Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keith Urban's Fans Should Be Ecstatic!


Keith managed to sneak in a few minutes at the studio today.... Oh, joy! Oh, happiness! Monkey dances all around...

Keith's people tweeted a pic of him "today" in the studio... he "managed to squeeze in a few minutes at the studio" today before he heads off to Southern Cali. Hmmmm... He has a show in LA on Friday, then the Paso Robles show on the 28th... Golly gee, he is SO busy touring, isn't he now? Too busy to even do a "live" video for his latest single. Gosh, gee whiz, must be so hard to be Mr. Urban these days.


Surely this must bode well for the new CD. Not.


maclen said...

Yes...impressive Urban Myths...A DAY in the studio! It does make you wonder what would be SO important about a few gigs at a festival or a few more gigs at a county fair! Well, as I contented last year when his cd, Defying Sales sold so poorly, he would be hard pressed to pay back CapNash for the money NOT made back by the mediocre album...the orb is scrambling for that extra dough to keep capnash from dumping his behind! As the discussion a few weeks ago regarding orb's $26 mil gross last year highlighted...and as I pointed out after all cost's for his concert tour were taken into account...orb's eventual take was not that impressive. That would be why the "low cost" of the festival/county fair summer tour is taking precident for the orb...even above working on his next cd! I'm certainly feeling better about my 50% "declining sales " prediction that orb's next cd will only sell less than half of the mediocre Defying Sales! But then, perhaps orb is planning to include that Wiggles "collaberation" song onto his next cd...and that will save the day! Cant say I'm very impressed.

blue sky said...

This is a far cry from Darius Rucker's efforts in the studio, who is also with Capitol. He, along with a few songwriters, have written over 70 songs for his new album to be released in October. He also asked Brad Paisley to record a duet with him. It is supposed to be a VERY funny song. Darius is hoping that song will be released on the new album.

There's not much written about Keith in recent news on Capitol's site these days.

maclen said...

blue sky said...
"This is a far cry from Darius Rucker's efforts in the studio, who is also with Capitol. He, along with a few songwriters, have written over 70 songs for his new album to be released in October...
There's not much written about Keith in recent news on Capitol's site these days."

Yeah, you're sure right about the neglect of the orb form CapNAsh website, blue sky! Under "CURRENT ARTISTS" at the website...


...the link to rucker shows his current album, the track listing, 2 videos and last news on July 14. Dierks Bently shows his current LP, the track listing, 1 video and latest news update from June 7th. Emily West shows no info...Eric church shows his LP, track listing, 1 video and lastest news way back in Jan. 5. Jennette Mccurdy I see is a new signing. And the orb? No LP photo...NO track listing...NO featured media...and the latest news from Jan. 14! So do you also get the impression that the orb is NOT a big priority at CapNash? Well, at only about 800k cds sold of Defying Sales...he wouldnt be a big priority at CapNash. And I would gather his next cd is also NOT a big priority to the label...which would also explain why he is simply taking a day here or a day there to work on it! I doubt if CapNash is gonna spend alot of money to get it out there only to have it underperform so miserably!

hoosierlady said...

This is on the Yahoo crawler:


Please note the "otherworldly" comment.

Now: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/10/06/nicole-kidman-elle-hollywood-tribute/

Look at the Shirley MacLaine comment, please.

This might seem coincidental, she just heard it somewhere and repeated it, but to me it's just one more time she hasn't an original thought in her head.

Tara said...

It is probably time for happy family photos- don't you think? LA would be the place to get them of course they would have to all be together.

I think the little snippets from the studio are dumb. Just play part of a song. I am not putting too much hope out for any thing extraordinary since he can't seem to work beyond his safe box (Dann Huff etc) but he has lived his life that way for the last 4 years why not make continue to make vanilla music.

smorgas91 said...

It sounds like this guy since marriage has lost focus of himself, his music. Not enough passion there for him to get his creative juice going. Can't be a wannabe heart-throb to women given he is married now, can't be about being a dad and have a commercially successful lyrics (c'mon, that lucrative 18-35 crowd give a r**s a** about that), lost or instrospective sad stuff, etc. etc. At this rate, with him too aging and everything, he's going to disappear...is NK really worth all this.... without this alliance, he had a shot as a loner attractive singing his soul...whatever, not into country music

JOY said...

"...is NK really worth all this"

Is the love any of us have for our spouse worth our own career hardships, trials, rough patches, etc?

OF COURSE loving someone is worth all this. Remember before Keith & Nicole were wed he was (career wise) on top of the world but his personal health and mental state was NOT the greatest. The man almost ended up dead from his addiction. I don't care if he fell in love, married Nicole Kidman, had a daughter with her and remains in love and married to her. His career is just that, a career. It will have it's ups, downs and go all around. But a happy marriage and fatherhood are priceless. They are worth more than anything and I believe (MY OPINION ONLY) that Keith feels that way. He's already said he had the music, fame, money and the musician's life but he was ALONE. He said there was nobody to share it all with.

"At this rate, with him too aging and everything, he's going to disappear..."

My personal opinion is Keith will not disappear from music---sure he may slow down, he may change things around a bit, he might go out on a limb and try different things with his music but he won't disappear as a musician. He's got the talent and the ability to be around for a LONG time no matter what his personal life is like. He can age handsomely but his talent is a major part of him that unless he can't sing, write, play we will be enjoying for a long time. Keith's got that (whatever it is) to be a GREAT performer. He is talented beyond measure and so what if his career takes a rest or a breather once in a while, MANY older musicians are still Highly popular. I want to see in about 20 years if Keith's still got us cranking up our radios and jamming to his music. I bet he will. The man is filled with music & I think he will be involved in some way msuically until he dies. He's just got it.

Anonymous said...

Joy, "the man almost ended up dead"?? Where do you get your information?? I've never heard that Keith's addictions brought him close to death. And you may see her as his savior, but thats not how it works with addicts. If love were the answer lot of addicts would be able to clean up their act.

And I think I've asked you this before. When exactly did Keith fall in love with NK. Because he was in the same "personal health and mental state" before, during and after the marriage. It was only after SHE went public with his addictions and sent him off to rehab for damage control that he decided he better clean up his act and do things her way. Thats not love in my opinion. Thats a guy who's worried that he had a lot to lose if he didn't.

And it doesn't matter what hes required to put out in the media now. He spent eight years with Laura Sigler and two years with Niki Taylor. Thats not a guy who's alone. Those weren't flings or casual affairs. Those were meaningful relationships that Keith invested ten years in.

To your last point, your correct. He has changed things, gone out on a limb and tried different things and it has cost him. He doesn't have "it" anymore. Thats my opinion.

maclen said...

smorgas91 said...
"It sounds like this guy since marriage has lost focus of himself, his music. Not enough passion there for him to get his creative juice going. Can't be a wannabe heart-throb to women given he is married now, can't be about being a dad and have a commercially successful lyrics..."

Yes, that IS exactly what has happened to the orb. He's lost about three-fourths of his fanbase since 2005. And he's not gonna get them back. And it is not as simple as simply putting out a "GREAT" cd...that is just too subjective. Excellently reviewed albums may sell poorly, and terribly reviewed albums may sell millions. You are right mikki..."He doesn't have "it" anymore." His time has passed...or does the orb actually believe that napalm mayer or the Wiggles are gonna help him climb back to his past popularity?

joy said...

"And you may see her as his savior, but thats not how it works with addicts."

I would definitley hope that she is NOT his Saviour. There is only one. From hearing about addiction I understand that the addicted person can ONLY go into rehab for themselves & that person must want to do it, no one can force them or make them go in. It's up to them & only them to make it work. Nobody can do it for them .

""the man almost ended up dead"??"

I am again getting that from the articles I've read (the seriousness of his substance abuse) & assuming that had he not stopped the drugs & alcohol he could have very easily been another famous drug death statistic. He was on the right road to death had his life not turned around.

"He spent eight years with Laura Sigler and two years with Niki Taylor. Thats not a guy who's alone."

Well, he said in HIS OWN WORDS that after concerts he would get back on the bus with energy, an excitment & a high performing gives you & there was NO ONE there to share it with. He said that himself. He said it was very lonely. You can be with somebody for years & still be lonely. He never married Laura & Niki so I have to assume that these relationships weren't meant to become more or he'd have married one of them.

Whatever was before anyone came into his life, during his days of "sowing his oats" & now as a husband & a father Keith is Keith & his music comes from all of those times in his life. That isn't going to change. He can write, play & sing "until the cows come home" but it will all be influenced by where he is in his life & what has made him the man he is today. No person is an "island" unto themselves. Whether we like it or not we are influenced by each & every person & event in our lives-good or bad. It's what makes each person who we are.

If Nicole brought any goodness, joy, inspiration, aspiration to be drug/alcohol free, grounding to Keith's life what a blessing. Many people go through their lives never being able to find that special someone. According to Keith he has & to me that's all that matters. The music isn't suffering because of it. If anything it's getting stronger, deeper & has more meaning to him & he has that one special person to share it all with according to him. I for one am happy he's found his "place". He can only grow & bring the very best of it all to his music.

He can't always be #1 or the most popular or highest grossing artist all the time. Even the best have to go down at some point. But his music can still be entertaining & be relevant to what's going on in his stage of life at the time. I as a fan can go along with the "roller coaster" of his songs. It doesn't bother me that he might get deeper with his music & not so cutesy. I enjoy the fast upbeat stuff but I can also relate & enjoy the slower, deeper more melodic songs with a bite to them.

So as I have said I'm a fan for as long as he makes good music that I enjoy listening to & that's all. Wishing him & his and you all & yours the very best.

abc said...

Joy, what then does Keith do with his concert 'highs' on all the nights that Nicole is not there with him. Oh, the phone, I forgot.

I find it interesting that he said when he was writing a song about "committing to love someone", 'Kiss a Girl came out'.

smorgas91 said...

Maclen wrote:
"His time has passed...or does the orb actually believe that napalm mayer or the Wiggles are gonna help him climb back to his past popularity?"

...Really...amazing partnerships given they do absolutely nothing for his image...isn't he selective on who he does music with anymore? Does he not have choices either? Doesn't he step back and realize what's going on, how he might be perceived by others in the same profession, let alone his fanbase? This dude is a goner in the making....

maclen said...

Well, smorgas91, I actually wonder just what are the fansies expecting from his next cd? Are they simply content to get a few more songs celebrating his ball and chain...how he hopes he can be a better husband and father...how he hopes he can "accept" love? No doubt there will be a song about or dedicated to the Tennessee flooding. I also got the impression that he will be going for that "classic rock" vibe he has been cultivating recently, re: beatles/stones performances. Now, truly, to me an album on how a musician hopes to attain "wedded bliss" and "domestic tranquility" may be a very noble endeaver...but it clearly does not make for a very exciting product to actual music consumers. So again, what will be on his next cd that he hasnt already treaded over and what else does he have to say?

A440 said...

Don't forget that "Defying Gravity" was noted by Rolling Stone to be the sound of Keith Urban's lobotomy.

I think they were on to something there...

maclen said...

A440 said...

Don't forget that "Defying Gravity" was noted by Rolling Stone to be the sound of Keith Urban's lobotomy.

I think they were on to something there...

It was the Rolling stone reviewer's opinion also that DS was also inferior to Whole Crazy...now again, that is subjective...but what is not is that Defying Sales WAS financially inferior to Whole Crazy, of course.

Laura said...

"His time has passed...or does the orb actually believe that napalm mayer or the Wiggles are gonna help him climb back to his past popularity?"

Well, I don't know if Mayer helped this happen, but the night Crossroads aired, Keith was the 5th trending topic on Twitter in the COUNTRY. Just sayin'.

Tara said...

I was right shot of the "happy" couple from a movie theater in Sherman Oaks last night are on JJ.
Funny I didn't know the paps hung in the 'burbs that's right not unless they are called.

Keith you should wear those pants in concert.
Do any of you think he knew the Paps were going to be there?

Anonymous said...

One single paparazzi. No other movie-goers anywhere around. Of course he knew.

abc said...

because someone knew the KLUNK pics (at the movie Salt) would end up on JJ at the same time that Angelina is all over JJ premiering Salt all over the planet. very obvious! (while Keith growls at the camera, Nicole smiles!)

btw, NKU has NOT shut down ... that is (to use Skewer Mistress's favourite word) a "lie" ... quite obviously Foxy (or NKPR) couldn't handle the negative debate any longer especially as one of the members was being quite stubborn about expressing their view without censorship. The main section is kept up to date with news.

NK's facebook page is interesting: even though 'xoNic' (or someone on her behalf) says "I'm new to facebook, am nervous" etc, it is also stated that this new site replaces an old fb NK site. It is made to appear as tho NK is personally (and endearingly) doing the page, but clearly not: all the poor fansies are in a froth about getting "so close & personal" with Nicole and asking for interaction; of course, they aint gonna get that; just another use of social media for advertising and marketing ... clearly 'new management' is trying EVERYTHING
! Well, the interest there has waned sharply within just three posts, two of which are official charity stuff; all underpinned by the commercial machine that is Omega.

PS: to Skewer Mistress: why don't you come out into the open HERE and challenge people's "LIES" (as you call everything posted here) ... instead of sneaking around, stealing everyone's words, scurrying back to your sick little rabbit hole (skewering the skeptics) where you paste it all up and have a field day unpicking it all, relentlessly, endlessly, maniacally; whilst NO-ONE is there to support you or agree with you; aren't you just a bit lonely and desperate by now; as you say; it has been "five long years" and you just can't get everyone to stop discussing the Urbans; or as you say: "LYING" about them. You say you are 'MOTIVATED BY HATERS"; is that really a way to live?

smorgas91 said...

Sounds like this celebrity NKU who thrives by imitation, not an ounce of originality in her brains, is currently obsessed with Jolie. Among those that were publicized are, had to have her manager, was the one to provide a tribute speech to Jolie as a nominee for Academy Awards, now chooses Salt as a date movie (likely to study her acting chops, was reported before obsessed with Meg Ryan in early 90's and witnessed repeatedly watching all her movies -- and when you think about it their acting styles were very similar before, including that voice intonation)...now you gotta feel sorry for her...this is what happens when you're severely limited...in the brains.......

hoosierlady said...

I can't even find Skewer Mistress's website, and I've looked.

Look what I did find, though!


Aren't you excited!

Anonymous said...

hoosierlady, I don't think we should be promoting the website of some obsessed fan. At least not here on Umyths.

abc, if you want to debate her why don't you go to her blog. These discussions are suppose to be about Keith and Nicole, not the opinions of the posters.

Anonymous said...

abc, just want to be clear, I mean no disrespect to you. Let this person do her ranting and her obsessive lovefest on her own blog. Its harmless. No one reads it.

blue sky said...

Even though I agree with abc's description of the Mistress's mental status, which just her screen name alone makes your wonder about her mental state. She is defending Keith Urban with her life, and her name means "a woman, other than his wife, with whom a man has a continuing sexual relationship". Does she have a special relationship with Keith in her head? How stable is she?

Continuing on, I have only read her blog once and have never returned. She claims that all skeptics say lies about KUNK. Well, if the Mistress has problems with lies, maybe she should look at the two she is defending with her life. There are lies said from one interview to the next. The Mistress apparently has no problem believing the lies Nicole says about plastic surgery, the lies about her children with Tom or even go back and read interviews about her childhood. In one she'll say what a beautiful childhood she had, and in another she'll say how miserable she was as a child.

My advice to those "the other woman" writes about on there - stay away from the blog, and keep any opinions, comments or statements about "the other woman" off this blog site. Don't give her the attention she so desperately wants because apparently she isn't getting any attention from Keith Urban either.

A440 said...

Consider it done!

And to that end, let me comment on La Kidman. I finally got a look-see at the JJ pics. So will someone explain to me why, with access to the finest designers and stylists, this broad looks so crappy? Why does she refuse to run a brush through her hair before leaving the house? Why doesn't she fix herself up a bit?

This level of sloppiness shows up often, so it must be deliberate. That's an explanation, but it's no excuse. For her to go out and about looking so unkempt is a reflection on her. It's a complete lack of class.

I don't care how much she has in the bank. Money cannot buy class.

Keith has mentioned how attracted he is to the quirky. I'm afraid that here he has a woman who is only an embarrassment.

Choice said...

A440 - yes she is an embarrassment to him, based on the cap he wore to the movies the other night, and his head down. Wouldn't you be embarrassed if your partner wore a potato sack dress on a night out?


Tara said...

The problem is she doesn't have a stylist dressing her for everyday. That dress she has worn before and its hideous. I doubt Keith has any say in how she looks because the point of the evening was to show them together doing a "couple" thing.
Funny that he seemed to be hiding under his hat and I don't think he cares how she looks.

I wonder if they have separate homes in LA and he rode over to pick her up?

Urban Myths said...

She got dressed up for this gig:



Anonymous said...

A440, when NK hooked up with Keith Urban she wanted to melt the ice queen image. She traded it for the down-to-earth image that she obviously feels is more appealing to the mini-van moms and the country music fans. Apparently she thinks that if shes more like the average person she'll be more likeable and that will translate to more fans. Shes traded the high priced shops on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for the Target store in Nashville. And she claims to prefer living on a farm in small town America and growing her own vegetables to the huge homes and mansions she is said to own. And of course, she dresses down to fit with Keith who is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.

Its all about image A440. I agree with you, thats not who she is and she has gained nothing changing her image so drastically. It hasn't helped her popularity or sold tickets to her films. It has simply made her ordinary and uninteresting. That moviestar glamour she had is gone. And in my opinion, that was one of the best things she had going for her. Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UM. Not striking at all anymore is she? What a mistake climbing down off her Hollywood pedestal to be ordinary and down to earth.

maclen said...

Yes mikki...that is all very true...but just to further your point from her ying to his yang...consider the reverse of that view. And that is...the once red hot country hot shot orb also didnt prevent kidman's career from crashing and burning! And of course the orb is now in the process of also "crashing and burning." Seems there WAS NOT that much more...in quality or weight...to the orb that would somehow "transend" the tabloid fodder atmosphere he now finds himself in. Or for that matter, the "diaper changing" image he is more so intent on cultivating for himself at the moment...ie: collaberating with the Wiggles! Next collaberation is no doubt with elmo and cookie monster...all because his kid is so into Sesame Street!

Anonymous said...

maclen, what do you think of this?

NK will be there to promote her film!

Choice said...

I guess we should be grateful that she has listened to us and got rid of that blonde/grey hair for awhile now. The red hair may be dyed, but it is an improvement. That green dress she wore at the Hollywood Box Office Poison Press Association makes her look like a little girl. The type of dress a 8 year old would wear.

hoosierlady said...

Have you checked for a pattern? Does she do the dowdy dotty a few days before a PR appearance? Maybe she looks REALLY bad so when they paint and prune her she looks really good in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, reaching back in time to the red hair to try to recapture her youth. Why not, shes tried everything else!

A440 said...

Tara said:
The problem is she doesn't have a stylist dressing her for everyday.

Who the hell needs a stylist for everyday wear? That's my point. All she had to do is put on a light touch of makeup, brush her freakin' hair and pull on a casual dress that drapes properly. How much effort does that take?!

Funny that he seemed to be hiding under his hat and I don't think he cares how she looks.

I'm gonna respectfully disagree. As much as he's borderline sloppy himself, I think it DOES bother him that his wife, the Cover Girl, Beauty Queen, Oscar winning, Haute Couture wearing BBP looks dowdy and unappealing. That others have picked up on how she's not her beauty queen self. He chose her, in part, because of her status as an actress known for her looks. I think it bugs him when he cannot show her off.

(I wonder if Keith suggested the implants. It makes sense, since both he and Nicole are breast men.)

Did you catch what Keith said in that documentary on the "Love Pain Tour" DVD? He was futzing around with his "merch," going over T-shirts with an assistant, talking about how he was concerned about fabric feel and how shirts must keep their shape. Then he looked into the camera and opined:

"I like people to be dressed well."

He himself was in his usual T-shirt and jeans. Be that as it may, even casual dress choices catch his eye. He DOES note this stuff. I agree with Choice: he WOULD BE embarrassed by Mrs. Potato Sack.

Just my .02 cents.

A440 said...

mikki said:
A440, when NK hooked up with Keith Urban she wanted to melt the ice queen image.

Think so? I'm not so sure. Consider the reverse: she wanted to elevate Keith. She may have to live in a cow-poke town like Nashville, but by golly, she was not going to abandon her Hollywood standards.

That's how we got Keith-as-bored-looking-stockbroker since she has him dressing in those dreary three-piece suits and skinny-tie numbers. Clothes that render him completely asexual.

(Now THAT took some doing, but she did it. He's as asexual as she is.)

Adios, leathers and boots and funky, unique clothes. Howdy-do to worsted wool vests and flannel worthy of my grandfather.

Just like Tom.

Anonymous said...

A440, she knew she was seen as an ice queen and she wanted to melt that image away.

Keith had to dress in monkey suits for the red carpet and events. He couldn't very well escort her in jeans and a t-shirt.

She did want to elevate Keith. She thought she could do for him what Tom did for her. But she went about it all wrong. She didn't bring Keith into her world, she joined him in his. She did lower her standards and changed her image. And none of it has helped her career.

Its more than just the clothes that have cost Keith his sex appeal. How did they refer to them on an old "Will and Grace" episode? Oh yeah, as a lesbian couple! Ha! Kinda says it all!

smorgas91 said...

A440 wrote "...Now THAT took some doing, but she did it. He's as asexual as she is...."
and So Spot On. Aren't they both freaky now...she's weird, he's confused, has nothing to sing about, a baby dubious, careers doomed...and both asexual, yep, asexual.

Choice said...

Good point. She wears those potato sack dresses (just like Miss Ellie used to) just before a big Hollywood event ... to try and impress the crowds? Problem is, there is one photo from yesterday's Press Association Lunch which distinctly shows the cheekbone work she has had done. Not to mention the latest botox injection. Check it out at the right hand corner of NKJ Blog. Her face looks truly weirder than it ever has (except for the classic 39th birthday shoot which is No 1 of all time):

A440 said...


KUNK were referred to as an old lesbian couple on "Will and Grace"?


Anonymous said...

A440, "Will & Grace" May 2006, KUNK were referred to as the "hot lesbian couple"

Anonymous said...

Suprise! She made it to Haiti.

hoosierlady said...

Way to go, Nicole!

I hope it does some good.

smorgas91 said...

That hat, scarf, hair untied/tied, she doing a fashion show at last now in Haiti? She neither dresses appropriately nor contemporary fashionable in everyday getups, then musters that clearly coordinated fashionable outfit for her charity work. Her poses, body language, I'd say it's another PR faux pas for this bimbo with no real interest; or a total lack of understanding or involvement with the issues.... assuming because none of the pictures really show her immersed with the natives, taking interest in what they say, talking, eager for involvement...with her detached postures again assumes a role to imitate by, she's running a kindergarden show and she's the teacher. Poor natives reduced to imbeciles, bet are uncomfortable with her there, unsure of what to do with this fashion coordinated person that really came to be seen for the PR shots (personally don't think she has any real interests outside of how do I look

A440 said...

It's the "Look Ma, no hands" level of charitable work. All it is is talk. It's picture taking and blah-blah.

Sean Penn could eat her raw.