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When Keith brings his headlining Escape Together World Tour Together With KC Masterpiece© and Kingsford© to the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN this Saturday night it will give him the chance to share some exciting news with his fans. For fans that cannot attend the show on Saturday, the announcement will be streamed live on Keith's website. So make sure you come back to Keith's website around 9PM Central on Saturday night. Keith will follow up this announcement with a press conference on Monday at the Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum. This event will also be streamed live on Keith's website. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Please take the poll and comment as to why you voted for your choice!!!

This just in from the streets of Nashville....

Keith will be announcing a benefit concert, "All for the Hall", to take place on October 13th. Jason Aldean is on board, as well as Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Vince Gill. Tickets are $25.


Cindy said...

Maybe he's announcing that this dumb blog is shutting down -- we can only hope.

maclen said...

Well, I voted for kidman winning first prize at the county fair for her zucchini lips...simply because it was the most hilarious choice. But seriously, I have absolutely no idea...not following the tour or cletus outside of Urban Myths info. Now it being cletus' show and tour, I would speculate it would be tour...or even performing related. But surely, if it does have anything to do with kidman, as it is being hyped to be announced on stage to his "show" fans...if it does involve kidman then it is simply a inept team kidman stunt to promote her...she of course being in that "has been" status right now. It may simply be some "stunt" he is trying because his cd is not selling well...or maybe a special guest...but anything else, non "show" related and it is simply a kidman sham PR gimmick.

Keith Urban Fan said...

I think he is announcing his own reality show...... Titled.... The Simple Life...what it is like to live in Urban Hell.

You will see what it like to live with a plastic mannequin.

dontlikethepez said...

Oh now I LOVE that idea from KeithUrbanFan...one could only hope for the public announcement of his sudden realization that he's been a complete and total idiot when it comes to NK and maybe it will announce the demise of the KU/NK union (joke that it is).

not anon said...

Maybe he's going to host a UNIFEM concert in Nashville :) - regardless of what it is - interesting timing. Chesney's launching his clothing line the same day as KU's "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" in Vegas.

ShutUpAndSing said...

Cindy.. No one is forcing you to read this blog. If you don't like it, simply don't come here.. duh!

My guess for the big announcement. Keith is joing the lineup for Dancing With The Stars this season.. LOL

hoosierlady said...

Hee Hee Hee

I love this blog and everyone on it. Cindy clearly has no taste.

I vote other because I think he's going to announce a tour of the Slavic countries on behalf of Unifem, so he and his beloved do not have to be seperated as she does her humanitarian work this year.

I almost gagged on that one.

Actually, since it's Kingsford and KC Masterpiece, doesn't he do a BBQ, (out of the goodness of his heart, and for no other reason, I'm sure) for some poor, lonely, blue collar person that has entered a contest yearly? I'm thinking I may have seen it when I dumped some Jack Daniels flavored over some chicken a few months back.

JOY said...

Honestly I think Keith will either announce something about the music school he had helped ground-breaking for.

But possibly it might be about him opening his own music school or starting his own record label.

He did say on the interview with Nan Kelly that he wants to see kids get help to be able to learn music (not the video game stuff but the real stuff) because music was what saved him. He said that's what he really wants to get involved in. We'll all find out Saturday.

Imahick said...

Dancing with the Stars...wow. Now that does nothing for me.

I am pretty sure it isn't the giant zucchini one, cause she got 2nd for her produce. But I do agree she could win for lips.

I think that he's announcing a reality show...How to Live with a Cosmetic Procedures Junkie. That way, NK gets some face time too.

cricket said...

So music saved him now. And here I thought it was the wonderful St Nicole who saved him. Funny how that changes depending on what he's trying to sell. He should stick with the music. It's much eaiser to believe.

Choice said...

I think he will be announcing that Antonia is really the mother.


JOY said...

If this is indeed the "BIG" news that is wonderful indeed for Nashville. I was hoping it was a benefit for St. Jude's Children's Hospital though. Wishing them a lot of success for this benefit.

maclen said...

Oh yeah...announcing a "benefit" gig...smack-dab in the middle of his "commercial" tour. cletus must be desperate to sell more cds...taking another cue from the craven "philanthropic" opportunist kidman...who only takes the sickly oz kids to the movies when she's simply shilling her newly opened film...or bothers to show up in person to a "press conference" at the UN only when she is conviently in the town to shill another just released film! I'm sure there will be other "benefits" to help in the PR of the cletus cd and tour!

maclen said...

...so..."All for the hall" benefit? A special concert fundraiser for the Country Music Hall of Fame? Oh yes, that establishment must be truly hard up for cash...oh no, we cant have the hall of fame hard up for dough, can we! Who else will endow the accolades to the "stars"...they must have that funding for those honors they bestow on the country musicians themselves... for the cletus MUST one day get that banner or that plaque...maybe cletus will even organize a "We are the World" like song for all those poor unfortunate country stars who may not get that red carpet gala trumping their "award wins" or that gold record presentation! For no doubt, the cletus is all set to kiss up to the Nashville music set, after the shallow and poppy jingles he's offering up lately are drying up those music noms at an embarrassing rate...and as surely, his next benefit may just as well be for Capitol Nashville, to help them recoup the money they will surely lose on the release of his latest cd! But cletus..."what about the children!

notachance said...

Announcement was certainly a dud considering Jason Aldean's website let the cat out of the bag earlier in the day. I will say it was nice to tune in to a live feed of the show, he should do that more often whilst on tour. Not every show, but select ones. Here's an idea - non monkey members get 4or 5songs of the live feed, say the acoustic portion and monkey members can get the show from that point.

Imahick said...

Surely you aren't suggesting giving the fans something special?

I agree with you, but they don't give much away ... even access to the good seats are not part of the deal.

maclen said...

So, cletus with vince gil in tow, announces the "Benefit for the country stars"...


Keith Urban, Vince Gill and … Surprise Guest

...so, as cletus insinuates...,"But then there are hints about more artists, with statements like "additional surprise guests" and how it's going to be "a one-of-a-kind evening of music and camaraderie."...so in fact, cletus is in fact trying to organize a country, "We are the world"...quote, "I think everybody needs to know the importance of where we've come from in order to know where we're going. That's my take on it. We can't move forward until we know where we've come from and it's imperative that it maintains that lineage.""...or in other words... "dont forget about me when those country awards noms start coming in...see I got a cd out and stuff!" So, again, look for a specially written song...to be sung by the line up and all the "special guests" at the end of the "benefit"...but whereas the "Band Aid" and "We Are The World" benefits were for famine relief in Africa... you know, starving and unfortunte poor people, cletus' "I need more Awards attention" benefit is for the "starving artists"... those "poor and unfortunate" members of the " Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!...because ..."everybody needs to know the importance of where we've come from in order to know where we're going." And the orb needs to be going to the country awards and coming out with those awards! So expect the "benefit" to be filmed, of course, with an abundance of "videos" cut and edited just in time for next years country awards season..."and the winner is...Cletus orb for the "I need to be relevent in country music again" benefit Best performance appearence!"

Imahick said...

This is actually a pretty big event and Keith is a big player in country music, so his involvement is important to the outcome of the benefit. He's got Brad Paisley, Faith Hill, Diercks Bently, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean as well as some big groups performing ... if I could go, I would.

He was the big name star to step forward to make this happen. He's been recruiting performers. I think he's doing a good thing and it won't hurt in the CMA voting either.

Good for him!

maclen said...

Imahick said...
"...and it won't hurt in the CMA voting either."

HA! I rest my case...

hoosierlady said...

Hasn't this been Vince Gill's
"charity of choice" for quite a while now? I know this isn't the first time I have heard his name in connection with this before.

What exactly is the cause about? The other day friends were discussing how a trip to the Smokies was almost impossible now because it's so commercial down there, not like it used to be, so beautiful, streams and mountains, you could rent a cabin and not see anyone for a week, it was heaven! Can't do that now, though. Just a big country music nightmare.

k said...

Gosh, they look so miserable. Day in, day out, having GREEN TEA AND CHIA and bagels. I asee them sometimes 3xs a week, always smiling. Such a mieserable life, LOL

Imahick said...

k...and your point is? I just don't understand how that fits in a conversation about the benefit for the Hall of Fame?

Oh...I guess it's just your need to talk about KUNK. It must fulfill something lacking in your home life. Go for it, if you feel better!

The Country Music Hall of Fame is in financial distress. I think it's good that some of the big names are coming forward in support of the cause. Sure it's good for Keith and Brad ... in fact all of the participants. Their contributions will get a fair bit of PR attention. But I don't think their only motive is for the media attention and help with the CMA voting. I think Keith has respect for the history of country music and this is a way to make sure that it is preserved.

I think this is going to be a heck of a show and I wish I could go.

maclen said...

It's quite obvious the cletus is looking to score a little bit of that "country cred" he's been lacking lately, that he no doubt has shed with the recently released juvenile and "sunny"..and "poppy" cd. And it is clear the orb is continuing to follow inept team kidman Pr 101...that has by the way, caused his career to decline. It is just too obvious, with the declining cd sales, that it smacks of kidmanesque craven "charitable opportunism" for the sake of personal gain. Sure, again, smack dab in the middle of a tour as he attempts to sell his cd...he suddenly schedules a "benefit"...his, "See, I am too still country...vote for me at the CMA"S!" benefit...and again, not for any unfortunate's cause, but for an establishment built to honor, promote and shill for the country stars themselves! (I suggest cletus rename the benefit, "I am the world")... just as kidman cannot vistit the sickly kids in oz, or appear at a UN press conference just for the "publicity" unless at those times she also has a film to promote. If the cletus ever did anything for any unfortunates in the past when he did not have a cd or tour to shill, I doubt if you'll see that from him in the future, it seems clear. But it also seems cletus "faithful" will overlook that, while bashing kidman for it at some time.

maclen said...

..."Let me tell you how it will be...Taxman! There's one for you nineteen for me...Taxman! Cause I'm the taxman...yeeeaaah...
- the beatles

...(I'm watching "The Beatles Anthology on VH1)

...let me tell you how it will be...try to follow...back in 2006, Happy Feet was release in OZ on dec 26...(kidman voiced a small part in it) and kidman had taken the kids of Sydney Children's Hospital to a "special" screening...

Nicole Shares Her Happy Feet

...then in 2007, when golden compass was released in OZ also on Dec 26, she again took a group of kids from the sydney hospital to a special screening of compass...

Kidman treats sick kids to private screening

...and from both "events" there are massive amounts of pics of a smiling kidman...posing and hugging the kids for the paps...(yeah, those dreaded paps!)
So, early or mid last year, when I learned that her film Australia was not only going to be released on nov 26 in the US, but also in OZ..I wondered here on Urban Myths whether kidman would even bother to show up in Oz to treat those kids of the sydney hospital to the that "xmas" film outing...since kidman usually spent xmas in OZ anyways... well the simple fact was...no. Since the OZ premiere of Australia was in late nov...she didnt even as I recall, spend xmas in OZ that year. See, no Oz film premiere in oz...so no xmas in Oz either, and unfortunately, no special screening or outing for the sydney hospital kids! Fine, kidman spends xmas in OZ only when she has a film to promote there, fine, that's her decision...but dont exploit sickly kids for crass photo ops and film promotion. And just as I surmissed this would be kidman's behavior with the whole "exploit the sick kids simply for crass film shilling" and igore them when she doesnt have a film to promote there...well, that is what precisely I can now see cletus taking a cue from ITK..."How can an act of charity help my career the most! Well, schedule a "benefit" for the suits at the country hall of fame and stick it in the middle of his "tour" while his cd struggles on the charts! Kidman would be proud...

hoosierlady said...


How did her March of Dimes walk play into the Austraila movie?

I really do not think joining in on this cause will help in the CMT voting, the fickle fans have already moved on. Younger, prettier bottoms to ogle, if his music is good, he'll get the votes. If the music sucks, no votes. Stars come and go. . . .

Some come and go and come back and go and then leave forever, you know.

(If you take a walk, he'll tax your feet)

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
How did her March of Dimes walk play into the Austraila movie?"

Hoosier, I just recounted 3 straight years of kidman plainly exploiting the sick kids of sydney hospital to shill for her newly released film...(well, two straight years of exploitation of the sick kids, the 3rd year no exploitation because the film didnt open in OZ on Xmas)...that's 3 instances. I can add another...her first...and to this date...her only trip to the unfortuntes in overseas dire staits countries on behalf of the UN in the past 3 years...was to kosovo back in Oct of 2006. She flew into kosovo right off the red carpet the weekend she premiered her film, Fur, at the rome film festival. If you want to believe she is not a charity/film PR exploiter because she may have hosted one march of dimes event...off film promo season...be my guest, but I have no other response.

notachance said...

I don't think KU is taking a page from the NK pr charity manual at all - he's at least participating and not just lending his name.

getaholdofurself said...

how did ku get vince, brad, taylor, dierks, and the rest of the lineup to follow "inept team kidman" off the cliff??? wait, i think i know! these artists are doing it because they believe it's a worthy cause. ku, on the other hand, is just a shameless famewhore who has a tour and cd to shill, not to mention cma noms to attain. those arguments might fly if none of the other artists had a tour or cd to promote, and i'm willing to bet that cma award criteria will make it clear that the eligibility cut off was prior to ku's announcement. of course you shouldn't let minor details keep you from hating on the urbans. LOL!

maclen said...

"...and i'm willing to bet that cma award criteria will make it clear that the eligibility cut off was prior to ku's announcement."

Well, just as this orb fan stated just a few posts ago...

"...and it won't hurt in the CMA voting either. Good for him!"

...well that was exactly my first thought as well..and are you now actually and seriously saying that the fans of the orb...or for that matter, "vince, brad, taylor, dierks, and the rest of the lineup to follow"...that their fans are NOT expecting...or HOPING... that the expected future noms at the next CMA's, or the Grammys for that matter, if not the very next one, but the next after that... will NOT be of music videos...or live singles released from this "benifit?" No orb...or vince, brad...et al...music videos from this "benefit?" You honestly believe that they are simply doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, and would not think of trying to "exploit" it for any future personal gain in PR, or recognition at the next awards shows or hopes it translates into more robust cd sales? Hell yes I think "vince, brad, taylor, dierks, and the rest of the lineup to follow" are also going to mine this "benefit" for PR gold...but if you want more on them from me...then try searching vince or brad or taylor forums for posts on them from me...but here I comment on cletus orb.

maclen said...


...there seems to be a little confusion, I think, on this little benefit...that cletus is only "participating". Recall this quote on the link I posted earlier...

Keith Urban told CMT Insider why that was so important: "I think everybody needs to know the importance of where we've come from in order to know where we're going."

Make no mistake, this is a cletus production.., yes no doubt brought to you by inept team cletus...and again, (all together now)..."smack dab in the middle of his commercial tour" And, oh my, looky looky here...it's already paying dividends for ol'cletus...


Keith Urban's Hall show is close to sellout

...again, look out for the many music videos of stars making the rounds at this benefit for your ticket buying and cd buying consideration...it is after all for "charity"...well, actually, suits at the hall of fame who will gladly wave the banners and present the plaques and tributes... for the cletus and his "massive" generosity...smack dab in the middle of touring for his own cd!

hoosierlady said...

You misunderstand, Maclen. My question was honest. How, or should I say, did, the March of Dimes walk play into Austraila? Or was she just rebounding from it's disaster? I can't remember.

If it is a concert for the benefit of the Country Music Hall of Fame will not the proceeds go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and only that? Other than the 'goodwill', if you will, that this might generate, there should not be any profit for anyone to make. As far as CMT awards go, again, I believe him to be SOOL, because this album sucks.

Do you really troll all those other sites?

Imahick said...

I don't think that his support of the Country Music Hall of Fame is completely related to the PR he can get from it. I think he is supporting it because he does believe it's a worthy cause.

Will it get him some positive press? Yes...it already has. It will also get Brad Paisley, Diercks Bently, Jason Aldean, Faith Hill and all the others positive coverage. It's a good thing to do, and so, the press will cover it.

In the end, any artist who supports the HOF will get positive press. The HOF has financial troubles and badly needs an infusion of $$. The CMA's are industry voted, so any artist who supports the genre will score some "brownie points". For ETOY...any action that promotes the genre counts. So, any artist who is nominated for ETOY ... it can't hurt. I suspect both Brad and Keith will get a nod.

So...will he (and the others benefit) ... sure. Is that why they're doing this? I don't think so. It's a positive spin off, though.

I also agree that this isn't NK's way of supporting worthy causes, because he is getting in there and working. Not only is he lending his name and promoting the cause, but he's securing the talent and going to do the show both as the main entertainer as well as in the backing band. He's not just going to show up, do a couple of songs and be done!

getaholdofurself said...

"Make no mistake, this is a cletus production.., yes no doubt brought to you by inept team cletus...and again, (all together now)..."smack dab in the middle of his commercial tour" And, oh my, looky looky here...it's already paying dividends for ol'cletus..."

you seem to have contradicted yourself here. if "team cletus" is so "inept," how is it that "it's already paying dividends for ol'cletus"?

look, i'm well aware that artists market themselves, but i don't believe there's an ulterior motive to every cause they support. i'm not that jaded.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"You misunderstand, Maclen. My question was honest. How, or should I say, did, the March of Dimes walk play into Austraila? Or was she just rebounding from it's disaster? I can't remember."

Well, sometimes hoosier when I get such a stand alone question like that in response to one of my lengthy diatribes...it's hard to gauge or infere the conotation! Which is why some of my comments go on and on...ad nauseum...because I want my point to be absolutely clear. For example, if I'm making a statement that I intend to be sarcastic, I'll back it up with more proclamations truly outrageous to get that point across...ie; "kidman truly cares for those kids at the Sydney hospital...yeah, she only visits them when and only if she has a just released film in town to treat them to pop corn and jujubes for the sake of the paps! but I digress...that march of dimes event was in april...Australia came and tanked in the US back nov...of course relatively it did better in OZ...but the stigma of another dud in the US caused her to fly over for the european premieres of the film, and recall she "unveiled" her daughter for all the paps to get pics of her as she and orb and baby in tow "viewed the sites"...but also recall her first trip back to Oz with her baby, that first day she immediatly called into an aussie radio station and pleaded for the paps to just "leave them alone!" So she stumbles back into nashville, and is at a random march of dimes walk a thon, or more precisely, a "march for babies" Looking back on the stories, the main gist of the stories,such as this one....


"Nicole Kidman is known for many roles, but none as important as being mom to her three children. The actress, who resides in Nashville with her family, knows that while she�s lucky to have healthy children, many other mothers face challenges such as prematurity and birth defects. That's why Ms. Kidman joined the March for Babies at Centennial Park here today..."

...at the time I probably commented that I dont recall any involvement or interest prior to this by kidman..(and I doubt if there will be anymore involvement in the future!")...not too surprisingly, there has got to be some connection to HER regarding this tie in...she�s lucky to have healthy children"..."none as important as being mom to her three children." She believes if she makes some claim in her own life for these charitable causes...that it will lend credibility. Do you recall she launched a "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaign back in Oct 6 of 2006...


Nicole Kidman Launches Breast Cancer Awareness in the U.K.

...and since then, how often have you heard her speak or mention, or appear at any breast cancer awareness event? Even though as this article states. "Kidman spoke of her mother's battle with breast cancer. The star said of her experience; "Your whole family gets so affected by it emotionally."
I was not aware that breast cancer had been cured since 2006! (snark) You see, for kidman, charitable deeds are just another tool to simply be tailored and fitted, like she would be for a dress fitting for a film...but of course, for the masses consumption, throw in a few personal flairs...ie; "my mom had breast cancer, so I'm sincere" but then move onto the next "cause"...join the UN as an honorary ammbassador, and vow to visit "Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Afghanistan and Cambodia, and that’s just a beginning,”...

Actress Nicole Kidman becomes Goodwill Ambassador for UN women’s agency

...that is the future I can see for the cletus...today it's an impromptu benefit for the hall of fame...next it's off to save the grand ol' opry!...uh..yeah that stage could really use another layer of stain...and that hay should really be freshened up!

maclen said...

"you seem to have contradicted yourself here. if "team cletus" is so "inept," how is it that "it's already paying dividends for ol'cletus"?"

Well, it's obvious you have a different definition of my term "inept team" than I do. I didnt originally tag kidman's team inept because they COULDN'T get positive blurbs on the net news or the "info-tainment shows...all they have to do is call into JustJared or GossipGirls and get a mass of "precious" photo ops at the deli or cafe...or as Ive now certainly made this example "legendary" on this thread, she takes a group of sick kids to her newly released film. It it because she will callously and cynically lump together an act of charity to the fact she is promoting her film...not just one year, but two years in row when those films just happen to be out on xmas...and then suspiciously absent from the 3rd year when her film is NOT opening on xmas in OZ! And this impromptu "benefit" from cletus smacks of just that callous and cynical opportunism, coming as it does (all together now)...smack dab in the middle of his own tour...and yeah, since you brought it up originally, I also think Madonna has an inept team...aniston has an inept team...paris hilton..etc...on the country side, right now...it seems leann rimes has a horrendous inept team! But in my opinion, that doesnt negate what the orb is practicing or in my eyes excuse it!

maclen said...

So...it's another edition of "late night musings"...as I'm surfing the nets trolling...(oh yes...hoosier...)

Hoosierlady said...
"Do you really troll all those other sites?"

No, hoosier, I'm not a country fan, so I dont "troll" blogs of "vince, brad, taylor, dierks, and the rest". That was just a facetious remark in response to that stand by of "well, vince, brad et al are also appearing at the "benefit", and they ALL cant be doing to for personal gain...and my simple reply actually was, "yeah I believe "vince and brad et al" will be mining this "benefit" for any personal press and recognition as well...and really, orb organizes a "benefit" for the country hall of fame and they are gonna say no!)
So back to my main point...and going back to prediction I made back when the orb's cd came out and all the monkeylanders rejoiced because it had debuted at #1...and of course I looked a little more deeper into the "particulars" of his cd sales. Now, previously, I had highlighted the facts that his 2004 cd, "Be Here" had sold 4 mill copies...his next cd, 2006's "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing" sold 2 mil copies...then an immediate release a year later in 2007 of a greatest hits cd, "Greatest Hits: 18 Kids" sold about 500k...I noted the drop in sales of half from album to album. So when "Defying Gravity" was released back in march, and had sold only 171k copies it's first week, I once again noted that it was only half the sales of his previous original cd,(non rehashed greatest hits) "Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing" which had sold 267k in it's first week. Now, back to my prediction, based on the analysis of the data...that the orb's albums were only selling half of his previous album...I said that I believed Defying Gravity would be lucky to sell 1 mill copies. So tonight, after trying to find numbers for sales of orb's defying gravity for the past couple of months...I found this one:


...which gives the to date total sales of Defying Gravity at 523k copies sold in about 6 months. Now of course, I can hear the fansies already spit-taking their "ginger ale" or pepsi cola as they gaze on their computer screens... all exclaiming, "His cd will continue to sell, he's not done yet!" So, lets look at the current numbers, shall we? Looking at his current weekly cd sales of 12k...if we were to assume this number was even to remain constant (which it probably wont, it's more than likely it will continue to drop as time goes forward) but just assuming, Defying Gravity could sell another 500k copies in 11 months. Now is it potentially possible?...sure...is it likely? I say no. And when I am constantly saying that the orb's career is in decline, this is the data I base that opinion on...and not on whether I believe he kicks ass on stage...or that he is a "guitar hero" compared to all the rest of the singers out there. That is simply personal preference and not in any way a tangible measurement of the state...or level at which the orb's career is at right now. Another note about this article pertaining to taylor swift...Ive been making a big deal over the fact that swift, who's cd has been in and around the top 10 of the charts for the the past 42 weeks, was still actually "opening" for the orb! Well, I was actually shocked to learn from this article that swift's cd "Fearless" has now sold 3.7 mill copies! Which of course emboldens me to restate another prediction I made here...and that is...that this time next year, the orb will be "opening" for taylor swift!

hoosierlady said...

I think the proof will be in the pudding.

Has Cletus revisted the Hurricane Katrina sites with a hammer? Or, has he just run about singing "Raise the Barn"?

I understand what Maclen is saying, and he is right, these people do not get their little paws dirty, they donate, they "give", when they deem it suitable for them, when it is in their best interest. Three months from now, (when Vince Gill is still working on this, as he has been working on this for years), will Cletus still have an interest? Or will it be, as most celebs do, a passing fancy, popular for the moment, and left by the wayside? Watch and learn, gals.

You have seen the level of our NK's dedication to the UN over and over, as Maclen points out. It is brutally obvious when she slopped a couple of Meals on Wheels, the March of Dimes, the Sydney Children's Hospital, the small theatre in upstate New York was it?, I can't remember the name of it, all of these "projects" she throws herself into with such passion, and then you never hear of again, are PR ploys to either ingraciate herself to the public, (whether it be to the Nashville locals or to the LA elite) to either promote herself, her projects, re-establish herself, or compete with her exhusband.
I believe what Maclen is saying, if I am not mistaken, is that Cletus has begun to learn from his beloved that if things are not going well, manipulate the situation.
You can argue we all do it to some extent, but please do not argue it isn't being done.

That is what Hollywood does. That is entertainment. That is, at the risk of being redundant, THE SHOW.

Now, I'm going to go get some snacks and watch this part of this one. It should be really good, I'm hoping NK is completely herself and totally bombs all over Nashville throughout this whole thing. I can't wait. I can't imagine forgotten undergarments and statuesque, porcelain goddess-like, "I read the Russians before I could walk" holding any sway at all around all that bluegrass.

But, if it really is LA in TN, if it really is as bad as the conversation last weekend lead us to believe, then they can have it, and I would venture to guess the founders of the Country Music Hall of Fame would just as soon see it rot.

Imahick said...

I agree that many celebrities use charities to further their images. I'm sure Keith's team does it too. Obviously NK's does.

But I do know that he does actually do some things out of the goodness of his heart that no one knows about ... or at least his PR team is not promoting.

I was in BC to see him in 2007. At the show, he dedicated a song to someone (Keevin was the name). I had no idea who that was. About 2 wk later, I found a link on a message board to a private blog of the parents of a seriously ill child in BC, named Keevin. Keith had gone to the hospital and spent several hours with this kid, who was very ill. (pictures don't lie). There was no PR crew. No pictures on ET or celeb sites. It was entirely on the family blog. It was touching that he would go there and spend so much of his personal time with the boy. He didn't have to go at all. He could have gone in, shook the kid's hand, signed an autograph and left, but instead he spent time with the boy and his family, he played guitar with him...it was a highlight for this child and his family.

Not long ago, a similar grouping of pictures was posted on a personal blog about him visiting kids at St. Judes. This was also not publicized in any way.

My point is, we don't know how much of this stuff celebs do. I know that Keith does it. Maybe he doesn't pick up a hammer and build houses for those who have lost theirs ... but he does give of himself, and it seems sincere.

I don't know about NK. She sure hasn't stepped up to the plate as far as the UNIFEM role goes. She seems to take advantage of the events she participates in, in order to promote herself. But maybe she does some charitable work that is behind the scenes too (although I doubt it). Using the charity to promote yourself is common place in Hollywood (and else where). The question is ... does the celeb ONLY do it for the PR or do they have a sincere desire to do charitable work?

Do I think Keith's team uses some of his causes to get positive press? Yes. But I don't think everything he does is suspect ... and even if he gets positive press out of the coverage, it doesn't mean he doesn't really care.

hoosierlady said...


Points to ponder

maclen said...

Hoosier, I think the biggest frustration I encounter in comments here, is alot of the fans of orb or kidman who will comment in here will never address these past instances that show clearly how clearly fleeting their "commitment"and opportunism" is to these "drive by" charitable acts. Just as there are occasionally new orb fansie commenters who will stumble onto Urban Myths and then complain "If this is a keith urban site called Urban Myths, why do you discuss kidman so much!" And, as a few times, I will point out to them that this site was started because the orb had married kidman and the very first blog was titled,"American Fans Want Urban to Dump Kidman"...Urban Myths was not too happy about it, so started a blog to express that! Now hoosier, I am not too familar with the orb's "charitable" deeds in the past...but you no doubt have lit a spark and I may look into that...and of course spew it onto all you "lucky" readers out there! So what is the orb's history of charitable deeds? For it is mandated that celebs have a signature charitable cause... as for kidman, she has tried out a couple "causes"...what is the orb's?...

getaholdofurself said...

maclen, you're right. we have different definitions of the word "inept." i actually got mine from some guy named webster.

as for your "legendary" examples, i must have missed them. it's that very mentality that causes me to lose interest and skim your comments or stop reading them entirely. i actually got more out of hoosier's synopsis due in no small part to her pompous-free approach. with the exception of marketing being a part of the business, i don't necessarily agree with hoosier when it comes to ku, but that's okay too.

k said...

Sheesh, you "people" really are outsiders aren't you?

Here's a charity primer, WE, the ladies of Nashville who are on the committees and boards of causes, foundations, and such, contact THEM, the celebs. WHY? Because they bring press and money to good causes. Patronage has been an established method of fund raising for centuries.

WE called a friend of a friend of Kidman and requested her appearance at the local event. Kidman appeared, tired, and very nice. She stayed a while, drummed up the publicity, took the time to meet and chat. More money was raised last year. What you fail to realize in your myopic small worlds is that NO ONE other then you types is challenging Kidman's intentions, which we're obviously kind, they are now discussing the event (and calling of the hook to give money).

As for the hospital in Sydney, you might want to give them a ring, Kidman has been involved with visiting that place since she was kid in high school. We know. How? We called.

Naturally, none of the more obsessive types here, ever give creadence to fact or reality.

maclen said...

"maclen, you're right. we have different definitions of the word "inept." i actually got mine from some guy named webster."

Webster...huh? Let's take a look!


* Main Entry: in·ept
* Pronunciation: \i-ˈnept\
* Function: adjective
* Etymology: Middle French inepte, from Latin ineptus, from in- + aptus apt
* Date: 1542-

1 : lacking in fitness or aptitude : unfit -inept at sports-
2 : lacking sense or reason : foolish
3 : not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree -an inept metaphor-
4 : generally incompetent : bungling -inept leadership-

..so, furself...since you self admittedly proclaim "ignorance" of my "legendary" exmples...let me restate them...with the magic of copy and paste, of course...

maclen said...
"or as Ive now certainly made this example "legendary" on this thread, she takes a group of sick kids to her newly released film. It it because she will callously and cynically lump together an act of charity to the fact she is promoting her film...not just one year, but two years in row when those films just happen to be out on xmas...and then suspiciously absent from the 3rd year when her film is NOT opening on xmas in OZ!"

...so, you read, "or as Ive now certainly made this example "legendary" on this thread,"... but then you didnt read the example?..You "skim them" or just "stopped reading them entirely? And then you try to claim you know the entire definition of "inept" courtesy of Webster, and that my example doesn't apply? Well, lets take a look at "Inept"...courtesy of MR. merriam-Webster.com himself! SO..."Inept",

defintion #1:1 : lacking in fitness or aptitude : unfit -inept at sports-...(no...thats doesnt fit.)

definition #2:2 : lacking sense or reason : foolish,...(ahhh..close, but no cigar.)

definition #3: not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree -an inept metaphor-...

...wait...could it?...let's check with the judges...YES! We have a match Alex! (And they all cheered!...yaaaaayyyy...) It would seem ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that furself has committed an act of evidentiary neglect...unfortunately to the determint of furself...uh...his/herself!
So, can I infere that if furself doesnt respond to this post...furself didnt bother to read it...or if furself does respond, furself did read my post...but in any case, it does warm my heart that my extensive and lengthy posts are not entirely just going to waste...as the comment by "K" has joyfully revealed to me... (to be continued in the next comment!)

Imahick said...

Gee "K" ... thanks for your obvious expertise in charitable activities and for clearing up all this for us. We are so dumb compared to you. You would get a bit more credibility if you just told your story without the snotty attitude.

We know that celebs lend their name to causes all the time to increase the profile of the charity and get more press and hopefully more $$. duh

The point is, it goes both ways. The celeb lends his/her name to get the cause some press (and cash) and the celeb gets accolades for his / her hard work in support of the cause. Meanwhile, they show up "tired" (likely from one too many yoga classes), do some socializing and leave. The people who organize the event, put hours in, get little credit and did all the work.

I agree that NK has supported the Children's hospital in Sydney. We've seen that. Every time she goes to see the poor little sick kids, she makes sure there are lots of pictures and reports of her 'charitable' visit. Good for her for going, but she gets lots of positive press from the visit, too.

The UNIFEM thing ... she's gotten loads of positive press for her role advocating for victims of violence. But in reality what has she done? She was in Kosovo ONE time for ONE afternoon, while she was already in the area in 2006. Since then, she's done a dinner, a couple of satellite feeds, a press conference or two and signed a petition. She's talked of actually going on a field trip - and she gets press everytime she talks about it. But so far, no dice.

I like it when celebs like regular people, put some elbow grease into a cause. Just lending their name and making an appearance is helpful, but what tells me they are committed is action, especially action without press coverage. So, NK allowing her name to be used and showing up to chat to people for a couple of hours helps the cause...I'm sure it really helps the bottom line. But it doesn't impress me as much as Keith going to the St. Jude's hospital without fan fare and spending some time with kids who could use some happiness in their lives.

I think that people would prefer to see celebs "doing" for charitable causes without the fan fare. And NK seems to be one of the celebs who lends her name alot, but does she do much without the press?

maclen said...

k said...
"Sheesh, you "people" really are outsiders aren't you?
Here's a charity primer, WE, the ladies of Nashville who are on the committees and boards of causes, foundations, and such, contact THEM, the celebs...WE called a friend of a friend of Kidman and requested her appearance at the local event."

WOW! I am so flattered...my little blog posts has actually garnered the attention of a true person of influence here at the Urban Myths blog...a person "in the know"... an actual "insider"! Boy, when I tried to call a nephew of a mother-in-law of a grandniece related to the father of a half brother by way of a common law marriage to request an appearence at a carwash/wienie roast from kidman...I got no call back! So I am quite impressed! For yes, we all know that celebs all have hearts of gold and an abundance of selfless generosity...and I just assumed that celebs were also completely "tireless" in that generosity, that is untill I read that, "Kidman appeared, tired, and very nice." ...and how do we know all this? Well, because People magazine, Entertainment Tonight...and hell, even Oprah tells us it's so!
SO...your also claiming, "they are now discussing the event (and calling of the hook to give money).
THE END." Calling off the hook NOW to give money for an online news blurb from about 4 and a half months ago? Ohhh, now you've done it! You would have been alot more convincing if you had kept your wits and your spiel together and not given it away that you were supposed to be talking about a 4 month old event... you see, and not an event that just occured today! Oh oh... heres another give away!

K said...
"She stayed a while, drummed up the publicity, took the time to meet and chat. More money was raised last year."

...you do realize K, that this event in Nashville, the March for babies" event was held this past April...2009...about 4 and half months ago? You can read all about it here:

...so tell me, K... how could kidman's appearence at this event raise more money "last year?" NOw if you are speaking about another Nashville event she appeared at last year, youll have to point it out...because I looked for one and couldn't find one. Man! and here I thought I had caught the attention of an honest to goodness kidman insider... a person in the know...who it's obviously clear, has no idea when this event even took place!

Anonymous said...

Imahick: you obviously have not heard of Nic's support for the high risk obstetrics research at the Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. She has been supporting that for a number of years. No fanfare!

As to her involvement with Unifem, that organization has seen a large increase in funding since she joined. And with the increased funding level, they were able to provide funding to more women's programs worldwide. You can check that out by reading Unifem's annual reports.

Anonymous said...

Kidman's appearance in this year's March for Babies raised more money than last year. They raised more than half a million dollars this year, almost double that of last year. That's pretty amazing considering the state of the economy we're in.

maclen said...


...Ok...I have another instance...to add to those "legendary instances" regarding kidman's exploitation of the Sydney Childrens Hospital for blatant self promotion...(and as a courtesy to "furself"...another example of "inept team kidman" ie; "an inept metaphor"...not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree)...recall this infamous visit courtesy of inept team kidman PR release outlet, people.com...


Kidman, Kids Visit Children's Hospital

...(and as a courtesy to "K"... I will helpfully provide the EXACT day and date and even time this event was posted on the people.com site...Originally posted Thursday June 22, 2006 10:25 AM EDT)... so that would be about 3 yrs, 2 months and 15 days ago...give or take a few hours or days, as I am in PST and US time)
Now, do you recall the occasion this "special visit" coincided with? Well, if you dont bother to actually read the article, but then feel a need to reply to my post, take my word, you should really know what your talking about! So, Ill tell you, it was 3 days before her wedding to the cletus! You see, this was not just a regular "promote your film by taking the sick kids to your newly released film"... this "charity visit" was in honor of HER wedding! She flew into sydney for the wedding, and was promoting her wedding just as she promotes her films by taking to kids to her just released film. But naturally, it was a "family" affair in honor of the occasion..."Nicole Kidman, accompanied by her mother Janelle and kids Isabella and Connor, visited a children's hospital in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday. (Cletus didnt make the trip because we all know it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding! HA!) So, there was kidman...walking from bed to bed...posing and hugging the children for the benefit of the... paparatz...I was contemplating writing, "for the benefit of the children" but I dont particularly see any benefit for the kids in this...I only see kidman playing up the "publicity" for her upcoming wedding...by exploiting the sydney childrens hospital. Yes, charitable acts are a noble and generous endeaver...but in my opinion, they are not noble when used in an obviously callous...and manipulative, shameless... and yes, inept manner that kidman constantly engages in.

Imahick said...

I'm glad she is involved in charities. Good for her for helping raising the "profile" of important causes. I know that charities are always looking for a "name" to attach to the cause to get more donations.

My question is ... what does she DO? Does she allow her name to be used, show up and chat for a short while at events, do a satellite feed and sign a petition? Or does she DO something?

I know that in the end, it's the money the charity needs. So...it's good that she allows them to use her name to get more donations. But that doesn't prove that she's a good person. That's about name recognition.

What does she DO? I am sure she donates to charities. I expect that. For someone with NK's fortune, that doesn't impress me as much as if she was out there DOING something. Maybe she DOES alot...and if she does alot behind the scenes, good for her. I just haven't seen it, except for those instances where she got alot of press coverage.

getaholdofurself said...

LOL! maclen, you do like to go on, don't you? i'm afraid your "legendary" examples concerning nk are wasted on me. if you took a look back, you'd see that i was referring to your contradiction between an "inept team cletus" and the fact that the benefit is "paying dividends for ol'cletus." "team cletus" doesn't seem so "inept" to me. nevertheless, i feel a little guilty that you took time away from trolling the internet for information on your favorite couple to educate me, but i suppose it's a way to pass the time. by the way, i started skimming right after this little gem:

"..so, furself...since you self admittedly proclaim "ignorance" of my "legendary" exmples...let me restate them...with the magic of copy and paste, of course..."

i have to say that i don't think our back and forth has been a complete loss. you took a look at a dictionary! here's hoping you'll consider adding webster to your favorites so you can refer back. the big words just don't have the same punch when they're continually misspelled.

well, it's onto the next blog and it's a doozie. um thinks "cletus" deserves entertainer. until next time, maclen.

maclen said...

oh oh...I spy with my little eye...my spidey-sense is tingling...and etc...has a sock-puppet "snuck" (look it up) back into the thread to "correct" their mistakes under a different username? And will the original commenters "K" or "furself" ever return to reply?" Now a preemptive statement: I dont begrudge anyone using "usernames"...i use one myself, dont want the unbalanced and malicious to try to intimidate with "personal info" outings...but I do openly mock "sock puppets"... using different usernames in the same blog thread to try and "back up" another commenter...ie; username "A" says kidman's involvement raises more money, and then when that is disputed in said thread... username "A", then commenting in the same thread under username "B" says, "oh yes! what username "A" said is true!"

And I will certainly dispute the claim that "kidman's involvment raises more money" BS. Someone just commented that they were there...they were involved in the event, saw kidman smile and interact with "the people" but was confused as to when it occured..."they are NOW raising alot of money" but just before, it was "it raised more money last year". Which is why I specifically deal with actual, documented and sourced events! I mean check out the links I provide to the reports and articles of "events" I am discussing to check out the claims i am making...I'm not foolish enough to make factual statements about actual facts I may not have any info to help provide a little back up...I say "I dont believe kidman's involvement raises more money," and not "I know kidman's involvent doesn't raise more money". That is because it would be comical to me that you would assume people here would just simply believe that you were "A lady of Nashville" and you called a friend of a friend of kidman and got her to appear at the nashville event...and you "are now raising more money" but on the otherhand, "you raised more money last year over this event!"

k said...


YOu REALLY don't KNOW. We refer to an event that has passed as "last year" or "last years event".

We are currently planning "next year" and the phones are ruing off the hook. Why? Because new people want to be in attendence next year and they are writing checks to insure that happens.

Hun, no need to tell me about an event I attended. Now that IS rich! :)

k said...

Maclen take off your tinfoil hat dear. I am "K" never A or B or C.

I live in Green Hills down the road. I frequent the same starbucks every day, the same gym, the mall, etc. Long before they moved here too.

It's the nicest place in Nashville and thank god you people can't afford the real estate.