Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She's Come Undone

"too many mountains and not enough stairs
too many lives to lead and not enough time"

Those are two lines from one of my favorite songs from the 1970's. She's Come Undone...by The Guess Who.

I think it is safe to say that we can declare Nicole Kidman's career in free-fall. The Golden Compass is the rotten egg of the Christmas season. Margot at the Wedding isn't garnering any recognition for Kidman in the awards game. It looks like her choices have been quite telling in the last two years. Why? Kidman was always able to get good material, but if you look closely you can see that her choices since The Hours have been folly. I wonder now if her true love was the one picking her movie choices? I think perhaps he was. He knew about The Hours and it seems after that performance Kidman's career has dropped at such a rate that it is in danger of making her a mockery.

The woman needs a hit. Hollywood, give this woman a hit please!! Let me explain why we need to get this woman a hit. Kidman is in danger of becoming a parody of her former persona. When that happens where is she going to go? Television? I think not. The stage? Perhaps, but she has been there, done that, and she really hasn't shown that the stage holds much for her. So where is she going to go? She is going to suck the popularity of that which is popular, because above all things Nicole Kidman is a famewhore. She won't work to endear herself to the public though her altruism, her good works. Nope, that takes time and she would actually have to interact with those she holds beneath her. She will hold on for dear life to the one thing that gives her that access to the fame she needs like her monthly botox injection, her marriage. The down under wonder couple. This is the reason she needs a hit. She is desperate and being Mrs. Keith Urban may be all she has left. We know by now that Keith is will not be the one to leave. After rehab he grabbed on to her aura and held on until he got his road legs back. He does seem to have them, too. Granted he still pines for his "addiction replacement", Kidman, but he also has been able to have a pretty good experience on the road. Keith may be realizing he got his fame and he doesn't need that which she gave him. He paid his fare, he rode the train, but it is time to get off and power his own engine. Unfortunately, Kidman is still at the helm gunning toward the tunnel.

Nicole's game of playing with this man and his life, the bribes, the fame and attention has backfired and that my dear is called justice. So let's get her a hit, get Keith off the train and watch it go off the tracks taking that woman with it.

"it's too late
she has gone too far
she has lost the sun....."


notachance said...

Interesting point you make about who picks the pictures.... hadn't thought of that before.

Imahick said...

OK...I tend to agree that NK needs a hit, or she will dig her claws deeper into Keith and never let go.

He doesn't need her...but she DOES need him.

I don't think "Australia" (aka Ugly in the Wind) holds alot of promise, to be honest. It'll do well in Oz, but not here in North America. I don't think that there's anything "in the can" right now that bodes well for NK. Her movies are flopping and her image is taking a beating. I fear that the more she gets beat up, the more she'll cling to Keith.

I also agree that Tom must have helped her alot in the past...not just picking parts, but perhaps getting parts. But now, not only is he not there to help her, but his influence is obviously not what it used to be. Keith can't help that aspect of her career. Maybe she can find another poor slob who has some influence in Hollywood???

don't believe the lies said...

I too agree about her needing a hit. Although sadly I don't see it happening. I just don't think people care about her anymore. The damage may be done. Too many poor choices in the past seem to have turned people off. Well that and her famewhoring ways put people off as well. Unlike someone like Angelina who doesn't always hit a homerun with her choices but people will still go out to see her movies because they like her.

I think the magic that was maybe once there is gone for Nicole. Her time is up in the spotlight. I think the sooner she realizes this the better off she'll be. The public himiliation will stop.

Keith doesn't need her. Never has. It's just a shame that he can't see that she is soon going to be hanging on him but it will be just for a little attention. He needs to wise up and ditch the witch. She is a ship sinking and will take him with her.

maclen said...

Yeah I agree with what you say don't believe the lies... she has never been concerned about trying to endear herself to movie fans. She just buys into her idea that she is an "artist" and people will come to her movies for the "quality". But the quality has not been there, and now that she's trying to personally appeal to the moviegoers, its not going to work. Also I dont necessarily believe that with her career going down the drain, that she will cling even tighter to Urban. Believing the marriage was simply a PR counter move to cruises engagement and marriage to katie holmes, now that her career is now tanking, what is the point of it. Can she actually be content to become second banana again with urban? Actually settle down on the ranch in Tenn.? Actually follow Urban around on the tour bus? I dont think so.

banbotox said...

You really have a point about Tom picking her movies...interesting thought.
I don't think she'll hang on to Keith for all that long either. She'll find a way to play the victim yet again when she finally ends this farce. Somehow, someway it will ALL be Keith's fault. Since her minions will support and defend her regardless, the victim role is ready and waiting for her entrance.

CJ said...

I don't think Keith's fans will let her get away with trying to put all the blame on him when this farce, I mean marriage, ends. She will try and at that too fail big time.

cricket said...

I think whatever 'magic' she had came from being married to Tom Cruise.She is nothing on her own.She didn't ever have any talent,just a popular husband and total willingness to take her clothes off.Now that she's done so much to her face that a wax dummy looks more alive than she does,she's just become a pathetic joke.

emma said...

I dont agree that Nicole has come undone. Like all movie stars she can't produce a hit all the time. She has done much better than most stars, including Tom Cruise! She will have another Hit when it becomers important to her. Right now, having a family with hubby, Keith Urban may be the most important thing going on in her life. Why does everybody think being a movie star is the greatest thing life can bring???? As far as her relationship with husband Keith Urban, I see that as a success between two people that are deeply in love and very commited to one another. Also, the fact that they both grew up in Australia, gives them a lot in common to build on. I am very optomistic about this couple!