Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nicole Kidman: Grammy Wife? Not so much.

We are almost done with awards season for Nicole Kidman. There are only two more big events, The Independent Spirit Awards, where Kidman will be a presenter and the big show, The Oscars. She isn't going to win at either event, however, as we predicted Keith did win another Grammy. But on a big night for Keith, the Grammy Awards became the “Nicole is at the show wearing another designer dress, and making an ass of herself” Awards Show. She wasn't an ass because she sang along to Katy Perry or that she jumped into every photo op she could drag herself into; she wasn't an ass because her ex-lover, Lenny Kravitz, the one who dumped her, was there and gave her the cold shoulder. No, she was an ass because she had no reason to be at the Grammy Awards except to support her husband and she didn't do it.

How many times in the last few weeks has Keith Urban stood at her side and answered one annoying question after the other about the lovely wife? Too many times to count. But he does have manners and he did the supportive spouse duty. Yes, a few times it appeared Keith was somewhere else but he showed up, held her hand and applauded when her name was called.

February 13th was Keith's night. He was predicted to win a fourth Grammy for Male Country Performance. Keith doesn't win too many awards these days, and Grammys for an artist who has a sales problem are important. Note to Nicole: Grammys are to a musician what an Oscar is to an actor. Keith has won three before. Does that make him more successful than Nicole? Oh yeah, baby.

Is that it? Is Nicole jealous? People like Keith. He doesn't have an icy image. Grammy night was important and what did Nicole do? It was all about her, of course. What she was wearing, her hair, her jewels and even her shoes were talked about; lost in the conversation was Keith Urban. A real wife would have stopped Ryan Seacrest and said ‘tonight is all about Keith, not my nomination or my new movie’. A real wife would have let her husband dictate where they were going to socialize and not sit on her chair like a queen waiting for the subjects to approach. A real wife would have let her husband have his evening because that is good for his career. But Nicole Kidman continues to show us she is not a real wife, but an Oscar nominee and that is what is important.


Woo said...

Almost done with awards season - all I can say is thank goodness. Hopefully she will focus on those poor kids a bit more. They wouldn't have seen much of "Mum" in the last few months.

maclen said...

These two mediocre hacks will simply feed off each other until there is nothing but bones left to there careers. Rabbit Hole is a dismal financial failure. With just over a week until the Oscars, where the nominated kidman supposedly got a HUGE BUMP...the film is LOSING theaters...down to a measly 78 theaters this upcoming weekend. So, $10mil was spend to make this thing, Lionsgates looks to have spent about $5 mil for distribution...for the film to gross a lousy $2mil! All so kidman WILL NOT get the oscar! That's just FAB business sense...for everybody to just...lose money! And orb, who no doubt was hoodwinked into believing that getting to attend lalaland premieres and awards shows would do WONDERS for his career... will no doubt have the lowest grossing album of his career...and would not even get his monkey fansie's most coveted achievement...the first single to #1 on the charts. It's just one dismal failure after another for these two opportunistic hacks.

Tara said...

On the chart blog they have already kissed the second single goodbye expecting it to not get to number 1?

So what did Keith get from this entire charade?

LindaMarie said...

Those are the key words "she is not a real wife".

maclen said...

Tara said...
"On the chart blog they have already kissed the second single goodbye expecting it to not get to number 1?"

Yeah, havent listened to orb's songs since the cd came out last Nov. So after the "catchy and fluffy" Put you in a song..orb goes with the "dull and drab" Without you. Perhaps orb feels the "countrier' sounding Without you will be more successful than the first single on the country charts. And again, another song from his cd that took a boat load of co-writers...but NOT orb...this time! Yeah, orb can really emote his so-called emotions so grandly in music and song...that are written by someone else!

Hatti said...

I don't think we will see a good single till we get to the ones that you absolutely know are not for Moosie girl. I am really amazed at how the audience knows what is a true song from a baloney one.

And to make this so comical? The new baby will not see her so called mom for quite a long time HBO next and then onto BDWY!!

Maybe she will just stick the kid in a suitcase and let Sunday carry her around!1 ((giggles))))))))

maclen said...

So, almost predictably and not at all surprising for us here...the monkeys are getting a little bit of a wake up call. The monkey's self proclaimed "urbananalyst" over at the Country Chart Talk thread, "Billboard Urbanalysis for Without You"...

...actually believes that the orb's new single IS NOT an "evaluated"...sure fire #1 hit!

"Here's the promised chart run list, that those familiar with the Urbanalysis threads on the old CMT board will recognize. Basically, the first column of numbers after the chart week dates are my "long term prediction", for how I think the single will climb during the four months ahead. I went with a conservative #4 peak for WY, as I can't quite picture it becoming a #1 song. It's solid, as is most Urban ballads, but doesn't quite have that distinguishing trait, that separates it from his best ballads."

...and he even adds a dose of "reality" we have been pointing out since orb's cd came out...

"And, as some people here have mentioned, it might be too focused in on his real-life relationship/marriage, that makes it not quite as accessible on a widespread basis, as other, more "generic" love songs can be."

Ya think? Now, truly...what would, in the first place...make the monkey's believe that orb shilling his personal the wife, the his music and career would BROADEN his appeal? Every indication the past 5 years has shown that his hook up with kidman has diminished his career in EVERY department. His cd sales...his awards wins...his scaling back in live touring...his loss from full backing of a music label. So, orb simply "wants" all this slowdown... to be more of the "family" man? He wants to be at "home" more...feeding the baby's...changing diapers...having toy teaparty's with his "baby girls?" Monkey's...dont be ridiculously...well...ridiculous! Orb's is no longer a top tier...elite country performer...sure he still has all the PR BS money and contacts can bring...what orb simply no longer has is top tier success.

Hatti said...

Yes maclen, it looks to me as if it's all smoke and mirrors. All hype and no substance! How long can anyone do that without eventually just not filling seats? Now how many free seats can you give away? If you buy blocks of seats to try to make it look like you are successful what happens? Do you have to fill them?

Thank you for all your information it is very interesting. :)

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Yes maclen, it looks to me as if it's all smoke and mirrors. All hype and no substance! How long can anyone do that without eventually just not filling seats?"

Yes, clearly Hatti, orb may not only have issues getting the seats filled this time. His HALF YEAR gap between the release of his cd and the start of his live tour reveals alot. That he wants to take some time for PR BABY #2 is as you say, smoke and's all PR BS. As you may recall, orb HAD NO problem whatsoever releasing a cd AND launching a full blown tour back in 2009...touring about 9 months out of that year when PR baby #1 was only months old. NOW he's concerned over time with the PR baby's? No, he's not in the financial position to live gig for most of the year and to pay for it...remember, he no longer has support from CapNash. So he needs to get funding...round up the sponsorship to help make up for capnash's now missing funding. That is why his tour is occurring 6 months too late!

maclen said...

Ha! Yes...speaking of his live tour occurring too late...seems I am not up to date on the orb's cd sales. I posted the country cd sales chart from for Feb 9. Now, there was the Feb 16 article...and this newer article apparently DOES NOT have good news for the orb. Orb's cd sale have dropped to 5k per week...last week the number was 5,177 cds sold, which was down from the previous week of 5,981. So, how does the current week's chart look?

Thompson Square Debuts Strong on Album Charts
Last Updated: February 16, 2011

"Those pesky Grammy Awards were this past weekend and while the real sales numbers from the show won’t be revealed until next week, it’s very likely that this week’s strong sales numbers are due to people wanting to buy stuff that was nominated for such awards."

Yes, it seems that ALL the country performers I had mentioned in my previous comment...all had sales jumps from the Grammy noms...WITH ONE would seem...

#9 Aldren- 26,875 last week- 34,957-this week

#12 Swift 26,789 last week- 32,285 this week

#17Lady Ant- 17,484 last week- 27,921 this week

#21 Zac Brown- 14,550 last week- 18,853- this week

#26 Rascal-13,889- last week- 16,276 this week

#29 Chesney-12,946 last week- 15,781 this week

#38 Lambert- 8,241 last week- 13,872 this week

#40 Sugarland- 10,530 last week- 13,391 this week

..BUT, there is NO mention this week of the orb's numbers! Didnt orb's sales JUMP the previous week? But he was on Oprah's Oz week show...he performed at the Super bowl... HE WAS also nominated...and in fact won a Grammy! He has been to a majority of lalaland awards shows red carpets with mutt. Crikey, he just had another PR baby! Are you trying to say that the orb's cd sales are STILL continuing to drop? Despite all the PR BS being shoveled out there by the two hacks? Clearly, orb was omitted from this weeks sales charts because he is obviously now selling an embarassingly pathetic amount. Another indication can been seen at the charts. This Roughshock article uses the Billboard Hot 200 chart...and not the Country you can see Sugarland is currently at #40 on the HOT 200 chart...the lowest ranking of the performers I have been highlighing here at UM. So, where is orb on the Billboard 200 list? Yep, he's at an abysmal #118! And hes 7 spots down from last weeks position of #106. So, naturally if being on Oprah's ozfest... playing at the superbowl...performing on the Grammys...being on all the televised awards shows and having had another pr baby HAS'NT helped his cd sales...what possibly can help? Perhaps actually making music people want to listen to and buy MIGHT HAVE helped!

Anonymous said...

Maclen, this has been the pattern ever since he hooked up with NK. A decline in fans and CD sales. And yet, he still gets those nominations at every awards show. How does that happen???

Hatti said...

Well I watched that mikki and listening to KU's thankyou speaches. I have found that some he says thank you to his fans and the whomever. And others he says thank you to Moosie girl. So I got the impression that some he must really win and others Moosie pays for.

Anna said...

@ Maclen
"That's just FAB business sense...for everybody to just...lose money! "

LOL That is the movie business. Most films lose money at the box office, not make them. Out of every 25 films made by major studios 2 or 3 will make a profit at the cinema. Every once in awhile you get a blockbuster that makes a lots of box office money but most don't.
So how come so many films get made?
Films make money in lots of ways that have NOTHING to do with the box office. Product placement being the major earner for most productions and then following on with that dvd sales and television residuals and lots of other little boring things.
Rabbit Hole would have had no expectations to make box office money ever put on it, there would have been expectations that the stars promote it (and Kidman is always paid extra for that)in the hopes that this helped box office & DVD sales (and nominations help box office & DVD sales too which is why studios support them so strongly)
This explains why people like Kevin Smith continue to get funding for movies, almost all his films perform badly at the box office yet he continues to make films because overall he makes money through DVD sales and clever product endorsements.
I worked for 2 years writing movie reviews and it was certainly an eye opener about the business. Namely so, if movies make money other than box office why does box office results get written about and reported on so much?
It's proven marketing, people respond more to box office results than they do to reviews.
It's a tangled web they weave.
(A bit like Kidman's wigs when you think about it)
Don't think you see product endorsments in a movie? Name a Kidman movie and I will tell you the products.

maclen said...

Anna said...

@ Maclen
"That's just FAB business sense...for everybody to just...lose money! "

"LOL That is the movie business. Most films lose money at the box office, not make them. Out of every 25 films made by major studios 2 or 3 will make a profit at the cinema."

Oh yeah Anna, I have no illusions when it comes to lalaland! And clearly the movie industry is run exactly like the government...rampant with waste, gluttony, kickbacks and shady business deals. All you have to do is look at New Line...huge massive profits off of the Lord of the rings trilogy, only to be in serious financial problems about 7 to 8 years later! And of course you can forget about what the studios "admit" to spending on film budgets and advertisment. And your'e right about film critics simply being another extension of the PR machinery...all you have to do is look up all the critics on their respective movie blogs or sites to see them "campaigning" for THEIR favorites in the Oscar races.

Anna said...

Maclen said.....
all you have to do is look up all the critics on their respective movie blogs or sites to see them "campaigning" for THEIR favorites in the Oscar races.

Yes Reminds me of the US critic who is a household name and who drives a new luxury car every year.....on a journalists salary.