Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tidbits from Ted Casablanca

Caught! Nicole Kidman Gets Back on Her High Horse
Tue., Mar. 9, 2010 10:51 AM PST
by Ted Casablanca 

Nicole Kidman, possibly very elegant, possibly very posh (to maybe a fashion victim on crack) was spotted dining at one of her fave L.A. haunts, the Polo Lounge, over the weekend.

The onetime Oscar winner had everyone in the restaurant staring at her...but it wasn't for what you think.

"First of all, her face looked great," says a surprised witness nearby. "She wasn't wearing much makeup, and it looked really natural and glowing."

Get. Out.

Adds our lunch lurker:
"The reason why I couldn't stop looking at her was because I thought she rode her horse to the hotel."

Uh...come again?

"She was wearing riding boots, leggings and a navy blue sweater vest with a polo shirt underneath," describes our fashion-conscious source. "She also wore a newsboy cap with her hair tucked up underneath. I thought she was a male server at first."

So is the equestrian look in fashion now or something?

"The boots sound fine, but the rest of the outfit sounds like an over-the-top no-no," says fashion expert Sydne Summer over at mystyle, fresh from New York Fashion Week. "A bunch of designers showed equestrian looks for this spring, but nothing too crazy. The shows were quite literal, but again it was haute couture."

More Nic dirt:

"She looked really thin, too," adds our insider at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "She was just drinking what looked like tea."

No surprise there. This is Beverly Hills, darlings. But is life with randy Keith Urban getting a little, how shall we say, trying for Ms. K? So much so that the gal's acting out by wearing loco fashions? Hmmm. Let's keep an eye on this one.

Apparently Ted got some hate mail, and responded:

Clooney and Kidman Raise Eyebrows—Separately!
Tue., Mar. 9, 2010 3:24 PM PST
by Ted Casablanca

We uncorked an 80-proof scoop Sunday and the party's on!

Too much fun at the Oscars Sunday when we exclusively revealed that silver studmuffin George Clooney likes to get his Academy Awards courage up by downing a few! Love that Gawker, a site we admire for being so painstakingly prickly about celeb behavior and media reportage, further drank of the intoxicating story with fabulous footage; watch it!

We also mention the story again because one of other Oscar-weekend wonders, the the preposterously overdressed Nicole Kidman, apparently got called into question by several readers who noticed Nic flew to Australia this past weekend, so we must have been making the whole thing up, right?

Wrong. Kidman lunched at the Polo Lounge on Friday before she departed. Nice try, crank-a-thons!


Just thought we'd recelebrate Ms. K's kooky couture and Mr. C.'s rebel-tastic ways with another item here, plus put in a word for our goss accuracy, which folks live to question. Whatever. People have to get off somehow, right?

Hate-gasms sure seem to be the choice lately.


notachance said...

Geez, George pulled his flask out on the red carpet to show some interviewer - no surprise there. And no hiding from it on George's part.

Really? I thought riding boots were the rage this year. She's not the only one to be wearing them. Stands to reason that when leggings are back in style so too will riding boots. As it was, as it is.

Anonymous said...

Ted exemplifies the pissy little fag here (and I like gay men).

There is no story, no gossip, and no knowledge of women's clothing either.

How is wearing skinny pants, boots and sweater "overdressed" for lunch?

Perhaps, the Polo Lounge is social climbing ground of sorts for the likes of Casablancas, however to me and to Kidman, it's simply hotel restaurant.

It's purpose it to have a cup of tea or a sandwich. Great milkshakes too!

Kidman doesn't dress to impress. Her style is uniquely her own. Kidman has always worn trim preppy men's wear inspired shirts, skinny pants,and boots, for over 20 years actually.

So sorry, Ted felt the need to have a fashion/trend flack comment on a woman having lunch in the the middle of the day at a hotel restaurant. No doubt one of those fashion hangerons who sport every trend adn never develop personal style.

As anyone with knowledge of the history of fashion knows (since the Hessians), riding boots are classic, always in style, casual or dressy, and very chic.

Kidman and I can wear them to the grocery store, to lunch or to go riding.

Ted was grasping at straws...and missed.

not anon said...

"Perhaps, the Polo Lounge is social climbing ground of sorts for the likes of Casablancas, however to me and to Kidman, it's simply hotel restaurant. "

kfroeba if that was the truth you wouldn't be wasting your time educating the little people here about fashion and defending the adulteress also known as the "classy" Nicole Kidman. I also suspected you'd probably piss your panties in excitement if you ever got to be in the same room with Kidman.

maclen said...

Kidman wearing a "riding suit" to a restaurant...even to the Polo lounge.. is about as silly and as asinine as michael jackson wearing the sgt pepper rip off military jackets...the "designer" arm cast or the one glitter glove as an ACTUAL fashion choice! And no doubt jackson wore HIS ridiculous get ups out to grab a bite to eat as well! Yeah, I always wear my "clown suit" for fast food at Mcdonalds! But to be honest...IF kidman had had her HORSE tied up front of the polo would have been so clearly NOT as ridiculous, Y'all!! But then I dont have the "knowledge of the history of fashion knows"...well, not since the Hessians, anyways...and riding boots ARE chic...if your entered into a riding show...but if your a hasbeen celeb...who probably never wore a pair of riding boots, leggings and a navy blue sweater vest with a polo shirt underneath...with a newsboy cap...outside of a film set or magazine shoot that is...which is NOT clearly just looking for special attention on par to the juvenile "peter pan" syndromed whacko jacko"...

maclen said...

So, what are the odds that kidman may end up in this thing?...

17 Directors Walk Into A Bar...

"Relativity Media’s Ryan Kavanaugh has signed on to co-finance an untitled comedy. Each of those directors are shooting segments for a film styled in the vein of `70s sketch comedies Kentucky Fried Movie and Groove Tube. Like those predecessors, this will wear its R-rating like a badge.
Relativity confirmed it's making the picture, but wouldn’t specify the number of directors, because many of them are still falling into place. Shooting will wrap in May."

Sounds about what kidman would end up getting...I mean, jackman had a whole day off of his play to shoot a part in this thing! I wouldnt be surprised at all if kidman's trip to Oz ACTUALLY was for this! But it may be kept "hush hush" to heighten the "surprise"...(is the bazz in oz right now, I wonder!) This whole thing sounds like classic ED Wood Jr... directors shooting 10-12 scenes with celebs with a day off of their steady gigs...patch it together along with "stock footage"...and you got a huge hit with the brain-dead audience that also sustain bottom feeding tv shows like Jersey Shore or The Hills! This sounds perfectly on the level of kidman's career right now...she can climb her way out of the cellar on something like this!

abc said...

sorry, but this is a really lame blog entry!!

I am all for a solid debate around Nicole's incongruency and inconsistencies, and I will always give credit where credit is due; given she is someone who has a lot going for her, and who is blessed with a LOT ... but this entry, if anything, gives fuel to her fans to bash the skeptics and detractors ...

I personally am pleased to see people (esp the rich and famous) re-using and re-cycling things (like clothes and shoes etc) as I feel we are far too consumerist and throw-away esp when it comes to fashion ... yes, NK is part of the sickly trend to pump pump pump the brands and labels ... and it is all a bit much really (hence the world-wide economic crunch!) ... so it is good to see her being just ordinary, if we could call it that.

What I find of more interest is what is going on with the Aussie Paps ... NKU refuses to put anything into the public area of their site and it is either because Keith and Daddy have put their feet down with firm hands, or the Paps have gone: 'FU NK' ... 'you stomped on us in court, now go suck eggs' (an Aussie colloquialism) ...

I nevertheless find it such a contradiction that on the one hand, NK's fansies bitch about the Pap's intrusions, then moan and mourn about having no pics ... and then scrummage and scrape around to find pics anywhere they can, of every possible little detail, private or not, ... and us too, complain about her being in our faces, wanting her to just go away, and then when she does, have endless debates about how it is because no-one wants her, when it could in fact be her choice.

oh dear, the poverty of significant content!!

maclen said...

I would hardly call wearing an "inpromptu" riding suit with riding boots themed ensemble to the polo lounge to be "ordinary"...and it is significant to an image concious...and clearly flailing... kidman who's clearly resorting to a whacko jacko page in that extreme "your art is your life" blurring that clearly doomed his life to a tragic end! Kidman's already followed in the "facial procedure" route...does she want to begin at this late stage of public outrageous dress as well? Lady gaga may well dress up in an "iron and glittered version of the solar system" or an over sized "fuzzy Elmo on an extreme rogaine hair treatment" to awards shows or at concert shows...but...if she wears those get ups to a food run at Ralph's market or would be a clear attempt at "publicity"...but clearly of course, not "oridinary!" Madonna's wearing a steel garter belt and her b-52 coned bra to the ihop? She's probably filming another "Erotic" video or documentary...but its NOT ORDINARY! Jackson, Madonna..and now lady gaga "make believe dress up in public functions" to stand unique...and clearly get attention...and again in the extreme case of michael became a symptom of his totally bizzare and troubled lifestyle.

maclen said... to the fansies "bogarting" the OZ coverage of the fantasy couple and co. in the "private section...clearly they are simply implenting the kidman vendetta with the OZ paps. Sure, nickufan posted the pics of the family arriving in Oz on the public section at NKU...even before they were posted on approved photo op sites JJ and GG...but of course the notion of other OZ sources borrowing the pics for their own endeavors is sacreligious! And yet again, in another act of constant ineptitude...inept team kidman is counteracting their own intended purposes of the arranged photo ops! Or more precisely, I figure, in "retracting" the arranged oz airport arrival photo ops at the fansie site...perhaps inept team kidman simply...and finally got the word that kidman, by order of newly installed "inept managment kidman" wanted kidman to "lay low" and had the fansie site "hide" the photo ops! So I also figure, JJ and GG will now also go "OZ photo op" black! Because, clearly, kidman is in "image rehaul" mode...and it would be amazing if every Oz pap source also went black...which would surely mean that kidman and co. will simply "stay in" for their entire stay in Oz...denying other "uncooperative" papparatz any shots at all! We shall see...

Anonymous said...

maclen, I don't often go to the NKU site, but did note that at the top of the board it states that photos are restricted due to Australian paparazzi requests. It would seem that the site was notified by someone not to post photos from OZ so they are moved to the members only section.

If Kidman were laying low would she be providing photos to JJ and GG?

maclen said...

Well, evidently mikki, abc was correct in pointing out that NKU commenter Nickufan is a pap...who also evidently provides JJ and GG with kidman's prearranged photo ops. So, basically, "nickufan" is either taking the photos off of JJ and GG...without acnowledging the source...then re-uploading them onto a photobucket account...and then posting them on veil the connection...or is just in fact...the original source! And if my little speculation is right...there would be no more posts on jj and gg on the kidman's in OZ. It would be pretty coincidental if the fansie's OZ coverage is censored to the "private sector" and JJ and GG stop posting on it as well...

Ha! just as I'm composing this comment...this breaking news! Seems kidman will have competition to her cameo in the sandler flick...

Heidi Montag lands cameo in Sandler and Aniston comedy flick

"Heidi Montag has landed a cameo in a movie starring Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston."

So if you think kidman and montag will play twins? Mother and daughter? Would be devastating for kidman if she got upstaged by montag! So, of course, I'm hoping this is true!

maclen said..., let me just run this up a flag pole and see if anyone salutes...

Kidman has signed onto an "uncredited" cameo in a adam sandler comedy...clearly, kidman wants to try and pull an "ex-cruise", who helped his image by doing an "uncredited" outrageous cameo in a ben stiller with word on the nets that heidi" 10 plastic procedures at once" montag has also signed on for a cameo in the sandler I just read over at the IMDB comment section that notes that it makes sense...since sandler's character in the movie is of a plastic surgeon! So, kidman, who obviously wants to make a big splash with this cameo...what are the odds that she trys to play off the whole "plastic surgery and botox" issue she has never ever addressed meaningfully and simply denies? For it's common is PR 101 in lalaland...when confronted with controversial issues...private scandals...celebs will go onto talk shows or oprah, and make fun of themselves. You know, the idea is to get people laughing WITH you...and not AT you? So kidman's cameo will be that she plays a woman who goes to sandler to get a "few" procedures done...and she instead in all the zanyness...gets a ear placed where her nose should be...and vice a versa?

Boy that would SO high-larious!

Anonymous said...

Dear "not anon",

First, the boots are not riding boots, simply knee length tall boots. We've all seen the pics of the boots, if anything they are more biker boots at a riding height, fashion boots, not riding boots per se.

Second, why would you call yourself a "little person"? If you feel inadequate about any subject which you lack knowledge rectify that or not, your choice, not my concern. In any case, what I wrote is common knowledge.

Third, a "riding habit", consists of jodhpurs, actual riding boots, a riding jacket or blazer, and hat.
Simply wearing leggings inside fashion boots isn't a costume of any sort. I wore mine to Whole Foods today as it was raining.

Fourth, Your attack was certainly unprovoked.

Fifth, Since 2006m I've been in Starbucks with Kidman twice, Whole Foods once. Also saw her jogging over a decade ago. Tall! It is only noticable as one does a double-take, then it makes one self-conscious trying to not accidentally look in their direction. I was taught not to stare as a young child and when actors or celebs are around, even when you accidentally catch their eye, you feel silly.

On the other hand, Kate Hudson was in my pedi salon two weeks ago, which was easier as she was with her son and he was chatting to everyone like a magpie.

Now, you have a nice day. IF it's still cool here tomorrow, I'll tuck my skinny jeans into my tall boots and hope you and Ted don't require Tums :)


maclen said...

Ha! So the "upstaging" and the "Oz blackout" has begun!

Lara Bingle manages to upstage Nicole Kidman

" THE idea Lara Bingle could upstage Nicole Kidman was once fanciful but that's what has happened this week as the Nashville-based actress enjoyed her most low-key visit to Sydney in more than 15 years.

Kidman, husband Keith Urban and daughter Sunday Rose slipped into Sydney on Oscars Monday but their presence has barely registered. Instead, the paparazzi focus has been on Bondi Bingle and Michael Clarke and sources close to Kidman say she has loved being out of the limelight.", kidman just LOVES being out of the limelight!? NO...more like, "advised" to stay out of the limelight! So, again, just as surmissed, the PR black out is on. Lucky us!!

jasfro said...

kfroeba, the attack is a scare tactic meant to insult you so you stop you from coming here. They know what the boots look like and what her outfit looks like [it's not a huge secret the photos are out there] but they'll pretend Bibby is onto something for the sake of appearances.

Tara said...

okay so what I got from this was NOT
about fashion but about her marriage
Ted is the king of being subtle
like the following" but is life with randy Keith Urban getting a little shall we say trying"

Ted knows something

Anonymous said...

Tara, I thought the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes!

What a discerning eye Ted/Tara, BECAUSE everyone agrees, wearing boots to lunch is a sure sign of marital strife!

< >

Laura said...

Yeah , I don't understand what that has to do with their marriage..

abc said...

I have had the theory for some time now that Keith may well have a huge appetite in the bedroom given it is now his only vice (apart from love, but love is not a vice) ... and he doesn't get it elsewhere anymore, and we all know that for most women, the demands become a bit much after a while. Been there, done that.

What is intriguing me is the media blackout with them in Oz. Whilst NKU may have a ban, I see no reason why pics wouldn't appear elsewhere ... i think perhaps the paps are snubbing her, or Keith and/or her dad have been firm ... nevertheless, even without pictures, we still get to hear from Nicole; that she is enjoying being out of the limelight: can't help herself, can she?

And again I'll say, why on earth is she choosing these ditzy fluffy movies (Just go with it, Monte Carlo, Wedding Doctor) when it was clear that movies of this ilk have contributed to her downfall. She doesn't need the money, her husband earns well enough and she has two other seemingly gutsy movies coming out; why can't she just let go of wanting it ALL?

Spending endless hours discussing what Nicole wore to lunch is EXACTLY what her PR people want!!! Keeping her being discussed.

notachance said...

Personally, I think Kidman's new mgmt is starting the process of making her over. A cameo in the Sandler film is the first step. Small, subtle placements - hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see her show up in some celebrated cable show in a meaty role at some point. I also think she needs to learn how to take stabs at herself - that alone would do more for her career than any fake nose could.

maclen said...

So, the kidman "image rehabilitation"...the "transmogrifying" of what is left of kidman's limp and bleaching carcass of a aided and abetted by another hack at the times online...

How Nicole Kidman and co hide from fame
They’re some of the most famous women in the world. So why do these stars want to look like anyone but themselves?

...well, because...when Ford put out the Edsel in the late 50's...and it was a immediatly comes out with the Mustang in the early 60's! It is of course relevent that kidman is the one that is in the title. It really doesnt take a genius to notice that kidman is desperately in image "restructuring"...and that there are the usual PR outlets that the teams...even the "inept teams" ...will "deal' with to help in that campaign. So you will only see stories like this on the internets of their latest OZ visit...

Lara Bingle manages to upstage Nicole Kidman

...or this one...

Bingle drama gives Kidman a break

...for although the stories may seem to point out that kidman is being overshadowed...they do make the point of ensuring that kidman "just LOVES being overshadowed"..."LOVES being ignored" the moment it is in the interest of kidman's own inept management team that she lay low and out of sight! So of course, the image restructuring being the main campaign...the news of kidman's newly announced "uncredited cameo" in the sandler flick...which is said to be on par with ex-cruise's "uncredited" and "surprise" cameo...dont be too surprised that kidman is taking this opportunity to take the newly installed photo op "black out" in OZ to probably shoot that "surpise" cameo for the sandler flick! They dont want ANYTHING to get out and spoil their little "re-unvieling" of the new kidman! Well, I'm sure it'll really be something to behold! I'm already polishing up on the adjectives and...inevitable hyperboles to describe this truly catastrophic event!

maclen said...

So, in this "E-o'-L-N-M's...

...apparently, the fansies have posted...bear in the "private" section of their little dellusional fawnsite... photo's of "Janelle Kidman Birthday pictures!" HA! evidently, their resident pap, who also happens to supply inept team kidman's pre-arranged photo ops to JJ and GG, has provided the fansies with these rather "personal" and "intimate" photos. And also bear in mind, that you will NOT see those pics at JJ or GG in the very near future, I surmise...there is a concerted effort to keep kidman "out of sight" for the new campaign. Now a celeb, even a washed up hasbeen like kidman, providing "exclusive" content for basically, let's just acknowledge it, her official fansite... is not out of the ordinary. I'm sure cletus, who even exploits and gouges his just as gullable fansies with live gig ticket "scalping" and hawking this crappy t-shirts and coffee mugs on the back of his "BENEFIT FOR KEITH URBAN" at his official fawnsite! But I of course find it hilarious that the so called righteous and indignant sycophants who rail over the paps "invasion" of their holyness' "privacy" and "personal" business...those who constantly claim that they have no interest in kidman's "personal life"...but just are interested in her dead as it is...are no doubt at this very moment...and even with the obvious approval and help of kidman herself...passing around those leaked "very personal" photo's of a very "intimate event" like a pack of heroin addicts huddled under a bridge so as not to be seen or noticed by the public! HA! Well, I for one, notice...and the next time anyone of those highly indignant and whiney fansies stumbles over here to rail over the "invasion" of her private image or privacy...have in mind that heroin junkie huddled behind that locked door over there...those NKUsers...getting high on those "very personal" and "intimate events" that their pusher supplies for them! And I have a feeling, that they are all in for one hell of a "come down".. when all their pusher has for them in the near future is pure and unadulterated ...JUNK!...for the junkies...

abc said...

I just came across an old quote by Nicole:

“You look at somebody's work as an actor and you can see their emotional life being fed into it and you can kind of feel them through it. That's far more interesting than anything I could say about where I'm at or who I'm with. It's good to have a little distance. If you discuss your love too much, it just damages it.“

Mmm … wonder what she thinks about Keith discussing their ‘love’ SO much, and whether she thinks it is damaging it?

And then another:

On Birth (2004): "This is a film about love. What is a great love? Is there a love of our life? Do you ever recover from the loss of somebody that was so important to you?“

Anonymous said...

maclen, well you were right, the photos didn't appear on JJ or GG. But they did appear, complete with an article on the Daily Mail. Kidman couldn't lay low if her life depended on it.

I don't agree that this is the new stratgey. I think shes being ignored in OZ for the things shes said about them. You know, that Nashville is her home and the paparazzi in OZ are dangerous, agressive (whatever it was). You know what they say, payback's a bitch. Of course, she claims to prefer being ignored. LOL. Who believes that!!

maclen said...

Yes, mikki, the Daily Mail posted it, but not JJ and GG...and obviously the daily mail source is not JJ's or GG's ...or even the NKUsers source...yet the addicts at NKU had the photos first! Still, it doesnt negate my point that there is a concerted effort to keep things "low-key"...even the daily mail piece cant help but play along with the "attempted" meme...

"And while most A-listers would choose some fancy Michelin-starred restaurant to celebrate a very important birthday, Nicole and her family kept it very low-key, settling for some Turkish cuisine at a restaurant underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge."

(HA! is that THE bridge...the Sydney Harbour bridge... that those kidman fansie like-heroin addicts are huddled under... passing around their little stash of birthday photos like a makeshift crack pipe!)

...all again, PR strategy to "reinvent" kidman. Yet again, I still see it as "the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing"...Kidman's career isnt in the dumpster for nothing! And it doesnt change the point of my last post that the fansies are like addicts you will scrounge for any little morsal of info...that they then decry others of commenting on. I wouldnt be surprised at all in fact, if this little "public" dinner wasnt a last minute event to highlight the fact that the orb's parents were in fact suddenly present! Of course, the fansie birthday photo ops being, well, "private" and hidden away...we will never really know for sure will we? And dont be surprised at all if a little scurrying kidman addict apears to proclaim that in fact...they are the SAME PHOTOS...yeah, and I got a bridge I'd like to sell they can all huddle under!

maclen said...

mikki said...
"I don't agree that this is the new stratgey. I think shes being ignored in OZ for the things shes said about them. You know, that Nashville is her home and the paparazzi in OZ are dangerous, agressive (whatever it was). You know what they say, payback's a bitch."

There is alot to that as well, mikki...she has obviously hit a wall in regards to films and roles...and believe me, she will be NOWHERE near awards talk next year as she was...if only nominally last year, with the flop of Nine... I also suspect that her "news coverage" will also start fading. Based on the coverage heidi montag is getting over her cameo in the sandler flick...a kidman google search is swamped by it.... if kidman goes through with her cameo, will anyone even bother to take note next year?

smorgas91 said...

Uggghhh, maybe this is justme but there is so much to read here and am able to open only this tiny quadrant angle in the screen that list them to read with, not going to squint my eyes to do that. So this is not going to follow anything already listed. I've mentioned in the past about her questionable IQ and recanting of her life experiences oddly, more appropriately uttered by a coming-of-the-age young person. Her comments what or how she says them is simply bizarre. Here too, posted about her gambling experience, as quoted by Cindy Adams. First of all, for someone who'd been in the entertainment business and thrived in it for as long as she'd had (she's old), isn't she beyond be pleased and surprised at free drinks they the way, they do not bring apple martinis or cosmopolitan unless you request them. Perhaps the first step towards her career resurrection is to be more real. Tired of this bimbo's gibberish at such an old age....

A440 said...

I wonder why the Urban Clan was dragged on down to Sydney to begin with. Was it to pay homage to Janelle? Make a public show of how tight everybody is?

Or could it be that Nicole wanted to make a pregnancy announcement to the fam all together, like the first time...


I still wonder if, come August, KUNK will manage to get back to Oz for Marienne's birthday. If Keith will get all gussied up for a big party for HER.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I can't help but wonder of the lifestyles of some these posters. It's one thing to not have money, its another to not have knowledge. I don't gamble or drink much, but I do travel quite a bit.

When I sit with my hub at the Bellagio, they did indeed bring round trays of specialty martinis. I had the chocolate.

I'll go a tad further, I've seen celebs there, the nasty Britany and few TV stars at Ceasars, but never Kidman. They do not bring nice drinks at the middle level hotels.

However, about 5 years ago, my husband did see Kidman, he plays high stakes poker and blackjack, his dealer pointed her out a few table over, all alone, wearing glasses. He said she looked like a young school girl with perfect posture who was studiously playing. She left when she ran out of money, i.e., no tab, she brings cash and leaves, win or lose. Thankfully, my hub does that as well.

I don't beleive your poster stays at teh Bellgio, nor do they play high stakes.

maclen said...

So, in this "E-o'-L-N-M's".... is now 12:31 AM here on the warming west coast...and a just now attempted google search on kidman reveals that heidi montag is still dominating that specific search. Also, some rubbish story on how kidman hawked a designer purse for the Sydney childrens hosipal...(What? No visit this time? No special movie screening trip for the kids from kidman? Oh right...she has no movie to luck kids...and...she obviously is in PR black out)...and a couple of more rehash of the original trip to OZ stories. But, over at the addict "papparatz" photo snorting and "stalking" junkies at NKU have already posted their pusher's latest fix of pap photo's of "Nicole and Keith Return to Los Angeles March 15, 2010"...courtesy of course from resident "scumbag stalking pap photo" pusher NickUfan ...

...I assume there will be some "OTHER" source tommorrow morning posting the LA return pap photos...and presumably...not from JJ or GG...since their source is these days only pushing their "personally intrusive and publicly hounding" papparatzi pics to those jonesing NKUsers in some darkened and seamy back alley...(the NKU "private" board!) I'm assuming, if she didnt take care of it in OZ already...kidman is back to film her own "uncredited" "but already made public" cameo in the sander/aniston flick. Of course, unlike montag's very public shooting of her "cameo"... theres already a photo of montag in her film costume....

Heidi Montag Goes Scantily Clad on Set of 'Just Go for It'

...kidman's will no doubt be under a very veiled and secretive heighten the "surprise"...I'm still of the notion that it WILL comprise some sort of prosthesis...ex-cruise's did...maybe even having some connection to ex-cruise's cameo...kidman would be that obviously...well...obvious!

maclen said...

**update**, it's now 10 in the AM...PST...and a kidman google search reveals, so far, no story or pics of kidman and co returning to LA. What a kidman google search reveals is that heidi montag is still dominating the google search of kidman...8 out of 10 stories on the first page alone of a kidman search are about montag. Thats hilarious...a google search of kidman these days pops out montag! Now I'm betting inept new management kidman must be soooo proud and satified with that development! could be my theory of a kidman "photo op shut down" to lay kidman very low in the pr game...or it could be that no one, other than the JJ and GG pap source...and NKUser pusher...showed up at LAX to get photo's of kidman and co's arrival in Cali. But then, those two possiblities are not entirely mutually exclusive...kidman may have in fact shut down the personal pre-arranged photo ops at JJ and other papparatz sources bothered to show up and get shots! Not out of the question whatsoever! So, lets stay tuned!

martingano said...

I saw at least two photos of them supposedly arriving in LA. One with Keith holding Kidman's purse and the other of Kidman holding the ever so happy child.

smorgas91 said...

Not sure if it's an issue of status symbol or extent of travel or any assumption. Gambling has no status symbol, a sucker is born every day as they say, LV will cater to any who's willing to bleed with not just martinis, good-living galore to anyone who has a track record of having bled badly, or not if in the whale category to start with. Not sure what the real issue of one poster, but there are other sites for people like that...but then again, they really aren't the old money folks....

smorgas91 said...

No old money, not even, at best definite bourgeoisie. Infrequent life saving spending in a piecemeal fashion...with travel...cliche...Bellagio and ... Ceasar's; LV as a yardstick for status...definitely not CLASS...or TASTE for sure. Some from beachy affluence have played with that stuff from in, Ivy L (sacriligeous, stop here)...also obvious, old twit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Smorgas, your green eyes are showing,

There is no mention of status real or implied. It is simply factual information for those who read an erroneous posters spin.

Kidman stays at the Bellagio and plays high stakes. The poster obviously never has done either ANYWHERE.

The Bellagio does bring flavored martinis around to players.
The End.

It's amazing to read all the so called summations here by people who have NEVAH BEEN TO or DONE any of things of which they carp, yes, carp.

Judge, Carp, Assume, but have never experienced themselves.

PS: I also find Vegas tawdry, boring, and never go, unless I must. Simple, I don't gamble and the pools are too small.

However, if you do go, the hotel's range form dirt cheap and nasty, like the Luxor, mediocre, Ceasars, or top of the line luxury, The Bellagio.

The truth is I would NEVER ever discuss money in real life, but this is a hate blog judging a millionaire on middle values, parochial views, and low incomes.

Frankly, one could spin Kidman's daily life in a negative light (if you must AND YOU MUST!), without the constant...She should have done this...SHe should have said this....

Face the facts, none of you are world travelers, movie stars, have staffs, tons of free time or money. You haven't a clue.

I will not apologize for having 3 out of the four. In case you people haven't realized, the hate on this blog is fueled by MASSIVE JEALOSY of Kidman, you hater her bc she does whatever she wants and you can't.

abc said...

sorry, kfroeba, Nicole does NOT get to do whatever she wants ... she is trapped ... and contrary to what anyone thinks; no-one can have it ALL! And no, I don't "hate" her; that's just too much emotion for her!

more than anything; I'd love to have her staff; the people who do the dirty work!