Monday, January 3, 2011

A very quiet New Year down on the farm??

A few weeks ago Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were on Oprah singing ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. Aren't you wondering why there has been no comment about the epic flooding that has hit the area of Oz that Keith grew up in? Granted the tragic drama is still happening as we write this, and has affected millions of people in a land mass as big as Texas, but the most famous internationally known son of that area has been quiet. We hope and pray for all the people in that area; and we have a suggestion. Perhaps when Keith goes over in April to start his tour he may want to give all the profits from his concerts to the people who are affected by this tragedy. It seems as though that would be the right thing to do.


Hatti said...

Well since this area in Oz never gave him anything, I guess he feels they can just swim for themselves.

I think the Nashville flood involved his property and his livelihood so that was important!!

The only thing that matters to KU is what affects him in a most personal way. He could stand and watch a friend sink! Now if the camera was filming well then he would bend over to lend a hand!!

Sorry to say that is what I am feeling. I think he couldn't care less for anyone but himself!!

Tara said...

Keith is probably getting fitted for all the suits he is going to wear in the next six weeks.

I do hope that they both do something for the homeland and aren't as shallow and vapid as many believe.

rememberwhen said...

They will only do something for the "homeland" if it gives them pr. When does her movie come out down under?

maclen said...

Yeah, orb has already done his "oz PR bit"...he's not about to fly back now and take any lead "for the cause"...but no doubt, he'll likely "contribute" IF or WHEN someone else takes this lead. OZ is FAR from Lalaland...especially in the heat of their oh so coveted "personal accolades" season. Also no doubt, IF AND WHEN there even is any "relief effort" for the unfortunate will have to wait UNTIL AFTER the silly season is over!

joy said...

Good to hear from her about Keith for a change. Hopefully they will both be happy together for a very long time.

January 5, 2011
Nicole Kidman: The Interview
Jennifer Aniston talks to the Oscar-winning actress, her costar in the new comedy Just Go With It, about marriage, motherhood, and the joy of lightening up. Also, check out the pictures from Nicole Kidman's February cover shoot and her style through the ages.
By Jennifer Aniston

JA: I feel awkward getting into interviewer mode, but tell me about your life in Nashville with Keith [Urban] and Sunday Rose. How long have you now lived there?

NK: Five years.

JA: I was just down South in Georgia, and it was heaven to be away from all the irritation of the cameras and all that hubbub. Was moving to Nashville something that both you and Keith wanted to do?

NK: It was perfect timing, because I had nowhere to live. I was living out of suitcases when I met Keith. I suppose in the back of my mind I was waiting to meet somebody. And I wanted it to be that if that person didn't live in New York or Los Angeles, I would be able to move. In the back of my head, I was thinking I may have to put my roots down somewhere. I was going to move to Oregon.

JA: Oregon? It's gorgeous. I understand that absolutely.

NK: Yeah. I love living a ways away. That's what I've worked for in my career, to not have to live in Los Angeles. So it was fortuitous that Keith happened to live in Tennessee. He brought me down to this place called Leipers Fork, just outside of Nashville, very lush and rural. I just went aaah. You know how you dream as a girl; I'm one of those people. I would meet a guy, then I would imagine myself married and with kids within the first hour. [Laughs] But it worked out.

JA: When you two first met, Keith said he saw you walk into the room and you just floated. Yes, I watched him on Oprah! Did you feel it as instantly as Keith felt it?

NK: I remember thinking, Oh, my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life. Something that wild. I remembered praying after I met him that I'd meet somebody, if not him, like him.

JA: Does Keith buy you clothes?

NK: Yeah, and he buys me lingerie.

JA: Nice! Did you have to train him for your taste?

NK: Ha! I don't train him for anything. That's what I love; he's just got his own way of being.

joy said...

A good interview and some good words from her about Keith.

Hatti said...

Well joy, I think two grown women talking about men like teenie boppers is a bit much. Of course KU is talking like an insipid adolescent so why not. I'm sure the grown up part of HW is saying...Oh yes, that's right OSCAR time!!

It is all so phoney it makes me sick. Moosie girl is doing the same thing she did during Awfulstralia and it's going to get her the samething it did then. NOTHING!!

As far as KU is concerned well his career is down the dunny. But he did get a label out of it so I guess that will be his next endeavor when he hangs up his guitar! I believe that will be soon!!

A440 said...

I dunno.

Maybe it's me.

But I cannot believe that witless twit said something this boneheaded:

NK: I remember thinking, Oh, my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life. Something that wild. I remembered praying after I met him that I'd meet somebody, if not him, like him.

"Something that wild"? When did complete devotion to a life partner or spouse become "something that wild"? Last time I checked, that was the minimum behavior accepted. It went with the lay of the land.

Why does she think this is something extraordinary for which she is to be applauded or commended?

I dunno.

Maybe it's me...

Hatti said...

It would be extroadinary if people actually believed it. How come we have been witinessing these two walk through Starbucks, Parking lots and Airports without much contact. We see them sitting with their heads buried in mags and newspapers.

Where is all this gooshiness?? Oh that's's only when we are promoting a movie for an Oscar and a CD poorly created and dedicated to the person that paid for the label plus lots of mooolahhhh!!!So that person will get that Oscar!!!

Please it's all so old stale!!!

hoosierlady said...

Yesterday evening there was a trailer for Rabbit Hole broadcast in my area. Ladies (and Gent), they are now marketing this as, "It is ok to laugh during Rabbit Hole", complete with flashes of humor from the movie.

Don't you love the marketing machine? If it doesn't sell as a gut wrenching drama dealing with what must be the hardest of all human experiences, well, turn those frowns upside down. . .

blue sky said...

So the original movie trailer contained the scene where Kidman chews out Wiest for comparing the death of a four year-old to an adult overdosing. There was the scene with the argument between Kidman and Eckhart about sex, and then the support group scenes. There was no humor in the original trailer.

That's a sign to me that they are changing the game plan because this movie can't compete with those that are out at the same time. Perhaps trying to get the "Little Fockers" crowd? During these tough times our country is facing, people want to go to the movies to be cheered up - to laugh, and by laugh, I mean comedy laugh.

Tara said...

How many of you would pray to god to give you a man who cheated on you, would rather be stoned than spend time with you and took a very long time to call you up for that first date?
I find the entire interview with Jen to be sexist and anti woman. You aren't complete without a man?? Jen admired how Keith was Kidman's slave
during production (wasn't that around the time the rain was falling in Nashville??) You can be successful and have a good relationship even in Hollywood ask Meryl Streep.

Hatti said...

blue, Tara...It is true that Moosie girl's expressions are comical when she is trying to express pain and inner turmoil but to me that is not laughable!!

She is not the person for this movie!! Not at all!! I feel sorry for her fellow performers that must have struggled to try to do justice to such a tragic story.

Funny?? No there is nothing funny about losing a chld no matter what age that child is!!!

For whom ever to try to market this movie as a comedy (even slightly) should have their head examined!!

Yes' we are suppose to be so stupid that we believe what ever these people say. We know both of them are desperate for a movie to put them back on top. But I never thought JA would stoop to Moosie girl's level. See you never know.

KU did everything he could to get out of this hook up!!! He did everything possible to embarrass her into dropping him. But Moosie girl is ruthless and self endulgent she didn't care what he wanted. He was just a country bumpkin from the outback a nothing in her eyes. So she could care less that he wanted nothing to do with her!!

Well Moosie girl? You got it and it has done nothing but drag your career down in the muck. You can thank yourself for that. He turned out to be your nemisis so you keep promoting this facade!! He don't care if he can't have a career then he will have your money!!!! ((giggles))))

Urban Myths said...

The flooding in Oz continues...

maclen said...

Urban Myths said...
"The flooding in Oz continues..."

Yes...Urban Myths...there WILL NOT be any tears shed...even by the aussies...UNTIL the end of awards season is over. Typically, these narcissic and self absorbed celebs have WAY more important issues to contend with at this moment...THEMSELVES! Then of course, once the silly season is done...and they can move on from this MOST important task of gluttenous self adoration...they can then exploit the "unfortunates" when they still have films to promote...yeah, they may even invite them to screenings of a film...THEIR OWN of course!

Anonymous said...

If they make a public statement it will cost them a donation. "Silence is golden so shut up and get rich."

blue sky said...

mikki, I second that! If you don't talk about it, it doesn't exist - just like her UNIFEM "work".

blue sky said...

Update on the devastating flooding in Australia. Muddy flood waters have now reached the stoplights in Brisbane.

Nothing but silence!

A440 said...

Are his folks still in that area?

Tara said...

I think his parents are still in that area. He does have other family in that area.
Apparently the tickets for his Brisbane show won't be on sale until after the flood- god knows we wouldn't want people worried about whether they can get tickets while they lose their homes and businesses

rememberwhen said...

How can any of the Oz top stars not mention the poor people of Queensland and the flooding? Not even prayers for them. I at least thought Keith would, seeing he lived there. I guess they all can't get free pr out of it.