't let anything stop her from getting to the scoop. We wish her more and more success.

Best Blog about Nicole Mary Kidman

Nicole Kidman's Forehead - we applaud Anna and her courage to continue! She has spunk!

Best Use of Paid Employee

The nameless Nanny (and supposedly non-existent one) who takes care of the baby. Whether or not she is the real baby mama, we can only speculate, but by seeing that little girl reaching for her to get away from Kidman; she must be doing something right.

Best Remembrance of Things Past

October 2008, when Keith Urban was sexy again. In New York City for the NFL preseason concert and Fashion Rocks. Keith Urban, all alone, and he took us back a few years when he could do no wrong.

Best Waste of Money

A ticket to the epic

Runner up

Kidman flying all over the world trying to get people to come to the epic.

Special Mention

Nashville is not a big city, but why do the Kidmans need to live in two homes? The big mansion and the farm; perhaps we will elaborate more on that in a later blog.

Best Special Effort

For keeping Kidman’s feet to the fire about the pap beat down and for knowing the truth and using discretion in what he will and won't tell - the fabulous and very hot Ted Casablanca - we love, love, love, that Ted won't let things die!

The Event that Overtook all Others this Year

The pregnancy, birth and exploitation of all things Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. Kidman used this event to promote her movie, marriage and life. Kidman and her various size bumps; her workouts and sightings; the days before the "birth" where we had one stupid story after another including the chiggers attack story. And finally the pimping of the baby - be it a prearranged professional picture on Oprah or a casual stroll in Paris at just the right time. The baby is nothing more than a prop and will be used and discarded as such until she can join her brother and sister in freedom from Nicole. Kidman should be ashamed. But it’s Nicole, so consider the source.

Here we go well into 2009, and whatever this year will bring we want to thank all of you who take time out of your busy lives to join us here for all the fun and muck we deal with. Thank you to those of you who comment and email us. Thank you, too, to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman for being the people that they are; without them this blog wouldn’t exist.

What was your favorite Mr. and Mrs. Urban moment?