Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Money For Keith Urban.... From You!

You can be a part of Keith Urban's new record. Go to his web site;
you can watch him as he prepares his new music for the world. This sounds interesting, but, of course, you have to pay to join his fan club first. Then you will see only what they want you to see; but if you have the time and money go for it.

He also has someone on staff that records his "tour" and puts it up on the site. In the last installment we had an exciting 30 second shot of the band warming up; Keith bitching that he was cold getting off the bus; and Keith going on and on about Kidman coming along. Of course we didn't see her and that isn't a bad thing. But you can usually go to a Keith Urban fan site and someone has better pictures, better video and a nicer narrative than what you are paying Keith for, but it's your money.


blue sky said...

Anyone who pays for this crap needs to step away from the computer and get professional help. Here's a great way to save the fansies' minimum wage income instead of putting it in a multi-millionaire's wallet - go out on youtube and you can watch Keith all day long for free to get your fix!

Here's something else to think about fansies. Instead of giving you a video that lasts a dozen seconds or so, how about concert seats in the first couple of rows?

How much longer will they continue to be suckers for this monopoly?

abc said...

Keith Lionel Urban + Nicole Kidman =


maclen said...

Yes, as I mentioned during the whole "napalm" issue...not much interest in here to knock the orb! Now, no one has been as vigilant as I in pointing out the rather lameness of kidman and the blatant and shameless self promotion of herself. But she is so OVER...but apparently many believe the orb is still viable as a "top" rated country "star" because he gets an occasional "token" award! Or IF he can extract himself from the dead weight and PR downer that kidman has been to him...he can somehow come back. But as fansies like to point out...they are still together...and his popularity will soon rival her's in his business. And no amount of special fansie site campaigns...ie: "I'm In" or the "Teen choice award voting" is gonna help in his decline! The "exclusive" insider videos at the fansie site are pretty pathetic...Defying Sales is pretty much neglected at the site...it still cant reach to Platinum...though they salivate over the endless singles though. But that is about as meaningless as the "online voting" awards...they can simply "robocall" the radio stations to keep them moving down the charts...big deal! And not to mention the fansie site "scalping" their own members out of hundreds of bucks for front row tickets to his shows...not much appreciation in that if you ask me! But then, the orb fansie's "pay" for exactly what they get from the site...which doesnt sound like much!