Saturday, January 9, 2010

What will 2010 bring for Keith Urban & Ms. Kidman?

Nicole Kidman will never change.

She said it all when she recently appeared on Regis and Kelly. When she was asked if there was a lot of music around her house these days, Nicole Kidman turned to the audience and exclaimed 'you may not know who he is, but my husband is a musician'. The truth hurts doesn't it? That guy she is married to is a lot more popular than she is; he won a People's Choice award this week, just like Nicole's one true love. Actually, he has won a lot of awards, and he has made a lot of money and many are wondering why he sticks around. Fr. Talksalot apparently couldn't keep his mouth shut and ruined a private time for Keith and Sunday by telling the press they participated in a Children's Mass on Christmas Eve. Wouldn't the Catholic in the family be a part of it, too? No, she sat in a pew waiting to be adored.

Adored is not a word you can use to describe the public reaction to Nine; more like stinker, or a bomb of epic size. Speaking of bombs, will she counteract the lack of a career and public reaction to her fake face with another child to be raised by nannies, and only seen for photo ops? We shall see. Because Kidman doesn't appear to have any real work lined up in the near future, unless it is possibly on a stage. Kidman is becoming a Tatum O'Neal kind of Oscar winner.

And finally speaking of stages or staged what did all of you think of the penthouse shots from Sydney? I am a tad bit confused because the Oz press said Kidman and Sunday were staying with her parents until it was time to go to the mansion for Antonia's wedding. If she was staying with her parents, then why have the penthouse? She said the paparazzi made it impossible for her to live in Sydney. And these are the first photos of all of the Kidman clan and Keith together. Of course Keith is in the background, but he is well paid to be there.

It's so nice that Kidman appeared at yet another 'anti-violence against women' event in San Francisco. I wonder how the MEN her bodyguards beat up feel about that? Perhaps if the paps that got compromising pictures of her were women, they would have been safe?

I wonder how Nicole will handle it if Keith wins a Grammy or two this year? Will it make her stick around even longer? Will she live off his career because she doesn't have one any more? The 5th anniversary of the fateful meeting at G'Day LA is coming up. Kidman is presenting an award to Simon Baker. Will Keith attend, will Kidman make it all about "them" or "her"?

2010 will be an interesting year in KUNK land!


maclen said...

You can tell that kidman is still in "PR mode" by how she schedules in a "humanitarian" event to be photographed at. Back in mid November when promo for Nine ramped up, she appeared at the hearing in DC...and yet Nine still fizzled in December! Now in January, as kidman is, well...attempting to "promo" herself and her career with a continuing itinery of awards appearences along with this groundbreaking ceremony...she hopes to keep herself in"the game." Still no word of a settled release date of her latest film, Rabbit Hole, which of course makes me doubt if it will make it to even a "limited release" and little signs that her "hoped" for next film, The Danish Girl may also be in jeopardy. So I'd say this next few months will tell if kidman will even have a film out this year to shill...and all she will have to push is her very bland and dull...and pretensious and dreary self...and boy, does that look like a pretty bleak future ahead for her!

maclen said...

in this edition of "LAte Night MUSings"...

...I just took a quick perusal over at Rotten, and saw that the Rotten ratings were still at 99 rotten ratings...BUT I noticed that another rotten review was just added today, probably late...and the totals of bad rating had not updated yet...but I'm pretty sure that another check tommorrow morning will show exactly 100 ROTTEN REVIEWS for Nine. And as the film is in its 3rd weekend and has only grossed $15.6mil...and according to Box Office Mojo...

...Nine's friday gross fell to #14 with a measily gross of $475k. As had the number of theaters fallen to 1,060 theaters from it's original 1,400 theaters. And over at Movie city News Oscar panel "Gurus of Gold" Nine has also fallen out of the top 10 "expected" film nominees...

So, again...kidman doesnt have much in any good news on any front does she? And recall, the role in the film Nine was what kidman claimed brought her out of her so called "months old" retirement!" Yeah, if only that were actually true!

Choice said...

When movies keep flopping, Nicole moves on to her other role. The one where there are guaranteed photo opps:

maclen said...

So, courtesy of the poor poor folks of NKU...this tidbit of info...

Owen Pallett says farewell to Final Fantasy

"The Toronto singer/composer/violin virtuoso behind Final Fantasy is in New York, where he's been scoring Rabbit Hole, the new film by John Cameron Mitchell of Hedwig and the Angry Inch infamy. It's an independent film, but it's big enough to have Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart in the cast and would, thus, be a rather cool thing for Pallett – Canadian indie-rock's go-to guy for string arrangements – to add to his resumé.

Alas, he says, "I think I'm actually not going to be scoring it, despite the fact that I've scored it ... The producers are really, really happy with the work that I've done so far, but I was clear with them really early on that I had to stop working as of, like, this week because I've got to tour a record and they haven't even locked the picture yet.

...ha! yes...he'll have to leave this week due to "scheduling conflicts"...and he claims..."they havent even locked the picture yet!" Priciple photography for this film ended, (all 5 weeks of it!)...about 6 months ago, and scoring isnt finished for this $10mil little indie flick because they didnt get it to the scorer in time? So, does anyone else get that "Marshall is still editing music for Nine in late Oct for the once Nov premiereing film, only to have it moved to Dec...there must be a problem with the flick" jive with kidman's weepy dreary indie? And they also couldnt get the movie to him "in enough time to finish it off" before he "supposedly" had to lam it for this tour? Does anyone else get the "sinking" feeling that all wheels are continueing to fall off kidman's options? I also read paltrow, "supposed" co-star in Danish girl starts a film this month with tim mcgraw in, ironically, Nashville...

Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw movie to begin filming in Nashville it seems everyone is getting on with their careers...composer pallet is moving onto his "tour" rather than finish scoring Rabbit Hole...paltrow is starting another role...theron moved onto mad max redux...and, the gossip is that director alfredson has dumped danish girl to do Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy...and it seems not much is going on for kidman these days huh? Another box office film awards love...a film finished 6 months ago still languishing in post production...another languishing in pre production...all her other "options" seem to depend on being "self-produced" in order to get made! At this point I would simply settle on a "I want to take a break from filming" screed from kidman, even if it isnt true...just so I can proclaim..."I told you so"...

abc said...

from French

(translation from French using an on-line translation tool... “everything you dream of knowing Nicole Kidman” (sic).

Gala: ‘How did you stop believing in Santa Claus?’

Nicole Kidman: “I spent most of my Christmas (as a child) under the sun, near a beach”.


Gala: ‘with what star you dream of getting stuck in an elevator’?

NK: “Daniel Day-Lewis. Since I turned in Nine with him, I'm under his spell. He has an intelligence and exceptional kindness. Not only is he one of the most gifted actors of his generation but also an incredible father”.

Gala: ‘At home, taking out the garbage?’

NK: “I am fortunate to have a fantastic husband. Keith is often hands-on and always does everything for me. But let's not be hypocrites, we obviously have people at home that help us manage the daily (chores)”.


Gala: ‘What's the first thing you buy in a supermarket?

NK: “In general, something for my daughter. If I find myself in a supermarket it’s often because I'm running out of diapers, a drug or food product specific needs at the time”.


Gala: ‘You fall asleep in front of the TV?’

NK: “This happens often especially when I watch video clips. Since I'm married to a singer, I spend my life seeing people sing on television.


Gala: ‘You watch yourself on TV, when one of your movies or series is on?’
NK: “No, I zap. Frankly, I think it's very difficult to see on television or cinema. I feel constantly play false. It's a really unpleasant feeling”.


Gala: ‘Are you ugly? ‘
NK: “Sometimes, yes. Sometimes I find myself so ugly that it's hard to make a public appearance for both a ceremony for a preview of the film”.