Friday, November 19, 2010

Roger Friedman strikes again...

Praising the CD to high heaven and quoting the only part of the liner notes that reference Baby Girl:

“Nicole Mary–i continue to be brought to my knees by this love of ours…I am in awe of how this blessed family we are creating stretches and fearlessly opens my vulnerable heart…and I just want to be a better man, for you, and father for our heavenly Sunday Rose, and have you go to sleep every night knowing that no one has ever, or will ever, love you as much I do…and all we need is faith…”


LindaMarie said...

What a bunch of crap. Did she write it for him?

Fading Fan said...
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maclen said...

Ha! Yeah, with a hack like friedman behind him now...the skies the limit for orb's career! HA HA!

Hatti said...

Oh please, that was regurgitating enough the first time it was in print. It just gets sicker in it's redundancy!!!

Give me a break KU it's old and it's not getting any better with age!!! Grow up and get a real life!! Stop trying to impress people with your ridiculous rhetoric repertoire!!

Stop embarrassing yourself and your fans!!!

hoosierlady said...

Dude loves his wife

LindaMarie said...

I don't think he loves her. He may like her, but he is not in love with her. Who is trying to convince, us or him? I am not buying it. You keep talking it up, perhaps one day he will believe that he loves her and not what she thinks she can do for him.

Others love their wives too but they manage to still put out great music, have their kids, their pivate lives and grow with time. Keith is going backwards, back to that teen lust with a pretty woman. It is all crap, right down to the odes to the St. Stickfigure, to the tattoo made of henna. It is all crap.

blue sky said...

Notice that the #1 thing Roger has to express is the thank you in the liner notes? He idolizes Nic so badly; does anyone know his sexual gender? If he had any interest in Keith or did any research about Keith, he would know that there is a Target CD with more songs on it.

Fading Fan, Roger was the first to report that Keith was leaving CapNash. He also reported at the Grammys that apparently a groupie was hitting on Keith in the VIP section (backstage I believe), and he proclaimed "I AM married!" {or something like that} and looked like "How DARE you" from what Roger said!

rememberwhen said...

Keep shoveling it Keith, soon your hole will be big enough to bury your career for good. Another thing Keith, why do you still want to run from Nicole? I thought two people that are really in love don't want to keep running away.

A440 said...

"I continue to be brought to my knees..."

No doubt.

Fading Fan said...
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smorgas91 said...

He's just really sick sounding to me....this poor pathetic man needs a professional help fast.

It's been reported and suggested here before and yes I know...but I really think he did indeed lose his soul...has let his guard down and let go all sense of self survival go. This is one sick, SICK totally lame, LAME man. No time for ridicule, he needs a professional help fast.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was cute on his "love pain and the whole crazy thing" album, but now its just gettin old.

blue sky said...

"Funny thing is he doesn't constantly talk about his love for Sunday Rose."

Come on Fading Fan, she sings "ABCs" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"!

Oh wait minute, all toddlers sing those songs. He's just reading from the script - do you expect anything more?

maclen said...

Celebs ARE NOT annoyed by the papparatz or the gossips for the "invasion' of their "privacy"...they get annoyed because the papparatz and the gossips "infringe" on the "personal info' that the celebs themselves wish to exploit and hawk for public consumption... simply to sell their usually mediocre product. A celeb is trying to sell a book...they'll "reveal" a personal trauma...usually they were "molested" as children. I dont sympathize with celebs who cry over the invasion of their "privacy"...who will then just invaritably reveal it all in the shameless shilling of their next book, film..or cd.

Fading Fan said...
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Anonymous said...

Exactly maclen. You do understand the game!

"Nicole Mary"?? pouring it on a little thick isn't he??

Hatti said...

Yes maclen, I totally agree! Many celebs that are successful have their private lives private for years and years. They are able to come and go without being accosted by paps. When these people go to a function they are photographed like normal celebs. These people are usually the most famous they don't rely on being in front of the cameras for attention. They are offered parts b/c they are talented and are a box office asset not BOP !!!!

To need attention to this degree to be happy, is sick. Moosie girl will do anything she has to do to be in the spotlight. That includes paying a man to spew adoration to the point of no return. Or to underdress your child knowing it will be the topic of discussion. Or have nude scenes put into a movie with a child. Anything that will put her in the public eye. It doesn't have anything to do with being praised for her acting ablility b/c she is severely lacking in that department!!!

I believe she is paying KU large sums of money to put out this terrible CD and to spew this ridiculous idiocy!!

How many people ever see them arrive or leave together at any function. How many times have we seen them come out of the home they say they actually live in together. Why is it that no one asks the hard questions? Oh!! I know it's b/c they pay these people to ask what they want asked and to take pics that they want taken.

It is called control my friends and when you have Moosie girl's money you can control everyone and everything around you!!!

Fading Fan said...
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Fading Fan said...
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123xyz said...

The reason you don't see them coming out of the house they live in, in Nashville is because it's a gated community. Not the farm but the other one.

Hatti said...

Well, it started with people saying he lost his muse. I with my warped sense of humor said, "yes he lost his muse and gained a moose." That did it!! I had to nickname her Moosie Girl. It does seem to fit!! ((giggles)))

Hatti said...

LM, I have always thought it was a henna tattoo also. I don't believe he would ever put such an ugly banner on his bod!! He is much to self absorbed to ever put anything so ugly that would have to stay there or be painfully removed!!! ((giggles)))))

Hatti said...

123 I'm sorry but they don't live in a gated community b/c Moosie Girl is very seldom there and is known to stay in a hotel when she is there. KU lives on his farm in Franklin, you will never find him any place else. It is all a charade my dear. He is becoming extremely wealthy working his game!!! And Nash will never tell!!!

A440 said...

123xyz, are you talking about Northumberland?

If they're living in Northumberland, what's the status of the farm?

123xyz said...

A440 They've got both as far as I know. Every photo you see of them in Nashville is taken right there in the neighborhood of the house in the gated community, not in Franklin.

Hatti said...

Yes that is true. But if you are so important and such a celebrity the paps will get pics of you coming out of your gated community.

Moosie Girl pays for her paps so she chooses where she will be photographed. Now when the paps cross the line and they take pics where she is not inclined to agree then she has them beat up and she steals their cameras and pays big bucks for the privilege!!!

Tara said...

Why would you need to keep two residences in Nashville? Do others do that?
You only see them at certain times and in certain areas but who cares?

another thing in the NPR interview
he made a point of saying Sunday was 2 years and 4 months - why?

Hatti said...

Oh Tara, he has to mention that child's age b/c we have been saying (other places) that the child is older then Moosie Girl says she is. That's b/c we do not believe nor will ever believe that she actually gave birth to that child. She wasn't sure from the start when they were going to obtain that child.

So that shows you how obsessed they are with everything written about them!!!

As far as two residences? Well matie, KU is not going to sleep in the car!! ((giggles))))))

Imahick said...

The dedication to NK is over the top. I usually believe that the relationship is real...maybe not the kind of relationship we would have, but a committed one, none the less. The dedication in the CD is over kill and makes it sound insincere.

On the other hand, I like the CD. Other than Put you in a Song, the songs are more mature than the ones off Defying Gravity, and the arrangements are simple and rich. I loved the ganjo and fiddle. Great guitar solos. His vocals are clean.

In my opinion, this is a waaaay better CD than DG. Yes, the songs are all along the same theme ... but they're far more country than sugar pop. This is a good CD. It's no Golden Road but it's a solid piece of work in my opinion.

Hatti said...

Imahick, KU didn't give this CD a chance. He sunk it before the fans did. Yes, I will say there are a few songs I like that have nothing to do with Moosie Girl. But those you can pick up on itunes. I believe no one wants that stupid cover in their collection. I certainly don't!!

All this adoration has just added insult to injury. How much garbage can people swallow. This is just to much to deal with.

I know Moosie Girl bankrolled this CD, but does that mean she has have him grabble?? Lord she is so needy it's just insane!!!!

I cannot spend money on something that will encourage more of this insipid behavior!!

Hatti said...

Is this the guy that Moosie Girl pays for his commentary? I thought I recognized the name. Oh yes, and he is the one that just happened to hear KU admonish a fan of his. Sure he did!! ((giggles)))))

Anonymous said...

So, is it true that Keith is planning to tour in China??

Hatti said...

mikki, I think he is trying to take a slow boat someplace!! ((giggles))) Sorry my warped sense of humor gets the best of me sometimes!! ((giggles))

Well Ruppie's wife is from there I believe. She kind of took a liking to KU awhile back. So maybe the connections will be through her. Just another reason to suck up to Moosie Girl, you know Ruppie's protegee?? :D

F.I.N.E said...

nick allowed him to open the door FULLY...


(thanks interviewer 1:24) sounds more like a lie in progress.

dear keith,

i too would like to know what triggered you to jump into the fire FIVE YEARS AGO.

remember father talks alot exclaimed how mature you were THEN; but, that was not the truth.

so NOW you are 100% in, without escape strategy, but, you admit you still have to PROMPT yourself to "go through the motions"... and you admit going through the motions is uncomfortable and is against your instincts (but you embrace what is wrong anyway).

i can definitely see now why you were using so heavily just to go through with it. now you have the courage to do it sober. (yuck)

i hear is the same old desperation and determination at work in your marriage.

there are a couple of reasons why we run...

our instincts are suppose to serve us by protecting us from that which we should not proceed with. it's not what we want to live with and you will regret going against your instincts.

speaking from personal experience, when you KNOW something IS RIGHT but you refuse to act, it is called DOUBT. (the opposite of faith) for instance, if you had faith in something to happen and when it did you were weak and doubted it which caused you to lose it then it is the worst curse imaginable. it will test your faith and willingness to believe in anything unless you take personal responsibility for your error (of doubt) btw, that doesn't make it any less painful.

but keith, you are supposedly exercising faith in this determined relationship. so it's NOT doubt you are up against. it all points to the fact that you just married the wrong woman.

"your heart hurts because it is stretching and getting bigger" is a stupid juvenile and moronic idea she pulled out of her ass to convince you that loving her is SUPPOSE to be painful.

you wife is not even a runner so why is she giving you advise? she couldn't possibly understand that behavior because she is a clingy mess. she is just a "know it all" who wants to be in charge of you and effect the outcome in her own favor. your behavior makes me think of a trained lab rat. i've noticed how she talks to you and looks at you like you are a kinder gardener.

keith, i will never believe nick was sent to you by God no matter how many references you make about falling on your knees. If she were a woman who put God first in her life and didn't publicly go against HIS WORD, i wouldn't mention it, but that is the most obvious sign.

you references to your child made it sound like she is suppose to be your reward in this. i believe your wife instrumented it that way to keep you with her.

it would make more sense to just keep your mouth closed about all your marital woes. the fact that you struggle with intimacy with the one who you believe you're meant to be with is contradictory. you didn't marry someone that you feel natural and comfortable loving and your upbeat tunes don't change it past the surface.

you have been the one shortchanged in this marriage. nick obviously has a plan laid out for you to keep on going through the motions for her and keep her marriage together. she desperately wants the attention you bring to her.

btw, its VERY noticeable that at the height of your public praise of her, she has never looked happier. don't you see the correlation.

you've dropped on your knees to HER. you have followed HER plan for your life. and you have changed beyond recognition.

i don't know why i even still hope that you will come to your senses because you sound more and more like senseless robot.

123xyz said...

Why they need to have two places in Nashville or any of the other cities they do, I don't know. Then again, I don't really care either. It's their money. If they can afford them, I don't care if they own 10 homes in Nashville. Makes no difference to me how many houses they have. How the number of houses they have or when and where they live in them doesn't really effect me as fan of his.
So it would be easier to get a photo of them in a gated community (one where you would need a helicopter and a telephoto lens) to get the shot of them coming out of their door but no ones caught her coming and going out of a hotel in Franklin that's open to the public??? Please!!

As for the new cd and the songs on it. Would it have made any difference if he hadn't said these song were inspired my Kidman? They are love songs for the most part, he is married. Who else would he/should he be inspired by? Even if he hadn't said a word about Kidman in connection to these songs, everyone here would still be complaining about his song selection. To say he's ruined the songs for you is really ridiculous. I know when I hear a love song by Brad Paisley and it's a song he personally wrote, that it was most likely inspired by his wife. Same goes with Keith whether he says it or not.

Yeah, he says more about Kidman then I'd like to hear. Not a fan, never will be but I'm able to get past that and not let it affect my enjoyment of Keith. I just saw him on Tuesday at the train station and we had a blast!!

Laura said...

Keith is not an actor.

I do believe that he loves her. He'd have to be a DAMN good actor to pretend, for this long, that he is in love with her.

The question is.. does SHE love HIM? That is where I am skeptical.

123xyz said...

I agree Laura. I'm skeptical of her and her love for him.

Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

No one takes pics of her doing anything if Moosie Girl hasn't paid for it. She does not have paps following her around b/c she is famous. They come when she calls!!!

We all have our own point of view when it comes to this so called relationship. I will never believe they have anything but a business agreement. I remember from day one and it hasn't gotten any easier for them to be together (awkward)!!

Wouldn't you think in five years that should be casual?? And while we are at it no normal relationship has to be stuffed down everyone's throat. It looks like the boss wants him to pull out all the stops and he is earning that label!!!

Anonymous said...

Hatti, the paparazzi are not perminant fixtures in Nashville like they are in LA. So its obvious that NK arranges the photo ops herself. If not, then we would be seeing as many pictures of other artists around town - at starbucks, whole foods, the gym, etc. Doesn't take much to figure that out does it?

123xyz said...

FF you aren't the only one to say he ruined the music for them but nice of you to make it all about you. It's been said time and time again for years now. Also, I've been involved in this for a lot longer then you. So you didn't get anywhere before me, I've been there, done that and realized that moaning about it wasn't going to change anything.

Hatti, I don't know what world you live in but Kidman is still a big star to most people. Maybe not to me or you but to the average person she is and people take pictures of her all the time. If she was going in and out of a hotel when she is supposed to be living with Keith, someone would get photos of it and sell it to the tabloids. She's not the only one in Nashville with money and by your own words she's not liked there or anywhere so why would people keep that a secret??? If someone had that story it sure would bring the tabs a lot more money and attention than Kidman could pay them. The truth is if you actually spent anytime in Nashville, you would find that the average Nashvillian sees KUNK all over Nashville all the time. I know it's hard to accept, I don't like to think about it either but she is there, with him in Nashville.

Fading Fan said...
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maclen said...

So, as I await the final US cd sales numbers...can it be know, Mr. "international" superstar....his cd is going to debut at number two in the Aussie country charts?

"On the country chart, Aussie Keith Urban's new album Get Closer debuted at number two this week, bumping fellow countryman Kasey Chambers into third."

Ha! Seems the US ISNT the only place swifty is more popular than orb! Apparently the aussie's like their "pop" music far more interesting...and FAR more authentic than the swill orb "stamps" out. In fact, all 3 of swifty's albums are in the top ten down under! You know, swifty MAY be a high flying rocket that may one day fall back to earth...but it's clear orb will NEVER ever see those heights she has his is a sputtering little sparkler at this point.

maclen said...

...past posted... I just noticed that the AMA's were tonight. And apparently orb was NOT nominated for anything. So, is this the beginning point where orb NO longer wins his "usual" honorary nomination...but is now NOT even bothered to be nominated? With paisley finally having taken the "Entertainer" at the CMA's...I wouldnt be surprised if the entire industry basically moves onto the "new gen"...the "next" gen...the fresher and younger faces of country music. Cant be good news for the orb.

Tara said...

Kidman is still only a big star because those that are paid to do so remind everyone she is.

No AMA but he is trying really hard for another People's Choice.

I actually read the liner notes and it seems silly to thank Sarah Buxton twice especially since she is uncredited for background vocals for the song he is thanking her for.

Hatti said...

Yes maclen, you usually have a good sense of what is happening. I believe that to be true. KU is going to be looked at as one of the old guys. Not only that but I believe if he continues to try to move into the same genre (what ever that may be)as Taylor Swift he is accentuating the generation gap that is obviously visible!

What a crying shame that he feels it is necessary to cross over to this teenie bopper stuff when he is a talented individual in his own right.

I believe that in his zeal to meet his contractual obligations he has just destroyed what was left of his career.

From the time they hooked up together till now the only result has been a talented person has declined in popularity and a nontalented Moose has paid dearly to ride the man into the ground. She was sliding in that direction on her own since TC booted her to the curb with her lack of talent greasing the slide!!!

joy said...

Well Keith will be busy in 2011. He's supposed to have 60 dates scheduled and these are the ones so far announced. Will be seeing him in Lafayette, Louisiana at the CajunDome.

Keith Urban's 2011 Tour

So far:

June 17 - Jacksonville, FL
Oct 13 - Bradley Center, Milwaukee - tickets on sale March 12
July 31 - Fort Wayne
Oct 11 - Denver - tickets on sale Feb 18
Oct 15 - Minneapolis
July 14 - Newark
July 8 - Boston, MA
July 9 - Mohegan Sun
July 15 - Philadelphia
June 29 - St Louis - tickets Feb 18
Aug 25 - Jonesboro
Aug 6 - Nashville, TN
Aug 12 - Knoxville, TN - tickets on sale March 4

July 21 - Cleveland, OH
Aug 26 - Tupelo, MS
June 15 - Raleigh, NC
Aug 11 - Cincinnati, OH
Aug 18 - Kansas City, MO
Sept 29 - Seattle, WA - tickets March 4
June 18 - Tampa, FL - tickets Feb 19
Aug 27 - Lafayette, LA - tickets March 12
July 28 - Washington DC
Sept 8 - Buffalo, NY
July 23 - Detroit, MI
July 7 - Hershey, PA
Aug 28 - Dallas, TX - tickets Feb 12
Oct 14 - Chicago, IL
Aug 8 - Tulsa, OK

blue sky said...

It is a fact that paparazzi do NOT live/work in Nashville. They are called in to take pictures. Nic has it all scheduled out with them - when they are leaving Starbucks, the gym, Gymboree (or whatever you want to call it), Target, etc. We will soon get pictures of them buying Christmas decorations at Target or The Home Depot.

If Nic was really in demand by the paps and was not working with them, we would get daily pictures of her, and yes, some of them coming out of her gated community or the farm if they were truly stalking her. I mean how would they know where to find her in Nashville unless they were given her schedule or followed her from the time she left her home?

The paparazzi are all part of the paid help!

Hatti said...

123 Yes, she can go in and out of a hotel in Nash without being bothered by Paps, most certainly.

When she is not in town no one knows what KU is doing or where he is going. There aren't any pics of him at Starbucks or any other parking lot.

She buys her media circus and brings it to town when she is there. They are not allowed to photograph her anyplace but where she deems it.

After she had the paps beat up and she personally stole the injured man's camera and dumped it in the garbage after destroying the pics she paid the out of court settlement and made a deal. Those paps now work for her.

She is a henchman no doubt!! Remember one thing she has a lot of control with the media. Rupert Murdoch has been a long time friend of Moosie Girl's. Now that my dear, is media power!

maclen said...

Well, heard it right...

Keith Urban Announces Tour Dates
Get Closer 2011 World Tour Will Hit 44 Cities in the U.S.

"Keith Urban will be performing in 44 U.S. cities during his Get Closer 2011 World Tour that launches June 16 in Mobile, Ala."

So, orb's WORLD tour...(didnt realize the WORLD only included the states)...begins in about 7 months from now. I figure it will take that long for orb to get funding. Well, once again, the orb HAS a knack for hitting when the "iron is (NOT) hot!" In about 7 months his cd WILL definately be fading from sight...but then at this point, touring is now more simply a money gainer for orb...than a PR tool.

Anonymous said...

Right maclen. The music sales don't matter. He makes his money from touring.

And follow the dots! He wins some International Entertainer award. Will be appearing on Oprah's show in OZ. His CD is selling well there. And hes planning to tour in China. Looks like hes focused on being an International star don't you think? Thats what hes wanted all along. What do you think?

123xyz said...

Hatti she can't stop the general public from taking a photo of her. If she has all the detracters in the general public that she supposedly has, don't think someone in Nashville would catch on that she's staying at a hotel all the time??? That then would pass that info on to someone, I don't know other then YOU!!! I love the way she's given power when it fits the need and then other times she has no power. Like his and her money. It comes and goes on whether they are buying people off or don't have enough to get films made or tours off the ground.

Hatti said...

123,I don't know if you have been exposed to Nashville at all. The people there really don't bother it's celebrities. She could go in and out of stores, hotels etc. No one watches. I was in WM one day and ran right into Faith she was in her scubby clothes her hair all up no one including myself ever bothered her. You say hi and go on. Never thought of taking a pic didn't even cross my mind.

Also I have to tell you Moosie Girl is not well liked at all. People really don't want her there. She brings in her entourage her paps. She is very distant and never looks at anyone.

You can see it if you look at the pics of her back stage at the Opry no one actually talks to her she is there and they have to accept it but it's not their cup of tea.

Yes, she has the media power due to her relationship with Ruppie. She has alot of money and buys her way into the limelight but she is not considered HW. She was big with TC and after TC dumped her the money she got from that was her HW status not her abilities.

So she has power in some respects and in others she is just an entity in HW. In Nash she is nothing but an annoyance. KU was shunned to a degree b/c he brought that to Nash and she flaunted it. Not that he had a choice. She made sure she purchased mansions and made a big splash!

She tried to push her Australia down everyone's throat there trying to sell herself as the down to earth everyday person but the people in Nash see through phoney.

They don't air their dirty linen so she gets away with the charade.

Anonymous said...

123xyz, its NK herself who says she lives on the farm and grows her own vegetables. She hasn't mentioned the other home since Sunday arrived. Who knows if she actually owned it and if she still does. Do you know??

And if she indeed does have two homes in Nashville as you say, then why do an interview in a Nashville hotel room??

No one knows where she stays when shes in Nashville. We only know what she wants us to know.

She does control her PR (as many celebrities do). Only shes much more obvious about it. Thats what gives her away everytime!

maclen said...

mikki said...
"Right maclen. The music sales don't matter. He makes his money from touring."... "Looks like hes focused on being an International star don't you think? Thats what hes wanted all along. What do you think?"

Well, considering orb last played a total of only 7 gigs in Germany and the UK...3 years ago in 2007...that recent "international" award was basically a "PR" arranged op. Since then, orb has considered Oz and Canada, "international!" That possible tour in China would be considered touring "out of this world" to orb! Clearly the orb is fishing for brand new "honey holes" and new audiences! Ha! Yes, it reminds me alot of the ending to "This is Spinal Tap"... where the washed up band in the US finds a new audience in Japan!

Tara said...

Part of the deal was to make him an international star- he is getting that- well at least internationally famous.

Let me just ask this why oh why would you not want to conduct an interview in your home? They are so blissful and happy down on the farm
why not show everyone? She had no problem in Oz having interviewers in her home with the one she really loved?

She conducts all her interviews in hotel suites in Nashville. Does make people wonder doesn't it?

and Nashville is too small a town for people to own two homes there.

Oprah airs 11/30

Laura said...

Just watched that video and all I am thinking is, WTF?

"Nic says your heart hurts because it's stretching, it's getting bigger, so it's a painful thing."

Uhm.. When you have a CHILD, that is not what happens. It's not supposed to be "painful," Keith.

Wow, has she brainwashed him!

Oh, and when he talks about how everything in his life has opened the door for Nicole to enter it, the look on his face is not convincing.

Anna said...

Your world view seems somewhat myopic. If you have been a huge KU fan, I'm sure it's true that he gets way more attention than he used to thanks to being married to NK. From this perspective, a PR based marriage makes sense for him. For someone who lives in NY, however, I can tell you that NK has always gotten a lot of attention since 1990, and marrying KU as a PR move simply does not make sense for her. Tell someone in NYC or Boston that NK is exploiting this relationship to help her career and they would be dumbstuck. If she wanted a PR marriage, why wouldn't she choose someone in Hollywood or NY, where her industry is centered?

As for the pictures of them in the papers, it is common knowledge that most of these internet sites will accept photos from non-paparatzi. The pics could easily be taken by regular people. And, if people like yourselves insist on looking at all these pics, it also could be true that photogs are traveling to Nashville from time to time to get photos. I highly doubt she is calling the photographers.

We obviously travel in different circles, because the people I know who have met NK have described her as very nice and down to earth. I know people who have gotten autographs from her and waited on her at stores and restaurants. It is certainly possible that she is a bad person, but I dispute your claim that no one likes her and everyone sees thru her fakeness.

Also, her performances in To Die For, The Hours and Dogville were fantastic (I haven't seen most of her other films). And I find it hard to believe that the daughter of a nurse and a biochemist/psychologist is as dumb as you say she is.

I'm not sure I want to jump in the fray, but I've always been uncomfortable with the way celebs get bashed so much on the internet. They are just people, and most of them are going to do things for the same reasons you or I do them. It's that logic model that makes me think this marriage is for real. If it weren't, I don't see why KU would play it up so much and stay in it, if it were costing him fans and money.

A440 said...

mikki, actually, it's routine to book a hotel room or suite in which to conduct interviews. There are simply some public figures who will not have the media in their homes. Or they'll allow a reporter in only when it's a given the article will be sympathetic (People, Vogue, etc.).

maclen said...

So, some preliminary numbers...orb's cd, according to Hits Daily, sold about 165k cds.

Although NOT half, as my VERY bold 2 part prediction...but it is on par with his mediocre Defying Sales. So, the question is looking STRONG will the cd be? I get a big feeling orb's cd was simply "front loaded"...and as the first single is IS struggling mightily on the singles chart. Mcgraw's single lapped it weeks ago. Orb's single having been stuck at #14 the past 2 weeks then got lapped by chris young for the #12 spot...leaving orb at #13...and expectations that Lambert, due to her big wins at the CMA's...may have a resurgance and also pass up the orb! And of course, chesney is also now knocking on the orb's heels! So I of course feel orb's cd is also VERY weak. And I get a feeling by the time orb somehow gets around to going out on tour in support of this 7 months...the cd will already be ready to fall off the charts...and also will be struggling for sales. And again, check back in about a year and a to whether the orb can get this one to even GOLD in sales...that's 500k!

maclen said...

...past posted...

...Ha! Now this IS hilarious! Over at the new "urbananalysis" thread over at Country Chart Talk...

...FORMER monkeyland commentor...apparently the monkeyland forum is STILL jacked up..."Memaw66" wonders...

"I have a question for the experts! Does the Country Music Industry look at the fact that Keith's sales held up very well in comparison to DG and RF was about 50% less than their last first week sales?" now...Rascal Flatts selling ONLY 50% of THEIR previous cd first week sales IS SOMEHOW a problem for this monkey... regarding Flatts? But I have a hunch...that when orb only sold 50% of his previous cd's first week sales with Defying Sales last year... I bet this"Memaw66" SAW ABSOLUTELY no reason to see ANY "problem" with regard to orb! Do you maybe think that orb selling about 6000 LESS cds than he did last year may be a direct results of his sham cd cover poll...or his monkeyland ticket scalping scheme? And do you wonder, if you maybe multiply that deficit of 6ooo cds over the upcoming weeks, months and you think orb can have a significant deficit in overall cd sales? I WOULD bet on it!

Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

maclen, I'm surprised it sold that many CDs. Is that international or just in the US? They say it is doing pretty well in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Anna, not to debate you, but if you knew anything about NK you would know why she settled for KU and why she wanted to be married in the first place.

And you would also know the source of her photo ops as its posted on the sites. They are NOT from the general public.

I think its fair to say that celebrities are on their best behavior when signing autographs or anywhere in public.

Her intelligence has nothing to do with her parents education. Its a fact that she did not do that well in school and dropped out at 16.

Your entitled to your opinion, but I don't think celebrities do things for the same reason we do.

And perhaps you have misunderstood. The general opinion is that KU is getting wealthy from this marriage, not that its costing him money.

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"maclen, I'm surprised it sold that many CDs. Is that international or just in the US? They say it is doing pretty well in Oz."

Well Hatti, according to the ARIA chart site...orb's cd debuted at #10 in Oz.

...and as the latest numbers show at Hits Daily, orb is #7 in the US. Again, NOT very impressive placings. And as a fansie at the new orb thread at the Country Chart Talk pointed out...of the 3 "country" cds released last week on the 16th...orb came in 3rd...behind Rascal Flatts and Kid Rock!
And also apparently, swifty has also just announced her "Speak Now" tour...

Taylor Swift announces "Speak now" world tour dates" the optimal word is "WORLD"...

February 9: Singapore
February 11: Seoul, South Korea
February 13: Osaka, Japan
February 16 & 17: Tokyo, Japan
February 19: Manila, Philippines
February 21: Hong Kong
March 6: Brussels, Belgium
March 7: Rotterdam, Holland
March 9: Oslo, Norway
March 12: Oberhausen, Germany
March 15: Milan, Italy
March 17: Paris, France
March 19: Madrid, Spain
March 22: Birmingham, UK
March 25: Belfast, Northern Ireland
March 27: Dublin, Ireland
March 29: Manchester, UK
March 30: London, UK
May 27 & 28: Omaha, Nebraska
May 29: Des Moines, Iowa
June 2 & 3: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
June 4: Orlando, Florida
June 7: Columbus, Ohio
June 8: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 11: Detroit, Michigan
June 14 & 15: St. Paul, Minnesota
June 18: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 21: Buffalo, New York
June 22: Hartford, Connecticut
June 25: Foxborough, Massachusetts
June 30: Greensboro, North Carolina
July 1: Knoxville, Tennessee
July 2: Louisville, Kentucky
July 8: Charlotte, North Carolina
July 9 & 10: Atlanta, Georgia
July 14: Montreal, Quebec
July 15 & 16: Toronto, Ontario
July 19 & 20: New York, New York
July 28: Grand Rapids, Michigan
July 29: Indianapolis, Indiana
July 30: Cleveland, Ohio
August 2 & 3: Washington, DC
August 6: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 9 & 10: Chicago, Illinois
August 13: Lexington, Kentucky
August 14: St. Louis, Missouri
August 18 & 19: Edmonton, Alberta
August 23 & 24: Los Angeles, California
September 1 & 2: San Jose, California
September 3: Sacramento, California
September 6: Portland, Oregon
September 7: Seattle, Washington
September 10 & 11: Vancouver, British Columbia
September 16 & 17: Nashville, Tennessee
September 21: Tulsa, Oklahoma
September 24: Kansas City, Missouri
September 27: Denver, Colorado
September 28: Salt Lake City, Utah
October 4: Little Rock, Arkansas
October 5: New Orleans, Louisiana
October 8: Dallas, Texas

...19 INTERNATIONAL dates...75 total dates. Its seems swifty is about ready to conquer the live tour industry next year. But of course, orb DID already explain his much later...and paltry tour schedule, right? He wants to "cater it around his family now!"

Hatti said...

Thanks maclen, as we can see KU is semi retired. Oh well, he is getting old!! By his ramblings you would swear he was into senility!! Maybe he should stay home he may get lost!! ((giggles)))

A440 said...

Tara, you ask why a celeb wouldn't want to do interviews at home if not to show off how happy they are. I'll give you a Julia Roberts situation.

She allowed a print reporter into her home to do an interview. He looks over the decor and notes that she has stenciled part of a favorite poem on her wall. But only part of it. He decides that there must be some deep, dark secret as to why some of it is missing. And he writes that in his piece.

It's nonsense. Roberts said later that she stenciled only part of the poem due to space constraints. And here was this journo getting it all wrong and casting aspersions.

That was the last time any reporter got inside her home.

blue sky said...

He wants to "cater it around his family now!"

So why doesn't his wife cater to him once and the family tours with him to all of these wonderful international countries? If Keith is impressed with Sunday Rose's passport now - imagine what it would look like if she could be with her daddy instead of stuck on a movie set with the nanny staff!

Anybody else remember Nic saying she would give up her career if she found true love again?

“The problem with dating an actress, is that you never know when they are acting...”

Keith Urban

Fading Fan said...
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Tara said...

yet Julie Roberts let People magazine in her home in Santa Fe to cover her wedding..
my point about the home was that when she was with Tom Kidman let reporters in. And why two homes in Nashville?
I read Sheryl Crow has put her place up for sale. Wonder why?

So we will have a documentary on the making of the half time show with Keith on FOX Saturday night.

He wants to fill those concert hall seats doesn't he?

blue sky said...

I was out during my lunch hour doing the last minute grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. It was so crazy out there. But on my way back to the office, James Otto's "Soldiers & Jesus" started playing on the radio. Alone in my car, I quietly listened to the words and discovered it to be a very inspirational, meaningful and emotional song. I then compared it to "Put You In a Song" and the following lyrics came to mind:

I wanna put you in a song
And if I get it right everybody’d be singing along yeah
And when they see you on the street they’ll say
Hey ain’t you the girl in that song

Compared to this:

There's only two people whose ever died for me
Laid down their lives just so I could be free
They both went through hell bared crosses and shells
And both got back up again after they fell
They never pick a fight but they're there to pick up the pieces
God only knows where we'd be without soldiers and Jesus

To me they're both heroes for the path that they chose
One fights for my life one fights for my soul

There is absolutely no denying that he is putting out 100 percent pure garbage these days compared to many others in the country music industry.

Maybe that growing, painful heart garbage his wife is feeding him is actually the vacant hole where his heart used to be.

Hatti said...

It's ok, he can do half time football, he can do his little corporate concerts, little concert halls, and he's always got the trains!!! Now he can go places with the train!! ((giggles)))))

maclen said...

Hatti said...
"Thanks maclen, as we can see KU is semi retired. Oh well, he is getting old!! By his ramblings you would swear he was into senility!! Maybe he should stay home he may get lost!! ((giggles)))"

blue sky said...
"He wants to "cater it around his family now!"
So why doesn't his wife cater to him once and the family tours with him to all of these wonderful international countries?"

Yeah, kidman's YEARS of PR BS has been thoroughly documented here at UM. Now, clearly orb has adopted it. MOst people dont buy it, and the fansies simply overlook it. It's decades old techniques, and they dont stray too far from the basics...and its as if they believe that if they simply say it enough, it will become fact. All that, "It's all for the family now" is so patently ridiclous, because the facts do not match the reality.

Laura said...

I just heard an interview Keith did with a radio station in Australia, and the guys specifically said that they are normally told to "keep it about the music" and to not "ask about his wife or family."

blue sky said...

I just heard an interview Keith did with a radio station in Australia, and the guys specifically said that they are normally told to "keep it about the music" and to not "ask about his wife or family."

If this is the case, which I believe the guys on the radio are telling the truth, then why does he always bring his wife into the interview?

maclen said...

blue sky said...
"There is absolutely no denying that he is putting out 100 percent pure garbage these days compared to many others in the country music industry."

Yes, I call it one-dimensional. Defying Sales and GET! Loser! are basically the SAME album. The themes are exactly alike. How old is it going to get, when orb is constantly explaining in promos...and late next year when he finally makes it on tour..."this next song was written for my wife..."this next song was written with my wife in mind"...this song reminded me of my wife"..."this next song is dedicated to my wife"...and orb doesnt even have a song for...or dedicated to his kid or even the Tennessee flooding which I at least figured he would cover since he was on his, "charity exploitation" kick regarding Nashville... to break up the monotony! As to orb's single, Put you in a song, considered by the monkeys to be so "catchy and joyful" that it was a SURE #1 week after his cd dropped is once again struggling so could fall back once again on the charts! And the singles those same monkeys believed were too "weird" or "erratic'...too "different" to be any competition to orb's little jingle are now beginning to lap orb's single! I mentioned when the lyrics to orb's songs were's all lightweight fluff...AND it's all rehashed fluff...too derivative of too many 80's sounds that HAS also been noticed beyond only my ears!

rememberwhen said...

I just saw the commercial for Keith's Oprah show. No big surprise she asked about BG and the real BG. And had to bring up rehab and not having any alcohol for 4 years. Hey Oprah that isn't true. He had a bottle of Campaign at his last show this year. His own people gave it to him and Keith took it.

Plus(Like I didn't know she was going to me on too) BG will be on too. They both seem to be interviewed separate. At least that is what it looked like. Only question they show Oprah asking her was what her and Sunday do during the day. I wonder if this really is BG gig and she asked Keith to come along and perform.

Hatti said...

Well first, I would like to say, if he spewed on and on in Oz he would be considered a pansey!!! They feel a bloke is a man that wears the pants. He wouldn't sell any CDs if he did to the Aussies what he makes us endure!!

Second, I believe he tells the radio people over there not to ask about Moosie Girl b/c they can't stand her!! You notice he didn't put her on the cover there. That says something doesn't it!! ((giggles))) Well that is one thing we have in common we can't stand her either ! :D

rememberwhen said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Fading Fan said...
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maclen said...

So, the revised numbers show that orb's cd actually sold only 162k and not the original 165k...

Billboard Charts: Susan Boyle Holds On To #1

"Keith Urban's Get Closer debuted at #7 with 162,000 copies sold.", again, that makes 9000 less that bought orb's new cd than bought his previous cd. And again I have to point out, how many of that 9k were turned off by orb's shabby Facebook cd cover scam...or the monkeyland's ticket scalping scheme...or orb's "one-demensional" and pretty unimaginative cd? And as you will find at the new monkey threads over at Country Chart Talk...

Urbananalysis for PYIAS

...the talk now...with the very dismal performance of orb's first onto speculation over orb's NEXT single! And you may also notice it appears that the "urbananalyst" has apparently already abandoned his OWN he hasnt posted since the day he created the thread 6 days ago on Nov19...and in the 55 comment thread...he's only posted twice! You DONT think the orb's single is already a lost cause, do you!? The fansie's are also all a buzz over a few unannounced "free" concerts...

Singer Keith Urban Rocks the West Village

...which of course had some monkey's "hailing" orb's HUGE heart for these VERY generous big mushy kisses just for his fansies! sweet! BUT... which turns out the "FREE" unannounced gigs were simply set up so he could do this...

"Country music artist Keith Urban performed a "free" concert in the West Village in Dallas Wednesday night, while a crew shot scenes for a video.

And surely, "unannounced" ensures that a majority of the "crowd" were simply random passer by's... at least swifty invited HER fans to fly with her to her next promo gig...and then gave that concert in the airport a majority of HER fansies! And speaking of swifty...while orb plays for about 7 minutes today at the cowboys game...maybe playing at most 2 or 3 songs? OR simply a cheesey "medley"....swifty gets a full hour special tonight on NBC. NOw some fansie may point out that orb will probably have the BIGGER audience with the football game...than swifty will get on a network tv special. But my counter would be that the orb's "audience" will NOT BE tuning in to catch the orb's 7 min gig...BUT the entire audience WILL be tuning in to catch swifty! How does a football games presumed male dominated audience help orb out in his cd sales? But, what about Oprah? Yeah that's what I say, what about it? Clearly the numbers in the upcoming week will show how well it all goes for the orb!

F.I.N.E said...

i noticed that urb's cd was priced 8.00 at walmart; RF was 11.89. in fact, all the new releases were 11.89 with the exception of about 3 artists which i had never heard of before.

i saw best buy had it at 6.50 for black friday.

i'll bet that sales fall off sharply after the monkeys empty all their pockets with multiple copies for the gift season.

maclen said...

Yeah, I also expect that orb's cd will show to be very "frontloaded' F.I.N.E...most cds...and in fact films as well. Just how much will be revealed in next week's sales numbers.
An interesting bit at my family Thanksgiving dinner...someone put the Cowboys game on at about just under a minute to go in the first half...the Cowboys were down 3 to 17, by the way...orb must have been bad luck for the cowboys!... and orb's Target commercial came on...and someone commented..."Is that Billy Ray cyrus?" chuckles! I get the feeling ALOT of non fans of country music figure orb is just hasbeen billy ray cyrus still shilling " achy breaky heart!" Orb's music is pretty much on par with "achy breaky heart!"

Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

Oh my dear FF, you are a very nice person, but Moosie Girl is not !!!

She pays to be ranked as no.1. She pays for that privilege!! She also believes the world is all about her, no one else!!!!

That child is only there for PR purposes. For that she gets a good salary and the best schools etc. But she will never upstage her so called mother!!

That is the way I see it matie. Self absorbed really doesn't touch it!!!!

Laura said...

Woah, woah, woah...

Did he really just say that NK comes before SUNDAY?!

OK, now THAT is not normal. I have to say I've lost some respect after that comment...

Fading Fan said...
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Hatti said...

I know FF, believe me I really don't know KU very well anymore.

In this case matie I am not surprised. He is working, remember that, he's working. You say what the boss wants you to say.

You have got to realize all this stuff he is saying is so outlandish it's unbelievable. Just keep that in mind. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

So are most nursery rhymes!!! ((giggles)))

Think of KU as a mirror. Mirror, mirror, on the wall who's the fairest one of all!!!

And the mirror says? Moosie Girl, Moosie Girl!! All is right with the world Moosie Girl is still on top!!!!!!!! ((giggles)))))))))))

Fading Fan said...
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MrsHoj said...

Reminds me of "Mommie Dearest" - Christina Crawford claimed " that her mother was more concerned about her motion picture career than the well-being of her four children, suggesting she may have adopted them for publicity purposes."

F.I.N.E said...

its bad enough sunday has a narcissist for a mommy but to have a daddy on his knees kissing mommy's ass in front of her day and night is so much more pathetic.

does this kid stand a chance growing up normal?

Hatti said...

FF, KU has been telling everyone that she is no.1 for the past two years and four months!! :D Let's remember the Father's Day that came and went. It was all about Moosie Girl's bday. Then we had the little one's bday hear very much about that? No, just KU saying they went to the Bahamas. Gee that's a really great place to have a little girls bday. No one but the fishes and of course Moosie Girl getting some RR from all her hard work!!

Think about all the times he was seen flying everywhere b/c she called. Let's look at the cover for the album. The fans voted but Moosie Girl won.

So FF if you think there is anyone in Moosie Girl's life that means anything, your wrong. It is and always will be about her. So all the people that realize this get what they can get and bow to her wants and needs. What a bunch of crapola!!

Hatti said...

maclen, why do you call KU orb? It has a few different meanings. So which one describes this nickname to you. If you don't mind telling.

A spherical body....celestial object....a sphere surmounted by a cross symbolizing kingly power and justice.

Now I watch the ghost guys you know Zack and they have orbs following them all over!! Little circles of light that are spirits. ((giggles)))

I just had to ask, I feel it's a great name for our Moosie Girl's nemesis. ((giggles)))))

A440 said...

No doubt Nic told him that she comes first, and no doubt Keith readily agreed.

Hatti said...

Mrs Hoj....Well we've been there and done that. It would have been fine if Moosie Girl left it as what it was an adoption of some sort. But no!!!!! We needed to be dragged through several stages of rubber belly!!! Then we had the labor all over Ronnie Dunns driveway and then white pants going down the stairs like the next day. Please the dramatics of these two are beyond compare!!!!!!!! ((giggles))))

Fading Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fading Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maclen said...

Hatti said...
"maclen, why do you call KU orb? It has a few different meanings. So which one describes this nickname to you. If you don't mind telling."

No, I dont mind at all Hatti...I got the term from a favorite show I watch on Sci fi channel. "GhostHunters"...yes, paranormal investigations...I'm truly a skeptic myself on the subject, but I like their MORE scientific approach to it with camera's, recorders, equipment..etc...trying to find "actual" proof. And in the paranormal world "orb" is described as...

"One of the leading theories concerning what orbs are and the one that I lean towards the most is that they are not the spirit at all. The orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest. This may not even be a conscious thing the spirit is doing, just a natural way they get their energy."

And that's is what urban has basically been reduced to..."energy manesfesting itself from the SOURCE kidman" Yes, at first orb was in kidman's PR relationship simply for the "added exposure"...but since that has not worked out for he is FULL exploitation mode. And I think it was Fading Fade who mentioned it, and IS right...IT IS obviously MORE noticable only this year than in past years. Orb has made a very discernable decision to now exploit the "PR relationship" ad naseum!

maclen said...

...past posted..., to get back to my own, "analytical investigation" into the orb's "subpar" performance...back to the subject of the "Urbananalysis for PYIAS" thread over at the Country Chart Talk.

It seems my suspicion that the thread author... urbananalyst "jonsolo" HAS indeed abandoned the thread...his LAST comment on the thread having been posted 8 days ago! And so of course finally prompted "urbangirl13" to question...

"Jon, have you given up trying to predict this unpredictable song?"

It seems the orb's numbers at the "monkey's coveted" Mediabase spin charts are now consistantly subpar. As I mentioned previously, tim mcgraw had already CAUGHT and passed orb's single a few weeks only this past week miranda lambert and chris young were able to pass orb on the are the numbers the past week...the highlighted numbers are the "positive spins" from the day before...

Nov 21
12 11 TIM MCGRAW Felt Good On My Lips 3489 3237 252 25.053
15 14 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3208 2944 264 22.267
13 12 KEITH URBAN Put You In A Song 3197 3014 183 22.406
14 13 MIRANDA LAMBERT Only Prettier 3105 2954 151 22.432

nov 22
12 11 TIM MCGRAW Felt Good On My Lips 3497 3265 232 25.106
15 14 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3250 2980 270 22.675
13 12 KEITH URBAN Put You In A Song 3202 3035 167 22.477
14 13 MIRANDA LAMBERT Only Prettier 3134 2977 157 22.706

nov 23
15 14 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3314 2977 337 22.936
13 13 KEITH URBAN Put You In A Song 3231 3063 168 22.783
14 12 MIRANDA LAMBERT Only Prettier 3228 2916 312 23.216
18 15 KENNY CHESNEY Somewhere With You 2990 2488 502 22.776

nov 24
13 13 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3354 3026 328 23.176
14 12 MIRANDA LAMBERT Only Pr 3259 2922 337 23.564
12 14 KEITH URBAN Put You In A So 3157 3128 29 22.278
18 15 KENNY CHESNEY Somewhere With 3073 2509 564 23.191

nov 25
12 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3413 3061 352 23.524
13 11 MIRANDA LAMBERTOnly Prettier 3267 3002 265 23.602
12 14 KEITH URBAN Put You In A Son3180 3136 44 22.566
18 15 KENNY CHESNEY Somewhere With Y3094 2617 477 23.51325

nov 26
14 12 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3446 3109 337 23.668
13 11 MIRANDA LAMBERT Only Prettier 3274 3051 223 23.864
12 13 KEITH URBAN Put You In A Song 3240 3135 105 22.985
16 14 KENNY CHESNEY Somewhere With 3182 2682 500 24.099

nov 27
14 12 CHRIS YOUNG Voices 3467 3162 305 23.677
13 11 MIRANDA LAMBERT Only Prettier 3315 3060 255 24.281
12 14 KEITH URBAN Put You In A Song 3259 3167 92 23.016
16 13 KENNY CHESNEY Somewhere With You 3257 2739 518 24.496

Now as you can see, orb's numbers noticably began to drop...THE WEEK AFTER his cd dropped on the 16th! And all the numbers for the performers around the orb began to go up...and orb's slight gains remain BELOW their's! And now, even chesney has caught and surpassed the orb. Of course, the monkey's ARE trying to stay positive...trying to "cheerlead" and "peptalk" each other into staying positive. But the trend is clear...even the monkey's have resigned themselves that this will not be a #1 for the orb...and are now simply content for the song to simply make the top 10! But when the only "victory" for the monkey's was for a #1 song...that WAS all that was important...a "top 10" isnt a's simply an acknowledgement that orb music is subpar! And only they can come to realize the reason why!

Hatti said...

Thanks maclen, I would say the power source is fading fast.

I agree with you, he is exploiting her. For what reason no one really knows. Whatever it is it isn't good for either of them. So if he is trying to retire he will at least accomplish that.

Maybe he will become her PA and keep all the money in the family! (giggles)))

I personally see dooms day for the both of them. I think if she ever wakes up it will be millions of dollars to late!! ((giggles)))) Actually, it couldn't happen to a more deserving millionare!!

Bstnactrs said...

"And if she indeed does have two homes in Nashville as you say, then why do an interview in a Nashville hotel room??"

I can answer this one.

This is very, very common

Celebs do press junkets to promte their films where they have interviews with a ton of media all day long...they sit in a room and the different media outlets come in & out, in & out...they get a certain amount of time each...b/c there are so many, it makes sense to do it all in one central place.

And who would want all that media in & out of their homes? I wouldn't and its not practical.

As a general rule, celebs do not invite media outlets into their homes. If a celeb does an interview at their home its usually an extended interview with one media outlet or a special segment for a specific show..the kinds of interviews Nicole does for her movies are not done this way...they do the press junkets.

Pay attention to the backgrounds when you see actors being interviewed - its either obviously a hotel room or, its black or, there's a movie promo/poster behind'll notice different interviews with the same backgrounds.

This is why - this is just how its done.

You'll also read articles where the journalist talks about meeting celebs at restaurants, etc.

Again, typical.