Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kidman Can't Hold Back Time

Do any of you scratch your heads? I know by this time that I shouldn't be so surprised by anything Nicole Kidman does, but with recent rumors that she has doctored her appearance yet again, and in looking at the ensemble that she wore to the Baz tribute I just have to wonder why?

Why does she feel the need to dress like that? Why does she keep doctoring herself? It appears that she had doctored her breasts sometime in late 2006; we all know about the botox, lasik and then there are the outfits. Yes, as an actress she is in the unique position of wearing the clothes of top designers. But her clothes in the last two years are more over the top than in the past. The split up the ass thong; the see-through clothes; the too short dresses; there seems to be something more going on there than just wearing a revealing dress.

What could it be? Is she afraid to get old? Yes, it is more than obvious that she is fearful of aging. Her appearance, her hair, even 'birthing the baby' are all signs of trying to hold back the hands of time. She even described her husband as young when they met, in her speech the other night. She seems afraid to admit she is over 40. She talks about it, but as if it were a disease. That's too bad because some people still seem to admire her, and she CAN be an example but she won't allow herself the luxury. She should be satisfied with being married to a very good looking man and having three attractive children. What is wrong with that picture? For Kidman it is more important to be with the young kids. The problem with that is youth is fleeting and there is not the same kind of reverence for tradition or what you have done with your life. Too bad that Kidman is opting to be today’s It Girl because she can't be; and her days of being a girl are long over. It’s almost disturbing to see her at public appearances these days because you never know what she has changed and she is becoming more clown-like than aging beautifully and gracefully


Lisa said...

Any woman at her age with as much taste and class that she pretends to have would have dove into showing ppl how beautiful 40+ can be. If she's a clown and cant do anything right for herself, it's not our fault she couldnt bow out gracefully the way others have that went out as ICONS...or even better..they get some really STRONG roles and reap the same amount of respect that comes with their position because they arent in crazy denial.

Could someone clear up for me WHY she's so bent on being so child-like? Her search for eternal youth comes off fearful with each "hit or miss" she makes.

Keith likes sugar babies and maybe it's the fact that he likem' young and she will forever be fighting the competition. I still think it's funny that, in the beginning, she thought she was an epitome of a woman and Keith brought her down to a level that awakened her to the fact that there are MANY gorgeous women outside what she thinks beauty is. ( We all remember her 1st approach with Nashville, my how things have changed! )

They just both seem to have an identity crises. They havent found anything but more confusion. As long as she tries to mirror what Tom is doing, the more she is hurting herself. I've noticed this. Maybe she would have thrown Keith out a long time ago, if it wasnt for the attention he gets right now? When she 'dated' others, we ALL know there wasnt anywhere NEAR as much exposure. I swear, it looks like that's all she keeps him around for!!

don't believe the lies said...

The more she ages the more attention she feels she needs. I think with the other "relationships" after Tom she wasn't as needy becuase she was younger. Now that there's so many younger, prettier, better actresses out there to compete with I think she feels threatened.

Maybe she thinks this is it and holding onto Keith, who at his age is very attractive and has a semi-good career, is all she's got left.

I still thing it's bullsh*t how she totally bailed on her last flop "Australia." She needs to take some responsibility, stop the alterations to her face and just freakin grow up. People would respect her more if she would just act normal and not like someone or something she's not.

A440 said...

What are the odds Keith pushed her to get the implants and keep up with the facial procedures? What if she's doing it, pushed or not, simply to keep her man?

maclen said...

A440 said...
"What are the odds Keith pushed her to get the implants and keep up with the facial procedures? What if she's doing it, pushed or not, simply to keep her man?"

Ha! funny thought...the orb obviously has no problem with "chipmunk cheeks"...Choice over at NK's Journey about a week ago posted a photo of kidman the day she first met the orb at that years G'day shindig...and she was at that time sporting extreme botox brow. The orb also has no problem kissing those deformed bee stung lips kidman has paid for. He must be into "it"...and by "it" I mean women who are so vain and narcissistic they would prefer to deform their faces before they'd allow natural wrinkles to appear to begin to show their ages! But kidmans problem, one she seems too dense to realize, everyone knows her age..and the extreme joker makeup she paid big bucks for only makes her look like a desperate, dellusional dunce. And as it is now obvious to all, kidman couldnt emote a true or convincing air of sensuality or passion...which explains her bizzare cookie cutter face and elaborate series of wigs, extensions and constantly on display thongs. ANd theres another interesting point about her new role in Nine...and that is... is kidman supposed to be playing an Italian in this film?...apparently so... I cant wait for the chuckle the critics will have over her faux italian "shiksa" attempt at a old country "persona"!

not anon said...

A440 - I've always wonder if Keith isn't part of Kidman's problem. If you look at the transformation Kate has made since being married to Tom, it's not much different then the one Kidman made when she married him. When she was married to him he polished her public persona. He gave her a role to play in public. I think she dressed to please him.

I think she now does things to please Keith. The problem being Keith doesn't have a script to give her. I think she's floundering, trying to figure out what role to play in the public eye. I kind of wonder if he doesn't have a passive aggressive nature and says and does little things that undermine her self esteem.

Oh how I hope the walk the red carpet at the Oscars :)

Choice said...

I will chuckle too over her attempt at being Italian. I also heard her role in this movie will be quite small. They would be best to market the movie without her name showing in the billing.

People wonder if Keith minds her getting all these enhancements. I think he doesn't care as he still believes being connected to a Hollywood star elevates his position.

The Rome phots are just too funny for words. She looks like a street hooker that Daniel has picked off the streets.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"The Rome phots are just too funny for words. She looks like a street hooker that Daniel has picked off the streets."

Funny... perhaps they are tongue in cheek...(chipmunk cheek)...doing a reinactment of when eddie murphy picked up that tranny...or no wait, more like when hugh grant did pick up a street hooker! Hilarious!
Well, here is another indication kidman has fallen from publicity grace...just noticed over at GettyImages that cruise just premiered his latest film in you know where? guessed it, Rome...where kidman is shooting her street hooker role...and so far anyways, there has been none of that nonsense on the news circuit wondering if the two will awkwardly "bump" into each other...or another asinine story about how they will arrange a "secret" meeting. WEll, hopefully cruise is no longer a tabloid tool for kidman to use in her pathetic attempt to stay in the news. It may still make it to the presses...but kidman still has JJ or GG or people mag I'm sure to pander her tarnished imagery and phoney stories.

Lisa said...

I remember on the radio show they called into one day... Keith said there was an "oddness" in her he was attracted to.

maclen said...

Lisa said...
"I remember on the radio show they called into one day... Keith said there was an "oddness" in her he was attracted to."

Ha! The orb is a frakin' drunk/
addict...why would he even have a clue as to what was even good for him?! And he obviously is into the freak show that is her life.
So I've decided what my hook is gonna be regarding kidman's role in this film, Nine...what the reaction will be when it comes out in Nov. And that is what I mentioned in my earlier post... the debacle of kidman playing an italian...and as I also borrowed from the jewish persuasion...will kidman have any "shiks-appeal in this role at all? Now of course the same will be said of british day-lewisplaying "Guido"...but between Marion Cotillard...the at least latin pen cruz...the legendary sophia loren and the other italians who also round out the will kidman fare besides those names in this film? Well, at least she can give kate hudson and Stacy Ferguson...("Fergie" to you and me)...a decent run for their money at least! I see them as the trio of the weakest link in this film. The blonde triplets of fair hair and pale and pasty complexions if you will. The vessels of their "bimbo" anglo speak...and most certainly not a diane keaton's "Kay Adams" to al pacino's "Michael Corleone" in The Godfather...but most certainly the Marianna Hill's "Deanna Corleone" to John Cazales "Fredo Corleone" in The Godfather pt 2... kidman does Italian? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

realitycheck said...

Katie or Kate or whatever you want to call her dresses like Jackie Onassis did at 60. And the girl is 30. Her outfits have been hideous and matronly.

There has been nothing wrong with how Nicole dresses. She can go from very feminine to the very masculine in her dress. She has the body for it. And last time I checked Umyths "split up the ass" is how a thong works. If you remember the first time trying one on, that's what it feels like. Because that's how they are designed!

It's ironic that those of you that think what she wears is inappropriate, call her Granny when you want her to dress like one. I think I need to remind you of people that really have dressed inappropriately...Lil Kim with her boob completely out except for the nipple, Gwyneth Paltrow with nips completely exposed in sheer fabric, various celebs getting in and out of cars sans underwear. Nicole's fashion mistakes which pale in comparison. Why? They are inconsequential because they were not done on purpose. And the slit on her black dress, completely appropriate since the rest of the dress is rather conservative. Thats the mark of good gown. It accentuates or shows off one part or aspect of the body but not everything. When that happens you end up looking like a tart. At 41 you don't shrivel up and die. The last thing she needs to do is start dressing like Meryl Streep.

Choice said...

Hi Reality Check:

It was Lainey who came up with the nickname GRANNY because when she has her hair up in a bun coming out of the gym or shop, that is exactly what she looks like. It's not related to her thong or see-through outfits. But since you mentioned those, I would disagree with you. I think she does those things on purpose to gain attention. Did you see the ARIA award photos from 2007? She does enjoy dressing slutty, and at 41 it is a bit off. Even at work she enjoys looking that way:

banbotox said...

maclen said: kidman does Italian? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

I can hear you over hear and I'm laughing right along with you maclen.
What a freakin joke!!

As for scratching my head...not really, more like yawning cuz kidman's behavior is past the point of wondering's just very sad.

hoosierlady said...

If she were a child, we would say she was acting out.

Now, if we think about it that way, why is she acting out?

1. She can't make time stand still.

2. She lost the love of her life, and still can't figure out why.

3. Her Dad didn't pay enough attention to her when she was little. (whoa, there's a deep one, like none of us have heard that one before)

hoosierlady said...


Since Keith is attracted to the oddness of her, I think this is a match made in heaven. It's a Yoko thing.

Imahick said...

RC, I disagree totally about the way NK dresses. At 41, she doesn't have to dress like a matron. But at 41, she should not dress like a slut or like someone in their teens. Some of the dresses she has worn on the red carpet have been beautiful. Some of the outfits she wears on a daily basis are horrible and show a lack of awareness of her own appearance. If she has no common sense as far as her 'dress', then she needs help. She probably needs to be "dressed" by a stylist everyday to avoid those mistakes. She is constantly being photographed, so she should at least try to look decent when she's out.

A little attention to her hair wouldn't hurt either. She's going bald and she needs to stop pulling it back tightly, because it accentuates the hair loss. At least they put wigs on her in her movies, so that ratsnest is covered.

As far as why Keith is attracted to her, I think it's the green in her cavernous white bag that he loves. Is that odd enough for you?

hoosierlady said...


He made more money than she did last year, right? But I guess two is better than one! Loved that comment, please, keep 'em coming!

What I do not understand, and it is probably because I do not live a Barbie doll existence, but, if I had money, and if I were "dressing myself challenged", (how else do you articulate that?) I would have someone on staff all the time to do my hair and pick my clothes so I didn't look like a fool in public. As far as the hair, I do not understand at all, since hair replacement is a proven science now, she can get help with that, even Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8 has had it done, with great results.
I think sometimes we can witness the madness. This is a good example: do you remember the hotel story, the 40 page instruction manual on how to make her bed, but yet, she goes about in that outfit with the purple tights in London.

I don't know whether to feel sorry for her, or to continue shaking my head in disgust.

I'll give it a few days, and she'll show up in public with a see through dress, pretending she didn't know while guarding her front view with her hands, and it will put it all back into perspective.

Doublewide, I'm glad you are ok.

Imahick said...

NK has been photographed smoking on the set of NINE between takes. I think the rumors of her smoking throughout her pregnancy are absolutely true. What a selfish woman.,21985,24990407-5012749,00.html

Nic's smoke signal
Article from: Sunday Herald

February 01, 2009 12:00am

NICOLE Kidman has again been caught having a smoke - this time while shooting a film in Rome.

The actor's cigarette smoking has apparently waxed and waned over the years, but has earned her condemnation from anti-smoking lobby groups.

Her latest indiscretion was photographed on the set of Nine, a musical remake of Federico Fellini's classic Italian film, 8 1/2, which tells the story of a director and the women in his life.

Between shots, Kidman and co-star Daniel Day-Lewis shared a cigarette, then hammed it up for the cameras once Kidman realised she had been seen

maclen said...

banbotox said...
"maclen said: kidman does Italian? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

I can hear you over hear and I'm laughing right along with you maclen.
What a freakin joke!!"

Yes, banbotox..when I think of 60's italian actress's I of course sophia loren...Gina Lollabridgida..Claudia Cardinale... Leticia Roman, Marina Vlady, Anna Canzi, Laura Antonelli, Lydia Mancinelli, Anita Masini, the fellini group...and my personal fav Virna Lisi...and none of these actress' looked as ridiculously over done and overly "dressed up comically asinine as kidman does in this film..especially that ridiculous barbie extreme blonde bimbo wig she's wearing but as the description around here now fits...she will be the clown that will set off snickers in theaters once again. She does look like a tranny trying to look like a 60's italian actress!

Imahick said...
"NK has been photographed smoking on the set of NINE between takes."

Kidman was already busted for her "personal" public smoking which made her laughable claim her "bacteria infested" face was all natural. This only reminds people that she is a dimbulb when it comes to one is impressed by yellow toothed... tarred stained fingered.. ashtray stinking and breathing smoke stacks as "sexy" or "sophisticated"...well except kidman... and probably her extemely garrish soulmate bazz...and obviously the makers of this Nine film.

maclen said...

That is perfectly and hilariously spot on Urban Myths...kidman is channeling Charo!....I was wondering where i got that ridiculous impression in my head of that rug on her head...she is on the prowl for some "coochie coochie"!!