Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Man and His Music, for now...

Isn't it interesting how for the last few weeks Keith Urban has been able to go out and do his job and get noticed for it? We heard about the music; about his performances. Some of the articles didn't even mention his wife. The pictures of him on stage looked happy. He was where he wanted to be, doing what he loved and you could tell. I was at a recent show and saw how much he loved being on that stage and you could see how he was drawing on it. For the last few shows that I have attended, the best part of the show isn't the show at all, but it is watching Keith at the end after the music ends and the band is gone. Keith lingers on the stage, looks at the people, whispers thank you to many of the people still in the crowd and just stares. I would love to know what it is that he is thinking or maybe I wouldn't. Perhaps, just perhaps, it would depress the hell out of me.

Well, Keith, kiss that adoration and enjoyment goodbye. It's time to get back to being Keith Kidman. The recent pictures of him at LAX show how happy he is to get back to the wife. We have word of dinner with friends at Wolfgang Puck’s newest eatery. Friends?? Probably either PR people or people who get a paycheck from the Kidman’s. Keith even mentioned that the wife will be at one of the shows and he smiled. Well, if he didn't wouldn't we be reading into that? If she doesn't show at least one of the shows wouldn't she be a liar? Would it show there is trouble if she isn't there? Now that we know she will be there, her good friends - the press, will be there and we will get the photo that is required and will show everyone how she stands by her husband. She might even bring those other kids that she has, too. Then they can be photographed with the bump just like they were with their Mom when she was pregnant with Suri. So it doesn't really matter what Kidman says, it’s that one photo of that one appearance that is important.

As for Keith, well it’s been too much about him hasn't it? It is time to talk about the impending royal birth because for the next few months that’s all anyone will be interested in. Because that is what his wife wants.

So, Keith, tell us again about being a father, a private matter isn't it? Sorry, but it was nice to have it be about the music for five minutes. Too bad that you can't just be a musician any longer. The new haircut, lifts in the shoes, and nasty ass attitude. You are the baby daddy now. Somewhere along the way the musician disappeared. Maybe that is what you are looking for at the end of every show


maclen said...

Well, looks like you may have called it Urban Myths... the Annaheim gig may be the only photo op for her being "on tour" with urban. So, one out of 17 gigs, not a very impressive ratio, and i'd doubt if it'll get better in the future. So it's back to Oz, no doubt to continue the usual photo ops at the deli... the walks on the docks... and the little lunchean at the sidewalk cafe. Looking at urbans schedule, after the Oz gigs... it's right back to the US... seems rather limiting doesnt it? Tour the US, fly to Oz, and then right back again? I guess with kidman sort of on a filming sabbatical, she has urban on a shorter leash. And your right Urban Myths, urban should enjoy the gigs while he can, soon he'll be lucky if she allows him to sing in the shower.

KUFAN said...

Where is the picture of Keith at LAX and where is the picture of Keith and Nicold eating at Wolgang Puck's new eatery?

doublewide said...

kufan, the pics at the airport are on there are no pics at the eatery, just a blurb about it, and off hand i can't remember where the blurb was from.

they were supposedly with 3 or 4 "friends"...probably some of NK's peeps.

doublewide said...

you are so right UM. glad it could be about the music for 5 minutes. now it's time to be keith kidban again....daddy of the Queen's baby.

and with no movies to keep her busy right now, i imagine his life will be a living hell.

did ya sign up for that keith?

all hail the Queen.

Urban Myths said...

Where is the picture of Keith at LAX and where is the picture of Keith and Nicold eating at Wolgang Puck's new eatery?

Pics of Keith at LAX:

Pics of NK and Keith at Cut?

Oops, sorry, no pics... hmmmmmmm

maclen said...

Very revealing pics of urban at the airport... he looks miserable.... so, all you urbanites, this is the real urban, sullen... depressed, ignoring the paps. You see, if he was with kidman, she has him trained now to "act" like he's overjoyed to be with her... smiling and conoodling and posing for the paps all cheerily like. So make no mistake, its all just an act.

White Trash said...

Hmmm, looks like the articles have been boasting about Keith since he started the tour, not just now. And as for the dinner with friends, don't act like you have the inside scoop, it's plastered all over the internet for GODSAKE!

You have no more information (made up or real) than any other person surfing the net.

notachance said...

Blog started out good then went to hell in a handbasket.

Keith has been looking happy on stage since he got back to tour LAST year. When I saw him in Atlanta last June he was HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and then when I saw him this past December he was still HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY. I have no idea if NK was in the house, nor did I care.

The reviews all along have been about him and the music and his incredible show. I just love how you write about a great show and then go on to assume that the one she is supposed to be at will make him less great, less happy, less .... It's clear he wants to share his good fortune with his wife. He was disappointed that she wasn't at MSG - and y'all flogged her ass for not being there. What is that you want from her? Be there, not be there? Freakin' make up your mind.

And the other assumption going on here is that they have no friends. Do any of you know them personally to have that inside info? Doubtful. Since no one knows who they actually dined with, stop with the hate daggers over who they ate dinner with at "Cut". And btw - there was a blurb on Extra last night about that place and it was him they mentioned about liking the place, no mention of her.

The pictures at LAX were just pictures of him catching a plane. Stop reading "misery" into freakin' every shot taken of him. Maybe he was tired, maybe he didn't want his picture taken, maybe he saw one of you.

Cut the man a break. Maybe you should all start going to shows again on a regular basis and you'll start feeling better about yourselves - cause right now I think the skeptihaters have some serious issues.

Tara said...

Funny I saw Extra too and they mentioned Kidman also. Lets face it he is a poor actor if you do go to enough shows that becomes obvious.What is the difference between performing on stage Keith and Keith on the red carpet? Think hard.
Could it be that is he being Keith Urban on stage? Could it also be that he is somewhere he doesn't want to be when he is with the wife?

CJ said...

Another shot from LAX:

CJ said...

Looks like after the bodyguard beat down she ran to hubby. Review says she was at the Anaheim show. So, she didn't want to be seen in the morning or afternoon but did in the evening?