Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Red Carpet Seems a Little Empty without Nicole

Award season is in full swing in Hollywood but you would never know anything was happening if you were to visit Nashville. It seems Ms. Nicole Kidman is hunkered down and hiding out. Where is she? Either the big mansion or the farm since they apparently live in both places. But we have been lucky to have seen her going to the market, yoga and taking the little girl to the doctor. Just like any other normal woman. Right? Well, no. You see we are being drawn in again to the perception of real life. No one knows what the truth is, do they? We see Nicole and the baby going to the doctor. Isn't that cute? What we don't see except in a few select pictures is the little girl reaching behind Nicole towards the safety of her nanny. Kidman really needs to practice holding that child doesn't she? But, it’s time for everyone to think they are close.

While Hollywood was wearing its best and being on its best behavior we can look to Nashville and Mrs. Keith Urban and her perfect camel toe leaving a yoga class. I understand the concept of going commando, but really Nicole, wear some panties. So now we have seen the front and back of our Nic, what is left?

With the Oscars coming up and with Hugh hosting do you think Nicole will be invited to participate? Don't bet the farm on it. Hollywood has turned on Kidman. While we are enjoying everyone else discovering what we already knew, we also know that you can't trust that this will be a long time trend. Kidman is playing victim again and she plays that role better than anyone else.

You can hear a bit of the ‘oh well we like Nicole’; the rumblings of ‘well if she hadn't used the botox and picked the wrong projects’; even mumblings of ‘she is a great actress just off her game’. Remember, this woman is looking for exactly that reaction. She knows she will have to mount a comeback and that can't be done down on the farm. So, put some false stories out about her saying she didn't like her acting or that Keith is eager for another child. Get their minds off of what a failure she is by her own hand and she works her magic and she is back on top. Her one true love is having a great comeback, and if he can, ‘Nic’ can too. I personally want her back out there so that we don't have to read about her personal life; her husband can get back to the career that he once had; the little girl will be in the arms of the one she finds the safest, her nanny. Don't count Kidman out, because like a case of herpes, she may come back with vengeance.


maclen said...

I was sure when it became clear that Australia was not going to be getting any awards all...and surely when cruise was nominated for a GG, I truly expected kidman to get herself onto the presenters list. Well, basically, because that has been kidmans usual pattern the past 5 years. Sure, kidman returned to the 04 oscars after recieving the oscar in 03... that is the custom for the previous female winner to present the actor oscar... but for the next 4 years it seems she has been back to the oscars every year since...(according to google, she was not at the 05 oscars)...3 out of 4 times is excessive when she is not even in the vicinity of a nom. And in my research i"ve learned that this year's list of oscar presenters will be kept "secret" till show time...will this little academy "stunt" be too tempting for kidman to pass up? Will the no doubt trumped up media speculation on who will appear at this years oscars tear kidman away from baby check ups...starbucks runs and vagina monologues down on the farm in tennessee afterthe truly dismal critical and box office year she just had, for the lights and camera's of the red carpet at the Kodak Theater?

Choice said...

She'd be nuts to turn up to present at the Oscars. Best advice is to hang loose, wear some nickers when required, and play with the goat until the dust settles. No more movies, perhaps a guest spot in a TV show in 2010 (eg. Extreme Makeover). If all goes well, a studio might make a film bio about Gran oneday. I can think of the perfect actor to play Gran. Any thoughts who I might be thinking Maclen?

notachance said...

NK would do well to guest on a top tv show - like Ugly Betty. Would make her seem a regular person. Or if she truly wanted to show she had a sense of humour, get herself dead in the first scene of a CSI episode and then have them use the wax look-a-like in the rest of the show.

And then there's always that Nip/Tuck bonanza....

notachance said...

BAFTA shuns Oztralia too.

stillhopefull said...

I can't help but think that Keith has been doing a little happy dance that he does not have to bring out the high heels again just yet. The longer those are put away the better.

maclen said...

Choice said...
"I can think of the perfect actor to play Gran. Any thoughts who I might be thinking Maclen?"

Sure, choice...the recent long haired blond with the facially enhancements...who IS recieveing accolades for his role in a wrestling film.... and stillhopeful, you have a very preceptive thought there. What else in lalaland would be the most telling reason for marriage breakdowns? When the spouse, usually male...(ie. barry... swank...witherspoon...etc) may be secretly very pleased that the significant other's career is tanking..therefore giving them a respite from the duty's of public displays. For it is telling that the orb IS NOT present at kidman's last couple of photo ops...maybe it's just me, though...but I would have figured that the first medical check up of his daughter would have been a priority to the orb to be in attendance at... but I guess, unlike the premieres and PR during kidman's film release... the medical checkup was not mandatory for the orb to be persent.

notachance said...

A 6 month check up is not the first for a baby. And not all fathers attend baby doctor appt's anyway. That doesn't "tell" anything IMO.

Imahick said...

I agree that Keith not attending the baby's check up may not mean anything. My husband was often not able to come with the kids to their doctor's appointments, if he was working. I handled it without any didn't mean he didn't care about the kids, just that on that day, he was busy.

I think the fact we don't see him carrying Sunday is interesting. I think he'd look more natural with her than NK.

maclen said...

Oh yes, I see now...the orb perhaps "had" to work...or perhaps he had a dentist appointment...or an appointment for a facial and manacure!Or perhaps any other reason to be somewhere else beside the check up photo op IS the point of my comment... being that the orb doesnt seem to "have to work" when kidman has movie premieres...or the orb doesnt "have to work" while jettsetting through out europe to shill kidman's last film...and just has to be in attendance when kidman desperately pulls out her baby for the paps...the orb "has" to be there, and doesnt "have" to work! yeah i can see how the mundane act of a baby's check up would be to offputting and too inconvient to the orbs "work". Yes, trying to equate the orb to the regular people through out the country who ARE struggling from paycheck to paycheck in this struggling ecomony makes SO much sense now!

hoosierlady said...


Did you see the Urban Myths tabloid hound with the orb's statement that he aspired to tour only when he wanted to not when he had to? Had he not alienated his fan base, maybe he would be there already. What a brat.

Obviously, she wanted to have the checkup pictures alone, it's typical, bad press, she needs good press now, I'm amazed she hasn't scheduled a press conference for UNIFEM.

He, on the other hand, is getting just as bad. Soon it will be a fight between the two for equal pap time.

His new CD's is coming out in March. This should be interesting.
I'm sure he's learned a lot by watching his beloved.

I say, bring it on! It's boring here in the heartland!!!

That's a joke, for those of you that don't understand Hoosier

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
Did you see the Urban Myths tabloid hound with the orb's statement that he aspired to tour only when he wanted to not when he had to? Had he not alienated his fan base, maybe he would be there already. What a brat."

Well, since hooking up with kidman, the orb has done alot of things, I'm sure, because he had to...since his career has been taking a nosedive, but I'm sure he'll still claim he "wants" to tour.

maclen said...'s up with this bizzare kidman aussie clique of publicity opportunists? First russell crowe and kidman are already trying to marry off their months old kids...( and yeah, I am aware it's just a "joke"!)... and they felt the need to make it public...and now kidman's bff watts boyfriend has opted into this tongue and cheek "Baby Love Triangle"

Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts And Russell Crowe In Baby Love Triangle

...I sense a pretty lame patented "inept team kidman" hatched PR ploy at some sort of shameless "aussie mini me" toddler soap opera...all for the public viewer's consumption. I can hear them now..."awww, isnt that so adorable!"

Choice said...

Hi Maclen
That was the most cringeworthy news of the week regarding the baby love triangle. I'd be willing to bet that Granny is behind all that to keep her name in the papers. I suppose they think their kids are too good to date anyone outside the Hollywood circle. Time to bring me another bucket.

notachance said...

NK is off to Rome at the end of next week for some more work on "Nine". Wonder if Sunday will accompany her?

realitycheck said...

Well maclen first off Kidman has a standing invite to the Oscars since she is an Academy Award winner. You may not want to see her there but she has a right to go every single year. Everyone in Hollywood can't just show up. You have to be a member of the Academy, a nominee, or be invited. Even nominees can't bring however many people they want as guests. And its up to the discretion of the programmers as to who presents awards.

Second, the BAFTA nominating system obviously needs to be fixed. Kate Winslet should not be nominated for "The Reader" in the lead actress category. It is not her character's story but the story of the man played by Ralph Fiennes. I am not suggesting Nicole should be in that spot but obviously something is off. Two more cases in point, Penelope Cruz. If a lead actress is going to be nominated from "Vicky Christina Barcelona" than it should be her. Scarlett Johanssen and the other actress, her name escapes me, are supporting parts not leads.

Third, fathers not going to the baby's doctor visits is nothing new. Didn't happen in my family and it certainly still isn't the norm. Besides, I'm sure that gives him more time to work on the new album most of you won't be buying.

Fourth, isn't it the dream of most not to have to work constantly? He is not ungrateful, just someone who has been there, done that when it comes to that lifestyle. He is not Kenny Chesney and he never will be. Most established artists don't tour nonstop anyway. More power to him if he doesn't have to tour 365 days a year. He's got a family now and that should be his first priority.

And fifth, the "Love Triangle" story is not a plant but a redo of real quotes by Naomi Watts and hubby Liev about their sons and Sunday. The actual quotes are out there if you really want to find them. But if you don't you still can't call this a plant.

Imahick said...

If work is like breathing and I love what I do, then I would want ... no need ... to work. If I love the music and am energized by it, then I would want to keep making it. If I was committed to my career and my fan base, I would put some effort into connecting with my fans, making my music and touring.

Just because I'm married to the "love of my life" or the person I've decided to settle with, I would not want to stop working on my career. My marriage would enrich my music ... not make me want to stop.

This is obviously how I believe love and marriage normally impacts someone's career ... their creativity. It seems to have done the opposite with Keith, but of course, that is my opinion from what I see from the 'outside.'

I am hopeful that he is able to focus and will produce some great music for the new album. I like Sweet Thing & enjoyed the Sweet Thing Video. I think Trey did a good job. The video enhanced the song, which is the sign of a good music video, IMO.

Tara said...

its sad when you can google Sunday Kidman Urban and find a bunch of news stories about a 6 month old

Its not a standing invite to the Oscars- its up to those organizing about presenting otherwise you would have Tatum O'Neil and Lassie there year after year

Mr Urban wanted fame- he chose to exploit his personal life to get that. It has nothing to do with talent. IMO he could have been mega famous with the talent.

Kidman would be smart to shy away from the Oscars even if asked but
she too has that addiction to fame
and it will take a lot to keep her away.

I think Liev has been good for Naomi because he keeps her away from Kidman.

realitycheck said...

tara, you misunderstood. Its a standing invite for her to ATTEND. Presenting is another matter. If the producers want her as part of the ceremony and she accepts that's your problem. Turn off the tv or go do something else when she's on. Problem solved. And Nicole has not attended every year. Such a huge addiction to fame would not let that happen.

And BTW you have no proof where Liev and Naomi are concerned. Just one of the many rumors spun on the internet by the skeptics.

realitycheck said...

I almost forgot. You can google any of the major stars kids and get "stories" about them. Supposedly Suri Cruise is a fashion icon, yeah right. The media creates and encourages this because it fuels the fire of celebrity interest. Like the misuse of the quotes from Naomi. Give it a different name, something eye-catching and its good for a week. maclen fell for it. There's really no importance to this stuff but the media, and that includes the celebrity gossip bloggers, wants you to think there is.

maclen said...

So I was perusing Getty Images last night...and I noticed that Australia had it's Italian screening yesterday. Getty figured it was noteworthy enough to highlight the celebs at the screening of the film... too bad that the baz, kidman and jackman have already given up on this dismal film and not one of them bothered to show up and stand up for the film...but not surprising at all that the stench of this failed piece of tripe would ward off any desire in the main filmmakers for the opportunity at anymore photo ops with this flop. Kidman already has a habit of ditching films that end up being especially dismal embarrassments to her...(ie; stepford...invasion) but the baz and jackman are picking it up very nicely. Not that publicity wise the absence of kidman is a negative...getty boasts a few very noticable italian beauties...such as Actress Benedetta Valenzano... way....way preferable to the italians, I'm sure, than the emaciated, stick bodied, thong exposing, suction cupped lipped kidman... and I'd even bet that that is Valenzano's own hair, natural lips and actual, unenhanced cleavage!

Choice said...

Do you feel Gran didn't appear at the Italian premiere because sitting through that film more than once is too hard for her? After admitting "am I any good in this", she would be squirming endlessly in any seat across any premiere. While I thought the film had some OK moments, I could not ever sit through it again. If she was embarrassed by her acting, imagine how the rest of us feel?

By the way, some people over here refer to a certain couple as Dumb and Dumber. Do you know who they are?

maclen said...

Choice said...
"By the way, some people over here refer to a certain couple as Dumb and Dumber. Do you know who they are?"

Yeah, Dumb and Dumber was a film with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels... you can check out highlights of the movie here, choice...

Choice said...
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bstnactrs said...

"Second, the BAFTA nominating system obviously needs to be fixed. Kate Winslet should not be nominated for "The Reader" in the lead actress category. It is not her character's story but the story of the man played by Ralph Fiennes."

Not necessarily - that isn't exactly accurate.

Kate is the FEMALE LEAD in the film - Ralph Fiennes is the MALE LEAD.

Most often there are 2 leads - the male & the female.

The rest are usually supporting.

Sometimes though, as in "The Big Chill", for example, there are several leads b/c a film like that has an ensamble cast - in which case, any of those actors/actresses could be nominated as leads.

bstnactrs said...

oops - spelled ensEmble wrong - sorry.

stillhopefull said... I just found this and hope that all who view can finally figure out why the heck we are so concerned about this great musician. View the attached and you shall see what we have all been so excited about!!! You will see a man very excited to be doing what he is doing with his peers and/or band members. He is completely happy in his envoirnment. It is so odvious! You can totally see this in his actions. This is exactly why Nicole should just stay away!!! She so deludes who and what kind of musician this guy is!!!! That to me is the biggest problem of all. If she would just put herself in her place as far as his career goes, he would be much better off.
just copy and paste and you will