Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Voice - Australia

A longtime reader suggested we discuss Keith's role on the Oz version of The Voice. Of course, Keith has said Kidman persuaded him to do the show. Does she still have the "connections" in Oz to have secured the role for him? Did she deliver on her promise to make him famous in Australia? Is she surprised that he has become so popular there, that he is no longer referred to as Mr. Nicole Kidman, but "Our Keith"? Is she happy for him? Is she regretful that perhaps he is becoming more popular than she is in her homeland? Or is Keith finally being recognized in Oz based solely on his work and his own merit?

Let's discuss!


Tara said...

He couldn't get famous on his own over there for years. he married her then he was known as Mr. Nicold Kidman the drug addict womanizer. He toured but it still wasn't enough. Finally, he was offered this chance. I don't think Kidman has that kind of pull. I also think contrary to what has been said that she was happy about this at all. I really believe that she didn't want him to do this because look what happened. Going into people's living rooms every week makes you human. There isn't a facade you are real. For those of us who have met Keith Urban you know he isn't cold nor distant nor haughty, he is just the opposite there is no way that personality won't touch millions of people. He tried to do it through his music and his marriage and finally he found the outlet and he has surpassed Kidman in popularity. But my interest is that television can box people in and yes this has helped his music to be heard over there but he can't do one thing for very long and won't be hemmed in.
As for Kidman, I think you can see the insecurity already creep in by summoning him to her film set half way around the world. She has to show everyone who is boss because she would never stoop so low that she would fly anywhere for him. She lived in her first husbands shadow for many years she isn't going to let the husband she bought and paid for do that to her.
Prediction Keith will only do a year or two of The Voice then go back to music and his purse holding day job.

joy said...

Well, I for one am glad he branched out to do this. He is perfectly suited for this type of show and this type of position. He came from the bottom and worked his way to the top. He said he was criticized a lot at the beginning so he can sympathize with those trying and struggling to make it big. Keith is his own man with his own talent. He really can be a great way/path for somebody to become a musical star like he has. He can certainly know what they are experiencing and can honestly judge on talent (Voice) like it should be. Hope this only brings his music and talent to more people in more places. Really a good thing.

A440 said...

I've kept up with many of the articles coming out of Australia, and frankly I'm tickled to see him referred to in such glowing terms. Writers are knocking themselves out to find more adjectives. He's "soulful" and "brilliant" and "knowledgeable." He handles contestants kindly and comes across as a warm and decent fellow (Contrast THAT with Kidman's image as a cold, polarizing figure. People may not know from Keith or be interested in country music, but nobody dislikes the man.) And there's nary a mention of Kidman except to say how lucky SHE is that he married her. It's about time.

This has definitely increased his profile in Oz, people are impressed with him, and it accomplishes for him what he's wanted from the very beginning: acceptance and recognition at home. I think if he were to tour there now, he'd do really well. I've got my fingers crossed that his album sales increase.

He's come out from Kidman's shadow. No longer is he seen as her lapdog/
alcoholic husband. He's his own man, separate from his spotlight-hogging, ball-busting wife.

Tara, I hope you're wrong. Just as the Nick Lachay/Jessica Simpson marriage pulled a 180, I hope this project allows Keith to leave Kidman's image and influence behind. I hope her hand is played out. Keith accomplished this on his own and it just might give him a taste again of what it's like to take control of the reins.

He's got the wind at his back. I hope he doesn't blow this opportunity.

quikstop said...

Don't mean to caption her as a subject here but I still don't buy this fake weirdo's age she's going by. Yeah she may had people she claims were raised together, growing up did we really closely keep tabs of the age of your frieds around you - yeah there were some clearly older but those 1, 2,3 even 4 +/- years? Go check out her hands:


At least there are still glimmers of truth about this almost 100% plastic old lady. Likely a horrific site to see hermy in 50's and older.

Hopefully he's dumped her by then. He really needs his life back before being mixed up with this weirdo and have a life he deserves with a healthy gorgeous young woman who really loves him.

Hatti said...

Well... I believe this was a very good move for him. I think Moosie girl thought it would be good for her too since there aren't many red carpets provided by KU any longer.

I really wasn't sure this type of show would be good for him... but I guess it is turning out to be just what he needed. Now let's see what he does with the rest of his career.

If he decides to make another album I hope it will be about other things and not Moosie. If he has to pay her back for her influence... we will sure know it.

Hatti said...

Your right quik.... I believe her hands tell it all. And the full blown menapause that pops out every once in a while! ((giggles)))

Tara said...

summoned again this time to France to show how "loved up" they are. I guess Nicold doesn't care that she is the joke of Cannes not as long as she has her paid for husband standing there to hold her purse and give her hug.
If I was in Baton Rouge waiting for his show this weekend I would want my money back because no amount of chemicals is going to keep him animated to perform- traveling all over the world he is going to crash.