Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keith Urban invited to join the Opry

Keith Urban invited to join the Opry


Qkstop said...

This her work again? With no performance this man continues to get nominated for recognition (what?) and award shows!

Sure carries his daughter funny on most shots from this set, can't be too comfy for her:

She's going to play Grace like she played Diane Argus, isabella archer, Sam of Bewitched, very mannered innocent young girl. Or she does hysteric all words Virginia Woolf, rabbit hole character -- thinks wins her awards with this style --. Or wooden or blah like cold mtn, compass, human stain, birth, stepford -- will stay away from this one. Soooooo predictable and continues to get recognized for acting. Who are these people, thought art involved true talent.

123xyz said...

As much as I don't like her. I was there last night. His peers were truly happy for him. You could see it was a shock to him to be asked.

joy said...

About DARN time they ask him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so way overdue. This is NOT about her. This is about him and his music. Do NOT know why it took them so long to "get with it" and give this man this honor that he so deserves. Whatever you think about the rest doesn't matter. Keith Lionel Urban is a tremendous musician, performer, artist. His talents go far and beyond what most can even claim to have. His talent is REAL not just sounding good in the studio. If you've ever been to any of his shows you will see and come to know that he puts everything into his performances. He gives it his all and nobody leaves disappointed. Very happy for him. He so deserves this and Like I said it is WAY overdue. Should have been done a long time ago. CONGRATULATIONS KEITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hatti said...

Well first of all KU has worked hard to get this invitation. He wanted this very badly all these years. But really he can thank Vince Gill for his help. AFTH did this for him.

Secondly... I would like to say that Moosie got her Oscar as a sympathy card. She didn't deserve it and will never deserve an Oscar. She can't act... she buys most of her work. And I'm sure she bought this one if it's true.

Her money and her connections such as Rupie are the reasons she is in any movies believe me!!!

Hatti said...

Well Joy...It took this long cause the good ole boy establishment don't like outsiders. And that is not just for foreigners but northerners as well!!!!

It's time they loosen up..it's a small world and they just have to get out of their closed society!!

KU has help bring country music across the borders to foreign lands and encouraged country performers to travel outside the US.

So this is a good one for him!!

Tara said...

This is something that he wanted for a very long time. For once I am glad he got what he wanted.
However I don't like this covering of Kidman and her lack of concern for probably one of the top moments in her husbands career.
She wasn't there- she should have been and I don't believe she was told before hand because she would have been there with a film crew.
It became all about her as always- such a waste for him.

Tara said...

It also looks like the next CD will be all about her. Keith is talking about the new record and apparently its all about the dark places he has lived in. I seriously doubt he would want people digging in the "real" past so he will edit and whats left? it will probably be about how her love saved him
It would be nice or maybe he has never seen that he has saved himself
perhaps it was his dependence on all things Nicold but recovery is about the individual not the person or persons around you.
But according to that BI what has been recovered?

smorgas91 said...

uh-oh, look at the moron's interpretation of Gellhorn, the independent, adventurous, intellectual woman:


...it's back to the insipid throaty but totally robotic, sexless look-how-I-speak middle age acting chop again!

Hatti said...

Tara I don't believe anyone from the establishment told her. They really didn't want her around. So she...figuring he was doing that boring crap....sent Sunday and the Nanny with KU to Nash. She stayed in LA working on the GK part.

Of course once she found out what happened she had her presence planted in the articles but as we have come to realize without pics it didn't happen. She wasn't at no #1 party either. It's just the way it is everyone knows she will plant a line or two to make it look like she is a part. They don't care as long as they don't have to be around her!! ((giggles)) Now how bad is that!!!!

Gee smorgus91...Since MG was a self absorbed two fisted drinker that didn't give a damn about anyone I really thought Moosie had a chance. The only thing lacking is talent and brains... MG was known for both. But I thought she could punt!! ((giggles)))

Tara said...

I saw a preview for the EH/MG telepic and I have to say as much as I like Clive Owen I am going to run from this as fast as I can. Kidman hasn't a clue to the period or the stature of the person she is playing. There is a video interview of her W interview and she comes off as the vapid, useless twig she has made herself into. They cried when Keith could talk again- really - it not like he had something terribly wrong with him- he was going to survive this.

As for this weekend she will be there. I wondered about the whole #1 party too I didn't see a photo of her and even CMT didn't show her and they are always wanting to blow smoke up her butt- seems that they are being seen in Nashville now- which does lead relevance to all those stories about her flying in for appearances from LA, where it was noted in several articles this week, that is where they actually reside.

Tara said...

Well she was there at the #1 party and of course his web site has her talking to some people in the crowd- she looks as stupid as she did in that interview.

I wouldn't doubt he was drinking again- how can you live with that?

Tara said...

For You is now a single- lets see how it will do.

It looks like the voice is a big hit in Oz and Mr. Urban is winning a lot of fans... its too bad I was long ago banned from the Aussie Urban site I would love to be able to check in