Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BFF's = Nicole Kidman & The Murdoch Family

It's well known that Rupert Murdoch & Nicole Kidman are very close friends. He has helped foster her career and provided publicity for her on every occasion she requests it. Has Keith been protected by Murdoch through Kidman to keep some ugly stories quiet? Certainly.

To quote a friend, "She will forever be A-list because of her relationship with Murdoch"... well maybe not anymore. Will she continue to be able to count on Uncle Rupie in the future? Time will tell. 

Should she be judged by the company she keeps? You tell us.


Hatti said...

So should we think that just b/c Uncle Rupie has been Moosie's benefactor he is also KU's?

Well maybe it is Uncle Rupie that Moosie girl uses to keep KU in line!!! To me that makes more sense. After all would we have ever known all about KU's indescretions unless Moosie made sure they were out there in the mags? Hagmaw and Rupie are birds of a feather!!

I wouldn't want to be hooked to Hagmaw with Rupie around. Well maybe he won't be around much longer!!!

maclen said...

This comment was posted by Tara in the previous thread...

Tara said...
"Didn't Fox searchlight distribute and put up the money for Rabid Hole?"

Well, Lionsgate bought the distribution rights last year. But from what I can recall, back in 2007 kidman signed a deal with Fox to "produce" and star in 3 films. Rabbit hole, again I'm reasonably sure BEGAN developement at Fox...and then kidman became attached to it...to star and "produce." Then Fox eventually dropped the film from their roster of films in developement...and kidman's shingle took it over...and filmed it and "festivaled" it where it's distribution was bought by Lionsgate. That was what I had mentioned in a previous comment. Rabbit Hole BEGAN developement at Fox...and kidman simply took the baton from them and rode the film to theaters. NOW THAT is the difference between Rabbit Hole and The Danish Girl...danish girl BEGAN it's development basically AT Blossom films...NO MAJOR studio was backing the film. That's why danish girl is clearly kaput! Recall also, the film Monte Carlo was also a film that began at Fox... Fox 2000 and New Regency co-financed the film...and was also to have been "produced" and starring kidman...but the film lanquished for years...UNTIL they dumped kidman from the film...dropped in selena gomez...and the film got made and released. And again, I doubt at this point, whether kidman's shingle will even put out another film...let alone that kidman will STAR in it!

Hatti said...

Yes maclen I do believe you're right. I think now RM won't be helping or intimidating anyone any longer. Now that is a good thing!! ((giggles))))

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Yes maclen I do believe you're right. I think now RM won't be helping or intimidating anyone any longer. Now that is a good thing!! ((giggles))))"

Yes Hatti, I dont think murdoch is very concerned over films right now. But then kidman hasnt exactly been successful the past couple of years to warrent the trouble of getting her another "important" role.
So, just realized orb returned to his tour last night...the 19th. Not that I expect to get much...if any... info on his more than likely lack of a sellout...maybe someone will come up with another new analogical term for NOT SOLD OUT...like "partially over capacitied!" So how bad is orb's lack of turnout for his tour? Well this is pretty pathetic...


Keith Urban ticket hunt is over: Fan finds concert tickets hidden in downtown Grand Rapids

...when the managers of the Van Andel Arena HAVE to put on a rather hokey "scavenger hunt" for tickets to orb's gig... no doubt for the publicity!

maclen said...

...post cryptically...

...so on a late night innertubes surf...I came up on this article regarding kidman's ex...cruise...


Confessions of a 'Rock of Ages' movie extra

"I was one of hundreds of South Floridians who answered the open call for unpaid extras for concert scenes in the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical “Rock of Ages.”"
"When Tom Cruise walked onstage, the extras screamed, and he smiled and waved back. (Our first glimpse of him was in full costume and long hair with a hat, but we’d see him shirtless and tattooed later on. Sorry, they didn't permit cameras.) The music for “Don’t Stop Believing” began, and Cruise lip-synched to his prerecorded vocals. In the middle of the song, Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta ran onstage and joined in.

...earlier I read somewhere that cruise had asked jon bon jovi for advice on how to "perform" like a rock star. I find it highly and hilariously ironic that at the moment cruise is jumping on stage "pretending" to be just like a "80's rocker... orb is currently on tour himself...jumping onstage...ALSO "pretending" to be just like an "80's rocker!

Tara said...

Keith doesn't have to act to be a musician.

Tommy well we will see..

BRAVO!!!!!! on the video

my favorite picture of Murdoch is Keith and Murdoch , I think from GdayLA 2005 and Keith is drinking a beer and Murdoch looks like wtf am I doing with this guy.

Choice said...

I find it very hard to believe that Rupert Murdoch and his son knew nothing about the phone hacking. Interesting how the other son Lachaln distanced himself from their media empire some years ago and moved back to Australia to live. Wonder if he didn't like daddy's corrupt business style. Interesting times...

Choice said...

PS. Very pleased to hear you are continuing your Blog. We missed you Down Under.


maclen said...

Tara said...
"Keith doesn't have to act to be a musician."

Well, Tara...seems your "bending over backwards" to back up the orb! As you CLEARLY missed the entire point of my snarky comment. I DIDN't say "musician"...I said "80's rocker!"

Tara said...

Nicole goes to premiere to support Wendi - yet won't pause in front of photogs- afraid of questions was she?

Keith looked thrilled to be there

maclen said...


...so, speaking of orb's "80's faux rocker" bit...this is how it's basically going for him...


Nashville crooner connects with fans

"And that's what a near-capacity house did, thanks to a relaxed setup that felt more like a roadhouse party than a costly stage production."

...yes...definately "near-capacity" is CLEARLY to mask his anemic turnout. Still amazed, though at this point not at all surprised, that reviewers for orb's gigs DO NOT post many attendence numbers.

"During the close of his catchy 2009 radio hit Kiss A Girl, Urban plucked three audience members from the masses to sing the tune's chorus onstage with the band, karaoke-style. Two young ladies (including a tween) performed surprisingly well, given the pressure, while a goofball 20-something yowled off-key as if auditioning for Limp Bizkit.
But the flop - which elicited head-shaking and a "What the hell, man?" from Urban - made for good fun."

..it seems the "goofball" during the kiss a girl fansie spotlight is an added "prearranged" new bit in the show...as I recall in jersey at the prudential on the 16th...

"Later in the evening, Urban yanked a few fans up onstage to sing the chorus to "Kiss a Girl," a song about loss of inhibition and the earth-rattling power of smooching. One member of the volunteer chorus became so excited that he bellowed out the words in an ecstatic punk rock shriek."

...HA! How cute...orb is trying to bring back Vaudville! So look for the "goofball" PLANTED "fansie" during the kiss a girl fansie onstage sing along...no doubt a crazy "80's faux rocker" goofball...all so orb can zing him with a wacky one liner! Next, orb introduces a "laugh track"...

maclen said...

...up for perusal...orb's "stock" numbers...


Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 42,246 1,534,126

Taylor Swift Speak Now 12,836 3,549,582

Lady Anthebellum Need You Now 7,257 3,579,175

Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 8,067 911,085

Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey 7,907 883,123

Keith Urban Get Closer 3,411 615,034

...I ALWAYS get a kick when I read something like this...

"Keith Urban's "Long Hot Summer" is helping Get Closer move more and more copies and the superstar has now sold 615,000 copies of the latest album from Capitol Records."

...well, last week orb's sales DIDNT muster a mention on this top 25 country cd sales list...so I just have to theorize how much of a "gain" orb sales recieved...I'd say 400 more cds at most! And once again...I must POINT out to back up my position...at this sales rate...by the end of the year orb will have sold 683k cds. By the end of December, orb's tour will have been over for 2 months...and if a gain of about 400 cds in sales his summer single in netting him...he'll have a "Long Hot Slog" to a platinum status...which will surely be a net LOSS for orb in sales. Also worth mentioning, same cd release date companions...the Flatts album have now reached 911k...some 296k MORE cds sold than orb...almost 300k! If that doesnt give his fansie's ANY pause at all...then clearly NOTHING will.

Tara said...

Maclen- I stand corrected about what you said.

Hatti- I think you hit nail on head
about why Murdoch is used by Kidman.
Professionally and personally. The power he has will it be had could destroy someone if need be.

Hatti said...

Oh yes Tara...I'm sure Uncle Rupie told her to keep her big stupid mouth shut. I am also sure she is happy about that.

Seems his redheads get him in a lot of trouble. ((hmmmmm)))
Both of them are age 43, both ruthless in their own right. And Uncle Rupie was a friend of both families!!

Karma....matie Karma!! ((giggles))))

David's girl said...

Hey Guys

I always mean to drop in more than I do unfortunately I am in the middle of a relocation to the UK and so time is short.
However as a journalist and as an ex employee of Mr Murdoch I have a couple of things to add here.

Phone tapping is not a new Fairfax phenomena. In fact it is a well known fact that Fairfax have been actively spying on celebrities phone calls since 1990. "Squidgygate" anyone? It is a testimony to the unbridled power that Rupert Murdoch has enjoyed that this has been common practice for over 20 years in his media empire.
And why may you ask has Fairfax been able to get away with this disgusting practice for so long?
Well let's put it this way, the private phone conversations of royalty and movie stars may have sold papers, but it's the private phone calls of politicians that have ensured the practice remained untouched.
It's amazing what can happen when a few pollies retire, other lose their seats and so on, isn't it?
Murdoch has always condoned and at times actively encouraged his editors from pursuing information at any cost including phone taping. But the old fart is very clever, phone tapping won't lead back to him. In the past when executive jobs have had to be sacrificed, those executives receive a handsome pay out and often find themselves steering Fairfax flagships such BskyB and others once the uproar has died down.
Murdoch may be 80, but he is heavily involved in everything in his empire. Kidman has enjoyed his support for many years, Fairfax papers, magazines and blogs continue to report on her way past her prime. BUT Kidman is yesterdays news, she is OVER in a big way and as new writers and editors come up, ones who have their finger on the pulse Murdoch's support of Kidman will be less noticible. No one will print negative, but she won't be reported on much.

David's girl said...

Sorry I signed in on the wrong account! :) See I'm moving and stressed......It's Anna from Nicole Kidman's Forehead as David's girl xx

hoosierlady said...


I realize as I type this it could well be the last time I get to use my fingers, the next entry may well be with the nubs that used to hold my hands, but, what the H**l. . . it's hot, and I'm feeling crazy this morning, so, for your consideration:



Urban Myths said...

Hey Anna! Good to hear from you. Good luck with your move and please keep in touch.

Note to maclen: We love the movie poster you posted on the E board. Humbly asking for permission to add it to UM's photo gallery... with full credit to you, of course.


maclen said...

David's girl said...
"Sorry I signed in on the wrong account! :) See I'm moving and stressed......It's Anna from Nicole Kidman's Forehead as David's girl xx"

Nice to finally hear from you Anna. I agree 100% on your accessment of Murdoch/kidman. As Ive been maintaining and have been of the mind for about a year now long before murdoch's meltdown, kidman couldnt have murdoch's billions purchase her a decent role right now. Kidman MAY still have the contacts to put out her pointless photo ops and still get invites to movie premieres...but it clearly does not have any effect on whether she is still a viable comodity in lalaland.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
I realize as I type this it could well be the last time I get to use my fingers, the next entry may well be with the nubs that used to hold my hands, but, what the H**l. . . it's hot, and I'm feeling crazy this morning, so, for your consideration:"


Well, hoosier...to put on my "political" hat for a moment...my other point of interest...I am not at all surprised by the piece. The fact is there is NOT much difference between democrats and republicans...not in the more important "entrenced" and day to day workings of DC. If people thought that "things" were going to "change" in DC because of Obama...and I was one of them...well now they realize he didnt...and most likely doesnt want to. So is it true, "they all do it"...absolutely. Do OTHER news media hack...probably...is the news media in this country today simple stenographers for the government? YEP. Bush w tortured...obama tortures...bush w spied on US citizens...obama spies on US citizens...bush w indefinately detained WITHOUT due process...obama indefinately detains without due process...and incredibly...obama now "orders" assasinations WITHOUT due process! The country is in descent of an "imperial presidency"...the media blindly goes along for simple "access" to our new royal overloads...and life goes on...within you and without you....

maclen said...

Urban Myths said...
"Hey Anna! Good to hear from you. Good luck with your move and please keep in touch.
Note to maclen: We love the movie poster you posted on the E board. Humbly asking for permission to add it to UM's photo gallery... with full credit to you, of course.


Abso-freaking-lutely you can post the mock up on the UM photo gallery, Urban Myths! I'm flattered you wish to post it. As I mentioned over on the E! board...they both are in violation of the title of that film...kidman in movie theaters and murdoch in the private lives of ordinary people!

Hatti said...

Oh maclen...Your poster looks absolutely smashing!!! I do believe you captured the true character of Trespass!! ((giggles))))

Well RM may have been a true treasure to Moosie for a very long time. It seems the treasure has turned to fools gold...both of them being the fools!! :D

Hatti said...

Anna...Please post when you can. We miss you!! Have a great time in the UK.

Try to avoid any contact with RM at all cost!! You don't want his humblness to spray all over you! ((giggles)))

Tara said...

The patriot Act ruined privacy in this country. About 30 years ago Ted Kennedy tried to stop Murdoch from buying broadcast facilities because he felt that Murdoch was trying to wield influence and slant the airwaves - I believe it was the Fairness Doctrine that Kennedy used to stop Murdoch and of course the Fairness Doctrine was jumped all over by Murdoch and his henchmen because they felt it violated the fist amendment you should have to off differing opinions. This guy is a corporate criminal.

Hatti said...

Tara, you sound like me talking about Moosie. She has her henchmen too. I believe she has threatened more than just the paps with her henchmen. And b/c of RM's power she has not been touched!! Maybe that will change now. One can only hope!!

David's girl said...

Urban Myths- your blog is, as always awesome!
Maclen- your poster rocks!
Hati- don't worry I will be staying as far away from Rupert as I can.
I am leaving the world of journalism behind and devoting myself to fiction writing full time. (Blogging on the exploits of the Bride of Urbanstein was marvelous training for this, I'm sure you understand)
I really hope that by the end of the year I will be able to invite you all to buy my book.
It's a paranormal erotic romance...so it might not be everyones cup of tea...(which I TOTALLY understand) these type of books are all that publishers want at the moment. STILL I refused to write about vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and angels no matter how much my they harped on about it, so it's about...(drum roll)....nah...I'm gonna let you all wait and find out when it's published. ;)
So even if you don't like that sort of book I hope you will all read it anyway.
Much love
(Sorry about posting under the wrong account, in the packing I've packed my journal with all my passwords and shipped it to the UK already)

maclen said...

So, it seems the clearer...and as expected...picture is finally being revealed in regard to orb's tour. As this article, revealed over at the E! negative board by hit n run....


Keith Urban gets close to fans during user-friendly show at The Q

"...played especially well to the ladies in the 6,000-strong crowd."

...and then orb's gig tonight...


Photos, review: Keith Urban connects with fans at Van Andel Arena

"making more than 8,500 fans feel as if they had the best seat in the house."

...seems to make the suspicions of orb's rather lackluster tour turnout a rather viable reality, doesnt it? So, let's see..."reported" turnouts of 7,000, 8,000, 6,000 and now 8,500...thats an average of 7,375 per show!
Pollstar's mid year top 100 North American tours between jan 1, 2011 and june 30, 2011 reveals that

swifty is averaging 30,000 tickets in 18 shows,

chesney is averaging 19,544 tickets in 34 shows

paisley is averaging 11,618 tickets in 22 shows

aldrean 11,012 in 30 shows

zac brown 9,653 in 18 shows

sugarland 8,983 in 25 shows

flatts 8,942 in 24 shows

...so it would NOT surprise me at all if orb IS IN FACT trailing MOST of this year's country touring acts. JUST AS orb is trailing in weekly cd sales and in total cds sold...his tour is now bringing up the end.

Hatti said...

Anna I will certainly buy your book although I am a Sherlock buff I will read it just for you!!

I think one day there will be a book out telling all about the KUNK escapades!! I will be happy to contribute to that book for free!! (giggles)))))

Anna take care of yourself, I hope you and your family are going to be happy where ever you are!!

blue sky said...

Anna, I'm a huge fan of the paranormal subject, so please keep us updated.

maclen, with those stats on ticket sales, can anyone tell me how Urban can be nominated for any entertainer of the year awards this upcoming year?

maclen said...

blue sky said...
"maclen, with those stats on ticket sales, can anyone tell me how Urban can be nominated for any entertainer of the year awards this upcoming year?"

Well, blue sky, IF it does turn out just as in cd sales, orb IS trailing the 7 touring country acts I mention above in attendence....AND orb DOES recieve an "entertainer" nod...then you can just put it as clearly being a case that the "fix is in!" As I've maintained before, woman RARELY get nominated...unless they've had PHENOMINAL years...but if your a dude...and no matter HOW LACKLUSTER a year they've had...it almost seems if they're in that "boys" club...then you cant help but simply get nominated. And in orb's case, since actually winning the CMA entertainer WAY back in 2005...he seems, no matter what, to get nominated the 5 years in row straight.

Tara said...

With the change in the Grammys and the rise of new younger people in Country Music I think this will be the first time in 10 years Keith won't get any nominations in any major awards. I can't see it happening.

Hatti said...

Well Tara I hate to bring up the obvious, but this year it may be very different without Moosie's heavy foot in it all. I think her pocketbook is not going to make a difference.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"With the change in the Grammys and the rise of new younger people in Country Music I think this will be the first time in 10 years Keith won't get any nominations in any major awards. I can't see it happening."

Clearly, Tara...with the changes to the Grammy's...I would also say that is it for orb's "obligatory" Grammy!
So, the PR BS rolls on...with more "80's rock" veterans thrown into orb's rather extensive "influence" gumbo...


Keith Urban Cites AC/DC, Mellencamp, Gilmour and Knopfler As Influences (A Top Story)

"On Monday Keith Urban Cites AC/DC, Mellencamp, Gilmour and Knopfler As Influences was a top story. Here is the recap: (Gibson) Country star Keith Urban shared some of his influences in a new interview with Taste of Country. He said that his new single, "Long Hot Summer," has shades of Bryan Adams, John Mellencamp and even AC/DC."

...so, along with the initial nods to U2, Tom Petty, AC/DC, McCartney covered in his show... and The Beatles as his intro...then in subsequent promo interviews, orb then also cited Mark Knopfler, Gary Gilmour and Clapton as huge influences. Then when his show was headed into Jersey, Springsteen was bandied about as a huge "influence" on his "concert style."(yeah, isnt it funny how now that the jersey show has come and gone...springsteen IS NO LONGER mentioned in promo as a big influence?) So now we come to today's promo piece...and orb has now introduced John Mellencamp and Bryan Adams into his extensive 'influence gumbo." So, just for dramatic effect...I'll list ALL of orb's influences for this summer's tour...

• U2
• Tom Petty
• Paul McCartney
• The Beatles
• Mark Knopfler
• Gary Gilmour
• Eric Clapton
• Bruce Springsteen
• John Mellencamp
• Bryan Adams

Now I find it HIGHLY comical that orb IS NOW citing Mellencamp and Adams as big influences on his single, Long Hot Summer...since I immediately...and posted right after the song was released...that the song was a tapestry of lifted melodies off of songs by The Police and the Greg Kihn Band! They were even mentioned to orb in an interview last year and orb AGREED! Then it was revealed by someone here, I forget who exactly...that the lyric, "brown skin shimmering in the sun" was a lift off of Boys of Summer by Don Henley. Clearly orb HAS ABSOLUTELY NO sense of who his is! He OBVIOUSLY wants to be someone else. Seeing how lackluster the turnout for his tour is panning out...I have no doubt as to the reason why he would want to be someone else...AND NOT who he is right now! And again I must reiterate...orb IS trying to pretend to be an "80's rocker!" Well, I WILL give him one thing...he's got the "frosted highlights" down just perfect!

maclen said...

...so before I begin, let me correct an error I just noticed...lest someone claim I KNOW NOT of what I speak...it's David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame...and not "Gary Gilmour" as I listed in my previous comment. By the way, turns out Gary Gilmour is a former cricket player...from Australia! The name MUST have been swimming in my subconcious!

So, on to my comment. So it would seem some are making reference that the orb is NO LONGER making reference to kidman at his gigs? And it is very clear kidman's "influence" on the songs of his cd have also been excised from the promo pieces and interviews as orb obviously is trying to get is "80's rock" on! As we all of the "what are you thinking?" mindset who could clearly see that the orb was raging into his tour... not with a mean wielding rocker AX...but with a pathetic "Guitar Hero" toy hookup...who is now trying to play the hardcore classic shredder! It is no surprise that the stuff built on originally... off of the "tofu vanilla blandness" of kidman was NOT going to cut it on tour this summer? Because orb did relatively well in 2009? Again, realize orb had Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Dierks Bentley, Zack Brown Band, Jason Aldean, and Lady Antebellum OPENING for him in 2009 in half of his 60+ gigs. This year he ONLY has jake owen. That there alone speaks to why it looks like orb is only drawing somewhere in between 7k to maybe 8k tickets per show. And again, the music...why would anyone go to see orb's "imitation" 80's rock show, when they can obviously go to see ACTUAL 80's rock icons on tour this year! Yes...like this summer's top grossing tour...U2. Or Prince...or Rush...or Bon Jovi... even 70's classic icons...rod stewart/stevie Nicks, Bob segar, Elton John. I'm sure people would rather watch the "real" thing...and NOT orb's lame imitation!

Tara said...

gary Gilmour was also the subject of Norman Mailer's The Executioners song and was the first man to be executed in the US after the Supreme Court said the Death Penalty could be used- thats right useless trivia.

Gee Keith was in Michigan and sang Seger at his last concert- where is Bob from? When he was in Jersey he talked about Springsteen. When he was in the midwest he talked about Mellencamp - I am sure if he was over in England he would be talking about Brian May. It's obvious that its a way to relate to the audience in the area he is touring in- and Keith does appreciate other artist.

F.I.N.E said...

like not mentioning her is going to exorcise her off the music... not for me. what percentage of his music has not been tied to her in some way or another. i'll listen to a good classic rock cover so long as i don't get a whiff of her in the process but and that's about it. so no way i'd ever attend any of his concerts again! they are just kidman "inspired" fests.

Hatti said...

Well F.I.N.E, I can understand how you feel. He put out a cover that was just him and the majority voted for it. Then he turns around and puts a silhouette a little to close to Moosie's liking and that's the cover.

Not good practice. You are suppose to read your fans wants not go against them. So that and all the drivel caused the CD to plummet.

Now there are a few songs I really like but since Moosie promoted this CD and is financially involved with the CD I personally will not buy one song from it!! I wouldn't put on shilling in her coffer!!! (giggles)))

See she really doesn't care about his career so she is using it to promote herself. I'm sure he has gotten paid well to do this, but it has affected his career to a point that I really don't know if he would ever be able to come back from it.

So at least he has listened enough to his fans to stop saying stupid things like BG and referencing her when singing a song she wasn't anywhere in the picture to influence.

So we hear a collective sigh of relief from his fans due to this change in his behavior. It's pretty bad to abuse fans like that!!

hoosierlady said...

Tara said...
gary Gilmour was also the subject of Norman Mailer's The Executioners song and was the first man to be executed in the US after the Supreme Court said the Death Penalty could be used- thats right useless trivia.

One girl's useless trivia is the first thing that popped into another girl's mind.

Tara said...

So in a recent magazine article. Keith said that some of the highlights of his career include:
Just before Golden Road broke and there was a build up for it.
Somebody like You staying on the charts 8 weeks and subsequently being the #1 song of the period 2000-2009. Having his shows attract 10-12 thousand or more for the first time (Be Here tour). Winning Entertainer of the Year (2005) and having a CD debut #1 on the top of the Billboard charts.
With the exception of the last event mentioned all of those happened before Kidman. Isn't that interesting that even Keith must see that the glory days may be behind him.

Hatti said...

(((giggles))) He said it all!! ;)

maclen said...

So, in this week's cd sales stock watch...seems the orb is once again MIA in the top 25 selling country cds...


Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 43,293 1,577,419

Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give 16,011 1,074,583

Taylor Swift Speak Now 13,069 3,562,651

Lady Anthebellum Need You Now 8,790 3,587,965

Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey 8,494 891,617

Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 7,655 918,740

orb ??? ???

...so...despite all the "fabulous" reviews...how orb is the "rockin'ous"...most "tireless" guitar hero shredder...basically now obviously trying to do his best "springsteen" impersonation on stage...his cd sales have now fallen into the mid 2k sales. And quite obviously, his tour turnout still is leaving much to be desired...as according to this review, the orb is some kind of "rock and romancer!"


Review -- Keith Urban whips up rockin' and romance at Hampton Coliseum

Tuesday was ladies night at Hampton Coliseum as Keith Urban rolled into town, seemingly intent on breaking hearts and lifting spirits with soaring pop-country tunes.

"Women outnumbered men by probably 4 to 1 at the concert and Urban seemed to enjoy the wave of female attention. In mid-set, he performed several songs perched on a miniature stage positioned in the middle of the floor seats, allowing fans a 360-degree view of his long, lean frame."

...yeah, those "frosted highlights must also be a main attraction for the ladies...BUT...apparently NOT enough for a sellout!

"After that song, Urban paused a moment to survey the cheering Coliseum crowd -- not quite at capacity, but still quite big."

...yes, apparenly also "but still quite big" is still a rather relative issue with orb. As I noticed that the "last orb fansie in the world" posted a "review" that claims orb played to 10k at the auburn hills palace. Well, IF 10,000 bodies...in the 22k to 23k capacity auburn hills palace IS ALSO considered "still quite big"...then MORE THAN a 50% EMPTY arena is GOOD ENOUGH for orb! So, apparently, those "frosted highlights"...and those "tight pants" or a complete "360 degree view" of his long lean frame is just not good enough of an attraction for a sold out house! Who would have "thunk?!" HA!

Tara said...

Wonder how things will be at Casa de Kurban when Nicold starts getting cast as the middle age mother to teens or young adults who may be the stars of the film? That is just around the corner isn't it?

maclen said...



Kenny Chesney tour to make history in New Jersey

Country singer Kenny Chesney looks to be setting a New Jersey record with his Aug. 13 visit to New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey.

The New Meadowlands website reports that the show has already sold more tickets than last year’s top selling concert featuring The Eagles, Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban. Chesney’s performance will be the single biggest ticketed country show in the area since Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Linda Ronstadt played at Giants Stadium in 1983 in front of over 51,000. Allaccess.com reports that over 44,100 tickets for Chesney’s show have been purchased as of July 28."

...of course, not very surprising...considering I've pretty much pointed this out on numberous occasions...but just for continuity sake...lets see...YEP...NO WAY was "springsteen-lite" orb EVEN NEAR this place... attempting to play at THIS VENUE! Orb is considered LUCKY to fill a max 10k audience... in a 22k venue! So I would DEFINATELY say chesney IS WAY more "the Boss-like" heading into jersey than fancy "tight" pants prancing boy orb!

maclen said...

...ahem...part deux...

Van Andel Arena. Grand Rapids, MI
capacity- Concerts: 13,184 (via wiki)


review: Keith Urban connects with fans at Van Andel Arena

July 22, 2011

"Friday evening, country superstar Keith Urban really hit that mark, making more than 8,500 fans feel as if they had the best seat in the house."

...4,684 tickets NOT SOLD...4,684 EMPTY SEATS.


Gonzo's Top 5: Taylor Swift concert is sold out, but you still have options

July 28, 2011

"Are you one of the lucky ones going to Taylor Swift’s sold-out show tonight at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids? It could easily be No. 1 on any list. If you do attend, make sure to come back to Mlive.com and check out our review and photos."

...0 tickets UNSOLD...0 EMPTY SEATS...

Hatti said...

Tara...Moosie Girl is so desperate she would be a teens grandmother just to get a part!! She really don't want to go out on the road!! ((giggles)))) She is hoping to get something before Canada happens she don't want to go!! ((giggles))) To spend two days out of LA or NY please that is the PITTS!!! ((giggles)))

Tara said...

Hattie I think actually having to have to stay in Nashville to make a movie will be tough on her- she might have to spend more than 3 or 4 days there.

Hatti said...

((giggles)) Oh yes that hill billy place look at what she has to stoop to just to stay away from that stupid bus!! ((giggles))

I think this is one of those times she a...careful what you wish for, you just might get it. ((giggles))

Well she got it!! She broadsided it wrapped it up and now she's got to eat it brkfst lunch and dinner!!

I love the quote that the article said, KU said. That SHE has been working a long time trying to get this done, since SHE lives there. It makes it so much easier then dragging the kids and everything to another place.

To me he sounds like a bystander!! Just observing!! ((giggles)) Where's the WE IN ALL THAT!!!

Kids a very American word don't you think?? ;)

Tara said...

Keith would pee green for a year if he could become an American.

Has anyone seen the latest Urban Development over at .nut? Well you can view it over on the promoter thread on e but I will save you the effort. Keith says he is an entertainer- (um didn't someone make that comment here?) that he isn't out because of a new record that he is there to entertain.

Do you think on the few times that Keith and Nicold get together in the bunker of the big house in Nashville, that they just might view this blog?

Hatti said...

((giggles) Oh Tara I do believe you just had a epiphany!! ((giggles))

Yes, I do believe they both read everything from this blog and E absolutely.

That is the fun of it. You can shake em up and watch what happens!!!

maclen does a superb job!! ((giggles))

And Moosie girl well she is paranoid can't have anyone critize she is perfect you know. ;) That is my main objective to burn her bippy!! :D

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Has anyone seen the latest Urban Development over at .nut? Well you can view it over on the promoter thread on e but I will save you the effort. Keith says he is an entertainer- (um didn't someone make that comment here?) that he isn't out because of a new record that he is there to entertain."

Yes Tara...that is precisely the reponse from someone WHO KNOWS he is IS NOT selling cds or putting bodies into stadium seats! Clearly orb has "seen the writing on the wall"... or the writing on this blog! So of course HE IS NOT on tour to sell cds...because he isnt...SO, his story is he is out there simply to "entertain you" and not "impress" anyone! HA! Also interesting about that "developement" video is that the question he was responding to on that point IS NOT included in the video...when I recall viewing other videos that did include the questions. The question must have been pretty embarrassing, so they excised it! So CLEARLY, orb has caught onto certainly MY main theme that his fansie's are deserting him like rats on a sinking ship...so this tour he's quite obviously trying to bend over backward to OVER cater to them! Yes, All 7 or 8k of them!

maclen said...

Hatti said...
((giggles) Oh Tara I do believe you just had a epiphany!! ((giggles))
Yes, I do believe they both read everything from this blog and E absolutely.
That is the fun of it. You can shake em up and watch what happens!!!
maclen does a superb job!! ((giggles))"

Yes Hatti...the COMBINED brain trust on the innertube blogs...the simple commom sense and rather base logic that is produced on these threads would clearly be monitored by their paid shills! Fortunately for us...they havent paid heed and are following their usual...and no doubt outdated...PR BS, making it a rather satisfying excercise in outing their ineptitude.
For it is in my "studied" opinion that orb has turned out to be a touring "dud"...of course, as predicted...orb's tour is paleing in comparison to his 2009 tour. I mean...

...hold it...there's new info just off the news ticker...some good news for the orb, perhaps?


From golf to concerts, Toledo's economy gets big boost

Friday, July 29, 2011

"From the Country Club to country music; country music super star Keith Urban performed in front of a sold out crowd at the Huntington Center on Friday night."

...well, could it be...only orb's second "sellout?" Could he be making a HUGE comeback out on the road? Maybe I will have to eat my words, huh? Oh wait, there's more...

"More than 7,000 people packed the house."

....7 bloody thousand? 7 zero, zero, zero people? Never mind, orb's tour IS a dud!
Wiki says the huntington Center in Toledo is a "8000-seat multi-purpose arena"...I guess those extra 1000 seats were lost to orb's "roller coaster" strategic set, right Hatti! There has been NO reported numbers for orb's gig at the 20k capacity Verizon Center in DC of course. But I have NO DOUBT is was LESS than capacity...at about MORE than 50% inattendence!

A440 said...

I'm of mixed feelings about Nicole putting Nashville to work for films. It may endear her to those looking for work -- any work -- who find it in connection with her production. Nashville may be pleased that it's being used for location work. It's definitely an income-generator on so many levels.

On the other hand, the street closings, the late-night shoots, the paparazzi increase, the intrusion and noise, etc. may grate on some, who will point to Nicole as the cause. This could backfire on her.

hoosierlady said...

Have dates disappered from the tour list? I thought at the beginning of the summer both Indianapolis, (at the state fair) and Fort Wayne were listed, and now just Fort Wayne is.

Just wondering if it has been cut down in scope because of lack of interest?

Hatti said...

I wouldn't worry about it Tara we know with Moosie alot of things can happen by 2012!! So many can drop out or postponed for some reason. There is always something when it comes to Moosie being part of the cast. ;)

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Have dates disappered from the tour list? I thought at the beginning of the summer both Indianapolis, (at the state fair) and Fort Wayne were listed, and now just Fort Wayne is.
Just wondering if it has been cut down in scope because of lack of interest?"

Dont recall an appearence at the state fair in Indianapolis, hoosier...but apparently the orb IS playing at the West Virginia State Fair in Lewisburg tonight alongside miranda lambert. Havent been able to find any info on when this appearence, which DOES NOT show up in any of his tour schedules...but according to the website, he was added about a month ago. Seems orb was looking to play somewhere...anywhere... this summer with the "elite" country performer lambert...as opposed to his ONLY opening act...the newcomer jake owen!

Tara said...

Yes there are at least 3-4 dates dropped from the first listing of dates. The only PR is on 2 Phoenix and Glendale with Scheduling being the reason..

So Keith has headed back to the studio with Huff for some recording
as Jule Roberts said in Pretty Women-"big mistake Huge!"

Kidman while not in NYC but in New Orleans late las week and then back in Nashville appeared quite
irked while watching Crazy Sexy Love. Wonder if she is jealous that her contemporaries Marisa, Kevin Bacon and Julianne (the one you stole the Oscar from) Moore are working in a film that will actually make money- the movie by the way was very funny- it was about relationships - maybe Nicole couldn't understand the plot since there was no contract involved?

Hatti said...

(((giggles))) Right on Tara!! All her money and she has to use it to get a man!! Brother and one that only wanted to be left alone!

I'm sorry but I wouldn't give my phone number unless very interested and the guy asked me! Here she sticks it in his hand and six months later she has to get her people to call his people!! ((giggles)))

Don't ya just love it?? What a love story now that would make a good movie...Contract Marriage.... How I Roped My Husband!!!


maclen said...

Hey....temper temper orb...


Click here to find out more!
Keith Urban Accused Of Beating On Paparazzo's Car

"Keith Urban has been accused of losing his temper and beating on a paparazzo's car, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively confirmed the celebrity snapper filed an incident report in Tennessee.

According to Don Aaron of the Madison Metro Police Department, photog Willem Pieterson claimed his car was punched and kicked by the country crooner on Wednesday, July 27 after he took pictures of Keith and his wife Nicole Kidman exiting a restaurant."

...just because your tour is a dud...dude chill out! HA! Either "addict" orb is back on the "stuff"...or had TOO much to drink at dinner...it appears orb now wants you to get closer...so he can punch or kick you! We'll see if this story bears out... HA!

Hatti said...

Now maclen...I had posted several times that neither of them were in Nash on the 27th. KU was going from the Hamptons to Wash DC. Moosie girl was in Lousianna helping to find her stand in?? The only one that needs a stand in?? And has been shooting parts of this movie there.

Now there are no pics of either of them being in Nash. No restaurant pics...no parking lots....no Starbucks!!

So what does Moosie girl have to do..the boring Moosie girl..the boring married Moosie girl?? Oh yes, a false claim that KU beat the car of her own paps.

Really bright Moosie girl. We all know you don't run on all cylinders but I think you blew out your last one!!! (((giggles))))

Tara said...

Keith losing his temper and showing it in public. Bad Move. Which is why I think this is probably false for some reason. If this were a Pap there would be pictures and where are they? Could this be a ploy by Nicole to finally leave Nashville for good?(its not safe for her) Could this be a way to keep Keith in line? Stay tune, pop the corn and sit back I think we have some drama ahead of us.

Tara said...

I will amend my previous post. I think its false in that its just Keith losing his temper at a pap there is something more.
I still want pictures

Hatti said...

Yes Tara pics are the only way to believe this. Here's why:

1...KU was in the Hamptons on the 26th and in Wash DC the 28 th. No reason to be in TN for not even a day.

2...The man hates Italian food except for Pineapple pizza. So if he were going to go eat near there it would be a Ken's Sushi.

3...Willem Pieterson is the paps that Moosie girl's bodyguard Garrison beat the tar out of and the guy kept filming.

4...He was paid off and now works for Moosie!! Sop he would have kept filming!! ((giggles)))

5...No pics of any of it the guy was taking pics of them in Giovanni's?? Sure they were!!

6...Everyone I know says, neither of them were in Nash on the 27th!!

So what is the reason?? Well KU isn't singing her praises any longer. She is going to make him the brunt of her PR anyway. If he doesn't start advertising for her at his shows more of this will happen!! MARK MY WORDS!!

A440 said...

I'm having a hard time seeing Keith using his fists. The taboo to never do anything that would injure the hands is so great in instrumentalists that it is virtually ingrained.

The worst I've heard is that, when younger, he upturned tables in anger. But I've never heard of him pounding anything or anybody.

Tara, I'm with you: I wanna see pix or video.

maclen said...

Well, actually I'd prefer to comment on orb's rather enemic tour attendence...but since the papparatz alleged attack by orb...that's the ONLY story pretty much being looped across the innertubes. Well, E! online has gotten it's beak wet on this story...


Paparazzo: Keith Urban Attacked Me!

"Willem Pietersen, the photographer who filed a complaint with Nashville police Monday, after the country music star allegedly assaulted the photog's car, tells E! News that he did nothing to warrant Urban's supposed action."

So it appears the paparattz is coming forward with this complaint. The only point that concerns me on this is whether or not it occured as charged. I suppose it could simply be a case of he said/he said...and if this case GOES beyond the simple police report...and if this guy will continue to a "civil lawsuit" over it. In which case I would expect orb to simply "settle" the case monetarily. And then everyone will simply believe what ever they want over whether it occured or not. BUT...as I mentioned...IT CANNOT be good for orb's struggling tour to have this thing out there, overshadowing his tour promo. People are wondering whether or not orb went all psycho on this pap...and not getting any of orb rather lame "PR BS" over how he wants to get close and chummy with his peeps! Well, tommorrow I will see how pathetic orb's cd sales stock remains at the very bottom of country cds sales!

123xyz said...

Keith was not in the Hamptons. He was in Hampton,Va.

This is not the same pap that was involved in the other incident.

It does seem out of character for Keith to do this.

Tara said...

I think if provoked anyone can be that enraged.

This is why there should be pictures produced

So we know Kidman and Keith were at the restaurant on Monday evening the 25th-

We know Kidman was in New Orleans on Thursday the 28th- they had cast meetings etc

Between that time its all murky

What if this pap has something in his shots that aren't that terrific for the Kurbans? Perhaps a little blackmail is being played?
Or as I said yesterday Keith is being kept in line by Kidman.

Will we ever know? Do we care?

maclen said...

So, in this week's cd sales stock numbers...


Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 41,505 1,618,924

Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give 15,486 1,090,069

Taylor Swift Speak Now 14,146 3,576,797

Lady Anthebellum Need You Now 8,790 3,587,965

Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey 8,125 899,742

Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 7,107 925,847

orb Get Closer 3,396 621,816

...so orb is back up to his usual 3k sales. And again, because I really love this data...this stat...at this sales rate, by the end of this year...the orb will have sold about 690k cds! Of course, long before the end of this year, I expect his cd sales will have shrunk to irrelevent numbers. So clearly, another "platinum" cert is most assuredly out of reach. Unless of course the RIAA gets VERY generous and gives orb a plat status for 700k cds sold and 300k "shipped"...which they pretty much did for orb previous "platinum" cd, Defying Sales! Now I hear rumors that orb may be already headed back to the studio for some recording. If true, it does NOT surprise me. Orb can NO LONGER wait two full years before putting out new material...with his paltry cd sales, he needs new stuff yearly. So he's gonna put out MORE stuff...FAR MORE inferior product...with LESS buyers...declining live tour audiences...not exactly a good combination for a realistic comeback!

Hatti said...

This Paps is on Moosie girl's payroll. This guy was the guy Garrison beat up. Now if there is a link that can prove other wise? Please post.

Now lets see he is in Virginia headed for Washington but he makes a U turn and goes to TN for less than a day to then go back past VA to get to Wash???

And the fans aren't yelling he is using too much gas!! Please! The best part of all this is she was in NO trying to find a stand in for her part?? A stand in!!

Yes well I'm sure when M Mc gets through telling her what a lousy actress she is, she will find some reason so bow out!!! ((giggles))

hoosierlady said...

I don't know if we care, but it certainly has all chatting, doesn't it?

Hatti said...

Ok so now the rest owner tweeted that he hasn't seen KU in weeks! I know he hasn't cause how many times can you eat pineapple pizza!((giggles)))

Poor Moosie she is so desperate for PR and KU isn't giving her any at his concerts. She can't even cry to Uncle Rupie he's to busy to worry about the Moose! ;)

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"This Paps is on Moosie girl's payroll. This guy was the guy Garrison beat up. Now if there is a link that can prove other wise? Please post."

Well, as I commented a few days ago, I couldnt find a name. Then I recalled hit n run commenting over at the E! NEG thread that the name given at the time who was beaten was "Jeremy" who worked for Flynet. Here is flynet's quotes...

5:55 am - 03/14/2008

"Then on Thursday, our Flynet photog Jeremy and his 53 year old paparazzi friend were once again following Nicole Kidman and her bodyguard as they were making their way to the gym. The vehicle they were in stopped and the bodyguard stepped out, obviously in an agressive manner. Jeremy pulled out his video camera, hoping to quiz the bodyguard about the incident on Wednesday but as you can see from the clip, the bodyguard was in no mood to chat. Jeremy stepped back inside of his vehicle but that didn't stop the bodyguard from attacking him anyway!"

Hatti, where do you get the info that it was the SAME papparatz?

hoosierlady said...
"I don't know if we care, but it certainly has all chatting, doesn't it?"

Well, hoosier my only interest is whether it is true or not. If it turns out the pap made it up for simple publicity or a settlement...then that's that. If not, and there was an incident...then I of course will simply chalk it up to orb losing his cool because of his declining career...low cd sales and pathetic tour attendence. Or as I previously stated...he's back on the junk or he's trying to numb himself out the end of a bottle!

123xyz said...

Hatti if you knew anything about the movie biz you would know that a stand in is used for lighting and blocking of the scenes. They don't have the principles (Kidman) stand around while the lighting dept gets all that set. Depending on the shot, it could take hours to get the lighting right. So they use a stand in. Someone of the same height, weight, hair color and complexion to bounce the lights off of. That's why they are looking for someone local in Nashville for her next film. Not for any other reason. Certainly not to take over the role. Stand ins don't even run lines.
VA to Nashville is nothing on a plane. He didn't get into DC (not Washington the state) until the day of the show, again another quick flight. So that gives him a full day at home.
No this pap is not the same guy from the previous incident. No matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it so. I don't have anything to prove, you prove it's the same guy.

hoosierlady said...

What I meant to say was that it has certainly kicked up their names in the blogosphere, and the gossip sites.

I'm thinking mission accomplished?

Hatti said...

For the Moose maybe, she is the one that needs the PR. He is not living up to the contract!! He is not singing her praises at his concerts. He is not jumping through hoops.

I guess she will try a few more stunts we will have to wait for her next stupid move!!

You know what? You can pull a puppet's strings just so tight and then they snap!! I think she is about to find out how it feels when the strings are broken!! Her other puppet (RM) is too busy to have his strings pulled!!

All alone is the Moosie girl now?? Oh sooooo alone!! ((giggles))))))

Hatti said...

123 No I don't know anything about that business never wanted to. So how come MMc and the other actors didn't have to be in NO to find a stand in for them? We hear nothing about them needing a stand in. Only the Moose!! Seems to me she is the least of the star power in this movie! ((giggles))))

Hatti said...

maclen...I remember his name b/c when this happened and Moosie girl kicked the older man and took his camera....herself....then the trainer finished the guy off. I saw it all. Then the video of her putting the camera in the garbage herself!!

The next day the paps were about 25 feet behind Moosie's car when Garrison stepped out and walked all the way back to the paps car. He grabbed the paps by the collar and started to pummel him. Willem kept filming all the time he was being hurt. Then he took a pic of his face and called 911 said he was badly beaten in the face ((he was))) and could no longer drive.

When they said the guy's name was Willem Pieterson I said to myself...Holy Cow....the guy is Russian. Well I knew Moosie had some dealings with the Russians in the past so I figured she was making a statement!!!!

She was not afraid to have her henchmen beat this guy in broad daylight but she never expected it to get out in the media so fast. All of it came out!!

Now this guy is on her speed dial that was one of the stipulations. So he just made some extra money. And if there still are no pics out there you know it's phoney baloney!! Who is an expert on phoney baloney?? Oh yes Moosie girl!! Absolutely!!

maclen...she put that out to teach KU a lesson you sing my praises or more of this will appear!!! Wait and see!!

I know he wasn't in town on the 27th and now the restaurant owner says, he hasn't been there in weeks!! So there you have it!! I don't say things unless I am absolutely sure!!

Tara said...

Does anyone really care if Nicole is not comfortable on the set of her next movie failure? Nah didn't think so.

So day 4 of raging stupid boy and we haven't seen pictures of the rage in action. PR stunt or growing pains?

hoosierlady said...


hoosierlady said...

When they said the guy's name was Willem Pieterson I said to myself...Holy Cow....the guy is Russian.

You knew the guy was Russian because. . . Boris and Natasha were with him? You knew our Nic has had dealings with the Russians because. . Boris and Natasha drank Vodka with her?

Where do you get this stuff Hatti?

123xyz said...

They all have stand ins. Some actors use the same people all the time. Some use a different person for each film. It's nothing new. Look at the credits to any film.

123xyz said...

The restaurant owner didn't say that. Someone tweeted that the restaurant owner said that. Keith just said in an interview in the Tennessean that he ate dinner there on the Monday night of last week. He was interviewed on Tuesday for the article. If you knew anything about Keith, you'd know that if he likes something he'll go back many times in row and eat the same thing at the same place. I know for a fact that he didn't get into DC until the day of the show. My hotel was right by the venue and I saw the buses pull in on Thursday.
Read the article in the Tennessean. At the point he was interviewed he didn't have any reason to lie about saying he ate there on Monday. The incident hadn't happened yet. It took place on Wednesday. He talks about flying home, even for the day and flying to the first city of the next show, which would have been on Thursday.

Hatti said...

Oh yes and here is another article. So KU is home getting up at seven and taking care of kids at the same time he is having lunch with Efron and Moosie in NO. Oh of course he is. Pics anyone???

What's the matter he's not where she wants him to be? So we are going to have stupid crap. Oh and yes there are two no pic tweets to absolutely substantiate them being there b/c they saw them having dinner together!! ((giggles)))

Hatti said...

Hoosier...In the archives there is a video of her entering a Russian restaurant alone. Have you ever seen that? Did you know she put it out there that she bought a house in the UK next to some shady Russian big wigs?? No?? I guess you didn't research that either.

Well then she puts the Russian guy that Garrison just happens to beat the tar out of on her payroll. Now isn't that strange?

Heck I can't help it if she puts it out there then I will make sure it stays out there!!

Just trying to help !! This blog is about the company Moosie keeps now isn't it??? ((giggles)))

Hatti said...

Tara...We know KU put out that article right?? You know the Tennessean is so above board that they wouldn't put out something Moosie girl told them to? Tara my dear, she still manipulates the written word even though Rupie is in trouble.

No KU did not say anything of the sort. But then it will all come out in the wash! It always does.

Tara said...

Why do the Kurbans never allow the press to come to the big house nor the farm?

He is playing in Nashville soon that's why the article in the local paper.

I think the good citizens of Nashville have been over Kidman since 2005. She aint a big deal.

I didn't realize til I looked at the dates but the tour is almost over- wow

and day 9 and no pictures
in fact no pictures from anywhere just twit wits

hoosierlady said...

No, eating alone is not strange, I usually take a book.

I live in Indiana so a Russian restaraunt to me would be a little strange.

Shady Ruskies? The cold war ended in 1982, I believe in shady Ruskies, I have trouble believing that anyone in seats of political power really give a big rat's behind what our little Nic does. She is an actress, she does not command wild power over anyone, Hatti, she isn't even effective in her UN post, she doesn't seem to have the intellectual concentration to properly pull it off, to me she seems easily bored and more than a little flighty.

Please, spare me the Ruppert Murdoch--I know all about it from news sources.

That being said, you are right, you definately know much more about these people than I could ever hope to care to know.

Hatti, Hatti, Hatti.

Hatti said...

Yes Tara...Amber Goodhand the reporter that put out the infamous attack works for radaronline in HW?? And she is reporting on this?? What did she do borrow Moosie girl's high powered broom to get to Nash in record time?? ((giggles)))

It seems that alot of these so called reporters aren't really working for any specific paper. I was kind of shocked by that.

We don't have any bio on the writer of music at the Knoxville News Wayne Bledsoe

The Tennessean that did another article with KU spewing all the Moosie girl and family crap is a marketing director or Wallmart??

Gee I don't know....do these people actually interview or do they just send in what is sent to them. Today with the internet and twitter do we really know what is truth from fiction??

Urban Myths said...

Here's an interview with the pap...


Tara said...

If you read the wonderful Teddy C today you know he is being kept on a very short leash.

so what (and I have nothing other than just a suppose) the woman in the car isn't Kidman at all.
What if contrary to the interview there is some wheeling and dealing going around? Ironic that Teddy talks about Kidman being in control yet we aren't quite sure of where she was. And the Restaurant owner say THEY haven't been in since the 25th- so why not show the pictures? He said he had them exiting the building why not show them? Unless its not Kidman at all.

Hatti said...

Oh yes this to me is very funny. Now the guy has the restaurant owner trying to get into his car as KU is pounding on the car??

So is he going to charge Giovanni with trying to breakin and enter?? Gee I wonder if that gets more hard time than just kicking the car!((giggles__

Can it get anymore ridiculous!1 ((giggles))

What Moosie will do for PR is beyond belief. ;)

Hatti said...

Oh yes Tara...See that's where I am in this. If you got pics than show them. I think Moosie bought the paps and now the guy is in it. Well he is going to earn every penny.

maclen said...

So, orb's tour resumed yesterday...


Country star Urban hits Gwinnett

...well, NO NUMBERS for this show...but the capacity for this venue for concerts is 13k. Since no mention of a sellout in the piece...I'd say this quote from a fan at the show says it all...

"“I love the arena,” said Charlotte Trainer of Jefferson. “It’s a small venue that’s perfect for concerts.”

...no doubt SO SMALL as no bother to mention the attendence! So the orb's piddling tour continues...

Hatti said...

Yes maclen...Very small as someone we all know and love says, you and seven friends can still get seats in row 103!!

Well in this case it was toooo true. No upper levels were sold!!!

It's a shame but I always say, there is a reason for everything. In this case I think we all know the reason. Box Office Poison doesn't just go for the movies!!

maclen said...

Well Hatti, as as this other review also engages in the patented code word for pathetic turnout...


Keith Urban provides taut musicianship and heart in Gwinnett

"At Thursday’s near-sellout at Gwinnett Arena (he plays there again Friday), Urban and his airtight four-piece band plowed through more than two hours of soaring country-tinged rockers and pensive ballads."

...as Ive stated before, when orb CANT even sellout the 13k Gwinnet arena...doesnt say much to this ridiculous HYPE of the newly crowned "rock star!" And as Ive also stated...orb's "tight jeans, tight black shirt, floppy hair and a killer smile" apparently IS NOT a major attraction!

maclen said...

...post realized...

...oh wait...I'm VERY sure that the announcement that orb is releasing a "frangrance" IS REALLY gonna turn it all around for orb! HA!

Hatti said...

Well maclen...I told you that although KU's attendance is very low it will come out looking better cause Moosie girl will put out the moooola to make sure it is!! Why?? She cannot be hooked up to a person that has as bad a has been rep as she does.

Now how long is she going to continue to use TC's money to prop him up?? That is to be seen!!

But what ever happens at least he smells good!!! (((giggles))))

Tara said...

Keith always smells good. I hope he doesn't have to wear his own stuff now. Dumb idea but...

So Robin Roberts was down in Nashville to interview a few folks for a new special. She interviewed Martina and the story is she wanted to interview Keith. Did she? Kidman arrived just before showtime in Nashville so that sit down with both of them at their house did that happen? Sunday was at her first show on Saturday. Was that because her daddy wanted her there or was it because a film crew from ABC was there for Robin??

these questions just don't get answered and where are the pictures from the 27th?

Hatti said...

Oh so that's why Moosie was there. I didn't believe she was there b/c there haven't been any pics. But a reliable source said she was in a box. That person also said if Sunday was there she was not in Moosie's box. Now why does that not shock me?? ((giggles))

Tara..You will not see any pics from the 27th. And b/c of the 27th Moosie girl didn't have any pics taken at KU's concert. I think she was afraid the cops want to ask her some questions! ;)

Her paps either put out a false incident report b/c Moosie was trying to find out where KU was?

Or she was at a restaurant with someone else and that guy kicked the pap's car!! Heck to tell you the truth the size of that shoe print it could have been Moosie that put it there!!! ((giggles))

Tara said...

I noticed in a couple of blogs from people in reviews from the bunnies there is an increasing number of folks who feel Keith should take a break. I tend to agree- he looks pretty worse for the wear and do we really need new music from him in the new year?

Hatti said...

Well Tara I heard KU say he would like to take a year off. And not do a new CD for two years. With new stuff totally new. I do believe this will be his last tour he is going to take time off.

maclen said...

So, in this week's numbers...


Jason Aldean My Kinda Party 40,911 1,659,835

Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give 14,820 1,104,889

Taylor Swift Speak Now 14,188 3,590,985

Lady Anthebellum Need You Now 8,292 3,604,863

Kenny Chesney Hemingway's Whiskey 8,128 907,870

Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This 7,029 932,876

orb Get Closer ??? ???

...orb is once again, MIA...with his sales dropping once again into the mid 2k sales. See, it doesnt MATTER what orb does. Just because there's "promotional" punditry that his VERY catchy and VERY "RECOGNIZABLE" summer single MAY OR MAY NOT reach the top of the meaningless country song chart thereby "ensuring" his cd will make "platinum"...in my opinion is just hype. And laughably, this nonsense over his new exiting "fragrance"...more of a periferal "monetary opportunity" meant to make up for his OTHER floundering money making sources...cd sales and live touring...than ANY attempt to "restraighten" his already topsy turvy career. Superficial PR gimmicks...not unlike his tired and years old tour gimmicks...will most likely NOT change his downward descent. Orb WILL continue to trail in MOST of the country standards behind MOST of the country elites. I dont see anything that will change that.

Hatti said...

I do believe you're right maclen. Just as Moosie girl keeps sliding down the tubes hanging on to this facade.

I don't care what movie she does with the biggest actors in the world it will still flop!! Now I believe all her movies will go right to DVD.

They both should take a look as to where they are and where they are going. Cause from my seat they both look like they are on the skids for good!!!

maclen said...

...post sensed...

...so just a very interesting note about the roughstock sales report this week. As I noted, orb DID NOT make it into the top 25 list for sales. Well, SEEMINGLY anyways! Because I just noted the few comments to the article...

granna says:
Posted: 6 hours ago

"Will you please give me GET CLOSER by Keith Urban sales #s. Thanks!"

..to which the author of this weeks sales report, Matt Bjorke responds...

Matt B. says:
Posted: 6 hours ago

Granna, the Keith Urban sales are about 4,000 more than last week.

...which begs the question..."4,000 MORE than last week?!" As I pointed out last week, according to roughstock, orb sold 3,396 cds last week...which according to this reply to this comment, orb just sold 7,396 cds THIS WEEK? BUT orb IS NOT ON THIS WEEKS list. Why not? If orb sold 7k cds this week...that would put him on par with rascal flatts, who sold 7,029 cds this week and are at #60 on this sales list. Last week, the flatts also sold 7k cds and were at #57....YET last week the orb sold 3k and was at ONLY #138. So despite roughstock being the "stats" source...just the numbers and only the numbers...it seems there are "friendly" agents..."voices" apparently peddling the BS all in a patently TRANSPARENT attempt to help orb LOOK BETTER than he actually is! YES! Orb sold 600 MORE cds than last week...NO DOUBT orb's cd will make it to platinum...no problem! HA! But, despite this GREAT NEWS...the commenter who asked for orb's sales numbers, "granna"...DOESNT seem very impressed...replying...

granna says:
Posted: 5 hours ago

"Thank you. I was so hoping Keith could get this album to platinum, but it looks like it might not happen. Keith did say it was time for a change on his next album. So anxious to see what he does."

...quite obviously, "granna" his/herself IS NOT buying the BS by bjork! I'm also quite sure IF orb HAD sold 7k cds this week...he sure as hell WOULD BE ON THIS weeks sales list! Dont let the PR BS permeate the reality. Learn to see right through the hype disseminated by some PR toady hoping to land an interview for their innertubes site!

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"I do believe you're right maclen. Just as Moosie girl keeps sliding down the tubes hanging on to this facade.
I don't care what movie she does with the biggest actors in the world it will still flop!! Now I believe all her movies will go right to DVD.
They both should take a look as to where they are and where they are going. Cause from my seat they both look like they are on the skids for good!!!"

Truly Hatti, kidman IS SO below the relevency point in my mind at this point...it is VERY HARD for me to even be bothered or get too interested in the lame photo ops...the manufactured promo BS. She IS as you say completely on the skids. For all the hype of the ongoing press on all the "potential" roles...her only actual role turns out to be a last minute pickup of "tv star" sofia vergera's reject role. And I'm not exactly impressed by the "box office" strength of her 3 actors in this film...mcconaughey, cusack and zac efron...to which kidman will MOST ASSUREDLY be billed 4th in supporting! Orb is showing the exact same symptoms. At what point, when orb begins by "selling" his cd last year as an ode to kidman...EVERY song is in dedication to her...and when it is obvious the cd is a dud...and NOW there is NO mention of that dedication to kidman...suddenly...he's ONLY inspired by U2, AC/DC and the boss...(but only when he played Jersey!)...does it become obvious orb is on the decline? It is quite apparent orb is scrambling to find SOMETHING to promote about the cd or this tour that will appeal to anyone besides his dwindling fansiebase! Trying to ratchet up "excitement" over his current tour...the "satellite stages" "the fansie onstage singalongs"...the "guitar giveaways" are old bits from 2009 and before...SIMPLY saying...and having the online toadies say it's all NEW AND FRESH does not make it so!

Hatti said...

I think when this movie is done it's going right to DVD. Anything (BOP) Moosie is involved in is so over publized with her ugly mug that it's over before it has a chance!!

That's where KU has been these past six years he had to promote Moosie every show...every CD....every public appearance.... every award he won. Till people are sick to death of him and his stupid wife!!

When I say not promoting her at his concerts has caused a collective sigh I'm not kidding. Can you imagine paying good money to go see someone and then holding your breath all the way through hoping (((Baby Girl))) doesn't come out of the performer's mouth?? Now how stupid is that!!

This contract has sunk him big time. And if he thinks by not renewing he will lose more fans? I only have this to say, the longer he stays the fewer fans he will have. She does not compliment him any more than he compliments her. They ring phoney and people are not stupid!!!

maclen said...

So, in keeping with orb's descent in ALL aspects of his music career...cd sales, awards recognition, singles...(as meaningless as the actual country chart single is to anything OTHER than who can PAY enough to get their song to the top)...and his current tour. Now, Ive been simply tracking the orb's tour anecdotally with what LITTLE actual attendence numbers that have been reported. But I feel safe in stating orb is down on that score. And basically, orb is now at the mid point of his tour...with about 30 gigs to date. And Ive been noticing at Pollstar.com, orb's average concert ticket prices are FALLING. About a month ago, I noticed his average ticket price was at $55. As little as a few days ago on August 4th, orb's average price was down to $53...and now a check today, 7 days later his average concert ticket price is down even lower to $51. The top 2 grossing country acts, swifty and chesney are each averaging $72 and $70. Also, orb HAS NOT shown up yet in Pollstar's weekly top grossing concert reports. NOw, as I constantly note with the orb...his numbers are DECLINING. JUst as I predict in the end orb will be DOWN in average ticket prices, he will also be down in average tickets sold of course...and reasonbly thought out, his total tickets sold will also be DOWN. And of course his total gross will be down, and the only question will be, "By how much?" That is my "calculated" guess.

maclen said...

So, as I suddenly find myself in a "musing mood"...I want to pick up on the comment from that Roughstock.com commenter I quoted earlier...

"Thank you. I was so hoping Keith could get this album to platinum, but it looks like it might not happen. Keith did say it was time for a change on his next album. So anxious to see what he does."

So, does orb 'believe" it's time for a change on his next album? So how much MORE prescience does orb NEED to be to realize that? Ha! Earlier this year, taking into account that orb is no longer signed to a recording contract at Capnash...as well as orb's own statement during promo last year for his cd that he's always wanted to release a live album...that that was most likely what orb MAY do next year. Releasing a live album would be alot cheaper than an original album. But with the rumors orb is already getting back into the studio, perhaps he will put out a new original album. And, if orb DOES...finally...think that it's time for a change...what could that be? Well, knowing how "unoriginal" and "unimaginative" orb's team is...(in fact I'm a little surprised orb hasn't "pranked" his opening act by storming onstage in some crazy getup while owen was performing...as swifty did to orb back in 2009)...I wouldnt at all be surprised if orb simply didnt expand on all the retro 80's rocker vibe he's been blathering about recently on this tour. Songs "inspired" by his "favorite" 80's rockers. He's been hyped as the country "bon jovi"...this summer he's trying to be "springsteen jr"...trying to out "shred" the rest... ala his guitar "heroes" "Knophler... Gilmour...Clapton." I would imagine in that case 80's hasbeen richard marx would be heavily involved. Orb has got nowhere to go in country but continuely downward. If as I suspect that orb's tour will pale to his previous tour in 2009, along with his mediocre and very weak cd sales...where ELSE can orb go with his next album? Bluegrass?

Hatti said...

maclen....He could do what ever he decided to do if he wasn't constantly reminded he has a duty to fulfill!!

This guy is a very talented man. He has come to this end by placating his ugly mug no talent Moosie girl. When that finally comes to bite him in the bum I think he will get up and get back to his own feelings his own way of doing things. I hope it happens soon!!

A440 said...

My first thought was that Keith would steer back to The Ranch-type sound. Or at least find some way to incorporate that into an overall change-up.

And I wonder if that will include Dann Huff and Co.

Hatti said...

I think he will do more traditional country. At least I hope so. But anything that has nothing to do with the Moose at all I would appreciate!!!

I think Dann will always be with him maybe Richard Marx too.

What would really help?..Dump the Moose in a dunny and keep going. That would be fantastic!!!! ((giggles)))

Tara said...

I think he is as dependent on Huff as he is on Kidman. I think a nice rest of a year not working, performing, writing would do him good
however his career can probably not take it.

maclen said...

Well, it's clear Tara, as orb's fansie's were well aware, his usual pattern USED to be that he would release a new album about every OTHER year. If you look at his album release schedule going back to 2002...his next release came in 2004...then the next in 2006 and then the next 2009. Then of course, GET LOSER! came out only one year later in 2010. That is because of the whole "renegotiations" with capnash... which DIDNT have orb re-signed to the label with a recording contract. CapNash dictated the release of orb's current cd as I see to be rid of it...as soon as possible! I believe it is CLEAR orb will have a new album next year again...because it is clear orb CAN NO LONGER have his album sitting on store shelves an EXTRA year as his cd sales have already dwindled to pitiful levels. He CANNOT go out next year on tour with his "festival and county fair" venues as he did in 2010 in support of an already played out and dead album. Which again, plays into what has been also so obviously clear the past few years. The less time orb has to work on his album...the less "quality" there will be to the songs...and as his current cd revealed less tracks on the album...and added to his ever dwindling fanbase...WILL NOT add up to stronger sales. And there is no way I see the orb as being smart or shrewd enough to pause...take some time off and regroup wisely and work on SOMETHING that may be of unique appeal or of quality. He is simply going to try and ram himself to the next level... a level that he HAS NOT BEEN near for the past 5 years!

A440 said...

He won't go a year without performance. He couldn't endure that. But if he follows up on this idea, it would probably be a year without TOURING. Private concerts and charitable stuff, CMA and other televised performances? He'd never give that stuff up.

If somebody like Kenny or Vince asked him to duet, do you think he'd turn them down?

No way. He may cut back, but he'll never call a halt to it. Which means lots 'o time with the wife and kids. I see an unhappy man emerging in the coming year...

Tara said...

Lets hope for his sake he is asked to participate in the awards season this year- even he mentioned that his time doing that may be over.

Performing for him is pretty important so I do think he will be out there somewhere but not a tour.

From last night at the CMA festival highlight show is any indication
putting Keith in the end of the first hour of a 3 hour special just performing 1 song Country Music is moving on- and yes that does make me sad.

A440 said...

I missed this interview where he said he was cutting back. Tara, do you have a link for this?