Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's been so quiet in the Urban/Kidman world...

And then today... two of our favorite gossips chose to write about them. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe it's a birthday present for Keith? Haha.

First, Lainey:

Trespass is a movie directed by Joel Schumacher starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman. It will be released (straight) to DVD next Tuesday November 1.

As we know, Cage needs the money. So he kinda has to say yes to whatever’s out there. Nicole Kidman, she’s not poor. This was not a money grab. This was a calculated move that misfired. An attempt, initially, to make something that was box office attractive. I’m sure you’ve heard about her box office troubles. Choosing to do Trespass then was a popularity decision. And a poor one at that. Spectacularly bad.

It might be why Nicole is keeping such a low profile lately, hoping for Trespass to go away quickly, so that when she does emerge, she doesn’t have to have to be associated with it. On November 9th though, just over a week after DVD comes out, she’ll likely be at her husband’s side at the CMA Awards where he is hoping to win Entertainer of the Year and I hear he wants it BAD, though Taylor Swift is heavily favoured.

Interestingly enough, Nicole’s just added a new feature on her official website. Yes, she has an official website. Click here to see. Unfortunately she probably won’t answer if you ask her questions about Rupert Murdoch. But she will answer questions about her movies. Every month, she’ll be profiling one of her films. This month it’s Cold Mountain. Will there ever be a month when it’s Trespass?

Big movie stars make sh-tty movies all the time. Nicole is, quite clearly, not the only celebrity of her standing guilty of it. I get that. With Nicole though, it goes back that congruity question again. There’s the prioritisation of “art” and how its value determines how she spends her time (daughters, husband, etc) juxtaposed with the choice to get silly with Adam Sandler and downright ridiculous with Nicolas Cage. There are the claims of a spiritual approach to living and the search for a more profound existence, an acceptance of the self, and then you look at her face and you wonder how those words could come out of those three lips and why someone so young looks like a frozen grandmother. This is why Nicole Kidman is particularly hard to swallow. Is it a lack of self awareness? Poor management? A combination of vanity and arrogance? How could someone be so oblivious to how obvious her bullsh-t is to everyone else?

Lainey's Entertainment Update - Celebrity Gossip | Article Detail

Then, Ted:

Dear Ted:
I think you have suggested that the relationship between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is a bit less than authentic, and I thought you're on track. But then a strange thing happened. I took my daughter to dance class and saw Nicole standing there among all the other parents. Every week since then either Nicole and the nanny—or Nicole and Keith and the nanny—have been there. Sometimes they leave while Sunday is in class and return when it's over; sometimes they hang around and chat. So what's the point of doing this sort of mundane thing together if they really aren't into one another? Red carpet and publicity events I would understand, but the fact that they run Saturday morning errands together makes them seem at least a bit real.

Dear Sunday Bloody Sunday:
Just because two parents share carpooling duties hardly means the relationship is scorching hot behind closed doors. And Kidman values her public appearance, even if it's just at a dance studio in Nashville.


maclen said...

It seems to be apparent that these two have FINALLY realized that it has not been a boon to their respective careers to have meshed their careers as closely as they did the past year. Orb surely found that out when he dedicated his current album to his "marital domesticality" and it is now his lowest selling cd in the past 12 years...and his just ended tour will no doubt gross almost 50% less than his previous tour. Kidman no doubt finally realized it when she had not just another miserable flop, but also the new added embarrassment of it basically being "direct to dvd" that has her apparently running and ducking for cover...much as her unofficial fansie site did just last year. So they are now in "reboot" mode...they are "restructuring"...but, realistically...what can they do? Over the past, I dont know...year and half...when kidman's career was most clearly dwelling in the cellar...I lost all interest in her comings and goings. When another lame and tired prearranged photo op was spit out by only reaction wont make a difference. All the red carpets...the premieres...the magazine cover pieces...were all really for naught...because actually all of it was really completely counterproductive to there cause. All the PR BS they spewed was just so disengenuous and so obviously counter to reality...some may have read and simply believed it...but ENOUGH did not really feel much for what they were trying to peddle! So who wants to take a shot at what they come back with now?

maclen said...

Well, an update on the orb's "man scent" commercial contest. Seems there are 8 new entries recently posted...well almost...

...actually ONLY 6 fansie entries...2 of the videos posted are the Ellen show mock commercial and the Ellen outtakes doubt also posted to pad out the entries. So in 3 weeks and 2 days time... 23 days...6 videos. So how many more in the 2 weeks and 2 days left...that's 16 days.. will be entered? Well, they NEED at least 4 more to round out the grand prize and 9 runners up. Will keep you updated...

Tara said...

She will be at the CMAs probably with lots of PDAs and hogging the interviews. No doubt in my mind.
And Teddy C is right as rain.

Was she at the Opry on Tuesday?

I was thinking when I heard that Robin Roberts got her interview with Keith for a special airing on Tuesday the 8th that Kidman was at the Nashville show- with Sunday- she didn't have to go to any more shows America will think she went to them- game set match Kidman she was free to do whatever she wanted for the summer and apparently did.

Hatti said...

maclen...They may just squeeze by. My calculations say they need to get four more in 16 days? One every four days? Is it reasonable? It seems to be...the six in 23 days comes to 3.8 every four days.

But is that using Ellens and the outtakes? If so then I would say there will be a problem.

Oh I'm doing it?? Well take solace in the fact that I don't compilate as well as you do! ((giggles))

maclen said...

Well, simply have to have a "passion" for it! And you certainly got it right...they MAY just squeeze by...but I'm sure that's NOT what they were hoping for! I would say orb just got too ambitious in asking for video commercials...and did not simply ask for say, essays on why they like his "man scent." But this whole episode highlights for me orb's rather lacking participation in the "social network" media. Orb ranks last among the top country acts in Youtube channel views...he ranks last in likes on Facebook likes. In fact his Twitter and Facebook pages DO NOT reach out to his fans in any personalized manner...they simply exist to promote his cd or tour and his media appearances ...or to hawk his fansie site mercandise. His very upfront attempt to "get closer" to his fans on his tour...the much publicized "satellite" stages and ramps...the jogs through the crowds and giving away guitars MAY thrill the people at the show...but I dont see it as necessarily appealing to any possible new fan recruits.

Hatti said...

maclen...If they just squeeze by it will look very lame. Of course we may see a bunch come in a the last minute. Alot of people procrastinate. I don't understand that...but I'm old school.

Many may just be to timid to do something that the masses will see. So there are some variables here.

I personally think that it would have been better if they wrote a jingle for his commercial. Then they wouldn't be aprehensive if that is what is happening.

maclen said...

So, I see inept team kidman is very hard at work at "press releases"...much harder at work it would appear than "inept production kidman"...

Nicole Kidman Acquires Kevin Wilson Novel ‘The Family Fang’ As Star Vehicle

"EXCLUSIVE: Blossom Films partners Nicole Kidman and Per Saari are reuniting with their Rabbit Hole co-producers at Olympus Films to option screen rights to the bestselling Kevin Wilson novel The Family Fang. They will develop the project as a starring vehicle for Kidman..."and is developing the Simon Kinberg-scripted The Eighth Wonder at Fox, Little Bee for BBC Films and are separately working on a biography of singer Dusty Springfield and remakes of the Colombian thriller Spectre and Love Pain and the Whole Damn Thing.", they are trying to keep these years old "productions" least in the media. Lets see, "The Eighth wonder" and the Dusty springfield bio pic have been swirling the innertubes since 2008...3 years now. So, where is the mention of "Danish girl?" Oh right, that one was flogged to death in the media to give kidman's shingle some sort of legitimacy. Now it's ANOTHER new book option to flog her unprolific shingle. So, if kidman has such a backlog of "in production" films at her own production company...let's least 4 mentioned in this piece...WHY did kidman do Trespass? If she has these promising productions in her own company...why did she make a film for tv at HBO? Why did she sign on to do two OTHER films NOT for her own production company? Because, clearly...this is ALL FOR SHOW...I predict none of these "in production" films at kidman's shingle will ever see the "darkness" of a movie theater...they all exist SIMPLY to give the illusion that kidman has ALOT of options...which she DOESNT...that is why she made "Tresspass!"

Hatti said...

Yes maclen...Sadly I see another.. what could be a very interesting movie will be shelved or ruined!!

I wish she would stop buying her way to destruction!! Just go jump off a bridge or something!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

Oh yeah, almost neglected this week's cd sales stock numbers...since orb is not included this week...and now roughstock is only listing the top 10 cd sales...let me continue my Lady ant vs orb sales comparison and the special "notables" mention of the Flatts.

Lady Anthebellum Own The Night 34,000 687,000

• "Rascal Flatts are nearly at 1,000,000 albums sold with Nothing Like This. The record is already certified platinum, like every other one of their studio albums."

So, Lady ant's cd, released only 6 weeks ago, has now sold 687k cds...that's 36,000 MORE than orb's 11 month old cd. At their current rate of sales, they COULD hit 1mil before the end of this year with 313k more cds sold. At orb's current rate of sales, I'll give him a VERY generous 1,500 cds per week...orb will hit 664k cds sold, with 13,500 more cds sold by the end of this year.
Now onto the Flatts... they released their cd on the same day as orb...and as Roughstock relays...when they SOON hit sales of 1mil...they will also have sold 313k cds MORE than orb. So, you see...I can do this with pretty much ANYTHING and ANYONE in county. For example...Chesney leads in touring grosses right now...swifty leads in cd sales...Ive compared all the participants in Youtube channel views...Facebook page likes... orb excels in NOTHING. Not even with the fansie's last remaining bastion of orb's #1...but clearly NOT in the sales of his singles...simply the chart on Billboard...based on the "chance" of most spins!

Tara said...

Well it must be time to remind the friggin world that Nicole Kidman is a serious actress much in demand..

Wonder why now??

Hatti said...

She don't have anyone offering her parts. No one wants BOP to be associated with their production. So she has to buy her own and promote it to death and then it seems never to be finished. Or if it is the cast looks war torn and it becomes a dud!!

RH was in the hole for years and when it did come out it still sat in the hole. Not b/c it wasn't basically a good movie but Moosie girl destroyed it!!

Now Trespass...well again N Cage tried to run from it. I think figuring Moosie would get disgusted and go away. He never wanted to act with her. So there goes Trespass.

Paper Boy...I think it will probably go to DVD like Trp. It looks like she did the samething just froze it. The actors looked like they were put though the mill.

Now Stoker...Well I have to tell you...something tells me she was not in Stoker. I don't know why I believe that....but I have never known Moosie to not find some opportunity to get her ugly mug out there. Film black out...well...I got my own views on that one.

I think when all is said and done she will come out stating that due to the turmoil in her life she could not concentrate on her part therefore she did not participate in the filming of Stoker. Now this is just my gut feeling.

Tara said...

I will direct you all to a blind at CDAN about an older Media mogul and his much younger wife

Do any bulbs go off in your heads?

Hatti said...


maclen said...

Billboard's Hot Tours is out...let's look at the numbers...

Oct. 1-14
HP Pavilion, San Jose (1/0)
Power Balance Pavilion, Sacramento (1/0)
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Ill. (1/0)
26,418 (28,549), this batch of tours for orb ends on oct this orb's LAST appearance on the Hot Tours report? the numbers shape up like this...

• $510,525 gross per show
• 3 shows- 0 sellouts
• 26,418 total tix sold out of 28,418 available
• 8,806 attendance per show
• $57 avg ticket price the usual comparison to the other country acts on the list...

• $1,241,926 gross per show
• 15 shows-15 sellouts
• 270,662 tix sold out of 270,662 available
• 18,044 attendance per show
• $68 avg per tix

• $468,920 gross per show
• 3 shows-3 sellouts
• 27,252 tix sold out of 27,252 available
• 9,084 attendance per show
• $51 avg per tix, for 3 of orb's last shows on this tour, orb was able to gross just over $500k per show...and was able to raise his avg tix price by a dollar...and raise his attendance by about 800 people overall, but still remained in the mid 8k in avg attendance.
It will be interesting to note if orb makes it onto this week's Pollstar report and whether he can make that $500k and 9000 avg attendance on their overall grosses and attendance tracking list.

maclen said...

So, just off the news ticker...orb hawking AT&T’s samsung infuse 4G...

Keith Urban Gets Close to Fans in New AT&T Commercial

...I recall back in 2009...after his tour had ended...orb performed acoustic sets at Verizon stores...orb's tour sponsor that year. So, I guess for this summer tour sponsor...AT&T and Samsung...orb had to sweeten the pot on his side of the deal and agree to do a commercial and shill for AT& least it's not ginger ale! Recall also that the sponsorship by AT&T and Samsung came VERY late for orb's fact it was NOT announced til only the prior week orb's tour was supposed to begin. As I mentioned in my various postings on the stats of orb just ended tour...I calculated with the recent numbers released by Pollstar...orb 2011 summer tour will have attracted and therefore also sold tickets to 135,278 LESS people than he did in his 2009 tour. I'm quite sure AT&T would have some kind of "expectations" it a "performance clause" where there MAY MORE flesh to pound to get their sponsorship "financing" out of the subpar performing orb! So look for MORE of these little AT&T plugs coming out of the orb!

maclen said...

Now, this week's pollstar numbers...

Aug 19
17. (New) Keith Urban; $440,658; $54.57. -8075 avg tix
Aug 26
15. (17) Keith Urban; $454,988; $53.61.-8486
Sept 1
16. (15) Keith Urban; $432,768; $53.03.- 8260
Sept. 8
15. (16) Keith Urban; $432,768; $53.03.8260
Sept 15
19. (15) Keith Urban; $414,439; $52.63.-7874
Sept. 22
18. (19) Keith Urban; $425,399; $53.92.-7889
Sept 29
15. (18) Keith Urban; $431,617; $53.50.-8067
Oct 7
15. (15) Keith Urban; $465,924; $54.72-8514.
Oct 13
14. (15) Keith Urban; $489,085; $55.10.-8876
Oct 21
12. (14) Keith Urban; $494,445; $55.32- 8,937

14. (12) Keith Urban; $488,813; $54.80- 8,919 orb continues on the pollstar listing, so these reports are clearly a few weeks behind...just how much remains to be seen. It is clear though that orb HAS hit his ceiling, as his gross total falls by $5,632...his tix avg price falls by 52¢... and his avg per show attendance basically remains the same as last week. As I wondered last week as orb's gross and attendance ALMOST reached that $500k and 9000 per show attendance marks I wondered he could reach, orb WAS NOT able to reach those marks...and in fact fell off slightly. So, again...where does orb "rank" among the other country performers currently on tour?

1. (1) Chesney; $2,059,446; $74.62.- 27,599 tix per show

2. (2) Taylor Swift; $1,723,022; $73.61.- 23,397

6. (5) Brad Paisley; $668,053; $37.77.- 17,687

9. (7) Rascal Flatts; $585,110; $36.27.- 16,132

10. (9) Jason Aldean; $508,581; $33.97.- 14,971

11. (10) Tim McGraw; $505,186; $37.53.- 13,460

14. (12) Keith Urban; $488,813; $54.80- 8,919 to reiterate...despite having a HIGHER avg tix price tag than paisley, the flatts...aldean and mcgraw...orb is grossing LESS because he is attracting LESS of an audience...only 8,900 per show. And, as I probably also mentioned last week in the pollstar comment...for instance, paisley's 2009 final avg tix per show was 12,649...this year he is at 17,684... up 5038 tix per show. The flatts 2009 final tix per show was 13,985...this year their avg is 16,132...a rise of 2,147 per show. In 2009 swift's avg tix per show was 12,054...this year it's at 23,397...up 11,343 per show...chesney's 2009 tix per show was 20,680...this year he's at 27,599, up 6,919 per show. They've ALL risen in attendance to their live tour...well except aldrean and mcgraw who are not listed in the 2009 pollstar final gross listing. So, orb...who in 2009 his avg tix per show was at 11,255 tix per show...this year he is at 8,919... which is 2,336 LESS tix per show...and with 60 shows this year...that's 140,160 less TOTAL tix sold this year as opposed to 2009. That's ALOT of tickets! In fact thats $7.6million LESS that DIDNT make it into "orb Corp" coffers. That's MORE he didnt take in...than say his cd probably grossed in sales. I'll bet that orb's accountant's...AND his paid hacks... ARE letting him know that the joy ride is over!

Hatti said...

maclen...I guess if you have a product to sell..doing commercials for other things would be smart. Let someone else pay to show your face and that will remind people of your cologne! :D

My query can he do a commercial for AT&T when Verizon sponsors his tour?

Tara said...

I wonder if Keith hides his iPhone when he does his samsung promotions?

maclen said...

So, currently over at the E! NEGATIVE thread there is a discussion over whether orb and kidman are plausibly "using" Twitter...and if they also plausibly engage in bogus Twitter accounts to help disseminate online "sightings." There is some disagreement over whether orb and kidman would EVEN bother to engage in that kind of media manipulation. I gave my 2 cents and submit that they engage in ALL the previous media manipulation so are also trying to "play" new Twitter. So to me it wasnt so far fetched. I also ended by insisting that orb and kidman WERE simply awful at new media PR...inept in their online promotion.
So case in point, I noticed a perfect example of that terrible online PR attempts. A few moments ago, I wondered how orb's "man scent" commercial contest was going...and how many fansie entries they now had. So I of course went to orb's fansie site...monkeyland...and went to their page on the contest. On that page they have a link to the "PHOENIX by Keith Urban" youtube page...where as it's titled..."Submissions Will Be Posted Here"..and when I clicked on sent me here...

...where you will see ONLY the 3 original videos posted on the day the contest was announced. They are NOT fansie submissions...just 3 "example" commerical spots. But just a few days ago, I noticed ANOTHER story announcing the contest released by online...and they HAD this web address...

...and when you go to that page...YOU THEN see the fansie submitted commercial was up to 6 videos submitted 3 days there are only 8. So, basically...orb's fansie site is STILL sending you to an OLD web address...where they DO NOT show you the fansie submitted video...all 8 in total so far. So, if people wondering about the submitted commercials for orb's contest...and go to his own fansie site...they WILL NOT be sent to the right web page...because NO ONE in charge over at monkeyland apparently have noticed that their OFFICIAL fansie site contest page is NO LONGER up to date on the precise web page. If they did not notice that ONLY the article released a few days ago has the RIGHT web address that shows how many fansie commercial submissions have been entered...they will simply believe that NO commercial entries have as yet been entered. And for a "supposed" fansie site...that is pretty shoody PR!

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"maclen...I guess if you have a product to sell..doing commercials for other things would be smart. Let someone else pay to show your face and that will remind people of your cologne! :D

My query can he do a commercial for AT&T when Verizon sponsors his tour?"

Hatti, Verizon sponsored his tour in 2009...and in early 2010 I noticed orb was doing accoustic sets at Verizon stores. No doubt a provision for Verizon's sponsorship of his tour. This year, AT&T and Samsung sponsored his tour. My contention is that due to orb's dwindling audience at this summer's tour...orb was obligated to do the opposed to simple performances at a few stores. A filmed commercial has MUCH more PR value in that it can be used and reused in different ad and tv showings...etc. AT&T sponsored his tour to get AS many "eyes" on their "product" this case the Samsung Infuse 4G... in which it's ads were NO DOUBT plastered all over the venues orb played. I dont think AT&T JUST handed over the sponsorship financing without SOME conditions. And as I previously mentioned, orb had ALOT less "eyes" at his shows as opposed to his previous. I have no doubt orb "pitched" to AT&T his attendance and grosses of his 2009 tour as a incentive for their sponsorship this year. So, I wouldnt be surprised to hear soon that orb is ALSO doing musical sets at AT&T stores in addition for his subpar concert attendance numbers

Tara said...
"I wonder if Keith hides his iPhone when he does his samsung promotions?"

Ha! Funny...yeah again, as I just mentioned...AT&T no doubt agreed to sponsor orb's tour this year BECAUSE of his attendance and gross numbers of 2009...which WERE orb's highest to that point. orb's likely numbers on this tour cannot be satisfactory to AT&T. So I think, look for MORE AT&T promotion coming out of orb in the coming months...even into next year.

Tara said...

Don't waste the effort trying to figure out what is going on at apeshitvill because they know not what they do nor do they have any logical thoughts

They have probably shot a commercial for the toilet water and after they do a contest they will put the "winner" up on Keith's site and then use the professionally made one
bait and switch just like the CD cover.

Keith has said at both BSE's and in interviews he doesn't twitter he has staff that does that.
So I wouldn't be surprised to discover the minions that work for the Kurburns play with social networks to enhance the popularity of their bosses

maclen said...

So, if orb has said at BSE's and interviews that he doesn't is this his staff STILL attempting to make it "appear" that orb himself tweeted this...!/KeithUrban

"KeithUrban Keith Urban
Wishing a big and jolly happy 75th to the Long Haired Country Boy!!!! Uneasy rider, you make me smile. Love ya CD. @opry @CharlieDaniels
28 Oct" I mentioned...apparently orb does not have PR savvy people on his staff!
As to the commercial contest...the grand prize is that the fansie commercial will "run on a well-known National Network TV show in December!" well as "tickets and airfare to a Keith Urban concert in 2012 and a Phoenix Gift Pack including cologne, aftershave, body wash, and a wristwatch." Considering that there are only 8 entries in about 4 weeks's doesnt seem to be attracting much enthusiasm. As for the "official" commerical for orb's "man scent"....the actual commercials have probably been released online already. The 3 sample videos on the contest youtube submission page have already been "debutted" over at

Keith Urban Debuts Three Commercials for New Fragrance
by: Amy Sciarretto 2 weeks ago

...again, no doubt released because the contest is drawing such pitiful responses!

maclen said...

So...doing little googling of orb's canadian tour for a comment over at the E! board...I came up on this interview orb gave back on June 16th just as his US tour was set to begin...

Keith Urban ready to take fans on carnival ride

""When I put this tour together I structured it so I'm only gone two to four days maximum, then I go home for two or three days. The only time that changed was when I was in Australia for two weeks."

...I checked the archives here for my comments back around june 16...because I did not recall this quote at all...and it was true, seems I was too preoccupied by orb's LOW attendance early tour gigs it seems..and I never mentioned it! So back in April orb was giving his PR BS about how he "scheduled his tour so as not to be apart from his precious family for 3 to no more than 4 days" and he then immediately jetted off to OZ for the aussie leg of his tour...AND then spend 12 straight days appart from his precious family. So I pointed out how right off the bat he breaks that phoney claim. I railed and railed about it...much as I am now! Of course, no one EVER brought it up. Ellen degeneres never pointed it out in her interviews! And I'm sure I didnt simply comment on this rather phoney claim in April when it occurred...but I'm sure as anyone reading this...I brought it up OVER AND OVER.....and OVER! So when I discovered this interview tonight....and read that quote...I CLEARLY see it as a RESPONSE to my constant pinpointing of the disengenuousness of that claim. So, as I said over att he E! thread...dont let anyone make you believe otherwise.... that sometimes what we comment on these blogs DO get to the orbs attention...and ears. They may even respond to even an obscure point of his PR BS he tries to shovel to his dwindling fansies or potential fansies on an online interview!

Tara said...

Never never doubt that these comments are read and discussed elsewhere.

maclen said...

Yes, I never doubted that kidman and orb have hacks that surely monitored ALL online discussions for reactions and opinions on their "products." I aways said that they would be wise to heed the "comments" and "criticism" posted on this blog. Then perhaps kidman WOULDNT have a "straight to dvd" film or orb wouldnt have his WEAKEST selling cd in 12 years and wouldnt have a WEAKENED attracting tour this summer. The fact that orb would acknowledge his disengenuous claim on the tour schedule surely shows that he is now conscious of his MAIN problem...and that's believability and his LACK of any. And for a "salesman" that is not what you want.

Hatti said...

Hey maclen...Well you know everyone has their opinion and a smart operator takes out the weeds and keeps the rest for posterity!((giggles)))

hoosierlady said...

Went shopping today,(got some killer boots) having sons (and a hubby) have to look at the overpriced men's cologne section at my favorite department stores. Strangely enough, no man scent from orb.

Didn't go to TJMaxx, however. Where is this stuff supposed to be?

Hatti said...

Walmart and Target!!! ((giggles)))

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Went shopping today,(got some killer boots) having sons (and a hubby) have to look at the overpriced men's cologne section at my favorite department stores. Strangely enough, no man scent from orb.

Didn't go to TJMaxx, however. Where is this stuff supposed to be?"

Yes hoosier....I imagine the ONLY place...and rather quickly... will be on his monkeyland site! And at a discount price.

maclen said...

This is pretty pathetic...

Vince Gill, Brad Paisley & Keith Urban to Tribute Glen Campbell on CMA Awards

"Gill is No. 3 on the list for the most career wins in CMA Award history, having won 18 CMA Awards thus far..."
"including two Entertainer Awards (1993, 1994), five consecutive Male Vocalist Awards (1991-1995, tying him with George Strait for the most wins in that category), two Album Awards (1993 for I Still Believe in You and 1994 for Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles), and a record-holding four Song of the Year Awards (1991 for "When I Call Your Name," 1992 for "Look at Us," 1993 for "I Still Believe In You," and 1996 for "Go Rest High On That Mountain").

The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, Paisley received five nominations in 2011 for Entertainer; Male Vocalist; Album for This is Country Music; and Musical Event and Music Video of the Year for "Old Alabama," featuring Alabama. Paisley has won 14 CMA Awards to date, including three consecutive Male Vocalist Awards (2007-2009) and Album of the Year (in 2006 for Time Well Wasted). This is his fourth consecutive year to co-host the CMA Awards with Underwood."

"Urban received two nominations this year: Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year. He has won four CMA Awards to date: Entertainer in 2005 and three consecutive Male Vocalist of the Year Awards (2004-2006). Urban's current album is Get Closer."

...also...let's not overlook... 2 Opry members...AND "guest" orb...will pay tribute to Campbell! Orb has ONLY won 4 CMAs to date!? Crikee...that is one PATHETIC amount. NOT AT ALL surprised though! HA!

maclen said... corrected... let me "amend" my previous comment...make that 6 CMAs instead of 4. That's according to wiki...and with the "musical event" he took with paisley in 2009.. but since I always refer to that award as HALF an award...then make it 6 and 1/2! Still....orb's ONLY won 6 and 1/2 CMA awards! Still...NOT AT ALL surprised though!

Tara said...

So what is this I am hearing that Keith has canceled his appearances on November 12 and 26 at the Opry?

Wonder what is up?

Hatti said...

Well Tara.....He will never be invited to join Opry.

He allowed Moosie to use Nashville for her agenda! So they are sick of her and him!!

They keep their dirty linen as hidden as possible and Moosie knew that so she used them. But KU is going to pay the price!!

maclen said...

Tara said...
"So what is this I am hearing that Keith has canceled his appearances on November 12 and 26 at the Opry?

Wonder what is up?"

It seems the orb didnt get a Opry invite for his he took his ball and went home!

So, this week's cd sales stock numbers...

not much relevant to the he is WAY out of the chart picture. But a comment about about Lady ant's new cd..

Lady Anthebellum Own The Night 31,000 718,000

"Just before Vince Gill on the chart is Lady Antebellum, who continue to Own The Night with their latest album. It has now sold 718,000 copies and with the holiday shopping season approaching, it’s likely to hit Platinum by the end of the year."

...which is pretty much what I figured in my comment last week. I figure orb's cd is about at 652k or 653k...whether or not he's still at 1,500 cds sold per week!

Another issue that came up, which is JUST up my alley...seems there was a "CMA Nominees & Broadcast Awards Winners Honorary Dinner" held recently...

...which apparently, was proposed to the CMAs by "honor" all the CMA nominees. They "supposedly" invited ALL CMA nominees, but ONLY 15 of them showed up! So orb CONTINUES his CMA 2009 and 2010...he had his "BENEFIT FOR ORB" a few weeks before the CMA awards...and then he moved the next to late Jan of next year just a few weeks before the Grammys...because with the changes to the country categories...he is probably toast at the Grammys next year. So, now orb comes up with this "CMA Nominees and Broadcast dinner" about a week before this years CMAs! Yes, they EVEN get "awarded" a commemorative trophy! HA!
So,basically, this IS NOT a plea for votes for "Entertainer"...I wager orb knows he's also toast at this years CMAs...this is obviously a pitch to the CMA committee FOR FUTURE and continued nominations. Yeah, they have a "process" in which nominees are chosen by write in ballots...and then they get whittled down...yada yada yada...dont be fooled by the mealy mouthed "process." Everything gets reduced to simple politics...and who can kiss up to the suits and "process" deciders. Orb is pandering for future favorable treatment. Just as he did for the Grammys...orb tries to play the awards like a cigar in the "smoked filled" rooms of the suits in charge of these rather vapid awards!

Tara said...

I also find it interesting that Kidman surfaces at a private event in Nashville-
I will take a moment here to talk a little about making things private and elite- you run the risk of being better than those who support you.

saw the still for the Robberts interview on Tuesday the 8th seems Keith really wants to flaunt his car collection and that is fine as he bought them and he really loves the collecting of them however when people are struggling to put food on the table showing them off in a garish display comes off as a bit insensitive.

just saying

Hatti said...

Your right Tara...And as far as Moosie girl at the so called dinner? Well I think it was sooooo little soooooo late for her!! It's like Moosie who???

She was there all of five min and out the exit. And no togetherness pics I see!!