Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nicole Kidman - help or hindrance?

For many skeptics, one of the reasons given for the Urban/Kidman coupling was to boost Keith's popularity. One can see that this has been the case. In early 2005, few outside of Country Music knew who Keith Urban was, let alone what he did for a living.

There was a fateful meeting at G’day LA. Someone’s clever scheme to get back at her former husband and someone’s wish to be famous collided. With one picture of one motorcycle ride it was fait accompli. Goal met. The world knows now that the motorcyclist was a moderately successful country singer. He was known for being big with the ladies and for being quite the guitar player. It didn't hurt that he was from her homeland. A match made in heaven? Was there something else going on?

What the world didn't know was that this guitar player is also a recovering drug addict. He was a well known womanizer and a man who kept quite an active and social life going in Music City. But the world soon found out. Whereas Nashville keeps its secrets the rest of the world’s press doesn't, and when the woman you are rumored to be dating is one of the most famous in the world, well one can only imagine that closets will be opened and skeletons will be revealed.

That is the problem with being with Nicole Kidman. Keith Urban lost his privacy and his identity. Yes, we will see in the next few months as he begins his tour overseas her impact, but we will also see how Camp Urban has been scrambling in the US to fight her impact. Dear reader, Keith Urban turned into Keith Kidman and even he is saying that’s not right.

Let’s watch the next few months and see where all of this will go, because I think that in order to get Keith Urban back he will have to lose Nicole Kidman. Her shadow is just too great and he wasn't as strong as he believed himself to be.


Anonymous said...

You know...I'm not sure that increased popularity is the way I'd describe it...more like increased notoriety. Yes, his name is better known world wide, but for being Nicole Kidman's drug addict husband, not for the talented musician / artist that he is. I am not sure I believe that this relationship was all for publicity, but if it was, it's been disastrous for Keith, in my opinion.

Sadly, Ms Kidman over shadows him. She is a publicity whore and will forever use the media to her advantage. As long as he is associated with her, he will walk in her shadow and I think that's how she wants it.

I read a translated version of an interview with Keith, done in Germany in January this year. When Keith said he found it extremely painful to be referred to as NK's drug addict husband, I realized that perhaps that was the first time he'd actually heard that.

Sadly, his fans have been bombarded with that crap since November 2005. And it was predictable and yet heart breaking for many.

Will he do well in Australia and Europe because he is associated with Nicole Kidman? I don't think it will have any significant long term impact. He is playing small venues in Europe and had similar success in 2005 when he was there. In Australia, he is filling arenas, and there may be a short term impact downunder...many will be there to see Ms Kidman...not her husband, whats his name. When the relationship fails, they'll turn on him ... for breaking their Nic's heart.

In the US, I believe the relationship HAS hurt him. His new CD is not selling as well as expected. He hasn't had a #1 hit song since the fall of 2005. How his tour sells remains to be seen. But many of his old time fans have become less passionate about his music, just as he appears to have become less passionate about it himself. Time will tell if the long term fans who are moving on can be replaced by the new pop oriented fans. Sadly, some people who thought they'd be lifetime Keith Urban followers are tired of the flagrant flaunting of success and wealth that seems to be the new Keith Urban.

Most of the changes in Keith that people are "turned off" of are post Kidman. It's apparent to many that she has had a negative impact on him in many ways...rehab being a prime example of how the relationship appeared to cause his unravelling. I suppose we will all have to wait and see how Keith and his people assess the US situation and whether there is any action taken to "fix" things with the many long term fans who have started to leave. I personally look forward to seeing some evidence that he cares ... cause lately, the Keith Urban who appeared to love and respect his fans has all but disappeared. I'd love to see THAT guy back.

Anonymous said...

The question remains-which Keith are we going to get back in the US? He will be forever changed by the events that have occurred since that fateful meeting. And the media circus will continue as long as he is married to her.

Does he care enough to even try to get those long term fans back? Or are we so expendable that in the end, it really doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Keith may have to choose between his marriage to Nicole and his music career.

I don't think it is possible for him to find a balance so he can have both. Her life and lifestyle are too high profile.

He has spent the last year plus living in her world and it shows. His music and career have suffered.

music said...

I agree that his career has started to suffer. As mentioned, his last #1 was Better Life. His 1st single from his last 2 cds (SLY for GR and DGB for BH) both went to #1 for multiple weeks, while his 1st single from the new cd OIAL didn't even make the top 5. And sadly, SB seems to have peaked without hitting the top spot. Word from some radio stations is that his songs just aren't testing well in their market research anymore.

His award nominations seems to have fallen off too. In the fan voted CMT Awards, he didn't even make the top 4 finalists for male vocalist. And who knows if he'll make it into the finalists for Video of the Year when that category is narrowed to 4 at the start of the show? I'd think that the competition in that category would be stronger than the male only category. And at the ACM's, no nomination for ETOY, or album, single or song.

Then, there is the poor turnout by fanclub members for his free show in Nashville earlier this month. I know that many factors came into play (weather, last minute notice, etc) but I would say that in prior years more than 70 or 80 fans would've shown up. And according to their email, the current fan club management expected those 250 wristbands to go quickly.

I wish only the best for Keith, but his lack of focus on his country music career in the U.S. may be catching up to him.

Anonymous said...

His Bentley driving, Target shopping, private plane flying Diva attitude is what has turned me off.

It's like he became another person. He began flaunting what she had....because none of it was his before.

He began caring less and less about his fans. Putting on poor to mediocre performances and following her around like a little lost puppy dog. He looks pathetic.

He was doing so well before she entered the picture. His star was rising and he was on his way. Now he has crashed and burned. He could have been at the top of the heap and now he will have to work his ass off to get there again. That is if he even wants it?

I for one am not sure how much longer I will be hanging around. I have been a huge fan for years but I guess that doesn't account for much anymore these days.

the bunny hunter said...

Keith, as a person - not just his music and career, has suffered from this relationship. Just look at pictures of him now versus pictures before he met up with her. His appearance is night and day, and you can see the stress and pressure on his face. His face and eyes say it all. He has aged immensely in the past six months alone.

I think he truly felt he could fit into her world, but he has discovered that he is a fish out of water with her lifestyle. At this point, he needs to do what is best for him, otherwise who knows what the end result will be.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, the longer this goes on the more ambivalent I feel about the whole thing. I will see him in June for the first time in a year & half, and quite frankly I'm not even excited about it. It's feeling more of a chore than anything at this point. IDK, maybe it's because we're just too flooded with his image anymore that has nothing to do with his music. It's overkill and now we're all just desensitized - just like violence on tv, the more you watch it the less it effects you.

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't care much about his new found megawealth...whether he drives a Bentley, goes to Target, or jets around the world. I don't even care if he is personally content with his lot in life...if he had to sell his soul to the devil to marry her, then so be it.

Those two can go down to their farm (which they'll be sure to visit at least one day a yr, for a photo-op) and chase butterflies, make goat cheese, and castrate bulls and that's Ok by me.

What I do care about is Keith making good music again (he missed the boat on the last one) and whether he can put on a show worth seeing, AND if he cares enough to try to reconnect with his fans. I'm not optimistic about this; wish I could say I was.

Anonymous said...

Now this is a really good topic to debate.

Part of me wants to say she brought him to the masses and his music popularity has reached new heights, but I think it's also ruined him personally. He's no longer keith urban, but Mr. Kidman and most of the public who didn't have a clue who he was before Nicole think he's a scumbag addict. What was left of his private life has been tossed out the window and he's nothing but fodder for the paparazzi. That's truly the sad part and the only way to change the way the public perceives him is to get them to listen to his music and more importantly...go see one of his shows. The real Keith Urban can usually be found on the stage.

Anonymous said...

"Strangely, the longer this goes on the more ambivalent I feel about the whole thing."

I really do feel the same way, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm so damn sick of all the media crap or if I'm just realizing he's not an icon..just a man who has many faults, much like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing him when he comes to Europe, but am far from excited about it now. I wonder if he will perform as well as last time he was here.
In hindsight I wish I hadn't booked to see him. I just hope that the spark is still there and he puts on a great show but at this point I feel quite jaded about the whole thing. And you can absolutely guarantee that any article appearing in magazines or newspapers over here will not say Keith Urban, but Nicole Kidman's husband, and that's sad.

Anonymous said...

These are some of the best, heart felt, to the point replies I have seen yet on the KUNK topic anywhere.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question of the title, I'd have to vote hindrance.

Bravo to all the insightful replies. The expressions offered thus far are speaking for more KU fans than you can imagine.

Most keep quiet for fear of being labeled "jealous" by the ones who refuse to believe this can be nothing but the fairytale that's been sold to the media - so I thank you for the way you've spoken for the rest of us.

I wish people would understand that the majority of KU fans that feel this way do so because they care about what happens to a musician they respected. It has nothing to do with wanting to be with him instead. What rubbish. I dare say if you polled the "skeptical" fans they would all say they want him happily married and even starting a family by now.

His life has taken an unfortunate path at times. I hope this is simply a bend in the road for him and he gets back on track soon. I for one don't wish to read about him going off the cliff again.

Anonymous said...

Wow...well said everyone. I don't think the relationship has done anything but damage the man professionally and personally. He may love her...but some relationships are not healthy.

He is no longer known as Keith Urban the phenomenally talented musician / singer / songwriter...but as stated, he's Nicole Kidman's alcoholic drug addict cheating husband. And he finds that extremely painful...well, he's got many years of pain ahead of him if he stays with her.

The US fans ... who made him a success are starting to get restless because of this and some are leaving the fold. Others are ready to jump ship. I'm stilling hanging on, but it won't be long now and I'll move on, too. There are lots of talented artists out there ... and although they don't have the spark Keith had as a performer (at least to me), they do show their fans respect and appreciation. And they look like they enjoy themselves on stage and give 100%. I hope to see some of that joy and effort in the one show I'm going to this tour. That will be the barometer for me.

Anonymous said...

I have to vote "hindrance" - I agree with everything that has been said here. I too will be seeing him this summer and not nearly as excited about seeing him as I used to be. I'm hanging on by a thread as well and really hope he turns this around. I really miss the old Keith

twilight star said...

She is the Titanic and so far he's going down with the ship. Whether he will continue this or decide to save himself remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Hindrance here in the US anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would agree, hinderance.
Just the look in his eyes has changed...he used to have a light, a life,in his eyes that showed an intelligent and compassionate soul, full to the brim in anticipation of entertaining anyone who showed up at the door, cocky with his guitar, and funloving on stage. Photos oozed that attitude. Now we see a man who appears that his soul has been caged, his eyes look dull and lifeless, he has aged considerably in the past year, and this was supposed to be time off?
Yet when he is seen WITHOUT her there is still a glimmer of that old self in those eyes (watch the Canadian morning show clips). Thats why I am still here and have not given up all hope. And I think Keith himself is realizing the depth of his loss of identity just recently. Like you say, watch through the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Come on everybody! Keith Urban is still an awesome musician. I just saw him in Chicago and he is better than ever. Who cares about his personal life and who cares about Nicole Kidman. He's an incredible musician with a lot of passion when he plays. I've seen him over 50 times in the past 6 years and will continue to see him as I look forward to his new tour and what he has planned for this year. There is no one in this business that can pick a guitar or entertain like Keith Urban. He is still the down to earth guy who loves to entertain his fans. Instead of complaining about his personal decisions, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to one of his shows this year. You'll see that the personal life means nothing and he is all about entertaining his fans and playing awesome music.

Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from about caring that he's the same musician. But, I don't think he is..at least not consistancy.

Also, what kind of people would be be to not care about an actual persons well being. And just say..hey your here to entertain us and that's all we care about.

Aren't we supposed to care that he's a person and not just a product? Or are we supposed to care about surface crap?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that every show of his is going to be excellent. I saw him in late 05' and it was an awful show. He was distracted and not "On." It left a terrible taste in my mouth. It makes me not want to waste my money on seeing him again.

I have yet to hear any really good reviews either. Remember the days when you would read someone's experience at a show and wish you had been there? It's been a long, long time since I have felt like that. The magic that was Keith Urban has disappeared. The light and passion in his eyes is gone.

So to say just buy a ticket and go to a show isn't always the answer. Sometimes they can leave feeling let down. He's raised the bar so high in the past with his performances that when he doesn't reach it or come close it's a huge disappointment.

Not Buying It In Nashville said...

Whereas Nashville keeps its secrets the rest of the world’s press doesn't, and when the woman you are rumored to be dating is one of the most famous in the world, well one can only imagine that closets will be opened and skeletons will be revealed.

And if he thinks his secrets have already been revealed - just wait. Nashville knows much, but speaks little. There's plenty more and he knows it and we know it. But now he has the Famewhore to thank for outing all of his skeletons.

Anonymous said...


absolutely no question..no one now..knows who Keith Urban is..All they know is that Nicole Kidman married an acoholic, womanizing, drug addicted musician..who's name happens to be Keith..now known as Keith Kidman..and now he is singing "oh whoa is me" because being called Mr. Kidman is emascualting to him..What the hell did he think was going to happen?

I say GET OVER IT KEITH..you married the witch..you chose to give up your "private" life..you chose fame..and money, and tabloid hell..you have absolutely no one to blame but yourself..Baby..if you can't take the heat..then get out of the fire..otherwise..welcome to the life of Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton..and let's throw in Lindsay for good measure..

You had something great..you WERE someone i thought people could look upto...YOU Darlin' threw it away...now you are a dime a dozen just like the rest..once upon a time i would have sang your praises to the rafters...for almost 7 years i had a really deep respect for you...now i am ashamed to say i was ever a fan..

i hope that you are loving your new noteriaty..i hope you love being "famous" in your wife's overbearing shadow...and i hope that you will always hold dear what the feeling was like to be EOTY..because love..you are on the fast track to becoming a has been...and almost was..just like your frankenstien bride..

Anonymous said...

"i hope that you are loving your new noteriaty..i hope you love being "famous" in your wife's overbearing shadow...and i hope that you will always hold dear what the feeling was like to be EOTY..because love..you are on the fast track to becoming a has been...and almost was..just like your frankenstien bride.."

Jesus, the hatred!! I think you need some anger management counseling - REALLY!!

Anonymous said...

That's not hatred. That's a reality. He's becoming a loser. A shadow of who he use to be. It's sad and it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

That's not hatred. That's a reality. He's becoming a loser. A shadow of who he use to be. It's sad and it's pathetic.

March 15, 2007 2:31 PM


thank you.you are right it's not hatred..it is reality..it is this tabloid realtionship that hits us everyday in the face..and keith turning into his hollywood feeling-less wife...

he is no longer one ounce of the man he was before her..and what i have been seeing is he is turning into her..i would never have thought the man was stupid..i think he is now..i never would have thought the man didn't or wouldn't care..i know now that he doesn't give a shit.. not about his US fans..or those charities that once meant so much to him...

he took lesson from the corpse bride..and he has learned them well..and he has made that so abundantatly clear over the last couple of years..

i hope this works for him in nashville..i hope this works for him with his "long-time" fans..i hope this sells seats to his shows.. and multiple copies of cd's...i hope he see's #1 again..good luck Mr. Kidman..if it's any consolation and money get's tight..you can always sell the Bently..or maybe you can sell the rest of your soul to the tabs and talk about how you married a wanna-be movie queen..

Anonymous said...

You WISH he would leave Nicole.

Anonymous said...

oh make no mistake about it. one of them will do the leaving. knowing him, he'll let her do the leaving.

Anonymous said...

of coarse she'll be the one to do the dumping..because he doesn't have the balls to do it....

Anonymous said...

And if he thinks his secrets have already been revealed - just wait. Nashville knows much, but speaks little. There's plenty more and he knows it and we know it. But now he has the Famewhore to thank for outing all of his skeletons.

THAT says it all, he always said he liked his private life private....ok...fans accepted that....guess what....it was not th FANS that made his private life not so private was it.....Keith you listening to THAT?????

Anonymous said...

I think someone who describes herself this way will be nothing but a hinderance.

"I'm nowhere near perfect and not ever trying to be.

I'm emotional and highly-strung. If something upsets me, then it really upsets me. If it makes me angry, then I get really angry. But it's all very up-front. I can't hide it."


Anonymous said...

well..she was right about one thing..she's deffinately flawed..just ask her plastic surgeon..

and i hope Keith has a good therepist..cuz after being with her he's going to need one...

Anonymous said...

Somebody said he was the same down to earth guy. I disagree. I think his whole personally changed when he started dating her. He became very diva like with much of the media (who use to be his friends) and he was never happy and outgoing in interviews like he was. I heard he lost a lot of personal friends (or pushed them aside) too. Also, he is not as open and friendly with his fans at concert. When Nicole is there, I notice he does not participate with the audience as much.

I'm a fan of both Dierks and Brad Paisley's, before and after their marriages to very nice, down to earth women. Neither changed towards the general public. Nicole seems to fight her husband for press and I don't think this marriage will last.

When someone has to change so much for a partner, it rarely does.

Anonymous said...

i agree...this marriage won't last..however..he needs to get his head out of his butt and take a look around..all of those people he pushed aside..he's going to wish wee still there when he's trying to put some semblance of his former life back together..he's going to find himself very alone and lonely in the cold cruel world he decided to kick around when he was married to the Aussie Queen..

Anonymous said...

I agree that Keith has changed. How could he not? He lives in a world full of pretense. Money is no object. He's been flying in a private jet to his gigs, rather than traveling with his band. He attends Hollywood and hoity toity functions with his A list fame addicted wife...functions he would never have participated in before. He indulges in expensive vacations whenever he desires, and enjoys flaunting it to the media. He drives fancy vehicles or is limoed all over. There is nothing too expensive for him, now, assuming his wife approves the purchase!

The one good thing I've seen is that he is always very accommodating to fans when they meet him. I've never heard of him being rude to a fan. His wife? Well that's another story. And I do think she tries to influence his interaction with HIS fans. That has been obvious at concerts when she's been present.

I would hope that deep down in there somewhere is the down to earth guy many have been missing these past 12-18 months? Because when the marriage is over (and I don't believe it can last) he is going to need to find that guy and then, hopefully re-aquaint himself with those he has pushed away because of his wife.

Has she helped him in his career? Not a chance. The association is poison to him professionally and personally. The fame (or infamy) he's gained will haunt him. It's weakened his career here in the US and ultimately will have no long term positive effects in Europe and Oz. In fact, when they part, he'll LOSE anything he's gained.

Anonymous said...

In fact, when they part, he'll LOSE anything he's gained.

This says it all. Then it has all been for nothing. Losing his respect, friends, record/ticket sales etc. His career will be flushed down the toilet...along with his "loving" wife's.

Anonymous said...

the "loving"wife's career was already in the toilet..hence the need to prove to the world how "sexy she is"
his on the other hand had been doing very well..emphesis on "had been"
one nice thing about all of this..when it's all said and done..and Keith is once again playing in bars..for those that still choose to go, the view will be great! and ticket prices will be a steal!..i do hope that he invested well...

Anonymous said...

I am one who is also barely hanging in there. What attracted me to Keith Urban was the apparent humbleness, appreciation and gratitude he showed to the fans. His music was phenomenal and he seemed to love playing it.

However, all of these things seem to have disappeared now, and I am sad for what once was and the reality of what is now.

I don’t really care about knowing about his personal life--I sure as hell don’t want to see him in the tabloids every week. I would like him to be happy and find a way to balance his musical life with his personal life. Obviously, he is not doing that right now.

What will it take to regain all he has lost? First and foremost, I believe he needs to want to do it. I don’t think his heart is still in the music. His personal life has consumed every bit of him and it just appears to me that this is what he wants now.

I hope things change and he realizes that his music has affected and helped so many people. His contribution to music is invaluable and it would be such a shame to just let that go by the wayside.

All this to say---I honestly believe Mr. Kidman’s downfall has been because of his wife’s influence.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that I've read about the Australian promo tour and seen the pictures, I will admit that in the short term, NK has made a difference for him downunder. Sad as it may be, Keith was nothing in Oz until he became Mr. Kidman. Now he has denied he's a "country and western" artist and declared he's an Aussie Bar Rocker and they love him.

I'm glad he's getting the recognition at home that he's always wanted. It's sad that he couldn't get it on his own...and that he has had to essentially deny his roots to get it, but I guess if you're hungry enough, you'll do all sorts.

What I'd like to know is are there now truly lots of Oz fans...or just the curious? He always had a small following over there, but now it looks like lots of Australians know who Keith Kidman is. And his interviews are full of references to the wife...just to make sure they don't forget who he's married to.

I don't see this marriage lasting too long...who knows..but I doubt it. So what happens to the popularity of the X-Mr. Kidman in Oz? That's really the question in my mind. My theory...they'll turn on him faster than you can say "Keith Urban who?" Sadly...I think his notariety (not popularity) is tied to his wife and if he and she call it quits, so will his new found fans.

The other question is what is going on in North America while he courts his down home fans? He's losing ground here, I think. And the wife won't score him any points here.