Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, he's married to Nicole Kidman? Really?

Why are we being reminded THREE times in this article about who he's married to? He's performing his MUSIC in Pittsburgh, Kellie.

Country star Keith Urban sings a happy song

By Kellie B. Gormly
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keith Urban's life has been golden for the past few years, and it shows in his most recent music, fans say; he has lived up to his earlier hit, "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me."

Urban, who will perform tonight at Mellon Arena, has enjoyed many positive life changes: sobriety after rehab, his marriage to movie star Nicole Kidman, and last year's birth of the couple's daughter, Sunday Rose. The new optimism and fulfillment shine through the lyrics in his latest album, "Defying Gravity," which came out in March, fans and music industry officials say.

"I certainly think you can make the statement that ... the CD has more of a sunny, maybe more positive outlook than some of his previous work," says Frank Bell, vice president of programming for country radio station Froggy 98.3. "It's a reflection ... of coming through rehab, and how good his life is going in the sense of being married to Nicole Kidman and having a baby."

Urban called Bell last year in the wee hours of the morning Australian time, when he was up changing the baby's diaper, Bell says. Urban had a list of radio stations he should call, including Froggy, and he sounded very happy, Bell says.

"I think he's got a lot of very positive things going on in his life right now," he says. "He has a very successful concert tour, and his album's doing well. He's got a lot to be thankful for right now. He's just a great individual."

"Defying Gravity" includes the current single "Only You Can Love Me This Way" and the recent No. 1 tune "Sweet Thing." Jeremy Mulder, a Froggy DJ who does the afternoon show under the name "Danger Frog," says he regularly sings "Sweet Thing" to his new wife, Kelly.

"Keith Urban songs make you want to sing, even if you can't," Mulder says jokingly.

He agrees that Urban's newest music demonstrates a shift from his earlier work.

"He married a beautiful, Oscar-winning actress," says Mulder, a big fan. "Now ... he's talking about some of the love in his life. ... It's still good, but just in a different way.

"Even when things weren't great, (Urban) had an optimistic view on life. No one can play the guitar like him ... and he has a great voice."

Bettyann Grooms, a fan from Kennedy, says she fell in love with Urban about three years ago when she saw a DVD of one of his live concerts. Later, when she went to an Urban concert at Mellon Arena, she sat in the front row and caught a guitar pick he threw.

"He's just so talented, not to mention extremely gorgeous," says Grooms, 36. "I think ... he is an amazing writer. His music just speaks to me ... with my life experiences."

She agrees that "Defying Gravity" reflects the happy spot where Urban is in his life right now.

"A lot of his music, especially ballads, have been about love lost and the search for Ms. Right," Grooms says. "Now, you can hear the love in his music. He's found that person. He really relates that in his music now."

Grooms' fiance, Frank Farmer, agrees that Urban's latest music is happier and more lighthearted. Farmer also says he likes Urban's personality.

"He seems to be really down to earth -- a real person, and not just an entertainer," says Farmer, 43. "He seems like somebody you can just walk up to and have a conversation with."

Bell also praises Urban's personality and kindness.

"He's one of those guys who certainly is qualified as a star in any sense of the word, but when you meet him, he is so down to earth, he is so likable, and he is so genuine," Bell says. "He has all of the qualities that you would want to have in your best friend."

Kellie B. Gormly can be reached at or 412-320-7824.


maclen said...

Well, the fact that kidman got 3 whole mentions on another one of these local pre-publicity "puff pieces" that...well doest wait to review his live gig or performance...but gushes about how "cheerful" and "positive" cletus is nowadays...I no doubt for a couple of reasons. Firstly, with kidman seemingly "hiding out' from the scene, once again, (my bet it is no doubt for a much needed "facial procedure" tune up...recall earlier this year, after a flurry of arranged photo ops, she was out of sight for about a month, when suddenly there were "reports" of kidman's face looking "puffy" and then, bam, she suddenly reappears on her tabloid source JJ and GG on set in Italy filming her small role in Nine...with prominently "perkier cheeks" and a "pointier chin")...kidman demanded more exposure in the orb's puff piece's and his "blissful home life". And perhaps the orb, who's current cd, Defying Gravity, continues to plummet on the charts, now down 4 spots to #49 from #45...(whereas cletus' opening act and live stage "upstager", taylor swift's previous cd, although it falls 3 spots from #36 to #39, her latest cd remains in the top ten at #9...holding steady from last week, and the previous week!)...perhaps the cletus or his music alone is not very interesting to be even in a puff piece. For despite all the hype of how the orb's cd is so much more "sunnier" and "fluffy" and such a "sweet slice of cotton candy" just off your local county fair...even at wiki, the online encyclopedia of "consensus" among the masses...states that cletus' cd defying gravity got, quote..."Defying Gravity has received mostly mediocre reviews from music critics, with most unfavorable reviews saying that the album lacks the variety of his earlier releases." So is it any wonder a puff piece on the orb's visiting side show of the "organ grinder and his monkey" (get it, monkeylanders!) would focus more on his married life, who he's married to, and not so much on that circus or the music itself that is, by all accounts, in and of itself, pretty weak material to have to work with...for shilling or hawking that is...

Imahick said...

Geez...I didn't realize he was married to Nicole Kidman. I hear she is an A lister. Poor Keith...used to write such sad and uninspiring songs until he married his savior, the academy award winning Nicole Kidman.

OK...his music has never been negative ... It has always been optimistic and it often dealt with real life situations that people could relate to. can only relate to it if you have been brave enough to love.

Don't get me wrong, I like the last CD, but it does lack in variety and substance, in my opinion. I doubt it'll be winning Album of the Year.

maclen said...

So, it seems kidman has been out of sight for almost a month now...doesnt it seem?...seems the last flurry of photo ops were of the ones at the beach...sans baby... and the video of kidman exiting the limo in a huff and that was mid july. Even the NKusers are still reduced to "reported sightings" on twitter. Again, I figure she is about ready to unveal her new made over face anytime now...or that she has been hunkered down with her lackeys in the bunker...desperately trying to line up another film role from her "production company" I noticed over at getty, photos on the set of woody's untitled flick still filming...

...interesting, I noticed that Lucy punch, who replaced kidman in this film, is playing opposite Anthony hopkins in the on film set photos in london. NOW I see how it played out! Hopkins, who recalls the travesty and the massive box office flop which was the film Human stain in which he starred opposite kidman...quite clearly refused to be in woody's film once again opposite kidman! So that may explain kidman being hunkered down trying to scrape up a film role from someplace...anyplace... even the bottom of any barrel...and that may just be from her own "production company!" Or she may just re-emerge with bloated lips...a shiny forehead...or puffy cheeks...

maclen said...

..also wanted to mention this article in the nyt...

Weinsteins Struggle to Regain Their Touch seems the movies sites are all a buzz about this...about how harvey, with his "in the end" talk on his shortcomings with weinCo is perhaps his resigning to it all actually coming to an end... I find it truly ironic...and not very surprising...that once again kidman is on track to perhaps be involved with the demise of weinco! Weinco is releasing Nine later this year in Oct...and it seems it is, along with a few other films, going to be a decider of whether weinco survives or not. As for Nine, it seems it's been preview screened and there seems to be not much a "buzz" over the film...when you consider now that it's due to come out in only 2 early guage of how the film is, or will play...or anything. The wienstiens were doomed with their own Miramax back in 2003 when they released 2 films that year starring kidman, the afore mentioned Human Stain and Cold Mountain, now kidma may once again be involved in another film sure to be a flop...and possibly once again dooming the weinstiens!

maclen said...

HA! So, has the answer for kidman's disapearence for the past month been revealed? She was in training, or her face went under further procedures for an appearence on reality tv? (Well, naturally, katie holmes just did a gig on "So you think you can dance"...and oh yeah, the orb was reduced to appearing on AI to try to shill his mediocre cd, of course) So Kidman herself, perhaps... has finally relented to the level of the entertainment dregs..the hasbeens milking their last shot at that last glimmer of the limelight? Seems kidman managed to scrape up... perhaps...a summer job...(I keep saying perhaps, because who knows, it could still be just a we shall see) So, Project Runway?

Nicole Kidman to appear on Project Runway: All Star Challenge

So it makes me wonder, how goes that supposed humanitarian trip on behalf of the UN to the land of unfortunates she was to go on this summer? No doubt she would prefer to dwell in the land of the unembarrassingly vain and remorselessly tackless. No doubt the behavior of the petty and bitter and vindictive contestants on these type of shows cater to her own rumored behavior onset, recall the girl, Rubina Ali from the ginger ale ad and her description... Well she still has about 5 weeks till the end of summer...perhaps the fact that her next movie doesnt come out til october forced her to postpone the trip till shill time? That does match her MO...

maclen said..., another HA!...get this tie in...this from the Project Runway wikipedia page..."On April 7, 2008, the show's producers, Weinstein Company, announced a five-year deal that would relocate the show to Lifetime..."(thank fully the lifetime channel was just removed from my cable package! no chance of accidently catching anything of this for sure travesty) I once proclaimed that the weinsteins would end up being kidman's last..and the only dimwits who would still employ kidman, no matter what. So what will kidman do if weinCo does end up tanking next year? Permanent host of project runway?

hoosierlady said...

Tee hee our favorite gal is listed with other A list actresses such as J-Lo and Victoria Beckham.

I guess the shine's kinda off the Oscar when your peers are Jenny from the Block and Posh Spice, huh?

maclen said...

Well hoosier, when I read that kidman publicity agency confirmed this, I knew it was true! And yeah, when kidmam feels the need to slum it on reality tv...the shine is definately off. And it definately began with the commercials...sure she begins with chanel, but ends up with ginger ale?...well, next I expect an ad piece for burger king or KFC! Yes, with the news that conner cruise is landing film roles, I'm predicting he has a brighter future in film than kidman.

maclen said... apparently, kidman makes her appearence on PJ this coming thursday...interesting to find out if kidman has in fact had any more "work" done to her face! What would make the extra vain and clueless kidman run for the forehead and lip syringes faster than an upcoming stint on a fashion reality fact, it also makes me wonder if she comes in way way "under her regular fighting weight"...for the fashion industry does look for basically "wire thin" clothes hangers for their clothes.

k said...

Fact check:

botox and Rsytalane take 10 minutes to inject and leave no mark. If there is pin prick bruising, it lasts a day. There is no swelling or downtime. Makeup covers the pinpricks.

The lip stuff lasts years, no touch-up required.

hoosierlady said...

Yesterday evening, my homepage, YaHoooooooooooooooooo!, had her doing an appearance, and, as I noted, brought to mind the appearances gone by of JLo and David Beckham's wife.

Now this morning, my homepage, YaHooooooooooooooooo!, has her doing a cameo, with no mention of the above mentioned.

HOW DOES SHE DO THAT? See, MaClen, this is a fine example of why I am in abosolute awe of this pr machine. Other than history book publishers and national politicians no one gets to do this.

I have been unable to find a connection between my home page, YaHoooooooooooooooo!, and Rupert Murdoch. Is there?

Don't be afraid, the last time I checked, we are still free.

maclen said...

I wouldn't be too shocked over that, hoosier...Yahoo is a "business" venture, always wrangling for the best face forward, for the best possible "deal." Seems a couple of years ago, Yahoo was in talks with microsoft, with the former looking to buy yahoo. During negotiations, murdoch got involved with his own interest in aquiring yahoo, but it all fell through. But now, with layoffs, and it's stock way down, yahoo perhaps is trying to get murdoch interested in buying them out!
As for that "FACT CHECK" on lip injection procedures...that it last's for years...well, apparently, only for some...

"Restylane, a non-animal, clear gel that is reported to be very close to the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 778,000 cases of Restylane injection in 2006, the most recent year for which statistics are available.[6]The substance usually lasts six months and, sometimes, longer.

"Collagen requires an allergy test because the material is extracted from bovine hides. It lasts anywhere from four weeks to three months because it is also absorbed into the body."

Although, it may be possible that the various lip injection procedures MAY last years on SOME people... I was not aware that it was an undeniable and reliable "FACT" that it lasts years on kidman!

hoosierlady said...

Collagen requires an allergy test because the material is extracted from bovine hides. It lasts anywhere from four weeks to three months because it is also absorbed into the body."

Does anyone need help with the word Bovine?

Think about it, cowhide. Inject some of this cowhide into your face? You look good since you got that cowhide, honey. Right up there with, gee, do you think rat poison will hurt my baby?

Yep, I'm getting in line.

maclen said...

Well, surely if the "facts" stated by our recent expert on lip injections procedures are to be taken as "There is no swelling or downtime."...I submit that kidman is "in fact" not taking any kind of medical procedure of lip injection! Based on the "facts" submitted, and my own visual confirmation from this photo, exhibit B...(as in bloated)

...kidman is quite clearly engaging in the exact procedure of "enhancing" her hideously disproportionate and to be precise, malformed I once mockingly and jokingly stated at this blog...she is simply heating up her hair curling iron and fearlessly and stoicly wrapping her lips around the heated coil to get that highly "stylish" and "chic" look of having had a couple of bees sting her on the....wait....could it...amendment!! I amend by previous legal brief to submit new evidence!!
So kidman is set to appear on PR tommorrow night, and based on this article...(I doubt if you'll read anything like this on ET or Access Hollywood, who will gush no matter what)

qoute: "Nicole Kidman is no Victoria Beckham — at least when it comes to appearing on Project Runway.

While the Spice Girl enjoyed a lengthy appearance during the season four finale of the hit Lifetime show, Runway’s co-host Tim Gunn tells OK! that Nicole’s appearance on Thursday night’s Project Runway: All-Star Challenge will be rather brief.

“Let me put it this way, yes, she makes an appearance,” Tim coyly told OK!

..yes, kidman's descent into "reality tv" will be about as meaningful or as "tireless" as her half assed work as a UN ambassador!

k said...

Get a grip. No one has used collagen for over 12 years. There is no allergy test for the natural fillers.

The facts. You are googling and have no real knowledge.

I have used rystalane since 2001. I have a scar from an accident when I was child, I buy a tiny vial every two years. It lasts for about 16 mths.

No bruising, no marks, no swelling, no pain. Out in ten minutes. Scar filled. invisable, and flat.
Costs $300 every two years.
NO ONE uses collagen.

Kidman certainly started her little fill-ins after her 35 bday, WAYYY after there were several modern alternatives.

The truth is every actress uses fillers once a year. They fill crows feet, lateral lip lines.

Actaully, most educated women over 35 use them. It's the norm in modern life. Of course, this is for women who earn more then 40k a year, not the wal-mart set.

If you knew how fillers were used, you'd know Kidamn prob uses Juvadrem once every 3 years.

As for her botox, she obv did use it a few times in the past, but in the movie OZ, she had none in her forehead, it was frown adn wrinkle city.

As for her lips, I liked her before, but then it's her face and only her business.

k said...

Oh, and you might want to google Radiesse. It's what has been used on lips since 2005.

Obviously, your obsession requires knowledge of a strangers private decisions :)

hoosierlady said...

Actaully, most educated women over 35 use them. It's the norm in modern life. Of course, this is for women who earn more then 40k a year, not the wal-mart set.

Actually, most educated women would never write something as ill mannered and trite as this quote, and I might add, as an educated woman, I am happy with my body and my face, and do not use any enhancements or procedures to look any differently than I do, at my age.

Because of family history, and the fact that HRT is made from bovine hormone, I also do not use it, and I am willing to bet your husband's head would still turn if I where to walk into the room.

maclen said...

k said...
"Obviously, your obsession requires knowledge of a strangers private decisions :)"..."As for her lips, I liked her before, but then it's her face and only her business."

Well, obviously it's too bad that kidman has decided to be in a business where she is compelled, constantly, to make her "private decisions" public. I certainly dont degrudge anyone's right to engage in any of the newest medical procedures...they can have any bovine extract or synthetic material injected into their faces, my main point is that the "public figure" kidman's work is so obviously over done it has become a public joke. As the consensus of the industry comments was that kidman's face, despite your opinion, was totally bizarre in the film . And as for my "googling" my info, unless you've been to medical school majoring in "facial procedures, I'm not impressed by your self proclaimed "learned" diagnosis... I've been to the dentist several times for root canals...fillings....etc...that doesnt make me an expert in dentistry. But after all, in the end you seem to agree... her "work" leaves much to be desired!

Imahick said... are obviously only educated in cosmetic procedures and not human nature.

It is not only presumptive of you to imply that "most educated women" over 35 alter their bodies / faces, but likely proof of your own serious issue with body image. Of course, if a scar makes you feel unattractive, I have no problem with you using fillers. People should do what they need to do to feel good about themselves. Not everyone has the same need ... regardless of their income bracket.

I understand that actors feel that they must do so in order to maintain their image for work. Unfortunately, NK has gone too far and looks fake and puffy. Her lips are the worst example of the over use of products. It may be her business, but she is a public figure known for her looks, so she puts herself out there for scrutiny.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"Actaully, most educated women over 35 use them. It's the norm in modern life. Of course, this is for women who earn more then 40k a year, not the wal-mart set.
Actually, most educated women would never write something as ill mannered and trite as this quote..."

HA!...I totally overlooked that quote, hoosier! Well, obviously the "walmart set" are so inherantly uneducated they may not even be aware there are facial procedures out there that they can engage in to get rid of those laugh lines...they may not even have computers or even a basic internet hookup to be able to even "google" that option! Yes hoosier, someone claiming authority on all, and of course on kidman's facial work, by first ridiculously titling their comments "FACT CHECK"...because quote..."I have used rystalane since 2001." not treading on believable waters! I mean, " No one has used collagen for over 12 years." Really? NO ONE? Now, is that just in the states? In your social circle? kidman? That is a pretty absolute statement...backed up by absolutely no sources or data of any kind...but...I will certainly take it into serious consideration...I've been to walmart, after all...

maclen said...

Well, as much as I find the whole discussion of the various lip injection procedures out may just as well be speaking of "rustoleum" and "collard greens" for all I care...doing my occasional late night nets surfing...seems there are a couple of premiere "recaps" of the project runway kidman "appeared" on...just this one that I could find...

...even mentions that kidman was on the show...seems she was a total dud...and it seems she simply sent in a video...basically just to order a dress for the red carpet for the weinCo flick Nine...who also own this show. Despite all the hype of kidman being on the show, the big surprise that some other recaps sites seem to be mentioning is that lindsey lohan was a guest host! Yes, you know kidman is finished in the biz when she gets upstaged by lohan! And kidman's effort to hype weinco's film is just as half assed, as I earlier mentioned, as her work for the it in...this time with a short video as opposed to simply appearing in a online video conference call to the UN on the east coast from LA... as she did a few years ago. Or to appear at a press conference at the UN when she is only in town to hype one of her earlier you recall it? It was, on Letterman show on monday night shilling OZ film, on the View tuesday morning to shill the film...then off the the UN press conference in the shill her latest film! But as has been typical of kidman through out her career...she continues to lamely fall short even to the mediocre low bar!

maclen said... it seems, over at NKU, the users were so starved for any recent photos of kidman...see she had been laying low the past 3 to 5 weeks... (pre-arranged photo ops that is)that someone actually posted a photo taken of kidman on the show...the photo taken off the screen...which reveals a bozo the clown red wig wearing kidman.
But as i usual, kidman was not simply going to appear, brief as it was, without any "other" photographic back ups. So after those 3 to 4 weeks of papartz dead air...on the eve of her appearence on a lowly reality show, kidman has predictibly dusted off her little PR baby, and was suddenly clicked exiting her current abode, with pr baby in arms, and of course the PR escort cletus orb in tow...which can be seen here:

...and very interestingly...their seems to be special attention being made to a small red "blemish" or "bump" on her forehead! They;ve even place a red circle to highlight it...boy I wonder what could have caused that? You dont think that she and the cletus were maybe tossing the pigskin around and she got bonked on the forhead, do you? But then again, nothing, and I mean nothing gets in the way of a kidman photo op on the eve of a publicity tv appearence, does it... with the other PR parental unit...and the PR less!

hoosierlady said...

Complete with the dirty, "I don't want you enroaching on our private time" dirty look by Cletus.

Ahh. . . . the circle is complete.

She has made him!

A440 said...

You know, I don't understand why everybody is so up in arms about Kidman sending in the video WeinCo told her to! She couldn't make a personal appearance!! She obviously was simply too busy taking care of the baby!!!






hoosierlady said...

Huh?! Oh. . .


I too busy being in awe!

Imahick said...

Absolutely...too busy with the baby. Sure.

Don't forget harvesting her giant zucchinis. I bet it keeps her busy chasing the wild turkeys out of her garden, too. Lots of reasons why she couldn't do more.

marcia said...


maclen said...

Well, I just hope with all the new activity...the PR tv video...the new photo op...and all that Misc... that she is aware that there is officially only just over 4 weeks left of this " "summer"...and she doesnt overlook her already announced trip...announced last year around the time of promo for her last film...that she was to visit the foreign unfortunates on behalf of the UN this summer! As is well known, she usually lets these planned trips fall from the wayside... as her last...and only visit to the less fortunates she claims to be soooo concerned for is coming up on 3 entire years now. I wonder what will happen this time!? Or did that asinine photo she sent into for that unifem campaign against sexual violence against woman, of that ridiculous photo of kidman with her arms crossed at the wrists posted on the website, is her contribution to her "massive efforts" on behalf of those unfortunates?

Imahick said...

You don't need to yell, Marcia. Most of us have seen Keith in concert for years and you're right. He's an amazing talent and entertainer.

hoosierlady said...

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.

My son thinks he is wonderful, so I am sure you are all right in your assessment of him being a very talented musician. I was too young to actually remember seeing any of the seventies musicians, but I have a dream of getting to see Eric Clapton before I die. My older siblings have seen some. I saw quite a few bands at the very end of the seventies.

My son told me last night that Journey and Boston were the two best bands that have ever been. Where have I gone wrong? I suppose I reap what I have sowed, but Boston? What has corrupted him?

As for Kidman and her U.N. duties, you didn't really think she'd use that opportunity this far out from Nine's release, did you? But then, again, when is that Rabbit's Pit coming out? I think she's waiting on something else before she'll pop the top on that. Either that, or she'll come up with an excuse, perhaps the upcoming H1N1 virus to say that it is not a good idea to visit this year.

I would send in my picture, but I can't tell which arm is a better shot. I really think my surgeon did a better job on my right arm, but the left one looks really good if I hold it at 45 degrees with a light blue background. . .

Oh. . . I just don't know, maybe if I take my bra off and just let the sun shine through my shirt from the back, that would look best, what do you think?

notachance said...

Clapton plays one helluva a mean guitar, but his shows are mediocre. He is not an entertainer,he prefers to just stand there and play - singing is the afterthought for him.

I will take a Keith show anyday over a Clapton show.

hoosierlady said...

notachance you have seen him?


ok, now I'm impressed

tell me EVERYTHING, oh please, where did you see him? was he alone or with other acts? I am beside myself with just the thought. All these years. . .

All that music. . .

Imahick said...

I've seen Clapton twice. He is more understated than Keith ... he is an artist but not so much an entertainer. Once I was closer ... the other time in the nose bleeds!

When I was closer, I could see more of the interaction he had with people. He's definitely not an "out going" personality. But it was so interesting to watch him play and the depth of his

Keith has developed his show for a big arena. His movements are exaggerated ... he's bigger than life, so you can enjoy him no matter where you are. He tries to connect with everyone more than Clapton did.

There was no call outs to the nose bleed section or excursions into the crowd with Clapton. He basically just played his heart out and sang a bit. He is also English and I think he is more reserved because of that?

I think Keith's shows are more entertaining, but the depth and breadth of Clapton's catalogue is wonderful. I completely enjoyed his shows.

music said...

I saw Clapton last year and I hate to say it but I was a bit underwhelmed. He really had no stage presence, and didn't say a word aside from thank you all night long. But don't get me wrong, he is a fantastic guitar player and it was worth it to see him play live. It was a once in a lifetime experience. My word of advice would be to pick your show carefully. Expensive Casino show - NO. But then I've seen him on TV at his Crossroads benefit and he was engaging and looked like he was having alot of fun. That'd be a show worth seeing.

hoosierlady said...

thank you

maclen said...

So, the consensus opinion on this matter seems to be, clapton fans go to his live gigs for the "music"...while cletus fans go for the "show" Considering the live "shows" are basically for their reflective fans... I'd submit that a serious "comparison" of their "music" is pretty pointless...being that of the orbs to the 40+ year "music" career of claptons!

hoosierlady said...

No comparison, maclen, we were just talking.

Geez. . . .

I'd tell ya to get the Midol if I didn't know better.