Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keith Urban's Life Wasn't Relevant Before Kidman

From an interview with The Boot...  the entire interview is here: http://www.theboot.com/2010/02/16/keith-urban-interview/

Q: So since you didn't get a chance to give an acceptance speech, wanna give one now?

A: First and foremost, I'd thank anybody who voted for me! But certainly, Nic is just absolutely ... I don't even know if she's changed my life; she's given me a life. That's what it's all about. There's seemingly no relevance to my previous life, before meeting her. I have such deep love and gratitude for everything she's done for me. Words just escape me when it comes to her.

Thanks, Laura, for posting this earlier.


Laura said...

You're welcome! :)

That definitely is a MAJOR "F.U" to the chick he was with for 8 YEARS, AND engaged to, before his marriage to Nicole.

I'm sorry but I'm finding him more and more annoying with every new interview that he does. He always manages to find a way to praise her instead of talking about the music and what's important. He needs to keep his private life to himself sometimes. Seriously, it's like , "Hey Keith how do you like your coffee?" "Well, I love it especially when it's made by my sweet Nicole. She adds a tint of love to it. She really is my love, my savior, my heart, my jesus, my everything." ?? Ok, sorry for my rant. LOL. I'm done now.

Puddy Tat said...

"I have such deep love and gratitude for everything she's done for me."

I've noticed that when he hands out the praise it's for what she's given him. In the above statement, he didn't say his deep love and gratitude was for her but for what she's done for him. Big difference.

maclen said...

Yeah, well I for one have to agree 100% with "urbanski"...I certainly had absolutely no idea who this guy was before he hooked up with kidman! But, unfortunately for the orb, I am NO fan...do not buy his music or attend his tours. And being of clear and unbiased mind, I can see that this talk only condemns his career to the trash bin that is kidman's...career that is. And even at this early stage of the game...I will predict his next cd will be lucky to sell 500k copies...based of course on my hypothesis of recognizable "Incremental Declination™"(I like that phrase so much I'm trademarking it!)... and based on such overdone and obsessively fawning comments from the orb! Orb clearly is laying on the BS thick... to soothe a frightfull and horror that the disposition kidman is no doubt in these days!

maclen said...


...just a quick change of subject note...

...last month I posted a few articles I originally saw at NKU...and also saw some comments on IMDB about a couple of swedish online sites stating that presumed director of The Danish girl, tomas alfredson had dropped the film...and that it was also rumored that lasse hallstrom had then taken over...well heres another recent article...


The serious business of becoming a woman

"Hallstrom says that, if all goes well, shooting on The Danish Girl will begin in May in Europe, and he couldn't be more enthusiastic about a project that's already generating controversy, and which will test the talents of all concerned. But the 63-year-old filmmaker isn't worried."

(...hallstrom's not worried huh?)

"Still, the project has experienced some bumps along the way. Kidman committed early on to the role of Einar Wegener, the Danish-born artist who died in 1931 as Lili Elbe after a series of male-to-female sex reassignment surgeries. But Charlize Theron, originally announced for the role of Wegener's wife, Gerda, who was also an artist, withdrew from the production and was replaced by Paltrow. The film also lost its original director, Swedish filmmaker Tomas Alfredson, who was replaced by fellow countryman Hallstrom."

Well, thats wrong...alfredson actually REPLACED original director anand tucker...


Alfredson Steps in for Tucker With Kidman's 'Danish Girl'

"Originally slated to be directed by Anand Tucker (Shopgirl), the Oscar bait feature The Danish Girl starring Nicole Kidman has found a new helmer in Let the Right One In director Tomas Alfredson."

...HA! Sure your'e not worried Hallstrom!...to quote again...

"Hallstrom says that, if all goes well, shooting on The Danish Girl will begin in May in Europe..."

...yeah, if all goes well! Two previous directors dumped this film...the original co-star dumped this film...boy, hope springs eternal. kidman must TRULY have nothing else at all if this is still being flogged to death! Shooting MAY begin in 3 months? With kidman and paltrow the only actors to appear in this film? Still looking for funding? Perhaps they can find a few college film students to film this for them...for a few semester credits!

abc said...

i agree with you Laura ... I always find comments like this insensitive to those who have gone before.

His music was his relevance before ... and it was better before her. Well, let's see what his next album is like ... bet it is more raunchy!

Nicole must be loving all this attention in the public eye. But, notice, he doesn't so much say he loves her, but loves what she did for him. I wonder how much she loves him for him; and not just the PR.

abc said...

conflicting reports for the Urban Valentine's Day; a tweet twit said they had lunch at The Marmont and this article says he flew back to Nashville for VD. Thought NK was in LA. mmm

He is recording in LA, wonder how Nashville feels about that. But then, he is now a Hollywood Red Carpet A-lister (woohoo)... you know, that thing that his wife did 'for' him. Kindov what Tom did 'for' her.

Incidentally, the comment about NK finally making his life relevant may be a return volley for Tom saying he has never been as in love as with Katie. Instructions from above? Payback for life-saving duty? (sorry, can't help the sarcasm when it comes to this lot!)

wonder how Keith's parents feel about not having had relevance in his life BNK.

abc said...

just saw the pics of the L'uomo Vogue shoot ... looking androgynous ... flat chest, man's hat and hair ... the PR (for Danish Girl) starts now! (i.e. the lame attempt to convince us that the babygirl can act.) If anything, the Danish girl will be a make-up and wardrobe achievement.

same expression in all her stills; same expression in all her films (holding that mouth at JUST the right angle/position) ... at the end of the day; it is kudos to the stylists, photographers, cinematographers and fashion designers (where my interest lies!) ... still feel the Oscar for the Hours should have gone to the make-up artist!

maclen said...

Yes, the Danish PR has begun...first the hallstrom story...that foreign Vogue shoot...and this morning, this from the Bristane times...


Nicole Kidman to play transsexual in new movie

...yeah, definately a "timely" online news source...this bribane times site...they're only 3 months late on the news! But at least the other news of the day they've reported on this morning, posted only 10 hours ago as well...


Kidman and Cruz warm a chilly night

...a repost of the UK Nine premiere? Well, that's only 2 MONTHS OLD! Inept team kidman must of had a snafu in their order of recycled news story from the no doubt leak-friendly brisbane site! And of course the loyal NKUsers are now catching up with the hallstrom story...


Danish Girl Update

...3 out of 5 comments so far are not very hopeful over that news! Yes, even the fansies are beggining to lose faith in this flogged to death pic...to quote...

Ladysatine commented...
"Bad news...really bad news!
I had high hopes for this film, but no way Hallstrom can do it. First Theron pulled out, now Hallstrom takes the direction :("

...when you start lossing the the fansies...

dontlikethepez said...

Whether intentional or not, I think his interview was a big F.U. to his previous relationships AND to his current & former fans. He is convinced NK "saved" him when his career was thriving before and he was winning all sorts of awards. Right now he may think she "saved" him but he won't be praising her later on when she finishes "killing" his career. Personally, I think KU is too simple minded to have come up with that interview as a stab back at Tom for the remark regarding never loving anyone like he loves Katie but I do think NK is lame enough to tell him to say that stuff because it pissed her off that her one true love dissed her like that (indirectly)...sort of like it ended up coming across about KU's ex's. By the way, if KU is indeed sporting hair extensions now, I hope to God he doesn't take advice on where to buy them and have them installed from NK because hers look more hideous each time she has them done.

Anonymous said...

Maclen, other than the small part in Nine, NK has not had a film offer since 2007. What do you think is behind that? There seemed to be an abrupt end to her career and shes unable to recover from it.

As for Keith, I agree with you. She is more his career than his music is and that only positions him to go down with the ship right along with her.

maclen said...

Yeah, mikki, clearly her career is in shambles right now. I've mentioned previously that in the past 2 years there have been more films she did NOT do that she has done. In the past 2 years she made 2 films. Of course kidman first claimed she was taking a break...even admitted during promo for Nine that she DID retire...only to come out about 3 or 4 months later to do the role in NINE! Now her story is she will only do roles that are "meaningful and special to her...ie: her own produced films...rabbit hole being one...and according to kidman...and hallstrom...HOPEFULLY Danish Girl will be the next...they're not really sure! Clearly her pickings are slim. Studios are not going to cast her in a another blockbuster starrer again ...and I'm sure she cannot get her usual perks or the right pay. So she's gonna slum it in her indies. As for the orb, your comment is spot on....

"She is more his career than his music is and that only positions him to go down with the ship right along with her.

...kidman is no longer getting the love from her industry, so orb has to make up for it!

smorgas91 said...

No one's buying her stories anymore. It's been too long her not taking her fans and people seriously. It's interesting she had replied her heart being open when questioned by KU what she felt about him; he cites his admiration for her support...go figure, doesn't sound all that of the heart relationship to me. Wonder how pathetic one has to be to continue to thrive in such a fake world...yeah, yeah, we're not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Maclen, its pretty obvious that the leading roles and big paychecks are over. But shes not even doing indies. And surely she would if any roles were offered to her. In 07' its as if the critics were finally free to come after her - and they did! Beginning with her performance in The Invasion. There were many then who pointed out her string of flops and called for her retirement. They went after her with a vengence again for her next blockbuster Australia. And thats where she hit a wall. It seems that no director or producer has been willing to take a chance on her since. Even producing her own film has been a problem. Just wondered what you think is going on with her. Why has she become a pariah in the industry?

Keith has apparently bought into Nicole's idea that publicity is bigger than talent. Create the fame through publicity and all else will follow. He says he is grateful for all she has done for him. I see no evidence of anything she has done. His name is more well known, but not for his music, only as her husband. Perhaps his bank account has grown, but his career hasn't. He seems to be going in the same direction she is.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they are in LA for in vitro, not for Hollywood.

You're all so bizarely insensitive. Kidman has been acting since she was a young girl. Of course, she is taking time off to have babies in the last few years that she can.

I wish them a healthy 2nd child and the best of luck.

abc said...

thanks kfroeba for that "insider" information, though it begs the question: how can she become pregnant now if she is going to be filming (Danish Girl) in a few months' time ... where she will be acting a flat-chested man?

Or is she calculating a convenient excuse to drop out, given everyone else has too and she has always said she takes on a film because of the director ... a director now gone (off DG).

Another thing that I think she has said where she has literally shot herself in the foot: she has said that she never watches the end-product of her 'art' ... she never views the films and has said she has only seen Moulin Rouge and Australia as a favour for Baz. If she is only in film-making for the 'art' of it, surely she would be interested in the artistic end-product? If she couldn't care less about the outcome, and is only interested in the excitement of being on set and on the red carpets, it does not surprise me that serious film-makers have finally seen through her (motivation) and full commitment to the whole process, not just the veneer.

The only difference is that they don't blog about it, but move on to other more serious and committed artists.

maclen said...

mikki said...
"Maclen, its pretty obvious that the leading roles and big paychecks are over. But shes not even doing indies. And surely she would if any roles were offered to her. In 07' its as if the critics were finally free to come after her - and they did!"

You are right about that mikki...I do recall that "kidman should retire already" vibe! And just to show how desperate they both are right now, since they are basically done with their "awards circuit" tour...they've got sites recycling old stories! I've already mentioned the aussie Brisbane Times site reporting this BREAKING NEWS!!...


Nicole Kidman to play transsexual in new movie

...just a few days ago...as this other FLASHING NEWS STORY at the same time...


Kidman and Cruz warm a chilly night

...of the UK premiere of Nine in dec...now comes this from the aussie site...it seems it is orb's turn for a few rehased stories...


Urban eyes four Grammys

...this story is from December 4, 2009...posted again yesterday...also posted yesterday is this story going all the way back to sept, 11 2009!...


Keith Urban nominated for US music awards

...the Brisbane times must have gotten a HUGE order of backlog stories from inept team kidman to keep them in the news searches! And also look here...once again plastered on today's news cycle...didnt this story come out last week?


Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban To Fund Haiti School

...it seems kidman's new "MANAGER" has been one little busy PR dynamo!
So what's next? Is the Brisbane Times gonna report that kidman and orb just had a baby they named sunday rose...or that kidman had an ectopic pregnancy...in 1990!? Evidently, not only is bad publicity not enough for them...it seems "Old news" is "good news!" And to quote yogi berra... "It's deja vu all over again...

maclen said...


...HA! It seems perez hilton may be back on the kidman bandwagon!


Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Fund School In Haiti

"What a fantastic project!

Good job, guys!"

Hey, do you think hilton is "chummy" with kidman's new managing hack? It should be fun to check out if hilton's future posts on kidman will be, how do I say it, less strident or snarky? Do I sense some more mutual "back scratching?"


...double HA! Just noticed the pic of orb and kidman on that hilton post...I didnt know that kidman had married ELLEN DEGENERES!!

Tara said...

In a recent thread on a sometimes bunny board there was a lot of questioning about why some of Keith's fans hate Nicole. The overriding opinion was that many are jealous of Kidman that she got him and others didn't. That is wrong on a number of levels because it derides the argument that so many skeptics have had for years. Most Skeptics are fans of Keith Urban.
If we look at the facts its plain that in terms of his career Kidman has hurt him.

Before Kidman
3 years in a row male vocalist CMAs (most important award in his genre)
Entertainer of the Year CMA
Male vocalist, Album of the year
1 Grammy
numerous television appearances
best selling and award winning concert DVD
Personally was able to have a private life and a life off stage.

Since Kidman
2 Grammys
1 people's choice (a joke award)
1 AMA award - another joke award
3 month rehab
private life exposed for all to see and comment on.
Public joke (#1 pussy whipped man in the world)
Two Cd's that have not sold as well as his others.
A concert tour that was only successful because of the acts on stage with him.
A household name but not sure why to most people.

oh yeah Keith doing really really well!

Anonymous said...

kfroeba, if she were serious about taking time off to devote to her family why would she hire a new publicist? Why would she hire a new manager? Why is it that shes not living in her "home" in Nashville enjoying her time with her family (and spent so little time there last year).

I agree with abc, a second child would only be a way to bow out gracefully once she accepts that her career is over.

martingano said...

Tara I agree.

I wish they all would stop lumping all of us skeptics in one big pot. I am, perhaps still could be a fan of Urban since the Ranch days. I really don't care who he married, as a matter of fact I am happy that he got married, however I believe this marriage is just pure PR. He hooked onto her because it was his ticket to the top (top of what pile I can only imagine) she set her sights on him because she knew she would become Mrs. Keith Urban. She hooked onto his rising star. Sorry but I believe and it is my opinion only that they both did nothing for each other. They need to both shut up and stop the nonsense. If they truly love each, then stop proving it to the world that you do. They wouldn't need to prove it to anybody. All they prove to me is that they are as fake as they come. Second baby? Not a chance. Again, alot of people didn't believe she was with the first child in the first place. Personally I think he is a big idiot for giving her a lot of credit. She may have given him her weight in gold, but as a former alcoholic,however she did him no favors. I have two words for him. Coffin - nails.

rememberwhen said...

I don't know why Kidman is in LA getting fertility treatments. Did she say that they conceive Sunday the normal way in Australia with a little help from the Australian waters? Or was that just pr for her movie Australia? When she went to the fertility clinic she was by herself. Keith was in Nashville. Doesn't the father have to be there to deliver the sperm?

A440 said...

a tweet twit said they had lunch at The Marmont and this article says he flew back to Nashville for VD.

If I'm reading the times right, he flew back from NY on Sunday. Brunch was the day after.

He may be recording just preliminary stuff in LA. Is Huff in attendance?

how can she become pregnant now if she is going to be filming (Danish Girl) in a few months' time ... where she will be acting a flat-chested man?

Well, even when she was pregnant, she looked like a flat-chested man...if there is any woman who can be in her 2nd trimester and still look flat bellied, it's La Kidman.

She's in LA for treatments? No, she might be staying in LA nowadays for therapy, but she went for the Grammys, the SAGs, MusiCares, etc. You know, events that featured Keith and her ability to draw focus away from him.

I'm just surprised she's still in LA. If she wanted fertility therapy, she could get that and, I suspect, a tad more privacy if she went to NYC.

smorgas91 said...

She's pulled one heck of a bizarre pregnancy before where we're allowed to see her tiny protruding tummy that remained unexposed amid rampant fake pregnancy rumors. Her, the exhibitionist, we'd pretty much had seen most of her body parts...incl genital in one movie I think...yet couldn't expose her tummy! Yeah, Sunday isn't hers, no wonder why they don't resemble whatsoever. You're kidding, we're going to see this weird charade from her again??????

abc said...

In the December issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, Nicole said “I was running from my life, in a way. My imaginary life was better than my flesh-and-blood life. That’s a sad thing to say, but it was. Now I love my real life so much it requires an enormous belief in a film to want to take it on.”
Nicole, by her own admission, did not have a “life” before meeting Keith, other than being a film set and red carpet groupie in an “imaginary” world. She admitted that at the time they were “two lonely people” who ‘found each other’ – she a ‘gypsy living out of a suitcase’. Her ‘life’ had been Tom’s world and that had disappeared in one fell swoop.
So, if anything, they gave each other ‘a life’, but maybe more so: Keith gave her a life! Her life now is attached to his ‘star’. Or exists in the words of his songs.
And also, with regard to her above statement, it was actually boredom with “feeding this baby” that sent her back to the movie set: as she said at the time: “life goes on” – clearly her baby, or her family, not representing life itself! What ‘life’ is that now Nicole? What happens if there is another baby in the mix? You really are quite confused, aren’t you my dear.

smorgas91 said...

abc, we'd aready established, see archives at nkjourney and other sites that this actress would say anything (with plenty of examples) in the spur of the moment gibberish similar to a child's survival tactics, some have called her a perpetual and habitual liar. Because of her low intellect, she doesn't take life or herself seriously. As someone had also commented (from Australia, as I could figure), her inconsistent comments are galore - one thing on M, another on T & on Th blames media for T comment and retracts comments on F. She'll say anything she thinks she perceives what the audience wants to hear. In fact, totally void of personality or character, she only exists by negating/reaffirming issues that others present to her so in films devoid that to/fro interaction, she's an aging wooden doll...can't think on her own! A genuine nitwit....

abc said...

I came across this trailor for a version of Rabbit Hole in Buffalo NY and it had Keith Urban singing "Tonight I Wanna Cry" over it. Wonder if that was a huge coincidence?


abc said...

well, it's pretty obvious now ... the latest round of pics of the Urban trio buying pastries (inside and outside of the mall) was again taken by NKU's 'Nickufan', (not 'nicfan' also at NKU), who is Nicolas Scott from Flynet: Clearly, he is commissioned by NK who smiles all the while for the camera, (no other pap pics), while Keith looks bewildered and lagging behind his speeding wife ... personally, I see more 'chemistry' between the wife and the booked pap than between either the wife and hub or mom and kid: throughout the whole collection of shots. Wonder how long Keith is going to be able to keep up.

off subject:

I just saw the poster for Rabbit Hole and the first thing that strikes me is that there is no picture of Nicole ... I can't think of a single movie poster of her past films where she isn't the main attraction in the graphics, (photoshop'd to armegeddon and back), ... me thinks there was much debate about whether it would be wise to have her mug shot up there.

joy said...

Do you think it's at all possible that he was saying that with the drugs/alcohol he was in his own little world. Even without the chemicals it was ALL ABOUT HIM. He's already said the cocaine made him not care about anybody else or anything. He's said he drank because he was so PAINFULLY lonely when he got off of the stage each night. I'm not in his mind so I can't speak for him but I believe he might have been saying that before she came into his life it was all about him---he hadn't any connection with others in a special bonding way. He says Sundays were the worst days for him before because he KNEW families were getting together, they were having special events & doing family things & he didn't have anybody/family NEAR him to be able to do that with. He might have been an independant, talented musician who left his home & family to make his way in Nashville but inside I'm sure he was still an insecure little boy in many ways. He didn't let others into his little corner. When she came maybe he saw that it is NOT all about him. Life means letting others in & taking chances. It means leaving yourself open to pain but also being able to experience undescribable joys too. He has a marriage now that he never expected to have, he has a beautiful daughter which he himself probably never thought he would ever be ready for.

I don't think it's dissing those who were in his life before or those he will always loved (remember when he'd bring his Mom to the awards shows--but she would have to leave & go back home & he was in the same place he was before she got there) but just saying that he was in a very selfish place, he was all about himself & hadn't ever wanted to let himself be without his crutches/dependance because he'd have to be honest with himself.

I don't know Keith, I've never met or talked to him but he doesn't seem like a hurtful person to other people. I think if he had to hurt anybody he'd hurt himself first before others. He may not have said the right words but I can understand what he was trying to say.

A440 said...

No, Keith isn't a hurtful person, so long as you can give him something he needs and don't get in his way. But cross him, even accidentally, and I suspect he'd come down on you full force. His history is chockfull of examples of him being ruthless to other people, men and women.

Google the name "Greg Shaw" and read HIS story. The ending of Shaw's friendship/business partnership with Keith was as ugly as sin. And it was deliberate on Keith's part.

Yeah, he can be a great guy, when it suits him. But if he wants you gone, you no longer freakin' exist.

And while you're researching, see also "Amanda Wyatt." Read what she says about him cutting her out of his life.

Laura said...

I do not believe Keith is a hurtful person. I'm sure he has his days, just like any of us, but I believe he is a genuine, good guy. And he seems to have a lot of Faith..

Plus you can never believe anyone these days when it comes to their relationships/friendships with celebrities..

maclen said...

So, kidman has another lame and tired prearranged photo op and a her next films first poster is "kidman photo-less? Yes, about what I'd expect for a failed film career! Now, is it just my old outdated web browser, or is the seemingly old news recycling campaign from kidman's new managing hack gotten to ridiculous proportions? Case in point, this recent google news search of kidman...


...shows no less than 24 old recycled news stories on kidman...in the first 3 pages of said recent google news search...all from the aforementioned Brisbane Times! Articles of years old stories of Golden Compass and Australia...is kidman that desperate she has these years old stories in the google news searches...just to keep her name in the news...in this obvious twilight of her dead career!?

maclen said...


...so, in an another possible wishy washy inept team kidman PR op...the NKUsers are speculating whether or not kidman will make an appearence at this years Vancouver Olympics to shill watches for Omega...


...seems the speculation is whether or not kidman will appear on behalf of Omega...or if it will simply be a "personal appearence"...this post here qoutes this article...


"Academy-award-winning actress Nicole Kidman and singer Keith Urban (above) will visit Vancouver towards the end of the 2010 Olympics, Omega officials said Friday.
Kidman is an Omega spokesman but the Swiss watch company said the celebrity couple will be on a personal visit and won't make any corporate appearances on behalf of the Olympic sponsor. Omega has already announced supermodel Cindy Crawford, Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps and astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan will make appearances at the Omega boutique store in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver during the Games."

...so...let me get this straight, Omega officials are CONFIRMING kidman and Co. are "VISITING" the games in Vancouver...but NOT to appear on behalf of Omega Watches, but would be on a "PERSONAL VISIT? So when did Omega become kidman's "PERSONAL PUBLICIST? If kidman does make an appearence at the Vancouver Games....OF COURSE SHE WILL BE THERE TO SHILL FOR OMEGA!! Any attempt to paint kidman's possible appearence at the Olympics for anything other than sheer commercial hackery...is just a continuation of kidman's rather lame and transparent photo ops! Just as the tired old news recycling is a sign that kidman is desperate...trying to paint a PR appearence at the olympics as just a "family vacation" is just as desperate.

hoosierlady said...

so...let me get this straight, Omega officials are CONFIRMING kidman and Co. are "VISITING" the games in Vancouver...but NOT to appear on behalf of Omega Watches, but would be on a "PERSONAL VISIT?

After the onslaught of 'frozen face' commments following the last Omega appearance I wondered if Omega wasn't distancing itself from her, and hyping CC as the celebrity sponser this go-around.

No chance?

notachance said...

Of course she can't openly shill for Omega, her contract is for everywhere BUT N. America right? This is the perfect op for Omega though by using her name in the press release without violating their contract.

maclen said...

hoosierlady said...
"After the onslaught of 'frozen face' commments following the last Omega appearance I wondered if Omega wasn't distancing itself from her, and hyping CC as the celebrity sponser this go-around.
No chance?"

That is certainly a valid point, hoosier. Omega may be hedging it's ties with kidman and weaning her slowly out of prominant view!

notachance said...
"Of course she can't openly shill for Omega, her contract is for everywhere BUT N. America right? This is the perfect op for Omega though by using her name in the press release without violating their contract."

I seriously doubt, though, that kidman would be so concerned with "violating" her contract with Omega...when kidman allows Omega to "exploit" her "charitable work" at the kidman Omega website!


"Alongside her acting career, she is a tireless campaigner for children’s and women’s rights and is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF Australia and UNIFEM..."Since joining OMEGA’s family of brand ambassadors in 2005, Nicole Kidman has figured prominently in the “My Choice” advertising campaign and has made select public appearances on behalf of the company."

..so, basically, also exploiting her so called "humanitarian work" for the UN to shill for her films...she exploits it for shilling watches!
And...of course...kidman and Co. and now in vancouver...


"Granny Freeze Ice Dance"

"Guests of Omega, they were escorted in with security and accompanied by a photographer. Kidman is a spokesperson for the brand."

Of course she is...and my simple point is...she wants to make it "APPEAR" that she is JUST visiting, and enjoying the events...and not shilling watches! But then that is why she is a failure in LaLaland...she is so ineptly and transparently obvious and so patently disingenuous. And so...kidman is at the Olympics shilling watches for Omega...and the orb is helping! Between kidman and their traveling photographer...orb is the third wheel! Nothing screams out the "Warbling Cowboy"... like ice skating!

maclen said...

Well, apparently, you can cross this film off the kidman slate for potential opportunity.


Anna Faris Attending Bachelorette Party

"Anna Faris and Jennifer Garner are pairing up for a new comedy called The Bachelorette Party."... "House Bunny scribe Karen Lutz wrote the original novel and adapted the story into a script originally for Nicole Kidman’s production company. But now Get Smart director Pete Segal is producing and the film is not only looking for a director and space in the busy schedules of its planned leading pair."

I'd wager the odds of this film actually getting made just shot up massively! Between the recent flop of Nine...and the constant "musical chairs" of costars and directors for Danish Girl...kidman's options just seem to diminish with each passing week and months.

abc said...

watch face ...

I think it is so f*£%ing pretentious of Omega calling the faces that plug their little arm machines "brand ambassadors" ... 'ambassadors' ... and then in the same breath, connecting it with UN "Ambassador" (NK) ... to give them some sense of importance ... it is just a bleeding watch, people, and just because they are expensive doesn't make them the holy wafer, for heaven's sake!

And no, she is not a 'spokesperson' for the brand ... she doesn't say a word; just sells her name and presence. What an idiotic junket, this Olympic lark - anything for a freebie. "Private" trip indeed! What a bunch of manipulative wankers: all of them!
And Keith: you've sold your soul! Is that why we rarely see you smile these days? .... because you know it?

abc said...

so Nicole is going to do a cameo in a Jennifer Aniston movie: "The Pretend Wife" ...

I say no more!!

notachance said...

That really is pretty hysterical abc....