Monday, May 3, 2010

A tale of two cities....

The flooded Grand Ole Opry in Nashville:

While the matching-outfit Urbans enjoy a round of golf in Hawaii:


maclen said...

Ha! Matching golfing outfits! Yes, "tweedle dip and tweedle dumb." Well, orb already has his pet country PR honeyhole... and it's all for the HALL! But I'm sure he and kidman will attach themselves to whatever relief benefits and/or concerts that are sure to come up. It seems there is yet to be any "grieving" for called... beloved Nashville. These tone deaf social dimbulbs are probably not even aware of the deaths in their so called new "beloved home state" caused by this flooding. Clearly kidman's filming schedule takes precedent, even for the orb...but some others apparently are also noticing...

Nicole Kidman + Keith Urban Play Golf While Nashville Floods (PICTURES)

"Given that Keith and Nicole are spending their time golfing and taking baby Sunday on mountain hikes, it would seem that they aren't too concerned about the weather at home. But who knows? They have other homes so maybe they don't need to worry--or they are living on a hill so high that even these flood waters can't touch them."

So much for the "limo ambassador's" massive compassion for her fellow Tennessee neighbors!

CSE said...
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notachance said...

Pants? She can't even slather on enough sunscreen on those scrawny legs to be able to wear golf shorts? And him too? They just look like fish out of water.

Tara said...

Its very telling that while other Country stars are making statements and urging the fans to give to the Red Cross- the vacationer hasn't said a peep.. Although didn't Keith once say golf was stupid?

Hope the Bentley is okay - right Keith?

maclen said...

So, just saw this "studio mandated" photo of kidman on set of the sandler/aniston flick...

...and as my want to handicap an upcoming kidman film...or in this case, a simple role...and clearly, with that obvious orange colored wig...(the make up on this film must be subpar...who COULDN"T tell that was an obvious wig)...wearing a mini frock with a simple design of bright yellows and blues. (What, next is she gonna try out for a revival of "Hair" on Broadway in this getup?) It is so clear that kidman is trying to play "younger." But of course the fatal flaw in the whole "illusion" her face! What with the over indulgance of blush on her cheeks...making her already pasty pale skin also look overly pancaked...she does look possitively "clownish"...once again. And as previously mentioned...those scrawny legs...the knobby knees...makes one wonder if she plays a 60's go go dancer traveling in time to the present...actually, a 1960's her 60s! So, I'm sure I'll have a veritable smorgasborg of material to point out in this "clownish" role of kidman's.

maclen said...

Tara said...
"Its very telling that while other Country stars are making statements and urging the fans to give to the Red Cross- the vacationer hasn't said a peep.."

Yes, it is wit...

Country Stars Speak Out About Flooding in Nashville

"Over the past few days, many country artists have made statements and comments about the devastating floods that have affected them, as well as many other people in the Nashville area this past weekend. Here are just some of the comments the stars have made via their twitter accounts, asking for prayers and assistance for the people of Nashville, sharing pictures of the damage their own homes suffered, or just assuring their fans that they are okay:


Thoughts and prayers go out to all in Nashville and other parts of the country hit by bad weather…..


TN is a mess with floods. If you’re fortunate enough to help out, hit up the mid-TN Red Cross. Stay safe, everyone.


my heart goes out to all my friends and those affected by the devastating floods in nashville…


On the positive side everyone is safe. On the negative… I think all my road guitar gear, amps, effects, are under 3 ft of river." when does "All for the Hall" johnny come lately Cletus ORb...have anything relevent to say? When kidman is done filming I'd imagine.

Laura said...

Keith Urban is literally about to be on CNN in 5 minutes to talk about the situation in Nashville.

martingano said...

It's amazing while Nashville welcomed this foreigner with open arms at least he can tweet to let his peers know that he is thinking of them. Some did lose all. But no, he pretends to play golf which he thought at one point was a stupid game.

He is not needed in Hawaii, he can detach himself from the weed to let his TN fans that his thoughts and prayers are with them. He may not think much of his property, his wife will buy another home, but for his fans and fellow musicians, some will have to start over.

Tara said...

So According to Keith on CNN he has been in Nashville for a few days starting to record the new record.
So when were these pictures really taken? Who had the bright idea to say they were from Sunday? So this answers a couple of questions
1. Picture are often put up after the fact
2. Thy can fly under the radar quite a bit

He has lost all of his equipment and his guitars-

hoosierlady said...

He has lost all of his equipment and his guitars

. . . oh, tear. . . .

was this prior to or after Paisley's twitter?

How could he have been in Nashville for a few days? It flooded on Sunday.

Who's confused?


joy said...

No matter what Keith does or doesn't do many will never be satisfied. He did appear on CNN & he did speak very much from the heart about Nashville & how he feels it is his home. He mentioned the guitars but he said that wasn't in the least important compared to those who lost their lives and everything they own. The man has a kind and generous heart & he will do his all to help. Just because he wants to spend time with his wife & daughter he's the bad guy. Believe me Keith will do MORE than enough to help Nashville through this horrible situation. Not everyone can be ON THE SPOT & be a hero in a physical way. He & Nicole will definitley do their part to help Nashville recover. They are playing golf, last time I checked that wasn't a crime. Would you rather see them in hip boots in front of the Grand Ole Opry? I don't think so. In time they & all stars & non stars who live in & around the area will be 100% behind getting their home back to normal. Instead of looking for the worst in the Urbans try to look at them as human beings with limited possibilities like all of us. So they aren't saints, not many of us are. Time will truly tell. Don't judge by 1-2 days or by pictures unless you know the exact time they were taken. God Bless all those people who have been affected by this flood and for the families of those that have lost their lives.

Laura said...

No way was he in Nashville this weekend. He is NOW, yes. But this weekend? Don't think so..

Feel bad about him losing his equipment. Doesn't compare to what others have lost, but we know that his guitars are very important to him, (same with Paisley).

Just a really sad week in Nashville. Praying for all of them!

maclen said...

So, let's do a little reviewing on this thing...

Wrap: Death Toll Rises from Floods in Southeastern U.S.

In other news Tuesday, record flooding over the weekend is now blamed for 29 deaths in the Southeastern U.S.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Play Golf in Maui

" The two were spotted playing golf Monday while Nicole took a break from filming the upcoming romcom Just Go with It, with co-stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston."

So based on these reports... flooding occured over the weekend...and "presumbably" orb gear was damaged...and lives are lost...and orb goes out golfing with mutt on Monday? So unless the fansie apologists have anything to the contrary...spare us your crocodile tears for johnny come lately orb...

jasfro said...

Please spare us, maclen. Golfing was over the weekend. The golf pics showed up on JJ early Monday morning. How would it be possible for them to play on Monday after the pictures were already on the net?

Mon, 03 May 2010 at 6:51 am
Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Go Golfing

It's just really sick and sad that you would be criticizing them over this when clearly they love Nashville. The celebrities you say care more, well they tweet all the time as a personal thing from their accounts. Keith doesn't and never has. It means nothing in this situation even though I noticed none of you wanted to admit a link was posted on his account to the Nashville Red Cross on Sunday.

What is the point of this if you're just going to lie and twist the facts.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"He has lost all of his equipment and his guitars
. . . oh, tear. . . .
was this prior to or after Paisley's twitter?
How could he have been in Nashville for a few days? It flooded on Sunday
Who's confused?

Well, hoosier, the paisley twitter was posted on monday...may 3rd...

...and orb was apparently on the golf links with sad sack on that day... so orb learned of his "damaged" equipment probably on tuesday...which IMMEDIATELY sent orb to CNN to cry his crocodile tears. So, why am I not surprised that the fansies would rush over here and begin to defend and to "expain" their little orb. So apparently, the fansies believe that orb was in Nashville over the weekend and witnessed the flooding...the devastation to his precious amps and fiddles over this past weekend...and then he apparently flew off to Maui to get in a few holes on the golf links with "beetle bailey" on monday! Yeah, apparently CNN must have been closed on Monday!

maclen said...

So in this "E-o'-L-N-m's"..

...well, as the desperate orb fansies continue to crawl out of the woodwork to defend their poor little "orbsy worbsy"... even the country blogs are trying to excuse the orbs appearence on CNN! It seems "Kermit the frog" up there has apparently placed the "golfing pair" on the links on Sunday...and not Monday...well, la de freakin' da! GOLF WHILE NASHVILLE FLOODS!...and then the orb goes on CNN TWO DAYS later to cry for his damaged equipment...but...dont forget to sniffle orb...

Country singer Keith Urban loses touring equipment in US floods

“At this stage it is possible that... I have lost all my equipment, all my road equipment, and all of my guitars and amps, everything.”

Yes yes...orb, but dont forget to add...

“This pales in comparison, people have lost everything..."

..oh yeah that too...sure, just an afterthought!

"He said: “I wish we could talk to each other under better circumstances. I am actually in the studio recording, we were supposed to start yesterday, but we could not get all the trucks in to get all my equipment out of this big storage facility."

So actually, the monday after the flooding and damage and mayhem...the orbs thoughts are of trying to get in some recording time?! But they couldnt get his equipment out of the storage facility? Well, its no wonder orb went on CNN...he needs equipment people...monkeylanders...start sending in those the orb can finish his recordings...and oh yeah...those "others" have it alot worst than do what you can for them!
And just to highlight it..."fozzy the bear" in the previous comment clearly states that the orb DOES NOT TWITTER...AND NEVER those tweets that he "supposedly" writes himself are not by him...but a paid hack! So HOORAY for Elmo!

maclen said...

...oh yes, were now into May...the long expected start of the supposed "still on" Danish Girl...but...kidman is currently traipsing around in Maui in a garish clown orange wig and a "baby girl" dress no doubt pretending she is back in 1990 and was given a guaranteed film career when she was traipsing around on a race track with ex-cruise! So, as I notice how a few kidman contemps are getting their films signed, such as naomi watts, after "Fair Game" picked up comes another one...

"Summit Entertainment has acquired their second Naomi Watts movie in one week. (They nabbed Fair Game in late April.) The studio has picked up The Impossible, Watts’ film with Ewan McGregor, which revolves around the devastating 2004 tsunami in Thailand. [THR]"

...or paltrow, who recently jumped ship on Danish Girl...just finished an ENTIRE film in Nashville, and is now opening in Ironman 2... or maybe uma thurman, who is now currently filming "bel Ami"

First official images of Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman in Bel Ami recall, "Bel Ami"...the film that the "rumor" came out last year as "starring" kidman...but then supposedly turned out kidman had simply "passed on"...and all so kidman can be working now on a 'small cameo" in a sandler flick! Well, I just read over at Hollywood that trainwreck lindsey lohan may be in line to actually get some work starring in a linda lovelace bio pic!

Duelling Lovelaces

"The news about Lindsay Lohan intending to star in a Linda Lovelace biopic called Inferno is not some idle threat. The project, to be produced by The Killer Inside Me's Chris Hanley and directed by Matthew Wilder, will reportedly be officially "announced" at the Cannes Film festival. (With what -- a billboard?)"

Well, all I have to say to out for that other trainwreck... kidman...she may just be desperate enough to grab that gem of film from you! Oh yes, there perhaps are TWO lovelace biopics in the works...kidman has twice as good a change of nabbing one! And now the orb has no recording equipment...funny, now they both have no "instruments" left to continue their pathetic careers!

hoosierlady said...

Maclen, you are right, what is the point?

It's an exercise in frustration

jasfro said...

maclen seriously, why did you ask to be corrected and then ignore the facts?

When Keith appeared on the show he was asked about HIS story, as an example of what Nashville musicians are experiencing. He mentioned other people, he was not making this about himself.

Tom Cruise has a Twitter too and it's obviously not written by him. It's simply used a a promotional tool. You should check it out.

One more thing, Nicole couldn't do Bel Ami because of scheduling conflicts. The two movies are filming at the same time!

You can try and insult me all you want but I don't care. The facts don't lie.

Laura said...

Joy, THANK YOU. You said it perfectly.

Keith DOES care about Nashville, and you could see it in him during the CNN interview. He certainly feels for the people of his hometown and I believe he CERTAINLY will do everything he can to help the city that he loves.

This may sound crazy, but to guitar players such as Keith and Brad, guitar is a major escape mechanism. I play, myself, so I know a little about it. Losing their equipment has got to suck.

But you can tell that Keith doesn't care about that right now, he cares more about the town and it's people. You all are making him to look like the bad guy here, but he's not. What is y'alls problem with him? He's not perfect! And neither are you, or me, or anyone else on this world, for that matter.

Tara said...

I wonder if his appearance on CNN yesterday ruined her happy couple PR

I wonder if he was even over there at all.

No twitters of seeing him before the gold outing- wouldn't Keith want to hike or swim with Sunday too?
What gold course did they play at?
How do we know these were taken in Hawaii?
Was he in Nashville or somewhere else this whole time?

I do think he is sincere, as much as he can be since he doesn't live in the world that you and I do, but yeah the CNN thing was as much about his PR as it was about the flooding.

oh and where is Nicole's statement about the town she loves so much?
She is probably happy she won't have to go back there for a very long while- unless it makes her look bad

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Maclen, you are right, what is the point?
It's an exercise in frustration"

Yeah, hoosier, but I did get a giggle out of the return of "Elmo"...seems now it's official the orb had a "PR blunder". His appearence on CNN is clearly to compensate for the "Lounging on the golf course while Nashville floods" photo op and for once again being late to the party! And then it seems what you got was... "Boo hoo CNN, all my touring equipment is GONE! Do you realize what that means? Oh yeah, other people had it bad too...I suppose...but dang it...I really did want to get some recording time in too!" Orb has LEARNED very well from "limo ambassador" kidman...he is a constant walking PR dunce!

Tara said...

I would be more effective if I could spell better I mean golf not gold

But Laura and Joy I agree with some of what both of you have said.
He does care about that town
and those guitars and equipment are important.
I however think Kidman is very far removed from all that is Nashville until it helps her out.

maclen said...

So again, as I mentioned last night, I noticed a couple of country blogs whining about how rick sanchez of CNN kept trying to make his interview with orb...about the orb's own flood woes...well, why the hell do you think orb went on CNN? Seems a few early reportings have the flooding beginning in Tennessee on Saturday...and the orb, as established by "Elmo", went out to play a few holes of golf with pea brain on Sunday. He then got back into Nashville on monday, as he himself explained, to get back to recording...but couldnt get his recording equipment out of flooded tuesday he goes on CNN to cry to sanchez about his damaged epuipment...but of course "limo ambassador" and obvious orb career back seat driver kidman had no doubt reminded orb to add in how other's ALSO may have some troubles over the flooding! But make no mistake, orb knew precisly what the interview on cnn was promote his own losses!

jasfro said...

It's pretty sad when people with the facts are called puppets. Are we messing with your agenda?

It's all so typical and predictable. It's either "Keith cares but Nicole doesn't" or "Keith and Nicole don't care". None of you have any substance to back that up besides your own opinion. It's derived from ignoring reality and wanting her to be the evil witch from Down Under you think she is in your own little heads. The facts are the facts but clearly they have no place here. It's crazy to me you all have no perception of what you look like day after day posting lies and made up conspiracy theories.

Laura said...

@Tara, I understand what you're saying about Nicole. I could see that, too.

So, @maclen, he did the interview with CNN to promote his own losses? Did you even WATCH the interview? Yes, he talked about losing his equipment and how OTHER STARS have, as well, but he spent like, what, 10 seconds talking about that? Then he went on to talk about the people and the losses they are experiencing, and the impact this has had on the town he loves. As a matter of fact, he will be a part of the Nasvhille telethon that will air tomorrow on CBS in Nashville. AND, he has volunteered to help clean up the Country Music Hall of Fame. That's more than you and I can say. You have no reason to talk about him the way that you do.. Just sayin'.

hoosierlady said...

Thank goodness there are still some of us out there. I was starting to think I was alone on my island of reality.

A huge thank you to Maclen and company that guard my sanity.

hl, md

hee hee

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Thank goodness there are still some of us out there. I was starting to think I was alone on my island of reality.
A huge thank you to Maclen and company that guard my sanity.
hl, md
hee hee"

Ha! Well, I mentioned yesterday, you know the fansie's are running scared over this PR faux pas when this place is suddenly infested with the "little orb varmints" trying to defend him from all us "urban mythbusters!" Of course orb is gonna play at the concert benefit...he says he will volunter to "help clean up the Hall! And I bet he takes kidman's paid papparatz to get his own set of photo ops as well...but that is beside the point of my stated opinion...and that is he didnt move his ass until other's had begun to speak out on the floods...and it is true he was caught, and by his own phoney photo op on the tennessee flooded...and then after he intended to try to get some recording done...and in all places the "noticably" flooded out Nashville...he goes on CNN to cry over it! So, it is easy to see why the fansie's are all in a huff over this...and why they are here to desperately try and save this dumb ass's rep!

hoosierlady said...

Did they come here to argue? Because I, for one, do not have time.

We were perfectly happy, and hurting NO ONE, (to my knowledge, did anyone phone you?), in our own little world, having our little fun, watching our favorite person "teeing up" (snort) for another implosion, when BOOM! the sudden influx of 'monkeyshines'.

I could care less about Keith Urban, but, when you try to make this PR prostitute into some sort of male Madonna I can't just sit here and drink my coffee, it is a little bitter after people I know personally have lost family members in this flood.

Do not preach to us about these two and our opinions of them. For every fawn you have and have no trouble making us read about, trust me, we have equal ammunition to tear them down. You do not want to go there, and even if you do, we have already been there, done that, and I for one, do not want to do remedial education for anyone at this time.

Actually, you are becoming a bit like those nasty gnat things that you get after a flood, you know, the ones that bite? But, never fear, a little Burts' Lemon Balm and we're good as new.

Urban Myths-poll, please. How many want idol worship, and how many would like to have open conversation regarding the ongoing onslaught of media opportunities, bad films, bad clothing choices, makeup, underclothing, and anything else we damn well choose to speak of without fear of the PMS brigade blowing up our computers?

This used to be such a pleasent place to come home too.

Laura said...

I just don't understand why you guys would want someone to fail so badly, or to see someone not be happy..? That's just sad. Hating this couple is not going to help the situation in Nashville so while you may know people who have lost loved ones in the wreckage, it's not anyone's fault. So what is the point in hating? I'm not trying to argue, but if you seriously believe everything you say about these two, then could you please give me some proof/evidence that will make me believe it, too? Because so far, I don't know of anything that proves these two are "horrible fame-whores" like you guys say they are.

123xyz said...

Why does Keith have to be the first one to the rescue? So what he wasn't there until Monday. Is he the mayor of Nashville? Is he a first responder? He's a Country Music Entertainer but that doesn't mean he has to spend every momment when he's not on the road touring, in Nashville. I don't see Toby Keith or Kenny Chesney rushing to TN. Kenny was even born and raised there and he's not there bailing water. Regardless, if Keith had been there as the skies were openning up and if he put photos on the net of him in his basement bailing water like Dierks Bently did, it would have been for PR purposes in all of your minds. He can never do enough for you all and when he does anything, it's only to advance his career as far as you are concerned.
Believe it or not there are many, many Country Stars (maybe hundreds)who live in Nashville, probably a good deal of them were there as the water was raising and they didn't tweet about it, didn't go on CNN to bring awareness to the situation and aren't helping out with the Telethon tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

hoosierlady, I vote for open conversation.

Laura, if you don't see the fame whoring then your not paying attention. NK has done it throughout her career. And now Keith is doing the same thing. And I get really tired of being accused of "hate". You can't hate someone you don't know. If the opinions here are so distasteful why are you here?

jasfro said...

Well said 123xyz. Taylor Swift only tweeted about the flood today. Keith went on CNN yesterday and made a public statement because he was able to. He's not about to tour like Brad Paisley, and his house isn't flooded like Dierks or Kenny, as far as we know. He and his family were lucky. Kenny and Brad are now making statements and getting coverage and we should all be saying whatever it takes. I ran into several people today who didn't even know what has happened there.

I'll be waiting to see how much outrage there is over Brad paisley's statement he's got his guitar tech buying like a stock broker all the equipment he can get his hands on, while's there's people in the state who have lost everything. And what about the picture of Kenny Chesney online deep in flood water.

hoosierlady my mind would be elsewhere if my friends were that close to the disaster. But you know, the owner of this blog still allows opposing opinion. You should take it up with them and not bitch about us if you don't like it.

maclen said...

HA! Aha..."123xyz"...a brand new critter crawled up out of the wordwork? My my, seems pretty touchy and a little hysterically sensitive on this whole subject, eh? Ever heard of the the saying..."Never let them see you sweat"...and the "sweat stains" on these fansies is soooo hysterically funny! Face it, orb isnt even a top tier "country picker" any longer...kidman made sure of that! And clearly, his "charitable contributions" are about as helpful to him as kidman's sham "honorary ambassadorship" of benefit luncheons and UN press conferences or DC testimony chambers! Orb is now just a country industry washout...and his behavior reeks of callous disregard and publicity opportunism... and it all comes too late to be even remotely believable...and you fansie's clearly fear that it may be taking hold on the country audience and country cd buying public...otherwise you wouldn't be here and you would simply disregard what I and my cohorts say on this blog. To reiterate...I definately can see you sweating!

A440 said...

If I've got my facts correct, Kenny's house in Franklin is pretty much submerged.

JoDee Messina's place on Old Hillsboro is badly damaged.

KUNK live just down the road from JoDee and near Kenny, so there's a good chance their house sustained damage that Keith hasn't mentioned.

Anybody know definitely one way or the other?

hoosierlady said...

One more time, this time with feeling.

I do not know these people, therefore, I cannot hate these people.

Think of it as watching TV. They are there for my entertainment. That is all, and I, for one, am endlessly entertained by 1/2 of this dynamic duo.

I made the mistake of thinking that others understood this concept. For this, I apologize.

This is really messing with my new movie/red wig/hula hoop dueling fun.

You did read about the hula hoop?

Choice said...

It kind of reminds me of the Australian Bushfires last year. Keith and Granny made sure they used it as a PR opportunity. Got on TV, and even told everyone how much they were donating (which was a small amount considering her mega millions). What was odd is they didn't once offer to help out at the relief centres, like many celebs did. NK is a famewhore, Keith is learning from her. It has to rub off.

abc said...

to 123xyz

inspired by me, huh?

and you like to get the last word in, right?

Laura said...

Ok, I have no doubt that Nicole Kidman is an attention seeker. It's pretty obvious with the kind of outfits she wears at the country music award shows. But what Im asking is, what is it that Keith is doing that makes you think he's such a fame-whore, too? Like 123xyz said, whatever he does you guys think it's to advance his career, no matter what it is! Kenny Chesney was on CNN Last night talking about the damage, and about how his house is under water, but he did it as a PR thing right? Wrong. Or like A440 said, Keith lives near Kenny and there's a good chance his house got some damage too, yet he didn't mention it in the CNN interview did he? I can see why you guys would dislike Kidman, but I don't see what's wrong with Keith..?

Tara said...

Yes Chesney was on CNN too and there is a picture of him on
leaving his house by boat.

I will give Keith credit for being involved as much as he is- cudos I have no fault with the man about this situation.

The wife however.... and yes I am going after her because she made these larger than life claims in Vogue and Elle and wherever else how much she loved Nashville has done Nada- and she is a celebrity on her own beyond just being Mrs. Keith Urban. Nope what have we got from Nicole in the last three days, a bunch of shot of her on the movie set. The hula video and a story about young Sunday Urban's love life. Nashville doesn't seem to be a part of the PR plan- but if George Clooney were to do a telethon I bet Nicole would be the first one on board.

jasfro said...

maclen you think you have a talent for explaining away everything. Really it's just avoiding each valid point we've made. All you can say is Keith Urban doesn't have a career. That's a copout response if I've ever heard one. This isn't a court of law so you don't have to answer anything but it says everything that you don't. Mame-calling everyone who doesn't believe you doesn't cut it. You have nothing to offer except nasty comments for the readers that want that sort of thing. I mean come on, you bash us when we don't post and you bash us when wee do. So I say if the readers with some common sense feel like posting, all the better.

From what I've heard Keith's house is situated on a hill. Kenny lives right next to the water so he was out of luck. If the Urbans have damage I'm sure it's minor in comparison to other stars or other residents.

Keith was called by Vince Gill as one of the first acts for the telethon tonight. Here he's supposedly a pariah in the country music community but in the real world he's popular and well-liked. Interesting how that works.

jasfro said...

Okay Tara then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us what Nicole Kidman should be doing. Her donating money w/Keith isn't good enough. She's working in Hawaii on a job she is contractually obligated to fulfill. She should leave that film crew in the lurch, hurt the crew and the local workers who are employed on the set, fly to Nashville so she can do what? Go on tv and say she donated, please donate too, so you can call her a famewhore? Help with a cleanup somewhere (her star power would be guaranteed to get coverage) and then you can call her a famewhore? Show up at the telethon so you can call her a famewhore?

There is no answer because the Keith Urban skeptics want her to just go away.

maclen said...

Orb clearly tipped his shameless attempt at "charity PR" exploitation last year with the "KEITH URBAN" benefit. Explained as an "all star" benefit concert..."All for the Hall!" ...but actually a vanity and showcase for the orb! Due no doubt to the lousy cd sales of the orb's lackluster cd, "Defying Sales"...orb comes out during his tour last year with a "special announcement" to be revealed during one his live gigs! Yeah, he simply co-opted "museum Board President" Vince Gill's tireless work for the Hall...sticks his name on it...has the concert streamed on his monkey fansie site on the same page he is hawking his t shirts, coffee mugs and of course, his lousy cd "Defying SAles". He has himself and his band play for the entire FIRST HOUR of the benefit. And what did it get him...sure...he got himself included in new exhibits at the Hall...but his cd sales still blow! So again, kidman is a lousy PR model for orb to emulate...crass and shameless exploitation of charitable causes only negates the efforts when they are so blatantly and transparently disingenuous.

Tara said...

Don't put words in my mouth.

What can she do? What is she doing?
She had an opportunity to tell a national TV Audience on ET to give to the flood efforts she didn't even mention it. She has a full time PR team- use them. She is best buds with Murdoch- do you see Fox news covering this? I see a little but not what CNN is doing. Chesney said it best last night to Anderson Cooper please shed the light on this disaster. Nicole Kidman has the power to get an international audience interested and she has done nothing.

abc said...

jasfro et al, it was through nicole's international fame (or PR connections) that keith got (a video feed) on to CNN and in the first couple of minutes he DID announce that he "and his wife" were giving/donating ... (just as they did with the fires in Oz) ...
so she got in there already ... and you can be sure that she will do something thru the telethon ... she has no choice ... she HAS to ... you need to understand that these people are on a TREADMILL and much as they would like to they can't get off of it ever - even when their careers are less than stellar ... THAT IS THE PRICE OF FAME ... including having your every public move picked apart by the likes of you and me ... so, no need to get upset with the gossipmongers like ALL OF US, including YOU, because, as Hoosierlady says; "it's for our entertainment" ... that is; excluding the fallout for the folks of Nashville caught in the floods ... those that don't have insurance and those that lost loved ones ...

if Keith's insurance doesn't pay out because it is an "act of God", it will severely test his faith in
God, being the cornerstone of his 12-step AA recovery program ...

Keith has humility from what we can see; that is one of his greatest qualities ... it will all be a challenge, despite his public actions and persona ...

jasfro said...

This will be the last time I respond because the comments here are beyond ridiculous.

abc....I've seen what you wrote on Just Jared. Just from that I'm disregarding everything you say. about taking the networks to task for not doing their job in the first place. It's not about Nicole Kidman. It's about the news agencies neglecting the issue because they have decided the oil spill is a more interesting topic.

Unless Nicole is psychic there would be no way for her to talk about the floods on ET. That show aired on Monday but the crew visited over a week before. You can match up the dates of the pictures of Nicole in a white dress with what she's wearing in the video clip.

hoosierlady doesn't find anything entertaining except her own negative thoughts.

maclen, you do one thing well....lie.

smorgas91 said...

Again on that picture in the corner "my boobs are bigger", as casual as she supposed had gotten film captured (apparently could be considered not contrived), she looks much older than 40-42. That's a profile of an aging lady dressed young. Yep, this is a granny. As for him, he's a fugly loser...he's actually getting a better character coverage because of her...he's the less of two bumbling morons but still an idiot

Laura said...

Haha a fugly loser? He's good looking, rich, and extremely successful. Doesn't sound like a loser to me...

And if he was a moron, he wouldn't be where he is now, thank you very much.

hoosierlady said...

jasfro said.. .
hoosierlady my mind would be elsewhere if my friends were that close to the disaster. But you know, the owner of this blog still allows opposing opinion. You should take it up with them and not bitch about us if you don't like it.

re-read the post before you comment, I said family members of personal friends. The word is "di-ver-sion". Wikipedia also serves as a dictionary, or, you can just go to

hoosierlady doesn't find anything entertaining except her own negative thoughts.

not true! please see example below:

jasfro said...
This will be the last time I respond because the comments here are beyond ridiculous

That's entertainment!

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"That's entertainment!"

HA! HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!...and bubble lipped, elastic faced prima donnas and slacked jawed jingle spewing fiddlers! May they fizzle out like the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ...quote kidman.."Ohhh! You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness! Ohhh! Look out! Look out! I'm going! Ohhhh – Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

...Well! That's not a very nice thing to say about selena gomez!